Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continues from chapter four

Chapter 5: The Cast off Party

The day my cast was coming off is here and I’m excited. I was doubly excited because of the planned “cast off party” and I was going to meet two of Carly’s friends, but mostly I was going to see Carly and spend most of the day with her.

She picked me up at ten AM and took me to the doctor’s office. She stayed in the waiting room while the doctor cut my cast off. When I walked out without my cast, she hugged me and kissed me.

“Be careful now, I’m still on crutches for a while,” I explained.

As planned, she took me home and helped me get into the house before going to pick up food for the party.

“Carly, I’m in a celebrating mood. Make sure you get plenty of wine and beer. I’m ready to party!”

The girls arrived together about 9 PM. We sat around drinking and snacking, getting to know each other. Both girls brought wine, not that we needed it. They also brought homemade cookies and brownies. I didn’t know it at the time, but the brownies had a little marijuana mixed in to make the party a little more fun.

Soon Li was absolutely stunning. She wore black boots and a black leather skirt with matching halter. Selena was also very pretty as promised. I could understand why she had posed for pictures.

Eventually we started to play Soon Li’s board game. She said she would teach us as we played. The main rule was to keep an open mind and have fun. My first roll of the dice I landed on a square that read “kiss a person of your choice.” Of course, I chose Carly. Carly was next. She drew a punishment card. She had to get spanked once by each player. I liked that. Soon Li drew a punishment card that read, “let one person feel your breast.” I was happy she chose me. So the game went on, just some good clean adult fun. Then I drew a card stating I had to be hypnotized by the game owner, which meant Soon Li.

She pulled out a pocket watch with a long chain from her purse. She dangled it in front of my face and ordered me to stare at the time piece and not to blink. She spoke softly and very intently, speaking directly to me while staring into my eyes, calmly telling me to go to sleep. Apparently she knew what she was doing. That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up, about a half hour later. While I was under hypnosis, I was made to act like a duck. I waddled around and quacked like a duck. The only reason I know this was I was told about it and saw the video. I did not remember any of it. The girls all got a good laugh at my expense.

We continued playing Soon Li’s board game for a long time, consuming too much wine along the way. Several of the tasks from landing on a task square were quite enjoyable. Once I had to kiss each girl, which I liked a lot. Twice I had to kiss the person on my left. That person happened to be Carly. There were also some task cards that involved chugging a glass of wine or a shot of vodka. Within an hour or so, we were all feeling no pain. That’s when Carly picked a task card saying she had to be hypnotized. Soon Li didn’t make her act like a duck though; she was turned into a horny nymphomaniac. She came on to each person, one at a time. She took her blouse off and kissed everyone, trying to seduce each person. After she snapped out of her spell, she didn’t remember any of it. I sure did, and I have the video to prove it.

We played for a good hour after that and I thought this was a good opportunity to bring up a photo opportunity.

“Selena, Carly mentioned you have done some modeling. Are you interested in me taking a few pictures of you, right now?’

“Sure, why not. Where do you want me?” Selena replied.

Nobody said anything so I took Selena by the hand and we headed to my spare bedroom
I had hidden most of my bondage props in a closet.

Selena followed me into the bedroom and I took several pictures of her. She definitely knew what she was doing. She gradually started showing some skin.

“Do you have some props to make the pictures spicy, rope, cuffs, that sort of stuff?”

“You bet.” I spent the next half hour tying Selena up and taking pictures of her. She was very flexible and I was easily able to arch her up tightly, so tightly I’m sure most women could never even come close to that position. Even then, she never stopped smiling.

Carly walked in carrying a bottle of wine, saw what was going on, and said, “So this is what you two are up to. Is this a closed session or can Soon Li and I join in too?”

I thought I had died and went to heaven. I spent the next two hours tying up three beautiful women and I have pictures to prove it. Normally I would never touch a model in an inappropriate way, but we were all drunk and I thought this was a time when I could get away with just about anything. I pretended to see which girl had the best tits. Of course I had to check each girl several times to be sure. I made sure I gave Selena and Soon Li an orgasm while I had them bound and gagged and Carly was blindfolded and gagged. I sure didn’t want Carly to see me playing with Selena and Soon Li like I did.

I especially enjoyed tying up Carly. I took more pictures of her than the others. Another pose I enjoyed was Soon Li tied to Selena, back to back, with a single rope used to gag both of them. I had to wind the rope around their head several time to provide an adequate gag.

“I suppose I’m going to have to pay you girls for this photo session.” They all laughed at my joke and Selena said it was a freebie. I would have gladly paid them.

We were all pretty drunk and driving was out of the question so the girls all decided to crash at my place. I have a spare bed and a couch. That took care of two people. Carly said she wanted share my double bed. I was shocked by this but knew that the abundance of alcohol drove the decision. Once in bed she confessed she really just didn’t want one of the other girls in my bed. At least I got to be close to her. I rolled over, intending to go to sleep. After several minutes Carly said, “Did I do something wrong? Or maybe you don’t like me as much as I thought you did?”

That woke me up!!

“Carly, what do you mean? I’m crazy about you. I thought you knew that.”

“Well, here I am, in your bed, all liquored up, and you don’t want to make love to me?”

“I have been trying to move slowly, not wanting to scare you off.”

I started kissing her passionately. I slipped my hand under her shirt and rubbed those beautiful perfect tits. I was determined to make our first time a great pleasure for her. I have always fancied myself as a good lover so I pulled out all the stops. I took my time on her pussy and also her tush. I was determined not to orgasm myself until Carly came a minimum of three times.

After several minutes, she whispered, “I bet you enjoyed tying up three women tonight.”

“Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. I’m glad you were one of the three. Now please be quiet, I have something important to do.”

“I hope that thing is to give me an orgasm, like the one you gave me a few weeks ago, a few loooong weeks ago.”

“I’ll do my best. If you don’t be quiet I’m going to have to gag you,” I said.

I think I made our first time together special for her.

I woke up in the morning and I smelled coffee. It was a great party but the best part was waking up with Carly next to me in my bed. We had our first sexual relations and it was awesome. To wake up in the morning with Carly in bed with me gave me hope for a future as a husband and a father.

Soon Li had put a pot of coffee on and started to cook bacon and mix up some pancakes. We talked while we waited for the girls to wake up. Soon Li said she was impressed with me and I was a good sport after being hypnotized and humiliated.

Selena and Soon Li left after breakfast and Carly stayed to clean up. After the dishes were done and the place was back to normal, Carly said, “There is only one little chore to finish.”

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

“I saw how you tied Selena last night, with her arms folded high up her back,” she said.

“Reverse prayer. It’s called a reverse prayer.” I gently folded her arms to a mild reverse prayer position.

“Yes, just like that only a little higher. Can you tie your slave girl like that?”

“I can do that, but if I do you’ll have to stay like that for a while, maybe even locked in the closet.”

“Funny man,” she laughed, “If you’re gonna do that then you better gag your slave so she doesn’t whine all day.”

I made sure her bondage wasn’t too tight because I planned on keeping her tied for a couple of hours. I tape gagged her and made her hop to the closet. I helped her sit down, kissed her on the forehead and closed the door. Time for me to take a nap.

story continues in chapter six

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