Fashion 2187

by The Inventor

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Part 4: The Mysterious Mistress

One night a mistress I hadn't seen before visited me in the middle of the night. She didn't talk to me, although I would have loved to get some distraction. She squeezed a huge ball gag into my mouth to prevent any screaming. Then she put nipple clamps onto my nipples. These were much too strong. They hurt like hell, but I could do nothing to avoid the pain.

She watched me for a while, then she left. I didn't have any sense of time. The room was dark and silent and I was alone with my pain. Therefore I don't know how long she was gone, but I think it must have been hours before she came back.

Tears were flowing down my cheeks, I was in so much agony. Again she watched me for a while, then finally she removed the clamps. You might think it should have been a relief to get rid of the clamps, but only if you don't know that it hurts most when the clamps are removed.

That moment was horrible, I couldn't even rub my sore nipples to relieve the pain. It took several minutes before the pain slowly subsided. The mistress watched me for a while, I think she enjoyed my misery. When the pain had dropped to a bearable level and my howling slowly changed to sobbing she removed the ball gag.

"Don't tell anyone or you'll suffer much more in the future," was all she said to me, then she left. When my mistress released me from the box much later she noticed my dried tears. "What happened?" She asked. "You have been in worse positions before and I have never seen you crying a lot."

I was in too much fear to tell her about the other mistress. So I lied. "I had really bad cramps in my calves." Of course that gained me additional and longer stays in that box. The mistress had to make sure that I could cope with it otherwise my owner might not be satisfied, and her reputation was at stake.

One time during one of these sessions the other mistress came back. I almost started crying when I saw her. I had feared that so much. I thought I might never finish the training with that box if she would torture me again and again. But this time she talked to me. First I got the ball gag again, then she said that she appreciated that I hadn't revealed her secret.

"I'm very thankful about that. Nevertheless I love seeing you suffer so much. You are so lovely when you are in pain. I love your tears. I just have to do it again, but I promise I'll reduce the duration by half. I will clean away your tears after that, so that you can still finish your task."

Then she applied the clamps. They were as bad as before. I couldn't prevent the tears from rolling down my cheeks. "You are so lovely," she said. Then she kissed me on my forehead, stroked my hair and left.

I suffered and waited so long. I don't know if it was really only half of the time of my first experience with the nipple clamps till she came back. It felt endless. I was so happy when I finally saw her although I knew that the worst part was still to come.

"There you are, still in tears. I love you so much," she said. I was so eager to get rid of the clamps, I tried to beg her to remove them, but my speech was impaired by the gag. Although I think she must have understood, she pretended not to be able to understand me and watched me for a while.

"OK, let's get them off," she finally said. Then she removed the clamp from my left nipple and waited. "If I remove them one after the other we can enjoy your pain twice, I should have thought about that last time." She waited and watched me while I was howling into my gag.

"I love this so much, don't you, too?" she asked when I was back to sobbing. I would not have agreed, but I could not speak anyway. "Ready for the next one?" she asked. Then she removed the second clamp. It was as horrible as before, but finally I was rid of both clamps and the pain was slowly fading away.

I was starting to relax as far as I could in my bondage and hoped that she would soon take away the gag and leave. Again she stroked my hair, then she started to release the gag.

Suddenly she stopped. "Oh, I forgot the cloth. I promised to clean you." She tightened the gag again. "I'll be back in just a few minutes." She turned to leave, but then she had an awful idea.

"If I have to come back anyway we can have some more fun." She smiled when she said that. Then she reapplied the clamps and left. I could not believe how someone could be so cruel.

She came back quickly this time. "Just a bit of additional fun, sorry I could not waste that opportunity" she said when she came back. She removed the clamps one after the other like before. It was not as bad as the first time, but still it hurt a lot. She savored it. I knew it, but for me it was pure pain. She had to wait a while before I could finally stop crying. She removed the gag and cleaned away the tears as promised, although some had dropped into the box. I could only hope that mistress May would not notice.

"Did you have to endure the box again after that?" Toog asked. "You finally qualified for that kind of storage I assume."

"Yes, I did,” Nin replied, “I had to do two more sessions in it, the longest one being twenty four hours. You can't imagine how much fear I was in during these sessions, but the other mistress didn't come back those times."

"I love to hear that you can handle that box. It is one of the storage options I ordered. You will be placed in such a box occasionally. Please go on with your story."

I had to learn another difficult task: The mistress said that it is required that first class ornamental girls wear their arms in reverse prayer configuration with forearms touching from wrist to elbow.

They called it full reverse prayer. If the forearms are not touching it is a half reverse prayer at best.

They told me that I would be classified as a second class ornament girl if I was not able to stand a full reverse prayer for six hours at least. Girls that can not do full reverse prayer at all are no better than third class.

I feared that you would not sign a final contract with a second or third class girl. Therefore I was determined to endure as much as possible. Nevertheless this was no easy task.

I still might have failed, but fortunately Mistress May knows her job. Whenever I thought that my limit was reached she pushed just a little further. She didn’t give me a chance to back out.

Of course it helped that I had already learned to touch my elbows on my back earlier. The training went slowly, just a little less distance between the arms each day and an hour of freedom each day until I could endure the required posture continuously.

You can place my arms in a reverse prayer armbinder now, I can handle that for a long time.

During the last week of the training my arms were in reverse prayer configuration with forearms touching. A high steel collar stretched my neck and bent my head submissively forward, the armbinder was connected to it.

“I didn't need any release during the whole week," Nin finished, proudly.

“If you can do it for a week you can do unlimited, am I right?” Toog asked, “That’s very good. I tried to request it, but they were not willing to commit. They told me that some girls are not able to stand a reverse prayer for a long time even after extensive training. They said they would try, but they could not promise anything. I’ve got a reverse prayer armbinder for you. I’d like to try it now.”

Nin was not too happy to give away her freedom immediately, but she had signed the contract. So she had no other choice now. “You are the boss, I’m prepared to follow your orders.”

“In fact that’s not correct. I gave your contract to Ann as a birthday gift. She is your boss now. What do you think Ann, shall we get her into the binder?”

“Yes, I’d like to see that, but please tell us more about your training while Toog is applying the binder. Can you do that? Your story is quite fascinating.”

Toog had left Nin’s restraints in his carriage. He called a servant, who had to go outside three times to fetch all the gear.

Meanwhile Nin took off all her clothes. “I’m taught that I must be naked while I’m in your service unless you order something different,” she explained when she saw Ann’s surprised look. Nin’s armbinder was made of polished stainless steel. It looked sturdier than Ann’s, there was no gold and there were no decorating gemstones, but it was also top quality.

“I got it made by your measurements, it should fit perfectly. In fact it must fit perfectly. It is not adjustable at all.” Toog said, then he started to slip it onto Nin’s Arms. She knew how it was applied and had already folded her arms onto her back as far as she could herself before Toog started. Some gentle pushing was all that was needed to fix Nin's arms within the binder. A high collar was placed on her neck and the armbinder was connected to the collar with a little lock.

Part 5: Piercings

Meanwhile, Nin continued with her story.

“A few weeks after the beginning of my training I was brought to a piercing specialist. I got piercings in my nipples and my septum. A chip was implanted under my skin in my left shoulder. This identifies me, it can be read contact less with a special reader. You can use the identification to read all my data and the data of my contract from a common database.

“Now I’m wearing steel rings in my nipples and a steel grommet in my septum. My mistresses used these to control me. That was very humiliating. There is no way to resist if someone is pulling at a ring in your nipple or when she is holding a chain that is connected to a ring in your septum. Especially when your arms are bound which my were almost all the time.”

“Didn’t it hurt a lot when you got pierced?” Ann interrupted.

“Oh, yes it did, the hole in my septum is quite big. They actually punched a 3 mm diameter grommet into it which was secured with a washer. The flesh in the core of the grommet was cut out in the process. My nose was numbed with anesthetics before that was done, so I didn’t feel immediate pain, but it hurt a lot as soon as the effect of the anesthetic was fading.”

“Were you bleeding a lot?”

“No, the grommet closed the wound almost completely, therefore there was very little bleeding.”

“Did they pull at the rings when the wounds were fresh?”

“Oh, no they would not do that, they waited until everything was healed. They were very professional, it was all about training, not torture. I had to fulfill many painful tasks, but they were always necessary for training. The only one that hurt me just for the “fun” of it was that one mistress with her nipple clamps. I did not know that what she did was off-limits when it happened, but she got into big trouble after mistress May had found out about what she had done to me.

“So those nights with the nipple clamps were the worst you had to endure?”

“No, they were bad, but there were tasks that were probably even worse although what mistress May did was always for training purposes, not intentionally for torture. “

Part 6: A Bad Surprise

The worst time was about two months before the term ended. I had been sent to another mistress for a special training. “Mistress June is a former ballet dancer, she has a lot of experience in training the flexibility of the legs. She will teach you to do the front split and the side split,” Mistress May had told me. “Please go to room 105 to meet her.”

I didn’t know Mistress June, so I suspected nothing when I went to that room. You might guess who this mistress was. “Hello Nin, I was looking forward to getting assigned to you so much,” she greeted me. I was so shocked I even tried to run away, but of course I didn’t get far. I was wearing ballet boots, a hobble chain between my ankles and an arm binder.

It took her just a few steps to catch me. She put her arm around my shoulder to stop me. “Nin, don’t worry, we’ll have a wonderful time. I will care for you, you’ll be fine. You know I really love you. The next three weeks will be gone in no time.”

That was another shock for me. When Mistress May had sent me to the new assignment I had assumed that it would be for a few hours, maybe a day. Not for three weeks! I had been with Mistress May for the whole time before. I had thought she would be my trainer for the whole time. Of course I should have known that you can’t learn to do the splits in a single day, but I wasn’t thinking that far. I would have called for help, but Mistress May had secured a big ball gag in my mouth with a harness before she sent me off. No one seemed to be near us anyway.

It was an easy task for Mistress June to hold me with one arm while she put a ring with an attached chain into my nose grommet. Then she pulled me into her quarters with the chain. So far no one had ever really pulled at my grommet. Mistress May had used it to lead me, but she never applied real force, the chain was never taut. Mistress June pulled, probably not with much force either, but it was enough to make my nose hurt. Of course I could not follow as fast as necessary to get some slack because of the boots and the ankle chain. Tears were running down my cheeks again. I saw her smiling and I knew that was what she liked most and I would be in tears a lot during the next three weeks.

She pulled me into a windowless room. It looked like a dungeon with its dark furniture and dim lighting. I saw several devices whose function I could not recognize at that time, but they were obviously suitable for restraining a person. Many straps and D-rings were connected to the devices. Also the room was equipped with many D-rings. These were fixed to the walls, the floor and even the ceiling of the room.

“This is my playroom, you will stay here while you are in my custody. There is no way you can leave this room unless I let you out.” She closed the door and I saw that there was no door handle and no visible lock. The door just clicked and it was locked. There was no visible way to open it, I would be trapped even if I wasn’t bound. I never found out how mistress June opened it. The door always seemed to know when she wanted to leave and opened for her on its own.

“Let’s make an agreement,” Mistress June told me. “You will never tell anyone what happens here and I will limit the more tortuous sessions to one or two hours a day. All the other times it will be just standard training. If you try to tell anyone or try to get away from me it will be torture all the time after that. Do you agree?”

I nodded, I didn’t have any other options, so what else could I do.

Then Mistress June selected a high steel collar from a vast selection she had in a cabinet in her playroom. She tested several on my neck, some of them were so tight that she could not close them. Others she thought were too loose, although I felt they were quite tight. At last she found one that she could barely close. It was so tall that I had to stretch my neck as far as possible. I could still breathe, but I had the feeling that my blood flow was restricted. I think I even got a bit dizzy. “Perfect, let’s keep that on for a while. If you don’t lose consciousness within the next hour then this is the correct size.” She secured it with a lock on the back of my neck. A sturdy chain was attached to the collar with the same lock. The other end of the chain was locked to a D-ring in the rear left corner of the room.

Unfortunately I didn’t lose consciousness. “See, I selected the perfect collar. It is tight enough to make an impression on you, but not so tight that it harms you. The height is also perfect. Your neck is so beautiful I don’t think this collar should be removed, ever.” So the collar stayed on till the end of my term with Mistress June.

 I was struggling with that collar all the time, but it was worse during the nights. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to sleep when your neck is so restricted. Of course I was always bound while I was with Mistress June. Fortunately she always gave me something to support my head when I was lying on my side. Otherwise that collar would have killed me. It was impossible to lay my head to the ground when I was on my side. I never got a pillow. “Pillows are too soft, they can’t support your head sufficiently.” Perhaps she was right, but did you ever try to sleep with your head on a wooden block or a stone? Why couldn’t she just remove the collar for the night?

I was almost happy whenever she laced me into a leather hood. She always laced it extremely tight and it had only two small holes at my nose for breathing. So that was not comfortable, but when she did that she often connected a rope from a ring at the top of the hood to one of the rings at the ceiling. This supported my head better than the hard wooden block she used most of the time.

It was a little better when I was allowed to sleep on my back. I could lay my had back onto the thin blanket that was my bed. I always had to sleep on the floor, most of the time my training continued during sleep.

These were the conditions she considered as not torturing! The standard training added additional stress. My legs were almost constantly stretched to the limit, feet as far apart as possible. Often held by a string around my big toes so that my feet were stretched in a straight line with my legs. So even though I didn’t wear my ballet boots it felt almost the same. I still could not flex my ankles.

Every morning I had one hour of flexibility training. Of course I had gained much flexibility due to the bondage positions, but bondage is different. It stresses the body while it’s not moving whereas in normal life you gain mobility and muscular strength due to movements. In bondage some parts of the body are bent extremely, others are just stretched. Nothing really moves. Therefore my mistresses always insisted on intensive gymnastics once a day. Most important was the flexibility training for my feet. I was wearing ballet boots almost all the time, so I had to practice standing flat footed. Otherwise my calf muscles would have shortened.

With Mistress May this was the most relaxed time of the day, I was always waiting for that hour. Most times she removed all my bonds and we did the exercises together although she would not have needed most of them for herself. We talked a lot and we almost became friends. I knew that she had to be strict during training, so I didn’t hold that against her. Even during endurance training, for example when I had to do long time reverse prayer, she removed all other bounds and we did exercises with the part of my body that was not involved in the endurance bondage.

With Mistress June that was totally different. She never freed me completely. She either removed the bonds of my legs or of my arms, never both at the same time. First she removed the bonds on my legs. Then I did my leg and feet exercises. After that she bound my legs again. Only afterwards she freed my arms. She never removed the collar or the chain. She never carried the keys to the collar with her. They were always in another room. So even if I would have been able to overpower her I would have had no means to free myself. I was always under her total control. Nevertheless even with mistress June this was the best time of each and every day. It felt so good to be able to move at least part of my body.

The first day with Mistress June was bad enough, but I knew that it would become worse. Some time during the afternoon on the second day she came into my cell with a broad smile on her face. “You promised me some fun time each day. Let’s start now.” I was helpless, of course. My big toes were tied to opposite walls, stretching my legs to the limit. I was wearing an arm binder that pressed my forearms together on my back. I couldn’t even protest because of a huge ball gag that was held in my mouth by a leather harness. So all I could do was endure her kind of fun. Of course what was fun for her was pure agony for me.

First she wound a thin cord around the base of my left breast. She didn’t pull very hard at the beginning, but with each turn the winding got tighter and tighter. Soon my breast got purple and it hurt as hell. “Ah, I like that.” she said “Don’t worry, I will soon remove the breast binding. It would do serious damage to your breast if kept for a longer period, but for now you’ll have to endure it.” I was in tears again, I could not avoid it. Although I really tried. I knew that my tears were her joy and whenever I cried it encouraged her to do more of the same. This was horrible, but she could do worse. “Let’s see what we can do with your other breast.” She thought for a few seconds, then she grinned. “Got it, we’ll do some nipple stretching.” She went to one of the cabinets and took some small items from the top drawer. “These are nipple stretchers, they will work nicely with your piercings, let’s start with just a little stretch at your right nipple.” She removed the ring from my right nipple and replaced it with a barbell. Then a small cage-like construction was jammed between the barbell and my areola. This was nor so bad, the stretching was quite mild, nothing in comparison with the torture of my left breast.

“See, that’s not bad at all am I right? Let’s do the same at the other breast. You are so sweet, I love it when you suffer for me so nicely.” She placed a soft kiss onto my left breast. My breast was so sensitive due to the tight binding, even the soft touch of her lips increased my pain. When she replaced the ring with the barbell that pain got unbearable. I almost lost consciousness, but it got even worse when she tried to clamp the stretcher under the barbell. My brain got into overload and all went black.

Mistress June must have stopped at that point. When I regained consciousness the little cage was still in her hand. “There you are again. Just gone for a minute, nothing happened. You gave me a little scare. So you are ready to go on now? I think it is time to remove the binding. The skin is too tight to apply the nipple stretcher anyways.” I almost blacked out again when the cord was removed. It should have been a relief to be free of that tortuous binding, but it got worse when my blood flow was restored. I howled, cried and sobbed around the ball gag. Mistress June tenderly stroked my head. “Let it out, just cry as much as you want. I’m here to care for you, it will be better soon.”

She was right, the pain eased after a while. “I think you’re better now. Let’s go on, there is still half an hour left of our fun time.” I could not believe she intended to go on. I thought I was done, I could not endure more. “I’m sure we can apply the other nipple stretcher, now that your breast is not bound any more.” The other one was not that bad, I even had forgotten about it due to the pain in my left breast. It should be OK… I was so wrong. My breast was still so sensitive, the lightest touch brought the tears back into my eyes. It felt like my nipple was ripped off when the cage was placed under the barbell. Mistress June caressed my head again. “Oh, you’re so sweet when you are crying. I love your tears.”

This was weird. She was the one that caused my pain. Nevertheless her caressing was somehow soothing. My own feelings were confusing me.

She just held me for some time and continued stroking my head. Fortunately she didn’t touch my breasts. Slowly the pain eased and I felt a little better. I hadn’t realized, but I must have stopped crying. “No tears any more, you seem to be ready for the next round. Let’s see what these little gadgets can do.” She started turning a little knob at the side of the thing at my right breast. The cage got smaller and higher, increasing the distance between the barbell and my areola.

“Please stop mistress, you're destroying my nipple.” I tried to beg, but of course my speech was distorted due to the ball gag.

“No, no, don’t worry. Your nipple can handle much more before it gets damaged. This is just a small gentle stretch, nothing serious. It may hurt a little, but rest assured, most of the stress is just in your head. Your imagination of what may happen is worse than what is really happening. Just a few more turns, then this one sits perfect.” I didn’t believe her, but maybe she was right. When she was done my right nipple hurt so much that I even forgot about the left one that had been so bad only a few minutes ago. Nevertheless there was no blood, nothing was ripped off.

“One done, one to go. I like symmetry,” she announced. Then she started turning the knob at the other stretcher till my left nipple was as long as the right one. You won’t believe how fast the focus can change when someone hurts you. I immediately forgot about the right breast and all my feelings were focused on the left one. It was still more sensitive and perhaps my body had already started adjusting to the pain in my right breast. “Done, the rest of this session is simple. The nipple stretchers stay as they are. You will try to get rid of them. You will not have success with that task, but I know you will try nevertheless and I will just stay here and enjoy watching you.”

She was right, I had to try to ease the pain. I could just touch my breasts slightly with my bound hands, but there was no way I could manipulate the little knobs with my hands restricted by the monoglove. She knelt behind me and started caressing my head again as if she was trying to comfort me. “You may lean back and rest your head on my shoulder.” I hesitated first, she was my tormentor after all. After a while I found that her stroking did indeed help a little. I really needed someone to lean on and she was the only one available. So I took her offer and leaned back. This was confusing again, she was the one that caused my discomfort and the one that helped me cope with it at the same time.

After seemingly endless time she announced, ”You did it, you survived our first play time. It really was fun, wasn’t it. Let’s reduce the stretching to a comfortable level. I think you should continue wearing the nipple stretchers from now on.”

“Please mistress, no!” I tried to beg through my gag.

“You don’t want me to reduce the stretching?” She mocked me.

“No, no, please don’t leave them on, please remove them. Please! Please!”

“You’ll get used to them. Don’t worry, with reduced stretching they are not too bad.” She turned both knobs a little. Soon most of the pain was gone. It was a big relief, but I still didn’t like the idea of wearing them continuously.

“You promised…” I tried to remind her of the agreement she had forced on me.

She pretended not to understand and with a last “this was fun,” she left the room.

“Wow, you had a hard time with that mistress,” Ann said, “I’m surprised that you didn’t quit. That sounds so bad I would have thought that no one would endure that voluntarily.”

Nin interrupted, “Believe me I tried to quit. In the beginning I told her that I wanted to stop several times each day. When I was gagged she pretended not to understand, when I wasn’t she immediately shoved a gag into my mouth. After a few days she found a method to prevent clear pronunciation even when I wasn’t gagged. After that I accepted that my efforts were useless, she would not let me go. So I stopped trying to ask. Now I’m glad that I didn’t quit. It was a hard time and sometimes I thought I would be seriously injured or even killed, but I wasn’t. Now that that is over I still have the chance to get rich. Had I quit that chance would be gone forever.”

In the meantime, Toog had finished the application of the armbinder and the collar. All the locks were closed and Ann could see that Nin’s collar was fixed in a different way than hers. While Ann’s collar gave her that majestic look with her head in the erect position, Nin’s was fixed in a submissive position. Her head was bowed forward, the collar reached quite high at the back of her skull. So she could not raise her head from her continuous obeisance.

“Shall we put on the corset now?” Toog asked.

“Yes, I’d like to see that,” Ann agreed, “Is it okay for you Nin?”

“You don’t have to ask. I have to follow your orders, Ann. I’m OK with that.” Nin clarified.

Toog took the corset out of a big cardboard box. It also was a steel construction which consisted of two separate sections. At the front it had a locking closure. The locking mechanism was hidden inside the corset, so that only a small seam could be seen after it was closed and locked. At the back there was a lacing that was wide open now. Underneath the lacing a lacing protector made of elastic fabric helped prevent the skin from being pinched during the lacing process.

“This will take a while,” Toog announced, “so please tell us more of your experiences while I lace up the corset.”

Part 7: New Gadgets

Mistress June liked playing with my breasts a lot. She used clamps, tied them with ropes, put suction cups on my nipples or bigger ones on my whole breasts. Among the worst were the things she called spiders. These were devices that indeed looked like big spiders. They had eight legs that spread from a circular piece in the middle. Including the legs it had a total diameter of approximately five cm (two inches). The middle part had a diameter of about two and a half cm (one inch) and a hole in the center. They were placed on my breasts so that my nipples peeked through the little holes in the center.

Let me tell you about my first experience with these spiders: Mistress June fixed them with a little rod that went through the body of the spider and through my nipple piercings. The rods were kept in the holes by friction only. Nevertheless I never managed to dislocate them. My arms were always bound, so that I could not use my hands to remove them. The friction was strong enough to prevent them from falling out, even when I shook my breasts. My breasts hurt when I did that, nevertheless I tried it sometimes. At first I thought that they were not as bad as the other tortures I had endured before. You might have guessed by now that I was wrong.

At the beginning they were just quite heavy weights on my nipples and the tips of the legs were slightly scratchy on my breasts. Then Mistress June explained, “These are little mechanical wonders. The surface of the disks is covered with solar cells. These are the power sources that give these spiders their liveliness. They can move each leg individually. They are switched off now. When they are activated they will start their exercises. First each spider will press one leg down, lifting its body at this one point. This will stretch your nipple a bit, but not too much. The legs are sensitive to force. They will extend only so much that your skin is just not punctured. Then that leg is pulled back and the next leg is pressed down. This continues until all legs have been used once. In the next round two neighboring legs will be extended, then three, then four until all eight legs will press down in the last step. At this point the spider will rise to the maximum height, stretching your nipple to the max. It will stay in that position for a while. Then all legs will be pulled back and the circle starts again. As they are powered by light the spiders act slowly at dim light, fast at bright light and they stay as they are when it is dark.

“Have fun,” she said, when she activated the spiders with a remote control. The spiders started to crawl around my nipples. It was a creepy and painful experience. They were quite slow and the stretching of my nipples was endurable at first, but I could already imagine how bad it would get when eight times the power would be applied at the end of the circle. Even now the point where the leg was pressed into my breast hurt. The tips of the legs were not very sharp, so each leg could exert quite a lot of force without puncturing my skin. Mistress June had left the room after watching me for a while. Most of the time she had kept me in the dark when she was out of the room, but this time she didn’t switch off the light when she left. So the spiders kept walking.

The spiders had just finished the second pass when mistress June returned. I saw the torch light in her hand and I knew what would happen.

Toog had continued pulling the laces slowly but steadily while Nin told her story, but now she needed a break.

“Could you please stop pulling for a moment, my body needs to adjust to the pressure. How open is it now?”

“Yes, of course I’ll stop for a while. We are almost done. There is only two centimeters left. Please tell me when I can go on.”

“Mistress June directed the beam of the torch light to my left nipple and the spider went from crawling to running. In no time it was pressing seven legs into my breast. While the spider was in the seven leg sequence Mistress June changed her target to my right breast. When that spider also had extended seven legs for a while she said, ‘Let’s play a little game of chance: I’ll leave the room slowly and before I’m gone I’ll switch off the light. If you’re lucky then the spiders will have fulfilled the circle before I’m gone and they will do you no harm for the next hour. If I’m lucky then the spiders will be at the last step, causing you maximum pain. I’ll not know before I’m back, but the uncertainty is part of the fun.’ She knew that the spiders were much too slow to finish the sequence, of course. She even walked to the door in slow motion. Nevertheless the left spider had just extended the eighth leg when she switched off the light. The right one hadn’t even finished the seven leg sequence.

“By the way, you can go on now,” Nin said to Toog.

“OK, I will try to do it slowly.”

“Thank you.”

“For Mistress June it was a complete success. I was in tears again when she came back. She used her torch light to let the spiders complete their sequences. When all legs were pulled in again she deactivated the spiders and detached them from my nipples. I was still crying and she held me for a while, caressing my tortured nipples, telling me again how much she loved me when I was in tears.”

Meanwhile Toog had finished the lacing process. There was a small key hole on the bottom of the right half of the corset right below the last eyelet of the lacing. Toog inserted a little key and turned it one turn. This engaged the back side lock of the corset. He pulled out the laces. Nin was a stunning view now. Her waist was tiny, only forty five cm (18 inches) circumference with a five cm (two inches) stem. The corset was reaching from below her breasts to the widest part of her hips. Under her breasts two half cups pushed her breasts up and out. In the front and in the back small seams could be seen where the corset was closed. Two rows of eyelets showed where the laces had been. Otherwise the surface of the corset was completely smooth and shiny. Nin's breathing was shallow and her breasts moved visibly up and down with each breath. From the front it looked like she had no arms. Her forearms were locked between her shoulder blades, so there was an unobstructed view of her small waist from all sides. With her arms pulled back so far her breasts were pushed out, which was additionally enhanced by the corset. Her head was held in a submissive bow.

“Perhaps we should buy a new corset for you Ann. You are the mistress, you are supposed to have a smaller waist. What is the size of your waist? Hers is 45cm (18 inches) now.”

Ann was shocked, she could not believe Toog was suggesting that. “Mine is 51 cm (20 inches). I’m much more sturdily built than her. Nin is so thin I’ll never be able to compete with her in that regard.”

“Don’t worry, I was joking. Nin is there to show your wealth, to be your accessory, not to compete with you. Any restriction has to be more harsh on her than it is on you. If your waist were smaller than hers then it would be her duty to work on getting hers smaller than yours is. If you were generous you could have loosened your stays a little in that case, but as you can see that is not necessary.” That was a great relief for Ann. She had worked almost her entire life to get her waist down to the current size. It would have been impossible for her to reduce it further. Toog knew that of course, he just had been unable to resist the temptation to mock her a little.

“You said that Mistress June prevented clear pronunciation even without a gag. How did she do that?” Ann asked Nin.

Part 8: Tongue Lock

She had a diabolic and painful idea to do that. One day she bound me into a chair, then she took a huge ball gag and told me:” Please keep your tongue on the bottom of your mouth so that it just touches your front teeth. It must lay flat underneath the gag. I’ll pierce it through the floor of your mouth. If the hole in your tongue does not match with the one underneath I will do it again until we have a matching pair of holes. So you should help me to get it perfect.”

I was fixed in the chair, almost unable to move at all. She had fixed my head with a clamp around my forehead. So I couldn’t resist when she forced the gag into my mouth. All I could do was try to keep my tongue in the required position. She released the fixation of the headrest, pushed my head back and fixed it again. My head was held in a bent back position, so she had good access to my chin. Then she took a thick, long needle and actually a hammer.

“I’ll do this really fast, you will not feel anything, at least not before it is done. Then it will hurt a lot of course, but that doesn’t matter. Don’t move your tongue. Ready?” Without further ado she put the needle under my chin and hammered it through the floor of my mouth and my tongue into the ball in my mouth with one single hit. She was right, it happened so fast that when I felt it the needle had already pierced my flesh, but then the pain was horrible and it would not get better soon.

The needle stuck deep in the ball. Mistress June had to pull hard to get it out. Then she replaced the ball gag with a mouth spreader. She inspected the wounds. “Well done, the hole is perfectly centered in your tongue. We don’t have to do it again.” She took a clean cloth and dabbed away the blood under my chin. There was also blood in my mouth. I had to swallow that.

When the bleeding subsided after a few minutes she announced, “I think we can insert your new jewelry now.” After that the worst part began. What she called jewelry was a stainless steel rod with an elongated steel plate at one end. The rod was slightly thicker than the needle she had used to do the piercing. She pressed the rod through my tongue and the floor of my mouth. Believe me, that was not a nice experience.

The end of the rod had a thread. Another disk was screwed onto that thread. A small ring had been welded to the bottom of that disk. Mistress June put a thin, but sturdy chain through the ring. The chain was passed tightly around my neck, she fixed it with a small lock. Now it was not possible to unscrew it even if my hands were free. Inside my mouth the plate lay on my tongue. It fit between my teeth and held my tongue down. This prevented clear pronunciation effectively. Mistress June called this my tongue lock.

On the last day of my stay at Mistress June she replaced the tongue lock with two barbells. One was inserted in my tongue, the other one through the floor of my mouth. I didn’t know that my ordeal with her ended that day. Therefore I used that opportunity to quit: “Please let me end the training, I don’t want to become an ornament girl any more. Please stop.”


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