Evil Eva

by Ivy

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; rope; collar; electro; gag; hood; kidnap; dungeon; cuffs; susp; slave; sold; nc; XX

Continues from

Part 2

As I heard Eva drive away, I pulled and twisted in the ropes trying to find a little bit of slack, but there was none and I only succeeded in hurting myself. Alice had tied me very securely hours before and now the back-arching hogtie Eva had left me in had made every rope much tighter. The strain on my shoulders and back coupled with the ropes cutting into my wrists and ankles was almost unbearable already. On top of that, my jaw was beginning to ache from the large ball-gag Eva had gleefully crammed into my mouth and wrenched tight. I glanced at Alice and murmured something as best as I could through the gag, but she didn’t respond, her head dropped down and her eyes closed. I hoped we would both get through this and decided that remaining totally still was my best option. We suffered in silence.

After what seemed like an age, a vehicle approached and stopped outside our house. I dared to hope, as I heard the vehicle door open and close, followed by footsteps and the front door opening. 

“Hello, anyone in?” a bright female voice called. The bedroom door opened and there stood Jeannie with a big grin on her pretty face. She was carrying a tote bag and let it drop onto the floor.

“Well ladies, looks like you really do need some assistance – although you do both look very attractive and vulnerable like that.” 

She bent over me, unbuckled the gag and gently pulled it out. The relief of being able to close my mouth was immense.

“Jeannie, please untie us, we’ve been like this for hours, it’s so painful!”

She walked around, inspecting us both.

“Hmm” she said, “Those ropes are tight, no way you could escape from those.” 

She untied the ropes connecting us to the ceiling beam, let us both out of the hogtie and took the gag out of Alice's mouth. Alice didn't say anything, her head fell forward onto the bed and she lay there inert. Jeannie then proceeded to untie the ropes round each of our elbows and then stood back and looked at us.

“Is that a bit better?”

“Yes, yes, thank you.” I replied, the relief at being able to stretch out flooding through me “Please untie the rest of the ropes, we’ve been tied up for so long.” I looked across at Alice who still had not moved or said anything.

“Alice, Alice,” I called and got a whimper and slight movement of her head in response.

“Please untie me, Jeannie,” I pleaded, gazing up at her. She looked back at me with a strange look on her face.

“I don’t think so,” she said slowly. “You see, there has been a change of plans. I have to take you both somewhere.”

“What?” I said. “Jeannie, stop messing around, just untie us!”

Jeannie reached into the bag on the floor and pulled out what looked like a shock collar, similar to the one Alice had cruelly locked round my neck hours earlier. She proceeded to strap it round Alice’s neck and with a click of the padlock it was secure. She then pressed the remote and Alice screamed.

“Seems to work all right,” Jeannie commented. “Woke her up properly as well.”

“Jeannie…” Alice started to say, but at that point Jeannie forced a foam ball into her mouth and then wrapped duct tape round and round her head so that she was once again comprehensively gagged.

“Jeannie, why are you doing this to us?” I said, starting to cry. “Haven’t we already suffered enough? It was Eva from Alice’s company who did this and stole her money. She…”

“Shut up Emma, I’m not interested.” Jeannie snapped at me. “Your turn now. Open your mouth or I use the shock collar.”

I did not want another shock, so I opened my mouth as instructed and thirty seconds later was gagged like Alice. Tears continued to flow down my cheeks.

“You’re such a baby, Emma,” said Jeannie with a hard look on her face. “Stop blubbering, it’s annoying me. Do you want me to shock you and give you something to really cry about?”

I stopped and looked at her. It was hard to believe that the Jeannie I thought I knew could be doing this to us. To me she was the pretty red haired girl with green eyes who worked part time in the village bakery, and flirted with me every time she saw me. I remembered her doing magic tricks for the kids at a community event and laughing and joking with them all. This was a very different Jeannie we were dealing with now. 

Jeannie reached into the bag and pulled out two leather hoods with multiple straps hanging from them and a packet of ear plugs. None too gently, she rammed the plugs into Alice’s ears. She then forced one of the leather hoods over Alice’s head and tightened all the straps, making sure that the breathing hole was in the right place. Then it was my turn. By the time she had finished, my head felt tightly compressed. I was completely in the dark, could hear very little and was very scared. I could breathe ok but the hood was very claustrophobic. I forced myself to calm down and hoped that Alice was ok. I lay still on the bed dreading what was going to happen next.

A few minutes passed, I think. It is hard to judge time when you can’t see, hear, speak or move. I thought I heard some noises and felt some movement on the bed. A few more noises, then silence again. More minutes of waiting, then I jumped as I felt hands reaching under me. I was lifted bodily off the bed draped over someone’s shoulder and finally deposited none too gently on to something soft. I rolled a bit and bumped into something which I presumed was Alice. A door slammed, then another. An engine started and we were moving. I guessed we were in the back of a van.

We bumped around for what seemed like a long time, rolling as we went round each corner. I tried to map out the route in my mind but after a few twists and turns it became impossible and I gave up. I became completely disoriented and dizzy from the pressure on my head. My wrists and ankles hurt and the crotch rope was killing me. On top of all that, my jaw was aching again although not as badly as when I was ball gagged. And I was scared, dreading what was to come next.

Eventually we stopped and for a few minutes there was silence. Shortly after, I just managed to pick out the noise of the van doors opening and felt Alice being dragged out. A couple of minutes later I was again lifted up, draped over (I presumed) Jeannie’s shoulder, carried down some stairs and dumped on a soft surface. Something was attached to my ankle and then I felt the fastenings of the leather hood start to loosen. Thirty seconds later it was pulled off my head and, blinking in the light, I looked up at Jeannie. She bent over me again, pulled out the earplugs, and walked away without a word.

I looked around. I was lying on a mattress on the floor in a windowless cell with walls on two sides and bars on the other two. Across from me, and behind bars which separated us, lay Alice in a similar cell. We were both attached to a wall by a metal ankle cuff and chain. As cells go, each was quite well appointed, with a cubicle in the corner which I could just see contained a toilet and washbasin. It was the rest of the dimly lit room that worried me. We were obviously in a dungeon somewhere as the walls were lined with chains and ropes and the room contained various items of equipment all fitted with cuffs and attachment points. Gags, hoods, blindfolds and a range of other devices were arranged on shelving on one side of the rooms and on the other side, an array of canes and whips. Things did not look good for us and I was very scared as I lay there helpless, inescapably bound, gagged, wearing a shock collar and chained to the wall.

 After perhaps half an hour, the door opened and Jeannie reappeared. She gazed at us both for a minute with a look of disgust on her face. Without a word, she pressed the remotes and shocked us both, grinning as we screamed through our gags.

“Just to remind you that I have total control over you, ladies,” she said, smiling nastily. “Now, here’s what’s going to happen. You have both been tied up for a long time and, whilst I delight in your suffering, I want you to remain undamaged – well, mainly undamaged anyway. So, I’m going to untie you. I’m sure you’ve noticed you are chained to the wall, so there is no escape. The chain is long enough to allow you each to access the bathroom but not long enough so you can reach each other through the bars or reach the door of the cell. Needless to say, you will follow my commands exactly and immediately otherwise I will shock you again multiple times. With the gags removed, you will remain silent at all times even when I am not here. There is video and sound recording in this room and I can shock you from wherever I happen to be in this building. Now, each of you roll on to your stomach with your face down on the mattress.

Alice and I obeyed instantly. Jeannie came to me first and untied my hands and the knots on the ropes round my upper arms. I lay still, not daring to move in case she shocked me again. A minute or two later, after the clanging of each cell door closing, she addressed us again.

“Ok, now I’ll leave it to you to remove the rest of the ropes and the gags and put them as close to the cell doors as you can. You may wash and use the facilities. You will find toothbrushes and other toiletries in there. I will be back in half an hour or so and then you will learn how you will spend the rest of your time here before you are sold as slaves.” Without another word, she strode out of the room and shut the door.

Alice and I looked at each other as we started to struggle free from the ropes and remove the horrible gags. Did she say slaves, I wondered. Sold as slaves? Did I hear that right? I badly wanted to talk to Alice but I didn’t dare so we carried on in silence. Once all the restrictions were off, it was so nice to move and be free again, albeit still chained at the ankle and wearing the shock collar. After relieving myself, washing, brushing my teeth, and drinking some water, I felt a lot better despite the situation. I ended up lying on my side on the mattress, sitting was too painful. I gazed at Alice. How on earth did we get into this situation, I wondered to myself. And more to the point, how were we ever going to get out of it? It was only a few hours ago, but already my old life seemed like a distant dream.

Jeannie returned and looked at us both for a minute. Then she gathered some chains and cuffs which were hanging on one of the walls and threw a set to each of us through the bars of the cells. 

“Put these on,” she ordered “hands cuffed in front of you. And make sure they’re tight round your wrists and ankles otherwise…well you know.”

As Jeannie fingered the shock collar remotes threateningly, Alice and I started to chain ourselves up. A couple of minutes later, we were both tightly cuffed with around six inches of chain between our hands and similar between our feet.

“Very good, ladies,” said Jeannie with a smile. “I do enjoy this absolute power I have over you. Now gag yourselves!” She took two large ball gags from one of the shelves and threw one to each of us.

My jaw was still aching from the gagging I’d previously endured. I raised my cuffed hands, pointed to my mouth and looked at Jeannie.

“What?” she said in an irritated manner. “You may speak.”

“Jeannie,” I pleaded. “Please, not the gags, our jaws are so painful..” That was all I got to say as the collar buzzed and I screamed and fell to the floor in pain.

“Get up!” she snapped “and put the gag on now, tightly. Understand that you are both my slaves and you will learn to cope with suffering.”

With trembling fingers, I stuffed the gag in my mouth and buckled it firmly behind my head. Immediately the ache in my jaw returned with a vengeance. I looked across at Alice and noticed that she too had tears running down her cheeks. 

Jeannie threw something to each of us. “Nipple clamps, ladies,” she informed us “just in case you’re not familiar. Although I feel that you are. Put them on!”

Alice and I had played around with nipple clamps at home but these were in a different class altogether. The ones we used were uncomfortable. These were agonizing and I was whimpering with pain by the time the second clamp was in place.

“Good girls,” Jeannie complimented us. “The pain does ease off after a while.” She started turning a handle at the side of the room and a hook on a chain lowered to head height in the middle of my cell. She lowered a similar hook in Alice’s cell and addressed us.

“Loop the handcuff chain over the hooks.”

We obeyed instantly, our faces still screwed up with pain from the nipple clamps. Jeannie turned the handles, raising each of the hooks till we were both forced up on tiptoe.

“All done! Have fun, ladies,” she said with a wicked grin. “A friend of yours will be arriving in a couple of hours and she’s keen that you’re not too comfortable while you’re waiting.” She walked out without a backwards glance.

A couple of hours! I didn’t think I could last ten minutes. My nipples burned like fire and my jaw was almost as painful. On top of that the handcuffs cut into my wrists, my shoulders were already beginning to ache and I was sure my feet were going to cramp up soon. I looked at Alice; she seemed somehow to have zoned out. There was an unfocused look on her face and her eyes seemed glazed over. I wished I could zone out and tried to think of happier times, but the pain kept bringing me back to my ordeal. For the second time in the last few hours, I concentrated on staying as still as I could because every little movement hurt.

I think I must have passed out for some time because the flinging open of the dungeon door seemed to wake me up and pain flooded back through me. Through wobbly vision, I recognized Jeannie and was even more scared when I identified the other person – Eva! And she looked angry, very angry!

Eva turned to Jeannie. “Let them down, let them down now, you stupid bitch! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted some dim witted village shop girl. I need Alice, as you know. Now look at her!”

“But you said to make them uncomfortable.” Jeannie said as she started to turn the handle and lower Alice’s hands. I watched as Alice slumped down, eventually to fall on the floor, her eyes still closed. 

“Uncomfortable, yes, not comatose, you idiot!” Eva snapped. “Now let Emma down and get in there and take everything off them apart from the chains to the wall.

I saw the look of hatred in Jeannie’s eyes as she obeyed, wordlessly. We both screamed as she took the clamps off. I wondered if my nipples had suffered some permanent damage but a few minutes later they felt extremely sore but ok apart from that. It was such a relief to lie down and curl up. I was totally exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open. Alice appeared to be asleep or in some sort of trance.

“Look at them!” Eva yelled at Jeannie. “They’re in no fit state for anything. Get them food and water and then we’ll have to leave them to recover for a couple of hours. You know how risky these delays are. Stupid bitch!”

Eva swept out of the room with Jeannie trailing behind her.

“Alice,” I whispered after a few minutes, “Are you ok?”

Alice opened her eyes and smiled weakly.

“I’m ok but my head is pounding and I hurt all over. How about you?”

“The same, but without the headache. What are we going to…?”

At that point, the door opened and Jeannie walked in with a tray. We both pretended to be asleep.

“Wake up slaves!” she barked. “Otherwise I’ll shock you awake.”

At that, we both opened our eyes as she proceeded to put a plate of sandwiches and a glass of water in front of me, then Alice. I kept quiet but Alice bravely started talking to her.

“She doesn’t treat you very well does she Jeannie? I hope she’s paying you a lot. Did you know she’s getting thirty million?”

Jeannie stopped in her tracks.

“Liar!”, she snapped, reached into her pocket and shocked Alice. This time Alice grimaced but didn’t scream. She took a few seconds to recover.

“How much is she paying you Jeannie? However much it is, we will double it.”

“Why should I believe you?” Jeannie snarled, fingering the shock remote “In your position you’ll say anything to try to get away. Now shut up and eat!” But I could see some doubt in her eyes.

“Just listen!” said Alice with a force that surprised me given that she’d just been shocked again. “The reason Eva is here and needs me is that she can’t fully release the funds. She got away with two million but didn’t realize that she needed another code to avoid the slow time release on the remaining twenty-eight million.”

Jeannie looked at Alice. “Thirty million?” she asked.

“Thirty million dollars.” Alice repeated. “How much is she paying you?”

Jeannie hesitated. “Twenty thousand…and then another eighty thousand when I’ve made sure that you two are taken care of.”

“So what’s the plan, Jeannie?” I asked. “Let me guess. Eva runs off with all the money leaving you here to look after us until whoever owns this place gets back and sells us off as slaves to some pervert somewhere. You’re ok with that are you? And all this for twenty thousand and a promise from Eva to send you the eighty thousand later. You really think she’s going to pay you?”

“And you don’t think you might be caught?” added Alice. “Eva’s going to disappear and leave you with all the risk..”

“Shut up!” Jeannie shouted and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. We looked at each other and neither of us spoke for a moment. Then Alice opened her mouth to say something but at that moment the door flew open and Eva appeared carrying a laptop.

“Looks like you’ve recovered quicker than I thought,” she said, smiling nastily. “It seems that you can cope with pain and suffering quite well, which is fortunate given where you are both going to end up. I’ve never met the lady who runs this place but it’s amazing what facilities are available if you know where to look and are prepared to pay. She’s a dominatrix apparently and spends most of her time whipping men into shape. She locks them in these cells if they want to stay overnight. But she also has a most lucrative line in selling young women off as slaves. You will both be packaged off tomorrow to a rich buyer in a remote area a few hundred miles from here. But that’s for tomorrow; now we have more pressing matters to deal with.”

Eva paused and fixed her gaze on me.

“I feel sorry for you Emma,” she said “because you are going to suffer a lot unless Alice gives me what I want. So you’d better hope she does! Jeannie!”

Jeannie appeared at the doorway.

“I want Emma tied up like I told you. Now!”

Jeannie grabbed a couple of coils of rope and approached me. “On your stomach,” she ordered, “Hands behind your back.”

“I’ll give you the code Eva,” said Alice. “That’s what you want isn’t it? Leave Emma alone, she’s the innocent party in all of this.”

“You’re right, you will give me the code,” snapped Eva. “Get on with it, Jeannie and shock her if she gives you any trouble.”

Two minutes later, my hands were very tightly bound behind my back and held in place by multiple ropes round my waist. My ankles were tied firmly together and I was helpless again. I wondered how Jeannie had learned all these skills. I heard the clanking of the chain as Eva turned the handle and once more the hook descended. Jeannie lifted my bound ankles and attached them to the hook. I nearly passed out with fear as Eva turned the handle and soon I was hanging in space, the ends of my hair touching the floor and the ropes cutting painfully into my ankles. I swung gently to and fro, the ankle chain attached to the wall dragging along the ground. Tears ran down over my forehead and into my hair.

“Please let me go,” I sobbed, “Alice has said she’ll give you the code, why are you doing this to me? Jeannie, why …”

“Just a little incentive for Alice to do the right thing,” said Eva and shocked me again. I screamed and sobbed.

“Stop, stop!” shouted Alice. “Eva, you win, whatever you want I’ll give you. Don’t hurt her, please!”

But out of the corner of my eye I saw Eva pick up a nasty looking whip from the wall and walk towards me, her heels clicking on the concrete. Without a word she stood in front of me and whipped me three times in rapid succession across my breasts. I screamed and screamed.

When I recovered a little, I heard Alice sobbing in the next cell. Craning my neck and looking sideways, I could see her slumped over with her face in her hands.

“I’m capable of doing much worse than that to Emma,” Eva announced with a hard edge to her voice. “So Alice, remove the controls on the money transfer now. You have five minutes before I whip Emma again!” She passed the laptop to Alice.

Alice tapped away at the keyboard while I hung upside down in pain, wondering how this could possibly be happening to me. Why was Eva so cruel and why was Jeannie going along with all this? And when and where was this all going to end? If we were really going to be sold to someone, would it ever end? 

I was getting very worried that the five minutes was up when Alice announced she was finished. Eva snatched the laptop from her.

“Lower Emma back down and tie up Alice.” Eva ordered. “And gag both of them.”

She strode out of the room clasping the laptop.

“A single word out of either of you and I’ll shock and whip you both,” Jeannie threatened as she began to lower me back down. We kept quiet and soon both Alice and I were lying helpless on the floor in our cells, wrists and ankles tightly tied. Jeannie then crammed the foam balls back in our mouths and encircled our heads with duct tape to hold them in place. We lay there in silence as Jeannie left the room without a backwards glance.

Some time later Eva and Jeannie returned.

“Transfer complete!” Eva announced, “And I’m out of here in a few minutes. Great job Jeannie, and I’m sorry I was rude to you earlier. I’ve transferred another twenty thousand into your account to make up for it. These two will be fine as they are for the night; it’s near midnight now. All you need to do is stay here overnight and untie them so they can use the facilities in the morning. Then tie them up again and wait till the owner arrives around noon, then you can go. Text me on that phone I gave you when you leave and I’ll send you the rest of the money. But I think we just have time for a quick celebratory drink.

Eva left the room and returned with a couple of glasses containing what looked like sparkling white wine on a tray and the bottle in her other hand. 

“Couldn’t find any wine glasses, these will have to do,” she announced.

She put the tray down on a small table and gestured to Jeannie to pick up the glass closest to her. 

“Just look at them,” said Jeannie as they both picked up their glasses. “Two lovely slaves helplessly waiting to be delivered to their new owner. I hope he appreciates them.”

“I’ve heard he is a she, actually,” Eva replied. “But they’re out of our hands now so we don’t need to even think about them anymore. Let’s drink to that!”

They both took a big swallow of the wine and almost immediately Jeannie dropped the glass and crumpled to the floor.

“Wow, that was quick!” exclaimed Eva and reached for a coil of rope.


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