Evil Eva

by Ivy

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Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; electro; kidnap; collar; rope; tape; gag; slave; sold; cane; mast; nc; reluct; XX

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Part 3

Alice and I looked at each other; we could see where this was headed. Or we thought we could. Rope in hand, Eva bent over the inert body of Jeannie and, with some effort, rolled her onto her stomach. She started to pull her arms behind her back, then staggered and collapsed on top of Jeannie with a groan. For a moment neither of them moved, then Jeannie seemed to wake up and wriggled out from under the unconscious Eva.

“How stupid do you think this shopgirl is?” she said, standing over Eva. She swiftly and efficiently removed all of Eva’s clothes and proceeded to tie her up. A few minutes later, Eva was tightly hogtied, her mouth filled with a large ballgag. We lay there and watched, wondering what was going to happen next.

Jeannie walked over to Alice, unwrapped the tape encircling her head and removed the foam ball.

“If I get the laptop, can you get the money back?” she asked.

“Maybe,” Alice replied. “It depends how she’s transferred it which I won’t know till I get into the process.”

Jeannie untied Alice’s hands and returned a minute later with the laptop. All I could do was lie on the floor and watch.

There was silence for a few minutes as Alice tapped away feverishly on the laptop.

“Done it!” she announced with a smile. “All the money back in the correct accounts. I even managed to recover the money Eva paid to her accomplices. I haven’t touched your account, Jeannie.”

“On your stomach, hands behind your back!” Jeannie snapped.

“But…,” Alice started to say before another shock made her screw up her face in pain. Quickly she complied with Jeannie’s order and two minutes later she was gagged and helpless as before. Without a word, Jeannie picked up the laptop and swept out of the room. There was silence apart from the occasional whimper from Eva who was starting to come round.

I guessed maybe half an hour passed before Jeannie returned. She surveyed us all lying helpless on the floor.

“Okay, ladies. Here’s the plan. I think it’s only fair you know what to expect. For all three of you, life will be very different from now on. Eva, you double crossing bitch, I can’t believe how easily you fell for the drink switching routine. Amazing how a little conjuring expertise can help. You will be sold to our contact as a slave. You will be packaged up and transported tomorrow when the owner of this place returns. Alice and Emma, you now belong to me. I have a location in mind for you and will take you there tomorrow. Oh, I nearly forgot...”

Jeannie bent over Eva who was glaring at her. From her pocket she produced another shock collar and padlocked it in place. Standing back with a wry smile on her face, she shocked Eva three times in quick succession causing Eva to scream into the gag. She then took a length of chain from a hook on one of the walls and padlocked it round Eva’s ankle and through a metal ring on the floor. Finally, she released Eva from the hogtie to allow her to stretch out.

“Sleep well ladies,” were her parting words as she left, turning out the lights and plunging us all into total darkness.

We all lay there in the pitch black. It was totally dark and even after a few minutes, when presumably my eyes had adjusted, I could see nothing at all. I tried to speak to Alice but after we exchanged a few incoherent mumbles, we both gave up. Given what I had been through in the last few hours, the position I was now in didn’t seem too bad. The rope was tight round my wrists and ankles, but not painfully so. I pulled and tugged and twisted against the ropes but there was no way I could loosen anything and no knot within reach. The foam ball filled my mouth but no amount of pushing it with my tongue could shift it. I realized that I was going to stay like this until Jeannie decided otherwise. In some strange way that thought relaxed me and after a while I drifted off into a fitful sleep.

Finally, the door opened and the light went on. Blinking in the sudden brightness, I sat up as best I could. Eva and Alice did the same.

“Morning ladies,” Jeannie greeted us brightly. “Hope you all slept well, not that I honestly care whether you did or not.”

She approached me and, with some difficulty, untangled the duct tape from my hair and removed the gag.

“Not a word, Emma,” she said threateningly. “Now, I’m going to untie you and you have fifteen minutes to use the bathroom and stretch. If you’re not back sitting on the mattress when I return, I will shock all three of you.”

She swiftly removed the ropes from my wrists and ankles and left the room without another word.

I rubbed my wrists and ankles and after a moment, staggered to my feet. Having been tied for so long, my legs were wobbly, my shoulders very sore and my mouth very dry. I had no way of knowing when fifteen minutes had passed and that worried me a lot. As quickly as I could, I made it to the bathroom, the ankle chain rattling along the floor. It was such a pleasure to move again and drink water. A few minutes later I was back sitting on the mattress. Soon Jeannie appeared again.

“On your stomach, hands behind your back,” she barked at me.

I complied immediately and soon I was helpless again. Tied as before, I saw Jeannie reach for another length of rope. Looping it round the ankle rope, she fed it through between my wrists and pulled hard until my wrists and ankles touched. A few more loops of the rope, a couple of knots and I was in a tight hogtie. She crammed a ballgag in my mouth, buckled it firmly in place and stood back to look at me.

“You do look good in bondage, Emma,” she said with a smile. “Don’t think you’re going anywhere.”

She repeated the process with Alice and twenty minutes later she also was struggling in a tight hogtie like me.

Jeannie then turned her attention to Eva and looked at her with an expression of disgust before shocking her twice. Eva screamed into her gag, which Jeannie then proceeded to remove. Eva looked at her fearfully.

“Jeannie, I’ll give you money, all the money…” Eva started to say, before another shock reduced her to screams and tears.

Jeannie grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close.

“You’re a slave now, nothing else. You have no money, no rights, no control over anything. And certainly no right to speak. You will do exactly as I say, otherwise I will cause you great pain, far worse than you inflicted on either Alice or Emma. Now, I will release you from these ropes and you will use the bathroom in Emma’s cell. As the chain isn’t long enough, your ankles will be cuffed.”

Jeannie took a pair of handcuffs and a slim cane from a shelf and fastened the cuffs round Eva’s slim ankles. Removing the ropes and releasing the chain, she swatted Eva hard with the cane across her backside causing her to yelp.

“Get up! You have five minutes.” As soon as Eva wobbled to standing, she hit her again, causing her to stagger. I saw tears running down her cheeks and felt sorry for her, despite what she had done to us. Eva shuffled off to the bathroom.

Eva was back very quickly and was then swiftly and brutally hogtied by Jeannie, who seemed to delight in pulling the ropes as tight as possible. I saw Eva gasp as her back was forced into an arch which must have been agonizing. The ballgag was then jammed in her mouth and wrenched tight. Jeannie then removed the cuffs round her ankles and reattached the floor chain.

Jeannie looked at her and swapped the cane from one hand to another.

“You’re an evil, double-crossing bitch, Eva,” she pronounced. “And now it’s all caught up with you.”

With that, she brought the cane down hard across the soles of Eva’s feet causing her to scream into the gag.

“Ten more,” Jeannie informed us, and swiftly administered the punishment. Eva was a screaming wreck by the time she’d finished, tears pouring down her cheeks, drool pooling on the floor and her face almost purple with pain. I could hardly watch, it was so cruel. When it was over, Jeannie put the cane back in place and left the room without a word or a backward glance.

Eva heaved huge sobbing breaths which eventually subsided and all three of us lay there in considerable discomfort. I wondered what would happen next and whether this would ever end. I had now been tied up for most of the last twenty-four hours and freedom seemed a distant memory. I closed my eyes and once again tried to mentally transport myself to a happier place, without much success.

After what seemed like many hours to me but was in fact a lot less, the door opened and Jeannie and another woman strode in. I judged her to be in her mid forties. She was expensively dressed, slim and attractive with an air of authority. In my helpless position I was already feeling scared of her. They stopped and looked at us.

“I see you haven’t lost any of your rope skills,” the lady commented to Jeannie. “Nor your sadistic streak. How long have they been in such tight hogties?”

“About an hour.”

“Ok, they’re probably good for a little longer. And I see they’ve received some punishment, particularly these two,” she said, noting the stripes criss-crossing Alice’s backside and the raised welts on Eva’s feet. Was that you or Eva?”

“Both of us,” Jeannie replied with a half smile. “You trained me well, Paula.”

“Yes, and then you never became a professional dominatrix at the end of it all. Anyway, water under the bridge, although I’m sure you could set up any time you like. Now, which one is Alice?”

“This one,” said Jeannie, pointing to Eva. “I think your client will be happy.”

“I think she will,” Paula replied, bending down and inspecting Eva more closely. Eva made some unintelligible noises through her gag. “I could have got more, she’s very attractive. I normally get a hundred and fifty thousand but she’s worth at least one seven five, maybe two. And the other two aren’t for sale?”

“No. I have other plans for them.”

“Interesting,” said Paula, smiling at Jeannie. “It’s a shame though.” She pointed at Alice. “I could sell this one for two hundred and…” she paused and bent down to look at me, “this one is perfect. Exactly what most slave owners want, petite, blonde, curvy and a lovely face. Two hundred and fifty, maybe more.”

“That’s a lot of money,” said Jeannie

“Yes, it is. I’m sure you’re getting paid by Eva so the deal with Alice is all sorted out. But I could sell the other two by Tuesday or Wednesday next week probably and I’d be prepared to cut you in for a third, seeing as you’ve brought them to me. That would be one hundred and fifty thousand, Jeannie. You could just walk away from here now knowing that in a few days you’ll be that much richer.”

Jeannie looked at Paula with wide eyes.

“Or you can take the dark one as you planned and I’ll sell the blonde,” she said looking at me. “You’ll get around eighty thousand, maybe a bit more. Sure I can’t tempt you?”

I didn’t know what Jeannie had planned for us, but whatever it was, being sold off to some sadistic slave owner sounded likely to be worse, I thought. I looked up at Jeannie and could practically see the cogs of her mind whirring round. There was a long pause.

“It’s a great offer, Paula,” she said eventually. “But I’ll stick with the original plan.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ok, suit yourself. I think we’re just about done then. I’ll set about preparing Alice here for her trip to Madam Gillespie’s manor. I really wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. Madam has a reputation for being very tough on her slaves. I hear that they get whipped every day, live permanently in chains and the slightest infraction results in very severe punishment. Oh, and long periods of time in very intense bondage when Madam has no requirement for their services. She usually only keeps them for a year or so then sells them on at a fraction of the price as by then they are in such a poor state.”

It sounded awful. Despite what Eva had done to us, I didn’t think she deserved such a terrible fate.

“Just one thing,” said Jeannie. “Eva was adamant that Alice should remain well gagged at all times until she is handed over, and wanted me to make sure you knew. She doesn’t want her speaking to you at any point.”

“I’ve never met Eva but I’m sure she has her reasons,” said Paula. “It won’t be a problem. I always drug my slaves for the trip so Alice will be unconscious until she wakes up at Madam Gillespie’s. I’ll sort that out now and then you can put Eva’s mind at rest.”

Paula left the room for a minute and came back with a syringe and a small bottle of liquid. She drew some up into the syringe and approached Eva. I could see the look of panic in Eva’s eyes but there was nothing she could do. Paula injected her in the neck and Eva’s whole body slumped, although she was so tightly bound it was only a minor movement.

“There,” Paula said as she stood up. “She will be out for at least six hours. It’s much safer transporting slaves this way, no risk of them somehow attracting attention when you have to stop at traffic lights. I’ve got a bit of organizing to do and I presume you’ve got to get these two ready to go, so I’ll leave you to it. Stop in to say goodbye when you’re done.”

Paula left the room followed by Jeannie. Two minutes later, Jeannie was back. She jammed plugs back into our ears, strapped the hoods back on and finally released us from the hogties. In my deaf, dumb and blind state, I stretched out revelling in the extra movement. Shortly after, I felt the chain being removed from my ankle and strong arms lifting me. Once again, I was carried and a moment later dropped on to a soft surface. I felt another body next to me and hoped it was Alice. Soon an engine started, and we were on our way.

Finally, after much bumping and rolling, I felt the vehicle come to a halt. The process reversed and once again, I was dumped on to a soft surface. I felt the ropes around my ankles loosen and then each was re-tied so that my legs were spread apart. There was also something seemingly attached to the back of my shock collar. Finally, the hood and earplugs were removed and I realized to my immense relief that we were back in our bedroom at home. Alice and I were both tied to our bed, the collars attached to the top rail stopped us sitting up and our feet were tied apart to the bottom rail. Jeannie stood at the end of the bed grinning at us.

“Welcome home ladies. Your ordeal is over, well nearly.”

I was very happy to be home but both Alice and I were still totally helpless and fully under her control. I wondered where this was going.

“Soon I’m going to release you, and I imagine you may be tempted to call the police. But I advise you to think carefully first. You got all the money back so, whilst theft was committed, everything has been recovered and Eva has disappeared forever. I’m sure you don’t want the incident made public as, once your investors know, they’ll pull their money out from your company faster than you can say handcuffs. Yes, you were kidnapped and I had a part in that. But you could look on it as a BDSM adventure, and you’re obviously into BDSM judging by the toys you keep here. And it would be hard to give me up to the police without telling them everything. Plus, there is no evidence and I’m going to deny I was involved in any of this. On top of all that, I could have made a lot of money by handing you over to Paula, but I didn’t, so I’m asking you to give me a break. My advice to you is to put it all behind you and move on. There is one thing though…”

Jeannie smiled and licked her lips.

“I was rough with you at times over the last twenty-four hours. Maybe this will make up for it a bit.”

Jeannie clambered on to the bed between us and started fondling each of us in turn. Her hands seemed to be everywhere and, despite everything I’d been through, my body started responding. I could hear Alice starting to whimper. Soon Jeannie’s face was between my legs kissing and nibbling, her tongue probing and licking and before long she brought me to a massive and highly pleasurable orgasm which had me straining against the ropes and moaning into the gag. She then did the same to Alice. As we lay there luxuriating in the afterglow, Jeannie got off the bed and looked at us.

“Well, I’m away in a moment.” Jeannie announced to us. “I have to help Paula dispose of Eva’s car. She has contacts to help with that I believe, but she needs a ride. And then I’m going away for a little break. I have more money in my account these days and I’m going to spend some of it. Just a couple of little things left to do.”

She produced two keys from her pocket, put one on the bedside table by Alice and used the other to remove Alice’s shock collar. Then she helped Alice sit up and partly untied the ropes tying her hands.

“You’ll be able to get your hands free in a moment,” said Jeannie. “Goodbye girls, it’s been fun. See you around.” And with that she was gone.

Alice struggled hard and finally got her hands free. With difficulty, she unwound the tape and finally spat out the foam ball.

“At last,” she said with a sigh of relief.

Shuffling herself towards the end of the bed, she bent forward and freed her feet before sliding sideways off the bed, standing up awkwardly and stretching.

I looked across at her expectantly and moaned through my gag.

“Okay Em, haven’t forgotten you,” she reassured me, and soon I too was standing up and free at last to move around. We embraced, kissed and held each other for a long time.

“Cup of tea?” Alice asked, moving towards the kitchen.

“Yes, please. Something normal would be nice after the rest of this weekend. Alice…?”


I pointed to my neck. “Have you got the key somewhere? I thought Jeannie left it by the bed.”

“She did, and yes I have it.”

“Could you take my collar off, please?”

“Have you forgotten, Emma? Leaving you tied up yesterday morning was only part of the punishment for you being so bitchy. Now get me the handcuffs then hold out your hands. Don’t make me shock you again!”


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