My Summer Of Dares

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; building; abandoned; hospital; strip; naked; hum; bond; belt; wheelchair; scare; force; cons; X

Many years ago my two girlfriends and I had the entire summer to get into trouble, and with the oldest of us having her own car to use, and an abandoned hospital complex within driving distance. We planned on exploring it as curiosity demanded, and a hundred other things before we went our separate ways in the fall. The first day we chose was rainy, and not suitable to work on our tans by my friend's pool, although each of us had a good start on our bikini tan lines already.

The place had been vacant for years, long enough for the weeds and grass to obscure the road leading into the place, as we drove by it twice on accident before we found the proper overgrown entrance. We had heard that the local police kept an eye on things there, but judging from the condition of the grounds we assumed from the safety of their patrol cars and not on foot.

There was no driving back to the place anymore, at least not without cutting the rusty chain on a gate that likely wouldn't move anyway.
That would be breaking and entering, a crime, and nothing we wanted to get caught doing. My friend Dana, the one with the car, suggested we find a hidden place to park and then to walk in leaving no tell tale signs that anybody was about. She found a place that would do, but that also meant a much longer walk in the rain. Dana insisted, it was after all her car, and I had little choice but to tag along unless I wanted to sit in the car and wait.

Tracy was the other one of the three of us, and sitting in the passenger seat next to Dana like usual. I was the youngest and relegated to the back seat, and pretty much last in line when we did anything together, but I was used to it. With the car parked and locked in it's secluded hideaway, and the keys safely in Dana's pocket, we got out into the rain and trudged toward the distant abandoned hospital complex's largest building.

It was quite the walk, and the rain soaked through the light shirts we wore, with our shorts similarly soaked from walking through the wet and high weeds. We were quite the sight with our wet shirts sticking to our bodies by the time we reached the broken concrete of the hospital's sidewalks, especially me as I didn't wear anything under my thin shirt as the others wisely did. I was at the time quite lean and not very well endowed, and didn't really need anything supportive in that regard. I was also chilled, and my uncovered nipples were on obvious display, and Tracy and Dana teased me mercilessly on the subject.

The wood of the doors was rotted, and many of the windows were broken out, with broken glass all over the ground. We were glad we had our sneakers on our feet instead of sandals, but for my part I wish I had worn more clothing, or at least had dry things to slip into.

The building was downright spooky, with so much dust on the floors we could be certain that no others had been there for a very long time, at least through that entrance. After Dana looked around quickly she observed what we all realized, that we most certainly were alone. She then wiped the dust off of a hand railing near the door we just entered, and pealed off her wet shirt and shorts so they could dry there while we explored. Under her wet clothes however, she wore a one piece white bathing suit, solving the mystery of why she was so unconcerned about the long wet walk to the hospital in the first place. Tracy did much the same, except in her case she wore one of her more modest bikinis under her wet clothes, leading me to the conclusion that I had been left out of their little conspiracy intentionally.

Both girls looked at me as if to say "your turn".

We had known each other since early childhood, and had both dressed and undressed in front of each other many times, but this again put them in a position over me, as they would still be "clothed", and I half naked in their presence. Truth be told I kind of got off on this, as well as being made to sit in the back of the car, or go to the rear of any line we were collectively in.

As a result, I was cold in my wet clothes, but that wasn't the only reason that my nipples were standing at attention.

I stripped off my thin shirt and laid it next to their clothes once Dana dared me, but grateful for the excuse to do so. Ever since we were young, the girls "made" me do all kinds of things, my desires to please my pretty friends overruling most other considerations. Most of those were innocently fun, like the time they ganged up on me and pulled the strings on my bikini and tossed me into Tracy's pool. They made me do laps before they would give it back, all while Tracy's older brother and his friends played football in the front yard oblivious to my forced exposure just behind their house. Based on that experience alone, I knew while they might have some fun at my expense, they would never actually let anything too bad happen to me.

I was at least wearing something under my tight shorts, but when I peeled them off my thin cotton panties were just as wet as the rest of me, and they followed my shorts down my legs as if attached to them.

As if I intended to strip completely for my friends, Tracy told me that it was a good idea to get all my wet things off so I wouldn't get a rash. Both girls had no concerns of their own as their swim suits were designed to get wet and dry instantly, and were likely already doing so as I stood before them in my self inflicted humiliation wearing only sneakers.

"What if somebody comes?" I asked feebly, made all the more absurd by the fact that I had only brought it up AFTER I had stripped off for them. (I thought to myself silently at the time, please make me do this, and don't accept any lame excuses either.)

"If somebody comes we run like mad for the car and peel out of here", Dana offered.

Fine for them, but quite risky for me if I couldn't get to my things first. Still I was excited to be "made" to do this, I just hoped my friends didn't realize how excited, or maybe I secretly did.

With our potential escape plan settled, at least in Dana and Tracy's mind, we set out to explore the spooky former hospital compound's largest building first. Three floors and a basement offered more exploration than we could possibly get done in a day, and we had already decided that we would return next time somewhat better prepared. Peeled paint and creepy empty rooms everywhere, but no evidence that anybody had actually been inside in a very long time.
Dana even found an old wheelchair in one of the rooms, no doubt left behind because of it's condition.

"Imagine", she said to Tracy, "if we were the nurses back in the day when this place was open, and tasked with taking our patient to the third floor for treatment."

Both girls looked at me, I obviously knowing who would be the patient in their little fantasy.

"Why the third floor?" Tracy asked.

"In this book I just read the psychiatric ward was on the third floor, and this place looks just like the one described in that book. There they did some very nasty things to "cure" some of their patients back in the day, and it would be horribly cool if some of the more ghoulish things were still up there."

"Can we try them out on her if they're still there nurse Dana?", asked Tracy playfully.

"Only until she's cured, nurse Tracy."

I felt my belly tingle when I heard that, as this was definitely going in a wonderfully new direction for me. I tried not to act too excited when "nurse" Dana told me to go back to the lobby and to get the belt off of her shorts while she and Tracy waited.

I nearly flew there, and then back again with the belt in hand, suspecting what Dana wanted it for, but not wanting to ask for fear of ruining the moment. The two girls were deep in discussion when I returned, but became instantly silent when they saw me.

"Sit in the wheel chair" Dana ordered.

"Yes mam nurse Dana" I told her with a broad smile on my face, obviously letting her know I found this little game as exciting as they apparently did.

I sat in the old wheelchair and presented my wrists in front of me when asked, but crossed because I suspected what Dana and Tracy had in mind. Neither girl said a word about my silent offer of cooperation, but rather shared a knowing look between themselves. The thick belt was wrapped several times around my wrists and buckled, forming a rather effective restraint that was much more than mere symbolism, while not shutting off the flow of blood to my hands.

"Nurse" Tracy pushed me all the way down the long and dark hallway toward the first flight of stairs, following nurse Dana in her white one piece non standard nurse's uniform. Before we got to them however, we heard a door slam over the squeaking of the wheelchair's defective wheels, and I screamed. My first instinct was to run to the nearest exit, and to the safety of the car as we had planned. I couldn't however get myself out of the wheelchair with my wrists bound together, but when Dana realized this she returned and pulled me to my feet and presumed safety.

The three of us ran for our lives all the way to Dana's hidden car, they at least somewhat dressed, where I was wrist bound and very naked. It was a very invigorating run for me despite the awkward position my bound wrists were forced into, but when our terror faded and we thought about things rationality we realized there was no way there was anybody in the building with us. It was much more likely just the wind blowing a door closed somewhere inside the building.

The girls blamed me for screaming and ruining their adventure by making them run, and as punishment I was to go all the way back once again as I was to recover their clothes so we could leave, all while they waited under a tree near the car. Clearly they weren't completely convinced the building was empty, but at least the rain had nearly stopped!

I asked Dana what was to stop them from abandoning me here once I was out of sight, but my tone made that sound like more of an offer than a threat.

"Oh, that is a delicious thought", she said. "Maybe come back in a few hours and see how your getting on all alone here, maybe not so alone. Sadly I can't as my keys are still in my shorts, but you surely deserve as much."

They refused to remove the belt from my wrists preventing me from dressing until they did, but I didn't ask all that forcefully either. The thought of being kept naked and bound by them had me feeling like their slave, and I didn't mind being made to return to the hospital once again in punishment either.

Once there I found our things where we left them, and when I returned to the car with them I had a feeling that the two girls had spent the time planning our next adventure at the complex at my expense.


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