Lesbians and Unicorns 2

by Christine

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© Copyright 2010 - Christine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; toys; oral; climax; cons; X

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continued from part 1


Pain and Pleasure

OH MY GOD! IT WAS ASHLEY! Ashley meekly walked into the living room. Her face was flushed a bright red, and her breasts were almost as red, as if they had been bound. She glanced at me and smiled, and knelt in front of Cami, with her head bowed in a submissive position. She was totally naked, with her wrists crossed and tied behind her back. Questions flooded my mind. What was going on? How long had Ashley been here? Where were Beth and Lisa? Who was really in charge at the lesbian bar? Was all this planned in advance? Was Ashley actually a sex slave for these women, or was she playing out a role or fantasy for the night? Were they going to make me a sex slave?

Cami quickly took control of the situation.

“ASHLEY, do you want to come?” Ashley nodded her head, yes.

“ASHLEY, you’ve licked Clair’s and Sharon’s pussies, do you want to eat my pussy?” Ashley nodded her head, yes.

“First, you must go over and play with Christine and make her come.” Ashley rose and sassily walked over to me, with a wicked little grin on her face. She pressed herself against my bound body and started kissing me. After a few kisses, Ashley kissed her way down to my bound swollen breasts. She began licking and sucking my nipples.

“ASHLEY, you’re going too fast. We don’t want Christine to come too quickly. NOW START OVER!” Ashley kissed me again, more thoroughly and more passionately. We made out, with some great tongue action. She kissed me over my face, neck and throat on her way down to my breasts. Again, she started on my wanting tits, twirling her tongue around my nipples.

“ASHLEY, rub your titties all over Christine.” Ashley obeyed, and pressed her tits against me and rubbed them up and down, all over my torso. I felt her hard nipples slowly moving erotically over my skin.

“ASHLEY, that was pretty good, but BITE HER NIPPLES TOO! Now do it again.” Ashley loved this. She had a huge smile on her face as she started over on me. Meanwhile, I was starting to get frustrated. My pussy was calling to me. Even with my legs spread, I could feel that my pussy was really wet. I moaned in delight when Ashley nibbled and bit my swollen hard nipples. Ashley kissed me down to my cleanly shaved mons. I REALLY NEEDED TO COME!

“ASHLEY, we have to be sure Christine is ready for your tongue. Turn around and see how many fingers you can get into her pussy.” Ashley turned around and backed into me. She used the fingers of one bound hand and easily slipped 2 fingers into my pussy. After stroking me for awhile, she slipped a 3rd finger into my love hole, and stroked me faster. Now I moaned continually. When she managed to caress my clit with her thumb, I thought I would come.

“ASHLEY, is Christine wet?” Ashley nodded her head, yes, while keeping her fingers in my love hole. GOD! I was so close.

“ASHLEY, rub your tits in Christine’s pussy.” She pulled her fingers out of me and turned around. Ashley bent down and rubbed both of her tits all over my slit. One of her taught nipples found my clit, causing a deep guttural moan to escape from my throat.

“ASHLEY, come over here and stand in front of me.” Ashley complied. Cami licked and sucked all my pussy juices off of Ashley’s tits. Then, she kissed Ashley passionately, plunging her tongue deep into Ashley’s mouth, transferring my pussy juices to Ashley’s mouth. “Does Christine’s pussy taste good?” Ashley nodded her head, yes.

Cami probed Ashley’s pussy with her finger. “ASHLEY, you’re not very wet. Go over to Christine and hump one of her legs, until you are wet.” Ashley walked back to me and straddled my spread left leg. She spread her legs a bit and walked up my leg, until her pussy was rubbing the top of my leg. Ashley humped herself on my leg, slowly at first, but then moved faster. I felt her pussy juices being smeared up and down my leg.

“That’s fine Ashley.” “Now it’s time for you to make Christine come.” “DO IT RIGHT! DON’T LET HER COME TOO FAST!” These were magical words for Ashley. She knew my pussy intimately. She knew how to push all my buttons, and could drive me up that damn pole I was tied to, just with her tongue. Ashley approached me with a sinister smile on her face. She was going to enjoy this.

Ashley started over on me, for Cami, who stood and watched. When Ashley kissed me, I could taste my own pussy juices from her mouth. I knew that I was still wet and ready Ashley’s previous playing with me already had me badly wanting to come. When she ran her nipple over my clit, it was nearly my undoing. Ashley’s kisses were long and steamy. After ravaging my mouth, leaving me breathless and wanting more, Ashley slowly kissed her way down to my breasts. She licked and kissed every inch of both of my tits, before attacking my nipples, first with her tongue. My nips were still hard and throbbing from Ashley’s earlier play. When Ashley was satisfied with her tongue work, she ravenously sucked each of my nipples. She sucked hard and long, pulling and stretching my rock hard buds. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the wonderful sensations, when Ashley bit my left nipple. I wasn’t expecting it quite yet and I screamed from the pain. She nibbled and bit each of my nipples several times. It was an exquisite burning pain that shot straight to my pussy, and aroused me even more.

At last, Ashley was kneeling between my spread legs. It seemed she licked my labia forever, risking a few quick licks of my engorged clit. I gasped and held my breath each time, hoping to gain my release. As she started again licking my pussy lips, I uttered, “GOD, OH GOD, I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!” Ashley teased and swirled her tongue around the entrance to my love hole. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET ME COME!” I was quivering all over. My legs trembled. I was gasping and almost hyperventilating. When Ashley plunged her tongue into my cunt, I screamed, “YES, YES!” That long denied 1st orgasm engulfed my whole body and mind. Ashley continued to tongue fuck me as wave after wave of pure pleasure pulsed through my body. But, Ashley wasn’t finished with me. Her lips imprisoned my swollen extended clit, and she sucked and sucked, until I exploded with another powerful orgasm. I was tearing up from the pure intense pleasure. Then, she licked my clit, causing me to scream with another shattering orgasm. My knees gave way, but the ropes that lashed me to the pole kept me upright. I seemed to come forever. I was completely spent and sagged in my bonds.

When I came out of it, Ashley was still kneeling at my feet with her head bowed. Claire was setting up a portable massage table in front of me. I heard water running in the kitchen sink behind me. Cami came up to me and told me how much she enjoyed watching the show. I told her it was GREAT! Cami asked Ashley if she was ready to come, and Ashley nodded her head, yes. Cami and Claire helped Ashley up on the padded massage table, with her feet facing me. Ashley lay on her back, with her hands still tied behind her. Claire took a wide strap, passed it under the table and around Ashley’s waist, and cinched her to the table. They frog-tied Ashley’s legs. With a rope around each of Ashley’s legs, above her knees, they pulled her wide open and tied the ropes to the table’s legs. Sharon came out of the kitchen with a tray containing 7-8 dildos, K-Y lube, oils, and 2 jars. She placed the tray on a nearby table. I was sure that Claire was some kind of masseuse. She rubbed some oil on her hands and began massaging Ashley’s breasts. The dildos on the tray were arranged by size, from perhaps 1-1/2” in diameter to one that could have been 3”??? in diameter.

Cami and Sharon each took one of the smaller dildos from the tray. Sharon lubed up the 1st dildo, with the K-Y, and worked it into Ashley’s exposed love hole. Ashley’s beautiful cleanly shaved pussy was exposed and glaring at me, while I stood there tied to the pole, no more than 5’ away. The 3 women took turns plunging ever larger dildos into Ashley’s cunt. Someone was always playing with her breasts and kissing her. They would tease and torment her pussy, by working the dildo in and out at various speeds, and then they would suddenly stop. In turn, another woman would pickup the next largest dildo and begin fucking Ashley with it. But, they would never let her get close enough to come. Ashley could only moan and thrash about as they teased her pussy relentlessly. When Claire picked up the last big fat dildo, I wasn’t sure if Ashley could take it. Claire lubed it up and slowly forced it into Ashley’s pussy. It was probably only 6” long, but Claire got it all the way inside Ashley’s cunt. Slowly at first, and then faster, Claire fucked Ashley with the giant dildo. Ashley was beside herself. She bucked and whined, managing only pitiful mewing sounds. When Claire stopped and pulled the dildo out, Cami asked, “Ashley, are you ready to come now?” Ashley was only able to whimper, “Yes, yes please!”

Claire plugged an extension cord into the wall behind one of the sofas. She connected it to a Hitachi Magic Wand. I had read about them as a sex toy, but had never seen one used or experienced one. Claire opened one of the small jars on the tray. She applied a small amount of the white crème onto Ashley’s nipples and clit. Within seconds, Ashley responded to whatever the crème was doing to her, by groaning and squirming, within the confines of her restraints. Claire turned the Magic Wand on. It was loud and sounded menacing. She started by massaging Ashley’s breasts. It sounded like it was vibrating so fast. Ashley moaned and whimpered, almost purring from her throat. Claire slowly moved the vibrating wand down Ashley’s body towards her exposed pussy. When the large head touched Ashley’s pussy, her whole body lurched, and she held her breath. Air whooshed out of Ashley’s lungs. Her whole body convulsed, as her orgasm hit her.

Claire turned the magic wand to high and pressed it against Ashley’s pussy again. I couldn’t tell if Ashley was trying to say NO, or whether it was a moan, but soon the sounds coming from her were reduced to a pitiful wailing sound. Ashley’s whole body arched and strained, and then began to tremble. In less than a minute, her body was rocked with the force of another orgasm. She could only gasp for breath. Sharon and Cami each held Ashley down, with one hand on one knee, and their other hands holding her shoulders. After about 2 minutes, Claire pressed the rapidly buzzing wand head to Ashley’s pussy, and held it there. Ashley was surprisingly silent, except for her ragged breathing. Her body quaked continuously, and a faint keening sound escaped from her throat. The slightest twitch of Ashley’s hips and the halting in her keening, to gasp in air, was the only indication I saw that Ashley was orgasming. Claire did not let up. Ashley’s orgasms were coming so rapidly that I couldn’t really tell how many she had. AND, then she PASSED OUT!

The girls were prepared. Claire had a damp washcloth handy to put on Ashley’s forehead and face. Sharon and Cami rapidly freed Ashley’s legs and the strap around her waist, holding her to the table. Ashley was only out for a few seconds. She tried to sit up, but they held her down and told her to relax. Ashley was smiling, but looked a little bewildered. After several minutes, they helped her sit up, but she still looked a bit dazed and light headed. They helped her off the massage table and walked her, on shaky legs, a few feet to sit on a sofa. Cami stayed with Ashley, stroking her hair and face, while Ashley continued to smile and say she was fine. Claire took down her portable massage table and removed it from the living room, while Sharon took the tray of supplies and toys back to the kitchen.

When Sharon returned from the kitchen, she grabbed the fully recovered and submissive Ashley, and led her out of the living room. Claire and Cami came for me. First, Claire inserted a big red ballgag into my mouth and buckled it behind my head. They removed the bondage tape from my wrists and elbows, freeing my arms. While I stretched and rubbed my limbs, Cami removed an unfamiliar item out from under the nearby table. It was some type of bondage yoke. It was made from a piece of 2” X 2” tubular aluminum that measured about 3’ long. Fastened to the center of the tube was a 2” leather collar, and at each end leather wrist cuffs were mounted. Cami held the aluminum bar behind my head, while Claire buckled the collar around my neck. They fastened my wrists into the cuffs at the ends of the bondage yoke. I was securely entrapped, with my wrists held out about 18” from my head. Once that was finished, they untied the ropes that lashed my waist and breasts to the pole. I stood on my own, still with my legs held wide apart by the spreader bar. Cami held me steady, while Claire helped me raise each leg a bit to shed my heels. That felt much better.

They made me slowly and carefully walk, in the spreader bar, to the center of the floor, where a large terry cloth type blanket had been spread. Cami faced me and asked if I wanted to come again. I eagerly nodded my head, “YES!” Cami started playing with me. My tits were sticking out proudly and she went right for them. She gave each nipple a good tweak, before feeling me up thoroughly. Then, Cami licked and sucked my nipples to long hard peaks, while her fingers slithered down between my spread legs to tease my wet pussy to near orgasm. She stopped suddenly and told me to bend over at the waist. THWACK! THWACK! Sharp stinging pain shot through my ass. It was Claire. She had come up behind me, while Cami was distracting me, and was beating my ass with a suede flogger. THWACK! THWACK! While Cami grasped my ponytail and held me bent over, Claire continued to smack my butt cheeks with the flogger. It made a loud sound every time it connected, and sent stinging pain all through me. Maybe after 20-30 blows, I stopped feeling the pain. I became aware that my pussy was tingling, from the blows. Eventually, Cami stood me upright. Her fingers probed and teased my pussy. She said, “You’re getting wetter.” “You must really want to come?” “YES, YES,” I nodded.

Cami responded, “Not quite yet, you look a little pale to me.” I didn’t understand. I was standing there totally naked, with my legs held wide apart in a spreader bar, and my arms immobile in a bondage yoke. I couldn’t turn my head, but from the steady burning and tingling feeling in my ass, I figured that part of me was pretty red. Claire handed another suede flogger to Cami. Claire was behind me and Cami in front. They both started whipping me simultaneously. Claire started at my shoulders and worked her way down my back. She gave my ass some extra hard blows, and continued down the back of my thighs, to my knees. Meanwhile, Cami started whipping me with her flogger around my shoulders. Giving extra blows to my tits, Cami methodically worked her way down to my knees. Cami commented, as she worked me over, that I was starting to get some nice color. I couldn’t escape the blows. At first, my body rocked from the stinging flogger. But gradually, my mind blocked out the pain, and an exhilarating pleasure swept over me. I heard the blows, but felt only delightful tingling feelings in my breasts and pussy.

The girls switched places and started over on me, shoulders to knees. Claire gave my breasts extra attention. Every blow shot straight to my pussy. As Claire was working her way down my thighs, towards my knees, I looked down at myself. My breasts were glaring bright red, and every other inch of skin, that I could see was a healthy glowing rosy pink. Cami started swishing the flogger between my legs and tickled my pussy with it. From the front, Claire gave my pussy 3 quick hard strokes. My knees buckled and I went down on them. Both girls were there instantly, catching me before I could flop on my face. They grabbed my arms, while I was kneeling in the spreader bar, and awkwardly got me to sit back on my sore ass, and then lie down on my back. Cami was hovering over me, asking if I was OK, and removing the ballgag from my mouth. Those 3 quick blows to my pussy took me completely by surprise. I insisted that I was fine. In fact, my whole body tingled wonderfully. My bright red breasts burned with desire, and my pussy was on fire. I was lying on my back, with my neck and arms still locked in the bondage yoke. My knees were up and bent, with my ankles still locked in the spreader bar and spread wide apart. Cami caressed my face and hair for several moments, as my breathing steadied. Then, I heard a buzzing sound.

Claire was approaching me with the buzzing Hitachi Magic Wand and her jar of crème. Cami took the jar and rubbed a tiny amount of the white crème onto my nipples and clit. Immediately, they started tingling even more than they already were. There was a faint smell of mint in the air. I closed my eyes as Claire touched the head of the magic wand to my right nipple for a few moments. It felt wonderful, better than any vibrator that I had experienced on my tits. She went back and forth from nipple to nipple several times. I was moaning partly from the pleasure, and partly in anticipation of what that magic head would do to my pussy. I heard the magic wand crank up to the high speed. I opened my eyes to peek, and yes, it was headed for my pussy. I held my breath.

The whole head of that magic wand hit my pussy. I screamed from the sudden intense sensations, but all that came out was a timid eeeeek! I was breathing again. In fact, I was gasping for air, realizing that my whole body spasmed from my 1st shattering orgasm. It seemed to be over in seconds and was so powerful that it hadn’t fully registered in my mind. The head of the magic wand was again pressed against my pussy. The potent pulses hit my sensitized clit, and shot to my brain. I was feeling it, but I could only get out a little squeal of delight. As the pleasure pulses built within me again, my 2nd orgasm hit me like an electric shock, bringing me wonderful wonderful waves of pleasure. I realized that I was panting and gulping air, while Claire and Cami looked down on me with big smiles on their faces.

Claire asked me if I was ready for more, but I didn’t have a chance to answer. As I started to nod my head, she pushed the head of the magic wand against my pussy for the 3rd time, and held it there. Actually, I had become a little used to what the machine did to me. I tried to concentrate on breathing, as the next orgasm built within me. When it hit me, I gasped a loud moan of relief. It shattered my whole being. I was uncontrollably jerking at my bonds that held me tight. The vibrations from the magic wand did not stop. My mind registered another orgasm coming on, but the rest of my body was out of control. I was still quivering and spasming from the previous orgasm. I rode the next orgasm to new pleasure highs. The magic wand kept up its relentless assault on my pussy. I must have had 5 or 6 orgasms, in maybe only 10 minutes. I don’t remember if I passed out, or if the magic wand was simply taken away. My body continued to spasm, with intense waves of pleasure. I had a big smile on my face. I felt ecstatic, but also a bit dazed. WHAT A WONDERFUL TOY! I thought my clit would tingle forever. Clair and Cami were freeing me from the bondage yoke and spreader bar. I curled into a ball on the soft terrycloth blanket, and hugged my self, as the spasms of pleasure from the magic wand continued to ripple through my body.

One On One With The Girls

My euphoric state was interrupted, when Sharon shook me. She said, “Come with me. I have you for the next hour!” She led me to the 1st bedroom off the hall, closed the door and locked it. She tied my wrists crossed behind my back, and used a 2nd piece of longer rope to tightly wrap around my waist and hold my wrists in the small of my back. She made me kneel at the foot of the bed, facing her, as she sat on the edge with her legs spread. She told me to lick her good and make her come. As I lowered my head towards her pussy, I saw that her slit was barely open. I smelled the strawberry pussy gel that she used. I remembered that Sharon did not respond to clitoral licking from my 1st experience with her. It took an awful lot of licking to get her open and turned on. When she was finally wet and her juices were actually flowing, I went right for her love hole. I got my tongue as far inside her vagina as I could and licked around for awhile. Finding nothing, with my tongue, that felt like a g-spot, I earnestly began tongue fucking her. I really had her going. I glanced up and saw that her head was thrown back, and she was rubbing and pinching her nipples. It didn’t take me long to bring her over the edge into a body shuddering orgasm.

After a few minutes recovery time, Sharon went to her dresser and pulled a few items out of the bottom drawer, and placed them on her bed. She picked up a 6”-7” Cyberskin penis dildo. She held it in front of my face, forced it into my mouth, and told me to lick and suck it like a cock. She was somewhat rough and shoved it into my throat, but I got it good and wet, with my saliva. Sharon picked up a double strap-on. She locked the wet dildo into the lower o-ring and turned it on. I could hear it loudly vibrating, as she worked the dildo into her pussy and secured the strap-on in position. She picked up an identical Cyberskin penis dildo. Again she forced it into my mouth, to lick and suck it. When the 2nd dildo was wet and ready, Sharon locked it into the upper o-ring of the strap-on. She got me up and bent me over a chair in her bedroom. Using her fingers first, to open up my pussy, Sharon plunged the dildo all the way into my cunt. The dildo in her pussy was buzzing away, but the dildo inside me was silent. My pussy was steadily fucked for about 10 minutes, when Sharon convulsed with another orgasm. She paused, with the dildo buried deep in my cunt, to enjoy her pleasures. When she recovered, she resumed fucking me. I was beginning to feel an orgasm build in me, when Sharon shook and groaned, and came for the 3rd time. She collapsed onto my back, to enjoy her orgasm.

When Sharon had recovered, she pulled out of my orgasm denied pussy. She stood me up, walked me over to the end of her bed, made me kneel and bent me over the edge of the bed. She turned on the dildo that had been in my pussy, knelt down behind me and rammed the vibe into my pussy. My wanting pussy was getting slowly fucked with a big rapidly buzzing dildo. My orgasm built fast and hit me hard. I actually screamed loudly, with my release, before I started trembling in my orgasm. Sharon had not come yet and just kept pumping my pussy, seeking another orgasm. She plunged that dildo deep into me with every thrust. We were both moaning and gasping. Remarkably, we both came together with gigantic orgasms. Sharon pulled out and rolled onto the floor, to enjoy her orgasm and compose herself. I couldn’t move, and just knelt there enjoying my own waves of pleasure.

Eventually, Sharon got up and took off the strap-on. She got me up, turned me around and had me sit on the edge of her bed. She lifted my legs off the floor, spread them a little and helped me lean all the way back. I spread my legs for her and had my knees up by my ears. Sharon started licking my pussy. She actually gave me a wonderfully slow and thorough pussy licking and tongue-fucking. I was whimpering and quivering by the time she got to my clit. With only a few teasing licks of my swollen clit, Sharon made me explode into orgasm.

After I recovered, Sharon got me up, with that beautiful perpetual smile on her face. She untied the rope around my waist, but left my wrists tied, and walked me out of her room and into the next room down the hall. She said to wait there and left the room. The door was open and I didn’t know who or when someone would come in, so I resisted my urge to get up and snoop around. A few minutes later Claire walked in, looking a little flushed, and closed the door, saying, “I guess I get you all to myself for an hour. Let’s pickup where we left off at the bar.” When I stood up, she immediately started sensually caress me about the face, neck, waist and hips. As Claire tenderly played with me, we started kissing. It got pretty passionate, before she broke it off. I was into it and beginning to get aroused. She said, “You’re going to eat my pussy until your tongue is sore!” Except for my eating Sharon’s pussy about an hour earlier, I really hadn’t done much pussy licking in

Claire positioned me on the end of her bed. I was lying on my back, with my wrists still bound behind me, and my head was dangling at about a 45 degree angle over the edge. She knelt down next to my head. With her long spread legs, her pussy was lined up perfectly with my mouth. I remembered Claire’s sweet taste, as I started licking her pussy lips. I took my time and got her gasping and whimpering. While this was going on, Claire used her expert hands to massage and play with my breasts, until her building orgasm broke her concentration. Eventually, I licked and sucked her clit, until she quivered and climaxed. As she was coming, Claire shouted, “Keep going!” I sucked her clit during her orgasm. I moved my tongue back to her love hole and tongue fucked her cunt, quickly getting her panting and groaning. Some vigorous teasing and licking, of her distended clit, quickly brought Claire to a powerful shattering orgasm. I, again, gently sucked her clit throughout her 2nd orgasm. By now, the area around my lips was sticky with her pussy juices.

Claire recovered quickly and announced that we were going to change positions. She said, “I want your tongue deep inside me.” I noticed that her face was even more flushed from her orgasms. She positioned me on my back in the center of her bed, with my head about 2’ away from the headboard. She tied my ankles to the side rails of her bed, so that I was spread wide open. Claire straddled my face, facing my feet, and eased her pussy down to my mouth. Obviously she was still wet and aroused from her earlier orgasms. I kissed and sucked her pussy for a couple moments, but soon I had my tongue buried in her cunt. She pinched and pulled my nipples for a few moments, but leaned over me more to get her hands down into my spread slit. Fingers probed and teased my love hole and sensitive clit. Claire was already moaning, and I decided to slowly tongue fuck her for awhile. Her pussy was pushed hard against my mouth. My tongue was deep inside her and I licked around the inner walls of her vagina. Then I felt it! My tongue found Claire’s magical spot, her g-spot. I rubbed it with the tip of my tongue, making Claire explode into a tremulous orgasm. She cried out and her juices gushed out so fast that some splashed out of my mouth and over my face.

I lazily thrust my tongue in and out of Claire’s love hole, while she came. When she could speak, she told me to keep going. I feverishly licked and sucked her clit, causing her body to be rocked with 2 more quick orgasms. She rolled off me, gasping and shaking, seemingly spent. Claire recovered enough, after a few minutes, to stand up. I noticed that her face was really flushed and her chest also had some color. It was cute as a “just fucked” look. I know I don’t color up after multiple orgasms. If I have been royally reamed and screwed, I know I feel and walk a little differently. I don’t think that I look like I’ve just been had, but maybe others can still tell??? Claire sized me up and said that we have only a little more time. “I know just what you need, Christine.” As Claire walked around to the other side of the bed, she paused to thrust 2, and then 3, of her long fingers into my love hole. There was no doubt that I was wet and ready for whatever she would do with me to fulfill my needs. From the floor, she picked up the Hitachi Magic Wand, which was already plugged in. Who had this been used on while I was with Sharon for an hour?

Claire did not bother with any of her stimulating minty crème. She turned the magic wand on high. I knew she was going to get right to it, and I was ready. She spent maybe 2-3 minutes stimulating my nipples, before she moved the head down my body, towards my pussy. She told me that I should relax and not hold my breath, and to breathe as fast as I had to. This way, I would keep pumping oxygenated blood to my brain and not pass out. I was already breathing moderately heavy, when the spongy head was pressed to my pussy. My 1st orgasm must have come in less than a minute. Claire kept the magic wand’s head in place. The orgasm built and overtook me so fast that I could only utter meek little whimpers and groans. Orgasm after orgasm consumed me and brought me to new higher levels of pleasure.

I don’t know how many times I came, but I did not pass out. The orgasms were so intense that I was completely satiated and spent in probably less than 10 minutes. The experience was so totally different from a long slow fucking or good pussy eating. It was definitely the most gratifying and pleasurable “quickie” that I had ever experienced. As I lay there quaking, Claire untied my spread legs. I guess I was still a bit astonished from it all, but I felt fantastic. I had a big smile on my face, as Claire helped me up. My legs were good. With my wrists still tied behind my back, I leaned into Claire and kissed her. I thanked her for doing that for me, when she didn’t have to. She led me out of her room and into the 3rd bedroom along the wall. This was obviously Cami’s. She sat me on the king size bed, kissed me and told me to wait right there.

Not much time had passed, when Cami breezed into her bedroom. As she stood me up and untied my wrists, she said, “I hear you got the magic wand treatment again?” I nodded, yes, and told her how much I enjoyed it. She told me to use the bathroom and take a quick shower. I was to meet her in the kitchen in about 15 minutes for breakfast. BREAKFAST? God, what time was it? I spotted a clock radio on her bedside table and it was already after 9”00 AM Sunday morning! She asked me if I would like eggs, and I replied that scrambled would be fine. I found everything I needed in her spacious bathroom. I was a mess. My inner thighs were covered with my pussy juices, and all 3 women’s pussy juices were all over my face. There was a shower cap to stuff my hair into, before climbing into the shower. After washing myself good, especially my pussy, I felt refreshed when I got out of the shower. After toweling dry, I went back into the bedroom and found a robe lying on the bed for me.

When I got out into the kitchen, Cami was pouring juice. The eggs were ready to go into the fry pan, and I offered to do them. While I finished the eggs, Cami started English muffins in the toaster and put out butter and raspberry jam. The table was set and I served the eggs, while Cami poured coffee. I was eventually going to crash, when this was over, but I could use a little caffeine boost.  Cami announced that everyone had left. Where were Ashley and Beth and Lisa? She said that she would take me home, after she finished with me! That announcement shocked me a bit, but I wasn’t going to protest being played with and forced to do things, under the control of that beautiful woman. I imagined being lashed to their pole and having Cami eat my pussy.

As we ate, we talked. I told Cami more about my work at the Foundation and my sexual preferences. I said that I considered myself a heterosexual woman. I wasn’t sexually attracted to women. I wasn’t into Master/Mistress-Slave situations. No toe sucking, boot licking, chains, or my blood, etc. I loved a little pain that was followed by sexual gratification. The flogging they gave me was really arousing, but I guess it was a bit much for me. I told her about our Girl’s Night parties every 2-3 months. I played both dom and sub roles at those parties. I loved sucking cock and eating pussy in bondage situations. I confessed that I preferred being a sub, as I poured my sexual soul out to her.

I found out that Cami was an English/journalism major in college. Camille loved her job as an assistant editor in the LA offices of a popular magazine. She worked with the authors, and also worked on the layout of feature articles. She told me that Sharon and Claire were sort of together and played several times a week, but still got together with other women from time to time. She played with them about once a week. Cami confessed that she was bisexual. She frequently dated men, but wasn’t going with anyone in particular. Cami found her dom side a little over a year ago, when she moved into the apartment with Sharon and Claire. She loved tying up her roommates, but also submitted to them. A few men had reluctantly tied her up, but they weren’t into it, and NO men would allow her to tie them up. Cami told me how much she loved watching me tied to the pole, while Ashley teased me to orgasm. She asked me if I would be her sub for a whole weekend! This caught me completely off guard. I hesitated and said that I would have to think about it. We did hit it off from the start at the lesbian bar. While sipping coffee, after breakfast was over, I asked her about Ashley’s role. She abruptly cut me off and said it was her turn to play with me.

Cami took me back into her bedroom, stating, “First, I’m going to make love with you.” She tenderly touched and caressed me, as we kissed. My hands were free for the 1st time, and I softly stroked and explored her body, but letting her take the lead. After 10-15 minutes, we were passionately kissing, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I never felt like this before, with a woman. It was so sensual without bondage. Cami moved her mouth down to my breasts. I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Powerful sensations radiated through my body, while Cami feasted on my breasts and nipples. When she slipped a finger into my pussy, I knew how aroused I had become. I realized that I had been moaning audibly. After finger fucking my pussy, while she sucked hard on my nipples, Cami moved me to the side of her bed.  I sat down on the edge and laid back. She lifted my legs. I raised and spread them further apart for her, giving her full access to my waiting pussy.

Cami’s tongue and lips were so soft and gentle, when they contacted my pussy. It felt so good. I was so aroused that I probably would have come, if she touched my clit. But, I wasn’t ready to come that fast. I wanted more of her delicate tongue. As Cami explored my love hole with her tongue, I played with my breasts and pinched my nipples. I nudged Cami’s head, with one hand, while she was tongue fucking me, signaling that I wanted her to go deeper. She had me writhing and moaning. I was ready to come. Cami’s magic tongue teased my clit for several minutes, before her sweet lips captured that swollen nub. She sucked my clit, until I came in a glorious satisfying orgasm. My 1st female-female orgasm, without bondage being involved. Before I knew it, we were on her bed, lying together on our sides, cuddling and kissing. I rolled on top of her, as we continued to kiss. Next, I wriggled down her body so that my stomach rested on Cami’s pelvis and mons. My target was those perfect breasts standing so invitingly in front of my face.

I was gentle at first, but soon was devouring those beautiful orbs and long hard nipples. After about 15 minutes, Cami was bucking her hips and writhing beneath me. I moved down between her legs, and she raised her knees and spread her legs for me. Immediately, I recognized her scent and taste, when I started kissing and sucking her pussy. It was faintly similar to my own taste. My fingertips held her pussy lips wide apart, as I teased and then plunged my tongue into her love hole. She was a delight and so responsive. Although she made only little moans and whimpers, her panting and heaving chest indicated how aroused she was. Cami thrust her hips at me, while I tongue fucked her. She was very close to coming, but I wanted to get at her clit, so I pulled my tongue out. I gave her a few moments, just to settle down a bit, before my tongue gave her clit a little lick. That set her off. She gasped and held her breath. Cami was ready to come. I twirled my tongue around her long swollen clit, until I thought she couldn’t stand it anymore. When I sucked her clit, she came violently, with a huge shudder and groan. She came and came for the longest time, as I continued to suck. She had at least one more orgasm. We cuddled on the bed for several minutes, before Cami said, “Now it’s time for me to have some fun with you.”

We got up from the bed. She asked me about my favorite ways to be tied. After a brief discussion, I put my arms behind my back and crossed my wrists up between my shoulder blades. I said that I loved the extra strain on my chest and breasts, which gave me more sensitivity. About 2 hours was my limit, if I was lying on my back, but had gone 4 or 5 hours in that position if upright. She fetched about an 8’ piece of soft cotton rope. She tied my wrists comfortably and securely, and used the excess rope to wrap around and secure my upper arms. Cami led me out into their living room and backed me up against the pole. She used one of their long coils of rope to tie me to the pole around my waist. My dream was going to come true! Cami was going to lick my pussy!

When Cami produced one of their suede floggers, I wasn’t sure anymore. She swished the flogger around, without hitting me. I tightly clamped my legs together. She said that I needed a little more stimulation. However, when she started whipping me, the blows were very light, making more noise than any pain they caused. Cami worked me over thoroughly from shoulders to knees. My skin tingled all over and was a little pink. I felt wetness between my clamped legs. The little stimulation that Cami administered had indeed aroused me. Cami moved close to me and started kissing and playing with me. She used her lips and tongue, as she worked her way down to my breasts. After licking and sucking there for awhile, she knelt down. I spread my legs, hoping this was it. She licked my pussy and teased my clit for several minutes, until she got me groaning. Then she stopped.

She stood up and started over. It was just like Ashley had done to me earlier, when I was tied to that pole. I knew that I was going to have to beg to come. By the time Cami had kissed, licked and sucked her way down to my pussy, for the 2nd time, I really needed to come. She sucked my pussy and licked my clit taking me right to the edge. Then, she stopped! She untied the rope around my waist that held me to the pole. I was totally frustrated. But that, of course, was Cami’s plan. She learned from Ashley. I was led back to Cami’s bedroom and positioned on her king size bed. I was tied like Claire tied me on her bed. I was in the center of the bed, on my back, with my head about 2’ from the headboard. She had me raise my legs and hips enough to place a pillow under my ass. My pussy would be elevated somewhat and easily accessible to Cami’s tongue. In addition, because of the way my wrists were tied behind my back, my breasts strained and jutted proudly upwards. My head was without support and angled backwards onto the mattress. Finally, Cami pulled my legs wide apart, and tied my ankles to the side rails of her bed. My body couldn’t have been more exposed and vulnerable for whatever Cami had planned for me.

Cami climbed onto her bed and straddled my face. Before I was to be rewarded, I would have to eat her pussy again. I did. Her pussy was licked and sucked; tongue fucked, and I ravaged her clit, giving Cami 3 tremendous orgasms. Finally, I hoped she would let me come. She lay on top of me, with her head over my breasts, commenting, “You tits look so nice and inviting.” “I HAVE to play with them.” For perhaps 15-20 minutes, Cami repeatedly did everything she possibly could have, with her mouth and tongue, to my breasts. I was moaning low in my throat and trying to thrust my hips. I could feel the wetness of my arousal smear on her skin. Cami moved between my wide spread legs, and brought her mouth to my elevated waiting pussy. She used her sweet lips and magical tongue to tease me to the brink of orgasm. Then she stopped. She sweetly looked up at me and said, “I forgot to ask you if you wanted to come now?” I gasped, “YES, I’M READY TO COME!” Cami kissed and licked my inner thighs, before starting on my pussy for a 2nd time. She teased me to the edge again, but stopped. She asked me if I had thought anymore about being her sub for a whole weekend. Between chest heaving gulps for air, I loudly moaned, “NOOOOO, CAMI, I haven’t had the chance!” “I NEED TO COME, CAMI!”

For a 3rd time, Cami used her tongue and mouth to bring me just short of orgasm and release, before she stopped. I was frustrated and getting a little frantic by now. My moans were louder. My hips were involuntarily humping the air, trying to find Cami’s tongue. Cami asked, “Have you been thinking about it?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Before I realized it, she was back at my tits. She licked and sucked them thoroughly, before kissing her way down to my pussy for the 4th time. As soon as she started licking my pussy, I cried out, “OH GOD, CAMI, OH GOD!” “LET ME COME, LET ME COME!” I was desperate. When she swirled her tongue around my clit, I started to lose it. “PLEASE LET ME COME, PLEASE LET ME COME!” I begged. But, she stopped. Cami looked up at me and with a wicked little smile on her face, said, “You haven’t been thinking, and I haven’t heard an answer from you.” She started for the 5th time, licking and kissing my inner thighs up to my pussy. By the time her tongue was in my love hole, I was out of control. I couldn’t stand it. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,” I begged. Cami paused for just a moment to shout, “I’M NOT HEARING IT, CHRISTINE.” Then, she plunged her tongue back into my cunt. I so desperately wanted her to suck my clit. As Cami continued to tongue fuck me, I screamed, “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I CAN’T TAKE IT!” “OH GOD, OH GOD!.” “YES, YES, YES!” “LET ME COME CAMI, LET ME COME!” “YES, YES, I’LL BE YOUR LOVE SLAVE FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND!!!” “JUST LET ME COME!!!”

As soon as I said those words, Cami attacked my clit, with her tongue and lips. My 1st orgasm rocked through my body. I continued to come through 3 more mind blowing orgasms that left me weak and trembling. Within about an hour, I was clean, had my makeup on, dressed, and we were in Cami’s car heading for home. My car was still at Beth’s house, but I directed Cami by my house, to show her where I lived. We didn’t talk that much during the drive. I thought about the experience that I had with Cami and her roommates. I felt exhilarated. My pussy still tingled. However, the hours I spent in bondage and the floggings had exhausted my body. No other cars were around at Beth’s house, when Cami dropped me off. I headed for home thinking of my upcoming “Weekend of Submission” under Cami’s control.