Lesbian Bondage games

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2001 - Unknown - Used by permission

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I'm involved in the most passionate affair of my life. It takes place every day at lunch. You see, my lover and I work together at the same company and  each day, we go over to her apartment for lunch. Instead of eating lunch  though, we make love. I can't think of anything I like more than her tasty  pussy and her luscious  tits. We do see each other after hours and on weekends, but for some reason, the  lunch time sex seems sweeter and more intense. I mean, on a Saturday, we  can spend hours and hours in bed, licking and sucking each other until we  can't move, and that is wonderful. But during the week, when we only have  an hour or so, it's like we're in heat the minute we get in the door.

I get off just looking at Sylvia. At five-foot-ten, she's much taller than  I am, with long, rounded legs, wide hips and long blonde hair. Her breasts  are small, 34-B, and they look almost too small for the rest of her body,  but it doesn't matter. Her pussy is covered with the same beautiful blond hair that cascades over her shoulders, and is always fresh-tasting.
She's quite a contrast to me. I'm only five-foot-three and very thin. My tits are tiny - in fact, I almost never wear a bra. My brunette hair is cut  short. My legs are very slim, my hips are narrow, and my pussy is covered  by a sparse carpet of black hair. I sometimes think I must look like a boy  from the rear, but Sylvia says I'm the sexiest woman she's ever known.

Since she and I became lovers, our sex life has progressed from the first,  gentle touches, to some full-blown lovemaking that shakes the rafters. As time went on, I began to think it couldn't get any better, but then, without any warning, Sylvia would introduce something new and I'd come even  more, cream even louder, and love her more deeply. I think last week was the crowning achievement of our relationship. In fact, every time I think about what we did, I get wet.

 It was Tuesday, about 11:30, and we were getting things put away before  going to her apartment. She turned to me with a shy smile on her face and  stared into my eyes.
"I've got something special waiting for you," she whispered, careful that no-one was near. I glanced around and then looked  at her. "What is it?"
"You'll just have to trust me, I think you're going to love it." With that,  she turned to finish her work, leaving me to ponder what she might have in  store. My pussy quivered in anticipation and I could feel the wetness starting. We walked out to the parking lot and climbed into her car. The five-minute  ride to her apartment seemed interminable, but at last, we walked in and  tossed our coats and stuff onto the couch.

We were in each others arms instantly and she bent down so I could kiss  her. Her warm lips pressed against mine. Her hands moved over my back ,rubbing softly, and then came around front and began to unbutton my blouse. She pulled my shirt off, exposing my breasts and knelt before me, kissing and licking the pliant mounds. I moaned quietly as her skilled tongue and  lips drove my breasts crazy and brought my nipples to full hardness. My pussy was soaked and ached for her touch. I stepped out of my shoes and  she quickly slid my skirt and pantyhose off, leaving me in just my tiny  bikini panties. She kissed my hot slit through the thin fabric and I groaned as the heat in my crotch increased. She slid the panties down my legs and bent lower to lick at my slick, wet, outer lips. The touch of her  tongue sent tremors through my body, and I held her head to me tightly.

 Her tongue bathed my outer lips in loving warmth and then she stood and took my hands in hers. She led me into her bedroom and gently laid me down  on the bed.
"Now trust me, love," she whispered. I lay very still as she pulled my legs apart and moved to the foot of the bed. I looked down to see what she was doing and noticed some pantyhose tied to the posts. She took one and tied it around my ankle, making it was secure, but not too tight. She moved to my other leg and tied it down, too.
I pulled experimentally and found the bindings quite secure. She moved to the head of the bed and lifted my arms over my head. I looked up. Pantyhose were tied to those posts, too. She gently tied one wrist, then the other,  making sure I was unable to get free, and then she stood back.

She began to unbutton her dress and as each button opened, I could see more and more of her creamy bosom and lacy bra. She pulled her arms free of the dress and slowly pushed it down and stepped out of it. She reached to the middle of the bra and undid the hook, letting her small breasts stand free, the brown nipples puckered and hard.
 She bent over slowly and slid her pantyhose and panties down her legs. She stood, her regal beauty glowing in the afternoon sunlight. My pussy ached for her touch and I lusted for that incredible body. Her pussy hairs were  matted down with moisture. I was dying to taste her musky juices.

She smiled at me and ran her hands slowly over her breasts, rubbing the  warm, yielding flesh. As her fingers moved down her rounded belly to her thick bush, I groaned. I struggled against my bonds, but I couldn't move. I  was in her power, a slave to her every whim, and the though excited me beyond all reason. The silky smoothness of the pantyhose at my wrists and ankles excited me,  and I felt sweat begin to break out over my body. My breath rasped in my throat and my heart hammered as she moved towards the bed and lay next to me. Her hand brushed against my cheek and I turned and kissed it, sucking at her long, delicate fingers.

 She moved down and began to kiss me, starting with my mouth, but moving to  my cheeks, ears, and neck. Each kiss sent a shiver down my spine and I ached to touch her, feel her warm flesh and carpet her incredible body with  kisses of my own.
 She kissed her way further down, finally stopping at my erect nipples. Her soft lips circled the areolae and she sucked as her tongue swirled around the hard nubs. I cried out, my pussy spasming excitedly at the contact. She  continued to suck, moving from one breast to the other until I couldn't stand it any more. She started to kiss her way further down, stopping at my navel to run her tongue around the tight little depression before moving to  my bush. The tiny movement was only momentary, but the wet smoothness of her tongue against my body was incredible.

She kissed the downy hair softly, inhaling my musk deeply, and then sucking  at the soft flesh of my inner thighs. I could feel each movement of her lips and tongue in excruciating detail and my pussy was begging for contact. I was crying and moaning, unable to move and not wanting to. Finally, she slid her tongue over my soaked outer lips and began to lick them very softly.
She took one lip into her mouth and sucked it, sending hot shivers of  passion through my body. She took the other lip in, too, and licked that one until I could feel the beginnings of orgasm flutter deep inside me. My lips were puffy and sensitized now and I knew my pussy was must have looked like an open flower. Sylvia always said I had the most beautiful pussy she's ever seen and I could imagine she was thinking that now.

Moving inside me, Sylvia began to slip her tongue deep into my gushing  channel, lapping at my juices with unrestrained delight. Each time her  tongue entered me, the heat in my pussy increased and the orgasm that was building got stronger. I held myself absolutely still, concentrating on the heat and the touches, hoping she wouldn't stop before I came. I knew she could make me come in a second, or hold me on the very edge as long as she wanted. That thought both scared me and thrilled me. Her thrusting tongue kept driving in and I began to moan louder as the orgasm got closer and closer.
I closed my eyes as the first waves started to grip my pussy. I felt Sylvia  move slightly. Her tongue pulled free of my gripping inner walls and she carefully opened my pussy up with her hands. I lay, fully exposed, completely at her mercy, on the very brink of orgasm - and then she did it.

 Her soft lips closed around the tiny nub of my erect clit and she began to  suck. The pressure sent a shock wave of pleasure through my body, and as her tongue made contact with the little button of flesh, I screamed once, my voice piercing and full of pleasure. The orgasm rippled through me like a tidal wave, setting every nerve in my body on fire as sylvia kept on licking. Time became liquid and endless as each movement of her tongue lengthened the orgasm and made it even stronger. I couldn't feel a thing any more except for the spreading heat and my spasming pussy. I couldn't feel the silky bonds holding me tight or the soft comforter under me, just Sylvia's tongue and my orgasm. I was floating and coming, my whole body a big, wet pussy.
Sweat poured off me like the love juices Sylvia lapped up and all I could see was the bright colours inside my head.

Finally, I felt the contact break and my body slowed, coming down in a steady wave. My breath rasped loudly and when I opened my eyes, I could see the flushed, ecstatic look on Sylvia's face as she moved up so her breasts hovered over my face.
"Now it's time for you to make me feel good, baby," she whispered, her voice thick with lust.
 I was still pretty high from what she'd just done, but I was also dying to feel her body. She lowered her breasts one at a time to my hungry lips, and I sucked at her erect nipples with abandon. Her flesh was sweet and salty and each time my tongue slipped over the puckered flesh of her nipples, she  moaned quietly.

I was getting horny all over again, never wanting to stop sucking her tits,when she moved up further, trapping my head between her big, soft thighs. I stared up into the dark folds of her pussy and inhaled her pungent aroma. I tried to lift my head to taste her pussy, but it was out of reach.
"Please, let me have it," I begged, my voice muffled.
"Only if you promise to do it good," she said.
"Oh yes, better than I've ever done it before!"
She lowered her pussy to my face until it rested on my lips.

I opened my mouth and slid my tongue over her thick, soft outer lips, pushing the pussy hair out of the way. Her juices were hot and delicious on my tongue, and the more I tasted, the more I wanted. I lapped at the lips, moving inside quickly as her moans drove me on. I wanted desperately to grab her tits, but my hands were still securely bound. Instead, I concentrated on giving her everything I had. Then, I felt  something warm on my stomach. I peered down, but I couldn't see anything and I didn't want to stop licking. I felt the warmth move further down to my pussy and I suddenly realized that Sylvia was going to rub my pussy. I shook with excitement as her fingers opened up my soaked sex and when her slender digits started towards my clit, I had to stifle a scream of sheer  animal ecstasy.

I knew she had her best orgasm from vaginal stimulation, not clitorial,  like me, so I concentrated on that. As soon as I had her lips apart, I began to slide my tongue in and out of her tight hole. I twisted it, pulled it and rubbed every way I could, trying to hit as much of her cunt as I could. Her legs began to tighten around my head as I drove my tongue in  deeper and deeper and her moans soon became screams.
She pushed her pussy down harder, almost smothering me, but I was  intoxicated by her taste, her scent and her whole body. I licked and sucked, trying to get every drop of her precious juices as they flowed out  faster and faster. Her fingers were working their magic, too, rubbing and stroking the throbbing love button that lay in my silky folds. The heat in my pussy once again raced through me and the sweat poured out as I fought to maintain control and give her pleasure.

I felt her whole body go rigid and the walls of her pussy began to contract as my tongue moved in and out with lightning speed. If I could just keep it  up a little longer, I knew she'd go crazy. I licked harder, pointing my  tongue and driving it in as far as it would go. Then, with a guttural scream, her entire body began to shake and her pussy grabbed my tongue in a tight, wet embrace. I struggled to penetrate her further, but her orgasm was too strong to fight. She came in great, heaving sobs, her whole body in motion as she rocked and swayed over me, finally falling over to my side and laying in a stupor. Her hand pulled from my pussy just as the first waves of my orgasm  were starting and I cried out in frustration, my pussy still twitching  hungrily, looking for her. She didn't stir for at least 5 minutes, and I just lay still, trying to calm myself down, but failing as the itch in my  pussy got stronger.

 "It was fantastic, baby, the best ever," she breathed, turning over and kissing me. Then she saw the pained look on my face and glanced down at her  wet fingers. "Oh baby, I'm sorry, I left you there'" she whispered. Her fingers returned to my pussy and relief flooded through me as she began to stoke my clit. It took only seconds for the fluttering, shivering spasms to  return. She moved up, planting her soft lips on my left breast, and she began to lick the nipple.
The contact was all I needed. I began to come. The pleasure was intense, but mellow, like a wave of warmth and release flooding through my body. I strained against my bonds and cried out as I came.
Sylvia held me tightly,  our bodies sliding against each other from the sweat. The orgasm ended abruptly, leaving me tired, happy and horny all at once.

She stared at her watch a second and began to untie me. When I was free, I pulled her into my arms and held her close, cherishing the feel of her body against mine, my arms finally free to hold her. I didn't want to get dressed and go back to work; my pussy was still aching and yearned for  more, but, reluctantly, we dressed.
On the way back to the office, Sylvia turned to me and gave me a shy smile.
"I guess tomorrow you'll tie me up, huh?"

 The thought hit me like a bolt of lightning, and I suddenly had a picture of her magnificent body lying on the bed, bound hand and foot. "I think I  will," I said, trying not to let her know I'd almost come just thinking  about it.
 What happened the next day was something I still haven't quite recovered