Leather or Knot Chapter 12: The Final Tests

by SwitchMan

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Chapter 12: The Final Tests

Although neither Dan nor Amanda were certain how long they had been left in the pasture to rest, neither was ready to leave when Tara and Beth came to collect them.  In the limited time they spent together under the tree, Dan had done his best to reassure Amanda of his feelings for her despite their hopeless situation, and Amanda returned Dan’s affections with nuzzling and neighing.

Instead of leading them to the stable as Dan expected, Tara and Beth respectively led Amanda and Dan along a paver brick walkway to the back of the residence.  The hooves of the two ponies generated a distinctive clip-clop noise that announced their predicament to all who passed by.  Although blinders prevented her from seeing them, Amanda could hear a group of women admiring the sway of her tail.  Amanda snorted and angrily tugged against her lead when another of the women commented that she would “rather ride the stallion than the mare.”

Eventually they entered the rear of the residence through two separate doors that appeared to lead to male and female locker rooms.  Once inside, each trainer handed off her pony to a pair of attendants.  Dan’s attendants were male, and Amanda’s attendants were female.  None of the attendants spoke.

Dan looked around and found that the room resembled a traditional locker room in a gym.  There were benches in an open area, lockers along one wall and a shower area toward the front.  There were also sinks, toilets, towels and scales.  The only aspect of the rooms that couldn’t be found in a typical gym were the rings installed in the cinderblock walls, presumably for holding waiting slaves.

The attendants efficiently stripped Dan of his pony gear which was deposited into laundry-style bins with rollers on the bottom.  Dan was provided sandals, and he was led to a shower area to wash up.  Once through the shower door, the attendants secured the door and waited for Dan to complete his shower before unlocking it.  After his shower, Dan was given towels and toiletries, and he was flanked by the two attendants as he finished with his hair and teeth.

When they were satisfied that Dan was finished, one attendant wordlessly fastened an ominous leather collar around Dan’s neck.  The other attendant offered Dan a jar of lubricant and a stainless steel butt plug.  Instead of accepting the paraphernalia, Dan gave a heavy sigh and shook his head.

Before he could verbalize his refusal, Dan felt a heat begin to rise in his neck under the collar, and the attendant again extended the items toward Dan.  Dan turned back to the first attendant to assess his situation.  The first attendant looked as though he was becoming angry, and the angrier he looked the more uncomfortable Dan’s collar became.  Within a few seconds, the pain in Dan’s neck became unbearable, and he blurted out “Okay!  I’ll put it in.”

The first attendant’s demeanor returned to normal, and the pain in Dan’s collar subsided.  Dan couldn’t believe what was happening to him.  This was something straight out of a sci-fi thriller, but he knew he had to comply to avoid the searing pain.  He reluctantly opened up the jar, spread some lubricant on the plug, and forced it into his anus.  It stretched him inside and out, and it made walking slow and uncomfortable.

He followed the first attendant down a long interior corridor, and he was followed closely by the second attendant.  When he would fall too far behind the leading attendant, Dan would feel the heat begin to surge in his neck and in his ass.  Dan did his best to keep up his pace.

Finally, they turned through a door into a 12 x 12 cinderblock cell with an extremely high ceiling.  Looking up, Dan could just see the walls fade into blackness.  As Dan entered the cell, Amanda entered the cell at the opposite side.  Amanda was naked except for a collar similar to his, and he could tell from her stride that, like him, she also had an intruder in her ass.

They were each led around the cell to their right, and they stopped when they reached a pair of stainless steel foot pads along the center of each opposing wall.  The foot pads were spaced slightly more than shoulder width apart, and a small utility table stood just beyond each set of pads.  The tables each held a small bottle of baby oil and a head harness with an integrated ball gag and blindfold.  Dan looked above the pads to see a pair of suspended steel rings.

The trailing attendant moved past Dan and the leading attendant until he reached the table.  Amanda’s attendants mirrored the movements across the cell.  The trailing attendant picked up the head harness and held the ball gag in front of Dan’s mouth.  Conceding that resistance was useless, Dan opened his mouth to accept the gag, and the attendant quickly fastened it around Dan’s head.  Dan could feel the attendant adjusting the straps to make the harness conform to Dan’s head, and once the eye pads and harness were tightly adjusted, the attendant gave a sharp tug to a strap that forced the ball deep into Dan’s mouth.  Dan heard Amanda grunt as the same process was used on her.

Suddenly, Mistress Juliette’s amplified voice echoed through the cell.

“I hope you are both feeling better now that you have freshened up a bit.” Juliette said sarcastically.

“This is the second of the three tests that you will be taking today.  While the preparation has taken a while, the test itself should be reasonably short.”

As Juliette spoke, Dan and Amanda found themselves being maneuvered to the footpads.  Their bodies were pivoted and their legs were spread so that each foot was on one of the pads.  Their wide stances forced the anal intruders uncomfortably deep within their cavities.  One by one, their sandals were removed, and they could feel the cold steel beneath their feet.

“This is an endurance test that operates at several levels.  It will require physical endurance to remain in the required position, and it will require emotional endurance when you hear your competitor being punished.”  Juliette said, barely able to disguise her glee at the deviousness of the test.

Dan felt the attendants on either side of him guide his arms into a standing spread eagle position.  Each of his hands was positioned to grab onto one of the steel rings suspended above the foot pads.

“Below you are two metal pads.  Above you are two metal rings.  Your task is simple.  Maintain a connection with all four of your appendages.”  Juliette explained.

Dan heard the baby oil bottle being opened to his right.

“Your opponent’s comfort is your motivation to endure the test.” Mistress Juliette continued.

Dan felt a stream of baby oil tracing down each arm, around his torso, and down each leg.

“In order to improve your body’s natural conductivity, you will be rubbed down with baby oil.”

Dan felt the four hands of the attendants rubbing the baby oil into every part of his body.  The thought of two guys’ hands massaging his body gave him the creeps, but he bit down hard on his ball gag and waited until they finished.  The attendants started at his wrists and worked their way down his body.  They took far too long lingering around his genitals and rubbing his ass for Dan’s liking, but they finally stopped when they finished the tops of his feet.

Dan was imagining the two women massaging Amanda, and he began to get hard.  Just then, he felt the attendants remove his hands from the overhead rings, and slather baby oil on his palms and fingers.  They did the same thing to the bottoms of his feet.  The extra baby oil on his hands and feet made it extremely difficult to maintain contact with the rings and pads.  His hands kept slipping off the rings, and his feet kept sliding off the pads.  He imagined that Amanda was having similar issues.

“You have, no doubt, discovered the discomfort that can be caused by your collars and plugs, but you may be disappointed to hear that you have only scratched the surface of the unpleasant capabilities of those devices.  Every time you fail to maintain contact with the metal rings and pads, your partner will discover a new sensation that can be generated by these devices.”

Dan heard the echoing sound of a fan motor starting from high above the cell, and a breeze began to blow over their well oiled bodies.  Amanda’s nipples hardened, and Dan’s scrotum retracted.  They quickly became cold enough to begin shivering slightly.

“The last time we administered this test, the participants lasted less than five minutes.” Juliette said, pausing to let the impact of her statement sink in.

“The longest anyone has been able to hold out is seven minutes, but that was when the punishment was inflicted directly on the contestant who broke the connection.  This is the first time we’ve designed the test so that the opposing player is punished.  Who knows ...” Juliette said, leaving the rest to Dan and Amanda’s imagination.

After a few moments, Juliette’s intonation changed from mocking and sarcastic to serious and maternal.

“In thirty seconds, the test will begin.  Your head harnesses should help you concentrate on the task at hand.  You will need to focus all of your energy on maintaining contact with the metal rings and pads.  On occasion, we have seen participants reestablish contact with one fixture only to lose contact with another.  Because you will each be punishing the other, this could result in a painful chain reaction affecting you both.”

“Good luck to you both.  Five... four... three... two... one... begin.”

Amanda couldn’t believe this was happening to them, but she also couldn’t afford to be distracted by thinking about the events over the past week.  She was concentrating only on what was happening to them at that moment.

In the darkness, time had no meaning.  Amanda was focused on maintaining her hold on the overhead rings so that she could control the position of her feet.  After what felt like a minute, Amanda began to sense tension in the overhead rings.  She thought it might be her imagination, but it felt as though the rings were being pulled upward ever so slightly.  Amanda redoubled her efforts to hold on to the rings, but her muscles were already beginning to tire.  She cursed herself at not being able to hold on to the rings, and she began to lose confidence.

For what seemed like five minutes to Amanda, neither participant had been punished, but both were perilously close to losing their grip on the overhead rings.  Eventually, Dan grunted and hung his head in fatigue.  In another context, the slight movement would have been insignificant, but in his situation, the movement caused his center of gravity to shift enough for his left hand to momentarily lose contact with the ring.  Amanda immediately screamed into her ball gag as a jolt of electricity ripped through Amanda’s anal plug.

Although the intensity was actually no greater than that of a common canine shock collar, the unexpected punishment took Amanda’s breath away.  Dan immediately rose to his tiptoes and lunged upward with his left hand to find the empty ring again.  All the while, Dan was repeating an unintelligible “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry,” into his ball gag.  Amanda quickly regained her composure, but felt pity for Dan, knowing that it was an accident that could have happened to either of them.

The situation stabilized, and the contest continued for what Amanda estimated was another few minutes without incident.  Dan and Amanda found their auditory senses were heightened because of the head harnesses.  They could hear the constant whirr of the overhead fan; they could hear the breathing of the attendants nearby; and they could hear murmuring from spectators above.  Amanda imagined that Beth and Tara accompanied Juliette in a sort of kinky sky box.  She daydreamed that her predicament was presented for their entertainment on closed circuit monitors along with hors d'oeuvres served by a wait staff of French maids and half naked men in bondage gear.

Amanda was aroused from her daydream when she heard Juliette say “Now it should get interesting.”

Startled by the realization that she was losing her concentration, Amanda’s right foot accidentally slid off of the foot pad, and Dan was punished.  Her infraction was only momentary, but Dan’s loud, forceful grunt told her it was painful.  All Amanda could do was whimper an apology into her gag in apology and wonder what happened to him.

Although Dan only grunted once, his breathing was heavy and fast, and she could tell that whatever happened to him would take some time to pass.

After what seemed like several more minutes without incident, Juliette’s amplified voice broke the relative silence.

“Good work contestants.  You have lasted four minutes,” Juliette announced.

Amazed, Amanda was certain that Juliette was playing mind games with them.  It had to have been at least 15 minutes since the test began.

“Now the test gets tougher.  Good luck.”

Immediately after Juliette’s microphone was turned off with a faint click, Amanda began to feel tiny electric shocks applied to the soles of her feet through the metal foot pads.  The shocks didn’t hurt.  In fact, they tickled, and they were most annoying.  Both contestants felt compelled to lift their feet to stop the sensation, yet equally determined to stay the course to avoid hurting their partner.

Within a minute, both Amanda and Dan were continuously panting and grunting into their ball gags.  The distraction of the electrically charged foot pads was unbearable, and nearly simultaneously, they both began dancing on the foot pads to get relief from the increasingly prickly sensations.  Every time one of their feet would leave the pad, the other contestant would be randomly punished.

First, it was a shock to the neck.  Then, heat was applied to the ass.  Next, their collars emitted a high pitched vibration which pierced the wearer’s ears.  Every time a punishment was administered, the recipient would react in a spasm and break another connection with the metal pads or rings.  Eventually, the punishments came so fast that they couldn’t keep up, and Juliette and her guests looked down to enjoy the twisted punishment dance of the two victims until a safety system engaged and both contestants dropped to the ground.

As the onlookers applauded, Dan and Amanda laid on the ground panting but not moving.  The collars they wore included a safety system that monitored their vital signs.  When the wearer’s bodily functions exceeded acceptable parameters for a predetermined period, the safety system automatically stopped the contest.  Upon stopping the contest, the collars and plugs emitted a constant low-level electrical pulse that essentially paralyzed the wearer, similar to the effect of a taser or other electric shock, but without any harmful effects.

Although they could not move, Dan and Amanda could still sense their surroundings.  Amanda heard the doors to the cell open.  She heard the four attendants leave the room, and she heard two new attendants enter.  One approached her and the other attended to Dan.  Amanda could feel her attendant wrap her paralyzed torso in a familiar harness, and once the harness was in place, Amanda slowly regained her ability to move, and she rose to her knees.

The attendant manipulated the straps of the head harness until it loosened its compressive grip on her skull.  Instinctively, Amanda reached up to remove the harness, but she was instantly punished by the harness.

“Please, just let me take care of you,” Tara whispered.  “You’ve been through a lot today.”

Amanda began to talk, and she was punished again.  So, Amanda anxiously knelt with her hands at her sides while Tara removed the head harness.  As Amanda’s eyes adjusted to the light, she could see Beth attending to Dan at the opposite end of the cell.  Once the head harnesses were removed and placed on the nearby tables, Tara and Beth clipped leashes to Amanda and Dan and led them out of the opposing doors.  Confused and fatigued, Dan and Amanda each silently turned around to watch the other being lead away.

The trip to Amanda’s suite was mercifully short.  It wasn’t until she started walking that Amanda realized how physically exhausted she was.  To her surprise, she wasn’t the slightest bit injured by the day’s contests, but she was extremely sore and tired.  Apparently, Tara realized how tired Amanda would be because upon arriving at the suite, Tara made Amanda a cup of hot chocolate and put her to bed for an afternoon nap.

Sleep came hard and fast for Amanda, and Tara let her sleep until 4:00 when she gently roused her reluctant submissive.

“Time to wake up,” Tara whispered as she gently shook Amanda.  “We need to get ready for the final test.”

Amanda sat up on the edge of her bed, and Tara put her finger to her lips to keep Amanda from speaking.  Tara explained that the final test would take place at a dinner party in the main hall.  Tara motioned toward the bathroom, and said “It’s time for you to clean up so that we can dress for the party.”

Amanda slowly rose from the bed, and began her shower.  She took her time, letting the warm water collect in her hair, and drip down her back and breasts to the rest of her body.  She similarly worked from the top downward, washing her hair first and making her way down her body to her feet.  Amanda knew that this was her last chance to relax before having to endure some humiliating test.  She savored her time alone, but after 30 minutes, Tara opened the bathroom door to keep her on schedule.

Amanda dried herself and left the bathroom.  To Amanda’s surprise, upon entering the bedroom, she found that Tara was dressed in a stunning black evening gown.  Tara’s hair was up in a tight bun, and she was accompanied by two more plainly dressed attendants.  The three of them attended to Amanda as though she was a pampered starlet getting ready for a red carpet appearance.  They sat her down in front of a mirrored vanity and meticulously fixed her hair and makeup.  Amanda relaxed until they were finished, and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she was amazed.  She almost didn’t recognize herself.  She had never looked or felt more attractive.  Her hair looked angelic, and even though her makeup was barely visible it made her a vision of beauty.

Without wasting any time, the three attendants whisked Amanda into the walk-in closet to get her dressed.  They removed the harness that controlled Amanda.  With one attendant on each arm to ensure her cooperation, Amanda was free for only a few seconds until they helped her slip into a beautiful green evening gown.  The gown was made from a strong but attractive satin material, and it hugged her figure as though it was made especially for her – which it was.

The waist was especially snug, and Tara wrapped a wide belt around Amanda’s midsection.  The belt was made of the same material as the dress, and it hugged Amanda’s waist like a kind of corset.  Amanda could see that the belt was to be secured from behind, in the small of her back, providing a clean seamless appearance from the front and sides.

Amanda could also see that the front of the dress was extremely low cut, and it highlighted her barely concealed breasts.  Admiring herself in a mirror before her, Amanda liked the way the side panels were pleated so that the material seemed to gather at her waist under the belt, though the pleating added no noticeable increase to Amanda’s waistline.  Amanda was a beautiful emerald hourglass.

Tara completed her work on the belt behind Amanda with a decisive “click” while the other two attendants firmly drew Amanda’s arms behind her and secured them through a pair of crossed loops integrated in the belt.  Each loop was a kind of slipknot, and each attendant pulled a free end of the belt material until Amanda’s crossed wrists were immovably trapped at the base of her spine.  The free ends of the belt hung behind Amanda to give the appearance of a neatly tied bow.  The position of her wrists naturally forced her breasts forward into a perpetually provocative pose.

The three women continued to work quickly to complete Amanda’s ensemble.  Tara smiled genuinely as she adorned Amanda with a beautiful emerald choker and matching earrings.  Meanwhile, the other two attendants slipped Amanda’s feet into extraordinarily tall heels that inconspicuously locked into place.

They stepped back to admire their work, they were pleased.  The cut of the dress, the height of the heels and Amanda’s reluctantly sultry posture conspired to accentuate her appearance of beauty and helplessness.

Tara dismissed the other two attendants and began to collect her purse while she explained the rules for the evening’s party.

“Tonight, Mistress Juliette is entertaining a number of important social guests,” she began.

“Although they are all aware of Mistress Juliette’s interests, not all of the guests are lifestyle participants.  In fact, some of the guests this evening only tolerate Mistress Juliette’s eccentricities because of her money, but she doesn’t seem to mind,” Tara explained.

“Out of respect for her more vanilla guests, the suggested dress code for tonight’s party is conventional formal attire, essentially evening gowns and tuxedoes.  As you have probably guessed, however, it is acceptable to supplement one’s attire to convey one’s eccentric inclinations as long as it is done tastefully, like we are doing with you,” Tara said smiling sweetly.

Suddenly, Amanda realized that since she was no longer wearing the harness, she might be able to engage Tara in conversation.

“So, how is this evening’s party an appropriate venue for Juliette’s third test?”  Amanda asked tentatively.

“Well,” Tara began with a chuckle, “The goal of the test is to convince one of the guests to in appropriately grope you during the cocktail hour.”

Checking her watch, Tara’s eyebrows raised up in surprise.

“We have just enough time to make our entrance on time,” Tara mumbled as she directed Amanda toward the door.

As the two women made their way through the halls toward the ballroom, Amanda suggested that the test was rather lame.  Apologizing for sounding immodest, Amanda suggested that any man at the party would happily grope her if she simply asked.

“What was I thinking?  I totally forgot,” Tara said, as if to herself.

“Forgot what?”  Amanda asked.

“Silence slave,” Tara replied in a commanding tone, and Amanda’s emerald choker took on a subtle glow that Amanda couldn’t see but sensed nonetheless.  Disappointment engulfed Amanda as she realized that she had just lost her best chance to talk with Tara.

“Sorry about that, Amanda,” Tara said apologetically.  “I forgot that you will not be allowed to speak during the cocktail party.  You’re right.  It would have been lame if you could just ask some guy to grope you.  The test would have ended as soon as it began,” Tara explained as she picked up the pace.

“This way, you’ll have to communicate your need to be groped some other way.  Just be careful who you choose.  Some guests would be offended while others may take things too far,” Tara warned.

“Beth told me about one woman who was given this test about a year ago.  She disappeared from the party and was never heard from again.  I’m pretty sure that any of the people at this party have the means to secretly keep somebody against their will.  Especially if that somebody was a woman who starts out bound and gagged,” Tara warned as they reached a large arched doorway leading to the ballroom.

As they entered the ballroom, Amanda immediately spotted Dan and Beth at the far end of the room.  Dan looked handsome in a traditional tuxedo, bowtie and cummerbund.  Looking intently, Amanda could make out a red glow emanating from his top button just behind his tie.  She realized that, like her, he was likely forced to be silent.  She also realized that his wrists were likely bound behind his back like hers.

“You stay put, and I will get us drinks,” Tara said regaining Amanda’s attention.

“Will a white wine be okay with you?”  Tara asked.

Amanda nodded in response, and watched as Tara walked toward a waiter carrying a tray of drinks.

As soon as Tara’s back was to her, Amanda began to make her way toward Dan at the other end of the room.  Fortunately, Beth noticed Tara on her mission to get drinks, and left Dan momentarily to meet up with Tara.  Amanda quickly but elegantly crossed the room, and Dan moved just as swiftly toward Amanda.  They met in the middle of the ballroom, and although neither could voice their feelings, their eyes spoke volumes.

Dan leaned downward, and Amanda stretched upward, and they shared a long, passionate kiss like they had been reunited after years apart.  The kiss prompted the guests around them to murmur.  Concentric circles of interest radiated outwardly from the center of attention.  Some guests were appalled at the overt display, while others were caught up in the romance of the two young lovers.

Before the kiss had ended, Tara and Beth heard the whispers and looked toward the center of the ballroom to see what the commotion was about.  Tara whispered to Beth that they were truly a lucky couple to have found each other, but Beth was already strutting toward the two to regain control of Dan who was solely her responsibility.

Before anything more could happen, a 5 piece string ensemble began playing a fanfare from one corner of the ballroom, and the crowd turned to watch Juliette’s entrance.  Beth stopped short.  The crowd parted to create a walkway from Juliette to the center of the ballroom where Dan and Amanda remained in their own world, oblivious to the pomp and circumstance around them.

As Juliette reached the center of the ballroom, she raised her hands from her sides in a broad welcoming gesture, but most of the guests’ eyes were on Dan and Amanda who suddenly realized they had unwanted attention.

“Friends, welcome to my home,” Juliette announced with a smile.

“I hope all of you have at least as enjoyable an evening as my guests of honor,” she continued with a gesture toward Amanda and Dan.

The guests chuckled lightly.

Juliette kept her opening remarks brief, but explained to the guests that Amanda and Dan have a task to complete before the end of the cocktail hour.  She also explained that both Amanda and Dan have strict rules against talking, and that they are obviously prevented from gesturing.  She encouraged the guests to mingle and to assist Dan and Amanda in any way they wished.

When she was finished greeting her guests, Juliette turned to face Dan and Amanda.  She held each of their chins in her hands and looked into their eyes.

“I envy you,” she said quietly.  “Tonight will decide the rest of your lives.  I hope it turns out well each of you.  Good luck.”

Juliette quickly turned her back to them and began joyfully greeting individual guests.

Although they couldn’t speak with each other, Dan and Amanda turned to face each other just as Beth and Tara came up beside them.  Tara and Beth escorted their elegant prisoners to opposite ends of the ballroom, and the contest had begun.

Beth took Dan to the end of the ballroom nearest the restrooms, and Tara escorted Amanda to the open bar.  Tara set the wine glass that she ordered for Amanda on the bar next to Amanda, and she walked away to leave Amanda to fend for herself.  Tara stayed within a 30 foot radius to observe Amanda’s progress.

Amanda struggled with her wrists behind her back, but they were held fast by the satin belt.  A beautiful Asian woman in a cream colored evening gown came up to the bar next to Amanda and ordered an Appletini.  Based on her jewelry, the woman seemed to be extraordinarily wealthy.  As she waited for the bartender to make her drink, she turned to Amanda and smiled.

“You seem to be frustrated by your lovely dress,” the woman said with a devious grin.

Amanda could only nod in agreement.

“Are your hands behind your back because you can’t keep them to yourself?” the woman asked playfully.

Amanda rolled her eyes and gave shot the woman a somewhat disgusted expression.

Taking her drink from the bartender, the woman turned and moved uncomfortably close to Amanda.

“Are you being held here against your will?” the woman whispered seriously.

Amanda looked at the woman like a newborn doe.  She had no idea who the woman was, and whether she could confide in her, but she slowly nodded her response.

The woman gently took her by the arm and began escorting her toward the restroom.

“My name is Rebecca Chung.  Let’s go someplace where we can talk candidly.  I’ve known about Mistress Juliette’s games for a while, and I will help you with your little wardrobe malfunction.”

Amanda smiled and went with the woman.  Tara followed quietly from a discreet distance.

As Rebecca and Amanda entered the woman’s restroom, Dan stood 20 feet away.  He was flanked by two beautiful young blondes who were laughing and giggling.  He caught Amanda’s eyes with a look that conveyed his complete lack of control over the situation.

Once inside the lavatory, Rebecca checked under the stalls to ensure that they were alone.  She realized that there were likely hidden cameras, but she was willing to take that risk.  She spun Amanda around and examined the cuffs embedded into the silk belt, but she could not figure out how to unlock them.  They each appeared to be seamlessly integrated into the belt with no obvious mechanism for release.

She spun Amanda back around and apologized for not being able to free her.  Instead, she quickly played 20-questions with Amanda to determine an overview of her situation.  Rebecca was able to figure out that Amanda was being held prisoner, that she couldn’t talk for some reason, and that at least one other guest was watching over her.

Rebecca explained to Amanda that it was just as well that she couldn’t remove the belt.  It would be best if the belt remained as it was to avoid suspicion, but she assured Amanda that she would keep an eye out for a way to help her escape.

Finally, Rebecca asked about the task that Amanda was supposed to complete.  After another series of questions, nods and shakes, Rebecca deduced that someone at the party had to do something to Amanda in order for her to complete her goal.

Knowing Juliette, Rebecca asked “Do you need to get someone to act inappropriately with you?”

Amanda nodded.

“And does it need to be a specific guest?” she continued.

Amanda shook her head.

After a moment’s thought, Rebecca asked “Would you like it to be me?”

Amanda had a thousand thoughts running through her head.  If she was the first to complete the task, would Juliette consider her the dominant or the submissive in her relationship with Dan?  What if Dan is in the ballroom completing the task as they speak?  She decided to go for it.

Amanda nodded in agreement.

Rebecca let out a long sigh.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.  What am I supposed to do to you?” Rebecca asked rhetorically.

“Would a long passionate kiss be inappropriate enough?” she asked.

Amanda shook her head.

Surprised, Rebecca timidly offered that she could reach down Amanda’s gown and feel her breast, and Amanda slowly nodded in agreement.  Rebecca further suggested that the groping should be witnessed by others to ensure that Amanda received credit for winning the contest, and Amanda agreed.

Thoughtfully, Rebecca ushered Amanda from the restroom, and the sounds from the ballroom seemed to hit them in waves.  About ten feet from the restroom door, Rebecca stopped Amanda and slid behind her.  Amanda was facing all the guests in the ballroom as Rebecca gently placed her hands on Amanda’s shoulders.  Rebecca gave a reassuring squeeze before she began to slide her right over Amanda’s shoulder and down toward her breast.

To Amanda, events seemed to be happening in slow motion.  Amanda glanced down at Rebecca’s hand and then over to her left to see Dan and his two blonde escorts.  With her intense focus on Dan’s group, Amanda heard the blonde closest to her laugh and comment “Well, you are in no condition to do that yourself.  Let me help you with that zipper.”

Realizing that the blonde was about to unzip Dan’s fly in the middle of the ballroom, Amanda pulled away from Rebecca and lunged toward the woman.  Taking two long strides, Amanda barreled into the woman knocking her into a waiter before she hit the ground.

Gasps, shrieks and the sounds of clanging service trays and broken glass pierced the air.  The blonde’s twin angrily stepped toward Amanda with her right hand raised to slap Amanda’s face, but Dan stepped between the two women in time to receive the slap instead.

Like bouncers in a redneck bar, Tara and Beth quickly arrived to diffuse the scene.  Tara tugged Amanda toward one exit and Beth pulled Dan in the opposite direction.  Looking over their shoulders, Dan and Amanda could see the other being pushed out of the ballroom.  As they retreated through the ballroom doors, Amanda could hear Mistress Juliette apologizing for the commotion and joking that one never knows what to expect when attending parties at her estate.



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