More Every Two Weeks

by Jeza

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Storycodes: F/m; M+/fm; naked; bond; rope; gag; hum; femdom; cuckold; kidnap; captives; enslave; group; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

Peter was in the spare bedroom; his wife Janet had tied him in a kneeling position. He was naked, fitted with a metal cock cage that his cock was straining against, his hands were tied palm to palm behind him, with more rope around his arms and chest keeping his arms immobile, his legs were tied at the ankles and knees and tightly clinched, a further rope ran from the ropes around his chest to the ceiling stopping him from lying down. Janet had used a hemp rope, it was harder than the cotton rope and bit into his flesh more, but she was in control now and he felt he had lost the choice. His mouth was open, held there by a ring gag tightly buckled behind his head.

Gary was coming to visit. This had started when they had moved to Southern France near the border with Spain a few years ago; Peter had sold his business for a good sum and was living very comfortably on the profit from his investments. They had a very nice place in the French countryside, with a swimming pool and gardens, nothing to do but relax in the sunshine. But after a couple of years Janet had become bored, she had tied him up occasionally when they were back in England before sex, now she tied him up and then went out for the evening quite frequently, sometimes not coming home to the morning.

For the first few times she did not say what she had been doing she would just return and untie him, but sex between then was non-existent. A few weeks later she would return from an outing to Peter tied up on a chair or to a post and taunt him, she started making him sniff her knickers, heavy with the scent of other men, then she would remove the ball gag and push them in his mouth and leave him tied there for another few hours whist she went off to get some sleep, a few weeks later on her return from one of these outings she started making him clean up her pussy with his tongue, licking out another mans cum, she seem to love to humiliate him.

A few weeks later when she tied him up again in the spare bedroom, on this occasion Peter could hear another man making love with this wife, whilst he was hogtied on the floor, he lay there until morning, stiff and cold, Janet had got so good at the bondage there was little chance he could escape, every rope was clinched, all the knots were out of reach of his fingers.

Janet came into the room naked, she still looked good for 40, her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, her firm breast standing out, she was still a good shape. “Here is the little wimp,” she said to the naked man behind her.

Filling the doorway stood a large man, well muscled, probably no more than 30. “What do we have here then” he laughed as he walk over to Peter, “ he has a very small cock, more like a 4 year olds than a mans!”

Peter’s cock had never been large, now lying on the cold floor it had shrived down to less than a inch. “I’ve been fucking your wife all night, she loves my big cock.” Peter was looking up at him and could see the cock hanging down; it was big already and wasn’t fully erect yet. “Perhaps you would like to help me get it back up again, so I can fuck your wife some more?” Janet left the room laughing.

With that Gary’s strong arms lifted Peter up to a kneeling position so he was leaning against the bed, Gary sat in front of him and none too gently removed the ball gag, and moved his cock towards Peter’s face. “You’d better get busy with your mouth, your missus won’t suck my cock so you can do it!”

Peter felt the cock against his lips, he opened his mouth and the cock was pushed inside, it was starting to harden and Peter could taste the salty cum. The cock grew to fill Peter’s mouth; Gary moved it in and out for a few minutes then withdrew. He got up without another word and went into the other room. Peter heard voices and his wife laughing then the noises as the other man took her.

Gary left mid morning, and Janet came in and untied Peter, “Gary’s a truck driver, he comes down this way once every two weeks so you’d better get used to him, now get dressed there is laundry to be done and the whole house needs cleaning.”

From that day on Peter was little better than a domestic servant, doing all the housework, cooking the meals, grocery shopping. Janet went out 1 or 2 evenings a week, always leaving him tied up, and the bondage always restrictive and unforgiving. When Gary came every couple of weeks, he was always made to suck his cock; this was how it came to be kneeling in the spare room waiting.

Peter heard Gary and could hear Janet and him talking downstairs, after a while they came up to the bedroom, Gary undressed and put his cock in through the ring gag, Janet watched, seemingly to get very excited by watching her husband humiliated in this way, then they left and went into the other bedroom, there made plenty of noise with their lovemaking, probably because Peter was next door. Peter was tired, he could not sleep in the kneeling position, his knees hurt the rope around his chest was biting into his flesh, and the ring gag was cutting into the corners of his mouth.

Some time later Peter heard shouts from next door, Janet burst out of their bedroom stark naked and came into the room were Peter was, Gary was in full pursuit, he grabbed her and pushed her down onto the bed, she was screaming out for him to let her go, Gary rolled her onto her front and pulled her arms behind her, he was far stronger and she had no chance of resisting him. Gary grabbed a spare length of rope and tied her wrists behind her, finding some more on the bed he tied her ankles then pulled them up to her wrists.

“Let go of me you bastard” she screamed, Gary turned her onto one side and then slapped her face, Janet went quiet. “So whilst I am not here you go out fucking other men do you, well if that’s what you want I can make it happen!” he snarled. He reached down in the holdall that held all the bondage gear and picked out a ball gag.

“Please Gary no, I was just having a little fun!” Janet shook her head and kept her mouth closed so Gary pinched her nose and as she opened her mouth to get some air, rammed the ball in, then quickly fastened the strap behind her head, pulling it very tight. Janet carried on complaining through the gag wriggling around on the bed. Peter was kneeling there helpless watching this turn of events. Gary took some more rope out of the back and tied Janet’s elbows together, pulling as tight as he could so they touched, he tighten the ropes viciously. Peter could see that Janet was crying softly too herself.

Gary went into the other bedroom and returned a few minutes later fully dressed, he picked up Janet off the bed like she weighed nothing and carried her down the stairs. His truck with a sleeper cab was parked on the driveway, he opened the door and climbed in with Janet tucked under on arm and pushed her into the back of the cab onto the bunk behind the seats. He then went back to the house, Peter was still kneeling there, Gary untied the rope from the ceiling and pushed Peter face down on the floor, rope was quickly tied from this wrist to his ankles in a strict hogtie. Gary picked him up and carried him down to the truck. In a few minutes Peter was deposited on top of Janet on the bunk. There wasn’t a lot of room for the two of them on the bunk hogtied as they were, they were pressed together face to face as the truck started up.

Janet and Peter lay there as the truck rolled on seemingly for hours, Janet sniffing crying to herself. The ropes were cutting into Peter and his hands had gone numb with the lack of circulation, he was fearful of what was to come.

After a while the truck stopped Gary inspected them quickly to see that they were still securely tied and then left the cab. Janet and Peter could hear voices and other trucks, it was presumably a truck rest stop, but otherwise they were no clues to their location.

After some time Gary returned, Peter and Janet were both thirsty, Peter desperately need to pee, but Gary didn’t bother he started the truck and moved it, but only a few hundred yards. “I have arranged a little fun, perhaps not for you, but certainly for me and some others!” he said.

He pulled Peter out from the bunk and lifted him down from the cab. Peter could see the back of a building and some other trucks a distance away, Gary carried him almost effortlessly towards a large shed. The door was open and he was deposited on a concrete floor, he was not alone, there were 4 men sitting on wooden chairs, the only other furniture was a metal framed bed in the corner of the room, the men started talking rapidly in excitedly Spanish, Peter could not understand what they were saying.

Gary left and returned a few minutes later with Janet and dropped him next to Peter, Gary issued some instructions to the men in fluent Spanish and they picked up Janet, she was carried over to the bed, the men untied her, but held her tight pulling her arms up over her head and using the rope to tie her wrists to the bed head, they then spread her legs and tied each ankle to the ends of the bed frame. Janet struggled and complained behind her gag, but the four men just laughed and made what appeared to be suggestive comments.

Gary approached the four men and they each gave him 20 euros, the first, a heavy set removed his jeans and climbed onto the bed on top of Janet, he nuzzled her breasts with his mouth, rubbing his hands up and down her body, she squirmed, then he lay on top of her and forced his growing cock between her legs, he moved back and forward on top of her building a rhythm, the other men cheered him on, he kept on going for probably five minutes.

Peter could see Janet starting to squirm and writhe under the man, her head went back and her body went rigid, my god she’s actually having an orgasm! The man came a few seconds later with a grunt, as he climbed off her the next man went, he did not bother with any small talk, he just went to the main event, Janet was again writhing and straining under him and again she came before him. The next two men followed quickly, each time Janet orgasmed with each one.

“You see Peter your wife loves it!” said Gary, “How about I let you go home, Juan here is going up your way today and can drop you back, I’ll keep your wife and we can see what see can earn, I’ll split it with you -there are hundreds of truck drivers a week going through here and a lot of them get lonely, if we use that ring gag that your wearing we can train her to suck cock, they’ll pay more for that!. When they have had enough of her here I’ve a mate with a boat who’ll take her across to Morocco, they will love a blonde women there!”

Peter nodded his head and he was quickly untied, Gary got him a dirty pair of jeans, a T shirt and some ragged trainers. Peter looked across at Janet, she actually appeared to be smiling behind the gag, two more truck driver came in.

Two weeks later, Peter was at home, enjoying the quite life, he walked down the drive to the mail box, in the bottom was a thick envelope with his name on it, no address so it must have been hand delivered. Inside the envelope was 3400 euros with a note – ‘more every two weeks.’

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