My Summer Of Dares 6: The Summer House Pooch

by Jackie Rabbit

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Part 6: The Summer House Pooch

We eventually arrived at the gate that once opened would allow us to drive the rest of the way on the dirt road right up to the summer house, I mute on the whole "Are we there yet?" subject however because of the gag. I had cooled myself down as the girls had predicted I would, seeing the humor of my unique situation brought about by my own actions, and quite honestly with little other choice in the matter.

One shouldn't enlist to become one's servant, and or their pet by committing as fully as I did while expecting things to go predictably to some kind of script, things could get rather boring under such limitations. While my diary might serve as a rule book of sorts, there was a huge amount of latitude in the actual details. As they say, "The devil is in the details", my torment while bent over Dana's fender proof of that.

Laying under that sheet on the last leg of our journey while gagged and bound I was forced to ponder what the girls expected to get out of this for themselves, other than to selflessly help me realize my dreams and fantasies. (Ironically enough, I had placed myself in a similar situation once on my bed, and that one didn't lead where I had expected it would either.) Surely their planning and execution in regards to the dares I had been tasked to do so far required a fair commitment from them, but to justify everything to date there had to be something more for each of them than just indulging their friend's rather unique interests. My thoughts lead to an epiphany of sorts while bound on Dana's back seat. This wasn't all about me at all, it was quite the revelation considering my submissive desires to serve others, and I felt chastised for not seeing this sooner.

Dana handed Tracy the key ring with all the keys we would need and asked her to open the gate, but she instead got out and came back to my rear door and opened it.

"I think we have somebody that can do that for us instead" Tracy told her friend from just over my head. "Besides she needs to stretch her legs before she gets to work for real."

"I don't care how you make it happen, but I'm beat from the long drive and just want to get to the house, and my toleration is quite low at the moment" Dana replied in warning, with the exhaustion clearly evident in her tone. I knew from years of experience that her 'inner bitch' would make it's ugly appearance shortly if this kept up. I loved her dearly, but both Tracy and I had seen this before.

"Oh, that's too bad, I was thinking of offering up a little wager, but if your too tired..." Tracy offered, as if she didn't hear that same tone that I just did.

"Whatever were you thinking?" Dana asked playfully, her fatigue all but forgotten, and her one hundred and eighty degree mood swing a total shock to me.

"Same one as before?" Tracy answered cryptically.

 I couldn't see Tracy's face as she was facing Dana, but I listened intently to their interaction. I clearly 'heard' the smile on her face.

"OK then." Dana agreed, she was smiling as well.

Tracy knelt on my seat to unbuckle my gag, her weight on the seat close to my head rolling it up against her upper thigh as if my position were indicative of some form of expressed romantic affection.

Her thin summer dress offered little between our bodies, my face only inches away from the apex of her legs, her other foot firmly planted with locked knee on the ground outside of the car's door for balance.

I felt the heat from her there on my cheek, but more disturbing to me was that I had noticed it for what it was.

With the buckle undone and several more strands of hair ripped out by the root, Tracy gently removed the gag, some saliva sticking to it and finding it's way onto Dana's seat.

"Are you thirsty dear?" she asked patronizingly, as if to a child who had just completed a punishment for some misbehavior.

I shook my head slightly by way of a reply, my mouth hanging open embarrassingly as if the gag were still in it. I had to will my slack jaw muscles to close as they didn't seem to want to do so on their own, the experience reminding me of a time in my room when I had ball gagged myself with a blue racket ball behind my teeth. That time I wrapped my wrists up in the arms of an old tee shirt behind my back and struggled for an escape I could have easily provided if I only unwrapped my wrists first. I struggled like that in my room while pretending I had once again been abducted by evil villains, but sadly those make believe criminals let me down and hadn't returned to finish what they had started with me, leaving me to do so for myself once I freed my arms.

"Your allowed to speak now dear, but if your going to be our pet that should only consist of barks and whimpers."

"No then."

Like a flash from the front seat Dana swung the paddle and made firm contact with my butt, and even through the limited protection of the sheet it cracked over loud inside the car's interior.

"OW, that stung!" I yelped.

As if to show off her handiwork, Dana reached back for my sheet and pulled it off and dumped it on the floor of the rear seat area. "See how red that is Tracy, that's the way it's done."

"No then what?" Tracy asked me patiently, after looking my red butt cheek over in inspection.

I knew what she was looking for now, I should have sooner as it came directly from my diary. After I had lost my bet with the girls, and I had to clean Dana's house while both girls watched me and had me serve them like Cinderella, I had added a waking dream to my diary as an enhanced version of that same dare. In my version I was to address them only by the title of "ma'am", and only to wear an apron, drawing a further distinction between those served, and the one serving them...

"No thank you Tracy ma'am" I replied as respectfully as I could with my uncooperative jaw muscles, I not wanting Dana having another reason to swing that paddle at me.

"You see Dana, she can be trained, still I think that was a little rough though, don't you?"

"No, not at all. I'll bet she doesn't make that same mistake again, at least for a day or two."

Even I couldn't argue with that logic!

Tracy put the keys into my cuffed hand, and then dragged me out of the car across the sticky vinyl seat into plain view of the road along side the car, thankfully it empty at the moment. She then slammed my rear door, and jumped back into the front seat and slammed and locked her own, trapping me outside of the car as I looked on in disbelief.

Tracy then emphatically pointed toward the gate, telling me visually that I would receive little sympathy from either her or Dana until the deed was done.

I stood there bent over slightly feeling foolish, as if that would limit my display should a car drive by. As it was I could either face the road and give anybody driving by the full show, or turn my back only showing my red butt, but the cuffs as well. This was horrifying, yet exciting all at the same time, and I realized my best option was to get the gate open as quickly as possible before somebody came by.

The stones were sharp on my bare feet, but I tippy toed to the gate avoiding the worst of them and backed my body up against it to the right side of of the car, my audience obviously enjoying the naked show I was putting on for their benefit. This was no abandoned hospital with the expectation of privacy for my friends and I once inside, nor even the overgrow field leading to it with it's somewhat comfortable distance from the main road. Fifteen paces forward from where my butt leaned on the gate and I would have been standing on the center line of the county roadway I was staring at, and my motivation couldn't have been better.

I fumbled with the keys and lock trying to select the correct one by feel, (the house's keys were on the same ring), working behind my back cuffed as I was being foreign to me, but I soon had it open even though it looked as if I were grinding on the gate affectionately rather that trying to open it. Dana drove the car through the opening after I pushed the gate with my butt, but she elected to close and lock it herself, she possibly becoming exasperated by watching me struggle just to open it.

Dana didn't open the rear door for me to get back into the car like I expected though, she instead closing the gap between us to an intimate distance, and then with a seductive lack of speed she grasped my leash short as I watched, the back of her hand brushing one of my breasts unapologetically. She pulled me in even closer by my leash as my choker tightened around my neck, as if I were an unruly pooch that needed to be reminded who was the master, and who was not.

"You can either be a belligerent maid in need of correction, or my playful pooch, but you can't be both at the same time!" Dana advised at just above a whisper for my ears alone. She was smiling, despite the threat implied by her manhandling of my leash and "up in your face posture". Clearly she was giving off mixed signals, but the one I got the most clearly was that this wasn't just all about me anymore for her, if it ever was in the first place. I had allowed myself to think it was for a time, my friends selflessly doing all this purely for my own benefit. That was selfish of me, I somehow expecting them to do my bidding without benefit or reward, instead of me doing theirs.

Both girls had gone unreasonably well out of their way for something that I thought had held little interest for them at one time, but their level of forethought suggested differently, and that they may have had some goals of their own other that pure amusement at my expense. Could their intentions be to experiment as the dominant compliment to my submissive desires, a kind of try it before you buy it for human stock? Such things would be a natural progression on the journey my two dominate friends had already started on, and the thought caused my mind to wander to a car commercial I had seen on TV, but with an obvious twist.

"Here's the keys ladies, take her for a ride, even take her home for a few days and see how she performs. Don't be gentle either, put her through her paces as if she were already yours to see if you want her for the next few years, or at least until the new models come out. Don't be selfish either, take your friends for a ride as well and show her off. If we can't sell her to you, we might be able to sell her to one of them instead"...


The girls each had different personalities, and it would be unreasonable to assume they had identical goals and desires. Why Dana apparently preferred a pet instead of a maid is anybodies guess, logic would suggest that she would rather have someone do her bidding as I myself had done many times on a dare. Her hints were overt though, hardly hints at all, and I got the feeling I was being used as a kind of inanimate projectile to be fired at Tracy, and the term "cannon fodder" from an old history book came to mind. A playful assault between friends and not intended to cause any actual harm, but the cannon fodder doesn't get to choose it's target, the cannoneer does.

I wasn't a stupid pooch either, and I knew there would be plenty of human work once the car got to the summer house. Things brought in from the trunk, beds to be made, food to be put away, even a dinner to be cooked. I could be made to do those things by either of the girls and would enjoy the submissive experience for what it was, (to me a kind of foreplay), but there was also a paddling in my human future, my decision for the short term therefore an easy one with my backside still stinging from Dana's singe swat with the paddle, as opposed to Tracy's gentle ones.

"Woof, woof" I barked out for Dana, curious to see the consequences of my canine desires, but also knowing I would still have to be both pet and maid on this "vacation" of ours at some point.

Tracy finally got out of the car, she likely expecting me to ride in the back seat just as I did and curious as to the delay. She was in time to see my barking response to Dana, instantly accusing her friend of cheating, but smiling in an "I should have expected as much" kind of way.

"Tracy, I believe this means I have won our little bet. What did you wager again?" Dana taunted our friend.

It occurred to me that my preference was the subject of the bet between the girls, a mere coin to be tossed to settle some apparently random chance decision. Except with Dana's influence the outcome was anything but random chance, and I had to agree with Tracy, (although silently in my dog persona), Dana cheated...

"I agreed to play maid in her place, but only for the rest of the day" Tracy offered.

"No, I believe the exact wording was 'I will do anything our little maid would until the morning' if she had chosen to be my pooch instead of our maid" Dana corrected, the point lost to me as both versions sounded about the same.

"Your not suggesting..." Tracy questioned with her eyes, but she HAD stopped speaking, the rest of her words unnecessary.

Dana smiled, she didn't need to say a thing either, but she did.

"We'll settle up at the house."

"In that case I think your little pain in the ass pooch needs some exercise" Tracy observed to her friend, clearly seeing the humor from her friends point of view.

"Pain in your ass, not mine" Dana laughed. "Fine with me though on the exercise, but get those cuffs off of her and some shoes on her feet before she gets hurt."

"Yes ma'am, Dana ma'am" Tracy mocked. She was still smiling, but in an "I won't forget this" kind of way.

I was happy to be allowed to get my sneakers back on, but not so much to be on Tracy's bad side after she removed the lock between my cuffs, but leaving the actual leather buckles on. She was likely left with the logical conclusion that I was a willing participant in Dana's conspiracy, and thinking some retribution was due at some point.

The bet made perfect sense, the girls didn't need two maids, nor two pets, and I found myself curious as to how faithfully Tracy was going to portray Dana's maid. I couldn't imagine however what Dana would look like on all fours with her assets swinging below her while wearing only a collar and leash, not to mention who would be holding that leash, assuming her end of the lost bet was the compliment to Tracy's? Did this mean I had acknowledged in my mind Dana's superiority over both of us, and did Tracy feel the same way?

I was still not to ride in the car on the final short trip to the summer house, I thinking Tracy was going to walk me on the leash the rest of the way while Dana drove the car. I was half right.

Tracy held my leash on the very end as she opened her door, then she wound down her window and passed my leash through the open space to her other hand as both Dana and I looked on, curious as to what she was up to. She sat in her seat and then slammed her door, still holding my leash in her hand, her lazy intentions obvious, if not reprehensible.

Dana shook her head and smiled sarcastically, but still got into her car and started the engine, putting the big car in drive as I heard the car's mechanical response from outside for the first time. I heard her tell Tracy that she was a lazy shit, then heard both girls laugh, but Dana still released the brake and drove up the dirt road at a snails pace. I could either follow, or get strangled my choker collar, but I only had a moment to choose...

My head was above the level of the windows, and I not able to see the girls expressions as I walked along side the slowly moving car in utter humiliation, but I could easily guess that they found this "walk" quite entertaining. Were they looking at my displayed body out of their side window to ensure I was keeping up, or not even paying attention? As if answering my unspoken question I saw the flash of the Polaroid camera from the front seat area, wondering if such a picture while in motion would even come out.

Dana moved her car over toward the drivers side of the dirt road to give me as much room as possible to walk, at least letting me know she had her pet's best interests at heart, but there was also an ulterior motive for her apparent charity. I heard the single word "faster", but with the noise of the tires on the gravel and my relative position, I couldn't tell if it was a request from Tracy, or a question from Dana.

In any event the car picked up speed, and so did I, jogging along side it like an obedient pet belonging to a lazy owner. I was tethered to the car by my neck, or at least Tracy's wrist, but I knew if I fell she would loose her grip and I wouldn't get injured other than from the actual naked fall. I could also run pretty fast, and with my sneakers on and arms free to move naturally I had no problem keeping pace with the passengers door, my collar and leash hardly an issue.

I knew being made to run was intended as a punishment, one to remind me of the consequences of crossing one of my temporary masters, even if tricked into it by the other. However, once I got over the humiliation aspect of being made to perform physically for my pretty friends, (while they looked on passively), we entered into a kind of competition. I then thought back to when they made me do laps to earn my bikini back, again watching me perform for them, and I began to see a pattern.

I love to run, and conversely both girls are too well endowed to do so effectively other than when in a panic, and only for a short distance even then while wearing a bathing suit. I had no such limitations on my abilities, running being the one thing I could think of where I had a decisive advantage over the girls, and I wasn't going to let them take that away from me easily. The car accelerated again, and I found myself running flat out next to Tracy's door, but I was confident I could do that far longer that I would have to if my memory of my previous trips to the summer house were accurate.

We were moving along the dirt road at a pretty good pace considering the road conditions, but out on the main road it would have been a crawl, I never believing for an instant that I could outrun the big V-8. Dana also had the responsibility to make sure she kept over as far as she could to give me room so as not to run over me, and I think she was also having a little fun with the whole situation as well.

I saw the summer house come up on our left before I knew it, my total run less than a mile, and when the car stopped Tracy let go of my leash so I could run myself down to cool off, I having bested her in something for one of the few times I could remember, I not having to whimper for mercy. I ran back around toward the car when Dana called me by name in pure pooch patronizing tone, complete with whistles.

"Good Jackie, Good girl" she praised, she then taking off my leash when my sweaty self got close enough. "Run along and play, swim in the pond if you like, I'll call you when dinner is ready."

Her words were delivered as if she were talking to a real dog, full of praise and affection, and with soft tones of reward as opposed to harsh ones reserved for misbehavior. I knew one thing for sure, this pooch was getting out of some work, and possibly the paddle as well, all in exchange for a short run while wearing a leash that I loved...

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