Long Time Bound 5

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2016 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF/fm; basement; dungeon; bond; rope; tape; bfold; gag; spandex; captives; struggle; tease; tricked; cons/reluct; X

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Part 5

(The day that Carolyn and I got ‘kidnapped’)

It must have been at least two hours since I’d been left tied up in the small windowless basement room. But the length of time that I’d been left to my own devices didn’t mean that I was any closer to getting myself free. In fact, the copious amounts of rope that bound and held me in check were still as tight and efficient in their assigned roles as they had been at the moment of application.

Behind me, my wrists had been bound with a degree of expertise and a ruthless attention to detail that ensured that I was unable to pull my hands from the tightly wound and cinched coils, whilst my stretching fingers had no chance of tampering with the securing knot; the exact location of which still remained a mystery to me. The fact that my arms, from shoulder to wrist, were also lashed tightly to my body, allowing me no room to manoeuvre them more than a fraction of an inch in any direction, simply added to the feeling of complete helplessness. My legs, too, had fallen victim to the same high standard of restraint, having been bound together at the ankles, calves, knees and thighs with solidly unbreakable circuits of white rope that dug deeply into my flesh and constantly reminded me, every time I moved, that recovering the capability to walk – or even stand up - was not an option.

My ability to call for help – to seek assistance in extricating myself from this sorry state that I found myself in – had also been well and truly stifled. The pair of rolled up women’s tights that packed my mouth, had been secured in place by what must have been ten or more circuits of strongly bonding grey duct tape, which completely masked my lower face and head.

Another piece of tape, this one of no more than six inches or so in length, had also been placed across my face and smoothed down to ensure it couldn’t be removed, and now served as a makeshift but thoroughly effective blindfold.

Although now sightless, I had gathered, from the period just prior to the tape being pressed down onto my eyelids, that the door to this small empty room was away to my right, around ten feet away from where I sat propped up against the wall. If I’d had a mind to, I could easily have located this, the only exit, by shuffling my bound up frame across the floor. I’m certain also that, given a minute or two of trial and error, I would have been able to get myself into an upright position by leaning and supporting myself against the wall, then reaching out with my severely restricted hands to grab the door handle. But what good would that do? I knew, from the sound of padlocks clicking shut as my abductors departed, that I was locked in this isolated prison cell. And the sound of footsteps that had followed this securing of the exit, also informed me that I had been abandoned here... for the time being, anyway.


But none of this concerned me greatly. In fact, I was thoroughly enjoying my time here as a helpless captive, and I was relishing the prospect of several more hours of the same. My abductors – Aliesha and Zoe – had informed me that they had no intention of releasing me until at least this evening, which suited me just fine, and gave me plenty of quality bondage time in which to amuse myself.

As readers of the Long Time Bound series will already know, I have a passion for being tied up and kept that way by attractive members of the opposite sex, and this current experience definitely ticked that box. So my time here was, as you’ve probably already gathered, at my own instigation. Not that it had taken my two attractive captors much persuading. Both were as big bondage aficionados as I was, and they were willing to help me live out my kidnap fantasies to the full; providing that I reciprocated and bound them up every so often too. This I was only too happy to do.

But today it was my turn to be the victim. And as always, I’d dressed up in my favourite bondage outfit for the occasion. My cat-suit was tailored from smooth, shiny black spandex that glistened in the light whenever I moved. Fitting me snugly from neck to ankle, the hugging garment was one of only two that I presently wore, the other being a pair of sheer black tights that were only visible at the point where my feet protruded from the tightly clinging leg avenues of the stirruped cat-suit.

The room that was to be my home for (at least) the next few hours was in the cellar of an old house in the country that had been abandoned and boarded up for several years now. The girls and I, however, had managed to gain entry through a broken panel of a side door. Once we’d restored the door to working order, we’d had bolts and padlocks attached to the exterior, ensuring that nobody else could gain entry, whilst allowing us access whenever we chose. This house, or more correctly speaking, the underground cellars and storage rooms, were now employed as dungeons for our kinky antics. These rooms, too, had been fitted with locks and chains that would deter all but the most determined or desperate of people from getting in. Breaking out was certainly not an option.

Today, Saturday, my wrists and ankles had been tied at Zoe’s home, before I had been transported to the house early that afternoon. To ensure that I wasn’t seen en-route, I’d been bundled into the boot of Aliesha’s car and driven the ten miles or so out into the wilds of rural Suffolk, to the isolated location known only to the three of us. There, I’d been encumbered with the remainder of my bonds, before being locked away, with the promise of a visit from my good looking tormentors later that evening.

After some time of being engaged in a mock battle to get out of my bonds, I was now resting. I had no real appetite for freedom, and I would have been disappointed if my struggles had yielded to my straining and squirming endeavours. Anyone not into bondage won’t understand this, but just the sensation of wriggling and writhing in your restraints - and failing to escape - is one of the greatest thrills for a merinthophile like myself. And I was well enough acquainted with the rigging techniques of both Zoe and Aliesha, to know that there was no risk of anything coming loose or slipping. This therefore allowed me to wrestle and toil as vigorously as I liked, safe in the knowledge that, once my energies were all spent, I would still be as trussed and tethered as I had been prior to this workout. It was a situation that I’d been in before, and I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary to transpire today.

However, things were about to take a rather unusual turn.


The first inkling I received that this was going to be no run-of-the-mill bondage experience, in which I was left for a set period of time then released, came after what can’t have been more than three hours of captivity. Although I had no way of accurately measuring the passing of time, I had acquired, through years of experience, a rough idea of how long it took for an hour in bondage to elapse. So I was certain straightaway that Zoe and Aliesha wouldn’t be back at this time unless they had something out of the ordinary planned.

But there was definitely a commotion somewhere above me on the ground floor of the house. Had someone else got in? I shivered at the thought of some stranger finding me here, although I was comforted by the fact that the door to my prison was locked with at least two padlocks, so anyone wanting to get in would have to get past these before they stumbled upon me. As I was pondering the possibilities, I breathed a sigh of relief. Although incoming sounds had to penetrate through the floor to reach me, as the hubbub grew progressively louder, I recognised Zoe’s voice. Then Aliesha’s dulcet tones also reached my ears.

But as well as these two familiar voices, there came another, more incoherent sound. And as the cause of this disturbance reached a point directly outside the cellar door, I detected what can only be described as a frantic, miserable, almost hysterical quality to this third, unknown person’s utterances. It was a woman, I could tell that from the high pitch of the voice, but her words, unlike the clear delivery from Zoe and Aliesha, were stifled and muffled. It was obvious that, whoever this woman was, she was gagged. And from her continued protestations, it seemed she was not exactly here by choice. But what the hell were my two captors playing at? Had they kidnapped someone for real and brought her here against her will? And if so, for what purpose?

All was about to be revealed.


The sound of the padlocks being removed was swiftly followed by the creaking of the door as it was forced open. For a few seconds, a scuffle seemed to ensue, as Zoe and Aliesha’s companion was forcibly bundled into the room. The sight of me sitting there in all my bondage finery must have been a shock to the unsuspecting newcomer, and was probably the reason for a renewed bout of squealing from what sounded like a well stuffed mouth.

“Stand still bitch, or you’ll end up in even worse trouble than you are already.”

Zoe’s harsh rebuke elicited a moaned plea to be set free, although this failed to have the desired effect. I tried to speak at this point, in an attempt to find out what was going on exactly. But no sooner had my equally muted words been deadened by the tights that filled my mouth, than I felt the sensation of the tape beside my left eye being picked at, which was followed an instant later by the removal of this makeshift blindfold with one quick, rather painful rip away from my flesh.

The illumination from the two torches that Aliesha and Zoe always used in this house (as there was no natural light in this underground tomb, and obviously no electricity available), blinded me after my time in total darkness, and it took at least a minute for my eyes to adjust to the unnatural brilliance. When I did regain my sight however, what I saw took my breath away. For there, trying desperately to break free from the vice-like grip that Zoe had on her right arm, was a very attractive young woman with shoulder length blonde hair. Ankle length suede boots adorned her feet, and she was wearing tight shiny leggings that I think are often referred to as ‘disco pants’. Her sleeveless top, too, was figure hugging, and her breasts bounced delightfully as she writhed and wriggled in her efforts to get away from her captor’s unyielding clutches.

But it was only the top of her arms that were visible from my position on the floor, as her shoulders were pulled unnaturally back behind her, and it was clear that her wrists, like mine, were bound. The bottom half of her face, too, mirrored my own, in the amount of duct tape that had been wrapped around her head to seal her mouth. Her eyes were uncovered, however, and she gazed at me wide-eyed with fear, as if imploring me to help her, although she must have known that this was impossible given our near identical circumstances. Having returned my sight to me, Aliesha stood up and went back to her remonstrating captive; grabbing her other arm, so the two of them could better subdue any further outbreak of resistance. Even so, this poor creature still refused to submit to the inevitable, and tried a few half-hearted kicks at her tormentors.

“Steve, I’d like to introduce you to Carolyn. She’s the bitch that I told you about who got me fired from my job at the County Council.”

Although I had known Aliesha for a little over a year now, it wasn’t until last week that she’d informed me about how, two years ago, she’d lost her job due to a female work colleague, who had deviously got her the sack by covering up her own incompetences and making it look as if the errors were entirely Aliesha’s fault. I couldn’t now remember how the subject had come up, but I had a clear memory of Aliesha being extremely vocal in her outrage – even after all this time – about the woman who had ruined her career and got away with it. She would, she had informed me, get even with her one day. “And when I do, I’ll really make her suffer.”

In fact, as I thought about it now, it dawned on me that the reason Aliesha had brought the subject up so recently, was probably because she and Zoe had this kidnapping venture already planned out.

And now, here she was; Carolyn, the object of all Aliesha’s hatred and loathing. It was clear that, somehow or other, the latter, in collaboration with Zoe, had overpowered the unsuspecting woman, tied her up and brought her here. And it looked as if they planned to keep her here for the foreseeable future. But why involve me in this scheme? I was about to be enlightened... well sort of.

“So, we decided that today was the day that we would make Carolyn suffer for the way she set me up as the fall guy for her own professional misdemeanours. But then we had to factor into the equation the fact that we already had you tied and trapped down here.”

At this point, Carolyn writhed in a frantic effort to get away, but Zoe quickly quelled this uprising by twisting the helpless woman’s arm into an unnatural – and probably quite painful – position up behind her back. Carolyn squealed loudly, but the gag did its job efficiently, and within seconds their captive was once again subdued. Aliesha continued,

“So, we decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. We figured that you’d maybe like some female company down here. And in turn, you could maybe help to keep Carolyn calm and make sure she doesn’t try to escape.”

Both Zoe and Aliesha laughed at the thought of one bound person – me - stopping another breaking free, although for some reason Carolyn didn’t seem to see the funny side of things. And her mood soon took a turn for the worse, as her two kidnappers made certain that she wasn’t going to be using her legs for locomotion in the near future.

One torch had been placed on either side of the room, pointing into and illuminating the centre space, and it was on this stage that the next act of the unfolding drama was to be played out. Having brought the still defiant Carolyn to the floor by means of force, the duo set about with lengths of rope to ensure that their female captive was as securely bound as her male counterpart.

As each rope was applied, Carolyn winced and whined mournfully into her gag; pleading for her captors to see sense and let her go. This call for leniency, of course, fell on deaf ears. In fact, if anything, it seemed to annoy Aliesha to the point where she pulled each bond that little bit tighter, purely out of spite. With her legs now useless to her, the wide-eyed hostage shook her head and groaned loudly, in one final pitiful attempt to get her tormentors to desist. But the strict rope harness, which the pair wrapped around her body, was soon woven into a tight latticework pattern that encompassed her arms and ensured that they remained lashed firmly to her back.

Once this rope had been secured, Zoe and Aliesha backed off for a minute or so, the reasons for which seemed to be twofold. Firstly, it allowed them to watch as the now fully rigged damsel-in-distress wrenched and pulled at her bonds, in order to assess whether their handiwork would hold firm. On this score, it was obvious within seconds that they could be well satisfied with their endeavours. The other reason was that they derived great pleasure from watching their detainee’s anguish and frustration. It dawned on me at this point that both Carolyn and I were bound in identical fashion... and, it seemed, to the same high standard of inescapable precision.

“So what do you think Steve? Do you fancy spending a bit of time with this despicable bitch?”

I started to communicate through my gag, but my words came out as incomprehensible gibberish. Fortunately, Zoe had decided it was time that I was given a drink break, and so began peeling the endless layers of tape away from my face. After a couple of minutes of this rather painful procedure, she was able to extract the now soaked tights ball from my mouth.

“Sorry, what were you trying to say Steve?”

I reiterated my previously garbled message, that I thought the pair were out of their minds to abduct someone and hold her against her will. After all, I emphasised, kidnapping was a crime, and I doubted whether Carolyn would simply forget all about this incident once she was free again. (A chilling thought suddenly occurred to me: What if they planned to keep her here permanently?)

“Don’t worry about that. We’ll make sure she doesn’t go to the police. By the time she does get out of here, she’ll simply be grateful to see the light of day again.”

I protested again, that this was not the way to get your own back on someone. Couldn’t they see that the poor girl was frightened out of her wits? I think, however, that maybe I protested too much.

“You know something Zoe? I don’t think we can trust Steve to guard her and keep her out of mischief. I reckon that as soon as we’re gone he’ll try to untie her and help her escape.”

Zoe looked at her co-conspirator.

“So what do you think we should do then?”

Aliesha, it seemed, had already hatched a plan. As she pushed the gag back into my mouth and began applying fresh circuits of tape, she began to present her vision to the rest of us.

“Well, we can’t just leave them like this. I know that neither one of them will be able to get free on their own, but if they’re allowed to manoeuvre into a position where they can tamper with each other’s wrist bonds, they’ll be free in no time.”

“So you think we should tie them to something, so they can’t reach each other?”

The pair looked around the room at the stark walls, floor and ceiling. There were no pipes or other mooring posts in this underground chamber, and no furniture to anchor any hypothetical prisoner to.

“What about if we tie them to each other? That should stop them getting at the knots of each other’s bonds.”

Zoe began pulling my bound up frame into the centre of the room. She was just in the process of setting us in position, back to back, when Aliesha pointed out a flaw in her thinking.

“That’s not going to work, Zoe. If we tie them together like that, their hands are going to be in close proximity to each other’s, and they’ll be able to help each other get free. No, I think we need to tie them face to face.”

Aliesha began aligning the reluctant Carolyn into position, whilst Zoe turned me around so that we were both in a kneeling position facing each other. Pulling our already rope-harnessed bodies together, Carolyn shrieked as a long piece of rope was looped around the two of us, compressing our upper torsos together. As this conjoining bond was wound around us several times, the warmth of my co-captive’s body radiated through my spandex outfit, and I could feel her heart beating rapidly. As she wriggled and squirmed to get away, her gorgeously rounded breasts rubbed against me, and despite the fact that I had grave misgivings about this whole kidnapping venture - and indeed found myself taking pity on the poor, frightened young woman - I still felt myself becoming aroused by her intimate presence, her movement, her perfume, and almost everything else about her.

More ropes had by now found their way around our collective waists, condemning our bodies to remain bonded closely together until further notice. But our persecutors hadn’t finished just yet. Now melded as one from shoulder to abdomen, the pair now eased us to the floor and began adding more ropes to our already bound legs, in order to ensure that our lower limbs too would also be forced to remain welded to those of our partner-in-bondage. The upshot of all this activity was that, once Aliesha and Zoe had finished the task in hand to their satisfaction, we could no longer move separately, but were forced to lie stretched out on the floor as one single entity. Roped together as we were, from shoulder to ankle, meant that doing anything independently of the other was no longer a viable proposition, and even bending our knees was now untenable.

“Okay, I think it’s time we left these two to get better acquainted, don’t you Zoe?”

“Do you think that we should blindfold them Ali?”

Aliesha thought for a few seconds, before coming to a decision.

“No, I think we can spare them that indignity. We’ll leave one of the torches on, so that they can gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes... at least until the batteries run out.”

And with that remark they were gone, padlocking the door after them; their voices fading into the distance as they vacated the building.


In the dim beam from the one remaining torch, Carolyn’s big blue eyes beseeched me to help her out of this mess that she had somehow inadvertently become embroiled in. Even though she must have known that we were in the same boat, her extreme fear and longing to get away from this underground dungeon found her resorting to a prolonged bout of desperate, pathetic pleading for me to rescue her from what she perceived as a hideous ordeal. It occurred to me there and then that I was probably the only comfort she had in a situation from which there appeared to be no way out... at least in the short term.

And the realisation also hit me at around this time, that Carolyn had no way of knowing that I wasn’t here for similar reasons to her. After all, why would she assume anything other than that I was also being held against my will? I hadn’t actually mentioned, during the brief period that my gag had been removed, anything about the circumstances surrounding my incarceration (although admittedly, I hadn’t exactly begged for my freedom, either), and, as far as I knew, Aliesha and Zoe hadn’t given any indication that I was here out of choice. After all, the first thought most people have, if they encounter someone tied up, is that they’re there under duress. No, there seemed no valid reason for Carolyn to think that I didn’t want to get out of my bonds just as much as she did.

But of course, I was tied up because I wanted to be. And since I had acquired an extremely good looking companion lashed tightly against me, the day had taken a turn for the better as far as I was concerned. Not that I wasn’t sympathetic to the turmoil that must have been going through the mind of my comrade-in-bondage. But the thought of spending a few hours in her enforced company was something that aroused me greatly. And the fact that Carolyn kept perpetually struggling and squirming, wriggling and writhing, twisting and turning in our shared state of captivity, was making me more excited by the second.

Every time she tried to pull her wrists free, her shoulders contorted and her lovely breasts rubbed provocatively against my chest; the spandex of my outfit causing a soft swishing sound that accompanied the rhythm of her exertions. And further down, the brushing of the spandex of my cat-suit against the similar material of her leggings, seemed to build up a tangible charge of static which sent shivers of glee coursing through me. My stiff, excited cock strained against the tight spandex of my attire, as the motion of Carolyn’s valiant but ultimately futile thrashing and convulsing of her body and limbs, made me shudder with pleasure. It occurred to me that we were both shivering; she from fear, whilst the tremors that rushed through my being were born of sheer delight.


After what I perceived to be another three hours or so of Carolyn’s tireless endeavours to free herself, the sound of the padlocks to our prison being removed once more reached my ears, followed seconds later by the sight of the door slowly opening. By my estimate, it must have been somewhere around seven o’clock in the evening by now, and probably around the time that, under normal circumstances, Aliesha and Zoe would have released me from my bonds. This, however, was no ordinary day, and it soon became obvious that their plans for both Carolyn and I didn’t involve the removal of the ropes that held us in check.

Our gags were momentarily removed, however, to allow us to take liquid refreshment. I watched as Zoe harshly stripped the tape from Carolyn’s face, then yanked the now soggy tights from her mouth, before squirting water from a bottle into her protesting mouth. From the moment that the tights temporarily left her oral cavity, until the time that they were once more inserted forcefully back into position, couldn’t have been more than ten seconds, and allowed the unwilling captive virtually no time to shriek her protests at the treatment being meted out to her, nor scream to the world outside for help. Her attempts to spit the reinserted damp ball out again were instantly thwarted by the application of fresh tape around her head.

And then it was my turn. The only difference in the procedure between my drink break and Carolyn’s being the fact that I was allowed to take on board the water offered to me at a slightly more leisurely pace; Zoe and Aliesha’s thinking obviously being that I was less likely to complain and try to attract attention to our plight than their female hostage. Much as I had enjoyed Carolyn’s company over the past few hours, I felt that the gallant thing to do was to try to help out this visibly frightened girl, and I thus used this time to put in a plea on behalf of my co-captive.

“Look girls, I really don’t think that you should be holding Carolyn against her will any longer. She’s quite clearly terrified. So why don’t you let her go now? Surely she’s learnt her lesson now and suffered enough.”

With hindsight, I can see that this move on my part was counter-productive on two fronts. Firstly, one of their prisoners trying to tell them what to do was bound to rankle somewhat. And secondly, my plea put the idea into Aliesha’s head that I would be a liability to their plans, should they decide to let me go.

“You know something Steve? I have no intention of letting this evil bitch go for a long, long time yet. But the fact that you seem keen to have her released leaves me with a dilemma, namely that if I let you go now, you might try to rescue her and let her out of bonds. Or even worse, call the police and tell them about how we kidnapped your new best friend here. And I most certainly can’t allow that to happen!”

She picked up the torch and shone its dying beam directly into my face.

“So, there’s only one course of action open to us really...”

She looked across at her colleague.

“What do you think Zoe? Should we leave Steve here as well?

Zoe’s answer was quickly forthcoming and decisive in its solution to the problem.

“That seems like the only solution open to us, doesn’t it? It’s quite admirable that Steve’s trying to play the ‘knight in shining armour’ who comes along to rescue the poor helpless maiden. But letting him go so that he can become the hero is just too risky. And anyway, they look so sweet all wrapped up together like that, it would be a shame to separate them just now. So, yes Ali, in answer to your question, I do think that we have no option but to keep both of them here tonight.”

Aliesha turned back towards me and smiled.

“There you go Steve. It’s a unanimous decision. You and Carolyn can spend the night together. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy that.”

She knelt down beside us and swiftly worked the rolled up tights back into my mouth, before I had time to even think of protesting. More tape soon ensured that spitting out this now familiar gag was never going to be a possibility.

“Check their ropes Zoe, then we’ll leave them to it.”

Zoe bent down beside the single bound entity that constituted myself and Carolyn, and, one by one, began testing the cords that held us in inseparable union. As always, she was meticulous in her examination of our bonds, and harsh in her rectification methods to any that she perceived to have loosened in any way (although if anything had slackened in the past few hours, neither Carolyn nor I had been aware of any noticeable change). As the ropes tightened, Carolyn once more thrashed and screeched for mercy. But all this seemed to achieve was a hardening of Zoe’s resolve to make our bonds as strict as humanly possible. Finally, after seemingly every bond had been tightened to its limits, she appeared satisfied with her work. Standing up, she and Aliesha took a few seconds to gloat at our helplessness.

“Right, we’ll be off now then. The torch should give you another hour or two of light before the batteries die, and after that I’m afraid that you’ll be in darkness until we come back tomorrow. Have fun!”


So there we lay. Still bound to the peak of perfection, and with the knowledge that we were going to be there all night long. Anyone who’s read the other episodes of my Long Time Bound series will know that this wouldn’t be the first time that I’d been left bound for such a length of time, so as far as I was concerned this was a fairly routine matter, which I always relished. It was a shame that my partner on this occasion didn’t share this sense of wellbeing. Once our fate had become obvious, her struggles to put an end to her ordeal became even more frantic, and her mood hysterical, as the full horror of at least twelve more hours – and probably more – of bound up suffering hit home. And this upsurge in activity only increased the steady friction between our spandex clad bodies, which ensured that Carolyn’s desire to be away from this place was the polar opposite of my own experience.

Of course, whilst being so closely bound to a constantly moving and extremely hot young female was a huge turn-on, the downside was that the sheer frustration brought about by our shared immobility made it impossible to take this intimate contact to its logical conclusion. And at the start, I was sure that nothing could have been further from my fellow captive’s mind than sexual relations. But as our time together lengthened, I thought I noticed a subtle change in Carolyn’s demeanour, and it seemed that she too, despite her extreme anxiety, was beginning to warm to the concept of our snug inseparability. Whether this was simply a way of engendering a sense of reassurance and consolation from an otherwise bleak, unknowable fate, or whether she really did begin to warm to me, I couldn’t be sure at that time. But as the hours wore on, it became apparent that her attempts to free herself became less frenzied and gradually changed to a more rhythmic, sensual tempo.

With tight ropes encircling our conjoined waists, as well as around our upper thighs just below our buttocks, our abdomens were pressed tightly together, which meant that Carolyn couldn’t fail to feel the pressure of my rampant cock pushing against her. And when we gazed into each other’s eyes, even in the fading light of the dying torchlight, I felt that I could detect a spark of excitement etched in those lovely deep blue pools - no longer tearful but still rimmed red around the edges - that had until now shown only fear and terror. And to add to the perception that Carolyn was now in calmer mode, the sounds issuing from behind her gag had also altered, so that her initial screams of anguish slowly metamorphosised into something – dare I say it? – indicative of contentment. Or put another way, she might have actually been starting to enjoy our time together.

Our attempts at conversing met only with limited success, as it was almost impossible to convey any coherent verbal message through gags that had been faultlessly applied by our captors. Nonetheless, the fact that Carolyn had now calmed down, made a very basic form of communication possible, using rudimentary sounds and facial expressions. At one point I tried to reassure her that everything would be alright, and I’m sure that I detected a hint of a smile light up her eyes, which she backed up by nestling her head into my shoulder and sighing deeply. Her breathing was slower and more regular by this stage, and the faint, rhythmic beat of her heart could be felt against my chest. I found myself hoping that the opportunity would arise for our relationship to continue and blossom once we were – eventually - set free.

The torch finally gave up the ghost, as Aliesha had predicted, plunging us into a blackness that was all encompassing. At this point Carolyn huddled closer to me, if that were possible. I reciprocated by pressing against her gorgeous body, and I swear she purred with happiness as I did so; confirming in my own mind (or was it just wishful thinking?), that she was now at peace with our situation. Seconds later, her breathing took on a low, steady resonance that told me that she was now asleep. It had been quite an eventful day, and soon I too found my eyelids becoming heavy, and I succumbed to the inevitable.


The sound of female voices close at hand summoned me from my slumbers. Gingerly opening my eyes, I was confronted with a bright light shining directly at me, and I was forced to close them once more. For a few seconds I forgot about the circumstances of the night before, and tried to move. The impossibility of doing so, however, soon alerted me to the fact that I was still bound up to the hilt, and my attempt to open my mouth met with similar failure, as the tape still held firm against the flesh on my cheeks and chin. Something soft and pliable was pressed against my body; something warm and gently rubbing against my chest, abdomen and legs; a lithe young female form that wiggled and roused me into waking consciousness. The best way in the world to return from the land of dreams, it occurred to me. Zoe’s voice soon broke the spell, however.

“Hi Steve, hope you enjoyed your time with Carolyn.”

Aliesha seemed to have correctly surmised what my reaction to this would have been, and answered for me.

“I don’t think he’ll be complaining too much Zoe. I’m sure that Carolyn kept him entertained. Sorry about the deception though.”

My eyes must have conveyed my confusion at this latter remark.

“Oh, haven’t you worked it out yet? All that talk of Carolyn getting me fired was a load of crap. She’s as big a bondage fan as you are. When she heard about our little games, she said she’d like to be a part of our group and join in on one of our sessions.”

Zoe now chimed in,

“So, knowing how one of your biggest fantasies is being bound and helpless in tandem with a hot young woman, we decided to have a little fun. All that struggling and screaming was just staged to make you think that she was an unwilling participant. You have to admit that Carolyn’s a really good actress.”

I nodded that they’d fooled me good and proper this time. But it seemed that there were still more surprises to come, as Aliesha addressed her co-conspirator.

“They look so content together, don’t they Zoe? It would be a shame break up the party now.”

She turned her attention back to us.

“What do you say then? How about we leave you here for a few more hours yet?”

I looked into Carolyn’s lovely eyes, only an inch or two from my own. They were smiling. She mumbled something into her gag. I think she said something along the lines of “That was fun, let’s keep this going.” As she spoke, she rubbed herself against me so provocatively, that it was really a no-brainer. I nodded my consent to our continued incarceration.

“Good, that’s settled then. We’ll let you get on with it. We’ll be back sometime later today... can’t guarantee when exactly, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to occupy your time.”

Picking up the dead torch, I watched as Zoe replaced the batteries and set it down beside us again, so that it illuminated our faces.

Then, without further ado, they were gone.


Knowing, as I did now, that Carolyn was as comfortable in tight bondage as I was, put me at ease, and I could see that the next few hours were going to be a great adventure for both of us. Although not being able to fully consummate our relationship was a frustrating situation for both of us, there would - I hoped – be plenty of time for that once we were freed... whenever that might be. Until that time, exploring your partner’s body without the use of hands is a game that I would recommend to any couple who find themselves caught in a situation where they have to remain... Long Time Bound.

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