The Mother-in-Law Popped in for Coffee

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2012 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; insert; toys; discovered; gag; tease; nipple; sex; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

It was 6:30 and Peter had stepped out of the shower just after me. He came up behind me and put his arms around me to give me a cuddle as I was drying off. He started stroking at my breasts playing with my nipples so I reached behind him parting the towel around his waist and started stroking his cock.

He bent down and nuzzled my neck. I could feel his stubbly chin as he kissed his way up the nape of my neck to my ears where he started to gently nibble and bite them. (It’s my Kryptonite, I am afraid) His tongue toying with the little hoop earrings I wear.

He knows all the little ways to turn me into putty in his hands. When Peter suggested we go back to bed, I eagerly followed him out of the bathroom to the bedroom.

I am between jobs so didn’t have to get to work, and Peter would be the one to cop the flack for being late. So we jumped into bed and started fooling around.

After a while Peter reached for a bag under the bed and pulled out some rope (it is really a suitcase now; we have so much stuff we play with!). Five minutes later I am happily tied spread-eagled to the bed and Peter is eating my pussy and teasing me to an orgasm before climbing on top and having his evil way with me.

About 7:30 he said he was off to work and would be home about lunchtime to check on me. “You are a bastard.” I shouted at him. “You can’t possibly leave me tied up for 5 hours.” He told me not to worry, I would be okay. “I would have phoned your boss to say it’s time of the month woman’s problems, and not to expect you in today.”

“Bastard. Are you having a go because I was made redundant?” I spat back at him.

“No. Don’t be silly.” he said. “Men never realise if you are having periods or not. We can’t even remember birthdays!” He laughed. “But now you aren’t working, I have noticed what a foul mouth you are getting. You can’t go around swearing your head off to everyone, even if they DO deserve it!”

I was just about to swear at him again when Peter picked a scarf out of the drawer.

He folded it up, and shoved it roughly into my mouth, knotting it behind my neck.

I was really angry now and started thrashing around on the bed swearing at him even more.

He looked down at me struggling and then said to me “I cant really leave you tied up like this. You will get really bored with nothing to do.” I stopped thrashing around on the bed, happier now he was going to untie me.

Peter went over to my bedside drawer and took out my silver vibrator. It’s my favourite one, about 6 1/2 inches long and I am surprised I haven’t worn it out several times over.

He put a little squirt of KY jelly on the tip and rubbed it up and down the silver shaft.

He knelt down on the bed and spreading my pussy lips apart and eased the vibrator into my pussy. It went in easily as I was still wet from our little tumble. With his thumb he stroked my clit as he gently eased the vibrator in and out of me, until I was gasping in pleasure. He never let me cum though. He took another bit of rope, looped it around my waist and crotch-rope tied the vibrator inside me so I couldn’t push it out with my tummy muscles.

He bent down and kissed me on my cheek, narrowly avoiding my head trying to butt him in anger.

“Got to go now, see you about 1.” Peter smirked. He twisted the vibrator to on and then shut the bedroom door leaving me tied, splayed out on the bed, with the vibrator humming maddeningly in my fanny, swearing every foulmouthed word I knew at him.

I had five or six orgasms, but I was angry and the urge to kill Peter was an incentive not to have them, but also, the batteries seemed to lose their power after a while. This was great for me as my fanny had become sore from the stimulation of the vibrator.

I guess I had fallen asleep too, but when I did wake, I was horrified to wake with the urge to use the bathroom. Bloody great I thought. I didn’t want to pee the bed and I couldn’t see the alarm clock tied spread-eagled like this. I had no idea what the time was and how long I was going to be in agony trying to hold onto myself. I tried to pull my hands free of the rope tying them to the bed, but Peter had tied my wrists first then tied the loose end to the bedpost where the knots were. There was no way I could reach the knots, tied in the middle of the bed, with limited up or down movement. I tried and tried to pull my wrist free from the ropes, until my wrist hurt from the rope.

Calling out would have been a waste of time. I didn’t want anyone to break in and see me tied up like this. How embarrassing would that have been, for the neighbours to see? I would be a laughing stock to the people in the street if they found out.

Then I heard the back door open, and a pair of heels walk across the tiled kitchen floor.

I heard a chair being pulled out from the kitchen and I guess someone sat down.

“Ooo oo, Emma I popped in for a coffee and a gossip."

I recognised the voice of Peters mother Ruth in the kitchen. Bloody great!

This was just what I needed to add to my problem.

I tried to be quiet hoping she would leave when I didn’t come to meet her, but the urge to pee was greater. I had to mmmph gag talk to Ruth, for her to come up and help me.

It would be better embarrassing myself in front of her, than the neighbours.

I guess Ruth had a look around down stairs to see where I was crying out to her from.

Then I heard the pad of feet on the carpeted stairs, and eventually she put her head around our bedroom door.

Ruth was standing in the doorway with a gawping stare. She put one hand on the door frame and the other on her hip and said "Now I can see why my good for nothing son hasn't called me for a while. He is obviously to busy with "Other" things"

I mmmphed at her, "Ruth can you untie me as I really need to pee."

She eyed me up and down, noticing the crotch rope and the vibrator in my pussy.

She slowly came over to the bed and sat on the edge. With her fingers she pulled down the scarf gag till it was around my neck.

"My Peter has always been a horny toad." she said. 'He used to play with himself all day when he was in nappies. I had to put mittens on him.”

I was a little shocked at this and mumbled, he still played with himself, blushing at Ruth. She looked at the rope on my wrist and legs.

"He used to tie up his brother, and all the kids in the street, playing cowboys or cops and robbers. His first badge in the cubs was for knots! I thought he had grown out of it" She chuckled.

"Please let me go Ruth I badly need to pee". I pleaded.

“How long have you been tied up like this?

"Since 7ish this morning" I replied. "I tried to get out but I couldn’t. I kept being distracted." I blushed.

"Yes I see why." she said. "This knot is tied so it is tight, but doesn’t restrict your circulation. He did a very good job on you. When is Peter coming home to set you free?" She asked.

"About 1ish I guess. Ruth Please, I am bursting ...”

"I don’t want to interfere in your sex games Emma, so you have to agree to let me re-tie you when you are finished." she said.

“Can't I say I escaped?” The urge to pee was even greater.

“Well you have been here over 3 hours now and haven’t, so that is unlikely Emma, isn’t it. You have to promise, or I re-gag you and leave. You may pee yourself or may just last until Peter makes it home.”

Reluctantly I nodded my agreement.

Ruth undid the crotch rope and said that I could hardly pee with that in the way. The vibe started to ease its way out of my pussy, and Ruth picked up my panties off the floor and wiped the vibe down and put it on the bedside table.

“It’s off. Did the batteries wear out?” she asked.

I nodded, “About 8:30, I guess.” I replied. “I was in agony”

“Yes dear, cumming 2 or 3 times is okay, but any more and it’s just torturous.” She said knowingly.

She sat astride me which I felt was funny and she undid my arms.

“Now please put your hands behind your back Emma.”

I looked at her puzzled.

“I am afraid I don’t believe you would let me re-tie you Emma. This way I can still force you down and retie you if you don’t agree.”

With the urge to pee greater, I reluctantly put my hands behind my back. Ruth was right. There was no way I would have let her re-tie me after she had let me out of the ropes.

She tied my arms quickly and tightly, to my surprise, as if she had done it before.

She untied my spread-eagled legs and re-tied them together at the ankles.

“How am I supposed to go to the bathroom like this Ruth?” I snapped.


She slid my legs off the bed and pulled me to my feet. She guided me to the bathroom and helped me sit as I plonked myself down on the toilet seat. She removed the rope and parted my legs but ordered me not to pee just yet. Her hand opened my pussy lips, and her fingers stroked my clit until I shuddered to an uncomfortable climax, when she then ordered me to pee.

I seemed to gush gallons. When I was finished Ruth parted my legs and wiped me down with some toilet paper.

She pulled me to my feet and guided me as I hopped over to the sink. Ruth soaped a sponge and washed my nether region down, and then washed her own hands, drying them off before she dried my fanny with the towel.

“Isn’t that better.” she asked, but I was red with embarrassment from her touching me

“Peter came into our room one night when he was 1 or 2 years old. His dad had me tied to the bed, just like you were. My panties stuffed in my mouth, and him giving me a right seeing to when Peter walked in.”

“He must have seen it, but Geoff picked him up walked off and put him to bed, then read him a story till he fell asleep. Then he came back to finish me off. Best sex I had. Must have been the anticipation or the wait all tied up till he came back.”

Now I was getting really uncomfortable with Ruth’s revelations of her sex life. She was the glamorous granny in my eyes. 5'7. Blonde. Blue eyes. Her vice was the odd cigarette with a glass of wine. She didn’t appear to have any boyfriends after Peters dad died.

Now she was some wanton bondage slave!

“I still have a dabble with bondage, when I find the right guy. But it’s been a little while.”

She looked at me. “Oh don’t tell Peter. He never really liked me seeing anyone after Geoff died. It will be our little secret, just like me finding you trussed up like a chicken, will be "our" little secret. Now let’s get you re-tied.”

Ruth guided me back to the bedroom where she sat me on the bed. “What time did you say Peter was coming home again?”

“Please don’t tie me up yet Ruth.” I blurted out.

“Well you are already tied up, darling. And I didn’t say I was going to tie you to the 'Bed' just yet, now did I!”

I didn’t like where this conversation was going now. What the hell does that mean? I thought.

“I see you aren’t a bondage novice.” Ruth said looking at me. “I bet you switch with Peter too.” I nodded.

“I haven’t done any bondage since Richard, my last boyfriend.” she giggled.

Yet another revelation, from Ruth’s lips.

“I could tell.” she said. “A novice would have used scarves, or stockings or Peters neck ties for work. You two used rope. Have you got any other stuff?”

I told her about the bondage bag we have under the bed.

“Good grief Emma. It’s a suitcase full!”

“Well we had collected or made stuff as we experimented” As my cheeks burned red with embarrassment

Ruth pulled out some of the bits and I explained what some of the equipment was for and how it was used. Like the head harness ball gag, and the locking leather hood.

Then Ruth noticed something shiny at the bottom of the case. A pair of clamps, with a chain. She pulled it out and dangled it in front of me. “What on earth are these?” she asked.

“They are Japanese clover nipple clamps.” I answered.

Ruth tried to pry them apart, but couldn’t open them up. I had to tell her to press them together. She did, and looked at them.

“These look very interesting. I heard about them but never saw a pair before. I always wanted to try them. You have so much stuff here”

Ruth opened her silk blouse and pulled up her bra, and pulling on her nipple she clamped it. As the clamp bit into her flesh she gasped in pain. She did the same for the other nipple and winced again. She pulled at the chain a little and then realised that the harder you pull the tighter the clamp closed.

She released the clamp on her left breast, and gasped as the blood flowed back into the nipple. “They hurt a lot more coming off, than putting them on.” She remarked. Ruth straightened her bra and did up her blouse. “Anyway it’s you who’s tied up today not me.” she laughed. “I think you should wear these, not me.”

“No, please Ruth. I hate them.”

“Stop being a girl.” she said. “When you give birth to my grandchildren, you will know all about pain.” she smirked. “Now how do these go again?”

She pulled at my nipples and quickly clamped one then the other, before I could say another word.

I yelped but Ruth put a finger to my lips and said to me I was making too much noise.

“I think you need to be re-gagged now.”

“No Ruth this has gone too far!”

But Ruth had picked up the panties from the bed. The ones she had used to wipe the vibrator with, and rolled them into a ball. Ruth thrust them between my lips filling my mouth, then pulled up the scarf around my neck and forced that between my teeth.

I mmmphed “No, Let me go.”

But all she remarked was that Peter hadn’t tied the gag very well. She undid the scarf from my neck, tied a knot in the centre of the scarf, and forced the knot into my mouth.

With the knot pressing down on the panties, Ruth tied it behind my neck again, tightly with a flourish. She stood and walked to the door

“Right! I think it is coffee time for me now. When you manage to get yourself down to the kitchen, I’ll take the clamps off and have a coffee waiting for you. Then we will decide what will happen next!”



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