Long Lesson Part 2

by Masato

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© Copyright 2010 - Masato - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; gag; chair; stuck; tease; torment; mast; cons/reluct; XX

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This story is mostly true in that I have taken some artistic license to emphasize some of the perils in allowing one self to be put into such a predicament.  The characters are real, the apartment I spoke of in the story stands and yes my wife is capable with rope. Continued from part one Part Two Chapter 9

By this time I had been very tightly trussed up for the better part of two full days and I was getting this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was far far from being over. Even though I knew that struggling was all but useless and only served to chaff my skin, I did it anyway. Difficult to explain why as the more I struggled the more it reinforced in my mind I was stuck and stuck good. Truth be known, for the first time since wife had tied me up a wave of defeat descended down like a dark rain cloud. No way was I getting out of this mess without someone else's help. Not a snowballs chance in hell as they say.

I had two options as I saw it; beg like a school girl and swear never to ask to be tied up again or ask to be placed somewhere public where I would be discovered and hopefully be untied by some good Samaritan. Both plans however counted on the kind heartiness of my dearly beloved wife. Plan one had some merit but convincing wife that I would never ask to be tied up again or tie myself up again for that matter might not fly. Wife knows how I love bondage and simply would not buy the never to be tied up again line. Begging might work so I planned to give it a shot. Failing that my plan was to ask for public humiliation, perhaps she could invite some of the girls over for tea. Heaven forbid I be dragged out in the apartment hallway or even worse the foyer of the building. Only serve to embarrass her as well as myself so I felt confident that would not happen.

Several hours later wife appeared, pulled up a chair next to me and sat down on it. She asked if I had come up with an escape plan for which I nodded emphatically nodded yes. Wife looked at me, tilted her head and stroked my cock with the index finger of her right hand and inquisitively re-inquired if I truly had come up with a plan. She did correctly point out to me that I all too easily achieved an erection so I couldn't desire to be untied THAT badly now could I? The witch had me there to be sure.

Wife leaned over me and was about to release the gag when she looked me square in the eyes and with a look and tone that would send shivers down the spine of the most hardened criminal asked again if the plan I was about to plead was worthy of her consideration. If not I was warned, the consequences would be grave. The seriousness of her expression, tone of voice and body language caught me completely off guard and the worse possible thing that could of happened to me happened. Blood drained from my face and within seconds I was ashen faced. My eyes pleaded with her which only confirmed her suspicions I had come up with nothing creative of the sort. The blood from my face drained to, you guessed it, my cock. My poor steel was throbbing so hard you could take my pulse just by looking at it and to top it off, was literally dancing under my wife's touch.

At that very moment my fate was sealed. In spite of over 48 hours of hard and very intense bondage I was enjoying this all too much in my wife's opinion. All she was looking for was a sign that I had enough and my raging cock was a powerful indication of just the opposite. If she would only take off the damn gag I could explain to her that my entire body ached for a soft bed and warm blanket. My circulation was good but my wrists and ankles were getting sore and raw from all the struggling. I desperately wanted to lay my head down and get a good nights sleep as being tied upright was not all that conducive to sleep. This was not to be the case, not by a very very long shot.

Wife grabbed me by the ears and scolded me like a rotten little child. When she said no help from her she meant it, none, nada, zero. In anger and disgust wife dragged the chair I had become one with across the carpet on the way to the spare bedroom. Wife made it a point to stop for a short breather when she got to a set of suitcases sitting in the foyer of the apartment. When she was satisfied that I had seen them she continued on.

She was seething as she opened the closet door and pushed me inside facing the back corner of the closet. Wife picked up the bag of used nylons that she had stored there and threw them over top of me commenting that I like the feel of them so much that I could live with them and my ropes in the closet for ever as far as she was concerned. She was sure to drape a pair of nylons over my cock just to heighten my “enjoyment”.

My belly churned as wife shut the closet door and then slammed the door to the spare room as she stomped out. I gulped when I heard the door to the apartment open then close. The sound of the deadbolt clicking into place terrified me as I finally came to the realization I was in “true” bondage. There was no one to help me in any way shape or form and i could not move a muscle in my defense. Wife was pissed and had tickets to fly out lord knows when for she certainly didn't share that information with me. She could of packed and be on her way to the airport for all I knew. I threw my head back and moaned into my gag as I felt a trickle of semen on the head of my cock. All I could do was wait...... Chapter 10

Facing the back wall of a dark closet, bound to a chair unable to move a fraction of an inch in any direction, gagged so well that a ticking clock could drown out the sounds of my feeble attempts at communication and left completely alone, time literally droned on and on. I was more than a little worried at this point of my bondage ordeal if not down right scared. If it wasn't for that damn nylon stocking draped over my throbbing cock, keeping it throbbing I might add, I am sure that I would of soon lost my erection and would be in true misery.

The amount of drool that had been flowing from under my gag was so great it reached the ropes surrounding my chest and was wicking right through to my bare flesh. At this rate it would not be long before my mouth dried out and a parched throat would add to my already considerable discomfort. I was tired, hungry, desperately needed to stretch my limbs and wanted out. By my calculations I was well into my third 24 hour period of very strict and intense bondage and I was not looking forward to completing a third full day and definitely not prepared for a fourth.

Eventually and after what I was sure was several hours, the closet door opened and wife dragged me out of the closet and positioned the chair with me still tied tightly to it in the middle of the room. Wife took one look at my cock and simply shook her head. By this time a large volume of semen had leaked out of the tip of my penis and plastered the nylon stocking firmly onto the head of my cock. After hours and hours of boredom, seeing wife even if she was in a pissed off mood excited me to no end. Perhaps the end of my ordeal was near and she would realize that enough is enough already. No such luck as I was about to discover.

Wife unceremoniously removed the nylons that were hanging from various parts of my body and the chair and graciously un-gagged me. The gag was hardly out of my mouth before I hoarsely asked for a drink of water and wife made me beg for several minutes before she presented a glass of tepid tap water to my eager lips. Wife held the rim of the glass tantalizingly close to my lips and made me state unequivocally that my every single need for existence relied on her good will. She allowed the tip of my tongue to taste the nectar of life before she pulled it away just out of reach. Before I was to be given the water I was to agree that this was the only help that I was to receive from her and I would not be untied by her hand nor would she bring anybody in at my request. Bondage I wanted, bondage I was to get. I needed the water and agreed.

What came next surprised the hell out of me. Wife slipped off her panties that she was wearing under her dress, tore off the nylon pantyhose that was plastered on my cock and straddled me. She gently guided my cock into her pussy and sat full on my lap. I was given an expressionless look as my wife sat there on my lap completely motionless. By the way my lap was bound to the chair my hip motion was very very limited and in spite of a herculean effort could not thrust up at all. This had to be the most frustrating sexual moment I had ever experienced in my life or since truth be told.

However from my heightened state of arousal, the warmth of wife's pussy surrounding my cock was all that was needed to catapult a sticky stream of fluid deep inside my wife. My entire body spasmed for several seconds before my entire nervous system just seemed to collapse. I was completely spent and simply hung there in my ropes. Without saying a word wife dismounted and left the room momentarily and returned with a damp face cloth. I was treated to an all too quick washing that nonetheless sent waves of pleasure cascading down my body from shoulders to my two bound big toes. A rare and welcome treat to be sure.

If I thought that this was to be end of my bondage, those hopes were soon dashed. The material laying on the floor that was used to gag me was picked up and re-applied. This time the elastic bandage that was round around my lower jaw to keep the ball in place was wrapped to tightly my cheeks bulged over the top of the bandage. Wife then straddled me once again and stated coolly that she hoped I enjoyed being inside of her because that was the last time I would be granted that privilege as she put it. My wife then took out a pair of rubber ear plugs, the kind swimmers use, and before my ears were plugged told me in a matter of fact way that she was leaving me and hoped that I was having fun.

My eyes went absolutely wild, I muffed through my gag and I struggled furiously as wife smashed the plugs deep into my ears cutting off all sound. Wife closed the curtains to ensure what I assumed my complete privacy. The chair was turned to face the door and I watched in disbelief was my wife walked towards it. Wife stopped at the doorway, placed her hand on the light switch and gave me one final look. I detected a small smile on her lips as she toyed with the light switch and finally dropped her hand leaving the light on. With the light left on there was little chance of me getting any sleep and wife knew it. To top it all off my back was to the widow and the curtains were shut tight which meant I would have little or any indication if it was night or day. I now realized why I was not blindfolded. This was to be torture, physical and emotional.

So began my third 24 hour period......