My Summer Of Dares 2: The Kidnapping

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; cartrunk; strip; naked; bond; saranwrap; gag; kidnap; transport; tease; fantasies; cons; X

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Part 2: The Kidnapping

Dana and Tracy acted as if they had the biggest secret in the world over the next few days, (despite our limited time together), but each also had a superior smirk on their faces the few times we were together. I didn't know if they were as excited as I was to get back to the hospital, or for that matter if we could possibly pick up our adventure where we left off.

My greatest fear was that the spontaneity of that particular moment was forever lost, with no socially acceptable way for me to ask them to do what I so desperately wanted them to. The most I could do without the crushing possibility of rejection was to make myself available should they choose to continue this game they started, or if I became desperate I could always leave my diary where one of them could find it. In it I had documented my dreams, and my most personal desires, and many of those included my two friends whom I was quite certain had no such thoughts of their own. As a dare to myself I left my diary in my bookcase in plain sight, and each time they were over I left them alone in my room on a pretense, but each time I found it right where I had left it, apparently untouched...

It turns out that we didn't have very long to wait for our next adventure. Dana suggested that after a quick detour to the local goodwill shop, that we could have the day to ourselves. As I looked in at the backseat of Dana's car I realized there was no place for me to sit with all her donations filling the entire rear of her car, and then I saw the girls ever present smirk.

"Collecting and delivering these clothes is the final part of my community service project, and I have made an appointment to drop them off this morning."

Dana opened the trunk of her old car, and I assumed we would be putting the clothes inside of it so that I had a place to sit, but I should have known better with smirks once again on the girls pretty faces.

"The trunk leaks sometimes, and as it's supposed to rain we can't chance putting all these valuable things in there to possibly get ruined. So if your up for a dare, how about Tracy and I kidnap you for the day?"

Dana's offer triggered a kind of deja' vu for me, as if I had seen this scene in a movie or perhaps read it in a book, but I realized that wasn't quite right either. I would have definitely remembered a scene like that!

I put that thought aside as I again felt that same tingle in my belly as before with the knowledge that both girls would have "possession" of me for the day, and by way of accepting Dana's dare I asked what one usually wears to a kidnapping. Both girls were dressed nicely in sundresses and heels, no doubt to make a good impression on the people she was to deliver the donated clothing to. I in comparison was wearing old clothes more suitable to exploring the hospital, and truth be told I hoped I wouldn't even need those.

"First things first, lets see if you can fit into the trunk", Dana said with a smile of her own.

The car was huge, as was the trunk, and it was obvious that all three of us could have easily fit into the thing. But her statement had the desired effect and I climbed up on the bumper and into the open trunk and sat down as the girls desired. The car was backed into Dana's garage with the door open, and at the moment nobody was about as it was so early, but I felt the need to do this quickly as somebody could come by at any moment.

It is impossible to describe how I was feeling at that moment, but the closest I can come is that "people" ride in the car, and "things" go in the trunk!

"Cross your legs" Tracy told me sternly, and I obeyed her without even thinking about it. She then produced a roll of plastic wrap no doubt borrowed from her kitchen, and she leaned in and wrapped my legs from ankle to knee quite tightly. I struggled slightly to see if such a ubiquitous thing could actually keep one bound, and was surprised to learn that the sticky stuff was impossibly strong layered as it was.

The girls then helped me slide around so that my back was to them, and I placed my arms behind my back and crossed my wrists as instructed, with my only concern that they do whatever it is they want to before somebody came.

Again I was wrapped with progressively tighter wraps of the plastic wrap, but this time wrist to elbow with my elbows touching, and I marveled at the efficiency of their restraint as I couldn't separate my arms in the slightest. I thought at the moment that this "kidnapping" and the efficient method of their restraint was about as spontaneous as a parade, and likely the girls had practiced this on each other to ensure it would work on their "victim" in a timely fashion. My shoulders were rolled back and my little unrestrained breasts were pushing at the tight fabric of my shirt as if I were proudly displaying them for my friends, and I could only imagine one of the other girls with their much greater endowment in a similar position, if they practiced on each other as I suspected.

For me this was even better than the last time, and the girls had only started.

"Dana, we can't leave her like this as we run our errands, she'll melt back here in this trunk" Tracy offered, in what to me sounded like a very rehearsed line.

It was early morning, but I could see the trunk getting quite warm if our "errands" took too long, but I still got the feeling that even this had been practiced as well by my friends in the preceding days.

"You asked before what one wears to a kidnapping, and the short answer is, usually nothing. Last chance to back out", Dana offered, "but we'll have to think up some sort of suitable punishments for quitting on a dare if you do."

I had an epiphany once Dana told me that, this followed far too closely to a dream I had some time ago, one that I had documented in exacting detail in my diary that up until a moment ago I was quite certain was untouched in my room. The most likely explanation was that the girls saw my diary, read a single story quickly, and then put it back. I woke in a sweat from that dream, but still bound and in the trunk and on the way to my unseen abductors hide out to do who knows what to me. In my dream I was naked and gagged, but that wasn't what scared me about them reading my diary. What did scare me was that dream was only one of many recorded there, and quite tame compared to the others. I knew there was only one way to be sure if the girls had read my diary, and not just happened upon this little scenario accidentally...

"In the movies aren't the victims usually gagged, so they can't yell for help?", I asked playfully.

"Very well, one more peep out of you and you get gagged, just like in the movies", Dana threatened in her most serious tone.


Tracy produced a pair of bandage scissors with a blunt tip, and she cut my old shirt off of me as Dana held me so I wouldn't get injured in the process. The tip of the scissors were cold, and where they touched my bare skin I involuntarily flinched as the girls smiled at my torment. My old shirt wasn't just cut off of me, but shredded into so many pieces that they threw it out in the trash like the rag it now appeared to be, and I realized there would be no changing my mind after that. She next cut up the legs of my old jogging shorts, and similarly shredded them like my shirt, only to be discarded together in the trash after she pulled them through my tightly pinned thighs as their passage sunk my panties into my hyper sensitive neither regions.

Wearing only uncomfortably intrusive panties, after being bound and stripped by my well dressed kidnappers was almost like a dream come true. Stripping for them, ostensibly to get out of my wet clothes while they wore their bathing suits, didn't make me feel as naked as I did in the trunk in their well dressed presence.

Dana laid me back on my side facing the rear of the car, and Tracy gently cut my panties through in front, just under the elastic band and just over some very personal flesh where she couldn't help but to feel the heat I was generating there. The last time I had stripped for my friends my neither regions were quite the mess, and in anticipation of another adventure with the girls I had taken the time to ensure I was quite bald in that area. I had never done that before, instead opting for a more traditional "bikini trim". I found the feeling delightfully naughty, especially "forced" to share it with my friends as I was.

Tracy was up to something, I could tell by the way she was concentrating on her scissor work, and by the smirk on her pretty face. She deliberately nipped through the elastic waist band dead center of the cut she just made, but with the material still pinned in place and held fast by the tension of my bound legs. Dana rolled me onto my chest and Tracy pulled them off from behind slowly, deliberately up and around as the thin cloth teasingly found it's way to places I never intended.

I was rolled back onto my side and the girls both looked at the part of my perfect shave that they could see, and then to each other with hidden thoughts.Tracy held the remnants of my panties by the severed elastic band right in front of me as she began to twirl them, smiling at me wickedly. The cloth wound itself around the elastic, and with some help from Dana the mass was turned into a wad of cloth that would become the gag of my dreams.

I opened my mouth to accept it without being asked, just like in my dream.

Tracy tied the severed elastic band off behind my head after lifting my long hair. The girls then positioned me comfortably and closed the trunk hard enough to make my ears pop, and my world was transformed into darkness. I pondered my kidnapped fate while inefficiently gagged with my own panties, and wondering how this dream would end.


I felt the girls get in and then slam the doors, and then start the engine. It was noisy back in the trunk, and when Dana drove the road noise was even louder. Turns and stops, lefts and rights, gravel roads turned into smooth macadam, and try as I might to keep track of our journey, I was soon lost. My mind wandered as I realized that nobody knew I was with my friends, and bound as I was they could just as easily dump me off anywhere, to any fate they desired. It was frightening, and deliciously exciting all at the same time!

We finally stopped, and I could tell we were parked on a busy city street as I felt my abductors get out. I heard a steady stream of cars drive past on one side, and people talking as they presumably walked past on the other, wondering if they suspected what lay trussed up in the trunk just out of their reach. I then had a fresh fear as this part wasn't in my dream, "What if somebody steals Dana's car while they were off doing whatever?"

That fear almost seemed to come to fruition as I heard two men with deep voices talking between themselves while opening the car's doors. If not for my drool soaked gag I might have been tempted to yell out, but as it was I soon heard Dana's voice telling the men that there was nothing of value in the trunk, implying that this was the stop at the goodwill that she had promised. Had the girls dressed so nicely only to get out of carrying the clothes into the goodwill shop themselves, or was there some other component of this little adventure that I had again been left out of? Or for that matter would the men have opened the trunk and found me if not for Dana's intervention?

I had a momentary daydream while I laid quietly in the trunk, and in it the girls had donated me to the goodwill as well, and I imagined one of the deep voiced men opening the trunk right there on the city street and throwing me over his shoulder in full sight of whoever cared to notice. I further imagined that I was to be displayed on a mount in the shop window like a mannequin until I was sold off to some fate that I could only dream about. I knew the true source of these sultry thoughts, and the only relief I had ever found lay in the privacy of my bedroom or bath, or in total desperation possibly the trunk of Dana's car if not for my arms being bound behind me...

I was literally at the mercy of my kidnappers for more than one reason, and more excited that I can describe!

More driving, but I eventually felt Dana's car back into what I assumed was the rough and bumpy off road hiding spot near the abandoned hospital. I felt the girls bump around in the car some before they eventually opened my trunk, ( I now thought of this compartment as mine to ride in), but when they did I was momentarily dazzled by the bright morning sun shinning through the trees in contradiction to the earlier forecast. Once my eyes adjusted I was again dazzled by the flash of Tracy's Polaroid camera, documenting the conditions of my travel for all time after the picture developed in her hands. She then took another, even though the first turned out well enough.

Tracy showed me the first picture, and it looked even more provocative than the ones of my dreams. Could she have taken the picture to ensure I would cooperate with any further adventures, using it for blackmail purposes if I refused?

The girls lifted me out of the trunk like a sack, and placed me kneeling before them without removing my bindings first. If not for Dana's support I would have fallen over with my knees pinned tightly together, reminding me how dependent I was on the two at the moment. I looked up at both finely dressed girls like an obedient pet dog, just like I had done countless times in other dreams too erotic to tell to another living soul, but not too erotic to write in my diary. In those dreams I was compelled to do things good girls just didn't do, which once awake compelled me to do other things good girls just didn't do in the privacy of my bedroom.

"Are you thirsty?" Dana asked.

I nodded my head as my mouth felt especially dry with my improvised gag wicking all the moisture away from it.

I greedily drank what was offered once my gag was pulled down, but with Dana's hand holding the bottle as mine were still uselessly bound behind me while I knelt before her, again driving home my utter dependence on my captors. I had never thought something so simple as drinking water from another's hand could be erotic, but there was no other way to describe it.

"We've obviously learned some secrets about each other recently" Dana told me matter of factly. "Tracy and I have agreed between ourselves to help you live out the dreams in your little diary before we all go off to college in the fall. So the only question is, do you want to?"

"Yes please"...


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