Lori 2

by Sigid

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© Copyright 2001 - Sigid - Used by permission

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Lori 2
Part One

 Since Lori had left last Sunday evening, I found myself missing her more than usual, so I was happy to pick up the phone late on the next Friday evening and hear her voice.

 "Hello, Paul?  This is Lori. I hate to bother you at this late hour, but I really, really need a *BIG* favor from you."  She started off this conversation in her best professional tone of voice - confident, strong and self-assured, so I stayed out of my own "character" and let her speak.

 It turned out that she had been out to dinner earlier this evening with one of her female friends named Karyn who was also into B&D (primarily as a Dominant rather than a Submissive).  Karyn had had a little too much to drink, and had started to brag to Lori about the male sex slave she had who would come to her place "on command",  and how much fun it was to "use and abuse" him at her whim.  Lori, on the other hand, had had quite a bit too much to drink, and had started to feel the pressure to keep up her end of the conversation.  No one wants to hear someone else brag (especially about matters of sex) without getting in their own two cents' worth, I suppose, although I thought that women didn't have big ego displays and clashes with their friends like men do (yeah, I know I'm hopelessly naive!).

 In any event, Lori had started making references to her own slave in the friendly (slightly drunken) spirit of "can-you-top-this", and Karyn had responded in kind.  By the end of the next few rounds of drinks, Karyn had come right out and asked to see Lori's slave and "check him out for herself", and Lori had been unable to think of a good excuse in time;  finding herself backed into a corner, Lori had agreed to have Karyn up to her apartment tomorrow evening for a "command performance".  The only stumbling block in this whole situation was that Lori didn't really have a male sex slave of her own.

 "But I thought of you right away!" she said, "And I thought that maybe you'd like to do something different, for a change."

 Well, it certainly would be different.  And I can think of worse things than having two women use me as a sex slave.  But the idea of being a Submissive was totally foreign to me, and being apprehensive, I hesitated.

 Hearing silence from my end, Lori continued "Paul?  Listen, I know this is a really *huge* favor, and it's very short notice, too, but I'm really in a bit of a jam here.  Besides, aren't we both always looking to for new ways escalate our little `game'?"

 She had a point there, and we both knew it.  Besides, the idea was starting to appeal to me, now that I'd gotten past the initial surprise.  Also, she had always come to visit me, and I had never once returned the favor, so maybe I owed her.  Still, though, I hesitated...

 She sighed into the phone, and continued "All right, Paul, how about if I promise to make it up to you?"  Bingo!, I thought, knowing just how well she could, indeed, make it up to me.

 I cooperated with the inevitable at that point, saying, "OK, Lori, I'll do it - but I intend to hold you to your offer to `make it up' to me." And I chuckled evilly into the phone.

 "Great!  Thanks a lot, Paul, I really appreciate this - and I'll remember my end of the deal."  She sighed with relief into the phone.  "It would be good if you could arrive in the late afternoon, tomorrow - say around 5:00?  That'll give us time to grab dinner - I know a good Italian place right in the neighborhood - and be back here before Karyn arrives."

 "OK, I think I can handle that - now, can you give me directions to your place from LaGuardia Airport?"  She did so, and I recognized the address as being in the fashionable, and fairly affluent section of Manhattan (suitable for a successful Account Executive).

 "Is there anything in particular I should bring?" I asked.

 "Maybe some of that great sensemeilla we had last time, if you still have any."

 "No problem - I've got plenty."

 "I already have all the other `toys' we'll need, so don't bother bringing any of those.  So I'll look for you tomorrow, around 5:00.", she said, "And who knows?  You may even enjoy playing the role I usually play!"  Chuckling, she hung up.  I hung up too, wondering if I had made a wise decision, and knowing it was too late to back out now...


 The next afternoon found me (and a small overnight bag of personal articles) hopping a shuttle flight from Boston's Logan Airport to LaGuardia Airport in New York.  The flight was uneventful, and I got into LaGuardia around 4:15, where I grabbed a cab for the ride to Manhattan.  Being a Saturday afternoon, the traffic wasn't too bad going into Manhattan, and I arrived at her apartment building at a few minutes before 5:00.

 The building was modern and impressive, probably 25 stories tall, and had a uniformed doorman out front.  After calling up to Lori's apartment to verify that I was expected, he lead me to the elevator, and told me to go to the twenty-first floor, apartment 12.  Lori was waiting for me in the doorway as I got out.  She looked stunning, as always, as she smiled a greeting and gave me a big hug, which I returned with enthusiasm.  After a quick kiss, she invited me inside and closed the door behind me.

 Once inside, she gave me a much longer and more passionate kiss which lasted for quite a few minutes.  Breaking the clinch, she said "Paul, again - thanks a lot for coming.  I really appreciate it - a lot!"

 "No problem at all" I replied, and looked around her apartment.  It was surprisingly large and was furnished with a number of pieces of high-tech furniture (mostly chrome, glass, and leather) on a beautiful thick blue rug.  I immediately recognized that this type of furniture - being essentially upholstered chrome bars - offered a great deal of bondage potential.

 I didn't get the full tour, though, as Lori was anxious to get going for dinner.  The little Italian restaurant she lead me to had excellent food and a very comprehensive wine list.  The coffee and desert really filled up any empty spots I may have had.  However, despite the excellence of the meal, I was still apprehensive about the rest of the evening.  I had never played a Submissive before, and I wasn't sure just how well I could pull it off.  I didn't want to embarrass myself too badly with a poor performance, but even less did I want to disapppoint Lori in front of her good friend.  When we were both finished, Lori insisted on paying (which I always did when she visited me) and we got back to her apartment at around 7:00.

 I took a few minutes to look around, and was again impressed with the apartment and her choice of decor.  We spent a ten minutes making small talk, and I began to notice that each of us seemed somewhat distracted, possibly ill-at-ease in an unfamiliar situation.  To break the ice, and to get myself in character, I suddenly kneeled down on the rug in front of her, bowed my head, and said softly, "I hope that I will be a good and proper slave for you, Mistress Lori."  She chuckled, and had me stand up again.  "I'm sure you will, Paul", she said, kissing me.

 Following my gut feelings, I said "If it's all right with you, Mistress, perhaps I should take a shower so that I can show the proper respect towards your friend and yourself this evening."

 She brightened.  "Yes, slave, that's a good idea." she said, starting to slip in into her new and unaccustomed role.

 "And is there anything special you would like me to wear when I finish?" I asked, starting to warm up to my own new role.

 I could have sworn that a very mischievous grin crossed her face, and her deep azure eyes sparked briefly.  "I do have something special in mind for you, slave;  I'll take care of it later, however."

 Not quite being sure what she meant by that, I headed for the bathroom.  After a quick touch-up shave, I got into a hot shower and scrubbed down.  Midway through, I heard the door open, and Lori came in.  For a moment, I thought she was going to get playful;  instead, she simply stood in the doorway for long moment, inspecting my body.   I thought I saw that mischievous grin again as she simply bent down, scooped up my clothes, and left, closing the door behind her.

 When I finished, I dried off, brushed my hair, wrapped a towel around me, and rejoined her in the living room.  My clothes were nowhere to be seen.  Correctly interpreting my questioning glance, Lori said "Since you won't be needing them, I've put your clothes away in a safe place."

 I said nothing, as she got up off the couch and walked over to me, stopping directly in front of me.  "In fact, you're over-dressed right now!", she said, snatching the towel away and throwing it on the floor.  I remained quiet, and directed my eyes to the floor.  She reached out and grasped my balls gently.  "Come on over here", she said, tugging me to follow her, "I want to get you ready before Karyn comes".

 She directed me over to a slightly oversized chair I had noticed.  The chair was a tubular chrome affair, shaped roughly like a slim, modern recliner with a somewhat oversized base.  The chair seat, back, and leg rest areas were a deep blue leather (to match the rug).  Without a word, Lori began attaching leather bondage cuffs securely to my wrists and ankles.  She also wrapped a thick leather harness belt around my waist, and then had me sit down. The chair felt cool against my bare skin.

 I stood quietly throughout this, trying to really get into my role as a Submissive slave.  I was still a bit apprehensive, but I was becoming less so;  I also found that the familiar bondage equipment being applied to me was (unexpectedly) starting to turn me on.

 Lori finished with the cuffs and had me sit back in the chair.  She drew my arms around the back of the chair and locked my wrists together using a short length of chain.  She then drew each of my ankles back along opposite sides of the chair, and locked them in place to the side frame.  I found she was extremely good at this;  although I was not especially uncomfortable, I knew there was no way I could get out of the chair by myself.

 When she had finished with this, she smiled at me, and then leaned over and kissed me fully on the mouth.   Using her lips and tongue, she really started me going, and I wished for a moment that our roles were reversed so that I could get my hands on her.  Breaking the kiss at last, she smiled again.  "While we're waiting, why don't we have a little grass to get us in the mood?"

 Once again, I thought I saw more in her eyes than should be there, but I just nodded and told her that my stash was in my overnight bag.  She went into the bedroom, and came back in a few minutes with the stuff, from which she rolled a slim joint.

 "When is Karyn getting here?" I asked, as she lit up and pressed the joint to my lips.

 "Pretty much any time now",  Lori said, "Probably in the next 20 minutes or so."  I noticed that she was giving me pretty much all the joint, and in response to my unspoken question, she said "I don't want too much right now;  I'll have some more later when Karyn gets here."

 When I had finished, she said "OK, slave - it's show time!"  So saying, she pulled out a few pieces of rope from the nearby table drawer, and secured my shoulders and upper arms to the chair frame.  This was utterly unnecessary (there was no way I could have escaped) but Lori ignored my remarks.  She then reached down and clipped my waist belt tightly to the chair frame as well, so that I really could not move much at all.

 She left the room again, and returned with a familiar item - the black leather gag I had used on her just last weekend (the one with the large blunt penile attachment on the inside of the mouthpiece).  Seeing this, I protested and began squirming around on the chair (God, she had done a really good job!  I could hardly move even a few inches!).

 To my surprise, Lori said nothing;  instead, she reached down and grasped my balls firmly and began squeezing.  She continued squeezing, increasing the pressure slowly, until I had the sense to stop protesting.  "Open up!" she ordered, and to my own surprise, I did.  She shoved the gag firmly and completely into my mouth, then fastened it securely behind my head.  She then attached the gag straps to the chair frame so that I could barely move my head.

 This was more intense than I had anticipated, but all I could do at this point was stare up at her helplessly.  That little mischievous grin had returned, and was much bigger now.

 "Watch yourself, slave!" she said sharply.  "You are not permitted to protest anything I choose to do to you!  If you forget this again, I will punish you.  Do you understand?"

 I nodded meekly, lowering my eyes in what I hoped was a truly slave-like way.  Now that the game had started, there no turning back - she was indeed the Mistress and I was helpless before her.

 "That's better.  Your initiation may not be too hard, if you cooperate fully."  That mischievous grin had become more of a smirk as her character emerged more completely.  "There's just one more thing to do for right now..."

 I couldn't imagine what more she could do to me;  I was already completely at her mercy.  Or so I thought until she returned again from the bedroom, carrying a little something in her left hand.

 "You asked before if there was anything `special' you should wear tonight.  Well, I've decided that you'll wear this!"  She held up the thing she was carrying, and recognizing it right away, I began squirming frantically (if hopelessly) against my bonds.

 She ignored my struggles, knelt down in front of me, and began to attach the bright stainless steel cock lock.  The first metal band completely encircled my balls and cock, and was s-s-snicked into place firmly like a handcuff.  Attached to this metal band was a slender rounded metal bar which was drawn between my balls, causing them to be separated and drawn upwards.  A second metal loop attached to the first encircled the base of my cock, and was similarly locked snugly.

 My reaction was confusing - on the one hand, I hated the idea of my cock and balls being in bondage;  on the other, there was something strongly and undeniably erotic about it which was really arousing.  From her position, Lori could easily see that I was starting to get aroused, and she grinned up at me.

 "The key for this cock lock is hidden away where you'll never find it.  You might be able to remove the lock if you had several hacksaw blades and a very steady hand, but you won't get the chance, believe me.  If you behave yourself, and if it suits me, I may take it off you temporarily, but for the most part, you'll be wearing it all the time.  If you don't behave, I'll send you home wearing it!" she said in a commanding tone of complete self-assurance.

 "You are now completely my sexual slave", she continued, stroking my cock in a way she knew would get me hard fast  "You will wear this cock lock as a constant reminder that you are fully my sexual slave;  I alone own your sex and I will use it - and abuse it - and grant access to it - as I see fit."  My cock was already as hard as I could stand, as she continued "This cock lock also lets others know not only that you are owned, but also by whom you are owned."  Her grin widened. 

 My cock was a now a seven-inch hard purple rod, throbbing unmercifully as I squirmed violently in the chair.  She was driving me crazy, but she showed no inclination to stop.  "And one last thing" she grinned broadly (and I groaned into my gag, knowing what she was about to say, since I was already experiencing it first "hand")  "You will not be able to come while you are wearing this cock lock.  I will decide when, if, and how you will be allowed to come."  Her hand tightened on my cock.  "It's a sort of `chastity belt' for male slaves!"  To prove her point, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, and started working me over in a major way, licking me, sucking me, running her lips up and down my shaft as she fingered my balls.

 The sensations she aroused were incredibly strong!  The cock lock itself magnified the effect of her efforts by restricting the flow of blood into my penis;  unfortunately, it also gripped more snugly as I became more erect, so that it was completely impossible for me to actually come.  All I could do was get more and more aroused!

 Within minutes, I was writhing frantically against my bonds, and moaning deeply into my gag.  She kept me going for a few minutes, and then suddenly withdrew.  I almost cried out in frustration.  She waited a minute while I calmed down, and my cock retreated from its pounding erection.

 Lori stood up and smiled down at me, then stepped out of character for a minute.  "Paul, I love you and I will see to it that you have a really memorable evening;  but please remember that you really are my slave."  I already knew that everything she was doing was part of a role-playing designed to convince Karyn that I was really her slave.  Loving Lori as I did, I knew I'd do my very best not to let her down.  I nodded to her as best I could and she bent down and kissed my cheek. 

 She immediately stepped back into character.  "Let me see if I can display you better."  she said.  "That chair you're in is similar to the `adjustable bed' you've seen advertised on TV.  With this little box here" she waved a little control box "I can position you pretty much as I see fit."  (That certainly explained the oversized base on this chair!)

 By pushing a few buttons, the chair gradually changed from straight upright to a more "laid back" position.  I wound up at almost a 45 degree angle, looking at the far wall, since the gag would not let me move my head very much.

 Lori went over and turned on the stereo, and then she vanished into the bedroom for several minutes.  When she reappeared, she was wearing a bulky robe.  I could see some spike heels on her feet, and what looked like dark stockings on her calves, but the robe covered everything else.  Lori caught me staring at her and moved out of my field of vision, and set up some wine glasses for herself and Karyn. 

 It was at pretty much at that moment that the doorbell rang.  I swallowed my apprehension as Lori moved briefly across my field of vision on her way to open the door.
 I heard the two friends greet each other at the door, and I heard the door close.  They made small talk for a few minutes, and then I heard a new female voice ask, " So? Where is he?" and I heard Lori answer, with a trace of pride, "Right over there!"  A few moments later, they both stepped into my field of vision.

 I had never seen Karyn before, and I was surprised to see an attractive woman maybe 5 foot 6 or 7 with a good figure, dark blonde hair, and startling hazel-colored eyes.  She was wearing a conservative skirt-and-blouse outfit of some dark-colored wool.  An appreciative grin covered her face as she stared at me.  "Hey, he's a real catch!" said Karyn, and Lori smiled, but I blushed (finally, I showed some embarrassment at being stretched out nude in front of a stranger!).  "And he even blushes, too!".  Karyn looked at Lori and asked, "May I?".

 "Of course!" Lori nodded.

 Karyn came over to me and put her long slender fingers on my hairy chest and began stroking me.  She stroked my chest, neck, and shoulders, then worked her way down to my stomach and hips, at which point my cock stirred to life.  Karyn ignored my erection and proceeded to rub my hips and thighs, running her finger tips along the inner surfaces of my thighs in long, light strokes.  My cock became fully erect, and strained again at the lock.

 "I see you took my advice about the cock lock" Karyn said, "Good!  I find it helps keep them in line - even the more difficult ones."  She stood up.  "I must confess - I'm a little jealous Lori!  You didn't tell me your stud was such a hunk!"

 Lori smiled.  "I didn't want you to think I was just bragging, so I decided to let you see for yourself."  Karyn nodded.  "Would you care for some wine and cheese?  I also have some perfectly wonderful grass, if you'd prefer."

 "Let's start with the wine" Karyn suggested, and as Lori turned away to get it, Karyn leaned over close to my face and smiled at me.  "I hope you're as strong as you look, slave!" She whispered, and then turned away to join Lori.

 For the next twenty or thirty minutes, they conversed about a number of topics (including myself - sometimes politely, sometimes rather crudely, but always as if I wasn't actually in the room with them).  They had most of the wine, and then Lori lit up a good-sized joint which they took turns hitting on as they continued their conversation.  At one point, Karyn looked over at me and said "Sorry you can't join us!" at which they both broke into stoned laughter (I was still pretty stoned myself, so I didn't much care.) 

 Finally Karyn stood up and stretched luxuriously.  "Shall we proceed to the main course?" she asked, and Lori nodded.  They both approached me.  Karyn began by running her fingers along my thighs again while Lori began kissing my chest.  Soon, Lori was playfully biting my nipples and stroking my stomach while Karyn stroked my balls.  My cock was already straining against its lock when Lori straightened up and removed her robe.

 To my delight, she was wearing a deep red satin bustier trimmed in black lace with small bra cups that just barely contained her beautiful breasts, along with a tiny pair of matching red satin panties.  Her red and black lace garters were attached to a pair of long black stockings which ended at just about her crotch.  She looked spectacular and again I wished (not for the last time, either!) that our roles were reversed so that I could get my hands on her.  Instead, all I could do was moan my frustration.

 Then Karyn straightened up and, smiling at me, began a slow strip tease of her own.  As she slid off her blouse, I saw that she was wearing a form-fitting black satin slip with lace cups that were nearly (but not quite) transparent.  Her nipples were already poking stiffly at their thin covering as she slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall.  The slip ended at mid thigh, with a wide lace hem underneath which were clearly visible the tops of her gartered white stockings.

 I thought I was going to go crazy, being able to see all those delightful female charms, so close at hand but so unreachable.  My now neglected cock was as hard as it could get, straining at the cock lock;  Karyn looked at Lori and pointed at my erection.  "You see?  I told you - these outfits alone will get a slave going good!".  I moaned my agreement loudly and struggled at my bonds;  Karyn and Lori just looked at me and laughed unsympathetically.

 "Poor little slave!" said Karyn, "Do you think he feels as though he's being teased?"

 "Teased?" asked Lori, "Why, whatever do you mean?"

 "I mean teased", Karyn said, as she grabbed my penis and began pumping it up and down very slowly and very lightly, "as in `Cock-Teased'.  As in when a woman - or women - begin stimulating a man's cock, getting him as hard as he can get, but never letting him come at all."

 "So he gets a real hard on, but can't do anything with it?" Lori asked, smirking down at me, as her hand started stroking my caged balls with a maddeningly light touch.

 "That's right", answered Karyn with a grin.  She started using both hands on my cock, pumping just a little faster and gripping just a little harder.  "I mean, it's just so unfair, don't you think?"

 "I certainly do!" stated Lori, as she started tickling my balls with her finger nails, and running one finger nail under my scrotum right back almost to my anus, and then forward again.

 I was frantic;  my cock quickly became a bulging ugly purple rod that felt like it was on fire while my balls actually felt as though they were glowing a hot, painful blue.  The cock lock continued to magnify the sensations while denying me any release.  I writhed against my bonds as hard as I could, but Lori had done the job well - I could barely move more than an inch or two.

 They continued unmercifully, varying their tempo and actions to maximize the stimulation.  I screamed into my gag on several occasions, but they both simply ignored me.  Then, abruptly, Karyn looked over at Lori and said "You know, I'm very thirsty.  Is there any more of that wine left?"

 "Yes, I think so." replied Lori, and with that they went over to get some more wine.  I vented my frustration by screaming angrily into my gag and thrashing wildly in the chair, but they both ignored me. As they sipped their wine, they each took another toke on the left-over joint.  When they had finished, they came back over to where I sat helplessly.

 "Perhaps he'd like a little wine or something", Lori suggested. 

 "Can he be trusted if we remove his gag?" asked Karyn with a smile.  "Is he that well trained?"

 Lori nodded, and leaned down to remove my gag, giving me a generous view of her cleavage as she did.  A whole lot of things occurred to me to say, but Lori looked deeply into my eyes, pleading silently with me.  I knew I'd have to choke back whatever I wanted to say;  I was supposed to be her slave, and I wasn't going to let Lori down in front of her friend.

 It felt good to be able to move my jaws and my head again.  I glanced downward and said "Thank you, Mistress Lori."  I saw Karyn glance approvingly at Lori.  "That's very good, Lori!" she said.  "Perhaps we can spare a little wine for him as a reward.  And to keep his strength up!"

 I was given a glass of wine, which Lori held for me, and a toke from the joint held by Karyn.  Needless to say, my mood improved markedly and immediately.  I desperately wanted to ask that the cock lock be removed, but I knew better;  according to all the literature, such a request from a slave borders on impudence and may actually require some punishment from his Mistress...

 Karyn was smiling at me broadly.  It seemed to me that she actually found me attractive and desirable, and that she was somewhat jealous of Lori.  Then Karyn looked at Lori and asked, "Can I play with him for as while?  I want to see him earn his keep."

 Lori nodded "Of course - be my guest!"  She handed Karyn the control box for the chair I was in, and went into her bedroom to leave us alone.  I gathered that this was some sort of noblesse oblige on Lori's part which required her to share, but I was not entirely comfortable about being left alone, naked and tied down completely, with a stranger.  In any event, I was not given any say in the matter.

 Karyn smile at me, and adjusted my chair so that it was almost entirely horizontal, maybe 30 inches off the floor.  She bent over and began kissing me, holding my head in her hands.  She used her tongue and lips very aggressively - almost raping my mouth with hers.  She was exceptionally good at this, and within a very short time, my cock was again straining upwards against its prison.

 She reached down with her right hand and began massaging my caged balls and she continued to rape my mouth.  Her hand then drifted up to my cock, which she began stroking with a graceful and sinewy motion.  I found out she was also extremely good at that, and I shivered strongly under her touch, trying (unsuccessfully) to press my cock harder against her hand.  She stopped kissing me and smiled at me while continuing to stroke my cock.  In just a few minutes, I was sweating and squirming.  My breathing was starting to get ragged and I was moaning softly when she withdrew her hand and stood up.

 "You kiss well, slave" she told me, "and your body feels good, too!"  She slid the straps off her shoulders, and dropped her slip to the floor.  Her breasts were very nicely shaped, with large aureoles and nipples which stood up tall and proud.  Her panties were white lace and virtually transparent, and she removed them with a swift motion, leaving only her white stockings and lace garter belt.  She stood there letting me admire her (which I certainly did!) and then she swung her leg over the chair so that she was sitting on my chest with one thigh next to each of my ears.  Her cunt was framed with the same dark blonde color hair, and it looked and smelled delightful.  She was already sexually aroused;  drops of pearly fluid were clearly visible on her labial lips and I strained my mouth forward towards her.

 She looked at me with some heat and moved her cunt to cover my mouth.  "Please me well, slave!" she said in a husky voice.  I was more than happy to oblige, letting my lips work on her labia while my tongue explored her crotch and lapped hungrily at her clit.  I was so horny, and she was so sexy, that I gave a performance that was truly inspired.  In only a few minutes she was gasping and grinding her hips against my face.  Her deeply musky juices flowed generously into my mouth and down my face as I flicked her clit with my tongue and massaged her labia with my lips.  Her clit became so enlarged that I was able to grasp it gently with my teeth so that I could give her a really strong tongue-lashing.  She cried out at this, and when I looked up (as best I could) I could see that she had gripped one of her nipples in each hand and was pinching them hard.  Suddenly her hips bucked wildly, and she cried gave a little scream;  her juices were drenching me as she came in a long, slow, delicious orgasm that lasted a very long time...

 Her cunt pressed down on my mouth as her muscles relaxed, and for a moment I was afraid she would smother me (what a way to go!, I thought) when she suddenly sighed and straightened up, withdrawing her crotch a few inches.  I strained my head forward and actually succeeded in getting the tip of my tongue on her labia;  she pulled back in some surprise, and then smiled down on me with that beautiful expression some women have after they've been sexually satisfied.  "No more, slave!" she said, her voice ragged, "At least, not right now."  I looked up at her and said (as humbly as I could) "Thank you, Mistress Karyn."

 Lori came back in, surveyed the scene, and turned to Karyn.  "Wasn't he every bit as good as I said?" she asked.  Karyn nodded.  "He's a rare find.  I'm now more than just a little bit jealous, Lori!"  They both laughed a bit.  Then Lori grinned down at me, slipped her tiny red panties down her hips, and said "Now it's my turn!"

 I was surprised once again by Lori's behavior; she was so different tonight than the role she normally played up at my house!  I was fascinated and even overwhelmed by the range of her sensuality as she assumed the position so recently occupied by Karyn.  I happily obliged her as I had Karyn, and began working on her familiar, delicious cunt with my lips and tongue.

 I suddenly felt my cock being handled again, and realized it was Karyn just as she took my cock entirely in her hand and began licking me slowly and thoroughly.  Once again my cock was being teased big time, and by a true pro.  As I continued to pleasure Lori, Karyn began really destroying my concentration.  She held my cock firmly in her hand and then inserted the tip between her lips, where her tongue could get at my most sensitive area.  Her lips and teeth gently grabbed the tip of my penis and held it steady while her tongue went to work, as her long slender fingers started stroking my shaft and my balls.  She was giving me the same tongue-lashing that I had given her!

 I was having a very hard time staying focused on Lori, but I had the strangest feeling that this routine was a test;  if I failed to pleasure Lori sufficiently, I was sure that they would seize the opportunity to punish me for being a "bad slave".  But I was so horny, and Karyn was so incredibly good at cock teasing, that I had to concentrate much more than I ever had before.

 Lori had braided her hands behind her head and was rocking her hips slowly back and forth on my face.  Her breathing was hoarse and ragged.  Her cunt was pumping her sweet juices into my willing mouth as she moaned softly.  Her nipples were pressing tautly at the cups of her bustier and her face was flushed;  a small bead of perspiration appeared on her upper lip.  Suddenly, her hips starting rocking wildly and she cried out as her orgasm began. 

 Karyn immediately escalated her cock teasing with a skill I had never before experienced - and suddenly I felt as though I had reverted to some sort of wild animal;  I could no longer think coherently about anything except sex - both the incredible sensations which came in overpowering waves from my locked and throbbing cock, as well as the exquisite feelings I was getting from sharing in Lori's explosive orgasm.  I became aware that I was actually grunting as I thrashed violently at my bonds in a vain attempt to get free.  I was in a driven frenzy, and my lips and tongue seemed to become a part of Lori's cunt as I drove her to orgasm again and again.  As soon as she'd start to come down, I'd drive her on again.  I knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted it, and when.

 I have no idea how long this lasted;  when Lori finally did succeed in pulling herself away from my mouth, I remember making several lunges at her crotch with my tongue in an attempt to prevent her from getting away.  When Karyn saw that Lori had finished, she backed off my cock, letting me down slowly.  I started groaning loudly as full-blown frustration hit me.  Fearing that the neighbors might get involved, Karyn placed a throw pillow over my face to muffle the noise.  Lori, meanwhile, made it to the couch where she collapsed with a satisfied smile on her face as she tried to catch her breath.

 "Jesus Christ!" Lori gasped as Karyn joined her on the couch, "I have never, never felt anything that intense in my entire life!  Look - I'm still shuddering.  My hands are actually shaking!"  (At that point, my own hands were beginning to stop shaking, as my breathing started to return to normal and my head began to clear out).

 Karyn looked her squarely in the eye, speaking softly and intensely.  "I've played this game dozens of times, and usually, all it does is give the slave a severe case of blue balls - and we might even wind up with some excuse to punish him.  This slave of yours is really...unique."  She grinned. "And excellent!"

 Karyn's hazel eyes gleamed as she spoke and Lori knew that she was truly impressed.  "Thanks, Karyn," Lori said, "I knew you'd like him, but this is even better than I expected.  Why don't you stay the night, if you like?" 

 Karyn smiled  "I was hoping you'd ask."

 Lori stood up and stretched.  "Then lets hit the sack, and tomorrow we can figure out what we want to do." 

 Karyn pointed at me.  "What will we do about him?"

 "Oh, he can come with us, of course!" Lori grinned, and from a nearby shelf she picked up a six foot length of slender chain, which she attached to my cock lock.  "We'll just put him on a leash first.  Here, you hold it while I get him ready."

 Karyn grinned wickedly, and took hold of the chain attached to my captive cock.  She gave the chain a sharp tug "Just to remind you who's in charge here, slave!"  Lori unlocked my ankle cuffs from the chair frame and then attached a 12 inch long wire to them so that my legs were hobbled quite effectively.  She unlocked my wrists one at a time from the chair and relocked them to the thick leather waist harness.  Finally she untied the ropes around my shoulders, and unclipped the waist harness from the chair frame.

 I got up, none too steadily, and stood before them as humbly as I could manage with my head bowed.  Karyn lead me to the bedroom, never allowing much slack in my "leash".  Lori's bedroom contained a king sized bed covered with deep red satin sheets and a furry blanket.  I was ordered to lie down flat on the bed, and with Karyn still holding my "leash" tightly, I did so without comment.  Lori unlocked my wrists (again one at a time) from the waist belt and relocked them to short lengths of chain attached to heavy eye bolts which had been mounted inconspicuously into the frame of her bed.  She then stretched my ankles apart and chained them down, completing the spread-eagle position.

 As soon as I was secured, Karyn stripped nude, hopped into the bed and began raping my mouth again.  Lori also stripped off her bustier and stockings, producing a small key from the her left bra cup.

 "I think he deserves a little reward" she said to Karyn.  She leaned over me, and I felt (finally!) the cock lock being removed.  God, but that felt great!  Lori then knelt between my knees and began fondling me, and with the release of the cock lock, my cock sprang to life harder than ever.  She wasn't going to give me a completely easy time of it, though;  twice she brought me right to edge of orgasm (she knew me so well!) and then backed off.

 Karyn looked up and turned to Lori.  "Can I do the honors?" she asked, and Lori left off what she was doing to switch places with Karyn, who grinned wickedly at me as she reached for my cock.

 As Lori rubbed her beautiful breasts against my chest and French kissed me, Karyn at first used both her hands on my cock and balls, then switched her hands to my balls so that she could wrap her lips around my cock.  She began a firm up and down motion combined with exquisite tongue movements around the tip of my cock as she fondled my balls.  Lori left off kissing me and began nibbling my nipples.

 I quickly began to writhe and moan;  I was so horny that I thought my balls might explode any minute, but Karyn's cock teasing skill was absolutely the best I've ever experienced.  Although I could move somewhat more freely on the bed than I could in the chair, Karyn would not allow any movement of mine to interfere with what she was doing - if I thrust upward, she retreated;  if I pulled down, she followed.

 My face was flushed and I felt completely breathless;  I was panting and my body was covered in a thin film of sweat.  All I could think about was being able to come, and I yearned more for release with every passing second.  Just when I thought I couldn't stand it for even one more second, Karyn straightened up, straddled my hips, and wrapped her incredible cunt firmly around my engorged shaft.

 I exploded, pumping my hips wildly up and down as she rode me, a big smile on her face.  Again and again I buried my cock in her;  again and again she met my every thrust with her own.  When I finally came, it was so intense that I forgot to breathe;  each pumping thrust seemed to go on forever, and there was always another one to follow.  My lips were drawn back and my back was arched off the bed, but I was utterly unable to make a sound as my whole existence funneled out through my cock and into her sweet wet cunt, over and over and over...

 I was utterly exhausted when I finally finished;  Karyn was glowing and Lori looked sleepy.  We all cuddled up, with me in the middle, and I fell fast asleep almost immediately.

The Story continues in Part 2