Long Time Bound 4

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2016 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/fm; bond; tape; nylons; encase; gag; cocoon; darlex; sleepsack; straps; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 4

“Here, put these on.”

Tracey handed the pair of taupe coloured tights to me.

“You want me to wear these... and nothing else?”

Tracey smiled at me.

“Of course. Now get undressed and do as you’re told.”

I started to take my clothes off and began sheathing my legs in the tights, conscious that Tracey was standing on the other side of the bedroom, watching my every move.

“So what’s this all about?”

“It’s all part of your birthday treat. You do want me to make your birthday a bit special, don’t you?”

I pulled the tights up to my waist and ran my hands down over my thighs, ensuring that any wrinkles were smoothed out. They felt as soft as silk and shimmered in the light every time I moved.

“Of course I do, but it’s not my birthday until tomorrow.”

“I know, but by the time we’re finished, it will be.”

I looked at the bedroom clock. It had just gone 7pm. Which meant that, whatever Tracey had planned for me, it was going to last several hours yet... at the very least.

In truth, I was fairly certain that I knew roughly what this gorgeous creature had in store for me. And the thought of what was about to happen made me shiver with excitement.  I stood by the bed, naked apart from the see-through tights, and watched as Tracey prepared to embark on the next stage of her mission.

“Okay, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

I dutifully did as requested, knowing full well that in just a few seconds my destiny would no longer be in my own hands. Placing my palms side by side, there was a coarse ripping sound, as Tracey pulled the end of the grey duct away from its spool and began winding this around my wrists. I experienced the sensation of the strongly bonding strips tightening around my arms, as she encircled my now helpless wrists several times, before detaching the tape from the reel and smoothing the now layered mass down so that it stuck firmly to itself and wouldn’t come loose.  She turned me around to face her.

“How does that feel?”

I pulled on my bonded arms as hard as I could, but there was no way that I could slip my hands out, and the tightly wrapped tape showed no sign of relinquishing its grip on my skin.

“It feels great.”

“Good. Let’s make you a bit more secure, shall we?”

With her hand on my shoulder, Tracey coaxed me to sit down on the edge of the bed, knelt beside me on the floor, and began indulging my ankles in restraints similar to those holding my arms. With my tights clad feet now welded closely together, my rigger moved further up my nylon smothered legs; firstly applying several circuits of the restrictive tape around my calves just below the knee, then moving just above my knees and repeating the exercise.

“Right, that should stop you moving around too much.”

I wriggled my legs and pulled on these latest affronts to my freedom of movement; the tights making a soft swishing sound as one leg brushed against the other. I looked up at my stunningly attractive companion; the smile on her face suggesting that she was pleased with her work... so far.

“So what happens now?”

Tracey raised a finger and brought it up to my lips.

“Sssh! That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

As I watched, she stood up and walked across the bedroom floor. Opening one of the drawers of her dressing table, she pulled out another pair of her tights, and made her way back to where I sat.

“No more talk from you for a while. Open up.”

She rolled up the tights– a black pair – into a sphere and held it up to my face. As soon as the soft material touched my lips, I willingly opened my mouth and allowed her to push the ball of shiny leg-wear into the cavity behind my teeth. Ensuring that the ball was correctly positioned, Tracey once more picked up the reel of steely grey tape and began sealing the gag inside my mouth by encircling my lower face and head seven or eight times with a continuous ribbon of the powerfully bonding adhesive; each circuit being positioned slightly lower or higher than the last, to ensure that there was no chance of me somehow working it loose from my flesh, however hard I might contort my facial muscles.

Lifting my feet off the floor, Tracey now manoeuvred me around so that I was lying on the bed with my arms trapped beneath me.  Moving into the centre of the room, she slowly began to undress. Unbuttoning her blouse whilst simultaneously kicking her high heeled shoes off, she discarded the silk top on the floor, then reached around and undid the clasps on her bra. As this too fell to the ground, I felt myself becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of this beautiful woman gradually disrobing for my benefit. Now naked from the waist upwards, I watched with rising excitement as she let her short leather skirt slip from her hips and slide over her thighs, to land in a heap around her feet. I noticed at this point that she was wearing nothing beneath the flesh coloured tights, which were now her only attire. As she walked back towards me, it occurred to me that we were now identically dressed, and it soon became clear that she had no intention of removing her final clinging, flimsy layer of clothing.

Reaching the edge of the bed, I watched in surprise as Tracey agilely took one big step up onto the duvet, so that she was standing directly above me, towering over my prone form like a giantess. From this elevated vantage point, she couldn’t fail to see my erection straining proudly beneath the see-through mesh of my tights. Biting her lip and flicking her hair from her face, she gazed down on me.

“I think you might need a little bit of help.”

I watched as she raised her right foot and brought her mesh covered toes gently down onto my stiff cock. Massaging and caressing gently against the thin mesh cage that held the beast in check, it didn’t take long before the rhythmic rubbing of her tights against mine had me groaning with pleasure, as my ejaculation caused a warm moist patch to become discernible. I arched my back and groaned into my gag once more, the dominant side of my nature making me desperately want to break free from my bonds so that I could more fully interact with my playful partner; indeed to tie her up and do something equally despicable to her. But the submissive part of me was quite content to simply let Tracey take the lead and do whatever she pleased with me; which was just as well, as I was in no position to switch roles at this particular juncture.

After a few more minutes of this foot induced ecstasy, Tracey’s toes were removed from my crotch, and she sat down astride me. Rubbing her beautiful rounded breasts against my chest, she brought her face down close to mine and whispered,

“Right, I think it’s time to get you all packaged up now.”

I must have looked slightly perplexed by this cryptic remark.

“You didn’t think that this was the full extent of your birthday treat, did you Steve?”

She laughed playfully and kissed the space on the grey tape where my lips would be.

“I’ve still got several more surprises in store for you tonight. You won’t forget this birthday in a hurry.”

She lifted herself off me and walked back to the drawer which I knew contained her hosiery.  When she returned the few paces back across the carpet towards me, I noticed that she held several packs of unopened tights in her hand. As she sat on the edge of the bed and started breaking open the cellophane wrapper on one of these, my eyes caught sight of the wording on the packaging. Two words particularly caught my eye: Extra Large. This confused me. Why was a lovely slim woman like Tracey buying extra large tights? Surely she always wore Medium. This didn’t make sense to me, and momentarily forgetting that I was gagged, I decided to quiz her on this odd purchasing choice. I doubt whether my garbled words would have been recognisable as any known language, but Tracey seemed to get the gist of my enquiry.

“Why have I bought this size? Because they’re not for wearing... at least not in the conventional manner. Let me show you.”

She lifted me up and swung my legs back over the side of the bed, so that I was sitting beside her. Reaching around behind me, she began inserting my taped hands into one leg of the tights before pulling these up past my elbows. Although they may have been labelled as being Extra Large, with both arms being forced into an avenue of nylon and Lycra normally meant to accommodate one limb, this meant that the sheathing was extremely tight, especially when it reached my upper arms.  Pulling the waist band up over my shoulders was a bit of a squeeze, but what followed next was an even tighter fit, as Tracey eased the other leg of the outsized hose over my head. As she did so, my eyesight blurred significantly, and my nose became somewhat flattened. Tracey now coaxed and coerced the delicate yet resilient transparent mesh down past my neck and over my shoulders, as far as the elasticity of the material would allow. Once she’d got to a point where she could no longer force the now severely stretched fabric any further, I found myself encased almost down to my waist in an unorthodox yet very effective cocoon.  At the top of my head, there still remained a few inches of unused lower leg and foot that was surplus to requirements, but Tracey quickly took care of this by neatly tying a knot in this excess to stop it dangling down in front of my face.

Now with less than perfect vision, I watched in awe as Tracey set about liberating a second pair of equally large tights from their packaging. Taking one of the legs, she knelt down on the floor and began supplementing my leg bonds by inserting both my feet into this single foot pocket. As this avenue of shimmering leg-attire slowly made its way up over my taped ankles and knees, the friction caused as it rubbed against the conventionally worn pair of tights beneath, created not only a faint whooshing sound, but seemed to cause a light current of static electricity to build up. And this sound, combined with the strange but pleasurable jolt of energy, set in motion the seeds of arousal in my cock once more. As the encasing tights glided effortlessly upwards, Tracey noticed this and momentarily toyed with me tantalisingly, before deciding that now was not the time to get me too excited. She laughed playfully.

“Not right now.  We’ve got all night and all day tomorrow to have fun, so I wouldn’t want you to get exhausted and worn out too soon. After all, you’re not getting any younger, are you?”

With the expanding mesh tunnel now up to the top of my thighs, Tracey gently grasped my shoulders and pulled me upright so that I was standing precariously on my bound feet. Holding me so that I didn’t fall, she quickly pulled the tights up over my butt and up to my waist, where they almost met with the waistband of the pair that enmeshed my head, arms and upper body. Then, to make things neat and tidy, she took the other, unused leg and wound it as tightly as she could around my abdomen and tucked the end into the waistband at my back.

For a second or two, she left me standing unaided, as she stepped back to admire her work. With a sly grin playing at the corners of her mouth, she looked me up and down.

“Very impressive, if I do say so myself.”

Then she seemed to have an idea.

“Want to see your new birthday outfit for yourself?”

She grabbed my shoulders and made me jump the three or four steps necessary so that I was in line to view myself in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door. Even through the mesh, I could clearly see the image of a man sealed in a second skin of flesh coloured hosiery from head to toe, his facial features distorted and twisted under a closely fitting hood of forty denier weave.  Also visible through this sausage skin, were the contrasting stripes of grey tape; three at various intervals around my legs and a fourth around my lower face. My hands and arms were invisible behind my back, of course, but what caught my eye was the spot between my legs, where the sight of my cock, still standing to attention, was straining against the tightly stretched double layer of unyielding pantyhose.

After maybe a minute of allowing me to admire my mirror image, Tracey guided me back to the bed. I had presumed that the process of binding and mummifying had reached its conclusion at this point – such was my state of inescapability -  but I was soon to find out that I was wrong on this score, and that Tracey was not yet content with my state of captivity.  Picking up the spool once more, my ravishingly beautiful partner began to apply more circuits of duct tape around my legs; the positioning corresponding exactly to the location of the original bindings beneath the chrysalis like web of the tights. With my ankles and knees now doubly welded together, she turned her attention to my wrists, and likewise fashioned a second severe tape restraint over the top of her initial handiwork.  But the binding process still hadn’t reached its conclusion yet, as the tape now began encircling my body from shoulders to waist, incorporating within its boundaries my already trussed and sheathed arms; so that, by the time Tracey had finished, my arms were lashed securely to my back.  

Now seemingly satisfied that I wouldn’t be going anywhere in a hurry, Tracey placed her hand on my chest and pushed me gently back onto the bed once more. Laying me out on the duvet, she straddled my abdomen with her lovely long legs and gazed down on me, a smile of contentment etched on her face.

“You remember that little chat we had the other day, when I asked you whether you preferred being bound, or if you were more turned on when you were the one doing the tying?”

I should perhaps explain before we go any further, that Tracey and I are always tying each other up and then doing what every loving couple does together. This has been going on for more than two years, with each of us generally taking it in turns to render the other helpless.

And yes, I did recall clearly the conversation she was referring to, but why was she bringing this up again now? At the time, I seem to remember that she’d pushed me for an answer, but that I’d told her I couldn’t decide which I found more appealing. I knew that she enjoyed both the dominant and submissive roles in equal measure, and I was of the same opinion. So picking one role over the other was a tricky one. I’d asked her at the time why she was quizzing me on this point, but she’d been non-committal and evasive, and the subject had been dropped (or, more precisely, I’d gagged her to keep her quiet!). And to tell the truth, I'd put the whole incident to the back of my mind... until suddenly, completely out of the blue, she broached the subject again.

I nodded to confirm my recollection of that conversation, but it seemed that her question as to whether I could remember or not was a rhetorical one. And soon the reason for her enquiry was revealed... at least partially.

“As you made it clear that you couldn’t make a choice between tying or being tied, I decided that, for your birthday surprise, I’d let you sample the best of both worlds.”

At first I didn’t understand this remark. Was she going to now put herself into some form of self bondage perhaps? This thought appealed to me, but it soon turned out that this wasn’t quite what she had in mind.  Tracey, obviously noticing my confusion, laughed and pressed her body down on mine. She seemed to be on the verge of explaining what she had in mind, when the sound of someone ringing the doorbell echoed throughout the house.  Lifting herself off me, she headed for the door, still clad only in her tights.

“That’ll be Julia. I’ll just go and let her in. Don’t go away.”

If I’d been confused before, this latest development was mind-blowing. What the hell was she playing at, inviting someone else around here when we were in the middle of one of our regular bondage sessions?  I’d always kept our shared obsession a closely guarded secret, and I’d assumed – and indeed hoped – that Tracey had done the same. But now it seemed that someone else did know what we got up to in the privacy of our own home... or if they didn’t already, it looked as if they were about to find out. The Julia in question was a work colleague of Tracey’s, whom I had met on a couple of occasions but didn’t really know that well.  So why had Tracey invited her over now?

The next few minutes seemed to pass like hours, as I waited to see exactly what plot these two women were hatching. For a while, I heard the faint whisper of scheming voices coming from just outside the bedroom. Then suddenly, the door opened wide and in walked my beautiful, almost naked girlfriend, followed closely by her co-conspirator.

“Hi Steve. Happy birthday for tomorrow.”

Julia came up close to the bed and looked me over, and it was obvious straightway , from the newcomer’s total lack of surprise at finding me all taped up and cocooned in tights, that she had already been brought up to speed on what she was about to encounter.

“Nice work Tracey. You’ve set a very high standard for me to follow, but I’m sure I can equal - if not better - this.”

It soon became apparent that she and Tracey had everything that transpired in the next few minutes all planned out in advance, as there was very little discussion needed between them as to what course of action either needed to take.

Through my tights mask, I watched as Julia picked up the roll of grey tape. As she did so, Tracey turned around and placed her hands behind her back, and I watched with rising excitement as the tape made its first circuit of my girlfriend’s wrists. It was to be the first of many, as Julia sought to ensure that her friend-turned-captive wouldn’t be able to get her hands free. As soon as this initial bond had been successfully applied, the duo made their way over to the side of the bed, where Tracey sat down.  I saw Julia crouch down and almost disappear from my line of vision at the side of the bed, although the ripping sounds that occurred at regular intervals for the next few minutes were easily recognisable as those made by the tape being torn away from the reel.  As Julia went about the process of binding her legs together, Tracey began to offer a few more details about what was in store for the two of us tonight.

“I’d been pondering for a while about how I could surprise you for your birthday. And then, after our talk the other day, I decided that the best way to satisfy your taste for both ends of the bondage spectrum was to have us both tied up together for a while. My problem was how to satisfactorily achieve this.  Okay, I could have tied myself up, but self-bondage always requires an escape route being left open, and where’s the fun in that?  No, I wanted this to be as authentic as possible. In other words I wanted us to both be inescapably bound for a while, and not be able to get free unless someone else came to our rescue. And that’s where Julia comes in.”

Julia looked up and smiled at this point, before quickly returning to her task of securing her willing victim’s legs. Tracey continued,

 “You see, one morning a few weeks ago, Julia noticed rope marks on my wrists that were still visible from the night before. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I found myself telling her about our bondage games.  To cut a long story short, it turns out that she’s had quite a bit of experience with ropes and tape and a variety of binding techniques. And this chance encounter led me to thinking about how she could help us share a bit of quality bondage time together. So I put my plan to her and she kindly agreed to help us out. So here she is.”

As if on cue, Julia finished taping Tracey’s knees together and stood up.  She hadn’t interrupted whilst Tracey had delivered her monologue, but now broke her silence.

“You know something Tracey, Steve’s being awfully quiet this evening. I think it’s time you took a leaf out of his book.”

Tracey giggled as Julia retrieved another pair of tights from the drawer and scrunched these up into a ball. Without protest, she accepted the gag into her mouth. And the opportunity to relieve herself of this impediment was soon eradicated, as Julia set to work winding several orbits of grey tape around her head. Tracey tried to speak – more to test the efficiency of this newly acquired vocal restraint, than to actually express anything of relevance, it seemed – but the sound that filtered through was muffled and incomprehensible.

“Good, that should shut you up. Now to get you encased for the night.”

Earlier, when Tracey had first introduced the extra large tights into our game, I noticed that there had been at least four packs of this oversized leg-wear in her hand. Two pairs had been used to encase me, but what had happened to the others, I had no idea; having more important things on my mind at the time.  Now, however, I watched as Julia picked up the two still sealed packets from the bedside table and began to open the first of these. It now became obvious that the plan was for Tracey and me to be bound and encased in identical fashion to one another, and once the tights had been retrieved from their wrapper, Julia wasted no time in sheathing Tracey’s arms within the thin but durable restrictive mesh.

It probably took four or five minutes to package my girlfriend into the two sets of tights. Throughout this time, Tracey’s muffled laughs and giggles, coupled with the sparkle in her eye as her situation became ever more inescapable, informed me that her enjoyment of this whole scenario matched my own. As Julia eased the tights down over her shoulders and they passed her lovely breasts, I saw the nipples stand erect in pleasure, which caused me to become hard all over again.

Soon we were both in the same boat encasement wise, but I knew that if the symmetry between us was to be continued, then there was yet more tape to be added to Tracey’s ensemble. And this proved to be the case, as Julia wrapped the final outer strips of grey adhesive around Tracey’s legs and then ensured that her arms and torso were fused together.

With our bondage now indistinguishable from each other’s, Julia grabbed Tracey’s feet and laid her out beside me on the bed. I turned my head towards her, just as she did the same, and our eyes met. Tracey tried to say something, but the meaning was lost in the gag, and she ended up laughing once more, whilst simultaneously inching her body closer to mine until her left shoulder was touching my right. She tried a little mock struggle, as if trying to show me just how helpless she was, and this caused another snort of stifled laughter to fill the air.

While all this was going on, Julia had not been standing idly by, however.

“Okay, let’s get you two love-birds all nice and cosy for the night.”

As my attention had been focused on the wriggling beauty at my side, I’d failed to notice that Julia had retrieved our black darlex sleep-sack from the cupboard, and was laying this out beside us on the bed. The next thing I knew, we were both being rolled onto our sides so that we were directly facing each other. Even viewed through the mesh of my tights hood, Tracey was still the most beautiful woman in the world, and as Julia pushed us ever closer and her breasts caressed my chest, I felt my level of arousal ratchet up a notch further, if that were possible.

Placing us both into a sleep-sack that’s actually only meant to house one person at a time, proved to be a very tight squeeze. However, starting at our feet, Julia slowly managed to bag us up in the robust yet pliable fabric cul-de-sac; the smooth material gliding with relative ease across the Lycra-infused surface of our tights. With our bodies encased up to our necks, the constricting sensation of this latest layer of mummification seemed to be the icing on the cake, as Tracey and I were now wrapped and trapped in such intimate confinement, that it was impossible for either one of us to move even a fraction of an inch without it impacting on the other.

But even now, Julia had one final stratum to add before our multi-layered shared bondage was complete.  The leather strap that Julia wound around the sleep-sack in the region of our ankles, and buckled tightly to prohibit it from coming loose, was only the first of four such restraints that she fashioned around our collective legs and bodies; the others being situated around our thighs, waists and upper torsos.

Trying to move now was almost impossible. The sensation of being bound in such close proximity to Tracey’s warm and tender body was indescribably invigorating, however, as she shimmied and wriggled provocatively against me. Now all we needed was for Julia to make herself scarce.

“There you go. Nice and tight, just as you requested Tracey.”

She strolled around the bed, checking that all the straps were pulled tight and buckled securely. For a few seconds, she disappeared behind me, making it impossible to see what she was up to, but I heard several clicking sounds emanating from close at hand. What was she doing? Obligingly, the explanation was soon forthcoming.

“I’ve set the timer switch to turn the bedside lamp off at midnight, as you asked Tracey. By then I’m sure you’ll both be worn out and ready for some shut-eye. Not only that, but it’ll also let you know when your birthday starts, Steve. I’m sure Tracey will want to mark the occasion with something a bit special.”

Julia strolled slowly towards the door.

“Right, I’ll be off then. I think the agreement was to leave you both here for at least twelve hours, wasn’t it?”

Tracey’s mumbled “ah-ha” confirmed that Julia had understood the terms of the deal correctly.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow morning then. Have fun.”

And with that the door closed and she was gone.


If you’ve never been taped up, encased in tights and parcelled up snugly in a sleep-sack next to a similarly bound and incredibly attractive woman, I can tell you quite categorically, that it’s up there as one of the best feelings in the world.

The fact that Tracey had staged all this for my benefit, and was now intent on making our time together as enjoyable as possible, only added to the thrill. The feel of her hips rhythmically swaying and tormenting me, meant that I was now in a state of permanent arousal, and the nearness of our bodies must have alerted her to this fact too.  And the faint but constant glide of nylon over nylon served as a soundtrack of Eno-esque ambient background music, which complemented our strange alliance.

But of course, there was also a great deal of frustration associated with this kind of experience, as actually consummating our relationship was beyond either of our capabilities right now. There was part of me that wanted to break free and dominate and ravish her for the rest of the night. But, on the other side of the coin, I loved the fact that we were both helpless, with no one else in the house and no way out until Julia returned. At lease twelve hours, that was what she’d said. So twelve hours would take us to around eight o’clock tomorrow morning. It was the ‘at least’ bit that cast uncertainty into the equation, although to tell the truth, a longer stint would have been fine as far as I was concerned.

At midnight, as Julia had promised, the bedroom light finally plunged us into a world of darkness. Tracey decided to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me at this point, although it was only the rhythm and cadence of her voice that gave this away; the words simply coming out in garbled “mmphs”.  As the new day began, Tracey also upped her efforts to make my big day one that I’d always remember with great satisfaction, and her constant movement against my body caused me to shoot my load on two more occasions during the next few hours. Finally, as dawn began to show its first light through the gaps in the curtains, I must have fallen asleep; calm, contented and totally exhausted.

The next time I opened my eyes, that first hint of the new rising sun had been replaced by shafts of brilliance, which painted random patterns on the bedroom walls and floor. I had awoken suddenly, and for a few seconds I struggled to recall the circumstances in which I had fallen asleep. Then I heard Tracey’s soft breathing right up close to my face - like wavelets lapping on a sun-kissed beach - and felt the closeness of her warm body next to mine.

But what was it that had woken me from my slumbers? Some sort of noise, perhaps?  I listened intently for a few seconds, but heard nothing. But then, just as I was beginning to think that I’d been mistaken, the familiar sound of the bedroom door opening reached my ears, followed seconds later by Julia’s voice.

“Good morning. I trust you both had a good night.”

By now Tracey was awake too. She stretched as best she could within the tight confines of our darlex prison, which once more sent a shiver of excitement coursing through me, as our bodies again slithered against each other’s. It was a feeling that I would never tire of.  Julia approached the bed and checked the straps around the sleep-sack.

“Hmm, looks like I did a really good job here. Or didn’t you even try to escape?”

She walked across the room and drew back the curtains, almost blinding me as the sunlight poured in.  She smiled.

“Well, part of me thinks that maybe I should just leave you both like this for a while longer.  After all, you do look so peaceful and relaxed in there.”

She came back to where we lay, the dipping down of the mattress informing me that she was sitting on the edge of the bed directly behind me.

“But twelve hours are up, and that was the agreement, wasn’t it Tracey?”

Tracey nodded slightly and made a barely audible sound into her gag, which I assumed was her way of saying ‘yes’.

A second later, I felt the first of the straps loosen and then fall away from our ankles. And this was followed by the other three leather fetters being released in turn. Although still encased in the sleep-sack, this gave us a little more freedom of movement, which we both used to flex our bodies and stretch our legs after so long in such tight restraint.

Next, I watched as Julia leant over and began slowly and methodically peeling away the darlex sheath from our shoulders, before gradually easing the snugly fitting fabric down our backs and finally pulling the whole contraption away from our legs. A wave of cooler air hit me, and I hadn’t realised until now how hot and stifling the interior of the sack had become. No longer conjoined, Tracey and I rolled involuntarily away from each other, until there was a gap of a few inches between us on the duvet.  And it was this separation that made me realise just how much I’d enjoyed the experience of being fused to her for the past few hours. I felt a sadness that it was over, but also a joy that I’d been privileged to have been a part of such a wonderful experience. 

But my thoughts were soon interrupted, as I watched Julia help Tracey sit upright and begin to cut the still strongly bonding duct tape away from her arms and legs. With this first layer removed, our rigger began to help Tracey out of the two pairs of encasing tights, after which, the second tier of tape was also cut and stripped away. Tracey rubbed her wrists for a few seconds; the vestiges of the tape’s adhesive still visible on her skin. Having restored her circulation, she reached up and removed the one bond that Julia hadn’t touched - her gag.

“Do you want me to set Steve free as well?”

Tracey answered Julia’s question with a shake of her head, but when she tried to back this up with a spoken confirmation, her voice was hoarse and croaky.

“No leave him there Julia. You’ve done enough already. Thanks for all your help, but I’ll take things from here.”

The conspiring duo left the bedroom now, and for several minutes I could hear the two of them chatting and laughing in the living room. Tracey informed her friend how enjoyable the night had been for her.

“And I’m certain that Steve was thrilled to bits with his birthday present.”

The laughter and general good humoured banter continued for a while. I heard Julia enquire as to what plans Tracey and I had for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, Tracey’s answer was given in hushed tones, and I failed to pick up on what she had in mind.  

Finally, I heard the front door open and the girls said their goodbyes. Just before the door slammed shut again, Julia’s shouted parting shot reached the bedroom.

“Bye Steve. Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday.”


For several more minutes after Julia’s departure, I was left unattended, with no sign of Tracey returning to the bedroom. Just for fun, and to test the continued efficiency of my bonds, I wriggled around and tried to pull my limbs away from each other. I failed miserably, of course, as Tracey’s standards of bondage were first rate, and she never put me in anything from which I had even the remotest chance of escape... even after twelve hours or more of constant friction and squirming around.  Finally she returned, a mug of tea in her hand, but still wearing nothing but the pair of tights she’d spent the night in.  Around the knee and ankle areas, rips and tears had appeared where the tape had been removed, and a ladder ran almost the entire length of her left calf.

“Right now, what shall we do with you today, Birthday Boy?”

She climbed onto the bed and put her hand on my cock and teased me back to erect status.

“I thought that tonight we could go out for a nice meal somewhere; candlelit dinner with a bottle of wine or two. How does that sound?”

I told her, in my own gagged fashion, that this sounded like a wonderful idea.

“Good, I’ll book us a table. Will half past seven be okay?”

I nodded and grunted my assent.

“Okay, that’s settled then. But that still leaves the rest of the day free.”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face, still stroking me provocatively.

“So I think I’ll keep you tied up until it’s time to get ready to go out.”

I lifted my head as high as I could and looked over at the digital display of the bedroom clock. It was just gone 9am. This would mean - even at a conservative estimate, given that I’d need to have a shower and get dressed - that I was probably going to remain taped up and encased in this second skin of constraining stretch fabric until about 5pm. Another eight hours!!

Perhaps sensing my consternation, my jailer endeavoured to set my mind at rest.

“Don’t worry, there are still plenty of things that I can think of to pass the time. You won’t get bored, I can assure you of that.”

Suddenly, I felt her hand clawing at the outer covering of the tights in the area of my crotch. A soft ripping sound filled the air momentarily, as the thin weave gave way under pressure. A second or two later, I felt her fingers gently grip the soft material of the tights that I wore in more orthodox fashion, before an opening was also created in these. Having liberated my cock from its protective layers, Tracey pulled and gently caressed its stiffening form with her gently probing fingers. I laid back into the soft bedding and shut my eyes, assuming that she was going to get me off in this manner. But suddenly she stopped.  Puzzled by this sudden change of tack, I opened my eyes to see her playfully pulling at the crotch area of her own tights. Splitting the yielding mesh with a minimum of effort, she straddled my prone form and eased me inside her.

“Many happy returns Steve. I’m going to make sure this is a day you’ll never forget. ”

What followed was definitely the best birthday treat...ever!


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