Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continues from chapter five

Chapter 6: True Love

The first day Carly came to see me after the party I could tell things were different. I knew now, without a doubt, that I was in love. I don’t use those words loosely. I hoped Carly felt the same about me. I felt more comfortable discussing sex and bondage with her and I could sense she was more relaxed about it too.

Carly continued to come to my place three times a week even though my cast was off and I was getting by okay myself. She also came up on most weekends. She asked me to tie her up a few times, which I gladly did. I tied her in several different positions wanting to give her a taste of the bondage life.

A few days later, Carly came by and fixed lunch. After we ate, I said, “Selena called me and asked me to do a photo shoot with her. Of course I want to. I haven’t done any work in a few months and am eager to get back in the swing of things.”

I don’t need the money; I just do the photo work because it is fun and I get to tie up pretty girls. I was afraid Carly would be upset if I took on the job. I thought about if for a few days before I decided to ask Carly how she felt about it.

“It’s your job. Why wouldn’t you do it,” Carly responded. “Is it okay if I watch?”

Wow, what a dream come true. My girlfriend wants to watch me tie up another girl! Then I decided to push my luck.

“Maybe you want to participate?” I asked.

Carly then asked, “How much are you paying her? I think I should get paid too. Hey, how ‘bout I tie her up for part of this shoot? You do several role plays right? Maybe I could tie her up and make her my slave. It would serve her right, calling my boyfriend behind my back, the little skank,” she laughed out loud.

“Are you really upset with Selena?” I asked

“Maybe a little. I wish she had asked me first, but she’s still my friend.”

“I have a thought. If you really want to be involved in a role play video, maybe you could walk in after I have Selena tied up in a very helpless position. You could pretend to be mad at her and use a riding crop on her a little.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun. I could pretend to be her Mistress,” Carly laughed.

“Another thought is you could steal her clothes. She could be wearing her riding outfit and you could tie her up and take her clothes. You’re about her size, right?” I asked.

“Maybe I could make her clean the floor while I whip her back side! Maybe you could tie the two of us together, in bed maybe, or back to back. The possibilities are endless. One thing for sure though, my face can never be visible.”

“Now you’re thinking! Wow!”

“To tell the truth, I’ve always thought Selena is very hot. Maybe there could be a way where we could kiss or even more than that. The thought of licking her pussy is very exciting to me. If she was hogtied on the floor between my legs she wouldn’t have much choice, would she? If she was collared with a leash I could force her to do almost anything, just like what you could do to me.”

“You’re full of ideas today, girl,” I added.

“Oh, I like the stealing clothes idea. I would like to swat her tush a few times and force her to lick me while I encouraged her with a crop. Another thought would be the two of us tied together, back to back, with each other’s arms around the other. Is that enough or do you want more ideas?”

“On no, keep going. This is great!”

“Don’t forget the barn, so many possibilities in the barn. I always get excited by the smells in the barn. I’ll think about it for a couple of days and come up with some ideas for a shoot, one with Selena and me in it, okay?”

“That sounds great. I’ll do the same. See ya on Friday then.”

I kissed Carly goodbye and tried not to let her see my erection.

A few days later

“Have you been thinking about some photo shoot ideas?” I asked.

“Sure have, I’ve got some good stuff to run past you when you’re ready.”

”Let’s sit down first. Wanna drink or something first?”

“You pour, I start reading. I tried to write everything down.”

Carly sat down and got her papers together and started to read aloud, “Now these are just my thoughts so feel free to do what you want. Just please hear me out to the end first. I have it all written down so I’ll just read it.” She began reading aloud.

“Okay, the first scene opens with Selena dressed in her riding outfit, boots, jodhpurs, jacket, riding crop, and helmet. She is standing in a room with an iron collar on her neck. It could be a leather collar, but I think it should be something very sturdy. The collar is chained to the ceiling and is taut but not choking her. You order her to strip to her undies. She refuses to strip but a few swats with the crop on her tush and she starts to strip. After she is finished undressing, you leave and I come in. I am wearing black leather knee high boots, tight fitting leather pants, a black skin tight sweater, and a black leather vest.”

She turned to me and said,

“I don’t have the leather pants or vest. I am hoping my boyfriend will buy them for me, hint, hint.”

“Carly, that is a very tricky way to get me to buy you something. Here, take my credit card and buy the pants and the vest,” I said as I gave her my Visa card.

“Thanks, CJ, now back to my shoot ideas.” She continued.

“I am also wearing some sort of a mask to conceal my face. I confront her like I’m mad, saying to her,

‘So Selena, you little skank, you call my boyfriend and pretend you want a photo shoot. I think you really want to steal him away from me. Now I’m gonna teach you a lesson, bitch.’

“I whip her tush, legs, and tits with her own riding crop. Selena claims she called you for work, that’s all. She says she doesn’t care for you at all, you are not her type. I keep whipping her until her tush is bright red.

“She continually claims she wants a photo shoot and that’s all and she doesn’t want to steal you away from me. I keep walking around her, swatting her with the crop. This goes on for several minutes.”

“In the next scene she is hogtied on the floor totally nude. She is gagged with a Jennings gag. I slap her tush and her tits with my bare hand. I squeeze her tits too. I continually accuse her of trying to steal you away from me. I call her all kinds of degrading names like slut, whore, and sneaky bitch. I roll her over onto her tummy and tie her hair to her feet, arching her so her chin is off the floor. I sit on the floor and position my legs straddling her so her head is right in my pussy. “You are now my slave Selena. See how my pussy tastes. Make me cum or you will get more of the crop, start licking.” I grab her bare tush and squeeze one handful after another. After I cum, I leave the room saying, ‘Thanks bitch.’

“In the next scene. her hands are cuffed behind her back. She is nude except she is wearing a burlap sack and scrubbing the kitchen floor. She has nipple clamps on. She begs me to listen to her; she says she doesn’t want you. She must use a sponge in her mouth the scrub the floor. Again, I use the crop on her. This time I am dressed in Selena’s outfit riding outfit. I say,

‘Hey, CJ, thanks for riding clothes. I thought you were going to buy some for me but this works too,’ I yell to you, even though you are not there. I don’t kick her but I do use my boots too push her around, mostly her head. I use the crop, rubbing it across her lips, cheeks, and tits. I force her to hold the crop in her mouth like a giant bit gag while I brutally slap her tits. Selena continually denies trying to steal you away from me. She must lick my boots clean until they shine while I whip her tush with the crop until her tush is very red.’

“In the next scene she is nude wearing a leather collar and a chain leash and a harness style ball gag. I lead her around the house while she crawls on her hands and knees. After a while I replace the ball gag with a Jennings gag. She then must worship my boots while I relax in a recliner. Eventually I remove the boots and make her suck on my toes. I keep pushing my feet into her mouth until all five toes are in her mouth.”

“You come in and see what’s going on and flip out. You scream at me and tell me Selena is not after me, she just wants money for the shoot. You keep telling me Selena is innocent until I am convinced. You make me apologize to Selena and then you tell her to punish me for all I have done. She ties my hands behind my back and forces me to oral her while she whips my tush. After several minutes of her giving me oral, you tie us together, back to back with our arms around each other. We are both gagged with a single rope which winds around our head several times passing in both our mouths several times. You then play with both our tits and slap them too. More rope is applied to our torsos and tits, squeezing then until they are sore. You put ice on our nipples and torment them for a long time. Eventually you put suction cups on our nipples and blindfold us. We are left like that while you leave.’

“Later we are taken to the barn and forced to dress like pony girls. We must prance around the corral while on a long leash, performing pony girl tricks. It is hot dancing around in the sun and you decide to cool us off with a hose. We are both tied to trees so that our arms are pulled tight. We both struggle to avoid the cold water but it’s no use. You keep spraying us with the freezing water until we are drenched.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I think you nailed it. I’m excited just thinking about it. Thank you. I’m not sure about the pony girl scene. I don’t have outfits for two ponies, but I really like your ideas. I’ll need to set up a time when we are all available.”

I called Selena and we agreed to meet the next day. I won’t sleep much tonight.

The following day….

Selena and Carly arrived and were ready for the shoot. We sat and had a drink and I explained my plan, which was all new to Selena. Selena was wearing a leather mini skirt and a white blouse, black stockings and heels. Carly was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

“Selena, I thought you were going to wear riding clothes for the shoot, what happened?” I asked.

“I was putting on my jodhpurs and I ripped the crotch so I had to change the plan. I hope it’s okay with you.”

“No big deal, it’s just that I like the equestrian look.”

We all walked up to the play room. Carly changed into her leather outfit while I got Selena ready.

I thought the ideas Carly had were good so I stuck to that for the most part. I put a wide leather collar on Selena’s neck with a long chain attached to it. I fastened the other end of the chain to a hook in the ceiling and pulled it taut. That is when I started recording.

“Strip slave,” I ordered.

“No, I won’t,” Selena balked.

I whipped her tush with a riding crop as she squirmed around, trying to avoid the crop. After several blows to her tush, she said, “Fine, I’ll take off my blouse and skirt but that’s all.”

She removed some of her clothing and was now in her bra and pink panties.

Carly walked in and started screaming, “You skank, calling my boyfriend and trying to steal him away from me! I’m gonna whip your ass good.”

Carly handcuffed Selena with hands in front. She tied a rope to the cuffs and then tied the free end of the rope to a hook in the ceiling, pulling Selena’s arms over her head, stretched some but not too tight.

Carly whipped Selena’s tush and legs with a crop, screaming at her and calling her names.

“I’m not trying to steal CJ from you. I just need the money. Please Carly, you’re my friend. I wouldn’t try to steal your boyfriend away from you,” Selena pleaded.

“I don’t believe you, bitch.”

Carly walked slowly around Selena, again and again, with more whipping with the crop, this time on her tits too. Selena’s bra and panties were ripped off her body exposing her milky white tits and tush.

This continued for ten minutes. Selena’s tits and tush were no longer milky white, they were now bright pink.

The next act had Selena nude and on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back, scrubbing the floor with a sponge in her mouth. She was still wearing the collar and now had a leash attached as well. Carly was using a riding crop on Selena.

“Keep scrubbing bitch. You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to steal CJ from me. You keep scrubbing. I’ll be right back.”

Carly then left but returned wearing Selena’s leather skirt and blouse.

“Thanks for the threads, bitch. They fit pretty well. They are a little loose because you are fatter than I am.”

Carly taunted Selena relentlessly, stepping on her fingers, pushing her head around with her foot, and yanking on her leash.

Carly sat on Selena’s back and demanded a horse back ride.

About then, I came in and explained that Selena was not trying to steal me away from Carly.

“Selena, Carly has been mean to you. I want you to tie her up and get even for all the abuse you have suffered. Go ahead; tie Carly up any way you want.

Selena then tied Carly in a strappado and wore a large bit gag. Carly’s tits were now hanging. Selena found some clothes pins to put on her nipples. She whipped Carly’s tush with the crop for about twenty times. Tears were running down Carly’s face destroying her mascara.

After letting Carly down, Selena slapped her tits several times.

The next scene was in the barn. The two girls were nude, standing back to back. Carly’s hands were tied in front of Selena and Selena’s hands were tied in front of Carly. A single rope was wound around both girls’ heads, passing trough both mouths, six times. The gag rope was cinched in two places, making it very tight. Nipple clamps are placed on both girls. I played with both girl’s pussies at the same time until both girl orgasmed.

Both girls were released ordered to run in place for five minutes and then do jumping jacks for five minutes. Both girls were soon covered in perspiration. The sweat was dripping off both girls. I grabbed a large armload of hay and chaff from the barn floor and threw it at them. I then ordered them to roll around on the barn floor several times until they were covered with hay and chaff. I took the girls to the old milking area in the barn. There were several stanchions there where cows were locked in while being milked. I had modified two sets of stanchions so that a slave could be locked in a stanchion. While locked in a stanchion, a slave could move its head up and down as much as two feet but couldn’t get free.

Now my two slaves were locked in stanchions, covered in sweat and dirty hay. It must have itched a lot. I tell the girls, “I’ll remove the hay from your bodies if you beg me convincingly,”

They both begged, “Please, Sir, remove the terrible itchy hay, please, Sir, I’ll do anything you like if you just clean the hay from my body.”

“Okay girls, I’ll clean you off. I’ll use my flogger to get the hay off you. Just remember, you begged me to do it.”

I flogged the girls continuously until most of the hay was off them. I then released them from the stanchions and I took them outside and tied both girls to a large fence, spread eagle while standing. I grabbed a hose and sprayed both girls with icy cold water until they were clean. They begged me to stop but no way, not until every last piece of hay was off.

I brought out a complete pony girl outfit and an arm binder.

“Who wants the arm binder?” I asked.

When neither girl responded, I grabbed Selena and put the arm binder on her. I put a remote control operated vibrating egg in each girl’s pussy. The remote controls went in my pocket! I then dressed Carly in the pony girl outfit. I had the two of them run around the corral for an hour while I flogged them when they ran near me. I took charge of the remote, giving them a tingling jolt.

The shoot ended and I had both girls take a bath. I also managed to take a few stills of two beautiful girls in my bath tub.

story continued in chapter seven

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