The Long Lesson

by Masato

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© Copyright 2007 - Masato - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; hogtie; rope; gag; chair; outdoors; stuck; tease; mast; cons; XX

This story is mostly true in that I have taken some artistic license to emphasize some of the perils in allowing one self to be put into such a predicament.  The characters are real, the apartment I spoke of in the story stands and yes my wife is capable with rope.

Chapter One

I have always been a lover of bondage and early on in my marriage my wife indulged me much to the pleasure of us both, but mostly me. My binding material of choice at the time was white cotton clothesline as I found it not only made the most secure knots but cinched up better than nylon rope.

This particular evening my wife had me strip down to my underwear and lay face down on the bed. I crossed my wrists behind my back and she proceeded to bind my wrists with a 6 foot length of cotton rope. She asked me to wriggle my wrists as she cinched the rope up between my wrists and pulled out all the slack before knotting it off with several tight knots. As always she was careful to make sure none of the knots were in reach.

Next up were my ankles and my dear wife did as expert a job binding my ankles together as she did my wrists. I was a little taken back when a rather long length of rope was applied to my arms just above the elbows and she started to pull them together. She had never gone to these lengths before and I sure wasn’t about to stop her now! I have no idea how close she got my elbows together but I could feel my shoulder blades touch so they must have been fairly close together. Once she cinched and knotted the elbow rope off my wife asked me to test the bounds which of course I did. It was obvious to both of us that I was going no where without her help.

Another length of rope found its way around my legs just above the knees and as she did with my ankles cinched and knotted this off. Now my favorite all time bondage position is the hogtie and the love of my life was not going to disappoint me. However this time wife did something out of character and instead of drawing my legs up so my ankles are say a foot away from my wrists putting me in a tight but not to terribly severe hogtie, she looped a 6 foot rope between the wrist and ankle cinching and pulled up until my ankles were directly under my wrists.

I was arched over as she looped the rope around my wrists and ankles, pulled the slack out after each and every turn and knotted after each turn of the rope. Once she was done I was in the tightest and most extreme hogtie I have ever been in my life. It was like my wrists were welded to my ankles and my fingers could touch nothing but the back of my legs just above my ankles.

The second surprise that my wife had in store for me was a gag. A surprise because we had never experimented with gags of any sort, until now it seemed. She has a bag of old nylons that she keeps for reasons that are known only to her and retrieved said bag from the closet. Not one but two pair of pantyhose were rolled up into a ball and unceremoniously stuffed into my mouth. A third pair of nylons was wrapped tightly between my teeth and around my head pushing the ball of nylon deeper into my mouth. The pantyhose that she used to wrap was pulled to its maximum as she looped it around my neck and mouth. From the feel of it I could tell wife tied several knots at the back instead of a quick release bow.

Her demeanor at this point changed completely and quite frankly, scared the hell out of me. I was rolled over on my side and with as cold and hard a look as I’ve seen from anyone, wife stated that she was leaving me like that. Before I could grunt in protest she finished the job by blindfolding me with yet another pair of pantyhose. As I lay there I could feel her get off the bed and pad away.

Before long I heard the bathtub run and knew that little ritual would take her the better part of an hour, which it did by the way. I could hear her get out of the tub and her shuffling around the bedroom sent shivers up my spine. She never spoke a word to me nor laid a hand on me. Nothing, I was completely ignored and left to wiggle about as best I could in my ropes.

We lived in an apartment in those days and I could hear the door open then close. The sound of the deadbolt clicking into place got my tummy churning. There was absolutely no way I was getting out of this bondage without help. It was around 7:00 in the evening when my wife started tying me up and I estimated it was now somewhere between 8 and 9, probably 8:30.

My wife had without my knowledge made plans to go out to dinner and a show with her sister and this was the night apparently or so I was told, my wife came home around one that morning and slept on the living room couch preferring to leave me alone in my misery. It wasn’t until some time after I heard the birds chirping that the smell of fresh coffee and toast drifted into the bedroom. The phone rang and I recognized my wife’s voice so at least I knew it was her making breakfast and not some stranger.

Gail’s of laughter were coming from the other side of the apartment so at least wife was in good spirits. My wife comes into the room, kisses me on the cheek and says “I’m putting you on display for the next two days.” Now that got some frantic and quite useless struggling out of me.

Chapter 2

After a few moments of utterly hopeless struggling and fruitless moaning through my gag, I could feel my wife’s fingers working on the blindfold. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the daylight and while this was going on a pair of scissors was used to cut the pantyhose that was used to gag me. My mouth was dry as hell and my first request was for a drink of some sort. Orange juice was provided that I had to drink through a straw. How so very thoughtful of her I thought.

From the bedside clock I could see it was 8 in the morning so I had been left bound and gagged for well over 12 hours and was starting to feel the effects of my bondage. I had some tingling in my hands early on in my ordeal but that had long since passed and my circulation was fine. My legs were starting to ache behind my knees from being pulled up so tightly all this time. Shoulders were my main concern as they began to hurt the night before. However in spite of all this I wasn’t in too bad a shape, just uncomfortable is all.

What I did have however was a raging hard on which came as no surprise to my wife as she turned me over on my side and seemed to be taking some delight in my predicament. Needless to say we had an animated conversation about me being “put on display” as she put it but I was in absolutely no position to argue. The short version of a long story and the message my wife so unmistakably left with me was, “You like it tight you have it tight. You never really seem to want to be untied so you are getting your wish.” And finally the cherry on top, “I have always warned you that I was going to put you on display and you never took me seriously.” That was that, short and sweet.

Now my wife was also aware that once I ejaculate the fun of being tied up leaves me and I truly do want to be released. With that my dear wife encircles my rock hard penis with her hand and with a gentle squeeze sets me off. I have to admit that this was building up for the past 12 hours and the relief was immense and one of the best orgasms I have had up to that time or since for that matter.

I lay there limp and spent as my wife cut off the only piece of clothing she allowed me during my bondage. My body was relieved of my underwear which was dumped in the waste basket. The next bit of humiliation was being dragged off the bed and placed on the bedside mat. My natural reaction was to struggle in order to break my fall and my belly burned with frustration at not being able to do a damn thing about it. Once on the mat and with surprisingly little effort I found myself being dragged across the floor, out of the bedroom down the hall and into the main bathroom. My wife then managed to lift me over the top of the bathtub and let me slide in. Without even a slight smile or smirk my wife informed me to take care of my business before leaving and shutting the door behind her.

The details of what happened next are unnecessary to repeat here but suffice to say the call of nature was answered with great relief. Sometime later, after finishing a leisurely breakfast I had to assume, my wife returned and ran the shower for me. Thankfully she was in a charitable mood and ran warm and not cold water over me. My wife had turned the radio on and I could tell from the announcer that I had water from the shower cascading over me for a good 20 minutes. I was in no danger of even coming close to drowning as the water flowed easily down the drain preventing any sort of buildup in the tub. After a good soaking my wife turned off the shower and hauled me out of the tub and back on the mat she had used to drag me in there in the first place.

At this point I was re-gagged as tightly, efficiently and effectively as the night before. I might have even detected an extra knot or two being placed at the back of the pantyhose holding the packing inside my mouth but I’m not sure. I was sure that the only sound I could make was a deep manly grunt.

After I was gagged my wife for the first time checked all of the ropes pulling up on my wrists with so much force my legs were lifted off the mat. My wife rocked my wrists and ankles back and forth several times making the wet cotton rope just that much tighter. With that task accomplished I had a spectacular view of the floor as she dragged my very wet and very well hogtied body into the living room where she stopped in front of the balcony door.

I groaned as she opened the sliding door completely and proceeded to pull me out onto the balcony and place me smack dab in the middle of the deck. Our balcony was at ground level and at the back of the apartment building. The area in back was a common area but used infrequently and the view of the street was completely blocked by a thick hedge. However the railing surrounding the balcony deck was made of simple wood 2x2 pickets that were spaced every 4 inches or so. Needless to say that anybody who happened by would be treated to a virtually unobstructed view of a very naked and very well tied man. Not to mention any of the neighbors that happened to be out on their respective balconies looking down.

It was late spring so I knew the weather was going to be pleasant and not overly hot or cool. Warm enough for light clothing but not hot enough to want to jump in the pool and sunbath kind of weather. My wife mumbled something about leaving me outside to gently dry off as if I was freshly cleaned laundry. She never uses a clothes dryer if she can hang the wash outside to dry by the way and it looked like I was no exception.

The last I saw of my wife for what was to become many hours was the vision of her closing the deck door from inside, waving bye bye and mouthing what I understood as “have fun.” With that she closed the blinds and disappeared from my view.

Chapter 3

I couldn't believe that my wife had actually gone and left me naked, gagged and hogtied out for what was for all intense and purposes public display. Sure I was on our little apartment balcony but it offered precious little protection from anybody that decided to take a walk along the public area. And I knew for a fact that there was a direct line of sight from several of the adjoining units directly down onto our first floor deck. The thought did occur to me to squirm over to a corner of the deck right up against the wall but who was I kidding, there was no place to hide what so ever.

My struggles for freedom had long been abandoned and I resigned myself to my fate. My wife had left me no reference for time and in situations like this boredom usually sets in. Not this time however. I was acutely aware of every rustle of the bushes that lined the back public area, every car that passed by and even the voices coming from the school yard across the street. No, especially aware of the voices coming from any direction!

The warm air was doing a fine job of drying the wet from not only my body but the ropes that were so tightly wrapped around my limbs. Over time I could feel the cotton clothesline increases its grip little by little until I felt as if my wrists and ankles in particular were encased in cement. The pressure on my elbows and knees increased slightly as well but not enough to cause me any more discomfort than I was already in. There was defiantly going to be some severe rope marks after my ordeal finally comes to an end which will have to be dealt with in one way or another.

I could get a glimpse of the sun and estimated it was around noon time which meant I had spent the better part of three hours alone and out for display on the balcony. Truth be known this gave me a perverse sense of pleasure and I was once again hard as a rock. Add the butterflies churning in my belly and the pain from the ropes cutting into my skin was a secondary sensation that I could very well live with.

Finally I heard the sliding glass door open and recognized my wife's bare feet stepping out and standing directly in front of my face. She has beautiful tiny feet with well manicured nails and is one of her many physical features that I find attractive...and she knows it. With some difficulty I managed to roll over onto my side and look up into her face and what I saw send shivers up and then right back down my spine. During our bondage and sex games in past she always gave me this bemused look and delighted in my predicament. Not this time however. Her look was not angry or emotionless but stern and very serious. The same expression one would have on their face when looking at a dog that had just made a deposit on a prized area rug. Unfortunately for me, this had the effect of making my cock even harder and I could feel ejaculate dripping from the tip of my penis. This apparently was not good in my wife’s eyes and as I discovered much later, prolonged my bondage considerably.

My wife then asked if I was having fun which was more of a statement than a question. Being gagged as I was my reply was nothing more than a grunt and this seemed to infuriate her even more. Wife then placed a foot on my shoulder and with more force than was necessary rolled me over onto my back then re-positioned her foot and applied most of her weight on the center of my chest. I groaned in agony as the pressure from my body intensified the pain I was experiencing on my wrists and ankles. This hurt like hell and my wife knew it but did not let up a bit on the pressure.

It wasn't until my eyes started to swell with pain that she let up, bent down over me and with her face right up to mine told me that this was not supposed to be fun and was to teach me what it was like to be really tied up. My wife knew me all too well and was fully aware that I did not consider it to be true bondage if all one needed to be untied was simply ask to be untied. All too often in past I had left my wife tied up just a little too long after the act of sex and I had to surmise this was her way of letting me know what it felt like to be tied up past the “best before date.” With her face still in mine my wife reached down, grabbed my cock and squeezed. My reaction was immediate and ejaculate was squirted right up my belly with such force that it reached all the way to my chest.

The message was unmistakable. I was to suffer. Wife turned and left me in my bondage for the rest of the day and that was the last I saw or heard from her until well after the sun had set.

Chapter 4

For those of you that are thinking at this point (and those who are not), being left alone and gagged especially for a long period of time is in a word, stupid. In fact one of the reasons why my wife and I never experimented with gags was because we enjoyed, or at least I did anyway, leaving one another tied and alone for periods of time. One time wife left me hogtied on the bed while she watch a three hour John Denver special on TV. Not only did I have to endure the frustration of being hogtied and “checked up on” at every commercial break, but I could hear every word of the concert from where I was and I don't particularly like John Denver's style of music. God rest his soul.

That being said my wife indeed did keep a close watch on me while I was hogtied naked, gagged and squirming uselessly on the balcony for the entire day displayed in all my glory for all that happened by to see and enjoy. Wife very cleverly left the vertical blinds open just enough to get a good view of me from the living room of our apartment and was never far. In addition there is a window from the second bedroom which we use as an office and general catch all room that looks directly onto the deck. And as my wife informed me some time later she used to great advantage spying on her hogtied husband. There was no way for me to see her at all as you can imagine the view one has from ground level. I had a grand view looking straight up but certainly could not see into the apartment at all.

I like to squirm and wiggle when in bondage even though I know my situation to be hopeless. Serves to reinforce just how helpless I am I suppose and besides, it gives me something to do. Beats lying there like a blob in my mind and enhances the “package.” My wife not only took some pleasure in seeing how frustrated I was getting, but I was constantly changing my position from laying on my front to turning over on each side and when I did so it was the condition of my cock that drew her interest. Depending on what I saw or heard, or at least thought I saw or heard my poor penis was up and down like a yo yo. If wife observed my little man in the standing position it meant to her that I was still having way too much fun and I was just not done enough yet. Just one of those things I had very little if any control over. Such is bondage.

By now the sun had set and from that point in time of the year meant it was something past 6 in the evening or by my estimation... approximately 22 hours of hard bondage. I hadn't eaten since dinner last night and I was famished and I needed to be hydrated badly. Surprising how much moisture a gag can suck out of you and my poor throat was screaming for a drink. To top it all off my poor little man had not seen fit to make an appearance since early afternoon and was now quite literally flopping in the wind. As if on cue the glass door slid open and there appeared before grateful eyes my wife’s lovely feet. Ahh what a site! In one fluid swift motion my wife bend down, gasped the rug upon which her poor helpless husband lay naked and totally, totally bound and dragged me inside.

The warmth of the room engulfed me, the sweet aroma of good cooking was heavenly and the touch of my wife’s hands on my tightly bound body was all too much. Call me weak but all this was an overload and my best pal the cock betrayed me yet again and sprang to life right before my wife’s inquisitive eyes. Talk about lousy timing. My fate was sealed although I did not know it at the time. The words of my wife will forever ring in my ears, “Just what the hell does it take............” She never finished the sentence but her meaning was oh so unmistakable. All I could do was groan and hang my head in complete defeat.

To my wife the solution to this was simple. Just as long as she did not kill me or cause any lasting damage I could stay tied up indefinitely as far as she was concerned. To make matters worse for me this was a Saturday of a long weekend and I had booked my three weeks of holidays to take advantage of this. Wife worked in a lab and received even more holidays than I did so she had the next three weeks off as well and more in the bank. Our plans for our holidays were to take it one day at a time, go on day trips, picnic, boat etc. Nothing fancy just some quality time with each other. As you will come to find out wife took advantage of this and by the end of my ordeal I was very very happy to be finally rid of my ropes.

My wife pulled me onto the kitchen floor and with a foot kicked me under the table. She then bent down and gave me a signal that the gag was coming off but I was not to make a sound and I was only too happy to comply with her wishes at this stage. The pantyhose holding the gagging material was cut off and dropped leaving me to spit out the packing. Apparently she was so pissed this was all the help I could expect from her. I didn't have the guts to ask what was for supper because; well I wanted some and didn't want to risk her wrath any more than I already had.

Supper for wife was a nice chicken dinner. She had prepared for two but this was not to be my lucky night and she saved my portion for herself to be enjoyed at another meal. My supper was a bowl of porridge placed on the floor for me to lap up like a dog. My beverage was a plastic cup full of tepid water that I was forced to drink by grasping the edge with my teeth and maneuver said cup upwards and let the water flow down my parched throat. At least the porridge had a little bit of brown sugar and cream which made dinner quite tasty really. Besides, I was hungry as hell and I slurped the entire concoction down faster than any dog would of. My only pleasure that evening was a face wash afterwards with a nice warm face cloth. Apparently I was to be kept bound but clean. Small pleasures indeed.

My wife cleaned up after supper in complete silence, not a word to me as if I was invisible. She sat down in front of the TV for the evening, hummed to herself and even made a couple of phone calls. I was relatively happy where I was and had no desire what so ever to be re-gagged and dragged out onto the balcony for the night. My wife murmuring about taking out the trash ensured I kept my trap shut and my thoughts and opinions to myself.

Chapter 5

Being inside and tied under the table I was at least able to tell what time it was and judge how long I had been in this very intense bondage my wife had so thoughtfully and lovingly placed me in. I must admit that I was getting a bit of a thrill in spite of aches and pains that were starting to have an adverse affect, watching my wife get on with her business while acting as if I did not exist.

My wife turned off the TV a little after 10:00 that evening and sauntered the few steps over to the kitchen where I still lay not having dared move an inch from where she had kicked me hours before. Sitting cross legged on the floor she inquired as to my well being, was I in any pain, did I have to pee and most importantly was I having fun. Yes I was in some pain actually as the back of my knees in particular were screaming from being pulled up so tightly for so long. No I did not have to pee as I had been given only enough liquid to rehydrate and yes I had to sheepishly admit, I was still having a bit of fun. There was no hiding the correct answer to question number 3 because as she asked it wife grabbed me by my wrists and rolled me over on my side only to expose a very firm hard on.

At this point I was given two options, stay the way I was until at least the next morning or worm my way over to the second bedroom where she would untie my wrists from my ankles and let me spend the night there. Option two had great appeal as it would offer me relief in my legs and the opportunity to at least spend the night on a carpeted surface. It was my plan once “unhogtied” as we liked to put it, to bide my time until wife had gone to bed then make my way to our bedroom and snake into my soft bed and snuggle up to a nice warm body for the night. My choice being made, wife stood up and announced she was going to take a bath and I had until she was ready for bed to complete my journey.

The distance from the kitchen table to the second bedroom was not any more than 30 feet or so and that was well inside the room and not just to the threshold. I had managed to make it across a room in past while hogtied with minimal effort. However this time I was in a considerably stricter bondage than I have ever been and the task was proving to more difficult than I had imagined. Sweat was pouring from my brow before I even made it out from under the table, across the five feet or so of kitchen linoleum and onto the living room carpet. My breathing was labored and I was forced to lay on my belly for several minutes to gather up the strength to continue.

Progress across the carpet to my final destination was agonizingly slow and painful and I worked damn hard for every inch. It wasn't until the thought occurred to me to try and roll myself that i started to really make some time. What I did was roll onto my right side and then with a heave, rock onto my belly and let my momentum carry me onto my left side and then right over onto my back. Of course being on my back hurt but the relativity fast pace I found myself on was a small price to pay. Maneuvering tightly tied body through the door and into the room was more than a bit of a challenge, but I persevered and I finally made it. Exhausted but home at last.

Now my wife usually takes a full hour to bath and prepare herself for bed and tonight was no exception. There before my eyes were her dainty feet right on schedule! Wife took a pair of scissors and cut the several knots that were holding the rope binding my wrists to my ankles. It took her more time than I thought necessary to unwind the rope but at long last my legs tasted a bit of freedom. The relief to at long last stretch my aching leg muscles was beyond words and an euphoria swept over my entire body. Gawd it felt good. Now for a couple of hours of well needed rest and I could put my plan in motion.

My wife had other plans for me alas. Wife had used 50 feet of rope to tie me up with originally, a 50 foot coil cut into lengths for ease of handling. I had purchased three of these coils and tucked the other two, still in the packaging away in a drawer. These two coils of rope were unceremoniously dropped on the floor in front of my face... minus the packaging. It wasn't long before I discovered exactly what my wife had in store for me.

I was asked, no ordered, to get up on my feet. My wife got hold of my arms by ropes binding my elbows together, helped me up and guided me to a chair. The chair was made entirely of wood and had horizontal rungs along the bottom between the four legs and a straight narrow back with vertical slats. In other words the perfect bondage chair. My arms were pulled up behind my back then placed over the back of the chair as I lowered myself down to a sitting position. Wife told me to get comfortable as she bent down, picked up one of the coils of rope then smoothed it out straight.

What came next was the most intense and complete bondage I had ever experienced or have ever since. I was to become one with that chair, pressed in so tight that a slip of paper would not slide in between flesh and wood. Wife took the first coil of rope and doubled it in two forming a larks head at one end. She then fastened the rope to the front bottom rung of the chair by feeding the end through the larks head. This left her a doubled rope 25 feet in length. Wife wrapped several turns of the rope between my ankle cinching and then behind the rung bringing my ankles up tight against the rung. The end of the rope was passed though each loop forming a knot after each and ever turn and my wife ensured that she pulled tight after each turn so that all slack disappeared.

The ankle to chair bondage took up only a few feet of the rope which left her with plenty. Rope was then brought up and tied around my knees above the existing knee ropes and pulled to tight that it dug deeply into my flesh. Wife then took the rope and looped it around the top of the right front chair leg, pulled and knotted it and then over my legs to the opposite leg where it was tied off. She had approximately 10 feet of rope left and the end was brought across my lap and tied off to the back right leg then across in the same direction and tied off to the front left leg. The rope was then placed across my legs at the knees and tied off to the front right leg and then across diagonally and finished off at the back left leg. This effectively lashed my lap down to the chair with criss cross ropes and they were tight.

Wife picked up the second and last coil of rope and as before smoothed it out and doubled it in two. This time the rope was fastened to the outer most vertical slat that was the back of the chair and drawn across my chest and around the back of the chair over my arms just above my elbow ropes. Wife used half of the rope to wrap my upper body and arms to the back of the chair. How she ever got the end of the rope to go between my arms and the back of the chair to cinch it up is beyond me but she did. To get as tight a job as possible my wife placed one foot up against my upper arms and held on the rope with both hands so tightly her knuckles turned white. My chest and arms were tied to the chair back so tightly I had some trouble breathing and could only take short breaths. The remainder of the rope was used to fasten my waist and lower arms to the chair back and was tied off just as securely as my upper body. The rope that had been used to keep me hogtied was wrapped around by wrist cinching and pulled down and tied off to the bottom back chair rung. My wife pulled down hard that if my waist was not tied as it was to the back of the chair my ass would have been pulled right off the seat.

She was not done yet. We had some cord laying around the apartment that was taken from an old blind set that we kept in a junk drawer that just so happened to be in the desk beside me. Wife retrieved the cord, dropped it on my lap and knelt down in front of me. What she did next was to intricately bind my balls. She made a slip knot and tightened it around the base of my sack snuggly but not over tight. The cord was then wrapped in a figure eight around both my balls until they were nicely “tied up”. Wife was careful to ensure the cord did not touch the base of my penis, just my balls. The left over cord was then brought down my lap between my legs and down to my big toes. My two toes were the tied and cinched together completing the job.

Now by this time I had a raging hard on and though my plans of sneaking into bed with my wife were now dashed, this wasn't going to be so bad after all. At least I had that nice frustrated feeling and could live like this at least until morning. Wife had other ideas. The fingers of one hand curled around my throbbing cock and gently squeezed. This was the second time my wife had masturbated me and the fun quickly drained from me. Now I REALLY wanted to be untied and wife knew it. Before she left me alone in the dark for my second night I was warned that any noise what so ever that disturbed her sleep and I would find myself abandoned.

Chapter 6

As my wife was roping me down to the chair I could see that my little plan for spooning her during the night was not going to be an option... not an option at all. However each time wife gave the rope a yank digging it down deep into my flesh, my penis just became that much more erect and full. When wife started in on the ball bondage the feelings in the pit of my stomach were so intense I had to close my eyes and place myself elsewhere or risk a premature ejaculation. This forced plan B was certainly going to be as interesting if not more so than the plan A I had so cleverly formulated in my devious little mind.

Imagine how I felt, bound so tightly and securely that all but the slightest movement was impossible, when my wife let off my load. Pure pleasure to “let me out of these ropes” in a matter of a few seconds. Wife meant business this time and she made no bones about it. All I could do was let out a soft groan as she turned on her heels, flicked off the light, closed the door tightly on me and went into our bedroom.

I could hear the muffled sound of the clock radio coming from the bedroom and knew my wife was laying in bed taking in a good book. This was one of her pleasures and I could clearly picture her in my mind dressed in her short nightie with ankles delicately crossed and engrossed in that thick book of hers. Drove me mad as this is when I love to lay down beside her and massage her feet and legs. Wife usually giggles and pushes me away if my finger tips accidentally on purpose find her sex. This was not to be for me tonight and try as I might, there was nothing more left in me for another erection. My frustrations were mounting by the minute.

Eventually the bedroom became quiet which was an indication, to me bound to a chair at any rate that my wife had finally turned in for the night. Struggling of any sort was an exercise in futility but I continued to do so anyway. In spite of my ball bondage and the ability to press down my feet thereby putting a bit of pleasurable pressure on my nuts, an erection was still a no go. Stupid of me really to probe for a knot, any knot with my fingers. Even if I could find one, which my wife made sure I could not, they were so tight by now that a cutting utensil would definitely be needed once the time came to release me.

As the night wore on boredom was my greatest enemy as there is nothing for the mind to do except flex the odd muscle here and there. I tried getting some sleep but that is more difficult than it seems tied bolt upright in a sitting position to a chair. Perhaps I did doze off for a few moments or even longer but I have no recollection of doing so. Every building has its own unique sounds that seem to be heard only in the dead silence of night and this building was no exception. I said a silent prayer that none of the groans was a small rodent making its way around the room in search for a late night snack. If this was the case I was screwed as you can well imagine.

The birds started chirping well before sunrise and were a welcome distraction. Gradually dark became dawn and a small sliver of sunlight sparkled on the window directly in front of me. I was physically tired and my limbs ached from the tension of the ropes which had imprisoned my arms, wrists, knees and ankles for the past 36 hours now. My balls were sore and tender from being encased in cord, my ass was numb from sitting on it for the last 9 hours or so, I still couldn't get a hard on and I was hungry damn it! To add to my misery this was Sunday and my dear beloved wife loved to sleep in until almost noon on this day. My custom on Sunday's is to get up early, make coffee, read the paper and leave wife well enough alone until she is good and ready to make an appearance. No coffee or paper for me today and I calculated another 5 hours of quality alone time in bondage before wife decided to get out of bed and start her day.

Finally I heard the running of water and knew that my wife was up and about and getting ready for her day. I squirmed in anticipation as I heard footsteps approach the door and my cock started to tingle. Instead of the sound of a turning door knob I heard the refrigerator freezer door open and then slam shut meaning wife had retrieved the coffee canister and was about to brew some java! How I love my coffee in the morning and just the smell of it set my tastes buds into motion. The aroma of toast wafted through the air and delighted my nostrils. My tummy was in full complaint mode and was eagerly awaiting the breakfast that was surly coming.

I waited and waited and waited and then waited some more but no room service this day apparently. Should I call out and risk pissing my wife off or just go for it. Since I was in no condition to defend myself at all I choose to keep quiet and just tough it out until wife decided to show. I could hear wife fumble around with the coffee pot which meant she was pouring a second cup. Question was, is she pouring a refill for herself or a mug for her dear bound husband? The toaster also dinged a second time indicating more toast being toasted.

When my wife finally did make her grand entrance into the second bedroom, sometime after noon that day she was empty handed. I did inquire about breakfast to which she replied, “Oh, did you want breakfast? Why didn't you ask me then?”

So began my second full day of bondage....

Chapter 7

Now we have all heard of stories of spouses tying up their significant other, usually the wife tying up her husband with the promise of sex. Unbeknown to the husband his wife has discovered his adulteress ways, ties him up like a pretzel, gags the hell out of him, finishes everything off with a blindfold, then packs her bags and leaves him. Husband is then rescued by the mistress, usually a co-worker that has cleverly noted her lover boy has not shown up for work these past couple of days and rushes over to release him from his life threatening bondage!

Alas this was not my situation by a long shot, in fact the opposite. It was my wife’s intention to keep me alive and well to teach me the lesson of my life and was in no hurry to let me out of my predicament at all. After a bit of good natured teasing on her part, wife did relent and give her poor suffering husband nourishment. Oh what a fine repast it was! Wife blended up some concoction consisting of porridge, broccoli and every other evil thing she could find to throw into the mixture. A soup that she claimed was “healthy” and contained everything my body needed to keep me fit. Before she fed this vile meal to me through a straw I mused why is it that all that is good for you tastes so bad. Wife answered with a hard stare and held the straw to my to my lips until my lunch was finished which was well over a liter. She must have been in a good mood though as I was given a small cup of orange juice to wash it down with.

A nice face wash and a mouth rinse and I was as fresh as a daisy. At this point a description of how the ropes were affecting my limbs is in order. There was not a crossed or slack rope anywhere at all. The ropes wrapped around my chest were tight and restricted my breathing somewhat. I was fine just as long as I didn't exert myself, as if I could even if I had wanted to. Ropes around my belly holding me to the back of the chair were more an irritant than anything. Gave me the exact same feeling a pair of too tight pants with an elastic waistband would give. Just wanted to go down there and scratch.

My arms were fine but my back was sore between my shoulder blades but not unbearably so. If I was asked what part of my body hurt the most during my ordeal, this would be it. My hands had good circulation and the tingling in my finger tips had long since gone. I have found that initial tingling is common, at least in my case, and soon disappears once the circulation works its way through. Ankles and feet were the same as my hands and wrists. Knees might pose a bit of a problem for me later however as the ropes were pressing tightly against the back of my legs though not all that painful the ropes were as tight as they could get without causing me any permanent damage.

The chair I was so brutally tied to was good, sturdy and a nice piece of furniture. The chair seat had indentations carved into it as butt reliefs if you can call them that. At any rate it gave a more comfortable seating “experience” than a kitchen table chair would for example. My ass was getting sore but I could just lift one butt check at a time that allowed a tiny bit of relief. Balls, being tied as they were seemed to be having more fun than was allowed and were happy and content in their bondage.

Once wife had finished feeding me my delicious lunch and given me my face wash which was not loving or gentle but more like she was wiping peanut butter and jam from a sticky kid, she sat down on a chair beside me. From her body language and facial expression there was no mistaking that this was “chat time.” I had a feeling what was coming so I closed my eyes and concentrated trying to keep from having another untimely erection. Her hand came over and wife grabbed a fist full of hair from the back of my head and demanded that I look at her. She held onto the back of my head for the entire conversation and from time to time pulled hard enough to hurt to emphasize a particular point.

Her very first question to me was how long did I plan on staying tied up. Incredulously I replied that was entirely up to her. After all just what the hell could I do about my situation by myself? Wrong answer. My wife pointed out the following to me which I was made to answer to. Firstly, she pointed out, I readily agreed to be tied up by her and it fact pestered her all week for some bondage play on the weekend. Therefore wife concluded if I had kept my mouth shut and waited for things to unfold as they should I would not be in the pickle I now find myself in. I had no choice but to answer in the affirmative to this. Strike one.

Secondly but of no less importance, wife asked me if I really meant it when I said bondage was not really bondage if you could be released by simply asking. This was also an affirmative as part of the thrill for me was not knowing when I was to be released. Strike two.

Thirdly I was confronted with the fact in spite of being all tied up for what now... 40 some hours I had yet to even ask to be untied let alone beg. To top it off wife pointed out, my cock was starting to get hard again so proof positive that this was still a fun time. I argued furiously that this was a setup and I had been warned against speaking out or whining as there was to be dire consequences. I lost the argument. Strike three.

Wife was firm in her conviction that I was not getting any help from her what so ever in regards to my freedom. Whine and bitch all I want but I was to sit right here and think of some other way of getting myself untied. I was to have the rest of the day to think on this.... alone. I heard wife leave the apartment and lock the door behind her without a word to me as to where she was going and when she would return.

Chapter 8

There was nothing much I could do, being lashed to the chair as severely as I was, but to take my wife's words seriously and try and come up with some sort of plan for my eventual release. Until now I had never realized how boring it can be sitting in a chair with nothing but a wall to look at all day. Sure being tied up was a thrill but its the teasing and the inevitable sex that follows that gets the blood flowing. Making matters worse was the fact that I had long since given up struggling so even that little bit of fun had passed. This was starting to be torture and I was not quite sure I liked it.

I did manage to come up with three different “proposals” for my release that I was confident at least one would win my freedom. Bribery always seemed to work and this was going to be my main weapon in attacking wife’s new found determination and nastiness. Out and out release by her hand in exchange for my benevolent gift or failing that, a steak knife placed in my hands from which I could at least have a fighting chance of sawing my way out of my bondage. Plan C was allowing the condemned man one phone call to entice a close friend over to untie me and preferably a woman friend. This was going to be particularly dicey as there was going to be some explaining to do, by both of us, to this person as to why exactly was I naked and tied to a chair. Hopefully it would not come down to that.

The trick now was to come up with a suitable bribe and as I had nothing but time on my hands it was not long before I had the perfect “gift” for my dear sweet wife. We had talked about booking a last minute flight and winging down to the Napa Valley for a week. As we were both on holidays the thought did occur to us that it would be romantic to take a spur of the moment trip and Napa seemed to my wife as ideal. I on the other hand was resisting Napa and pushing for a fishing camp. A luxury lodge mind you, not somewhere in the bush with a tent and outhouse. My plan was to “relent” and give her the holiday that she wanted. Yes, this would do the trick and I was rather pleased with myself and started to relax in my bondage as I was more than confident I would be free not long after wife came home.

It was dusk before wife finally made it back to the apartment and I could hear her rummaging around for quite awhile before she made an entrance into the room where she had me kept. Wife had that bag of used pantyhose in her and which she dropped at my feet with not so much as a smile. She took out one pair and placed one leg of the pantyhose into the other forming a nylon tube. Wife took a rubber ball that was approximately 2” in diameter (a new purchase I had to assume), placed it halfway inside the nylon stocking and gave it a twirl. I groaned inwardly as wife stood behind me and placed the rubber ball up against my lips. There was no point in arguing and I opened my mouth wide to accept the gag. Wife worked the gag well into my mouth and made sure the ball was well behind my teeth before she proceeded to wrap the pantyhose tube tightly around my jaw and neck making a very effective gag. Before I could mumble my inevitable protests wife produced a tenser bandage (another recent purchase) and wrapped the entire 10 feet of it over top the ball gag already in place. Wife did an expert job with the tenser bandage pulling it to its maximum and smoothing it out after each and every turn. This was one incredible gag and my mews were barely audible which brought a nasty grin to my wife’s lips.

Wife then took hold of the back of the chair and dragged it with me in it into the kitchen where she positioned me in front of the table, facing the wall. The table was set for two and dinner was prepared. By now I was starving and was getting quite excited at the prospect of being fed my first decent meal in days. Within the hour two plates of a hot delicious meal were placed on the table, one on the place mat in front of me and the other on my wife’s place mat. Wife sat down ate and carried on as nothing what so ever was out of the ordinary. She inquired about my day and if I had given any thought to how in the hell I was going to get untied. Of course all I could do was muummmfffff and glare at her. Wife did think it humorous that there was a meal in front of me that I obviously could not touch and enjoyed my lame struggles and efforts at communication in order to get at least some of that food into my stomach. After took her time with dinner, mentioned how sorry she was that I was not hungry enough to figure a way out of my bondage so I could eat and cleaned up.

After dinner my wife pulled my chair away from the kitchen table and turned it so I was looking out into the living room area. She then left to fetch her handbag which on her return placed on the table, adjusted her chair to face mine and took a seat. Wife leaned back in her chair placed her nylon feet on my lap and crossed them. Now, she wanted to know, what had I come up with to get myself untied? She was well aware that all I could do was grunt and mew so I was to answer her yes or no questions with a nod for affirmative or a side ways shake for negative. Simple really.

Before the inquisition could even begin, wife opened her handbag, took out a ticket and threw it down on the table. I was stunned! There was a ticket in her name for a return trip to San Francisco, car rental, hotels the whole shebang. Wife coolly informed me that since I was going to be tied up for the foreseeable future that she might as well go ahead and book the little holiday we had planned. Apparently she had spent her day, and a good deal of my (our) money at a travel agent and looked quite pleased with herself I might add. My heart sank as my negotiating leverage just flew out the window.

My wife stroked my cock with her feet and from the look in her eyes she knew I knew she had me cold. Wife had anticipated my moves and preempted them. My cock was beginning to harden as she asked if I had planned to use one of the steak knives to cut my way out to which I nodded in the affirmative. How was I planning to get said steak knife she asked? She emphatically reiterated that the deal was no help at all from her, and that means none. To empathize her point wife placed the knife on the table right before my eyes and stated there.. there is your knife..go for it.

Was I thinking of calling someone perhaps? Again a nod in the affirmative from her poor hapless husband. Again, how was I going to call? Was I expecting her to pick up the phone, dial and hold the receiver to my ear? And even if she did how would I talk gagged as I was? This was all too predictable for her and I had to be a hell of a lot more creative if I expected to be untied before Christmas.

Wife informed me she would be back later on in the evening once these new and very unfortunate developments for me had sunk in. If I came up with a plan that did not involve any bribery, trickery or her assistance I was to nod yes that in fact I had done so and I was to be un-gagged and plead my case. If not............



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