My Summer Of Dares 5: Property Of Dana And Tracy 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 5: Property Of Dana And Tracy - Part 2

I opened the locker and stripped off everything I was wearing, with the exception of my sneakers, and stuffed it all into the locker like the rags my friends thought my clothes to be. I could hardly close the thing with all I had put into it, but pets didn't need clothes, and maids generally wore uniforms provided by their employers. I felt confident my friends would provide for me just as they did last time, but an entire week of servitude was different than a few hours worth. My commitment felt deeper this time as I closed a lock fully that I had no combination to, and even if I did, the things secured by that lock would be far away if we went to the cabin as I now suspected we may.

No amount of begging and pleading for my things would work, and the best part was that I had done this to myself willingly, the girls having nothing to feel guilty about with my clear acquiescence to their terms of possession. I had a lot of complex thoughts rattling around in my head, but my desires for humble and naked submission to my two pretty friends won out. The click of the lock when it closed echoed off the concrete walls in the quiet abandoned hospital, as if announcing to the world my commitment.

Naked and in the possession of my two friends for an entire week set a precedent, not to mention that I had yet to see exactly what the odd keys in my hand either locked, or unlocked. It was clear to me that I had been used as a naked pack mule by transporting a bag full of who knows what to the car for my friends purposes on our last visit, but the thought of being used by my friends didn't have the effect most would expect.

I held the odd pair of keys in my hand, and had the leash now clipped to my collar and dangling down between my legs slapping me in several places as I walked. I felt like a naughty pooch that had escaped my master, and I walked back toward the exit we had used on our first visit, this time though on the third floor, I suddenly not wanting to retrace my steps naked as I was. I felt as if I were being watched, no doubt intensified by my nakedness, and the fact that I was alone this time. I realized I drew strength from my friends, and could do almost anything with their clever encouragement, but they weren't with me at that moment.

I ended up walking down the same flights of stairs that we had left the broken wheelchair in front of when we became panicked on our first visit, and I walked right past where it SHOULD have been, not even realizing something was amiss. Several steps past I stopped and looked, clearly seeing our earlier footprints in the dust, and the wheelchairs marks as well. The prints I had just made lead up to where I stood, and could be seen with the greater light seeping into this bottom floor area, as could the second set of wheelchair tracks leading back toward the room we found it in. There were no extra marks in the dust that I could see, and I became spooked for a second, but then realized it was likely just my friends screwing with me. How they knew I was going to take the way down I had chosen a mystery to me, as was the method they had used to move the wheelchair without making any more footprints, but I thought it would be fun to get back to the car before them and catch them in their deception.

I ran for the car, determined to beat them there, no doubt their sneaking around the spooky building and watching me causing my earlier unease. I had ran that very path naked once before, but that time my hands were wrapped in a belt, and this time I had no such encumbrances other than the leash slapping at me, and the special keys pinched in my hand. I reached the car flushed with my exertions, rediscovering how very fast I can run in the nude, only to find both girls reading my most private thoughts while sitting in the front seat together and looking shocked at my sudden appearance.

"You really didn't think we would leave you here did you?" Dana asked, "or would you have prefer that?"

I dared not reveal that I knew they were watching me, nor that being abandoned there as I was seemed strangely exciting to me. I handed the odd keys I had found in the locker over to the girls and just stood there perspiring with the efforts of my run as I caught my breath, wondering what they were going to do with me. I realized it would pretty much be up to their imaginations how they wanted to utilize me, I for the moment looking like a naked pet.

However, with the odd keys I had retrieved from the locker and the medical restraints I had yet to see in the trunk, I could be compelled to do almost anything. Struggling for escape from restraints that couldn't break and were specifically designed not to excited me like mad, especially because I associated such efforts with my incredible orgasms of the preceding week. Could the girls know how I got off on all this? Could they possibly not after reading my diary cover to cover while they waited for my return?

Tracy got out with Dana's keys and opened the trunk after the girls had a quick conversation, I suspecting that they didn't expect me to come out with nothing on. The trunk was packed, and I knew I wouldn't be able to fit inside it for travel without laying all over our food and linens, and sweating like I was that would be disgusting. Tracy instead pulled out an old sheet that was intended for one of the beds and handed it to me to sleep under as they drove to the cabin. I would be naked under it, but any body who looked inside the car on the highway would just see a sleeping girl all covered up.

Except for the modesty of the thin sheet I could be potentially flashing hundreds of cars and trucks on the long trip to the cabin, and I found this forced near exhibitionism a total turn on. I was warned to get some sleep as I wouldn't be getting much once we got to the cabin, wondering if I could possibly be both pooch and servant on this "vacation".


It was a five hour trip, and I slept most of the way with the gentle motions of the big car, and even feigned sleep when the buzzing of the car slowed down and stopped as we got gas off of the highway. I dreamed of being kidnapped by some nefarious characters who were taking me away to do who knows what with me, the reality of my situation being close in real life, with the exception of the sex those kinds of dreams usually featured. The girls would know where my mind wandered without any doubt after reading my diary cover to cover, any pretense of their not knowing my deepest thoughts lost, as well as my perceived "good girl" status. Suspecting that they read it was one thing, but watching them do so another.

I felt the gas attendant's teenage eyes on me as he looked in the windows while filling our tank, I stealing a peek myself through barely open eyes. The girls left me alone as the teen pumped our gas and cleaned our windows, presumably so they could get some snacks and pay for the gas we needed, and I smiled inwardly wondering when Dana's windows were ever so clean. My collar and leash were safely under the thread bare sheet, but the thin cloth couldn't help but to reveal the hidden details of my form beneath.

We traveled on secondary roads after that, I still dwelling on the hungry look in the teen's eyes. I couldn't sleep any longer either, and with laying down as I was I didn't know where we were other that off the highway, so I asked that age old question that adults never want to here, "Are we there yet?" Once wouldn't have been bad or even twice, but I realized I had hit a nerve so I kept asking just to antagonize them, I feeling quite giddy from my long nap.

"Don't make me pull over" I heard from the front seat, Dana obviously tired from driving so much, but still responding to my playful taunts by giving me a stern look in the rear view mirror.

Didn't she realize that I wanted to feel her wrath, and Tracy's as well.

"You wouldn't dare" I challenged, hoping I was wrong.

Dana turned up a farmer's gravel road that at least looked unused, she obviously knowing the area better than I as she had been going to her families summer house since she was a child. I had been there as a guest several times with her family, but we had always traveled at night, and we girls either slept in the back seat, or became lost in girl talk and always magically arrived after midnight at that magnificent hideaway in the woods. In my mind the summer house could have been on another planet it was so dark and quiet at night when we usually arrived, not to mention remote, and I would have been hard pressed to find it on my own except with very good directions.

Both girls got out, with Tracy pulling me out by my leash, but not so aggressively that it choked me as I stood on my tender bare feet in the gravel having kicked off my sneakers to sleep. Dana opened the trunk and pulled out a white set of leather medical restraints from a bag, buckling them on me after forcing (I in reality only gave a token amount of resistance) my hands behind my back as she held my naked body up against her warm car with her hip. Her contact on my bare skin seemed taboo, even though it wasn't what most people would consider intimate, but I still felt the goose bumps form as if I were cold. I felt more like I was being arrested, and it was nirvana to me, the cuff's buckles locked on by the special keys I had retrieved and freely given to my two abductors, and held tight together by an unseen small pad lock inserted into their D rings.

I would have been helplessly happy to stop there, but Tracy handed my leash to Dana, (who still had me pinned up against the car's body), and she came out with a white panel gag, also apparently from the hospital. Tracy forced that into place after telling me to say "Ahh", it obviously designed to make a far better gag than my panties once did. It had a hollow rubber bulb that went into my mouth so I could breathe even if my nose became stuffy, and tasted slightly of bleach, letting me know that the girls had at least washed the thing first.

Tracy put her finger into the hole in the bulb to make sure it was on top of my tongue, preventing me from both speaking and choking, but her wiggling finger felt invasive and made me want to wretch. Once she was satisfied that the bulb was properly placed, she buckled the straps behind my head, lifting my hair to do so, but still pulling some of them out painfully as she cinched the buckle tight. It covered my lower face from under my nose to under my chin, and over both cheeks holding me in intimidating firmness. I had some comfort as I realized the girls had probably tried these things out on each other, as I would never have thought to make sure it was properly positioned on another like Tracy had for me.

Gagged and cuffed was even better that I had hoped for, but they weren't done yet, despite our close proximity to the lightly used county road I could just see through the growing wheat. Dana pulled me by my leash to the front of the car as I teetered on tender bare feet, and she laid me over the hot hood, holding me in place from the other side as my naked breasts were cooked by the engine's heat. This was in no dream I had ever documented in my diary, but the submissive helplessness was representative of my desires, and I HAD foolishly provoked them in search of a response. Tracy walked behind me and asked Dana how many, I held up on my tippy toes and presenting my naked ass to her, suspecting what was to come.

"Seven" Dana replied while smiling at me wickedly from across the hood, "one for each time she asked us if we were there yet."

Tracy wound up and smacked me, the ping pong paddle making a solid "crack" where it met my naked ass, but it was more for show than actual punishment even though I yelped in surprise. I felt myself smile under the panel gag, grateful for it at that moment, because if Dana saw my reaction she would have definitely found a way to wipe that hidden smile off of my face. We had used the paddle for many years between us for dares bailed out on, it was one of our lowest level punishments for such things, but usually delivered over thick blue jeans. Once Tracy herself received the paddle from Dana over top of her own thin dress, ironically for not giving it to me hard enough for bailing out on a mild dare. Of the two, Tracy was the more compassionate one, and Dana wasn't having any of it at the moment.

There was also a lesson in this for me as well, because back when Tracy was caught going easy on me, and after she received the paddle from Dana on top of her thin clothes hard enough to make her whimper, Tracy was made to use a leather belt on me to ensure I was properly punished for chickening out on the dare. That did sting pretty good through my jeans, but probably not as bad as the paddle likely stung Tracy as wielded by Dana through her thin dress.

"I can see her eyes" Dana growled at her friend in feinted rage, "she's mocking you. Start over, and if her ass isn't red enough, your next!" Dana threatened.

It was Dana's summer house, and her car as well that could either take us to our intended destination, or not. Tracy could always hitch a ride both looking and dressed as she was, I on the other hand would be quite helpless naked and cuffed in that field. Neither girl would do that to me, but that day dream fantasy rolled around in my head, and might get added to my diary if I ever got it back.

Tracy had been caught going easy on me, and I myself half expected Tracy to use the belt on my naked ass instead, and that was part of the reason for my earlier hidden smile that apparently went as far as my unhidden eyes. The other half of my smile was due to the fact that this was turning me on like mad. I had already realized the link in my mind between restraint and fantastic orgasms, and submitting to my friends well earned punishment while cuffed and gagged, and grinding myself up against Dana's warm fender threatened to bring me off right in front of them. I never intended to let them see me do that, for me such things being very personal, an inconsistent position I realize considering my preference for shedding clothing in their well dressed presence. In my mind being nude was the exemplification of innocence, however cuffs and bound orgasms certainly weren't.

The next shot Tracy took was pretty firm, and I yelped for real as I realized the value of having something between a paddle and your bare skin, but the belt still would have been exponentially worse. My cuffed hands instinctively moved to protect my exposed flesh, but Tracy was ready and grabbed my wrists with her left hand and raised them well out of the way, she obviously not wanting a helping of what I was getting for herself. This pressed my roasting breasts into even greater contact with the hot hood, and my toes lost their grip on the sharp stones at the same time, pressing my womanhood into firm contact with the fender as my entire body laid on the hot car. The engine was still idling, the big v-8 engine having an odd rhythm just to remind it's driver that it was still there, and consuming gasoline to no purpose at the moment.

I could have possibly controlled my own urges better if not for all the overwhelming stimuli at once, the situation uniquely erotic for one with my tastes as delivered by my friends. Dana and Tracy were obviously enjoying themselves at my expense as I ground into the vibrating fender and started bucking and snorting like an enraged bull lusting for the next swat of the paddle, almost all the way there despite being mortified by performing this act for my watching friends in a field in broad daylight. I foolishly thought I could disguise what my body was going through from my knowledgeable friends, if only Tracy would keep swinging that dam paddle, it's sting the catalyst needed for my humiliation.

I then found myself up and off the fender by my wrists in a flash, with my leash slack and hanging once again between my assets with Dana wagging her manicured finger right in my face despite her smile.
"Don't you dare, you'll be just as useless as the last time in that chair if we let you finish what you've got going on!" Dana warned, softening her rebuke with an even bigger and knowing smile.

I was horrified, not only had the girls figured out what I did last time in private, but this time I was stopped just short right in front of them as they watched. I was frustrated beyond belief, and did my best to tell them off through the hole in my gag, but they laughed it off and told me I would get the rest of my swats later when I calmed myself down. The girls had to help me into the back seat and lie down cuffed as I was, and I imagined they could feel my boiling heat where they touched my skin.

I was on my belly as they covered me once again with the sheet, my eyes closed and not wanting to look toward them in the front seat I was so flustered. I just knew they would use this against me, this intimate knowledge they now had, and truth be told I would have agreed to almost anything to have been 'permitted' to have that orgasm I so desperately wanted, even while they watched. I also knew that I would have regretted any deal I had made the moment my passions had been sated, just like last time.

Not permitted to wear clothing, nor move my arms freely, not even permitted to speak, all things most people took for granted. All these things from my dreams and fantasies lead to orgasms, both the dream kind, and the self inflicted ones once I woke. That one time when I was buckled down the most securely by the girls my orgasm was like no other, and conversely my frustrations while laying on that back seat were also like no other as well...

to be continued...

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