Fashion 2187

by The Inventor

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This story is for adults only. If you are under 18 please stop reading now.

This is a piece of fiction. All persons are over 18, none are real. Any similarity with real people is coincidental. Not everything is consensual in this story, which it must be in real life! The bondage would not be possible in real life. It would lead to injury or even death, but this is fantasy, the people in this world can do it without harm. Most likely you can’t! So please don’t try it!

Please be patient, it starts slowly, but it gets more interesting at Ann's birthday.

By the way, this is a bondage story, if you want sex then this is not for you. If you like bondage, enjoy.

If you think there are many grammatical errors in the story, please don’t forget that it dates in the year 2187. It is located somewhere in Europe. The language has evolved by mixing the local language with English. In the course of time most of the original language has vanished, but the resulting English still has some remnants from it. (English is not my native language, I can't do better than that, but I think that's a good excuse.)

Part 1: At the coffee table

Four beautiful young ladies of the upper class were sitting at the coffee table. All of them wore the most fashionable dresses and ultra-modern accessories. They were engaged in small talk and each of them had a handmaid serving her.

To understand why the handmaids were needed we have to take a look at the past. It was the year 2187 and during the past decades many drastic changes had happened. After some catastrophic accidents mankind had finally accepted that it had to abstain from nuclear power in the middle of the previous century.

This had happened just in time to prevent a deadly radioactive contamination of the whole planet. There were huge contaminated areas on each continent where no human life was possible, but still the major part of the earth was inhabitable.

Fortunately renewable energy sources could provide enough electric power even at significantly lower prices in the long term. So there was no lack of energy, but there were other impacts: Human fertility dropped drastically. Due to this the world population decreased considerably. According to the latest official census there were 840 million people living on earth. This was good news. It showed a small increase for the first time in 68 years. The combined efforts of the governments all over the world seemed to take effect and the threat of soon extinction had apparently been averted.

In the 2160s, the oil deposits had been exploited to such an extent that only very small quantities could be produced. To burn them for propulsion purposes was a worldwide punishable offense. The last oil residues were needed for more important things such as the production of special plastics.

At first it was thought that the traffic could be switched completely to electric drive. But it soon turned out that the deposits of lithium were too small to cover the enormous demand for the production of batteries. Despite intensive research, it had not been possible to find equal or even better alternatives to lithium batteries.

The transport of goods and passengers by road became so expensive that only the richest could afford private vehicles and flight operations became impossible. In large cities, tram networks were expanded. In areas with a low population density where there was no public transport, riding horses and carriages became standard again.

The changes also had a major impact on society. The global movement of goods declined drastically. As a result, many jobs in manufacturing disappeared. Much was again produced locally by small crafts enterprises. Field work had to be done again with the help of horses or muscle power. Few wealthy people employed many workers and servants.

The difference between rich and poor was also clearly visible in the former industrial nations. Rich people dressed in eye-catching clothes and women's dresses in particular became more and more elaborate. One showed its affiliation to the upper class by dressing in such a way that work was not possible.

In the course of time the fashion had become more and more extreme. It had begun with the fact that rich women let themselves be laced again into the corset. This restricted their mobility and hindered their breathing, so that heavy work was not possible. But soon this fashion was adopted by the less wealthy. There were the women who worked in public offices, for example. These had no heavy physical work to do and could also wear corsets without any problems.

Fashion designers naturally found a solution. The hoop skirt became modern again. Women wore elaborately decorated dresses with skirts with a circumference of more than 4m. The corset was retained of course. Dressed in this way, office work was hardly possible. Who could dress in such a way had to belong to the upper class. But even this could not be maintained in the long run. The majority of working women could never dress like that. But there was a small middle class who earned enough money to be able to afford such a dress for special occasions. They liked to wear this dress in their spare time to feel "aristocratic". Also some of them wanted to fish for a man from the upper class. Since there was a rather strict separation between the classes this was only possible if one dressed accordingly.

At first the fashion reacted with a gradual change. The skirts became wider, the fabrics heavier and more expensive. The corset was tightened more and more. Waist training became the standard for every wealthy woman. A waist of less than 50cm (twenty inches) circumference was the required standard measurement. Already as teenagers the girls started to lace themselves and this was maintained until old age.

But in time that was no longer enough. There were too many women in the middle class who came close to the beauty ideal, although they did not have the possibilities of the upper class. So they found ways to further differentiate themselves. Every really rich woman had servants who made sure that their mistress didn't have to do any work herself. The best way to differentiate yourself from the middle class was to equip yourself so that you really needed the servants. Very tight leather gloves, which made it very difficult to grab anything, were the first step. But since you could hardly see if the gloves were really effective or if they were so loose that the wearer was not restricted at all, the next step followed soon.

One day a famous fashion designer showed his models with their hands tied behind their backs. The shackles were wide, comfortably padded stainless steel bracelets decorated with precious stones and gold inlays. The lockable bracelets were connected with 20cm long gold chains. The models could wear them comfortably due to the padding. But they could not put down the bracelets without outside help and the suitable key. Not everything that is possible on the catwalk has to be possible in real life. The designer had not planned to sell the shackles, they had been made exclusively for the show. But surprisingly, he received several purchase requests shortly after the show. Especially famous singers, who wanted to wear this "jewelry" on stage.

Of course, the designer did not want to miss out on the additional business, especially as the clientele was prepared to pay high sums for the individually adapted pieces of jewelry. After the shackles had been shown on stage, there were many fans who wanted the same. Sale figures of these "jewelry shackles" were increasing fast. Soon imitation products were available at much lower prices. In addition, variants were also manufactured. Different lengths of the chains, different materials and a variety of different decorations were offered. One tried to outbid each other in originality, but also in restrictiveness of the shackles. Even tightly welded bracelets were sold.

The most popular variant was wide shackles made of stainless steel, of course softly padded and partially gold-plated or set with precious stones. They could be worn comfortably for long term, but they were also absolutely escape-proof. The ladies had their hands tied on their backs before they left the house. A servant who accompanied them had the key and could free them in an emergency. But she had strict instructions to do so only if there was really no other possibility. Of course, the tight leather gloves continued to be worn.

After that it seemed like all boundaries had fallen. Soon the shackles became more extreme. Men also joined in by inventing new restraints and giving their wives exclusive "jewelry". It soon turned out that the shackles were perceived as erotic by many and even the birth rate increased slowly. Therefore the new fashion was promoted by many governments. There were tax advantages for the purchase of bondage jewelry and even premiums for the invention of new erotic bondage.

But let's get back to our coffee party.

"Yesterday I was at Beststeelrestraints with my friend Toog,” Ann says, “Have you been there? What a large selection they have. And they only make made-to-measure products. We didn't buy anything and Toog hasn't told me what it's all about. He had already informed the sellers before. They knew exactly what they had to measure. I think I'll get a great birthday present. I just hope that I can really wear it. If it goes after the measures which were taken it must be something big: Circumference of the arms at the wrists as well as above and below the elbows, neck circumference and many more. Even my feet were measured exactly, I really wonder what he is up to.

“Of course they do a complete body scan, but additional hand-measured measurements are necessary. The experts feel exactly how firm the muscles are and where a bone could be pressed. With that knowledge they correct the scan before the design is printed. So everything fits much better than at other companies that work directly with the scan."

"Yes," answered Lia, "Beststeelrestraints is currently the best shop when it comes to arm jewelry. My husband gave me a Beststeelrestraints Armbinder. It looks really great, but it is not easy to wear although it really fits perfectly. There is nothing squeezing and nothing constricting although it is very tight."

"What, you have a Beststeelrestraints! Why haven't you shown it to us yet?!" Maari shouted in surprise.

"As I said, it's really not easy to wear. My arms lie together from my wrists to my elbows. There is just so much space that the bones in the elbows are not pressed against each other. In addition it is completely rigid and exactly adapted to the contour of my arms. I cannot turn the forearms in it and there is hardly any movement possible. Small movement up and down is possible, that's all. So far I can only bear that for a little more than an hour. So I can't wear it out of home yet. But we practice at least twice every day. One hour in the morning and one in the evening. Besides, I only sleep with a training bracelet. He bought it with wise foresight. Of course it's not that nice. But it is adjustable. My husband makes it a little tighter every evening, just so much that I can't feel the difference. So I can slowly get used to having no more freedom of movement for my arms. We have also made the mono glove which I wear now a little tighter. But it doesn't fit as perfectly as the Beststeelrestraints. It can't be made any tighter than it is now, otherwise I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore. I hope that I can wear my Beststeelrestraints permanently soon."

Now Suan stood up. "I wanted to show you something all the time." She said and turned to her servant. She knew exactly what it was all about and slowly unlaced Suan’s leather monoglove. When she could finally pull it down a real work of art came to light. Suan wore a unique stainless steel bracelet decorated with gold inlays and precious stones. But the most striking thing was not the ornaments but the fixation of Suan's arms and hands. Above the elbows and around the wrists there were 5cm wide steel bands. In between there was a net of narrow steel bands. Thus the forearms were tightly pressed together along the whole length. The hands lay flat with the palms on each other and each finger was in three rings. There were two rings on the thumbs. Each finger phalanx had a narrow ring. All rings were welded to the adjacent rings and the corresponding rings of the other hand. Additionally, the rings were connected to each other and to the wrist straps with narrow steel straps. So Suan could not move her hands and fingers at all.

"Wow, is that a Beststeelrestraints? I've never seen one like that before. The handcuffs are especially awesome. And it also looks great," Lia said, surprised.

"It is not from the Beststeelrestraints standard catalog. I thought up the design myself. But Beststeelrestraints made it for me and they also helped me to optimize the design so that I could wear it more comfortably. They even offered to include the design in their collection. If it is actually sold, I'll get the state inventor bonus and a small Beststeelrestraints bonus. The armbinder would pay for itself with that. My parents bought it for me. They said I was too grown-up for a simple leather mono glove. You could wear it as a teenager at 16 but not from the age of 18. It would be cool if I could give the money back to them. So if one of you is interested... I have also designed a few variations. A few are even more restrictive than this one. But I didn't dare to do that to myself."

"Isn't it padded?" Maari wanted to know.

"No, that is not necessary. It fits so perfectly that nothing can scrub. An upholstery would have given additional freedom of movement and that is not supposed to be.

"Yes, mine has no padding either. Nevertheless, it fits better than anything I have ever worn before. I just wish I was flexible enough to wear it all the time. I am really jealous that you can do that already Suan," said Lia.

“It looks like it is all welded,” Ann observed. “Is it permanent?

“Oh no, there are tiny hidden locks. You can open them with a special key. I have to do half an hour of gymnastics every day. Otherwise my arms could be seriously damaged.”

Part 2: Ann's Birthday

Ann waited excitedly for Toog. It was her birthday and she knew that Toog would come soon. Of course she suspected what he would give her, the measurements at Beststeelrestraints must have had a reason.

But what exactly he would give her she couldn't imagine. She was already very excited. She had the feeling that the time had stopped. Toog had told her that he would arrive at 10:00 am., a long time before the start of the family celebration which was planned at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Toog had insisted on giving her his gift in the morning. He had said that it would certainly take some time until she could really enjoy it.

Ann loved it when he put on her day cuffs. When he did that she had the feeling that she was completely devoted to him. That's why the thought of a new shackle also excited her. Would it take several hours to put it on? Or was it so restrictive that it would take hours to get used to it? If so, would she even endure being tied up so tightly all day? What would she do if the bondage turned out to be unbearable? She couldn't have her shackles taken off during the celebration, could she? They were a gift from Toog for this special event after all.

Now it was 9:40 o'clock and she could hardly stand the mental tension. She couldn't really distract herself either. She wore her best and tightest monoglove and a strict corset as well as a hoop skirt with a circumference of almost five meters. She wanted to look as good as possible today for her guests and especially for Toog. So she was quite helpless and since her servant still did some errands for the celebration nobody was there who could turn the pages of a book for her or operate the multimedia device.

So she could do nothing but wait. Slowly the minutes crept away. But finally her waiting time ended. At 9:50 the doorbell rang. Toog hadn't been able to hold on any longer and had arrived a little earlier.

As fast as it was possible for her in her 12cm high-heels she hurried to the door opener. There were several buttons in different heights, so that it was possible to reach at least one even when tied up. She operated one with her nose tip. Thereupon the entrance area was shown on a monitor. Of course Toog stood there, he had a big package in his arms. With a second pressing of the button Ann confirmed that the door should be opened.

With a stormy hug and a long kiss Toog congratulated her on her birthday. She couldn't accept his gift, her maid would normally have done that for her. But Toog gladly offered to unpack it for her. Several parts came to light, the function of which Ann could only partly guess. But all parts had one thing in common: they were all made of polished stainless steel and looked extremely stable. Some were also decorated with precious stones. Toog must have spent a fortune.

However, she immediately recognized two parts: steel ballet boots. She remembered that she had once told Toog that she would like to try ballet boots. So far the highest shoes she had ever worn were the 12cm high heels in which she stood in front of him. Ballet boots were just coming into fashion. You rarely saw them on the street, which could also be due to the wide skirts. But at fashion shows they could be seen everywhere. Ann found them very elegant, but was also a little afraid of the unusual foot position. Would she be able to walk in them? How would her toes feel after hours? The family celebration might become a real torture. But she swore not to let anything show and to bear it as long as she could for the sake of Toog, preferably the whole day.

She didn't let her fear show and she asked Toog to dress her with the new shoes right away, which he of course liked to do. The boots were fitted very differently than normal shoes. Each shoe could be divided in the middle. To do this, Toog loosened four hidden screws with which the shoes were screwed from the side. Ann now had to stretch her left foot so that she could place it in the inner half. Toog placed the second half onto it from the outside and screwed the two halves together.

They repeated the same thing with the right shoe. Then he helped her get up. It turned out that Beststeelrestraints had worked really well. She could actually stand in the shoes and was surprised how well the load was distributed in the shoes. The main burden was not on the stretched toes but on the ball of the foot and the heels. Contrary to her expectations, the shoes were not painful but just a little tight and very stiff. She could not move her feet. The boots went over the ankles to the middle of the calf, therefore her feet were locked in a stretched position. That also guaranteed that she could not twist her ankle. Therefore the risk of injury was lower than with normal high heels.

"Do they fit?" Toog asked. "Yes excellent, they are really comfortable. I think it is easier to walk with them than with my high heels." This courageous statement turned out to be not quite right when she tried. Her feet were now completely stiff. She couldn't roll with her ankles anymore but had to make all movements exclusively with her hips and knees. It was good that the shoes had no heels. The point of her toes was now the pivot point over which the leg rolled. It had to take over the function of the ankle. With a heel this would have been very difficult. She had the feeling that she had to learn to walk again. It would certainly require some practice before she could move elegantly in the ballet boots. Was that the reason why Toog had wanted to give her the presents so early?

During the first steps Toog always stayed near Ann to catch her should she stumble. But he soon noticed that she was moving slowly and carefully but quite safely. Due to the wide hoop skirt there was no danger that she could stumble over her skirts.

So he pulled the next pieces out of the box while Ann practiced walking. The stainless steel collar was at least 7cm high, very slim and studded with precious stones. Ann imagined how elegant she would look with it, but she was also a little afraid it might squeeze the air out of her. Toog added some more steel straps. But Ann didn't notice those at first, she was so distracted by the collar.

When Toog looked at her questioningly, she nodded a little shyly and then stood in front of him, ready to receive the next gift. "Please turn around, I have to remove your old collar." Right, she already wore a collar which was connected to her monoglove at the backside. In her excitement she hadn't thought about it at all. Toog removed the leather collar and then carefully put the new steel collar around her neck from the front. He had to bring up quite a lot of strength to bend it wide enough. It had no hinge and was so springy that it almost closed itself when he carefully let it jump back again. Only a 2cm wide gap remained open. "Everything OK, so far?” he asked.

"Yes, it's still quite loose."

"We can change that."

Toog put a tension strap around the collar. With a knurled screw he could tighten it carefully. He made sure again and again that Ann was all right. The collar tightened more and more around her neck. But it fitted perfectly. She was just about to say that it couldn't be tighter because it was firmly attached everywhere when Toog explained: "Ready, fits perfectly, doesn't it? He was right. It couldn't have been tighter, but she could bear it quite well. It was supposed to emphasize her slender neck. So she didn't want it to be loose.

The collar was indeed completely closed. Now Tog could fix it with two almost invisibly countersunk screws. He removed the tension strap and Ann could admire herself with the new collar in the mirror for the first time. "Wow, that looks great. I didn't know I had such a slim neck."

"That is probably because you are forced to keep your neck beautifully straight now. No slouching is possible. In addition the metal collar is clearly thinner than your leather ones. Beststeelrestraints adapted the collar perfectly to your neck. So it shouldn't be a problem to wear it long term or even permanently after a period of getting used to it".

The next piece was the armbinder. This was the most decorated part. It had a golden shine and there were gemstones attached all over the outside.

At first Ann was a bit surprised about the length of it. It seemed to be too short to fix her arms together from shoulder to wrist with touching elbows as she had expected. Would her wrists be free? Or her elbows not held together? Or was there no connection to her shoulders? All of that was required according to the current fashion standard.

Then she realized it. It was a reverse prayer armbinder. That was just starting to become the highest fashion. She had never worn such an item and as far as she knew none of her friends had ever tried one, but she had seen a singer wearing one on stage only three weeks ago. She remembered thinking that it looked almost unbearable to have one's arms fixed that way for an extended period of time.

Toog had registered the anxious look she had when she recognized that it was her turn now to experience that feeling. "Don't worry, it is fully adjustable. Your arms will not be fixed with your forearms parallel and the elbows touching right at the beginning. It will take a lot of practice before we can do that. At first it will be just an X-shape with your right hand close to your left shoulder and vice versa. Your elbows will be far from touching in the beginning. Then we can draw your hands closer together a tiny bit every day. We will not start drawing the elbows closer together before your wrists are touching at your spine. According to Beststeelrestraints it takes roundabout six months of continuous training until the final position can be held for the whole day."

Ann was still a bit frightened, but she was willing to try. "Will I have to wear it day and night to achieve that?"

"More or less yes, but we will release your arms every few hours for some minutes or whatever is required to ensure that your circulation is OK. It should take no more than two weeks until your body has adapted to the new posture. It will not be necessary to release them after that."

"I think it looks lovely, but I still have some doubts if I can handle it."

"I'm sure you can do it."

"OK, please remove my dull old armbinder. Let me try the new fashion."

Toog loosened the laces of Ann's leather armbinder. He had not reconnected it to her new collar, so he could soon slip it from her arms. Ann wanted to make the best of her momentary freedom and tried to hug Toog, but her arms were really stiff after being bound for hours. So she had to bring them forward slowly, flexing her shoulders for a while before she could embrace him. "Thank you very much for all those precious gifts. I really like them, although they don't seem to be designed to make my life easier."

"Wait till you see your last gift. That one is definitely designed to make your life easier. Although I hope that you will not use it to get lazy. Shall we start with the armbinder now?"

"OK, please do your worst."

"Please cross your arms on your back so that your left hand is close to your right shoulder. Try to get your elbows as close together as possible." Ann followed that command. It was not really difficult for her. Her arms had already gained a lot of flexibility due to long term application of her old armbinder in the past. "Hey, that's impressive. Your elbows are almost touching. I didn't expect that. Perhaps we can get you into the final position much faster than I thought."

Toog slipped the first part of the new armbinder between her back and her arms upwards towards her neck. Then two brackets were connected at the top end. These Brackets curved over her shoulders, so that the armbinder could not slip down. Her elbows slipped into two sheaths that were mounted to the bottom of the first part. Nevertheless Ann could still slightly move her arms side wards. The sheaths were not fixed yet. Wide cuffs were placed around her wrists.

"The armbinder is complete. Beststeelrestraints guarantees that it is one hundred percent escape-proof even in this state. Nevertheless we should remove the looseness now, shall we?"

Of course that was a rhetorical question. Toog didn't even wait for an answer. He also did not have to touch the armbinder to adjust it. He just pressed a button on a small remote control. Ann sensed that her elbows were drawn closer together. "Hey, you said that the elbows will not be stressed in the beginning."

"Yes, that's right, but this is an automatic adjustment process. There are sensors in the armbinder that can detect under how much stress your arms are. Your elbows are positioned first. Than it will pull at your wrists until they are at the optimum position for the beginning of the training."

"Oh, I can already feel it pulling on my wrists. Do you really think it has to be that tight?"

"That's not me. It is all automatic. It will do you no harm, but it will also always be at maximum tolerable tightness. Isn't that a wonderful design?"

Ann didn't think so at all. She thought it was much too tight, almost unbearable. Nevertheless she had to admit to herself that she could stand it. It was really hard, but it was possible. So she didn't say anything, hoping that it would get easier when she got used to it. "I think the adjustment has finished, it looks incredible. From now on it will focus on the wrist position. During the starting phase it will keep the elbow position as it is."

"I want to see it." Ann started to turn to her mirror. "Just a minute, one small part is missing." Ann felt him fumbling at the back of her collar. Then her neck was pulled back. She heard a click, then she could not bend her neck forward any more. Her neck had already been very restricted by the collar, but now it was rigid! "Hey, what is that?"

"I connected the regal lock, now your head is held nicely erect."

"The what? That's awful."

"It is a lock that connects your collar to the armbinder. The length has been optimized for the most desirable position of the head. It gives you a majestic look. Therefore it is named a regal lock."

Finally Ann was allowed to see herself. She gasped when she turned to the mirror. From the front it looked as if she had no arms at all. Even from the side there was an unobstructed view of her small corseted waist. She thought it almost justified the pain in her arms and shoulders. She could also confirm that the name of the regal lock was correct. Her head was so erect, she seemed to have grown by several centimeters.

The doorbell interrupted her thoughts. "That must be your last gift. Shall I open the door? Or do you want to do it yourself?" Toog asked.

"Please do it. You 'll be much faster than I could ever be." Ann marveled some more at her own look in the mirror while Toog went to open the door. It was awesome, but the stress in her arms was not easy to ignore. She wondered again if she really would be able to wear the extreme arm binder long term.

When Toog came back from the door there was a beautiful young woman with him. Ann didn't understand when Toog said "This is your gift."

There wasn't anything that looked like a gift at all. "What do you mean? I don't understand."

"It's her, she is an ornament girl. Her name is Nin. I hired her for you. She is yours for the next five years." Now Ann understood, ornament girls were a new fashion. She had seen only very few so far. They were a sign of very big wealth. Only the richest could afford one.

"Nin has agreed to the most extreme restraints and even some small body modifications like piercings and forced diet. Her contract specifies what you can do to her. Almost any kind of bondage is allowed as long as she is not harmed permanently.

She can quit any time if she thinks she can not bear it any more, but if she does that she will only get minimum wage for the time she is with you. Additionally she will have to pay for her meals and housing in that case. The rent is quite high as she is housed in luxury with you. Therefore her wage will just be high enough to cover that. So in the end she gets nothing. Whereas if she fulfills the whole five year contract she will get a bonus of two million interdollars. That is enough to ensure that she can live in wealth for the rest of her life."

Part 3: Nins Training

Ann was curious to get to know why someone would agree to such a contract. She asked Nin to tell her about her past and her plans for the future.

Nin told: "I was born into a poor family. My parents could not afford the fees for a private school. Therefore I went to a public school. The education was not bad and I have always been a good pupil. When I finished school I wanted to go to the university, but I could not afford the tuition fee. With no more than public education there was no chance to get a good job. I would be forced to work in the fields for my whole life. I would never earn more money than I would need for day to day life.

When I heard about the possibility of earning a fortune within only five years I was excited. I found one of the new schools for ornament girls. To attend you either have to pay a fee that I could not afford or you must find a sponsor. Fortunately your friend was looking for someone he could hire and he was willing to sponsor me.

We agreed on a pre-contract and I could attend the school for a year. The training was harsh, but I succeeded. My education was finished one week ago. Now I am officially qualified to serve as your ornament girl. Yesterday your friend and I signed a five year contract which will make me rich if I can fulfill it. If I cant I’ll still be poor, but I’ll be in no worse situation than I was before I met your friend."

"Can you tell us about your training?" suggested Toog.

"It was hard, especially at the beginning. I had to learn to stand in different bondage positions for a long time. Especially my arms were not used to that. You were probably trained to have your elbows touching at your back since you were a teenager. Being from the lower class this was not the case for me. I had to learn it the hard way.

It started with being bound in a hogtie for an hour on the first day. I was in tears after 20 minutes although my elbows were not even close to touching. I almost quit right at the beginning, but I didn't.

On the second day it was back to the hogtie for one hour in the morning and another one in the evening. I remember that I pleaded to be released after 45 minutes in the evening session, but mistress May was strict. She threatened to silence me with a ball gag if I continued complaining. I managed to keep silent for the rest of the session. Nevertheless I had to wear the ball gag during the three one hour sessions on the next day.

On the fourth day it got even harder. When the mistress came to me after an hour of being hogtied I expected to get released. Mistress May tightened my elbow tie instead. "You will not be ready within six months if we don't make significant progress each day," she said. Then she left for another hour. I felt so helpless. The pain in my arms and shoulders was maddening, but I could do nothing to get relief. I was so happy when I was finally released.

After only one hour of freedom I was tied again. First I was glad that it was not the hogtie this time. I was standing. My wrists were tied on my back. Then the wrist rope was connected to a pulley at the ceiling. Slowly the mistress pulled my wrists upwards. I bent over at the hip to get my arms up, but she did not stop when my arms pointed to the ceiling. I was stretched to the limit. I was so worried that my shoulders would dislocate. Mistress May seemed to know exactly how far I could be stretched. I'm sure my shoulders were so close to being dislocated that just one additional centimeter would have caused serious injury.

This was much worse than any hogtie. Fortunately she let me down after half an hour this time. Nevertheless I wasn't done for the day. It was the hogtie again in the evening. After the strappado session the hogtie seemed to be almost comfortable. I think the mistress did not tie me as tight as before because she knew that my limit was reached.

It took four weeks until my elbows could touch in my back. After two more weeks it was the first time that I was tied in a hogtie with touching elbows for a whole day. After that first whole day in a hogtie I was almost continuously tied up. Whenever no other training was due I was re-tied in a hogtie, always with touching elbows. I even had to learn to sleep in that position.

It took longer to get used to the extreme strappado that is required to qualify as an ornament girl. Each day I was stretched a bit more and longer. Now I am proud to be able to stretch completely vertical with no bend at the hips and my arms vertical to the ceiling when I'm in strappado. Of course I'm on tiptoe when I'm tied like that. I have been tied in that position for up to three hours. I have been in Strappado for much longer, even up to a whole day, but then my arms were pulled up a little less high. I could alternate between getting on tiptoe to get some relief for my shoulders and standing flat footed to get some relief for my calves.

Mistress May also insisted on what she called storage and transportation training. I was squeezed into various containers of different design and rapidly decreasing size. The first one was a rectangular glass container of exactly my size when I was standing in ballet boots. It was the first time I had to wear ballet boots when I was introduced to this first storage container. The first time it was lying in that box for one night. The box was so small that I could barely move. All I could do was bend my legs and my arms a little. Also the air got quite stuffy after a short time. There were breathing holes in the box, but they were quite small.

Nevertheless that night was almost a holiday compared with the harsh bondage I had to endure before. In the morning my calves started cramping due to the ballet boots, but fortunately I was released from the box and the ballet boots were removed before real damage was caused to my calves. "This was the easy part, in the future the box will be vertical and you will be standing in the ballet boots" my mistress told me.

Nevertheless I was happy when it was time for storage and transportation training again two days later. I thought it would be a relatively easy night again. I didn't know then that there were so many different ways of storage I would have to endure. That time I was completely naked, also with no boots. I had to squeeze myself into a very small box. This was almost like a cube made of glass. I was folded into a ball of female flesh. Even before mistress May closed the lid I thought that there was no more space in the box, but with her providing some helping pressure on my head I finally could get inside.

She closed the lid and I was trapped in an awfully uncomfortable position with no space for any movement at all. "How long?" I whimpered, but that was a question she never answered. When I was released an hour later I was so stiff that I was unable to get out on my own. My mistress had to get help to lift me out of the box. She called for another mistress. Only together the two were able to lift me out of the box. That was the first time that I had contact with anyone else, but mistress May.

I was shocked when the mistress told me that I would have to learn to endure the cube for a whole day and night at least. She was really disappointed with the result of my first time in the box. So after that day I had to get into it every evening when my other training was completed. The duration was increased each time. After I reached twelve hours I was placed into the box every other day. So my other training could continue. I learned standing, walking and even dancing and running in ballet boots during that time for example, also standing in the first box wearing the ballet boots.

It took eight weeks until I had fulfilled the requirement of twenty four hours in the cube, but just to make sure I had learned the lesson the mistress insisted on an additional session of twenty six hours two days later. Then finally the storage and transportation training moved on to the next item.

The next storage item was also a glass box. Mistress May explained that all storage boxes were made of glass because an ornamental girl must be seen, otherwise she could not be an ornament.

This box had a different shape. It was higher, but with a smaller base area. I was placed on my knees with my calves folded to my thighs. The mistress pushed me into the box from the back until my breasts were pushed through two circular holes in the front pane of the box. These holes were smaller than my breasts, so another mistress had to help fondling my breasts through the holes while mistress May pushed my back into the box.

I had to keep my arms on my back during that process and it was impossible to get them around my body once the back lid was closed. Once I was inside the mistress closed the top with a two part top lid which had a hole in the middle. This closed around my neck so that my head was outside on top of the box.

This box was easier to endure than the cubic, but the mistress increased the difficulty day by day. First I was naked from head to toe. On the second night she added the ballet boots. On the third night I had to wear a monoglove. On the fourth it was both.


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