More Every Two Weeks 2: Slave Auction

by Jeza

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Storycodes: F/m; M+/fm; naked; bond; rope; gag; hum; femdom; cuckold; kidnap; captives; enslave; group; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part 2: Slave Auction

Peter was enjoying his new life, living in the sun in southern France, it had been nearly a year since Janet had ‘gone away’, Well actually, he knew where she was, down in Spain tied to a bed servicing truck drivers for 20 euros a go, his cut over the last year had been nearly 130,000 euros – she had been very busy.

Peter had found an ex-pat woman who was divorced and lonely and they would see each other a couple of times a week, unlike Janet, she was nice and quiet, certainly not the demanding type. His new girlfriend had gone back to the UK for a couple of weeks to see some relatives so he was at a loose end. He thought about Janet and decided to go and visit her.

He found the truck stop, just over the border in Spain; the shed was behind the main buildings just as he remembered it. The door was open, he walked inside, a little nervous as to how Janet might react to seeing him again, to his surprise there was a table by the door, behind it doing some needlework sat an old lady in a black dress. She greeted him in Spanish and pointed to the table. On a piece of cardboard was a hand written price list, in French and Spanish. Peter didn’t read French or Spanish, but it was obvious what it was for.

Behind the woman Janet was on her knees, her hands handcuffed behind her back, she was giving a large heavily built trucker a blowjob – something she had never done for Peter, and she was certainly putting some effort in it. As he watched the trucker grunted and pulled his large cock out of Janet’s mouth spraying cum all over her face, Janet smiled, then licked the cum that was running down her face into her mouth. The trucker zipped up his jeans, said a few words in Spanish to the old lady and left. Janet stayed kneeling on the floor.

The old lady again pointed to the list and asked him something in Spanish, he looked closely, the first item was 30 euros, the 2nd was 40 euros, the 3rd was 60 euros and the 4th was 80 euros. Peter wasn’t sure what it was, but pointed to the 80-euro item and handed his money across. The little old lady put the money in a tin box then went across to Janet speaking in rapid Spanish. Janet meekly got to her feet and went over to a large table and bent face down across it.

The old lady took some rope and tied each ankle to a table leg, spreading them, and then she took a key from her pocket and removed the handcuffs. Janet moved her hands over her head so they were spread eagled on the table, the old lady quickly produced some more rope and tied each wrist to the corners of the table. The old lady then produced a tube of some sort of lubricant and started to smear in into Janet’s rear hole – it seemed 80 euros allowed you to take her up the arse – something Peter had never even dreamed about when they were together.

Despite the old lady watching, his cock was already hard, the old lady handed him a condom and walked back to her needlework at the table. Peter removed his trousers and quickly put on the condom, he pushed his hard cock into Janet’s rear hole, there was an initial resistance then he was inside. Janet started to moan and squirm, pushing her bottom out to him to the limits of the restraints. Peter was very excited and was quickly pumping his wife’s arse, Janet was moaning with pleasure, then suddenly tensed as she orgamised, which brought Peter to a rapid climax.

Peter withdrew, his wife sighed, lying face down breathing heavily. The old lady still sitting doing her needlework pointed to a bin to through the condom in. Peter threw the condom in the bin and left.

She was a whore being used and abused by truck drivers and loving it! He drove home smiling to himself.

A few months later he got a phone call from Gary, apparently there was a new motorway being completed and it would bypass the truck stop, therefore ending the supply of randy truckers. What did he want to do with Janet? Gary said she was still doing a roaring trade, both night and day, the fact that she seems to be enjoying it so much spurred on the punters! Gary had this friend with a boat, Morocco was only 40 miles from the south of Spain, do you want to take her across or would you want me to bring her back to you?  Peter didn’t want Janet back, his quiet life with a new girlfriend suited him perfectly, and he told Gary so, who laughed, then said he’d been in touch when he could make the arrangements.

A few weeks later Gary phoned, could Peter take her down to the boat and go across with her in 2 days time, Gary had arranged everything with the boat owner and had a contact to meet them on the other side to arrange Janet’s future. Peter agreed.

When Peter arrived at the shed 2 days later at the time agreed, Janet was waiting for him, well she was tied hand and foot in a strict hogtie and gagged with a large ball gag, the old lady summoned a large guy and together they put Janet into the boot of Peter’s car.

He drove following the directions after a couple of hours he pulled into a rest stop, he parked a distance away from any other cars, and so he would not be overlooked. It would be difficult to explain why his wife was tied up in the boot of his car, never mind that she had spent the last 18 months being fucked night and day by a load of truck drivers and was now on her way to be sold to god knows whom. What was the penalty for white slavery in Spain, probably many years in prison! He opened the boot and removed the gag from Janet’s mouth, he expected some abuse, but she just smiled up at him, he put a bottle of water to her lips and she drunk quickly, then she thanked him as he put the gag back in. Janet had rarely thanked him in her life – she had certainly changed!

Peter drove on and by late afternoon found the port with the small fishing trawler described by Gary. He was greeted by an English man, Paul who quickly arranged for Janet to be lifted out of the boot of Peter’s car and deposited in the wheelhouse of the boat. The trawler had a crew of two Spanish men besides Paul, they did not seem surprised to have a bound naked woman on board, Paul said they did a lot of trips back and forth, the cargo was varied, and he didn’t ask questions!

Paul said they would have to wait until it started to get dark, so it would be fully dark when they reached their destination, they were going to drop of Peter and Janet then do some fishing, before collection Peter a few hours later.

Paul was looking admiringly at Janet lying there in the wheel house, Peter untied her from the hogtie, keeping her hands bound, then knelt her up in front of Paul and removed the gag. “Why don’t you try her?” he said. Paul didn’t need asking twice and dropped his jeans to show a good size cock starting to harden. Janet shuffled forward and took it in her mouth, it quickly hardened and Paul was in ecstasy and quickly came, Janet swallowed it greedily.

“Do your crew want a turn?” Peter asked Paul, the crewmen readily agreed and Janet took them both quickly, then Peter re-gagged and hog-tied her, then Paul started the engine to take the boat out. The trip across took a couple of hours and it was pitch black at sea, there were some lights ahead on the coast of Morocco, Paul steered by the global positioning system and soon they went into a bay. It was completely dark but Paul seem to know exactly where he was going and pulled carefully alongside a small wooden pier, the two crewman lifted Janet onto the pier, groping her body as they lifted her.  A man wearing a light suit was waiting in the dark he introduced himself as Nazim. He led the way to a large car, the two Spanish crewmen put her in the boot and shut the lid and went back to the boat.

Nazim spoke “ We must hurry to get her to the sale, please get in the car”. They drove off into the night and 15 minutes later entered a small town and pulled up behind a building. Nazim went in alone and a few minutes later came out with two large men who picked Janet out of the boot and carried her to another door.

“Please come this way”, said Nazim to Peter and guided him into a large room. At one end was a stage, in the centre of the stage was a rope noose, all around the floor were tables and chairs, almost all occupied by dark looking men, some dressed in Western clothes, some in Arab attire, all talking drinking coffee from small cups. A man came out onto the stage; the others in the room went quite. He was the auctioneer and spoke for a few minutes in Arabic, and then he introduced his first lot.

A small naked Arab girl probably around 16 year was escorted out by the two large men who had taken Janet from the boot, she seemed frightened, her hands were tied behind her back, she had small boobs and was quite slim. The two men pushed her to the centre of the stage, one attached the noose around her neck, it was pulled tight so she had to stand on tiptoe. The auctioneer began talking, presumably asking for bids, a few of the men responded, the auctioneer talked on.

Nazim turned to Peter and whispered, “She has not got much meat on her, so will not fetch a good price”.

“What will happened to her?” asked Peter.

“She will probably be bought by an older man, who will take her as his wife, the family she comes from are probably poor and need the money, so the girl has agreed to be sold, if she gets the right man she will have a comfortable life, as long as she gives him many children!”

The bidding stalled and the girl was removed, to be replaced by a similar young girl, only this time a little plumper. “The last one fetched $1200 US dollars, this one should go for more!” said Nazim. The bidding was more rapid and finally she was removed. “She fetched $1900! Because she is more rounded”. Nazim said using his hands to describe a curved figure. The next two lots were similar and went quickly. Then the two men brought out a tall dark woman, good looking, she did not appear nervous and looked around at the crowd as the noose was put around her neck and pulled tight. She was curvy, with good size boobs, probably no more than 30 years of age.

“This is an experienced woman, she was working in an upmarket brothel but the owner has died and she is up for sale, there will be a lot of interest in her!”
The auctioneer went into a few minutes of preamble, obviously talking up her good points. The bidding was fast, hands were raised all over the place, finally after some furious bidding the auctioneer sold her to a large fat man dressed in Arab attire. “He runs a brothel in the city” said Nazim, “she will earn a lot of money for him over the years, he’s just paid $8,000 for her!, She will get some of the money, no doubt she will send it to her family”.

Another woman was brought on stage she was similar to the previous one, but possibly a little older. The bidding was slower, but she was bought by a man sitting at the table next to Peter, who seem well satisfied by his purchase and was laughing and talking loudly with his friends at the table.

Then Janet was brought on stage, the room fell immediately silent, she was positioned under the rope noose and one of the men fastened it around her neck. She looked straight out at the assembled crowd. The Auctioneer started his preamble, at one stage walking across to Janet and stroking her blonde hair first on her head then the blonde bush between her legs. He started asking for opening bids. Nazim whispered, “He tried to start the bidding at $10,000 but now has asked for $5,000”.

A few men indicated their interest, the large fat man seemed very keen. “The bidding has just reached $10,000 and there are 3 men bidding”, he said, the bidding went back and forth until there was only the fat man and one other left. The fat man raised his hand and the other shook his head. The noose was removed from Janet’s head and she was escorted off the stage into the back room. “She went for $17,500 in the end”, said Nazim, “If you wait here I will go and get your money”.

Two more girls went through after Janet before Nazim returned with a thick envelope. “I have taken my 15% as agreed, and the auction have taken their cut, you get $12,250. Let go so we can meet your friends with the boat”.

They drove back to the pier, and Nazim left him there, Paul returned with the boat half an hour later and a couple of hours later Peter was back in Spain having paid Paul $2000 dollars for the trip.

Peter could now carry on with his new life.

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