Melissa & Jeff

by Ardvark

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Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons; X

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Melissa & Jeff
by Ardvark
Continues the story of Melissa
A Friend In Need By T.S. FESSELN
Jeff: A Day of Discovery

The afternoon was hot. One of those brutal summer days that only the Mid-South, along the lower Mississippi Valley can understand. A day where no air moves. It can’t move, it’s too heavy and wet to move. Even the water in the swimming pool is hot. It was the kind of day when no one wants to do much of anything that requires effort. Melissa was lazily tending some of the flower beds around the back yard as I lay on a chaise lounge watching her. She is wearing a pair of baggy, thread-bare old shorts and a strapless halter. Neither of which do much to conceal the magnificent body under them. Our house, outside of Memphis, is situated in a track of homes that were designed for privacy. All the homes sit on at least two heavily wooded acres. Ours, because of a bend in the road, is nearly four acres, which makes us even further separated from any neighbors than most. Add to that two very heavily wooded arroyos with thick undergrowth and a tall privacy fence around the pool area, and we have a totally peaceful space in this world where, if we so choose, only the two of us exist.

I love to watch Melissa. She goes about everything she does with such enthusiasm. Only she would bother with the flower beds on such a hot day. I also like to watch because she is a very beautiful woman, with flame red hair and green eyes. Her complexion is not like most people I know with red hair. Hers is smooth and evenly colored like fine cream. Her body is well proportioned with tits that are medium in size and held high on her chest. I lay there watching as she would bend from the waist, cutting the dead stems from her plants. At one point, as she bends over to prune one of her plants her shorts open enough to reveal the fact that she is wearing no underwear. I laugh and ask, “Hey, have you got film in that brownie of yours?” In response, she stands up, turns toward me and pulls her halter down exposing her tits. “Yeah, and my flash works too,” she grins.

A few minutes later, we are both lying back in the shade of the big oak tree in the middle of the yard. I tell her that laying back watching her in the garden made me fantasize. “I had this picture of me as a wealthy potentate watching my scantily clad slave girl tend my garden.” I expected Melissa to laugh and say something like, “Oh, you men are all alike. All you can think about is naked women.” Instead she said, “Do you really have fantasies about slave girls?” Before I could even respond, she sat up and turned to me, “I do too. Only in my fantasies, I am the slave girl.” The look on her face told me she was serious. The look, and the quickness with which she sat up, also told me she wanted to pursue the subject further. My heart jumped, because I did indeed have such day dreams. At the same time, I didn’t want to appear too eager. As non-nonchalant as I could manage to appear I respond with, “You do?”

“Yeah, sometimes I picture myself being abducted by pirates, or captured by Indians and things like that. When I read novels about peasant girls being ravished by their captors I always picture myself in the story. Many times my fantasies involve me being tied so I have no choice. I have to surrender the pink.”

I wasn’t sure how to proceed without running the risk of having Melissa back down. I was afraid that if I showed too great an interest, she might get scared. My mind was racing in an attempt to keep this subject alive without showing just how excited the idea was making me. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Melissa was ready to take this one step further.

Our talk was all very clinical at first. We talked for a few minutes about the healthy aspects of giving in to fantasy. I told her how happy I was she shared such a private thought with me. We both agreed that no harm could come to people who truly loved each other. I wanted to push it beyond just talk, but wasn’t sure how to do it. It was Melissa however that pushed things past the talking stage and into an arena that became a lifestyle for us. Her next actions have turned into what we now enjoy.

Standing up, she said, “I’ll be right back. Keep your imagination alive and running.” With that, she ran toward the house. While she was gone, I kept wondering what kind of slave girl fantasy she had in mind. It was sexual in nature I was sure, but what were some of the details that she pictured. I was getting hard just thinking about her as a slave. She spoke about being tied up. My mind began to race with scenes of my beautiful Melissa, spread and bound, naked before me with me in total control.

When Melissa returned, she was carrying a small paper bag. “Here,” she said, tossing the bag to me. “I’ve been saving these for a long time, not knowing how to bring up the subject. Use some of them and tie me up. Pretend you’re an Indian, or a Pirate, or some kind of bad guy that has captured me.”

In the bag were all her old nylons. Taking one of them out of the bag I approached her wondering where and how to begin. I felt like some school boy, unsure of what was going to happen next. Once again my fears were unjustified. I didn’t have to worry, Melissa was leaps and bounds ahead of me.

As I came close to her, she put her wrists together in front of her so I could bind them. After I had tied her wrists, I began to feel a little less nervous and told her to sit down, then to lie back on the lounge. Pulling her ankles to each side of the lounge I tied each one to the heavy wooden legs near the foot of the lounge. Then using another stocking, drew her arms over her head and secured them to the lounge above her. I adjusted the upper section of the chaise lounge so that it now laid flat. She looked beautiful lying there with her legs apart and her arms stretched high above her head. My intention was to secure her then spend time fondling her restrained body. I was in the process of pulling her halter top down when she asked, “Don’t you think the person who abducted me would strip me and rape me?” 

Without comment I set about complying. Undoing the strapless halter was no trick, a simple snap in the back let it come free. Her beautiful tits looked up at me, the nipples in the center of them standing hard and erect. She has dark, very erect nipples with small darkly colored aureole that are almost non-existent right now due to the amount of excitation she is feeling. Even when not aroused, her nipples are normally erect. Right now, they extend upward like pawns on a chess board. Her nipples have expanded so that the aureoles have all but been eliminated by their expansion. I fondle and suck them as she moans and squirms beneath me. Feeling the spirit of the game now, I unbutton her shorts, then getting more into character rip them into two pieces up the middle. That way I can expose her pussy without untying her legs. The flimsy old material gives me no resistance at all. Even the material in the waist band separates with little trouble. Melissa gasps as the material between her outstretched legs is ripped. I slide the tattered remnants of her shorts down her legs as far as I can, then play with her pussy. In no time she is moaning and talking about how she has this vision that she has been captured by a band of Indians and all the braves are lining up to take their turn fucking her. I finger fuck her to orgasm twice before I too can take no more mental stimulation. The sight of her naked body is beautiful as she rolls her hips and moans, begging me to, please stuff her hot pussy full. “Jeff, please fuck me now, I can’t take much more.” Removing my clothes, I tell her that now the Great Chief has said he will have his way with her.

Our fucking is wild and totally abandoned. When I slid forward onto her body she arched her back to meet me, my cock slipped right straight into the most lubricated pussy I have ever felt. In no time at all, we were pounding our groins hard and fast into each other as the tension mounted. Both of us come very quickly. I could feel Melissa stiffen under me just as I was feeling the first tightness in the nuts that always accompanies my first ejaculate. When I came it was in torrents, like the gushing of a waterfall. Not knowing what Melissa’s reaction would be to bondage after passion subsides, I untied her and held her in my arms, letting her know I had never experienced such fantastic sex. Looking up into my eyes, she just sighed and said, “Oh, but I want more.” When we stand up, she turns her back to me. Putting her arms behind her, she says, “Tie me up again Jeff. I want to stay naked and in bondage for the rest of the day. I want us to explore these fantasies of ours. I want to feel helpless and unable to control what is happening to me. Make me do things I have never done before. Make me a sex slave.”

Using one of the stockings, I bind her wrists behind her back. Then on a sudden impulse, I decide to hobble her as well. I tie one stocking around each ankle, the loose ends I tie together making leg irons of sorts. The short length of nylon between her legs causes her to take short jerky steps when she walks. I tell her to walk back and forth for me so I can see all of her. Watching her walk like that is enough to bring my cock back to a hard condition. Her tits bounce up and down as she walks with little mincing steps. Picking up the little bag of nylons I order Melissa to walk in front of me toward the house. The view from behind is equally erotic. The strain of walking with such short steps makes the muscles in her legs and ass really fantastic to see. In all our years together, I have never seen her look as naked as she does right now. I mean, I have seen her totally nude almost every day of our lives together. We often go “skinny dipping” in the late evening, but she never looked as naked as she does right this minute.

Melissa: The Whipping Post

Jeff didn’t realize it at the time, but the tether between my legs was just the kind of thing I was looking for. It made me feel like a true slave, and I wanted to feel controlled. I was also aware that the short little steps I was forced to take, made my tits bounce up and down. It made me feel more vulnerable than I had ever felt in my life. As I walked ahead of Jeff, towards the house, I was aware of how exposed I was and that I could do nothing about it. The thoughts running through my head made me walk with a little extra bounce, to enhance the effect the short steps had on me. I’m aware that I have a well developed and well-proportioned body. I loved showing it off this way to Jeff.

In the house, since I was bound and couldn’t fix us something to eat, Jeff fixed us a salad then sliced some cheese and ham. The tray of light food was completed with crackers, cheese dip and a bottle of chilled white wine. It was the perfect meal for a hot day like today. With my hands bound behind my back, I couldn’t eat by myself. Instead I sat on the floor next to his chair so he could feed me and give me sips of the wine. The small meal was very relaxing and also very erotic. Jeff would play with me, squeezing my tits from time to time as he fed me salad or gave me bits of cheese and meat. At one point, he put cheese dip on the end of his cock and ordered me to get it off. I moved around on my knees so I could lean forward between his legs. I began by licking at the dollop of cheese, but soon found that I wanted the whole thing in my mouth. I lunged forward then moved my head up and down as I cleaned his hard cock. Even after the cheese was gone I continued to work, sucking hard at times and just licking the shaft at others. Jeff’s hand came to rest on the back of my head as he got close to coming. His hips began to thrust as he pushed his cock into my mouth. He was soon fucking my mouth and came with an explosive force. I swallowed hard, not wanting a single drop to get away. I wanted it all!

After we ate, Jeff took me into the living room where we sat together on the couch, talking. Well, he sat on the couch, I lay on it with my head resting on his leg. Jeff positioned me just right so he could continually fondle my body. With my hands immobilized behind me, I could do nothing to stop him when he tickled and pinched me. We began to discuss different fantasies that we could explore. We both agreed that we would begin to write down all of the fantasy scenes we would like to play out. When ever we thought of one, we would write it on a small 3X5 filing card. The cards would have a brief description of the scene, including any costume requirements and how the victim should be bound. Then we could put them into a box or something and draw one out any time we wanted. We also talked about how this new found expression had changed both of us. The effect of our talks soon had both of us feeling the need again. I wanted this man of mine to dominate me completely.

Jeff took me into the entrance hall near the front door. The hall is a large terra cotta tile area with a decorative pillar in its center. Leading me to the pillar, Jeff first untied, then retied my hands so that I had to stand facing the pillar with my arms wrapped around it. My wrists were bound together on the opposite side from where I stood. Pulling my hands upward Jeff used another stocking to secure them to the pillar high above my head. He then tied my ankles so that I had one foot on each side of the pillar. My knees are also secured to the post so I’m very much immobilized. I looked, and felt like someone who has been tied to a whipping post. Reaching between my body and the post, Jeff positions my tits, one to each side of the post and teases my nipples. He pinches them and flicks them with this fingers until I can tell they are rock hard.

Jeff set the scene for the first of our fantasy bondage sessions. He began by telling me that I am a young girl from a small rural village of long ago. In this village, anyone found guilty of even a petty crime is publicly stripped and then bound to a post in the village square. After they have been bound, the townspeople are all invited to witness their public shame. Everyone assembles in the village square and the charges against them are read aloud. The prisoners are then left for the remaining time of their sentence so that all who pass by may see their nakedness. According to the story, what always happens in the late evening hours, if the prisoner is a young girl, the young men of the village take advantage of her. As he was telling me the story, Jeff rolled one of my stockings into a ball and put the ball inside a second stocking. He told me how they are always gagged as part of their punishment. The young men of the town know the intended victim is unable to scream out bringing the town fathers to break up the fun. The ball is pushed into my mouth and the ends of the stocking it is in are tied behind my head. After my gag is firmly in place, Jeff fondles my body as he continues telling his story about what happens to these prisoners on the square. To prevent the girl victim from being able to identify anyone who might be inclined to molest her, the village sheriff also blindfolds them. As he was telling me this part of the story, Jeff wrapped another of my stockings around my head, covering my eyes. I was now totally naked and bound. My only sense left was hearing and I was really getting turned on by this.

The village tough who is molesting me rubs his body against me while his hands squeeze my tits, his fingers pinch my stiffening nipples until I groan into my gag. His hard cock is soon probing between my legs as it searches for the little hole it wants to explore. I move my hips as much as my bonds will permit in an effort to evade the invasion, but it is of little use. Pinning me against the pillar with his body, the young man puts his arms around me and slides both hands between my legs to guide his engorged cock into me, fucking me wildly. His cock enters me quickly and smoothly. He plunges into me as deeply as I have ever been penetrated. All the while he is sliding his big cock in and out of me, his hands are roaming up and down the front of my body as he pinches my nipples so hard I want to scream. His thrusts slam me forward into the pillar and I can feel his hard body against my upturned ass. I come two or three times just from him pinching my tits. All at once I feel him stiffen behind me and then feel the telltale twitch of his cock and the hot jet of jism as he unloads in me. There will be more of them now, the village toughs. I will be fucked many times during my stay at the punishment pole.