The New House Rules 9

by Cshiny

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Chapter 9

Part 9a

Thursday was a busy blur of work and court and work, but Friday is here and the office is empty. I am waiting for a fax. Yes, we still have fax machines. For some strange reason, it is still the only way courts, government and small town people can seem to send information. I find myself lost in a news update on my phone when a person walks into the room.

“Good morning Jill, are you using that copier?”

It was Pierce, the guy Scott accused me of messing around with. I don’t know if I find myself at a loss for words because I have been accused of cheating with him, or if he is just so freaking cute. He looks more like a park ranger than a lawyer, with slightly longer, but well trimmed hair and a neat beard. He was even wearing a checkered shirt today. I don’t think I had ever seen him not in a suit.


Oh fuck, did I slip into a coma?

“Sorry. No, it is free, I am just waiting on a fax.”

He says thanks and turns his back to me, working the buttons on the copier. I immediately text Tara.

Pierce is making copies three feet from me!

My phone buzzes back.

Quit seducing people in your office but still get #. He will do for triangle.

I smile and type back.

Don’t know if he likes rope.

Find out.


Tie self up in his office. You can make up kidnap story.

Go back to sleep woman! You give me bad thoughts.

I am at work. Swear! But coming to your work to be tied in cute guy office.

So bad! No office rope today!

The fax machine starts spitting out pages beside me. Freaking ugly pages. The words are about ten degrees from straight with lines all down them. It looks legible enough and I think I am turning red from thinking about this guy, so I grab it and make my way out.

“Bye Pierce.”

“Have a good day Jill.”

He turns his head and smiles at me as I leave. Guys make my heart so fluttery, Tara would have stayed and flirted with him. Taylor might have too, or she might have tried to be so mysterious, that he would have no choice but to talk to her. Me, I just turn red and try to escape.

I am walking back to my office and decide to poke in on Jen. She is at her cube typing away. She has on glasses today, and her hair is back in its normal swirled bun. Her shirt is black and tight. Guess she wants to get everything done before the end of the day so she can get to more fun things.

“Hey Jen, can you check and see if you have page 27 of this file?”

I hand her the case number.

“It was supposed to have been scanned, but the client yesterday was holding a different copy.”

Jen still had all my hard copies of stuff that was not so old to be shredded yet. I had a new person starting new week and he would have to become the keeper of the files. She looks at my writing and frowns.

“We might have that. I will check and bring it to you. And check your email, I returned that document you sent me to fill out.”

I smile at her.

“Thanks! I will check it out.”

She is pulling out a drawer as I walk away.

Part 9b

I pull up my personal email on my phone, between a few sale emails, I find the her email. I open the attachment she filled out, it is a little BDSM checklist that has likes and dislikes. I am taken a little aback at the number of checked things. Good girl.

She likes bondage rope, bondage steel, bondage leather, which I was hoping for, but I was pleased to see other things she liked. Collars, gags, confinement, speech restrictions, submission, erotic photography, whips, the list was long.

I type a reply.

Are you sure you really like all this stuff? I am impressed!

No more than a minute later my phone beeps.

I have not stopped thinking about it since you sent me the list. I think I might too much.

I shake my head a bit. I do hope that she likes the feeling of it all as much as the thought of doing it. I had yet to meet somebody who's desires did not translate to the experience, but I decide it might be possible. Taylor will be so sad if she doesn’t. She has been making lots of plans for three and I don’t think she has herself in mind as one of the victims.

My phone beeps again. It is a text from Tara. A picture of her boobs in the mirror. It looks like the bathroom at work. I see her shirt pulled up and the camera flash from her phone. She can be such a wild one.

Love boobs! Why not all the way nude?

Hold please…

My phone is vibrating again with another picture attachment, it downloads and she has used her right hand to pull down her unbuttoned jeans and left to take the picture. Yep, there is shaved crotch in that picture. I see her naked almost everyday, but this is still titillating and fun. I do feel like a bad influence. I smile.

I walk over to the mirror hanging on my office wall. Unbutton my blouse and pull my it open with my right hand. I use my left hand to take a picture of my one and a half showing breasts. I type Tara message and attach the picture.

Here are some boobs back.

My phone beeps soon after.

I love them! Why only one and half?

I type a message back with smile.

Artsy picture? I will show full set later!

I go back to my work email and my phone blows up with messages. Taylor wants to know why she got left out of boob pictures. Tara sends us both a picture of her ankle, clearly a joke. Taylor threatens to tie us both up and take lots of pictures. Tara reminds her that tomorrow she is getting tied up and to be nice. Then Tara sends boob pictures to Taylor and me. I attach my boob picture to a text to the two of them and send it. Taylor writes us back.

Those look like boobs, but aren’t they supposed to be bigger?!?

Tara sends a text about needing to buy her breast implants instead of kink from the store. I just smile and turn the ringer to silent on my phone. I really need to get some shit done today.

I hear a knock on my office door.

“Come in.”

Jen walks in with a big file folder in hand.

“Uh Jill, your shirt is unbuttoned.”

She smiles at me.

“Oh fuck.”

I pull my shirt together at my neck, trying to hide myself in shame. She puts down the file and tries to act all business as usual.

“I think the pages are out of sync. The scanning people must have not updated the file. I am going to go back and change the dates.”

“Thanks Jen.”

“Uh Jill, are you doing something in here I would find educational? I don’t want to miss out.”

She beams a grin at me.

“No, we are just sending each other boob pictures. It is so stupid.”

“I like it.”

She grabs the bottom of her black shirt and pulls it up, revealing two round and perky small boobs, with round light colored areolas, and very pierced, nipples. She keeps her bright smile the whole time.

“Well, take a picture! And let me know what the girls think.”

I shake my head, smiling back, but hold up my phone and snap the picture. She holds the shirt up for a second longer and then pulls it back down, grins one last time, and then slips out my door. I like this girl. I am starting to get excited about tonight, and at the same time wonder, does anybody around here wear a bra or not have small boobs?

I look at my phone, Taylor has sent us a picture of her giant perfect Ds. There are the missing boobs. Holy crap. I attach Jen’s boob picture to a text to Taylor and Tara.

Jen wanted to play.

My phone instantly blows up with more texts.

Part 9c

I sit on the edge of Taylor’s bathtub and watch Taylor and Tara put on make up. We have been chatting the whole time, but I am still enjoying the show. They are both stark naked, because why not be nude while putting on makeup? I love the contrast between the two of them, if Tara is a barbie doll, Taylor is like a skinny busty lingerie model, that needs no bra padding. They both have blonde hair, but Taylor’s is longer and has more a mix of blonde and brown. Tara is around five eight and Taylor looks to be an inch or so taller than her. Tara picks up lots of color from any amount of sun exposure, Taylor is much fairer skin and has the occasional freckle here and there. The only things they really have in common is being tall and being blonde, oh, and the mad obsession with kink.

Tara looks over at Taylor.

“Do I have to wear black?”

“You don’t have to, but you will be the only one that does not.”

“I like to stand out.”

“Please don’t.

“Fine, stifle me.”

Taylor looks over at me. I feel like I am caught staring.

“What time are you going to Jen’s?”

“In about an hour.”

“What did you pack?”

“Lots of rope, a ball gag, a roll of bondage tape, a hitachi. hmm. what else? oh yea, some clothespins and some leather strings.”

Tara smiles in the mirror.

“I want to go with Jill.”

“No, you are coming to this benefit if I have to tie you up and throw you in the car.”

“That makes it sound like so much more fun.”

“Shouldn’t you guys be on the road already?” I ask.

“Wil is going to pick us up, we can be late. The auction is not until nine.”

Tara slyly looks over at Taylor.

“I have dirty thoughts when you talk about auctions.”

“We are not selling you into slavery sweetie, it is charity donations for the policemen's fund.”

“All I know is there will be hundreds of men there that know how to use handcuffs. Jill, what color do you want our boyfriend’s hair to be?”

“Dark please, too many blondes around here.”

Tara steps into a pair of barely there black thong underwear and then pulls this cute black dress with sequins over her head, letting it drape down to her thighs. It is a tank top that is low cut, I hope she is planning on taking a wrap. Taylor is busy trying to contain her girls into a strapless bra, I can see the advantage of my small boobs right now.

Taylor looks over at Tara and makes an irritated face.

“Tara, put some tape on those nipples. You two need to learn to wear bras like big girls.”

I watch them finish dressing and accessorize. Taylor is wearing a cute black dress with longer sleeves and a deep dip in her back. She does up her hair in a prom style looking bun. They both are very sexy by the time Wil pulls into our driveway. I walk with them to the door and wave to Wil, who waves back. He is such a sweet guy. I hope Taylor realizes it at some point.

The house is eerie quiet after they leave. I go flop on the sofa and flip on the TV. Felix jumps up and snuggles in beside me. I scratch him behind the ears. I pull my phone out, and search for some bondage porn on a streaming site. A combination of boredom and looking for new ideas. A few minutes in, my phone beeps. I see the text from Jen.

If you want, come over early. Do you like Chinese food?

I text her back, then grab my car keys and the bag of fun I packed.

Part 9d

I pull into Jen’s apartment complex. It is very new and brightly lit, but pretty standard fare for an apartment. It takes a minute of driving after typing the guest code at the gate to find her building. I park and make my way up three flights of stairs. I find her unit. A fall looking wreath hides the numbers and an uncut pumpkin sits beside her welcome mat. I gently tap on the door.

A second later the door opens and Jen peeks out. She is wearing a little pink bathrobe that is tied tight at her waist. Her legs are bare and I can see her dark painted toes. She leans out and hugs me.

“Come in.”

Her place is well decorated and she has a few candles lit. I kind of feel like a guy getting invited in after the third date. I smile.

“I like your place Jen.”

“OK, I feel so silly. I did not know what to do. Should I leave everything the same? Should I set a mood? I couldn’t figure out what to wear, so I am naked under this robe.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“I feel like I am spazzing out. Please don’t leave. Do you want a glass of wine?”

“That would be great.”

She pops the cork on a bottle of red and returns from the kitchen with two big wine glasses. We sit on her sofa and she uses an ottoman in front of it as a table. She pours two generous glasses of the wine and hands one to me. She looks at the bag I sat down.

“Can I see what you brought?”

I take a sip of the wine. It is a bit sweet, but tastes good.


I start unloading the items onto her ottoman. Stacking the coils of rope and laying out the other items beside them. She looks at it all with fascination. Hesitantly, she reaches out to gently touch the rope, like it might bite her.

“I want to start you off with some simple stuff.”

She just keeps looking. I take the glass of wine from her hands and return it to the ottoman, placing mine beside it. I pick a smaller coil of rope from the pile. She looks both excited and frightened. I gently grab her wrists and press them together, palm to palm.

“Hold them there.”

I double up the rope and circle it around her wrists four times, crossing them and pulling them back around to tie in a reef knot. A very simple double column with a little rope hanging loose from the bindings. She is motionless.

“What do you think?”

She rolls her wrists a little in the ropes and pulls her hands back and forth, when she is satisfied she can’t slip out, she responds.

“I think I love it.”

I hand her her glass of wine back. She grips it between her tied hands, then pushes the glass to her lips and takes a small sip.

“You have really never been tied up?”

“No, never.”

“What turned you on to this stuff?”

“When I was a junior in college, I was in a sorority. We had a new girl doing the rush that year, and she loved hazing.”

She takes another sip of wine.

“So she sends all of pledges to the backyard of the house and makes them strip to their underwear. Ties their hands behind them, sits them down in the grass and sprays the hell out of them with our water hose. They all looked miserable, but I was so incredibly turned on.”

I smile.

“I felt sick with myself that that was such a turn on at first. But after I accepted it and researched it a bit, I have been thinking about bondage ever since.”

“Did you have super conservative parents?”

“Yes. Anything sexual is very taboo and they raised me that way. It has taken a long time to fix my head about that.”

“Me too.”

I get another piece of rope and tie her ankles together like her wrists. She calmly watches as the rope circle her legs. There is a knock on the door.

“That is the food.”

She looks a little panicked. I just gently push her chest and guide her backwards into the sofa.

“You stay. I will take care of the food.”

Part 9e

I leave Jen’s wrists and ankles tied as we eat food and continue to talk about kinky things. She proves to be very open minded about most everything we discuss. When we finish eating I pack the leftovers into the containers and place them in the fridge.

“So, do you want to continue with the bondage?”

“So much.”

I reach down and untie her wrists.

“Take off the robe.”

She meekly unties it from her waist and peels it off her shoulders. Once removed, I take it and place it on the other side of the sofa. She sits with her hands in her lap. Her nude body is toned and pale and she has nice little curves at her hips. I can see a small patch of brown hair over her pussy, even with her legs pressed together. I reach out and touch the metal bars in her pierced nipples. She gulps and closes her eyes.

“I like your piercings. Lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”

She complies. I quickly secure her wrists behind her back, tying them together the same as I had them in the front. She seems very flexible. I push her elbows towards each other for a test. I pull her up by her shoulder and lean her back into the sofa, on her bound hands.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes. Jill, I think this is making me wet.”

I reach down and push my finger between her legs, dragging it across her wet pussy. She gives me this pained yet turned on look.

“You are very wet. Your body must like rope.”


“Do you want me to tie you up more?”


I guide her down and help her lay flat on the sofa, with her head at one side and her knees a little past the middle. I push her legs up and grab another rope.

“Are you going to hogtie me?”

“Yes, are you OK with that?”


I use the rope to pull her wrists tightly to her ankle bindings. Circling it around and tying it off. If she pulls hard, it will not come loose, but will not get any tighter either. She is in her first simple hogtie.

“Is it OK if I gag you?”


I pick up the ball gag and she lifts her head off the sofa. I gently press it to her lips, sliding it into her mouth, and then buckle it behind her head. I make it a little tight for a first timer, but you have to get used to not being able to spit out gags if you really want to wear them.

“You remember what you hum if you need to get out of that?”

She shakes her head yes.

“Do you want to try and have an orgasm?”

She shakes her head harder.

I plug the Hitachi into an extension cord that I have stretched across the room. I slide a new head on it and press the power button, it hums to life. Jen spreads open her legs for me. I decide that she is a quick study. I push it against her clit.

“Tilt your hips up.”

She bends up at the waist and I move the vibrator in circles. She immediately starts moaning. I keep gently rubbing it against her. She bucks her hips ever so slightly. I recognize this reaction. How every kinky tied girl seems to ride a vibrator. I press the button to high. She groans into the gag. I push my left hand under her waist so she can’t escape, but it was unnecessary. She explodes into an orgasm and curls tightly into her ropes. I could not have held her in place if I tried.

I keep the vibrator against her and she moans for a few seconds more. Holy fuck that was quick. I pull it away and watch her twitch a few times with the aftershocks from her spasm. Once her breathing has returned to normal, I unbuckle the ball gag and pull it from her lips. I gently stroke her hair for a minute until she regains her composure.

“Jill, can you do that like a hundred more times?”

“I don’t think we have enough hours for that tonight, but I do want to try the whip on that sexy little butt of yours.”

She wiggles it a back and forth under her hogtied hands and feet.

“Taylor is going to love you.”

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