My College Experience

by JayJaybound

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My College Experience
by JayJaybound

The story I am about to relate started about a year ago.

I had just moved to the city to start going to college. I was living on campus, but had gotten a dorm room all to myself for some reason. I had started going for walks at night around 8:00 to relieve the tension from the day's classes. The road that I walked on went around the gym, by the girls dorm, through the bookstore and back to the dorms where my room was. The girls dorm that the road went by housed the most beautiful girls on campus. All of them were either cheerleaders or else they were on the volleyball or swim team. 

One night about a month into the school year I headed off for my walk. I came around the corner of the gym and everything seemed normal. When I got up closer to the dorms, though, I noticed something on the front lawn. It was completely dark out now so I was about 2 meters away before I realized what it was. In front of me in the middle of the lawn was a completely naked blond cheerleader. She was held to an X frame by leather straps at her wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, and even one around her stomach. There also seemed to be a bright red rubber ball held in pace by a leather strap.
Stunned I stumbled backwards, tripped, and hit my head on the concrete sidewalk.

When I woke up my head was pounding. I was lying on my back, and when I reached to rub my head I found that I could not move my hands at all. For that matter I couldn't move my legs or back either. Even my neck was held in place by something. All of a sudden a spotlight came on. A female voice asked me what I had been doing there. I replied that I had just been going for a walk when I saw something on there front lawn. She told me that I should not have nosed in on there initiation. I started to feel myself get tilted upright. By then I noticed that all of my clothes were also gone. 

As I was trying to get my bearings and figure out where I was the spotlight went off and some regular lighting came on. I was in a huge room that was furnished as though it were a dungeon, with various machines around the walls, none of them looking all that pleasant. Also hung on the walls were hundreds of different whips, chains, paddles, masks, cuffs suits and lots of other things that I didn't recognize. Surrounding me were nearly 40 girls, all of them wearing suits of either latex or leather. I was strapped to an X frame just like the girl on the front lawn had been. 

As I was looking around one of the girls stepped forward. She was wearing a leather catsuit with built in 4" stiletto heels. She had red hair and large round breasts. The thing that stood out the most though was that with the heels she stood around 6'5", a good 3" taller than my 6'2". She walked up to me and said "We have all agreed that for being so nosy you should be punished. We also decided that it would not just be a quick punishment. You see our sorority has always had a slave, but for the last month we have been without because he graduated. If you do not wish to be our slave and try to leave or switch schools, pictures that have already been taken and more that will be taken will be sent to not only everyone that we know, but also everyone that we got off of your email list. At this point I started to get angry and demanded that I be let go at once.

While I had been yelling someone slipped behind me, and when I stopped to catch a breath they jammed a rounded cylinder into my mouth and buckled it around my head. It was about 3" long and just as wide keeping any sound at all from coming out. I soon realized that it was shaped like a dick but by then it was to late to push it out as much as I tried. By the time I had settled down the red headed girl, who I later heard called Jess by one of the other girls, had gone over to the wall, and had picked up an exceptionally nasty looking whip. It had a leather handle from which came 9 bands of leather each around a meter long. She came over to me and told me that whether or not I was punished depended entirely on me. Then she started using the whip on me.

Starting off lightly but then getting harder and harder until it was even cutting the skin in some places. She never hit the same place twice leaving a criss-crossing pattern of blood red welts on my body. After about 5 minutes of extreme pain she stopped. By then all of my energy was gone and I was just hanging on the frame. Four of the girls came over and undid the straps. Then they half dragged/half lead me over to a stand that looked a lot like a sawhorse. Each of my arms were strapped to one of the front legs and the same thing was done to my back legs, and my gag was changed to a double ended one. Soon I felt something probing at my back door, and I realized that they were lubing up my very tight hole. I couldn't believe it they were actually going to do me with a strap-on. I tried as hard as I could to get free, but all it resulted in was 2 more straps around my back, my neck being strapped up, and 50 more lashes with the whip. 

Before I knew it I was being ridden at both ends, one girl humping my face and the other one on my ass. As soon as one girl would finish another would take her place. This went on for what seemed like hours. I was finally released from the sawhorse and let go without my clothes. By the time I got back to my own room it was 2 in the morning and I fell right asleep. When I woke up in the morning I thought it was all a dream, until I found a note on the computer telling me to be back at the dorms tonight at 9:00, and restating the previous nights warning about the pictures. I decided that my life had definitely taken a turn for the interesting. 

By JayJaybound

story continues in part two