Leather or Knot Chapter 13: Test Results

by SwitchMan

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Chapter 13: Test Results

Dan opened his eyes to blackness. His head throbbed, and his thinking was clouded. He tried to move, but his limbs were stretched to their limits. Slowly, he pieced together his situation and the events following the cocktail party of the previous evening. Dan’s behavior had left Beth incensed, and when she brought him back to the suite, she took her anger out on him. She knew that she wasn’t allowed to truly punish him. So, she simply “offered” him far too many drinks and made sure, really sure, that he was properly secured for the evening.

Dan’s hands were snugly curled into locking leather fist mitts, and he was tightly strapped to his bed with thick leather cuffs. His wrists, elbows, chest, waist, knees and ankles were all tethered to attachment points along the sides of his bed. A full leather hood engulfed his face, and it was secured to the base of the headboard by a D-ring at the top of the hood, thereby preventing even the slightest movement. His ears were filled with foam plugs, and his mouth was similarly filled with dense foam that expanded upon contact with moisture.

A five-inch posture collar hugged his neck, and even though it was not attached to anything, it served to continually remind him of his subjugation. Finally, spiked rings were attached around the base of his penis and around the top of his ball sac. The spikes were not sharp enough to pierce his skin, but they applied uncomfortable pressure in his most tender places.

As his head cleared, Dan wondered why he was suddenly awake. Even though his senses had been taken from him, he could feel a presence. After a few moments, he could feel someone detaching the hood from the bed. One by one, his bindings were removed until all that remained were the belt around his waist and the rings around his private parts.

Through the darkness, he could see that it was 3:50 am. He could also see that Beth was half asleep. She tossed the familiar J-2010 on to the bed and grumbled “Put this on. Linda wants to see you.”

“What about these rings?” Dan asked motioning toward his midsection.

“They get in the way of the harness,” he explained.

Beth walked over and removed the rings. To his surprise, each ring had a small button that allowed it to be easily opened. As she set the rings on the nightstand, Beth apologized for the way she treated him the night before. She explained that she was angry with him for not winning the final test. She had hoped that if he won the final test, and became the dominant partner, that she could continue to work with him and Amanda. Beth was concerned that if Dan was deemed to be the submissive, she might be reassigned to some other, less enjoyable, job.

Once Dan was wearing the harness, Beth said “heel slave,” and they made their way to Linda’s suite. When they arrived at Linda’s suite, Tara and Amanda were already there. Dan couldn’t help but admire Amanda in her harness. Tara and Beth lined up Amanda and Dan so that they were facing Linda. The handlers instructed their slaves to stand with their feet shoulder length apart and their wrists crossed behind their backs.

Once they were in position, Linda commanded “Statue Slave.”

Although Dan hadn’t heard that harness command before, he surmised its meaning. He and Amanda stood perfectly still in fear of some unknown punishment. Linda dismissed Tara and Beth, but instructed them to return for Amanda and Dan at 5:00 am. Linda warned them to tell no one that they brought Amanda and Dan to her room.

As the door closed behind Beth and Tara, Linda turned her attention back to Amanda and Dan. She felt a sense of power she had never known, and she savored the moment as she stood in front of her two helpless friends. She studied one and then the other. She thought back to the times they shared as co-workers at “Leather or Knot,” and she realized how quickly their lives had changed – and would change again. As she surveyed the two motionless slaves, she noticed two bottles of pills on her nightstand.

One bottle contained red pills to enhance one’s dominant side, and the other bottle held blue pills to enhance one’s submissive tendencies. Although she knew the pills were intended for Dan and Amanda once the test results were revealed, she couldn’t help herself. She strode past her motionless audience and without hesitating popped one of the red pills into her mouth and swallowed. She waited, not knowing exactly what to expect. After about 15 seconds, a chill ran through her body, and a forceful energy shot from her chest to her extremities. She suddenly felt like she could conquer the world.

Resuming her stance before her slaves, she stood with her fists on her hips and her chin high and proud. She explained to Dan and Amanda that Juliette had confided in her the results of the tests and that she wanted to be the one to tell them.

“Of course, Juliette expects to personally announce the official results at breakfast, but I thought you might want a little preview of your new lives,” Linda confessed with an evil sparkle in her eyes.

“Keep in mind that we would all be severely punished if Juliette ever found out that we had this little chat. So, I expect complete discretion.”

Linda explained that their friendship had meant a lot to her, and that everyone could see that the two of them were made for each other. She continued by acknowledging that the suspense must be eating at them. So, she thought she could end their suffering by revealing the results early.

Like the host of a cheesy reality program, Linda prefaced the reveal by saying “The test results were extremely close. Juliette said that either one of you could have been the dominant in your relationship, but one just slightly edged out the other.”

“Juliette has assured me that even though it was close, you will both be happy with the results. Especially once you begin your regimen of red and blue pills.”

“I really wish you both the best of everything as you begin your new lives as mistress and slave.”

The comment hung in the air several seconds before her audience reacted.

Dan and Amanda were both stunned. Dan felt panic welling up within. He never wanted to be completely dominant to Amanda, but he certainly didn’t want to be her slave either.

Amanda was equally confused, but she slowly realized that because she was the selected dominant she would be able to make things right over time. Slowly a smile crept across her otherwise motionless face, and Linda smiled too.

Linda looked at the two of them and said “If you are okay with this, blink your eyes.”

Amanda’s smile broadened as she repeatedly blinked her eyes. Linda looked over to Dan to see him staring wide-eyed into the distance as though he couldn’t believe what was happening.

Linda leaned in close and whispered “It’s going to be alright, Dan. Even if you don’t realize it right now, in time you’ll learn to love your position beneath Amanda.”

Linda reached into her pocket to retrieve a remote controller. After pressing a few buttons, Amanda’s harness unfastened itself and hung limply on Amanda’s body ready to be removed. Amanda didn’t immediately move, but Linda reassured her that it was okay. Linda then asked Amanda whether she would like help training Dan.

Amanda’s head was spinning. If the events of the past week had taught her anything, it was that Dan was the only person that she could really trust. Realizing that Linda was awaiting an answer, Amanda shook off her deeper thoughts and eagerly agreed to let Linda help.

“Great! We don’t have much time. I need to have you both back in your rooms in an hour,” Linda said.

“For this first session, let’s just get you looking as powerful as you must be feeling,” Linda said as she guided Amanda into her walk-in closet. They both ignored Dan who remained standing with his wrists crossed behind his back facing a now empty room.

Amanda’s mind was racing with possibilities. This was likely her best opportunity to make a break for freedom, but she knew she had to humor Linda long enough to develop a viable plan.

Linda and Amanda looked through the well-stocked wardrobe, and Linda suggested a low-cut black leather catsuit with a matching thin leather belt. The belt, though unnecessary, drew attention to the wearer’s waist and hips to give an impression of both power and sensuality.

“That looks fantastic,” Amanda remarked as she scanned the room for items that would help her escape without incident.

Linda helped Amanda select an ominous choker with a pendant that dangled between her breasts, a pair of black leather gloves, a pair of stiletto heeled boots and a black cowl which covered the top portion of her face. All the while, Amanda was unsuccessfully trying to formulate an escape. Everything she considered seemed likely to fail. Discouraged, Amanda continued to go along with whatever Linda suggested.

“You look fabulous!” Linda said as they both admired Amanda’s outfit in a full-length mirror just inside the walk-in closet.

Amanda agreed. She couldn’t believe her own eyes. She had tried on hundreds of outfits since she began working at the shop, and she had never looked this good. She looked good enough to make the fantasy a reality, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside.

Dan had remained at attention in every sense of the word while the women were playing dress-up. Linda escorted Amanda out of the closet and positioned her directly in front of Dan. Legs spread and fists on her hips, Amanda felt powerful in her dominatrix attire, but she also felt sorry for Dan as he stood silently staring into her eyes.

Linda strode past them toward an armoire full of bondage paraphernalia. She opened the double doors and reached for what looked like an oxygen mask with a miniature tank attached to the front of it. She brought it back to Amanda and asked if she had seen anything like it before.

Amanda recalled her tour of Juliette’s research and development department, and the experimental inhaler that delivered a muscle-relaxant for disabling a victim’s vocal chords. Amanda acknowledged that she knew about the device as Linda stepped in front of her and lifted the mask to administer the gas to Dan. Amanda seized the opportunity to grab Linda from behind. The surprise attack caught Linda off guard, and the two women went sprawling across the floor.

“Why you little bitch!” Linda seethed as she rolled over to stand back up.

Knowing that this was their only chance to escape, Amanda didn’t waste a moment. She turned Linda over by her shoulder and punched her in the stomach as hard as she could. Linda felt a vacuum where her lungs used to be, and she sat doubled-over, stunned, and gasping for breath. Amanda knew that Linda was only temporarily incapacitated, and she looked around frantically for something to restrain Linda while she had the upper hand. Although the armoire was full of restraint devices, it was too far away to be practical. Thinking quickly, she removed the leather belt from her cat suit and secured Linda’s wrists behind her back. Amanda knew that this wouldn’t keep Linda for long, but it would give her time to select some real restraints from the armoire.

As Amanda returned from the armoire with a handful of leather straps, Linda’s breathing began to return to normal. Linda stared contemptuously at Amanda and struggled frantically to escape the unyielding grip of Amanda’s belt

“Why are you doing this?” Linda wheezed. “You won.”

While Amanda hastily secured Linda’s elbows with a pair of leather cuffs, she answered “I didn’t win anything. Juliette is calling all the shots. As long as we’re here, we are all just pieces in Juliette’s personal chess game.”

As Amanda connected the elbow cuffs, Linda continued to struggle wildly. She threw herself left and right struggling to break free from the unrelenting leather cuffs like an animal. As Linda grunted and moaned, Amanda picked up the inhaler that had been knocked to the floor during the scuffle. Approaching her captive from behind, Amanda grabbed and handful of Linda’s hair with her left hand and pressed the inhaler to Linda’s face with her right hand. After a loud moan of protest and a few deep breathes, Linda became silent.

Amanda quickly dragged Linda to the foot of the bed and cuffed her wrists together behind the bedpost. Amanda found it unnecessary to restrain her any further since Linda was now unable to escape or call for help. Dan and Amanda only needed keep Linda subdued long enough to get out of the room and away from the estate.

Turning her attention to Dan, Amanda quickly but firmly said “Harness deactivate.”

Amanda rushed over to Dan to embrace him and kiss him. Linda looked on from the floor futilely tugging at her cuffs.

After taking a moment for themselves, Amanda and Dan quickly evaluated their situation and developed a plan to escape. Amanda suggested that since she was already dressed for the part, she would escort Dan, her submissive, through the estate and right out the front door. If she was questioned, she could talk her way out of trouble. If that didn’t work, the two of them might be able to overpower whoever was in their way. It was a simple plan, not without its faults, but it was the best they could manage with limited time and resources.

Reluctantly, Dan remained in his harness to give the appearance of submission. He knew that although the harness was disabled at the moment, continuing to wear it posed the risk that it could become reactivated by the house staff during their escape.

Amanda found two leather overnight bags in the closet, and she and Dan collected anything that they thought they could use in their escape. Specifically, they brought casual street clothes for both of them, a complete set of restraints in case they needed to overpower a staff member, and the tank of vocal chord paralyzer. Although not strictly necessary for their escape, Dan threw in Amanda’s harness and the bottles of blue and red pills. Optimistically, he thought those items might prove interesting should they successfully escape.

Turning back to check Linda, Amanda apologized for leaving her strapped to the bed frame. Amanda explained that she and Dan love each other too much to be forced into specific dominant and submissive roles chosen by someone else, particularly Juliette.

Amanda removed a leather leash and collar from the armoire. Looking into Dan’s eyes, she reminded him that they needed to stay in character during their escape. Amanda put the collar around Dan’s neck and clipped the leash to a ring on the collar. She directed him to keep his eyes down and his hands behind his back. With a deep breath, she opened the door, and they casually made their way toward the front door of the estate.

Amanda was surprised by the number of people working in the estate at such an early hour. They passed several workers and guests as they walked through the estate toward the front exit. Upon arriving at the front door, Amanda was feeling confident that they were playing their parts well enough that no one would question them. Her heart sank, however, when they came face to face with the valet and doorman stationed just outside the front door. She recognized the doorman, and she could tell that he recognized her as well. She was further startled by the sound of a servo motor turning an overhead camera in their direction.

Nearly a quarter mile away in the rear of the mansion, an LCD screen displayed streaming video of Amanda and Dan as they encountered the polite and helpful doorman. The LCD screen was mounted on a wall facing a treadmill in a lavish workout facility. The sound of jogging footsteps slowed and the whirr of the treadmill decreased allowing the runner to hear the conversation.

Juliette dabbed her face with a towel and listened to the conversation between the doorman and Amanda. She threw back a swallow of her energy drink without taking her eyes off the LCD display. Wiping her mouth, she watched as the doorman allowed Dan and Amanda to walk away without delaying them further. As she continued her morning routine, Juliette smiled a knowing smile.

Juliette felt a warm feeling of vindication. She knew that they were meant for each other from the moment she had met them. The test results further confirmed her innate suspicion. Although she told a few members of her staff that Amanda won by a hair, the scores were, in fact, exactly the same. She hoped that they realized the special nature of their relationship, and that she was helpful in jump-starting their future. Broadening her smile, she felt a bit more complete and rather proud of her ability to judge human nature, but there would always be a void that only her husband could have filled.

Back at the front door, the valet and doorman watched Amanda lead Dan down the long tree-lined driveway toward the rising sun. Even though both men thought of themselves as dominants, they envied Dan. Amanda was stunning.

It seemed surreal to her that she was dressed in a leather cat suit and leading Dan by a leash as sparks of light from the rising sun intermittently broke through the trees. She couldn’t help but feel as though it was a new day for both of them as long as they could complete their escape.

After ten minutes, they reached the main gate at the end of the driveway. Although cars could neither enter nor leave the estate without opening the gate, it was easy to pass through the gate on foot. Amanda looked down the 2-lane drive in both directions, and she saw no cars. In the distance ahead of them, through a lightly wooded area, she could hear cars travelling on the interstate. Pausing only briefly to consider her stiletto heels, she led her partner across the street and into the woods.

Once they were far enough into the wooded area that they were hidden from sight, Amanda stopped and removed Dan’s harness. Together they opened the leather bags and quickly changed into the street clothes that they had packed, storing their fetish garb back in their overnight bags. Wearing tennis shoes and jeans, Dan and Amanda moved quickly toward the increasingly loud sound of passing cars and trucks. In short order, they found themselves on the shoulder of the interstate walking toward the nearest exit.

As they walked, Dan and Amanda discussed how Juliette would come looking for them. They considered contacting the police, but they couldn’t be sure how far Juliette’s wealth and connections reached. Instead, Amanda suggested that they should hide for a while and make a new start using the money in Amanda’s account. They agreed that their apartment would not be safe, and they decided to have a mutual friend collect their belongings at the first opportunity. They hadn’t been walking for five minutes before an older couple pulled over and offered them a ride.

Amanda explained to the woman in the passenger seat that they had been hiking and had lost their way. Amanda asked if the couple could drive them to the nearest gas station so they could call a friend. The couple obliged and let Dan use their mobile phone to make arrangements for their friend to pick them up. Resting their heads on the back seat of the older couple’s sedan, Dan and Amanda relaxed for the first time in days. Dan knew that their real adventure was just beginning, but as he turned to gaze at Amanda in the bright morning sun, he smiled inside and was comforted that the rest of their adventure would be on their terms.


Juliette’s forehead was nearly touching Linda’s. Even though the two were only inches apart, it didn’t feel like either was invading the other’s personal space. Instead, it felt strangely intimate.

Linda received Juliette’s gaze as though it pierced through her physical being and directly into her soul. She kept her eyes upward and fixed on Juliette’s face. She couldn’t will herself to look away. Juliette looked downward toward Linda with an expression that was one part sympathy, one part understanding and one part disappointment. Of course, Linda found the disappointment troubling.

“Linda dear, I know that you haven’t been with us for very long, but I’ve grown quite fond of you,” Juliette said sweetly as she slowly backed away from Linda.

“You must swear to me that you will never disobey an order or be inattentive again,” Juliette continued while drinking in the entirety of Linda’s predicament.

Linda didn’t even try to speak, but she smiled with relief and obediently gave her head a slight nod. Unfortunately, the onlookers couldn’t discern her smile as it was obscured by the muzzle gag strapped tightly around Linda’s head. Similarly, nobody could see the grimace that she made when she attempted her nod. Linda’s ponytail had been pulled back so tightly and attached to the back of her posture collar so that even the slightest movement caused searing pain across her scalp.

“I know that you will behave from now on,” Juliette said on Linda’s behalf.

“And I won’t hold your indiscretions against you in your new position at the estate,” she said reassuringly.

Linda knew that the words sounded comforting, but she didn’t like where Juliette’s monologue was heading.

“In fact, I’ve decided to promote you to a higher position, and use your experience as a model for the entire staff.”

In her peripheral vision, Linda could make out a remote controller in Juliette’s hand. Juliette held it higher for Linda to have a better look, and she smiled as she pressed one of the buttons. Linda, mercilessly strapped into a vertical hogtie, was wearing nothing but ballet boots. The tightly wrapped package that was Linda was slowly lifted by an electric motor humming high above the ornate front hall. She came to a stop nearly three stories above, suspended just under the chandelier.

The leather panel that covered Linda’s nose and mouth prevented Linda’s coworkers from hearing the gasp of surprise when she began her ascent, but her eyes grew unusually wide, and a tear trickled down one cheek. At the peak of her journey upward, she swayed slightly as she struggled furiously in her bonds due to the lingering effects of the red pill.

Slowly, the onlookers disbursed and continued on with their daily duties, each a little more motivated because of the new ornament hanging in the hall. Linda tried to scream, but just as the muscle relaxing gas began to wear off, a time-released mist of the gas would be expelled from a dispenser inside her gag keeping her silent.

Juliette stood in the hall admiring Linda’s dilemma from below. She couldn’t help feeling just a little bit responsible for Linda’s indiscretion with Dan and Amanda since Amanda didn’t actually win the competition, as she confided in Linda.

Because the results were an exact tie, as Juliette had suspected from the start, she knew that Dan and Amanda would not be satisfied with any arrangement dictated by others. She knew that they would try to escape once they heard the results – and she let them.

As Juliette stood in the hall daydreaming, she noticed Tara and Beth crossing the foyer on their way to a staff meeting. Juliette called them over and instructed them to let Linda down and release her in 20 minutes. Juliette further instructed them to escort her to her room and gave the three of them the remainder of the day off. She suggested that they go to the employee lounge to relax over some margaritas.

Juliette walked away content and musing that she was right about Dan and Amanda from the start. They were a one in a million couple. They are made for each other – just like Juliette and her late husband. Maybe someday she would track them down to tell them so.

Miles away, Dan and Amanda felt like two mice fortunate enough to scurry under a couch after being swatted and toyed with by a well fed cat.


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