Mile High Club 2: The New Toys

by Steff

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© Copyright 2003 - Steff - Used by permission

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Part 2: The New Toys

For the next few weeks we had too many passengers and the layovers were too short for any real games like we played on that earlier flight (read “Mile High Club”). I made it back to my home base late at night. By the time I got home it was 3AM and I went right to bed. When I woke up it was noon so I decided to unpack. I was almost done when Jack came over and took me out for lunch. After a few hours he dropped me off at my dorm. When I got to my room I was really surprised to find out they had given me a roommate. I was in the room since I enlisted and this was my first one.

“Hi, I’m Jenny,” she said.

“I’m Mary,” I said as I walked to my bed. All my new bondage toys were neatly piled on it. I remembered I left it all on the other bed when Jack took me to eat. I gathered it all up and put it in a drawer in my closet.

“You really should hang up that armbinder. It will look better without wrinkles,” she commented.

With a startled look I said “Thanks. How do you know so much about these?”

“My ex used one on me regularly,” she replied.


“We broke up because I realized I liked tying up people more then I liked getting tied up. He was not at all interested in being tied up,” Jenny said. “Besides I had this move so it was good timing.”

I stood there for a minute then replied, “I really just started. About 3 weeks ago I bought this stuff and Jack, a fellow aircrew member, helped me try some of it out.” She listened as I told her the story of my little games.

“I can’t believe you wore those panties to a club,” she giggled. “What do you say we go to the club tonight. It’s Thursday, country night, there should be a lot of people there. Then when it closes I will tie you up and have fun at your expense.”

I just stared at her for a few seconds and said, “Sorry but Jack is going to pick me up at 8 and we’re going out. But I will remember your offer.”

We talked about normal stuff for a few hours then I started getting ready. I laid out my leather skirt and halter-top and then took a shower. After the shower I decided to wear my rubber panties. Jenny grinned when I started lubing up both the vibrators. “You really are a brave woman. Are you and Jack going steady?”

“Not really,” I replied. “We’re just playing games.” I worked the tight panties up and slide the large vibrator into my pussy. Then I slid the other one slowly into my ass. That one took more work but I managed to get it. After I adjusted and smoothed the panties I finished getting dressed. Once again I was able to hide the control for the vibrators. I’d just gotten done with my hair when Jack knocked on the door.

“Wow,” he said when he walked in and saw me.

“I take it you like,” I said with a grin. “Jack this is Jenny. She just got here today.”

Jenny said with an evil grin “Nice to meet you Jack, and if you need any help tying her up let me know. I will be more than happy to lend a hand.”

Without missing a beat Jack said, “Thanks, I’m sure I’ll take you up it.” We walked outside and decided to walk to the club. “How does she know about our little games?” 

“I left my stuff out when we went to lunch and she saw it all. We got to talking and the story just came out,” I said. 

“Are you wearing those special panties?” I blushed and before I could answer he said, “I get to control them. You are not allowed to mess with the controls. Are we clear?” 

What could I say? That was just what I wanted. “I’ll do my best but I can’t promise anything.” Since it was dark I pulled the control out enough for Jack to see it. He grinned and pulled me over behind some bushes.

“Let me see what we have going on,” he said. He took the control out and turned both the vibrators on full. I let out a soft moan and he just grinned. Jack reached up my skirt between my legs. 

“Stop that!” I said as he began messing with the vibrators. 

“OK,” he said with a pout. He turned the vibrators down to a very low setting. Once he was happy with the setting he gave me the remote to hide. Once it was hidden we continued to the club. The club was really hopping. We danced, had some drinks and talked with a lot of people. The vibrations really kept me hot and bothered but that was all. Jack kept asking how I was doing and threatening me, “If you want them turned off we can leave, but it will cost you when we get back to your place.” After a couple of hours he turned the vibrations up more, but they still weren’t strong enough to push me over the edge.

We danced for about 30 minutes before I could not stand it any more. The panties had me so hot a bothered I was having trouble thinking. “Jack can I please turn these things off?”

“What things are you talking about?” he asked as a slow song started. He laughed and held me close.

“You know what I’m talking about,” I said.

He pulled me off the dance floor and sat down in a booth. “We can leave now, but I’ll turn them up. Then we will go to your place and play. Don’t worry about your roommate she just got here.”

“Fine!” I said. He put one arm around me and started to kiss me. I was kinda surprised; he has never kissed me like that in public. We kissed for a few minutes when he pulled out the remote for the panties and turned them up. He turned them up all the way but still continued to kiss me. I was going crazy, between the panties and the kissing. After a few minutes I had an orgasm. 

When I recovered he turned the panties down a little and said, “OK, we can go now.” We got up and left. On the way back to my room I had two more orgasms. 

“Why do you like doing that to me, making me walk with these panties on so strongly?” I asked.

“You don’t really mind. If you did you wouldn’t wear them and give me the chance,” he said as we walked up the stairs to my room. Once inside he put cuffs on my wrists and locked them behind my back. He reached around behind me and removed my skirt. Jack began to play with me through my panties. He also turned up the vibrators all the way. When I was really close to cumming he stopped playing with me and turned the vibrator off.

“You are evil,” I said as I pushed him over. He fell on his butt and looked up at me. His confused look made me laugh. “You should see the look on your face.”

He got up and grabbed me around my waist. “You think you’re funny don’t you?” he asked with an evil grin on his face. “I think it’s time to show you who’s boss.” He grabbed the remote and turned the panties on about half way. He tucked the remote into the panties so I couldn’t reach it. He then walked over and began looking through my other stuff. He grabbed two sets of cuffs and some rope. He attached one cuff to each arm, above my elbows and tied then together so my elbows touched. He then attached the last two to my ankles. I was laid down and my ankles were crossed and tied together, pulled up behind me and tied to my wrist cuffs. I was now in a tight hogtie with the dildos in my pussy and ass vibrating.

Jack walked around in front of me and unzipped his pants. He then removed his cock and said, “You know what I want.” I opened my mouth and he stuck his hard dick in. I sucked as he began to fuck my mouth. It didn’t take long before he came. He kept his cock in my mouth forcing me to swallow as much as I could. When he was satisfied he stepped back and put his pants back on. As I lay there as he got my ball gag and stuck it in my mouth. After strapping it good and tight he said, “Thanks I really enjoyed that. I’m leaving you like that. I am going to the club and see what Jenny is up to. If nothing else I will tell her you are hers to play with till I come and get you in the morning.” 

I screamed into the gag and began to wiggle, squirm and pull at my bonds. I was not able to even begin to get loose. He watched me for a few minutes, till I got tired and gave up my struggles. “I suggest that you be quiet because I’m not going lock your door. I would hate for someone to come in and take advantage of you in your current position,” Jack said as he walked out and like he said, he left the door unlocked.

I tried again to get loose but I was not able to, eventually I gave up trying. As I lay there waiting for Jenny to return the panties continued to vibrate.  The vibrations weren’t enough. After about 30 minutes, despite my best efforts, I was going crazy but was unable to cum. 

I was lying there resting the door opened and Jenny walked in. “Hi there dear. I could not believe it when Jack told me what he did to you,” she said as she sat down next to me on the bed. She reached between my legs and tickled my inner thighs. I wiggled and tried to kick but the cuffs held me and I was not able to get away. After sometime she began to play with my clit through the panties. I moaned into the gag and tried to move so she could have better access. 

“It looks like you’re really hot and bothered. If I let you cum you must promise to let me have my way with you Saturday. That’s all day Saturday. If you agree then nod, if not the shake your head.” I thought about it for a little bit and all the time she continued to play with me. Finally I was close to cumming and wanted to cum so badly I nodded my head. “Good,” she said. She continued to play with me as she reached under my belly and used the remote to turn the vibrator up to the max setting. I came almost immediately. The orgasm was long and intense. She continued to play with my through a second and third orgasm. I tried to make her stop, but being bound like I was I could not. 

Once I was released I got cleaned up, cleaned the panties and went to sleep. True to his word Jack showed up in the morning. He told me we had to go to work for a few hours in the afternoon. When I got home, I decided not to go out because I wanted to be ready for what Jenny had in store for me tomorrow. She got in and we talked for a couple of hours then we went out for a couple of drinks. She asked me if I wanted to be tied up tonight but I told her no because she had me all day tomorrow. 

* * * *

Saturday came around and I was surprised when Jenny woke me up at 10. “Are you going sleep all day?” she asked. “Get up, I have a big day planned for you. First we’re going shopping then who knows. Take a shower and then we can leave.” I got out of bed and took a shower. When I came out I found there was clothing on the bed waiting for me. I put on the sundress that was picked out for me. 

“I take it I don’t get underwear?” I asked.

“Like I said, we’re going shopping first. I am buying so don’t sweat it. Well actually Dad is buying but who’s counting.”

I finished getting ready and said, “Ok let’s get going.”

We left the base and went downtown for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the mall and shopped there for a few hours. When we left the mall we drove for a while until she said “There it is.” We pulled into a parking lot for a large adult novelty shop. It was the grand opening and there were a lot of people. We walked in and started looking around. This place was even larger then the one where I got all my other toys. Jenny took my arm, “You need to stay with me. Let’s see what we can find for you.” We walked over to the bondage stuff.

There were racks and racks of all kinds of things. Jenny let go of my arms and let me look around for a little bit. The first rack I looked at had many different things on it. Most of the stuff on this rack was made out of leather. There were boots, bras, pants, and other nice looking outfits. The next rack had a variety of different things made out of different materials. Along the walls were hanging gags, hoods, paddles and leathers cuffs. I walked up to another rack. This one was full of latex stuff. I was looking at a full body suit when Jenny came up to me and said, “If you like that I have just the thing for you.” She walked around to the other side of the rack and removed long sleeved cat suit. It was heavier than the one that I had. The latex was thicker and it had a collar. 

“What’s the big deal? This one doesn’t seem too different. Besides the weight.”

Jenny walked to me and said, “Look at the wrists. There are attachments like that all over the suit. The suit fits tight and will make it easy for me to abuse you. Look at the crotch.” I looked at the crotch and found that it would open to allow access. “That might be fun.” 

I looked around some more until Jenny came up to me with a saleswoman approached. “This is Sam,” Jenny said. “She is going measure you for your suit. Do what she tells you.” Jenny then whispered to me, “Remember you promised you are mine for today. Be a good girl.” I followed Sam to a fitting room. I removed my clothes as I was told and was measured really thoroughly. Every part of my body was measured from my neck down to my feet. Sam told me to stay there, she would be back. She returned with a bag of stuff.

“Your mistress wants you to wear this stuff. I think you will enjoy it… you lucky girl,” Sam said as she empted the bag.

First she removed a strapless bra. The bra was made out of blue rubber. It took some work but I was able to get the bra on. It was a push-up type but there was a hole in each cup. With Sam’s not so gentle help, my nipples were pulled so they were sticking through the holes. Next she removed a corset with an attached chastity belt. The corset was also made of rubber. The crotch strap had two dildos attached to it. Sam grinned when I blushed and said, “Like I said I think you will enjoy yourself.”

She helped me get the corset into place and the laces started. Then she began to tighten the laces. I was surprised when she walked around in front of me and the corset continued to tighten, all by itself. She lubed the dildos up and slid them in. Both of the dildos where bigger then the ones in my panties. I felt really full as I managed to take both of them. Sam attached the crotch strap loosely to the bottom of the corset. 

The corset was really getting tight and I asked “How it this tightening by itself?” 

“With one of these,” Sam said as she handed me a small box. It was a box for an automatic lacing system.

I grabbed my sides and asked, “When is it going to stop? I’m having trouble breathing.”

Sam just held up a finger to her lips. I got the hint and quit talking. She then removed a pair of thigh high rubber leggings. I sat down and she rolled them up each leg. They were really, really tight. Next came leather ankle and thigh cuffs. The ankle cuffs were lock around my ankles. I then stood up and she attached the thigh cuffs. These she pulled really tightly. I was told to spread my legs when I did Sam pulled upon both sides of the crotch strap. She continued to until the strap was so tight that it hurt. Once she was happy locks were put on the crotch strap. Sam the knelt down and attached my thighs together. I was not able to spread my thighs at all.

“Ok, that is all I was told you have to wear. You can get dressed now,” she said and walked out of the dressing room. I put the dress on without much problem. My shoes were harder because I could not bend at the waist. When I was done I walked out and looked for Jenny. 

Jenny was waiting at the counter when I walked out. “What do you think?”

“Why does everything have to be so tight?”

She looked at me with a grin, “I bet you look good. I have more stuff for you, but you have to wait till we get home. Let’s go and do some more shopping.” 

We walked out of the store to the car. Jenny had to wait for me a couple of times. “Will you please slow down? I can’t walk fast with my thighs tied like this.” We got in the car and went to another mall. 

We got out of the car when Jenny said; “I have a little surprise for you.” Both the dildos started to vibrate. 

“What are you doing? Please turn them off the strap down there is really tight. I don’t think I can handle that,” I begged.

“I don’t think so. You’re mine and I want to make your life a living hell,” she said.

We walked slowly through the mall. After the first two stores the vibrators started to increase their activity. I looked at Jenny but she smiled just kept walking. Two stores later I had my first orgasm. I was able to keep it quiet, but I could already feel another one building. We continued to walk for about five minutes before I had to find a bench to sit down. The orgasm hit me really hard. Wave after wave of pleasure came flooding in. I was able to keep the noise down to a soft moan, but people near by knew something was going on. When I finally recovered Jenny was sitting next to me and the vibrators were turned off. “I gather you like your new corset.” 

“I might like it under less public circumstances,” I replied. We got up and started walking again when the vibrators started again. “How are you controlling them?”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a remote control. “They are radio controlled by this little thing here. Will you please hurry up?”

“I’m doing the best I can. My thighs are tied together,” I replied.

“Is that the extra ideas Sam had? Let’s go and take a look,” Jenny eagerly said. We walked to a restroom. “Lets me see.” I was just about to raise my dress when a couple people walked in. I looked at Jenny but she said, “Lets have a look. You don’t have anything they haven’t seen.” I looked up and now the two women that walked in were watching. I moaned and raised my dress so Jenny could see. “Come on let me have a look,” Jenny said as she grabbed my dress and pulled it all the way up over my head.

I went ahead and removed the dress the whole way. “Now are you happy?”

Jenny nodded and began to circle me. She knelt down looked my over. “She really did pull that crotch strap tight didn’t she. I see now why you have been moving so slow. I like the way it looks down there, I think I’ll leave it alone.” She stood up and grabbed one of my nipples. “What do you think, ladies? Feel free to look around.”

I moaned and the modeled for them. Just as I got started the vibrators started again, stronger then last time. The women walked up and looked closer. One of them started to feel my legs then my waist. I was surprised when she stuck her hand between my legs and started to rub the crotch strap. She continued to rub my crotch even after I came. I started to back away when Jenny said, “Mary, you can either stand there and let her play or I will tie you up in here and let anyone who comes in play with you. I will leave you here till I’m done shopping.” I stopped my retreat and she woman continued to play till I had two more orgasms in rapid succession. 

I was so spent that I just collapsed onto the floor. It seemed like that was the cue for the other one to join in. She knelt down next to me and began to nibble on my exposed nipples. I saw Jenny remove the two pair of handcuffs from her purse. She attached one to each wrist then locked the other end to pipes under a couple of sinks. Jenny then got up and locked the door. Between the vibrators, my nipples being chewed on and my crotch strap being played with I came again, this one was the strongest yet. I must have started to scream or at least make more noise then they wanted. When I recover enough to realize what was going one around my one the woman a hand over my mouth. They got up and walked to the door. “Thanks,” one of them said to Jenny.

“No problem,” she replied. The women walked out and the Jenny released my handcuffs and helped me get dressed. “No!” she said as I reached down to release my thighs. When I was dressed and I fixed my hair we continued shopping for about 20 minutes. Then Jenny decided it was time to leave and go eat. All during the meal she kept turning the dildos on and off. After we ate we left and I was good and horny again. 

“Where are we going now?” I asked.

“Home so you can take a nap. I have plans for the evening and I don’t want you to wimp out on me,” she replied with an evil grin. As we pulled into the dorm parking lot she turned vibrators on full. I just looked at her and she said, “Come on sweetie. I did not say that I was going let you go to sleep right away did I?”

We walked to the room and I made it inside just as I had an orgasm. The vibrators were left on as Jenny removed my dress and laid me on my bed. She then removed her pants and panties and the sat on the end on the bed with her legs spread. Since I knew what she wanted I began to lick her. It was really difficult to concentrate with the vibrators going so strongly. I finally was able to make her cum. Just as she had her orgasm I also came. When we both recovered she gave me the keys to my outfits so I could remove them and take a shower. I showered, cleaned the toys and went to sleep.

Jenny woke me up a few hours later. “Are you ready for a really good time?” she asked.

“Where are we going?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” she replied. “You will be wearing tight rubber and be tied up most of the night. You will have at least two orgasms too. Don’t worry nobody here will know anything, unless they to are into this kinda stuff. Just get dressed and don’t worry about making it nice. We will change when we get there.”

“I take it you’re not going to tell me, are you?” I asked.

“Nope,” was all she said as she went to take a shower. After her shower she got dressed in normal clothes and we left. We drove for about 30 minutes before we pulled into a parking lot of what looked like a warehouse. We got out of the car and walked inside. 

The area we walked into was a small room with two women sitting behind a counter. They were wearing bright red bikini tops and G-string bottoms. Jenny just grabbed my arm and pulled my into the room marked “Women.” There were two women inside what looked like a normal living room. The women were finishing changing into leather dominatrix outfits. They just smiled at us and left through a different door. I could hear loud music from there.

“You have got to be kidding. You’re going to tie me up and drag me out there?” I argued.

“That was the plan. I wouldn’t worry too much. You won’t be the only one tied up in there. This is a bondage and fetish club,” Jenny said. “I’ll tell you what, you change into the clothes I got you and we’ll go in and look around. If you change your mind, I’ll tie you up. If you don’t then we’ll have a few drinks and leave.”

I thought it over and said, “OK. That sounds good.” Jenny tossed a duffle bag she was carrying to me. I opened it and dumped out the contents. Inside was the heavy rubber suit I was shown at the store, boots, and assorted bondage gear. 

With some help I was able put on the suit. All the boning in the waist made it feel like I was wearing a corset. After everything was adjusted my waist was 3 inches smaller. After I put the boots on Jenny asked, “Do you want to wear the hood I brought, that way if there’s anyone you know they won’t recognize you?”

“What about you? Are you going to hide your face?” I asked.

“No. Last time I was here there was nobody I knew,” she replied.

“Last time?” I asked.

“Ya. This is my second time assigned here,” she said. “Are you ready to go?” 

“Let’s do it before I change my mind,” I said.

We walked out the back door of the changing room into a large club. There was a large dance floor in front of a stage. On either side of the dance floor were booths and tables. The club also had two large bars on either end. There were two hallways leading into different rooms. All the people in the club were wearing skimpy leather, rubber outfits, or some sort or form of bondage clothing or gear.

“In here almost anything goes. Sex is allowed but it cannot be paid for. The main thing to remember is that there is to be no real pain or blood. If bondage is involved the gags are not to be used unless the person is wearing a limit tag. They tell people what they can and can’t do to you. Limit tags can be got from one of the bars or the waitresses. The booths and tables that are red must be rented. They are designed with bondage and sex in mind. They are rented because after we are done with them they must be cleaned and sterilized before the group can use them,” Jenny explained.

She took my hand and we walked around. There were a good number of people in various forms of restraint. Most people ignored the bound people, except for the person playing with them. The red booths and table were built differently. They had anchor point in various place. The dance floor was full but not packed. 

“What’s down there?” I asked Jenny, pointing to a hallway.

“That is where the serious bondage games are,” she said. “Let’s go check it out.” She pulled me down one. Along the walls heading into the other room were some people tied to the wall. All the people tied up here were being messed with. “People on the ‘boardwalk’ are free game. They are put there by the master or mistress when they are bad or they are just bored. The time above their head tells you how long they have left. The person tied up decides how long they are there for. One night I was there for one hour. I had a really good time.”

We walked into another large room. The room looked like a large dungeon. All around were different kinds of bondage and restraint devices. Along two walls were many places to attach people in many different positions. Along the other walls were booths and tables that looked like the ones designed for bondage in the main room. There were about 16 people in various forms of bondage. Most of them had people messing with them. We walked around and looked at all the people and devices.

“What do you think? Are you interested?” Jenny asked.

I looking around and thought it looked fun but I said, “Maybe later.” 

“Let’s have a few drinks, then we can leave,” Jenny said. 

We went and sat at one of the tables watching the action and had a few drinks. There was a woman strapped to a wooden X. She was wearing a latex body suit. The interesting thing about the suit was the two wires hanging between her legs and connected to the floor. There were two women standing around a table near her laughing. One of them turned a knob on the table and the bound woman began to squirm and moan loudly. After a short time she had an orgasm. 

Jenny just sat there looking at me as I watched. Finally I asked, “What did you have in mind?”

She looked at me and with a grin and said “I was thinking of starting lightly and then maybe before we leave I was thinking I might put you on the wall.”

“I don’t know about the wall but I think I’ll let you start lightly,” I told her.

She immediately started to dig in the bag she carried that had all the bondage stuff. She grabbed one wrist and pulled me over to a booth. I was sat down in the middle of a bench and Jenny locked my wrists, spread out to the top of the back of it. She had attached locks to the clips that were already connected to the suit. Next she spread my knees and locked them to the bench; again using latches attached to the suit. I pulled and jerked but was unable to even begin to get loose.

“The people really knew were to put those anchors, didn’t they?” Jenny asked.

Again I pulled and was unable to get loose. “Yes, they did. I can’t get loose. The spacing is good too,” commented.

Jenny then reached down and unzipped my crotch. She reached down and started to play with my clit. She just teased me for a few minutes then stopped just as I was really getting excited. Some guy asked if she wanted to dance. “Just let me make sure she does not get bored,” she said. Jenny reached into her bag and removed a large vibrator. With little effort she slid it all the way into my wet pussy. She turned it on and then zipped up my crotch. She gave me a kiss and said, “Don’t go anywhere.” Jenny walked into the other room with her dance partner, leaving me locked to the bench with powerful vibrator working hard inside.

I sat there for a few minutes and just enjoyed the vibrator. I knew that it wouldn’t push me over the edge but I tried to enjoy it anyway. A guy came over and sat down next to me. “Hi. I figured that since my brother went off with your friend I should come over and keep you occupied. I see you can’t help yourself, do you want a drink?” the guy asked.

“I could use a drink,” I replied.

He ordered a couple of drinks and then said, “I’m Zack.”

“I’m Mary,” I replied. I tried to reach up to shake his but the lock held me tight. “I would shake your hand but I’m kinda tied up right now.”

He laughed and said, “That’s ok.” He gave me a few drinks and we talked. He noticed that I was starting to squirm. He reached down between my legs and rubbed my crotch. “I see why you are squirming. Would you like some help with your little problem?” 

He continued to rub me until I said, “No, thanks. The vibrator is doing just fine.” 

We talked for a few more minutes then Jenny came back. “Will you look at you. I leave you alone and tied up for a few and you’re still able to still get a guy.”

Jenny sat down and her friend sat next to her. His name was Max. He was Zack’s twin brother. We talked for a little bit then Jenny stuck her foot into my crotch. It felt good but still it would not push me over the edge. Zack leaned over and asked me to dance, but I told him I was kinda stuck. 

Jenny threw Zack some keys and said, “As long as you keep her locked up I don’t see a problem.” Zack gave her a strange look and she said, “She lost a bet and has to stay in bondage all night.”

“I get it,” Zack said. He released my thighs and kept the locks. Then he removed the locks from my wrists and pulled me to my feet. I was turned around and he locked my wrists together. Then he pushed my elbows together and locked them together. “I think you’re ready.”

We walked to the other room and began to dance. It was really difficult with my arms bound the way they were. The next song was a slow song and he pulled me close. As we danced he began to grab my ass. Not soon after I felt him reach a hand down and start to play with my crotch. I looked around and noticed that not very many people were really paying attention so I let him continue. He stopped after the song ended and we went back to the table. I could not believe my eyes; Jenny had Max tied up to a bench and she was playing with him. Zack gently pushed me to the bench and sat next to me.

“Did you enjoy the dance?” Jenny asked, as she continued to stroke Max.

“What is this all about?” Zack asked. “I know Max, what’s he getting out of this?”

“I told him I would let him tie me up when I was done with him,” Jenny replied. As she said that Max came, but Jenny kept messing with him. He pulled but the straps held him good. It did not take long before he came a second time. “How was it?”

“It was good. Just give me a minute and it will be your turn,” he said as Jenny released him. When he was released he gave Jenny a kiss and then put his pants on. Once he was dressed he took her by the hand and pulled her away.

“Do you want to watch or maybe even join them?” Zack asked.

“I would really like some water. After that I want watch… As far as joining we will see.” I replied. 

He ordered a beer and some water for me. We talked for the few minutes it took for the drinks to get there. The waitress put a straw in the water and left. A few minutes later we got up and went looking for Jenny. Despite me asking Zack would not release my arms. We went into the other bondage room and found Max looking for us.

“There you are,” he said. “We’re in here.” 

He walked into a room. Jenny was tied standing spread eagle. She had some kind of electrodes covering her nipples. There was a pole sticking up from the floor going all the way into her pussy. She had the lower half of her face covered with some kind gag. She just looked at me and blushed.

“What do you think of your mistress now?” Max asked.

I stared at her and said, “She looks good. What’s with the nipples?”

“They’ll send a mild electric shock through them,” Max replied.

I walked around Jenny and look at the rest of the room. Max and Zack just watched me and messed with Jenny’s bound body. This room was filled with all kinds of large bondage equipment. In one corner was a large contraption that looked like a mummy sarcophagus but with the legs spread. When I stopped to look at it Zack came over and opened it. Inside it looked like someone would lay inside with her legs spread. 

“Do you want to give it a try?” Zack asked. 

“What does it do?”

“Do you want to give it a try?” he asked again. “It was a simply question. As far as what does it do you will have to get in and find out.”

I heard Jenny begin to moan and turned to look. The pole between her legs was moving in and out, and it was also rotating. I watched her for a few minutes, then asked Zack “How long will I be in it?” 

“For 30 minutes. Then I will put you on a table and fuck you good,” he replied.

“You sound sure of yourself,” I said “What makes you so sure I’ll let you?”

He gave me a smug look and said, “That’s the only way you’ll find out what this does.” As he said that he closed the sarcophagus, walked over and started to play between Jenny’s legs. I watched for a little bit longer and finally gave in.

“Ok. Zack, you win. But no pain and you will use protection,” I said. 

“Fair enough,” he said as he walked over and unlocked my arms. I stretched them out as he put the locks on a table. “Please remove that suit of yours.” I stripped and then walked over to the sarcophagus. Zack opened it and motioned me inside facing the inside. He guided my arms into holes inside the rubber padding. My legs, up to my thighs, were put into similar holes.  There was room for me to move my head and I realized that I could see out the other side. “This is your last chance. Once I close this you’re mine for the next 30 minutes.”

“Close it before I change my mind,” was my response. 

He closed the back and locked it. I felt the rubber begin to tighten around my arms and legs. They were squeezed snuggly into place, completely unable to move. My breasts were grabbed and pulled forward as something was wrapped tightly around the base of each one, then they were released. Rubber was inflated around the rest of my body except my breasts and from my waist to my upper thighs. The rubber was so tight that I couldn’t move but it was not uncomfortable.

“This is it. Are you sure you wish to proceed?” he asked.

“This is fun. Let’s do it.” I replied.

He grinned and walked away so I could not see him. A rubber cock gag was raised and gently pushed against my mouth. I opened my mouth and the gag was pushed into place. Rubber was stretched around my head and secured behind. Now I could not even ask him to stop if I wanted to, which I didn’t. 

The machine began to hum and then I was rotated to the laying down position. Next I felt a soft probe begin to explore my uncovered crotch area. It didn’t take long for the probe to find both my openings, however it didn’t really enter either one. Once the probe pulled away I felt a dildo pushing gently into my pussy. The dildo slid into me really deep. It stopped just before it was uncomfortable, and then it backed out so only the head was still inside me. I moaned when a smaller dildo began to make its way into my ass. It was smaller than the one in my panties but it still felt good going in. The bigger one began to fuck me. It went all the way in and out to where just the head remained in. The movements were too slow to push me over but they really made me horny. 

Soon after the one in my ass started to move also and my breasts began to get massaged. With all the activity I came quickly. As I was recovering the activity stopped. When I finally caught my breath the dildos started to move slowly again. They continued and after a few minutes the dildos began to vibrate. Despite the vibrations I was not able to cum a second time. I was really hot and ready to cum but I was denied. I laid there for a long time but still I was denied my orgasm. Just when I thought I was going to be completely deprived of my second orgasm the dildos start to speed up and the vibrations increased. I was shoved over by an electric shock that went between my ass and pussy. The shock continued throughout the whole orgasm. The shocks stopped but the vibrators continued and brought me to another orgasm. 

After that both the dildos stopped and pulled out. The machine then loosened its hold on me and began to open up. I was surprised when the gag remained in place and my breasts were still squeezed at the base. Looking down I saw each of my breasts were wrapped tightly in a one-inch thick rubber band. 

“Leave it in,” Zack said as I reached up to examine the gag. The gag covered my whole lower face and was wrapped around my head. I could not feel where the gag came open. Jenny was released from her bondage and was getting dressed. “Come here dear.” 

I walked over to Zack. He was standing by a padded sawhorse with straps attached to it. When I got there he bent me over and buckled a strap around my neck. He grabbed my arms one at a time and strapped them to separate legs of the sawhorse. My waist was next to be buckled. He pulled that one tighter than I though was really needed. He just laughed when I moaned a protest into the gag. My legs were spread out and strapped to separate legs. All I could do was lay there and wait for what was going to happen next. 

Zack came up behind me and gently ran his fingers down my spine. I wiggled and squirmed as he did. “I see you are ticklish,” he said. Zack then tickled both my sides lightly. Again all I could to was squirm and wiggle. He stopped after a minute and then reached between my legs and began to play with my clit. I moaned, pulled and tried everything I could to get him to stop. With all my orgasms I was really sensitive there and really wanted him to stop. He continued to play with my poor clit for a few minutes.

When he stopped he stood up and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He slid it inside me and began to fuck me. He also reached around and began to squeeze my nipples. I was quickly building up to another orgasm and then we came together. This was the most intense one I had all night. I screamed into the gag and pulled wildly against my bonds. He continued to fuck me even after his orgasm. I rode out a second orgasm that was just as strong as the first. Finally the waves of ecstasy died down and I was able to relax. I came so hard the first time that I hadn’t even realize that Zack pulled out and Max was fucking me. 

I lay there and rested as Jenny and the guys talked about the amount of fun they had and were making plans to do it again. “What do you think, Mary?” Jenny asked. They had made plans to meet at a restaurant at 4 and then come here, next Friday. I moaned into my gag and nodded yes. “Good! Gentlemen we have a date.”

“Ok We’ll see ya’ll then,” Max said as he and Zack left the room.

“Now, what am I to do with you?” Jenny asked as she ran her fingernails down my back. I was so worn out that I barely reacted. “I take it you’re as beat as you look.”

After I nodded, Jenny began to release me from the bench. She then stood me up and turned me around to face her. She began to remove the gag. The rubber material wrapped all the way around my head and stuck to itself in the front. 

“Did you know them before today?” I asked.

“Yes I did. Believe it or not but Zack works in my shop. He is a very good machinist. Max I met a few weeks ago when I was on leave, before I checked in. Get dressed and then we can go. Leave the bands around your breasts, I like the way they look,” Jenny said. 

I looked in a mirror and noticed that the bands where so tight my breasts formed nice round globes. Jenny handed me some powder to help me get into my suit. After a few minutes and with some help from Jenny I was able to get the suit on. 

As we walked through the club Jenny asked “Do you want to be stuck to the wall tonight?”

“Only if you’re stuck next to me,” I replied.

She looked as if she was thinking it over but said, “Not tonight. Maybe next time.” We walked into the changing room, took a quick shower and then put on our street clothes. I was glad that Jenny didn’t make me wear the chastity belt. After we were dressed we got in the car, went to eat and then went home.

When we got back home we both went to sleep. I was really looking forward to showing Jack my new toys and telling him about the club.



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