Leather or Knot Chapter 4: Amanda’s in a Bind

by SwitchMan

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© Copyright 2009 - SwitchMan - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; latex; hood; display; toys; hum; cons/reluct; X

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Chapter 4: Amanda’s in a Bind

Even though Dan wasn’t working in his chosen field, he was considering ending his search for another job.  He had been working at the shop for only a few weeks, but he couldn’t remember a time when he had been happier.  It wasn’t really the job that had changed his outlook though.  His relationship with Amanda was amazing.  He couldn’t stop thinking about her, and they certainly worked well together.  Their dates gave him a satisfaction he has never known, and working with her was a special bonus.

Just after lunch on a slow Friday afternoon, Dan was lazily arranging merchandise that had been moved out of place by customers earlier in the day.  The bell over the front door sounded, and for the first time since working at the shop, he identified a repeat customer.  Mistress Shelly, the dominatrix whom Dan confronted on the day of his interview, entered the shop.  When Dan first saw her, a few weeks ago, she was dressed in street clothes, and he would never have guessed that she was a dominatrix.

This visit was rather different.

Her appearance screamed BDSM.  Mistress Shelly was attired head to toe in leather.  Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail by a leather hair bow that resembled leather bunny ears.  She wore a leather bodice with a plunging neckline.  A tight black leather corset with steel boning concealed her nicely toned abdominal muscles.  Her shapely thighs were covered by fishnet stockings, and she wore leather mini boots with 4-inch heels to complete her ensemble.  Over her arm, she carried a small leather pouch as a kind of over-sized purse.

She walked straight up to Dan, who smiled and said “Hello Mistress Shelly.  I’m Dan, the new sales associate.  Can I help you?”

Shelly smiled.  “Oh, I remember you,” she said with a knowing smile.  “A few weeks back, you were questioning my good character.  I never forget someone who deserves a spanking”

“Yes, ma’am… About that… I had no idea…” Dan stammered.

“No matter,” the dominatrix said curtly.  “It’s all water under the bridge.  I assume that Amanda set you straight.”

“Definitely.  It won’t happen again,” Dan said apologetically.  “What can I help you with today?”

“Actually, nothing,” she said dismissively.  “I sought you out just to make you squirm a little.  I always insist on using Amanda as my sales associate.  She has a knack for knowing just what I want even before I want it.”

“Okay.  I understand.  She’s right over there ma’am” Dan said as he pointed out Amanda at the back of the store.

Dan went back to arranging the misplaced merchandise for a few minutes when Amanda called from the back of the store.

“Dan, could you help me demonstrate some merchandise for Mistress Shelly?”

“I’m on my way,” Dan said immediately, trying to show his attentiveness.

He went directly to the back of the store where Amanda was showing Mistress Shelly a new line of latex products designed to stimulate the wearer.  Amanda explained that the shop doesn’t typically offer any products that aren’t leather, but these were so good that the owner made an exception.

“We just put these items on the showroom floor this morning,” Amanda explained.  “We haven’t even been fully briefed on all of the selling points.”

“Well, let’s be adventurous,” Mistress Shelly replied.  “We can find out together what makes these items so special.”  Mistress Shelly gave Dan a truly evil grin that made his groin deliciously uncomfortable.

Amanda continued.  “I understand that the latex cuffs are as strong as our heavy-duty leather counterparts, and we have sizes to fit wrists, forearms, biceps, thighs, calves and ankles.”  Amanda paused for effect.

“Of course, there is also a matching posture collar and sensory deprivation hood.”  Amanda held up a lace-up hood with holes for the wearer’s eyes and nose.

“Well, they all seem quite nice, but I can’t use the hood,” Mistress Shelly said, frowning.  “I am buying these toys for my female assistant, and her hair just won’t work with the laces in the back.”

“Not to worry,” said Amanda confidently.  “We have a model for women, as well,” she said as she retrieved one from the shelf below.  It was essentially the same except it had two pig-tail holes in the back – one on either side.

“Perfect!” Mistress Shelly exclaimed.  “That’s why you are my sales girl!”

“Sales associate,” Amanda corrected with a nod and a smile.

“Of course,” Shelly countered with a look of false seriousness.

Amanda continued to show Mistress Shelly the new products as Dan followed along like a lost puppy.  Once they had selected a number of additional items, Mistress Shelly was ready to see the items in action.  Since she was buying the gear for her female assistant, it was agreed that Amanda would model the items, and that Dan would assist by applying the restraints.

Amanda excused herself to go into the dressing area to change into a bra and panty set that Mistress Shelly had selected.  The bra was essentially a string bikini top made of latex, but it had a special feature to enhance an encounter.  The portion of the bra that aligned with the wearer’s nipples included latex nubs molded into the interior of the top.  These nubs would flex and rub the nipples and aerioles with even the slightest movement by the wearer.  Amanda’s nipples hardened as soon as she slipped the thing on.  The thin latex strained to cover each nipple which only amplified the visual effect.

 Amanda’s sex was covered, barely, by a latex thong that matched the bra.  A small dildo was molded into the front of the thong.  It could not be worn without inserting the dildo into the vagina it was to cover.  Although relatively small, the dildo included a small vibrating unit that was activated by movement of the wearer.  It could also be controlled by a wireless remote that was included in the packaging.  The rear of the thong included a snap fastener which could be attached to another small dildo which was inserted into the wearer’s anus.  The position of the snap fastener was adjustable so that it accommodated a variety of body styles.  The snap fastener also acted as an electrical conductor between the two dildos.  When one was activated, either by the wearer’s movements or by the wireless remote, the other was activated, as well.

Amanda knew she was in trouble the instant she finished dressing.  She couldn’t make the slightest movement without the latex clothing somehow stimulating her most sensitive areas.  With a great effort and a fair amount of blushing, she gingerly walked back out to Mistress Shelly and Dan.

“She looks fantastic, doesn’t she?” said Mistress Shelly to Dan, as though Amanda was a sports car or a painting.

“Yes she does,” Dan replied slowly, not even realizing the lust in his voice.

Mistress Shelly silently handed Dan two pieces of gear without removing her gaze from Amanda.  Dan accepted the gear and gently raised Amanda’s right wrist.

“I don’t know about this one...” Amanda said pleadingly.

Her voice quivered uncontrollably, as she fought off the effects of the orgasm building within her – an orgasm gaining in intensity with every tiny muscle movement.  Dan saw excitement, fear and confusion in her beautiful eyes.

“Amanda dear,” Mistress Shelly said soothingly.  “I know that every sales associate here has a safe word or gesture.  Any time you want to stop, just let Dan know.”

That seemed to resolve Amanda’s concern, and she offered her wrist to Dan.

Dan rolled Amanda’s fingers up to form a fist, and he inserted Amanda’s right fist into a small ball of latex with an attached wrist cuff.  He repeated the exercise with her left hand, encasing her left fist into a similar ball of latex.  In a matter of seconds, Amanda had lost all of her fine motor control, and she was completely at the mercy of Dan and the dominatrix.  Even if Dan hadn’t locked the devices to her wrists, which he did, she could not have removed them without assistance.  Dan slipped the keys into his front pocket, and continued applying the restraints as he received them from Mistress Shelly.  For several minutes, as the binding continued, the only sound that could be heard was Amanda’s increasingly ragged breathing and an occasional soft moan.

After Dan had applied the last of the selected restraints, the three of them stood there in silence.  Dan and Mistress Shelly simply watched as Amanda slowly writhed and squirmed without any intervention by either of them.  It was as though Amanda’s clothing and restraints were tormenting her for them.

Amanda stood within a structure of portable scaffolding.  Her wrists and elbows were bound tightly behind her back.  The latex wrist cuffs were lifted high behind her and attached to the top of the scaffolding by a latex leash.  A similar leash stretched from her collar to an attachment point low on the scaffolding.  Her legs were spread wide by ankle cuffs and latex leashes attached to the sides of the scaffolding.  She was bent over so that her nicely curved ass was exposed as it gently swayed back and forth.

If Dan hadn’t done the binding himself, he never would have guessed that the writhing figure was Amanda.  A latex hood completely covered all of her features except her eyes.  A pigtail hung from either side of her otherwise smooth and mostly featureless head.  The hood’s integrated gag effectively muted Amanda’s moans which were so low and husky that they sounded like the growl of a large dog.

Dan and Mistress Shelly continued to silently admire Amanda as she stared straight down at the floor in front of them and continued to gyrate.

The silence was suddenly broken by the familiar tinkle of the bell on the front door, and a well dressed, older couple entered the store.

Amanda raised her head in surprise to look at the incoming customers.  Her eyes grew wide with panic.

All of the blood in Dan’s body seemed to flow to his head.  In his haste to assist Mistress Shelly bind Amanda, he had forgotten to lock the front door before the modeling session.

Dan looked from Amanda to Mistress Shelly and back again.

“Should I leave you and attend to the customers?” Dan whispered to Amanda?

She looked stunned.  She began to shake her head no, but changed after a split second.  She then bucked her head diagonally upward several times.

“You want me to get rid of them?”  He asked.

Amanda vigorously nodded her head, and Dan noticed tears streaming from Amanda’s eyes.

Dan quickly turned to Mistress Shelly and said “I expect you to be on your best behavior while I take care of this.”

“You’d be surprised by my best behavior,” she replied with a devilish grin.  “Go ahead and take care of them.  Amanda will be fine.”

Dan approached the couple who were looking around the front of the shop in obvious disgust.

“Good afternoon.  I’m Dan.  Can I help you with something?”  Dan said in his most sincere and helpful voice.

The woman looked to the man as he said “I hope so.  I’m looking for Amanda Miller.  I’m her father, John, and this is her mother, Susan.  We understand that she works here.”

Dan remembered that Amanda had told him about her parents.  They were a conservative older couple, and she had not dared to tell them where she worked for fear of their disapproval.

Suddenly, the scaffolding at the back of the store shuddered loudly as Amanda’s anonymous figure trembled like an erupting volcano.  Her moans, though muffled, were loud enough to reach the front of the store before Dan could respond.

“What the hell is going on in this place?” Mr. Miller demanded.

“No need to worry, sir.”  Dan replied, thinking quickly.  “Those are just a couple of performance artists rehearsing for a fashion show later this month.”

Everyone stared silently at Amanda as she fell limp against her bonds.  Her head hung down like a marathon runner upon crossing the finish line.

“Oh, John,” Mrs. Miller said desperately.  “This place is horrible.  Let’s just find Amanda and take her home.”

“Where’s my daughter?” Mr. Miller demanded menacingly.

“Sir, there is no Amanda Miller working here.  We just opened this shop a couple of weeks ago.”  Dan said trying to calm the man down.

“We took over this space from a CD store that went out of business.  She may have worked for them, but otherwise I have no idea where your daughter might be,” he lied.

There was a strained silence as Mr. and Mrs. Miller stared at Dan deciding whether to believe his explanation.

“Very well,” Mr. Miller said reluctantly.  “Let’s go back to her apartment, Susan.  Maybe we can get additional information from her landlord.”

The couple turned around to leave, but Dan could overhear their conversation as the walked to the door.

“You don’t suppose the hooded one in the back was Amanda, do you?”  Mr. Miller asked his wife.

“No, I thought of that.” She replied.  “The hair is all wrong.  She seems to be shorter than Amanda, and the body type is different, too.”

“I have half a mind to call the police to report what was going on in here,” he replied.

“I’m sure the police are keeping their eyes on this place,” she said “but it wouldn’t hurt to notify them just in case.”

As soon as the bell on the front door tinkled, and the door closed behind the Millers as they exited, Amanda started stomping her feet and screaming into her gag.  Dan knew that the foot stomping was Amanda’s safe signal, but he reluctantly ignored it to watch the Millers through the front window.  He continued to watch until the Millers were in their car and leaving the parking area.  Only then did he lock the front door and head to the back of the store.

By the time Dan reached the scaffolding, Amanda was resting in a nearby chair.  Mistress Shelly had resisted her natural impulse to tease Amanda, and had removed all of Amanda’s restraints except the hood.

Upon removing the hood, Amanda quickly thanked the two of them, dressed, and rushed out of the rear of the store toward her car.  She knew a shortcut to her apartment that might get her there before her folks.  With the right timing and a plausible explanation, Amanda believed that she could set things right.

As she drove through the back streets of town toward her apartment, she reflected on the last 30 minutes during which she had the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.  She now understood the awesome power of being powerless.  She decided that once she was able to ease her parents’ minds, she would have to introduce bondage into her relationship with Dan.  She felt more alive than she had felt in a long while, and she knew he was the perfect partner for sharing her feelings.  Now, she just needed to decide which side of the restraints she wanted to be on, but that decision could wait.


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