Mile High Club

by Steff

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I have been in the Air Force for 18 months and I work on a cargo plane. I enjoy all the travelling around and seeing the world. Before I enlisted I wanted to try bondage but I never had the chance or the money. All I was really able to do was buy some magazines and get pictures from the internet. When I started travelling I got to see first hand some really good bondage toys. After my first nine months we, the aircrew, started to go some repeat places. At one point we had a three-day layover so I decided to go and do some serous shopping for bondage toys. 

I left the base at about noon and went to a store that I read about on-line. The store was awesome. They had rows and rows of any kind of bondage item I could imagine. I looked around for about half an hour before one of the employees approached.

“Is there anything particular that you’re looking for?” she asked.

“No, not really. I just go into toys and bondage and decided to just see what you have in here,” I replied.

“That’s ok. Feel free to look around. If you have any questions just let me know. My name is Sam,” she said.

“Thanks.” I continued to look around for a few more minutes then I decided I had a few questions. I got Sam’s attention. When she came over I asked her, “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

“Not at all. After all that is what I get paid for.” 

“Thanks. I am new at the bondage thing. Actually I have never been tied up before, but my boyfriend always says he is willing to try anything once. What do you recommend for a first timer?” I asked

She grinned and said, “That really depends on you. Are you looking for just minor restraints or are you looking to be really tightly restrained? Something else to think about is price.”

“I think if I am going to try it I want to do it right,” I replied. “As far as price let me see what you got.”

“I like your attitude. Let me show you what we have.” She showed me some leather cuffs with attached straps. “These will hold you nicely and they can even been locked. Here is something interesting.” She held up some kind of harness. It had straps going everywhere. “This is a full body harness. The only drawback is that your legs are tied together. That makes it hard to have sex.”

“That seems a little much for me right now. The cuffs look kinda cool. What else do you have? Those seem a little tame,” I said.

“Really” she said in an evil tone. “What about this?” she asked as she held up another leather item. After I looked at it for a bit I recognized it as a single arm sheath.

“Are those really as tight as they look?”

“Some people say they are tighter. It all depends on how flexible you are. I can wear one without too much trouble, but there is no way I can get out of it,” she commented.

“I don’t know, they look really tight,” I said nervously.

“Would you like to try it out? We have a changing room for just such occasions. I will help you put it on.”

“Really?” I asked eagerly. As she nodded I said “Sure let’s do it.” I followed her into a large room. The room had a sofa, recliner, lots of assorted bondage furniture, and a few racks with leather outfits and accessories. Sam started to look through on of the racks. 

“Here we go. Let’s get started.” She took one off one of the racks. It was bright blue. “Please turn around.” I removed my jacket, walked over to her and turned around. She put my hands together, palm-to-palm behind my back. Next Sam slid my hands into the bottom of the sheath. She pulled it up around my arms and looped the straps that were attached to the top around my shoulders. She buckled them so the sheath was pulled up tightly from my hands up towards my shoulders. Once she was satisfied with the shoulder strap adjustments, she began to lace the arm sheath. She pulled the laces tightly. She continued to pull the sheath tighter till my elbows touched. She tied the laces off and tucked them into the sheath. “Finished. What do you think?”

I pulled, twisted and wiggled, but I could not even begin to loosen the sheath. “It really works. I cannot even begin to get loose. It looks good,” I said as I looked at my self in a mirror. I was impressed with the way my breasts were forced out with my elbows pulled together. Again I tried to get loose, but again the sheath held me tight. “This is nice. What is the ring at the bottom for?”

She grinned and replied, “It is for adding some more restraint to your movement. Would you like an example?” I nodded and she said, “Come over here.” I followed her towards a wall that had many things hanging form it. “Turn sideways.” I did and she attached one of the ropes hanging from the ceiling. She walked to the corner and pushed a button. The rope pulled the bottom of the sheath upwards. As my hands were pulled up I was force to bend over. Sam stopped the rope when I was bent over and my hands were really high. She walked up behind me and slapped my ass. The slap was not really hard but it proved her point.

I wiggled and squirmed but was not able to get loose. “Wooo, I really like this. Let me up and see what else you have,” I eagerly said.

She lowered my hands and allowed me to stand up. “Do you want me to box the sheath up or do you want to wear it out?” Sam asked with a grin.

“I would really like to wear it out but I think you should box it up for me.” She freed my arms from the sheath and began to put it back on the rack as I stretched my shoulders. “Do you have any more recommendations?” I asked.

“Not really, every thing else that I really like you might not. The things I am thinking of are really intense and sexually oriented. Since you really are not experienced I don’t recommend you spend that kind of money yet. If you want to look and see what I am talking about I will show you; after all it’s your money and I am not your mother.”

I was kinda surprised with her honest comments so I said, “I can’t believe that you’re so honest. Most sales people in the States would just try to sell me all they could. But yes, please show me some more stuff.”

We walked around for a couple of hours. She showed me lots of latex suits, must of them were designed with sex in mind. She also showed me chastity belts and other harness things. I bought a pair of latex panties with two vibrators. I also bought a few leather cuffs and leather outfits.

* * *

I returned to the base after doing some more shopping. After I got cleaned up and checked to make sure that there were no flight changes, I decided that I wanted to go to the club. I figured that since it was ladies night I was going to really dress up. I put on my best push-up bra, and then I decided to wear my new panties. Just the thought of wearing them got me worked up. I lubed both vibrators really well, and then stepped into the panties. The vibrators slid smoothly into place. Once I got the panties on right I could tell the vibrators were not going anywhere. 

“Wow, these feel good,” I said. Next I put on the new leather pants on. They were nice and tight around my ass but loose enough at the top that the control for the vibrators was hidden from sight. I put on the leather top that matched the pants. I looked at myself in a mirror and thought that I looked really good. I started out toward the club. Once I left the hotel and got started I turned on the vibrators. Between the vibration and the slight movement of the vibrators caused by my walking I had two orgasms on the way to the club. “This might turn out to be a long night,” I thought.

I was at the club for a few minutes before I turned off the vibrators. They were getting really distracting. I found the room that played the music that I wanted to listen to and got myself a drink. After about 20 minutes Jack, another member of the aircrew, came up to me. “Hi Mary. Are you having fun?”

“Of course I’m having fun. You know me better than that. I always have fun in places like this,” I replied

“Dressed like that I bet you do have fun,” Jack said as he looked me up and down.

“You like? I just got this outfit today,” I got up and turned around to give him a good look. 

He grinned and said, “Yes I do. Can you dance in those pants or just stand there and look good?”

With a shocked look I said, “The pants aren’t that tight. Yes I can dance in them.”

“Good,” he shouted as he dragged me out to the dance floor. We danced for a couple of songs then a slow song was played. Jack pulled me toward him quickly. When he grabbed me around my waist he accidentally turn the vibrators on. We danced for a couple of minutes talking about a few things when his hand moved down toward my ass. “What is that?” he asked.

“What is what?” I asked nervously.

He looked me in my eyes, grinned evilly and moved his hands all the way on my ass and squeezed. I realized too late that I moaned just loud enough for him to hear. “Do you have something down there that is making your life interesting?” I just looked at him and blushed. “I had no idea that you were into that, not that I’m complaining or anything.”

“Like I said, I just bought this outfit today,” I blushed as I commented. He just held me close for the rest of the dance. I was shocked that they played two slow song back to back. Jack would not let me get away until the songs were over. Despite my best effort I came just before the songs ended. It was a short orgasm but long enough that Jack noticed.

“You really like that outfit don’t you?” he asked as he walked me over to my table. After I sat down and turned the accursed panties off he returned with a couple of drinks. “Here you go.” After a few minutes of just casual conversation Jack asked if I wanted to go somewhere a little more private. After a few more dances he asked again.

After I told him yes we determined that my place was closer so we left. On they way home he pulled me into the bushes. “Where is the control? I haven’t seen it anywhere?” I reached into the top of the pants and pulled it out. “Cool. I never noticed it,” he said as he grabbed it from me. He turned the vibrators on the highest setting. “Don’t turn it off till we get to your place,” he said with an evil grin as he put the control back into my pants. I just glared at him as he pulled me out of the bushes. Since we left really early there were a lot of people walking towards the club.

Because of all the people I could not dig out the control and turn it off without everyone around noticing. One drawback toward dressing this way, you are always watched. By the time we reached my room I had had a long intense orgasm. Jack had to support me while we walked. As we walked up the stairs he grabbed me from behind around my waist. One hand went up and grabbed one of my breasts, as his other hand went down between my legs. “That thing between your legs is really strong.” He said as he kissed my neck. I just stood there, spread my legs and tilted my head to make all of his actions easier. He continued to kiss me and move his hand further between my legs. “Looky here, you have two of them down there.” After a few minutes we made it to my room. As we walked in I realized that I never packed up the rest of the things that I had bought. In fact I noticed that they were lying right on the bed.

Once inside he spun me around and started to kiss me. After a long passionate kiss, he reached down and started to unbutton my leather top. We continued to kiss as he removed my bra and began to play with my breasts. He continued until another orgasm snuck up on me. I moaned and grabbed him tightly. I held him until the orgasm receded. 

“I forgot about that. Let’s see what we have going on down there,” Jack said. He slowly began to remove my pants, when I reached for the control to turn off the vibrators he slapped my hand. “I don’t think so. What is that?” he asked as he pulled me toward my bed. “Keep your mitts off. This stuff is cool,” He commented as he looked at the stuff on the bed. When he was busy looking at my new toys I managed to turn the vibrators off without his noticing. 

“When did you get into this?” He asked as he held up my new blue arm sheath.

“Actually I haven’t. It’s brand new.” I replied boldly. “All that stuff on the bed is new.”

He looked surprised and asked, “You mean you have not tried these things out yet?” I just nodded and grinned. I knew where this leading and I really had no objection. I’ve known Jack since I enlisted and he’s always nice to me. “I think we should try these things out, so if they don’t work you’ll have time to return them before we leave. Besides, you are a bad girl that doesn’t listen. I told you to leave the control alone, and I can’t hear them buzzing.” 

All I could do was stand there and look innocent. “What makes you so sure I want to try them out?” I asked.

“That’s ok with me, I will just be leaving now… Unless you want to try them out?” Jack asked. 

The bastard knew that I would not let him leave, but he wanted to make me say it. “Ok. It might be fun but one rule. No pain. I am new at this kinda stuff. NO PAIN.”

He held up his hand and said, “I am hurt that you have so little faith in me.”

“What are you talking about? I’m going to let you tie me and fuck me. I think that should let you know what kind of faith I have in you.” 

He grinned and walked over to the bed to look at what I had there. 

“However since you doubt the amount of faith I have in you I really am not sure I am interested anymore.”

He turned around quickly and looked shocked. I stood there and stared at him keeping my facial expression serious. 

“What are you trying to say? You’re not interested in playing anymore?” 

I just looked at him without changing my expression. 

“I can’t believe you,” he said as he walked away from the bed.

“Are you really giving up that easily? All you have to is say the magic word.” I replied.

“What is it... please” he asked. I just stood there and shook my head. He thought for a little bit, then grinned “What about; NOW!”

“Now you’re talking,” I giggled as I walked toward the bed. He came and looked over the toys again.

Jack picked up the arm sheath and asked “What it this?” After I told him he ginned. “Remove your clothes, turn around and put your hands together.” I did as I was told and he put the sheath on. With a little instruction he was able to get it in place correctly. It did not take him long before he had the laces tightened. My elbows were touching behind my back and I knew that I was not getting out of the sheath until he let me. The thought of being bound and helpless was really getting me excited. Once he was done he backed up and looked me up and down. “Is that really as tight as it looks?” he asked as he pinched one of my nipples.

“Hey that hurt!” I exclaimed. “Yes, it is tight. I don’t think that I’ll be able to get loose without some help. I guess I am all yours for the rest of the night.” 

He grinned and then turned me around and started to tickle me. I giggled and twisted trying to get away. He just continued to tickle me. With my arms in the arm binder I couldn’t get away. After a few minutes he stopped and said “I really like the fact that you can’t stop me from doing anything I want to. Are you sure you want to continue our little game?” 

“I am really enjoying this. Let’s continue.”

“Ok. Just so there is no way you can change your mind, open your mouth.” He commanded. I could see he had something behind his back, but since I was really horny and really couldn’t argue, I did. He stuffed a ball into my mouth. Attached to the ball was a strap that went around my head. He buckled it tightly in back. The only sound I could make from my mouth was moans. “I like the way that looks on you.” Then he pushed me down on to the bed and started to fondle my breasts. I moaned and moved around as best I could to give him the best angle. 

After a few minutes one of his hands move down and started the vibrators in my panties. He got off the bed and sorted through all the other toys he knocked off the bed before he pushed me down. He was taking his time and all I could do was just lay there and slowly get closer to the approaching orgasm. I rolled over and started to rub on what ever I could because the panties would not push me over on the setting they were on. I was really close to cumming when the vibrations stopped. I laid there moaning into the gag.

“Aren’t we the little nympho tonight?” Jack commented. “Since you like to move around so much let me fix that. He attached a set of cuffs around my ankles. Next he tied a rope to the shoulder straps on the arm binder, rolled me over and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard. Once he was happy with that he attached rope to each ankle cuff. My legs were spread out and tied to separate corners of the bed. 

“Now that you can’t move around so much let’s try this again.” He laughed as he turned the panties on. This time they really went to work hard. Between the vibration and the bondage I was cumming in no time. It was not long before I lost track of time. When the vibrations stopped and I came down Jack said, “Even with the gag you still were loud. I thought someone was going to call the cops. It sounded like you enjoyed yourself.” 

I nodded twice cause that was all the strength I had left. He removed the gag and said “You had your fun, now it’s my turn.” He removed his pants and climbed on top of me with his large hard dick in my face. 

I knew what he wanted so I began to suck it. This was the first time I had give a blowjob but he seemed to enjoy it, since he shot his load in a short amount of time. Despite my best effort I could not swallow all of it and I could feel it running down my cheeks. He pulled out and looked down at me. “Thanks, that was fun. I think I am going to take a shower. Just so you don’t make to much noise open up again,” he said as held the gag again.

“Where did that come from anyway?” I asked.

“It was in a box marked ‘mystery gift’ so I opened it up and found it. Now open up.” 

I did and he stuffed the gag back into my mouth and buckled it, tighter this time than before. Just before he went to take his shower the turned the vibrators on full again. He looked down and watched me wiggle for a couple of minutes, then walked toward the bathroom. Again it did not take long before all I could do was lay there and cum. When Jack was done with his shower he released me from my restraints, kissed me and left. I took a shower cleaned up my toys and went to sleep.

I was woken up by the phone. The pilot told me we were not leaving for another 18 hours. That was good news for me because I only had about 3 hours of sleep. I fell back to sleep and woke up about 12 hours later. I just spent the day resting, packing and doing some normal shopping. After I was packed and ready to go I took a quick nap and made it to the aircraft on time. After it was loaded and the rest of the crew arrived we departed as scheduled for our long 12-hour flight across the ocean toward home.

About 2 hours into the flight Jack came to the back of the plane and started to ask me if I had a good time at our last stop. “No I hated every minute of it.” 

“That’s too bad,” he replied, “Because I bought a couple of new things that I might have been interested in trying out on you. But since you are not interested I guess I will just wait and try them out later.” As he said that he climbed down the stairs to head back to main crew compartment. Since we did not have any passengers, and the rest of the aircrew did not normally go to the back of the aircraft I decided to see what he had in mind.

“Wait a minute, what kinda things did you have in mind?” I asked before he got too far down the stairs. He just grinned and kept on going. I decided that I would not play his game and just stayed in the back and read a book that I picked up. It was a good book so I really did not care too much whether he came back or not. 

After a couple more hours Jack came back and asked, “So what are you doing?”

“Since you’re not interested in trying out your new toys I decided to just relax and enjoy a good book,” I replied. I knew that he really wanted to play around, but I did not give him the satisfaction of having me ask him. 

He asked, “Who said I wasn’t interested in playing around?”

“Well, you did just walk away. Besides where did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I was thinking of tying you to a cargo net. It would be easy to do. I really don’t think anyone will come all the way to the back, which is where I had in mind.” I followed him to the back and saw the pallet he had in mind. It was tall and wide but there was plenty of room between it and the back door. I could see that somebody would have to walk around it in order see me. “What do you think? I think it looks perfect?”

“It looks good, but what makes you think that I’m interested in playing?”

“Come on Mary, you had as much or more fun the other night then I did.”

“Sure, let’s do it. If nothing else I can say that I’m a member of the mile high club.”

“That works for me.” he said. “Make yourself comfy while I go and get my bag.” 

He walked up the ladder into the back seating section and I removed my flight suit and underwear. He came back down with his duffle bag and said, “You really are a beautiful woman. The flight suit does you no justice.” He opened the bag and removed a set of leather cuffs. I held out my wrists and he buckled them on. I laid back against the cargo net and as I was told I spread my arms up and out. When he was done my wrists were locked, spread out over my head, to metal rings. With the noise from the jet I did not even hear the locks click into place.

“Don’t you think the locks are a bit excessive?” I asked.

“I just want to make sure that you’re not going anywhere.” Next he buckled cuffs around my thighs and ankles. He pushed one leg up and out. Once it was to his liking he clipped the thigh cuff to the net. Then he lift the other leg and spread it out the other way. Again he attached it to the net. I was glad that the thigh straps were wide enough that it did not hurt to sit on them. He attached the ankle cuffs to the net also. 

I wiggled and moved around a little and realized that I was not going anywhere. “This is kinda cool. Now I know what a frog in biology class feels like, all spread out and waiting,” I told him. He just grinned and reached into his bag and pulled out what turned out to be a cock gag. After he wiggled it in front of my face I opened my mouth and he shoved the gag in. The cock was large but I was able to take the whole thing. He buckled it tightly in place.

“The other gag did not work too well to keep you quiet, but it did keep you from talking. I think this one will work better.” He reached down between my legs and slid two fingers into my pussy. “It didn’t take you long to get hot and bothered.” He played with me for a few minutes, till I was really excited. Jack then reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of clips. “I think you will like these, or at least I will like them.”

I screamed into the gag as he attached the first one to one of my nipples. I shook as much as I could but the damned thing would not fall off. He reached out and put the other one on my other nipple. Again I screamed but he just stepped back and watched me thrash around. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided to a dull throb. Once I stopped struggling he stepped up and began to play with my pussy again. He played till I was almost over the edge then he stopped. Jack again went into his goody bag and removed a blindfold. He gently put the blindfold over my head and covered my eyes. With my sight gone and being bound tightly everything he did seemed even more intense. 

“What do you think now dear?” he asked. I felt him sliding his hands up and down my sides. It felt really good. I really wanted him to fuck me, or do something to relieve me. He finally got down to playing with my clit. He continued to play for a few minutes, till I finally came. He continued to play with me through another orgasm. Just as I was recovering from the second orgasm Jack gently shoved his dick into me. He started slowly but gradually got faster. It did not take long before I was ready cum again. When he shot his load I was pushed over the edge. I came long and hard.

When he was finished he released me and said, “That was fun. What do you say we do that again on another flight.”

“We will have to wait and see,” I replied.


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