The Mother-in-Law Popped in for Coffee 2

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2012 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; bond; rope; gag; chairtie; tease; nipple; toys; mast; climax; torment; cons/reluct; X

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The Mother-in-Law Popped In For Coffee – The Finale


“Then we will decide what will happen next!” As if I had any say in the matter. I could hardly protest at things now Ruth had shoved my panties in my mouth and gagged me with a knotted silk scarf. She had also done a very good job of tying my hands behind my back, and my ankles together.

There was no point to me trying to call out to Ruth to let me go. I knew she wouldn’t let me go, not with that gleam in her eyes. I thrashed about on the bed trying with all my might to pull the wrists through the coils of rope holding them. All I got for my trouble was rope burn marks on my wrists, and the chain of the nipple clamps I was forced to wear, to sway around creating a fire in my nipples. That evil bitch was going to pay if I could get out of this one. I promised myself that!

But how? I could get up and hop to the bathroom and see if I could find my nail scissors, but Ruth would more than likely hear me. Then I would be back to square one. And she could put more rope on me. I couldn’t let that happen.

I rolled onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes just thinking. Ruth was making coffee so I only had a few minutes to try something. Then it dawned on me. I recalled some cop show from the 70s reruns on the TV I loved to watch as a kid. Some kidnapped girl got out by sliding her wrists over her bum so they were under her thighs. She pulled off her gag and screamed for help and was rescued. That could work, so I gave it a shot.

Then I realised she was some dumb Hollywood bimbo, size zero stick, while I was a size 10. Thank Christ I go to the gym a bit because it was a bloody tight squeeze. It took the best part of 10 minutes for me to do it and my wrists were really sore with the ropes being pulled tighter and tighter the more I forced my bum between my arms. Then with a final pull I could sit up and scrabble for the rope on my feet. With this untied all I had to do was bend my legs and slide each through between my arms and now my arms were in the front of me.

I tore at the gag and spat the panties from my mouth onto the floor. I could still feel the cotton on my tongue, as I gingerly released first one then the other clamp on my nipples.

“AH, Fucking sonofabitch that hurt . . .” I cried out burying my face into a pillow so as not cause Ruth any suspicions and give the game away.

Now what did she say to me before. Oh yes. HOP! So I picked up the rope, and I hopped my way to the stairs. I deliberately did this slowly, to give an impression of being tied.

Then making some noise I hopped carefully down the stairs with my side pressing against the wall so as not to stumble and fall. I was deviously thinking about how I was sneaking up on Ruth to have my coffee she was making, but I really had no clue what the hell I was going to do with her when I turned the tables.

Holding the rope behind my back I hopped through the door to find Ruth sitting at the table in my kitchen. The look on her face was priceless, when it dawned on her I was without a gag and there was no rope around my ankles.

I still had my hands behind my back and then I pulled out the rope from behind me and said “Ta-da!”

“What’s that Ruth? Cat got your tongue?”

“How did you . . .”

“Ah! I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.” I said. “In fact I may just bloody kill you anyway.”

“Well now you are down here my dear, you can sit down and have your coffee. I am still trying figure out how you got free.”

I gulped down some coffee. It was a relief to be tasting something other than panties in my mouth. “It wasn’t easy I can tell you that.” I wanted to add an air of mystery to it just to keep her off her guard. “Besides I bet you escaped some in your time?” I added.

“Well now you have gotten me thinking about it Emma, I don’t think I’ve ever escaped from being tied up”

I almost spluttered into my Coffee. “What, you’re joking, right?” I couldn’t believe this. It was a perfect opportunity to get my own back. Subtlety was the key to this though.

“I will have to show you how I did it, but I will finish the coffee first.” I walked over to the biscuit barrel and took out a few biscuits and passed the tin over to Ruth. She shook her head declining.

“Perhaps you want to get dressed first, darling. Lying about all day naked like you have.” She smiled at her little joke.

“It’s not like I had a choice at the time is it” I glared.

“Of course you did. But you wanted Peter to tie you up, and you let him. Simple.”

“Okay, let’s change of subject please, can we? Do you want me to show you how I escaped Ruth? Yes or no? Come on its got you curious, hasn’t it?” I goaded her.

“I promise to let you go after. I also promise not to put those clamps on your tits like you did to me. They really hurt like a bastard when they are on for a time.”

I could see Ruth was thinking hard over the situation. “You promise to let me go?”

“I really promise to let you go. And no nipple clamps, although a taste of your own medicine wouldn’t go amiss. Guides honour!” and I did a little salute.

“Let’s go up to the bedroom.” I said picking up the rope off the kitchen table. “I don’t want to shock the neighbours and they have had enough of an eyeful of me naked already.”

I straightened the bed up, and offered Ruth the wooden chair to sit on in the corner while I threw on a t-shirt and some jeans.

“It involved me laying on the floor thrashing around a lot Ruth.” I lied. “The bed was too soft to do what I want so I wriggled on to the floor. Perhaps you should remove your blouse and trousers, you will just crease them.” I now had Ruth partly un-clothed, but I still had no idea what to do with her.

“Right the best way to do this is to tie you up like I was, when I first learnt this trick. I had my hands tied palms together behind me.” I pulled her wrists behind her back and doubling up the rope, wrapped the rope around them. “If you look in the mirror on the wardrobe you can see how neat the tie is when you double the rope over. Then you cinch between the palms. It’s snug but not tight enough to pull your wrists out.” Ruth nodded in agreement.

“Next, I was tied with my knees and my ankles together.” I tied them as I tied her wrists, winding the rope over her panty hosed legs. “Let me help you to sit on the floor. There. Now I’ll show you how I got out.”

I stood in front of her, and clasping my hands behind me. I wriggled them over my bum. Standing first on one leg; I put it, then the other through my arms so I now stood facing her with my hands in front. “Now it’s your turn to do it for real. I’ll be back in 10 minutes to see how you are doing.”

I walked out of the bed room. I needed another coffee to think how to punish Ruth for keeping me tied up. After about 15 minutes I found Ruth still in the same position although slightly dishevelled. I could see she must have had a good go at trying to get away.

“Here let me help you sit down.” I put my arms through under hers and pulled her up so she could sit back on the chair.

“I don’t know how you did it, it’s impossible for me.”

“You just need to practice at it Ruth. It will come. Let me show you an easier escape. It involves sitting in a chair, so it’s less strenuous. Interested? It will only take five or six minutes tops.”

“Well seeing as I am already tied up I may as well.” She replied. “Can you show me what you are doing in the mirror like last time?”

“Sure.” Now I really would have Ruth at my mercy. I have never been tied up by Peter in a chair tie that I have ever gotten out of. Normally I have been too distracted.

I untied Ruth’s knees and ankles so that she would feel a bit more at ease as if I were going to release her soon. I asked her to sit with her arms over the back of the chair. I lied to her again, saying it was for her comfort. At the same time I added more rope to her waist to tie her to the seat of the chair. I made sure to keep all the knots well out of reach of any prying fingers.

“There you are Ruth. If you stood up now you can bend forward and walk to a drawer or cupboard so you can get some scissors or a knife to cut yourself free. It really is that easy. The trick is to untie your legs to do this.”

By rocking the chair slightly back and forwards with her hands holding the back of the chair for support, Ruth managed to lean far enough forward to struggle to her feet and could pigeon step around a little.

I asked her to sit down again, and she did with a clatter of the chair on the floor.

“The trick is this. If I were to tie your feet to the front of the chair legs, there is no way your arms could ever untie the ropes. If you are ever tied like that you are screwed.”

Ruth looked at me and frowned. I could see her thinking that I was going to tie her legs just so. I moved her legs to the back of the chair which forced her thighs wide open as I pulled her ankles back to the back legs of the chair. I looked up at Ruth again.

“If your feet are also tied to the back of the chair low down, you are stuffed too. What you need is for your feet to be tied up at about seat level. Here. I’ll hold your ankle up. That’s it, you hook your arms over the back of the chair to the side and you can reach any knots at the ankle or those tied to the side of the chair.”

I walked over to the suitcase of bondage gear and selected a few lengths of rope. I tied Ruth’s ankles so the rope wouldn’t slip and cut off the circulation to her legs. Then I pulled the rope through the backrest of the chair hoisting first one leg then the other leg so her ankles were almost touching the seat, where I tied them off.

You never realise quite how uncomfortable this is until you are tied up like it. You have to compensate the body’s position by sliding forward slightly. Obviously there was no chance of that happening as I had seen to that by first tying Ruth to the seat.

“I am going to give you a few minute to see how you do, then, I’ll be back.”

I was sitting in the kitchen looking at t the kitchen clock. It was 12:15. Peter would be home soon. I was sure he wouldn’t appreciate me tying his mother up. Especially the same way he tied me up a few months ago. Ah that was intense. He teased me with the Hitachi Wand and I was on the brink of coming for ages all the time he denying me my pleasure. A little touch here a little touch there until I begged him to get me off.

That was it. Revenge would be mine.

I walked into the bedroom once more and sat on the bed watching Ruth.

Ruth had managed to twist her body around enough to feel the rope at her ankles but had made no progress untying herself. Grunting with effort “How did you say you did this again, and how long did it take.” She panted and gave up.

“I think I tried for about 40 minutes and had half of one leg untied. Peter never let me finish untying myself. He distracted me” I smiled at her. “What he did first was take a rope like this one. Then he looped it though the wrists like this then he pulled it tight and tied it under the chair like so. There you can’t reach your ankles anymore can you?”

“Next he took out a wand like this.” I went to my bedside drawer and pulled the vibrator out. “Of course he teased me for ages with it keeping me on the edge all the while.”

Ruth looked worried now. “I promised to let you go Ruth. I never said when. I am going to let you go after you have experienced a wand. It’s not like any vibrator you have used. I have to tell you though it’s fairly powerful. I AM AFRAID IT’S GOING TO MAKE YOU COME AN AWFUL LOT!”

I picked up the panties that had been used to gag me with. I held Ruth’s nose until she breathed through her mouth, and forced them in past her teeth. I then forced the knotted scarf she used on me into her mouth before yanking the gag tight, tying it off behind her neck. Ruth was rocking in her chair now, but wasn’t going to get free any time soon.

I plugged the wand into the wall socket and turned it on low. Then I jammed it right against her clit through her panties. I looked into her face and the glare of raged turned to a look of pleasure in mere seconds, as the wand attacked the senses.

She threw her head back closing her eyes. A growl of pleasure came from her throat. Her breathing was shallower and shorter, and then she seemed to go quiet. Sucking in breath over and over until the wand brought about her climax and she cried out in pleasure. Then I flicked the switch on to full. Ruth started to squirm on the chair, but I kept the wand on her clitoris. She started to laugh through her gag mmphing “No more I can’t take it.”

As she came closer to orgasm, my hand shot up and tweeked her nipple through her bra, squeezing it between thumb and forefinger. Ever harder, until she bucked in the chair in orgasm, with a little scream.

I flicked the switch on the wand to off. “Did you like that Ruth? I am sure you can put up with one or two more, but you really are making way too much noise. Peter is going to be here in a few minutes and we don’t want him to know our little secret do we?” I said tartly.

I went over to the suitcase of bondage gear and pulled out a roll of black duct tape. I started to wrap it around Ruth’s mouth over the scarf gag, all the way around her head. As I wrapped it I pulled it tighter and tighter as around and around I went. I ripped the tape off the roll and threw the role back into the case. I pressed the tape firm over her mouth smoothing it all down. I could see Ruth’s cheeks bulge over the tape, that’s how tight I had pulled it.

I flicked the wand back to full power and attacked her pussy with it once more. This time her moaning was more stilted, no words, just one long “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” followed by panting, then two or three muffled screams I knew from personal experience to be multiple orgasms.

Turning the switch to off then back to on then off several times, Ruth didn’t know whether she was coming or going. I was hoping it was going to come then denying her that experience.

I went back to the case for some thin cord. I looped the cord around the bulbous head of the wand. I jammed this against her pussy and passed it under Ruth’s thigh, wrapping it around her thigh before passing it around the bulb bringing it under and around the other thigh before tying it tightly in place. I gave both thighs a quick smack. Ruth wriggled first one way, then the other, but the bulb of the wand stayed put, pressing into her vulva.

I flicked the switch to low and sat with my back to the wall in front of her. The whir of the wand caused it to shudder on the chair making a rattling noise. I got up and went to the airing cupboard and pulled out a small hand towel. I folded this in half and half again and placed this under the Wand between Ruth’s thighs. Sitting in front of Ruth once more I flicked the wand to on. Raising the wand by a fraction must have positioned it right over her clitoris once again. The wand wasn’t rattling like before and this time with the wand tied in place Ruth would get no mercy. I told her she would come a lot and now she was going to get it.

I sat there enjoying Ruth’s orgasmic ride. Turning the wand off and just touching her thighs and abdomen with my fingers sent shudders up her body. Ruth orgasmed once, just by stroking her thigh.

That’s when I heard the car pull into the driveway. I jumped up. Don’t panic, I thought to myself. I picked up the timer for the wand, set it for every 10 minutes for the next hour and plugged this into the wall socket before plugging the wand back into the timer.

I held Ruth’s face up and brought mine low to hers. “Peter is home now. You are flushed and having a lay down in here so you had better be quiet. As soon as it is convenient I’ll come and get you out of this.”

I closed the bedroom door and went down to greet Peter at the door. “I saw mums car in the street.”

“Oh she came to visit me this morning.” I said. "It’s was a bloody good job I got out. I can tell you! She is upstairs having a bit of a lie down. She came over feeling all flushed.”

I dragged Peter into the kitchen to make him some lunch, before dragging him into the lounge to fool around a bit. I wanted to keep him out of the way long enough for the timer on the wand to kick in several times to bring a bit of magic and sparkle to Ruth. I don’t know what came over me but I pushed him on the couch and jumped on him. I practically ravished him.

I put it down to being a dominant bitch for the last hour or so with his mother. After a post coital cuddle he fell asleep and I was able to go upstairs to release Ruth.

The wand had gone off three more times, and she had cramped legs and a red and sore pussy. I really did have to get her to lay down. The wand worked its magic so well she shuddered every time something touched her. Ruth had lost count of the orgasms she had. I quickly threw everything into the case and slid it under the bed out of harm’s way.

I helped Ruth slip under the covers, and just to be evil, I smoothed the sheets over her, running my hand from her breasts to her fanny. She shuddered again, giving out a little laugh. “My whole body feels alive, Emma. I feel ticklish all over, tingling from my fingers to my toes. My fanny doesn’t know if it wants to come or never have sex again.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I tried to apologise. “I am sorry Ruth. I was a little too aggressive, in retaliation. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I was angry with Peter for leaving me like that.”

“Shush, Emma. It was the best sex of my life. Where can I get one of these Wand things?”