Leather or Knot Chapter 5: Dan's Private Modeling Session

by SwitchMan

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Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; bond; latex; display; chast; armbinder; toys; mast; cons/reluct; X

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Chapter 5: Dan's Private Modeling Session

The day following the unexpected visit of Amanda’s parents was Saturday.  Neither Dan nor Amanda were scheduled to work that day, and although they both wanted to spend the day together, they both knew that Amanda needed spend enough time with her parents to set their minds at ease.  She spent the entire day visiting, shopping and dining out with her folks.  It turned out that they were on a cross-country road trip, and had reservations at a hotel in a historic town five hours west.

They stayed until 5:00 pm, and they were satisfied that Amanda was doing well.  She told them that a recent increase in online music sales forced the CD shop where she had worked to close down a few weeks earlier.  She also told them that she was in the process of looking for another position.  To quell their fears, she told them that she had saved money enough to last her for a few more weeks.  Of course, they told her that if she found herself reaching the limit of her savings, that they would help her out.

“Don’t hesitate to call us if you need us,” they said repeatedly.

At 5:05 pm, as Amanda’s parents’ car was heading out of her neighborhood, Amanda called Dan to tell him that everything worked out with her parents.  They decided to grab a bite at their favorite brewery near the shop, and to take in the latest movie at a theater a few blocks away. The pizza and beer were better than ever, and they talked about Amanda’s revelation of the previous afternoon.  She confided in Dan that she wanted to experiment with bondage in their relationship.  Dan was surprised and a bit unsure of how to handle this turn of events.

“Don’t you get enough of that at work?” he asked.

“Well, if you had asked me that a couple of days ago, I would have said that I get more than enough at work,” Amanda said, pausing for a moment.

“But last night was different,” she said, her eyes growing wide.  “You have no idea how it felt to be continuously aroused by even the most subtle movement, and then realize that your parents are only a few yards away.”  She paused again.

“And then, you…  you came to my rescue like some kind of a white knight,” she gushed.

“Come on,” Dan said incredulously.  “I tied you up in the back of the store, and then lied to your parents about it.  That doesn’t sound too chivalrous to me.”

“You don’t get it,” she retorted.  “You protected me from total humiliation.”

“But you still felt humiliated, though, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but that’s exactly the tension that caused such an extreme reaction when I …  when I…” Amanda looked around and realized that she could find no politically correct way to express herself in the public restaurant.

They took their time eating, and they discussed her feelings at length.  When they finally looked at the time, they realized that they would not make the movie.

Amanda said “You know, the shop is only a couple of blocks away, and it’s open for another thirty minutes…”

She smiled a “please do this for me” smile that only beautiful young women can get away with, and Dan relented.  They decided to go to the shop as customers instead of employees.

When they reached the shop, they found Linda, the store manager, was the only person tending the store.  She was happy to see them, but surprised to see them out together.  The shop had a strict no-dating policy between employees, and Linda made it a point to remind them.  In their rush to the shop, both Dan and Amanda had forgotten that they needed to be discreet.  Their relationship felt so natural that discretion hardly seemed necessary, but clearly it was. Although Dan hardly knew Linda, Amanda was her close friend.  Amanda explained their situation to Linda, who agreed to keep their secret as long as they were more careful about their dating in the future.  Amanda agreed.  Then Dan sheepishly explained that they wanted to buy some bondage gear to experiment with in their personal lives.

“Well, I’d be happy to sell you anything that you want, but I get the commission.”  Linda said.  “And since I’m the only sales associate on duty tonight, I won’t be modeling any of the items.”

“That’s okay.  I was actually thinking of buying some gear for Dan, anyway,” Amanda said with a smile.  “Since we’re just customers tonight, you wouldn’t object to helping me put a few things on him, would you?”  Amanda asked.

”Wow.  I’d love to, but we really shouldn’t.  Given the store’s no-dating policy, you shouldn’t be seen in the store together as customers.”  Linda warned.

Disappointment hung in the air.

“We could buy a few things and take them back to your place,” Dan offered.  “At one time or another, we’ve handled on most of the gear in the shop.”

“Not exactly,” Amanda said.  I wanted to try out more of the new Latex gear – the stuff designed especially for men.  But it’s so expensive that I wouldn’t want to buy it unless it was really worth it.”

“Let’s compromise,” Linda replied.  “I can’t let you try the gear publicly on the showroom floor, but you could take it to the back room to try it out.  Then if you like it, you can pay for it and slip out the back door.  Everybody wins.  You get to try out the new merchandise before you buy it; I get my commission; and you both learn the selling points of the gear.”

“It’s a deal,” said Amanda before Dan could object.

Fifteen minutes later, Dan found himself wearing a skin tight latex thong.  The front of the thong formed an adjustable hole which permitted his cock and balls to be exposed.  The hole surrounding the base of the wearer’s genitalia could be adjusted to be comfortably loose or painfully constricting.  Amanda adjusted it to provide a constant, but pleasant, amount of pressure.

Each of Dan’s arms was encased in a separate latex sleeve which ran from each wrist to just below each shoulder.  Three thick padded cuffs were integrated into each sleeve: one above the bicep, one above the elbow, and one around the wrist.  Amanda folded Dan’s arms behind his back and locked each wrist cuff to the elbow cuff of the opposite arm. A small strap ran along each of Dan’s shoulders.  Each strap connected the top cuff of each sleeve to a ring on each side of a severe latex posture collar.  The collar included a large O-ring in the front from which a shiny latex leash dangled.

To further restrain him, Amanda locked thick latex cuffs on his ankles, and connected them with a 16 inch chain.  A small jingle announced each of Dan’s limited steps as the chain impacted the ground. 

“Open up,” Amanda said in a sweet sing-song tone as she held a gag up to Dan’s mouth.

The sweetness in Amanda’s voice made him hesitate, but he reluctantly accepted the gag.  He didn’t really have a choice at that point, but he trusted Amanda.

Although Dan didn’t realize it, Amanda had selected a particularly effective pump-gag.  The interior portion of the gag was contoured to fit between the teeth and inside the cheeks of the wearer.  The center portion of the inflatable interior forced the wearer’s tongue down quite effectively.  With the device fully inflated, Dan looked like a trumpet player hitting a particularly difficult note.  His mouth tasted like rubber, and his loudest protest was barely audible. To further ensure his silence, Amanda inserted two short plastic tubes into his nostrils.  The outer wall of each tube was spring loaded and held itself in place by applying pressure to the interior sides of each nostril.  Each tube also had a small hole through the center to allow air to pass through.

Dan began to panic, but Amanda soothingly stroked his temples.  She stared purposefully into his eyes and quietly instructed him to remain calm.  She explained that with sufficient concentration, the nostril tubes would still allow him to get more than enough air to breathe, but not enough to enable him to produce any significant noise.  Dan regained his composure, and concentrated on controlling his breathing.

Just then the door to the show room opened, and Linda leaned in.

“I hate to break up the fun, but you two need to wrap it up in about five minutes,” Linda warned in a hushed tone.  “As soon as I finish with my last customer, I’m closing up shop for the night.”

“What’s so interesting?” a voice behind Linda asked.  “I thought you said you were working alone tonight.”

Then a hand pushed the door wide open, and standing right behind Linda was Mistress Juliette, a customer of Amanda’s.  Dan’s eyes grew wide with panic when he remembered Mistress Juliette.  She was the customer who used a vibrator on Amanda after she was restrained by Dan. He knew that the mistress was nothing but trouble, and here he was completely restrained and exposed. The last thing he needed at the moment was for Amanda to be reminded of that breach of trust.  But surely all was forgotten by now, he thought.

“What have we here?”  Mistress Juliette asked with a smirk as she moved past Linda to completely enter the room.

After an awkward silence, Amanda said “We’re testing some of the new equipment.  Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have work to do.”

“Tsk, tsk.  You seem to have neglected some of the most important equipment,” the dominatrix said as she nodded toward Dan’s fully erect penis.

“Don’t worry,” Amanda began, barely able to contain a laugh.  “That equipment will be as fully tested as any.  Now, please, I only have a few minutes before the shop closes.”

“It’s funny you should say that,” the mistress replied.  “I only have a few minutes before the shop closes, as well, and I haven’t decided what I want to buy.  I had originally come into the shop tonight hoping that your friend here was available to model a few items for me, but apparently you beat me to him.”

Dan was more turned on than he had ever been before.  He was completely at the mercy of three attractive women who were talking about him as though he was little more than a piece of furniture.

“Well, we’ll both be in the shop tomorrow.  We’d be happy to assist you in the morning,” Amanda said smiling.

“No.  That won’t do at all,” the dominatrix said shaking her head.  “I’m sure he’ll be much too tired for the gear that I have in mind.  Are you sure that I can’t just help you finish up here.”

Dan vigorously shook his head and made unintelligible protests.  He had trouble breathing.  He became light-headed, and his erection grew harder than ever.

“Normally, I would decline, of course.  But you really are a valued customer, and there isn’t much left to do…”

Amanda looked at Dan’s manhood and then back to the mistress.

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong,” said Mistress Juliette.  “You can do so much with just a little bit of time and effort if you know what you’re doing.”

She quietly used her middle finger to stroke the underside of Dan’s straining cock.  She made one silky movement from the opening in the latex thong to just below the head of his penis, and he exploded.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Linda in surprise.  “We’d better get something to clean that up.”

Linda and Amanda instinctively went to a cabinet behind Dan where the cleaning supplies were stored.

As they were searching the cabinet, Mistress Juliette quickly opened her purse, removed a clean tissue, and wiped the residue from Dan’s quickly shrinking member.  She then took a bottle of hand lotion from her purse and swiftly moisturized his penis.

“No need ladies,” the dominatrix announced with satisfaction.  “I have tissue in my purse.”

Amanda and Linda turned around just in time to hear a “click.”

In one fluid motion, Mistress Juliette had removed a metal tube from her purse, slid Dan’s now flaccid, lubricated shaft into it, and locked an attached cuff around the base of his cock and balls.

Dan started twisting in his bonds and making a high pitched whining sound.

“What have you done!” Amanda demanded.

“Oh, nothing really,” Mistress Juliette replied, casually shrugging her shoulders.  “It’s just my little way to ensure that my sales associate won’t be too tired to model my gear tomorrow morning.”

“You bitch!  You locked him into a chastity device!” Amanda said, her face turning an angry red.  “Let him out this instant.”

“I’m afraid that I don’t take orders from you,” Juliette said flatly.

“Let him out, I said.”  Amanda said feebly.

“I’ll remove the device when I’m ready... which won’t be anytime before tomorrow,” the dominatrix said as she turned toward the door.  “I’ll return when the shop opens at noon.  Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

And then she was gone.  A few seconds later, the bell on the front door sounded, and Amanda quickly grabbed a keychain from a nearby wall hook.

“Don’t worry, Dan,” Amanda said shakily.  “This is our emergency key ring.  It holds a key to every kind of handcuffs imaginable.  These types of chastity devices are usually made using common handcuff locks.”

As Amanda bent down to begin testing each key, Linda looked over her shoulder.  Dan tried to stand as still as possible.

“That doesn’t look like any handcuff that I’ve ever seen,” said Linda slowly.

As Amanda made her way through all of the keys on the emergency key ring, she realized that Linda was right.

* * * *

Linda and Amanda unlocked Dan’s restraints in a dejected silence.  They both knew that the chastity device was not going to come off before the shop opened the next day.  Dan, too, was silent.  Even after they removed Dan’s gag, he didn’t have anything to say.

“Should we call the police?”  Linda finally asked as the two women unlocked the last restraint.

“No!” Dan said forcefully.  “I don’t need my penis at the center of a police investigation.”

“With the kind of bad publicity that the shop would get from an incident like this, we’d all be out of a job by next weekend,” Amanda chimed in.  “And that bitch knows it” she added spitefully.

“The owner keeps a complete record of each of the regular customers,” Linda suggested.  “We could use the emergency number to contact him.”

“Or her,” Dan and Amanda said in unison.  They smiled at each other because they always jokingly referred to the owner as ‘him or her’ because of the anonymity.

“No, then we’d have to explain how all of this happened, and we’d all get fired,” Dan concluded.

With no alternative, the three closed up the shop and went home for the night.  Although he was seriously concerned about his predicament, Dan didn’t find the chastity tube that uncomfortable.  The worst part was the added weight it placed on the base of his cock and balls when he walked, but when he was lying down, he almost didn’t even notice it.

The next day, both Dan and Amanda arrived early to open the shop.  Dan wore baggy sweat pants to hide the bulk of the metal tube.

Amanda felt completely responsible and empathized with Dan’s situation.  Dan tried to ease her mind, but she knew he was anxious to regain control over his own body.

They opened the shop at 11:50, and by 12:15 no customers had entered the store.

“You do think she’s going to come back, right?” asked Dan.

“Yes.  I think that she is just making us sweat,” Amanda replied.

The day wore on slowly.  Sundays were never busy at the shop, and that day was an unusually slow Sunday.  By 4:00, Mistress Juliette still hadn’t returned.  At 5:30, Linda stopped in to see how things were going, but she was upset to find that Dan was still wearing the device.  She told Dan and Amanda that she couldn’t stay, but asked them to call her on her mobile phone to let her know what happened.

Fifteen minutes before closing time, the front door bell chimed to announce Mistress Juliette’s arrival.  She entered the shop like she owned it.  As the front door closed, she locked the deadbolt and turned a small sign so that passersby would see that the shop was closed.

Dan couldn’t remember ever being more relieved to see someone.  He immediately approached her.

“Thank you for coming, Mistress Juliette.  Can I help you with something?” he said with a courteous smile.

Mistress Juliette smiled, paused, and then slowly and softly answered “Yes, you can.”

“When I came in last night, I was in search of some new gear for a male client of mine,” she continued.  “I would like you to model it for me.”

“I’d be happy to, if you’ll agree to remove the chastity device,” Dan said, trying not to sound too anxious.

Amanda jumped into the conversation.  “Well, the store closes in a half hour.  What would you like to see?”

“My, my,” Mistress Juliette chuckled as she turned toward Amanda.  “I’ve never had such attentive service.  Let’s start with the best armbinder in the store.”

Mistress Juliette selected a $3,000 leather single-sleeve armbinder.  The high quality craftsmanship was obvious, and she instructed Dan to take off his shirt and turn around.  Dan glanced toward Amanda who quickly intervened.

“Mistress Juliette, you know the rules.  I am happy to help Dan into the armbinder.”  She said.

Mistress Juliette thought for a moment.

“Well, it seems to me that I have the key to Dan’s manhood.  Doesn’t that mean that I make the rules?”

They all stood in silence for a moment before Dan spoke.

“Look, you clearly can’t be trusted.  You locked my penis in a chastity tube the last time I let you…”

Mistress Juliette held a finger up to his lips to silence him, and he instinctively complied.

“Actually, you didn’t let me do anything.  Your girlfriend did.  You were completely restrained, as I recall, and despite your trust in her, she let a virtual stranger get you off and lock a cuff around your cock and balls.”

Dan and Amanda were stunned.

“It sounds to me like you need to place your trust in somebody else, and since I’m the only other choice, I will apply the restraints,” she said authoritatively.  “Amanda can assist, if she wishes.  She may learn a thing or two.”

Dan resigned himself to the idea that he would have to submit in order to free his genitals.

“Please promise that you’ll unlock the chastity tube,” he said sounding more desperate than he had wanted.

“I don’t know about this…”  Amanda offered.

“It’s a deal,” replied the dominatrix, and she continued to collect restraints from various parts of the store.

Within minutes, Juliette had Dan completely under her control.  He was naked but for the restraints, which included the expensive leather monoglove, a strict 4-inch posture collar, and goggles that significantly obscured his vision without completely blinding him.  A leather gag filled his mouth and wrapped around the lower portion of his head like the bottom half of a hood.  It covered his chin and effectively silenced any sound he tried to make.  He wore nothing below his waist except a pair of leather cuffs locked around his ankles connected by a 12-inch leather strap.  And, of course, the chastity device.

The store was quiet except for the hum of the florescent lights and the sound of Dan’s breathing.

The mistress deliberately circled around Dan with an arrogant strut as though he really was her slave.  Dan tried his best to follow her through the shadows caused by the goggles.  Finally, she stopped in front of him and said “Enough is enough,” and she reached down to the cuff around his genitals.  She squeezed the two hinged halves of the cuff together slightly with her left hand while twisting the righthand arm of the cuff a quarter turn, and the cuff sprung open.  Dan groaned, realizing that he could have freed himself at any time if he had known that the lock was a ruse.  Mistress Juliette carefully removed the cuff and attached tube from Dan’s manhood while Amanda watched over her shoulder mumbling unintelligibly.

Before Dan could get used to his new situation, Mistress Juliette rolled a thick rubber O-ring to the base of his penis.  He was immediately excited, and his member grew uncontrollably, straining against the tension of the O-ring.

“Oh my, your equipment is just what I need,” said the dominatrix with a smile.

It wasn’t clear whether she was addressing Dan or Amanda, and each of them hoped it was the latter.

“I’ll take it all,” she said looking Dan up and down.  Removing a 6 foot leather leash from a nearby display, she added “This, as well,” as she clipped it to Dan’s collar.

“Excellent,” said Amanda.  “Now if you will just step over to the counter, we can add it all up.”

Amanda walked behind the counter in the middle of the shop.  Mistress Juliette walked to the front of the counter pulling Dan along behind her.

Amanda totaled up all of the merchandise that Dan was wearing and said “Forty-one hundred even.”

“You can’t be serious,” the mistress said in mock astonishment.  “The monoglove alone is worth $3,000.  The other leather goods are probably one thousand, which means that you haven’t charged me for the young man.”

Amanda was confused, but Dan understood perfectly.  He twisted violently and tried to back away from the dominatrix, but she held him firm with an experienced hand.

“Don’t be silly,” said Amanda.  “You know that we don’t charge for our modeling services.”

With a deadly serious stare, the mistress corrected Amanda.

“I’m not offering payment for his services.  I’m offering payment for him.”

As the implication dawned on her, Amanda immediately came around the counter to release Dan.  Before she even realized what was happening, Amanda found her face pressed into the dirty commercial carpeting.  The Dominatrix pressed her knee into Amanda’s back and twisted Amanda’s hand high behind her back.

“Playtime is over,” she said softly in Amanda’s ear.  “He trusted me to bind him, and he is now mine.”

Mistress Juliette slowly released Amanda’s arm and allowed her to stand up.

Amanda began crying.  She didn’t know what to do.

The mistress handed Amanda her credit card, and seemed sympathetic to the tears.

“Are you two involved?”  She asked incredulously.

Amanda bit her lip and nodded.

“I thought that wasn’t allowed at this store,” the mistress pressed.

“No one was supposed to know,” Amanda whispered.

With a sigh of resignation, the mistress said “Well, that is a fly in the ointment, isn’t it?  Okay, let’s make another deal.”

Amanda and Dan waited to hear the details.

“Neither of you are in a position to refuse.  So, here it is.  Any time I come into the store, you let me bind your young man here any way I see fit.  No interference.  No safe word.  It’s either that, or I take my prize here and now.”

The mistress glanced at each of them in turn, and after a slight hesitation, she finished with “Great.  It’s a deal.”

Amanda ran the credit card across the magnetic reader while the mistress released Dan from the bonds.  Nobody said a word.  The mistress bagged up her gear, accepted the credit card and receipt from Amanda, and silently left the store.

Dan and Amanda both knew that they were in over their heads.

After several minutes of routine clean up, Dan spoke.

“I’m going to look for another job in the morning.”

Amanda smiled approvingly.  “Great idea.  I’ll help.”


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