Melissa: The Peasant Maiden

by Ardvark

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© Copyright 2003 - Ardvark - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons; X

Melissa: The Peasant Maiden
by Ardvark
Melissa: The Peasant Maiden by Ardvark

My name is Melissa. I’m a young peasant girl living in a small Hamlet near London, England. My father is just a poor peasant farmer who must produce a certain amount of food for the manor house where the landowner lives. It is the custom in this county for families that are unable to fill the quota levied upon them to satisfy the debt in other ways. If there is anything of value in the house when the tax collectors arrive, they will confiscate it. If they can find nothing of monetary value, but the family has a young son or daughter like me, they are usually arrested. They are then taken to the manor house to satisfy this tax lean against the family by performing slave labor. Boys are usually pressed into service in the stables. Girls are sometimes made to work in the kitchen. (I’m told only the ugly ones wind up in the kitchen). More often girls that have been taken will be sent to the Duke for sexual use. In one case, last year our neighbor’s young wife was arrested and taken to the manor house. I remember her being taken away on the back of her husband’s only horse. She was bound and naked when they took her.

The day I was arrested, the tax collector and two soldiers arrived in the morning, just as the family was finishing breakfast. They burst through the door and began to demand the Duke’s quota from my father. He pleaded with them, telling them how the weather had ruined our crops and that we had nothing. When they determined that he was unable to deliver the required amount of potatoes, they became very angry and began to beat my poor father in an effort to get him to find some hidden family treasures to give. When they had beaten him until he lay motionless on the kitchen floor, they ransacked the house looking for things of value. We have nothing that they felt worthy of the tax we must pay. For a few minutes, the two soldiers just stood, looking around the place. I trembled with fear, knowing that any minute they could decide that I would do for the taxes. Eventually, that is exactly what happened.

My arrest happened this way:

The larger of the two soldiers turned to the tax man. He pointed at me and whispered something to the tax collector. He smiled and nodded, then ordered me to come and stand in front of him. I was very hesitant, but my mother pushed me forward saying, “Please child, just do as you’re told.” With halting steps, I shuffled across the floor to stand in front of the men. The three men leered at me for a few minutes as they walked around me. Then I was made to turn in different directions and pose for them. After they tired of making me stand in various poses, I was ordered to strip. Frozen by fear I just stood there for a minute unable to comprehend what was happening to me. When I didn’t respond quickly enough to satisfy them, the two soldiers drew their swords and began to threaten the entire family. With fear welling even higher in me, I reacted in an effort to save my family’s lives. I stood in front of the tax man and quickly stripped down to my under drawers and camisole, thinking that would surely be enough. It was not. The bigger of the two soldiers scowled at me and said that if I didn’t strip them off as well, he would gladly take them off for me. Too frightened to do anything else, I removed the last two pieces of clothing to stand completely naked as I subjected myself to their authority. For several minutes, the three men repeated their game. They made me stand with my hands on my head while I turned and assumed different poses for them. My eyes were filled with tears as I was made to bend over with my knees locked and my feet spread so they could examine my pussy.

Heavy metal shackles were then placed around each wrist. Similar ones were put around each of my ankles. A chain connected the shackles on my ankles, the center of my ankle chain was pulled up and fastened to the shackles around my wrists. The chain was not long enough to permit me to raise my hands or cover my nakedness. I had to stand with my tits and pussy in full view for all to see.

I was thus taken from my home, naked and in chains. Outside, the soldiers lifted me up into a high-wheeled wooden cart that had a single pole standing vertically in the middle of the wagon. One of the soldiers, the larger of the two, managed to push an intruding finger into my most private opening as they lifted me. When he removed it, he sniffed his finger and made rude remarks as they fastened my chains to the pole. I was forced to ride standing up in this open cart as they drove through the village on the way to the manor house. I had only the post in the center of the cart to hold, so I nearly fell many times.

The trip is not a long one, but when you are standing naked in the back of a horse drawn cart while everyone in the village catcalls at you, it is mortifying to a young maiden such as me. Along the way, people yelled things to the soldiers, who now and then would stop to put me on even more shameless display for the crowd. At one point for instance, the two of them got on either side of me, then lifted me, spreading my legs for a group of young toughs who hooted and hollered as they poked their fingers into my pussy. I wiggled and twisted in an attempt to avoid their probing fingers, but the soldiers held me too tightly. All my movements only made me appear to be driven by lust. The boys joked about me being a slut and began to get even bolder in their probing. One boy, the oldest of the bunch, finally gets two fingers completely inside my pussy. They ask if they can fuck me, but the soldiers tell them that the Duke wouldn’t like them tampering with his new honey pot. They all get a big laugh out of that.

A second crowd inside the village tavern is permitted to fondle my body while the tax man and the soldiers each drink a pint of stout. The woman who runs the tavern had them bring me in so they could make me stand on a table for the entertainment of her patrons. I am ordered to dance for the people. Drunken men leer at me and make rude comments about my tits and pussy as they grab for me. I cry openly as rough hands squeeze and pinch my body. My tears only seem to excite them more and soon I am being slapped and spanked by the crowd to, “Give her something worth crying about,” they all yell. The biggest goon in the place puts me over his knee and spanks me until my poor ass is red and feels as if it is on fire.

At the Manor House:

At the manor house, I am roughly taken from the cart by the two soldiers. As they had done when they put me into the cart, the soldiers take many liberties with my naked form as I am passed from one to the other. The larger of the two once again manages to get a finger shoved deep into my pussy as the other one passes me over the side of the cart to him. When they put me down, I am led to a room next to the kitchen building. Here, two severe looking old women pour hot water into a large wooden tub and tell me to get into the water. The water is very hot and burns my feet and legs as I stand in the tub. They are not concerned at all with my discomfort and the one old hag smacks me hard across the bare ass with the wooden back of the brush, telling me “Stand still, or I’ll sit you down in this water.” They use large, stiff brushes with a very strong soap to scrub every inch of my body. My chains prevent me from warding off their unwelcome attentions. Even the tender flesh between my legs feels the stiff bristles of the scrubbing brush. When they have finished, my flesh is all reddened and very tender to the touch. I am then taken upstairs to the bedchamber of the landlord himself. I’ve heard that he is a sadistic man with a sexual appetite that requires his sex partner to suffer under his lash before he takes her. The two women have the soldiers remove my heavy chains, but then direct them to use other means to secure me. When I have been secured to their satisfaction all four of them leave the room.

I am left there to lay alone on the bed. I am on my back. My legs are spread wide, held in place by leather cuffs that are tied to the corner posts at the foot of the bed by heavy ropes. The bed is large and the ropes force me to keep my legs stretched very wide. My arms are spread wide and stretched above my head, leather cuffs around each wrist are tied to the corner posts of the Duke’s brass headboard. I am prevented from crying out by a leather ball gag, held in place by a strap. A thick bolster pillow has been placed under my hips and the small of my back. This raises the center of my body and keeps my ass and pussy open and exposed. I can see myself lying there. I have a perfect view of the reflected image in the mirrored ceiling above the huge bed. I have to lay thus, for a long time. I have plenty of time to view my naked form and wonder what is going to happen next. My arms and legs begin to ache from the strain of being stretched for so long.

When the Duke arrived, he stood for a few minutes observing my total nakedness. He looked at me with an almost detached demeanor. Like someone shopping for a side of beef. He walked around the bed a few times, slapping a pair of gloves he held in one hand into the palm of the other. He walked, just looking at me. Only once did his fingers feel the skin of my naked breasts. When he disappeared from my view for a minute or so, I permit myself to think that maybe he didn’t like what he saw. Maybe he is not happy with me and will send me home unharmed, or maybe to the kitchen or stables. After all, I am very young, maybe he wants someone older and more experienced. My brief hopes are soon dashed.

When the Duke’s image reappears in my view, he too is naked. In the mirror I can see his huge cock standing in nearly full erection. In his right hand he holds a whip that is slightly longer than a common riding crop, but shorter than a buggy whip. I will soon learn that it is just the right length and stiffness to cause sharp, stinging pain without leaving serious injury. He says nothing to me at first as he again walks around me studying my nakedness. The whip is soon brought into play however. At first he just rubs the end of the whip over my body as he tells me how it will soon turn my skin a rosier shade of pink. He pokes and prods my tits with the end of the thing. Lightly slapping them. Soon he pushes the tip of the whip into my pussy. I am dry and scared and the whip hurts as he shoves it into me.

This activity gives way to slaps as he keeps working his way around the bed, checking me from every angle. He slowly begins to flick the quirt against the bottoms of my bare feet. Slapping each one sharply again and again until they are very tender. The color of the flesh on my feet changes from their normal light pink to a darker pink, almost red as the whipping becomes harder. When he is happy with the coloration he begins to work his way up my right leg. He spaces his strokes just inches apart as they advance up my inner-thigh then move to the outside and progress along my hip. Finally the strokes cross that tender flesh of my lower belly and groin. In the mirror, I watch the whip as it moves in a steady line toward the small furry mound at the center of my being. The first blow to reach my pussy makes me jump and the feeling is like being cut with a knife. The strokes to the flesh in this area are very light at first, just enough to cause a stinging sensation. The strokes are delivered with a slapping motion that makes them land with a popping sound. A few quick, heavy blows to the tender flesh of my vulva however make me scream. The gag turns my screams to little more than wordless groans. Each stroke to my pussy makes me jerk hard, in quick, galvanic reflex against my bonds.

The Duke smiles as he watches me thrash around on his bed. Then he works his way down my left leg to my feet again. Each time he repeats this pattern, the blows become a little heavier. The heavy blows soon echo in the room and the stinging sharpness of the strokes makes me begin to quiver and jerk at my bonds. I don’t want to become aroused by this activity, I know I should be repulsed by what is happening to me. I just don’t seem able to stop myself. I can feel a clammy wetness beginning between my outstretched legs. Soon the whip begins to move up my body until my torso and tits are the target. Then it advances above my head as my arms receive their share of the whip. Always though, the whipping returns to my pussy, making this tender region of my body red and swollen. Though I wish it were not true, I am being stimulated sexually by all this attention. I fight the feelings at first but can’t continue to resist. 

Soon I am becoming quite excited but I want to hold off and not come now. In some abnormal way I find myself wanting the pleasure/pain cycle to last as long as I can make it. The relentless little whip takes its toll though and my passions soon take over and I give in to the raging orgasm that is waiting in me for release. The Duke recognizes the signals given off by my body’s subconscious movements and increases the force of the blows as I moan into my gag jerking wildly at my bonds. I’m sure the exhilaration lasts for only a few seconds, but it seems like hours. The room around me soon becomes fuzzy and out of focus. I can actually feel the strong contractions that make my pussy open and close like some hungry mouth. My legs stiffen in a vain attempt to push my pussy even higher and more open, more available to the whip. Every muscle in my body soon stiffens as the final release floods my senses. Everything begins to fade into deep shades of purple around me as the overwhelming power of my orgasm almost blacks me out from the lack of blood to my brain. I relax completely after the rush has passed and smile inwardly as a warm feeling seems to flood my outstretched body. I become a little embarrassed by the reaction. I feel like some kind of wanton hussy being brought to orgasm like that.

Just as it began, the whipping suddenly stops. Soon I feel the bed move as it gives under the weight of the Duke joining me on the bed. His warm lips make gentle, almost imperceptible contact with my pussy. As tender as my pussy is right now, it only takes the lightest contact to cause my body to react. The slightest touch is enough to start me quivering all over as the Duke moves his moist lips up and down the swollen, blood gorged nether lips of my pussy. I groan as his tongue makes its first explorations. This contact is also light at first, but soon the pressure increases and the tongue begins to penetrate the opening offered to it, tasting the smoothness of my inner lips. Lubricated by the combination of my own vaginal flow and the Duke’s saliva my clitoris comes out from hiding in an effort to be ministered to by this eager mouth. Once again I find my emotions climbing a steep hill as I am pushed toward the summit of passion. I don’t want to respond, but there is nothing I can do about it. The Duke locks his lips onto my hard little button of love and sucks as if it was a piece of candy. I can hold it no longer and once more have an explosive orgasm, bucking my hips as high and as hard as my bonds will permit. This time when I come, it leaves me with the sensation that I am falling in a long spiral as my pussy opens and closes as if gasping for air. I scream into the gag that stifles my sounds.

Now it is the Duke’s turn. He slowly advances up the bed until his hard cock can make its first exploratory probe in the warm moist region between my legs. I am not a virgin, having lost my maiden head two years ago with a boy from a neighboring farm. He was clumsy and inexperienced and the act hurt like hell. The next time we fucked was much different though, so I know full well what is about to happen to me. I try to prevent my desires from making me respond. It is no use. My body is now in control and though I don’t want to, I feel my legs try to spread even further and my hips thrust upwards to offer the soft flesh between them. I am wet and wide open so the Duke has little trouble gaining entry. Soon I can feel his hard cock gliding inside of me. Once again I am being taken on a sensual ride. Another trip up the mountain is about to begin. This time, the hard cock that works its way in and out of my pussy, brings a completely different kind of feeling. The Duke is an expert and varies the pace and intensity as he fucks me. He will plunge deeply and slowly into me for a few minutes, then change tempo as he takes short quick strokes. He slides upward on my body so that his cock rubs my hungry clit from time to time. Then he will slide lower so that I can feel his large balls slap the tender flesh below my pussy. Time and again he thrusts first high, then low as he fucks me with masterful artistry.

He drives his huge cock into me again and again, pushing me to the edge of madness. The Duke’s hands are all over my body now, exploring every inch of the helpless form beneath him. He squeezes my tits and sucks and pinches my nipples roughly, making me scream into my gag once again. His large hands roughly work their way under me, squeezing my ass and lifting my pussy even higher. The sharper angle of entry by his rigid cock now has an even greater effect on my pussy and I feel as if I’m being split wide open and begin to respond with as much action as my bonds will permit. I am being well and truly fucked.

In time, his action becomes steady in long, deep strokes as he draws near to his own peak. I am climbing again too, and hope I can catch up to him in time so that we both plunge together down the precipice into that warm valley of afterglow. I use every muscle in my body to push upward against the invasion. My efforts to catch up pay off and I reach another mind-blowing orgasm just as the Duke stiffens and comes deep inside of me. All is soft and dark now as my eyes struggle to focus on the room around me. I am weary and weak to the point that I know I would not be unable to stand even if I wasn’t tied to the bed. . . . . . .

Jeff first unties my wrists, then unbuckles the cuffs on my ankles. He pulls me to him and we lay their, naked, in each others arms for a few minutes. Neither of us speaks for a long time as we hold each other and feel the sense of true love we have for each other.

We have been married for nearly five years now. These bondage fantasies that we act out have become a regular part of our life together. I can’t even imagine having sex without role playing anymore. The bondage games began sometime in the summer of our first year together. I was the one that initiated the concept of bondage, but Jeff eagerly and enthusiastically took part right from the start.

The scene I have just described is a good example of how our everyday life is filled. We slide into these roles and become these characters from our fantasies. Jeff and I have been bondage practitioners for many years now. There are very few days when we don’t spend at least a couple hours in role play. Sometimes the activity is simple, like having me tied, spread eagle on the bed while Jeff amuses himself with me. Other times, the scenes involve costumes and very demanding role play. We agree that if the scene requires a character, then we have to become that character for the duration of our session. Tonight, Jeff played the character very well.

Sometimes the bondage is simple and light. Other times, the bondage is severe and the punishments are heavy. Tonight was a good example. The whipping was heavy at times and really stung, but I loved every stroke. The nice thing about tonight? It is still early and it is Friday. Neither of us has to work tomorrow. I know we will probably pull another card from our little scenario box and find a way to put me in bondage at least one more time before the pure exhaustion we get from totally abandoned sex overtakes us.


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