The New House Rules 10

by Cshiny

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Chapter 10

Part 10a

I tie Jen’s wrists together in front of her, and then loop a rope around her neck. I order her to get up and I make her hop to the back of her sofa, while holding the rope leash. I lean her over the back of the couch so her legs are behind it and her body is bent at the waist, resting over the cushions. I take a rope and tie it to her ankle bindings and pull it under the sofa. I loop it around her wrists and pull it snug, stretching her body a bit. Her ass is totally on display. After she squirms for a second, she realizes she can’t do anything to protect herself.

“Do you like this?”


“I am not going to gag you, but no words except your safe word are allowed. Understand?”


I pull the whip from the bag, it is a long cat on nine made with soft suede leather. It can be so gentle or paint your ass the kind of red that lasts for a week, it just depends on how hard it is being swung. I rub it gently over her back and ass. Dragging it ever so slowly back and forth. Her body is rigid with expectation. She rests her face into the seat cushion and tries to relax.

That is when I strike. Just a gentle swing, but firm enough to feel. It lands on her right cheek and she makes a little mfff type sound and tenses up again. I land a slap on her left side. She loosens up as I deal about twenty more light strikes, alternating sides. Her ass turns a lovely shade of pink. I can see the faint marks of the leather.

“Jill, please hit me harder.”

“You are a bad girl for speaking.”

I double the intensity, still just a warmup for most pain sluts, but Jen makes an audible sound with each stroke. Over and over I land these blows, moving them around her ass, back, and down her legs. Her ass gets red and the wetness of her pussy is obvious on the inside of her legs.

Jen buries her face and moans loudly. I hear her say fuck a few times. I keep slapping, slow raising the intensity until she starts squirming and fighting her bonds. She squeals on the last couple of hits. I worry about her neighbors calling the police, so I dial it back, and slow down, moving the whip to other neglected areas of skin. When I stop, everything from her shoulders to the back of her knees is a warm pink color. Her ass has a few deeper red marks. I can see beads of sweat all over her body. Her breathing is deep and deliberate.

“You doing OK?”

She does not answer.

“Jen. You OK?”

“Yea sorry, I am OK.”

I put down the whip and rub her body gently. I move my hands over every place I touched with the whip. She pulls her head out of the divot she created in the cushion, resting her face sideways, looking at me. Each gentle touch sends a little shiver down her body, she closes her eyes again.

After she seems to be relaxed and breathing normally. I untie the rope holding her feet and ankles together. I help her stand and then guide her to the carpet behind the sofa, so she is laying on her back. I lay beside her, on my side, facing her body. I have kicked off my flats, but my jeans and shirt are still on. It feels weird to be dressed when kink is going on. I rub my hand over her chest, teasing each of her nipples.


“Yea Jen.”

“I loved that. I can’t even describe how that made me feel.”

“I think I know what you are feeling.”

“Guess you would. Good point.”

“Do you want to keep going?”

“So much.”

“Do you want to try kissing a girl?”

She smiles at me.

“I have kind of been waiting all night.”

I lean down and press my lips into her lips, closing my eyes as we touch. I reach around her head and grab and wind my fingers into her brown hair, pulling her face towards me. She leans her body towards me and pulls her tied legs close to me. I tease my tongue into her mouth and she reciprocates it. I feel a little like I am back in school making out with a stranger from a bar. We continue for a few seconds more and I pull away, holding her lower lip with my teeth ever so slightly as I go. I look at her soft lips. I decide that I want them on my pussy at some point in the near future.

“So what did you think?”

“I loved it, and I am wondering why I did not experiment back in college now. I really liked it, you are much less scratchy than a guy.”

“That is good to hear.”

I get up on my knees and wiggle to her feet. I find the knots and go to work untying her feet.

“OK, you ready to get tied to your bed?”

I tie her up two more times. On the bed, she proves even easier to get off than the first. By the third time I tie her, her clit is a little overstimulated from the vibrator, it takes a second longer, but she is rewarded with an even more crushing orgasm.

My clothing never comes off, but I do have to use her bathroom to wipe off my wet pussy. She walks me to the door, still nude. We hug tightly.

“Hey, we are tying up Taylor for five hours tomorrow during the day.”

“Five hours?”

“It is a long story, but needless to say, she will be looking to revenge tie us by the evening. You want to come get naked with Tara and me?”

“That would be amazing!”

Part 10b

When I return home, the house is still empty. Felix greets me at the door with his wagging tail. I kick off my shoes at the door and walk to the living room. Felix gives me that, “did you bring me food?” look. When he realizes I am empty handed, he disappears to another room. I flip through a magazine Taylor has left on the sofa for a minute, but grow bored. My cell phone does not manage to hold my interest either. Then it buzzes in my hand.

Had the best time tonight. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xoxo

I think for a second and then type back.

You want to come over?

It quickly buzzes a reply.


I devise a plan, send Jen a text, and then go raid the shelves of kink.

Jen shows up about twenty minutes later. I open the door when I see her little silver VW pull up. Felix is sleeping in Taylor’s room at this point and doesn’t seem to notice the new sounds as she walks in. I hug her. She is wearing jeans and an off white sweater. Her hair is pulled into a braid behind her.

She looks around then asks.

“Are they still gone?”

“Yea, I got a text, they are going to leave in about thirty minutes. If they can find a driver, maybe like an hour if not. They have to drop off Wil on the way back. You sure you are up for this?”

“You should have seen how fast I was driving.”

I smile and lead her into the living room. I have pulled the ottoman into the center of the room. I have tied two strings to the beam on the ceiling above the ottoman. They both connect in a block of ice, the longer string is center over the ottoman with lots of slack in it that leads to the second string. The second and shorter string had a frozen block of ice at the end of it, with the trapped handcuff key tied to the longer string. In about three hours, even if the girls did not show up, the melting ice would free us. I also have a string leading to another key in a jar of cooking oil, but using that key would mean certain doom for the living room carpet. But you should always have an emergency escape plan.

In the living room I pull my shirt over my head. Jen follows suit and starts undressing. We watch each other as we peel off pieces of clothing. I slide off my panties and we are both naked.

“Is this so weird Jen?”

“Just because a week ago you were my boss at work?”

She smiles.

“No, I freaking love it. And Jill, your body is very hot.”

“Same goes for you. Are you still up for this?”

“Oh yea.”

I pick up a ball gag and have her turn around. I move the ball to her lips and she accepts it. I slide it between her teeth and buckle it snugly. From the pile a get one of two small bullet vibrators. She opens her legs slightly as I place in near her pussy. I slide it into her wetness and she makes a small groan as I push it in deeper with my finger. The cord hangs between her legs.

“OK, come sit here.”

I put my hand on the ottoman on the side facing the door. She sits, and I have her slide to the middle.

“Cross your legs.”

I wrap a small belt around her legs at the point they cross, she would not be uncrossing her legs until it was removed. I use a pair of handcuffs on her wrists behind her back. As a final touch I wrap a long belt under her arms right above her boobs, leaving both sides of it hanging loosely at her back.

“You comfortable?”

She shakes her head yes, so I move on to the second part of this plan, my bondage. I grab the other ball gag, being careful to stay in front of Jen so she can watch. I push it into my mouth and buckle it tightly under my hair. Before I slide a vibrator into my pussy, I push my finger in to feel the wetness. She watches transfixed as I push the vibrator deeply into me.

Careful not to step on the cord between my legs I move to the ottoman behind Jen. I take a small padlock and lock the chain of her handcuffs to a second pair and then slide my ass down on the cold leather. I ease myself back until my back touches hers. She is already warm and I have a feeling we will be a sweaty mess where we touch an hour from now. I cross my legs indian style, matching Jen’s, and then use a leather belt to bind my legs together. I feel at my sides for the loose belt that is wrapped around Jen’s chest. I pull the ends under my arms and in front of me, buckling it firmly over the top of my tits. Not tight enough to restrict breathing, but I can feel it constrict slightly as I inhale.

I plug both of our vibrators into the control box. I press the on button on Jen’s vibrator, she tenses behind me and moans. I click the button five more times to get the right setting and then repeat the process on myself. It is all I can do not to touch my clit right now, but I do not want to rush this. I pull my hands behind me and find the handcuffs. I lock my left wrist in with a few careful clicks, then put my right hand in the cuffs. A couple of clicks and my fate is sealed with Jen’s, we will be here until time or the girls free us.

Part 10c

I have no idea how long it takes for the headlights to show up in the driveway, but it feels like an eternity. The vibrator inside of me has kept me on the edge from the moment I tied myself to Jen. It is delightful suffering, but suffering none the less. I can feel the puddle of wetness and sweat that has pooled under our asses.

I hear the door open and then clicking of heels at the hardwood entry.

“Jill, are you here, and is that Jen’s car?”

I know one of the girls has walked into the room when Jen goes as stiff as a statue behind me.

“Taylor, you might want to come to the living room. Jill left us a present.”

“Holy shit.”

They walk beside us, still wearing their black dresses, but they have removed their shoes. Jen and I both turn our gagged heads towards them. I groan in frustration, my pussy needs some attention. Taylor did not seem worried about my plight.

“You are such a bad girl. I love it.”

She reaches down and squeezes my nipple. I groan.

“Do you want to get off?”

I shake my head yes and practically beg under my gag.

“What about you Jen?”

I feel her shaking her head yes behind me. Taylor looks at Tara.

“Let’s go get some nipple clamps and vibrators.”

The girls return to the room, each holding a pair of clover nipple clamps and a Hitachi vibrator. Tara moves to me and Taylor works on Jen. I give her a dirty look with my eyes as she moves the clamps to my nipples, but she just smiles and locks the first one on my right nipple. I hold my breath for the second one. They leave a warm stinging bite that just makes my pussy hotter between my legs. My totally exposed pussy. I forgot how easy access I made us with this position.

I hear the vibrator Taylor is using on Jen hum to life behind me and Jen make a sharp inhaling sound through her nose, around her gag, wherever air would sneak in. I look down at Tara moving the vibrator close to me. She presses the button and it hums on. Then it bridges the last inch gap and presses into me. I feel like, oh, it is so fucking good. I don’t even know what I feel. I just pull forward into the belt, dragging Jen with me. She grunts and pulls me back.

Tara grabs the skin over my pussy and pulls my clit up a bit. I pull my hands tightly against the cuffs and try to move my legs, but the belt holds them perfectly in place. I find myself trying to move my pussy against the head of the vibrator. It is totally involuntary. That fucking thing has a mind of its own. She slides it around on me faster and faster. Fuck. I scream into my gag. I try to fold Jen in half as I pull forward. I feel waves of pleasure shoot over my body. I shake. I convulse. She is not taking away this vibrator.

I continue for a minute. Until Tara decides that I am spent. She mercifully pulls it away. She grabs my face and plants a kiss right on my gag. When she releases my head, I slump. I can feel Jen, bucking against the vibrator behind me. She is moaning furiously. Such a noisy little thing. I like it. Then, she goes off. I feel the belt around my chest lock down and almost squeeze the air from my lungs. Damn, that is a big orgasm. She screams for a second and makes this half grunting noise with a few fucks mixed in as Taylor keeps the vibrator pressed into her.

When the girls are finished with us, they go get glasses of wine and take a seat on the sofa. They drink and talk for a minute. Our bodies are the subject of the conversation. I just sit there on display. Covered in sweat, my nipples throbbing in pain. The vibrator is turned off, thankfully. I can feel Jen squirm her hands behind me every now and then. Poor thing, she probably had no idea what a kinky situation she was walking into tonight.

Part 10d

Jen and I are still naked. She is wrapped in a blanket, and I am laying curled up on my side, with my head in Tara’s lap, she is stroking my hair and I feel amazingly relaxed. Taylor has her legs pulled under her on the big chair beside the sofa, and is still working on her wine.

“Either of you two want some wine? We got a bottle from the auction, it is really good.”

“I could use some.”

I say as I snuggle myself deeper into Tara’s leg. She has changed into a long shirt she normally sleeps in. Her bare legs are soft and warm.

“Yea, that sounds really good.”

Taylor hops up and moves to the kitchen, her black dress flowing as she walks by. Tara looks Jen’s way.

“So have you had fun?”

“Oh my gosh. It has been incredible. I have never gotten off as hard as I have tonight. Ever. Like not even close.”

Jen waves her hand in front of her face, jokingly, like she is about to pass out from heat stroke. Taylor walks back in the room, a glass in each hand. She hands the one to Jen. I force myself to sit up to receive my glass. I snuggle in beside Tara with my legs tucked to the side. I suddenly feel very naked in this room of covered people. Taylor takes her seat back in the chair and sips her glass.

“You two really are…”

Taylor stops as my phone starts ringing.

“Who the hell would be calling me this late?”

I get up and walk to the phone, never letting go of my glass. I look at the caller ID. It is Scott.

“No fucking way.”

Tara jumps up and joins me staring at my screen.

“Fuck that guy.”

I let it ring a few more times and then it stops. I know I am making an irritated face when I toss it back on the sofa. I hear the indicator for voice mail go off. I take a big sip of wine and press the button to listen.

Jill, this is Scott, I know we are not talking right now, but I wanted to touch base with you about my sister’s wedding. She still thinks you are going. And I don’t like how we left things. Call me back when you get a chance.

Touch base? Was I a client now? And how we left things? You left me in a parking lot asshole.

“What did he want?”

Tara hugs me as she asks.

“I think he still wants me to go to his sister’s wedding. Maybe? Or maybe he is calling me to un-invite me. Who knows.”

“There is something wrong with that boy.”

Taylor gets up and grabs my glass.

“You need a refill.”

Jen looks at me with a mixture of concern and sadness.

“Would you go?”

“It would be fucked up if I did.”

Taylor hands me an almost full glass. Tara raises her glass.

“Let’s make a toast. To no more vanilla men.”

Jen and Taylor raise their glasses and gently clink Tara’s. I follow suit, then try to lighten the mood.

“I have seen you around guys Tara, Taylor will have to keep us locked up in her new dungeon twenty four seven to prevent that.”

Taylor has a devilish grin.

“They would miss you guys at work, or I might.”

Jen gives us an excited and inquisitive look after taking a sip.

“Did somebody say dungeon?”

Part 10e

We are all sitting around the table the following morning. Jen spent the night, curled up on the sofa. Tara wanted to drag her to bed with us, but I was exhausted. Besides, tonight is another night. The table is covered with plates of eggs, pancakes, fruit, basically anything we could whip up from the fridge and the pantry. Taylor has even repurposed some white wine and orange juice and maybe vodka into something that resembles a mimosa, but tastes more like boozy fruit juice. Too strong and not sparkly enough.

We have been discussing the dungeon and laughing and just having a good time. I find myself pleasantly surprised with the energy Jen adds to the group. She seems sweet and innocent, but is very interested in anything dirty, and seems to be taking all of our wise cracking in stride. I sip on my coffee. Good grief, I could never live without this stuff. The only thing that seems out of place is all the clothing around the table. Tara is in a sleep shirt, with her legs under it, knees to her chest, all on the chair. Jen is wearing a pair of flannel pyjama pants and a cute tank top. Taylor has a white robe that comes down to her mid thighs, she has her legs crossed and looks as long and elegant as ever. I am wearing some flannel shorts and a tight long sleeve shirt. We really need to get this girl acclimated to nudity, and somebody needs to turn up the thermostat in this house.

Taylor looks over to me.

“Jill, are you ready to tie me up?”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise, still mid sip on my coffee. Tara and Jen look a little taken aback also. Taylor looks over at Tara.

“Sorry Tara, I figured you are more interested in getting tied than tying.”

Tara raises a forkful of pancakes to her mouth and before pushing it in replies.

“You are correct. But I will watch.”

I swallow my coffee.

“Five hours, no getting off?”

“That was deal, orgasm free bondage. But can I get off at the end?”

“We can try, but I am guessing your pussy will have given up and moved to another crotch by then.”

She smiles and sips coffee.

“We will see.”

Tara and Jen curl up on the sofa to enjoy the show. Jen has brought her coffee and Tara has pancakes still. I drop a pile of rope and spreader bar at Taylor’s feet. I have her standing in the center of the room, under one of the beams.


Taylor looks at me with a mock angry face and unties her robe. Sliding it over her shoulders. Her pale big boob model body on display. She looks amazing. And she looks totally comfortable being nude.

I take the spreader bar and kneel down to her feet.

“Spread your legs.”

She does, and I proceed to tie each ankle to each end of it. Her feet are about thirty six inches apart. She can close her knees together, but only as long as she can lower her body. I move behind her and use another rope to tie her elbows behind her back. I then tie her wrists, palm to palm. I watch Taylor struggle against the ropes slightly. She is starting to realize how helpless she is. Just to make sure there are no complaints, I grab the ball gag from my rope pile and press it to her lips. She does not immediately open them, so I grab her nipple and give it a twist. She tries to pull her body away, but I hold her firmly in place. She parts her lips. I grab both straps and push it into her mouth. When I buckle it, I set it an extra notch for her rebellion.

I wrap another piece of rope around her waist and cross it in front of her. It is then pulled down and through her pussy and ass. I like watching it come up through the crack of her perfect ass. I pass it under the waist rope behind her and leave the end dangling. Another rope is tied to her wrist bondage. The ends of this rope have about twenty feet of slack that I throw over the beam above her. She sees what I am doing and starts to whine. I slap her ass. She squeals a bit.

“This is your punishment for not sharing.”

I pull the ends that have come down on the other side of the beam. It pulls Taylor’s arms up. I keep pulling until she bends at the waist. Her arms end up ninety degrees from her back, straight up. I use a reef knot to tie these ropes to the lose ends of her crotch rope. She groans as I tightly tie them together. She turns her head and looks at me, knowing what an uncomfortable bind she has literally put herself into. Her blonde hair dangling around her gagged lips. As a finishing touch, I tie a rope around her neck, with a non-slip knot, the ends of which I tie to the middle hook of the spreader bar. I step back and watch. If she tries to pull down her arms the crotch rope digs in and she immediately snaps them back up. Soon she figures out that she can push up on her toes to release the pressure of the ropes, but predictably, can’t hold that position for long. So the weight shifting back and forth starts, and will go on until she is too tired to fight the predicament bondage or I free her.

I walk back to the sofa and flop down beside the girls. They are transfixed on Taylor. I did not know if was the position or the fact it was Taylor getting topped. Tara is the first to speak.

“Jill, you must tie me up right beside her.”

“Do you want hours of orgasm free bondage also?”

“Hell no. I guess it would be mean to torment her having to hear me get off.”

Jen just keeps sipping her coffee and staring in fascination.

“One of you set a timer on your phone. She is going to be like that for thirty minutes.”

Jen looks at us.

“I wish I had been around for this game. I like the prize for losing. Although, it sure looks more like winning.”

Tara laughs.

“Yea, I am only due like an hour of this. I wish I had not answered a damn question now.”

I am watching a stream of drool forming at the corner of Taylor's gag.

“I am pretty sure when I am done with her we are all in big trouble later.”

Tara and Jen look disturbingly happy about this news.

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