My College Experience 2

by Jayjay bound

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© Copyright 2002 - Jayjay bound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; reluct; X

story continued from part one My College Experience 2
by Jayjay bound

I showed up at the dorm at the time I was told to and rung the bell. Jess answered the door and without saying a word showed me inside. Just as I passed the door it slammed shut and 2 of the girls grabbed me by the arms. Knowing I didn't have a choice I just stood there not doing anything. I then felt a needle stick into the side of my neck and the whole world went black. 

When I came to I was in a completely dark room. I was hanging from my wrists, and my shoulders were killing me. I was soon lowered so that I could just stand on my toes, which was a welcome relief. A light came on then and when I looked down at myself I was shocked. I was wearing a French maids outfit, and I could feel a large butt plug stuck in my ass. I could tell that it was held in place by a thong with a very wide strap between my cheeks. I also now noticed that my mouth was stuffed with another penis gag. A door soon opened and Jess entered holding a leather collar and leash. The collar was at least 3 inches wide and she quickly locked it around my neck. She then strapped some four-inch heels to my feet. I was then lowered so that there was no more pressure on my arms. Unlocking my arms from the chain she then re-cuffed them behind my back, and started to lead me out of the room by the leash. 

It was hard to adjust to the heels especially at the pace that she was walking, but I didn't really have a choice. I was lead into the center a large room and left alone for a second. I then felt someone walk behind me and attach something to the leather wrist cuffs. Soon my wrists were being lifted into the air causing me to bend over at the waist until my upper body was parallel to the ground. The ground was the last thing I saw before a blindfold blocked out all of my vision. I then heard someone walk up next to me. She leaned down and whispered into my ear "you had better be good tonight, because we have some company coming over. And if you're lucky than that nasty thing in your mouth just might get replaced with a real one. See you later." 

Her last remark about my gag took a little while to sink in, but once it did I was horrified. I thrashed around trying to get loose, but they had tied me to well so that all I could do was wait. It seemed like I had waited there for hours when I heard the door open. I started to hear some people being brought into the room, and once again tried to get loose, but all that came from my struggling was an uproar of laughter from the crowd. Everyone seemed to be having fun and about what seemed like a half an hour later I decided that they had just forgotten about me. That's when I heard Jess.

" If I could have your attention everyone. Thank you all for coming. I would like to introduce to you are newest pet. He is not quite trained yet so if you feel that he needs discipline than please feel free to use anything out of these to buckets on either side of him. Have fun!"

I heard people start to wander around me. The first lash caught me completely off guard. Soon I was being whipped and spanked from every direction. The French maids outfit was soon torn off of me, leaving only the thong to protect me from the lashings. This seemed to go on for hours before I heard Jess call out once again. "Ok everyone I think that that's enough. Now we can get down to the real fun."

I felt my arms getting lowered to a regular height and I felt whatever was attached to my cuffs get removed. I was led to what seemed to be a raised platform about 4 feet off the ground, and pulled on top of it. I was forced to kneel and spreader bars were attached to my knees and ankles holding them about 2 feet apart. My hands were kept cuffed behind my back, and when I tried to stand up I found out that the spreader bars were attached to the platform by something. The blindfold was pulled off and I could see that I was surrounded by what appeared to be the entire football team. By this time the thong had been removed along with the butt plug. Jess walked around to my face and whispered into my ear, "you had better please them or else we do still have those pictures and even some new ones. Have a good night." 

With that she removed my gag and sat down in front of me. Pulling down her panties she grabbed me by the hair and forced my face down into her crotch. I started to eat her out and she was soon writhing in ecstasy. I then felt something probing around my backside. I tried to move away but tied as I was I wasn't going anywhere. With one hard thrust he pushed all the way inside of me, and started pumping away. Soon Jess orgasmed wrapping her legs around my head. She sat up and repeated her threat to me once again, and then she was gone. 

I closed my eyes and clamped my mouth shut hoping that they would just leave. A couple seconds went by, but then I felt someone grab my nipple hard and twist it. I opened my mouth to scream out but before I could a cock was thrust down my throat. I tried to pull back, but was just met with a push from my rear reminding me of the intruder in my ass. The person in my mouth started to fuck my head thrusting his cock, which must have been at least a foot long, further and further down my throat. I could feel the cock in my ass coming close to shooting its load, and it did filling me with his warm fluids. He pulled out and was soon replaced by another one pummeling my ass. The one in my mouth was starting to throb and I knew it was close to cumming. I tried to pull back. I had never tasted another guys cum and I didn't want to, but there was nowhere to go. I soon had cum shooting down my throat and filling my mouth. I tried to swallow it but I couldn't get it all and it leaked down all over my chin and chest. He pulled out but was also replaced by another person. This continued on for what seemed like hours. Finally they started to leave. 

After they had all gone Jess came back in carrying an IV bag filled with a white fluid. It had a penis gag attached to the end of the hose. "You didn't do bad tonight but I think that you still need some practice, so I brought you this. You had better have the bag finished in an hour, and then we will replace it. If you don't finish at least 5 of these bags by morning than you will be punished. In the morning we will continue your training in a different way that I'm sure you won't enjoy. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes this is real cum."

With that she stuffed the gag in my mouth, hung up the bag, and left. I soon found out that I had to suck on the gag in order to get the fluid. I knew it was going to be a long night. 
By Jayjay bound