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Storycodes: M/f; bond; petgirl; chain; collar; outdoors; cell; sex; cons; XX

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Authors Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1. We continue with Maggie’s story and her kink, puppy play. And we’re going back to Gran and Leon’s farm – bear with me through the first few paragraphs as I establish characters and place.


Chapter 47: Puppy Maggie Finds an Owner

Leon had been a farmer all his life, and since he had married Lou, who the family called Gran, they had two adjacent farms to keep up with. Leon knew, at 70, that he couldn’t farm the land himself, so he quickly leased his and Lou’s fields to another farmer in the county who was happy to cultivate them. His old farmhouse Leon rented to a young man whose family he had known for years. Stewart had gone to the University of Alabama and studied agriculture and farm management but seemed content to run a small contracting and handyman service. Leon and Gran both liked him and used his services around their house and farm for anything they could no longer handle due to age. Of course, Bob and Fred, Gran’s son-in-law and Grandson-in-law were both willing to help with chores or projects when they were around. But there was still a lot to keep Stewart busy around the place and it seemed he was always there one or two days a week. It didn’t hurt that Gran fed him a home cooked meal anytime he was around.

Leon loved to duck hunt. He had three shotguns, two of them antiques. In his heyday he had four bird dogs that he had trained himself. But nowadays he didn’t go out hunting much and was down to one, elderly bird dog, Buster.

Buster was a working dog. Leon loved him, in a way, but bird dogs weren’t pets, they weren’t coddled, they were trained and took their pleasure in the work of pointing out the birds and retrieving the birds. So, at his old place, the one he now rented to Stewart, he had several chain link dog enclosures, and that’s where he kept Buster. But Leon was getting tired of driving the mile and a half back and forth to his place every day to check on his dog. Oh, Stewart would feed him if Leon was busy, but Leon liked to care for Buster himself. Plus, Stewart just didn’t know how to exercise and train Buster.

So, Leon drew up plans, made a couple of runs to the local Home Depot, hired Stewart and together they built a couple of brand-new dog enclosures behind the barn. They also built an exercise run next to the barn. Gran asked Leon why he built TWO enclosures, because she sure wasn’t going to let him get another dog! Leon answered that chain link fence comes in 100-foot rolls and it only takes 36 feet to make an enclosure. Men.

Buster sure liked his new enclosure; it was MUCH nicer than the one at Leon’s old place. Each enclosure was eight feet long and four feet wide. The back four feet were cement with a drain in the middle and all the galvanized poles were set in cement. The front four feet were nice soft dirt. The walls were seven feet tall because one foot of the 8-foot-tall fence was buried so Buster couldn’t dig under the fence. The top was also made of chain link with a tarp spread over it and strapped down. Everything was wired together with tightly twisted fence wire that took heavy pliers to manipulate. There was a 4 by 6-foot gate at the end, and a standpipe with a hose between the gates for water. Leon had even rigged up an auto fill water dish.

Clair had seen the new kennel enclosures for the first time a few months before she gave Maggie her kennel adventure at the shelter. So, when she realized her new friend Maggie wouldn’t be happy unless she had a regular outlet for her kink, she immediately thought of Leon’s new kennels.

The next weekend, when Clair and Fred were visiting the farm for one of the family’s ‘separate but equal’ bondage weekends, (See chapter 33) Clair brought up the subject at dinner. It was a fairly typical Saturday dinner. All the women were wearing bathrobes. Gran had moved her chair away from the table so she could stand and eat. Leon had used a particularly nasty strap on her ass this afternoon and she just didn’t feel like sitting. Jill’s hands were cuffed behind her back where they had been all day. Her husband Bob was feeding her between bites off his own plate. Clair was wearing a thick, heavy collar with a leash hanging down into her lap. Just a typical Saturday night at Gran’s farm after a day of bondage play.

“Leon,” Clair began, “I met a new friend last month, a fellow volunteer at the Dog Shelter. I think you guys would like her! Her name is Maggie.”

Leon just nodded with interest, but Gran chimed in, “Clair, I’m amazed that you have time to keep up with all your schoolwork, your apartment and still have time to volunteer at that Shelter.”

“Well, Gran,” Clair replied while looking at her husband, “Fred won’t let me have a pet!”

“Someone who’s about to spend the night in some very uncomfortable bondage shouldn’t be telling half-truths, you know the reason I won’t let you have a pet is because they are not allowed in married housing.” Fred grinned, glad to have an excuse for what he would do to his wife later, not that he needed an excuse.

“Details, details,” Clair laughed, “can we get back to my friend Maggie? It seems she has a fetish for being treated like a dog.”

“I’ve seen some porn along those lines,” Clair’s mom Jill chimed in, “but I’ve never met anyone with that fetish, does she like, wear a dog costume?

“Not exactly,” Jill explained, “Your fetish and hers have a lot in common, she likes to be caged, leashed, and treated like a dog for long periods of time. Or at least she thinks that’s what she wants, she’s only tried it once for 12 hours.”

“And something tells me,” said Clair’s father Bob, “that you have firsthand knowledge of this. You two aren’t getting in trouble are you!”

“I’ll admit, it was a little risky, but she was obsessed and going to do something by herself, I just provided a safety net. But no,” Clair emphasized, “I told her we couldn’t risk it again.”

Everyone else at the table had pretty much figured out that Clair had locked Maggie up at the Shelter, but Gran asked, “Risk what?”

But Leon had jumped ahead of all of them, “Clair, I’m not locking your friend up in my kennel. I’m old enough to be her grandfather, beside… “and he pointed at Gran.

Gran finally put the pieces together, “Oh dear, no, that wouldn’t be at all appropriate.”

The table was quiet for a while, then Clair asked, “Well, could I borrow that extra kennel occasionally, you know, to lock her up for a Saturday or so.”

Gran and Leon looked at each other, then Gran who, although she was sexually submissive to Leon, really wore the pants in their new family, answered, “I think that would be OK, but you’ll have to take care of Buster while Maggie is back there. I don’t want Leon behind the barn while some 20 something, cute, naked girl is caged up back there.”

“Oh Lou,” Leon smiled, “I can barely keep up with you! I don’t want some young girl in a cage.”

“Does Maggie have a beau?” Gran asked?

“Not that I’m aware of.” Clair answered, “Why?”

“Is she straight?” Gran continued, ignoring Clair’s question.

“Well, she didn’t hit on me, but I didn’t ask.” Clair replied, then asked again, “Why?”

“And you think this Maggie wants to try a dog’s life for longer than just a Saturday?” Gran continued asking.

“Yea, she made that pretty clear.” Clair replied.

Gran turned to Leon, “What about Stewart?”

“Hmmm.” Leon thought out loud, “I know he’s expressed curiosity, but do you think he’s kinky enough for this?”

“Only one way to find out.” Gran answered confidently.

Clair had completely lost control of the conversation and was confused, “What’s going on?”

“Stewart, our handyman, who rents Leon’s old house.” Gran replied with an attitude that indicated she thought Clair had met and knew Stuart.

“Yea, I know Stewart.” Clair declared, “What’s he got to do with Maggie?”

“Your Gran’s playing matchmaker.” Jill interjected.

“I just thought they should meet.” Gran said defensively. “Stuart’s single, straight, about your age, very nice, and non-judgmental. Leon and I trust him. And he’s obviously kink-curious, he’s aware of what goes on in this family, how could he be around this farm all the time and not notice things. We’re private in our activities but I think he’s figured it out and is just too much of a gentleman to ask a lot of questions. In any event, Leon can talk to him and see if he’d like to meet Maggie and we can see where it goes.”

“Me?” Leon protested, “You’re the matchmaker.”

Leon was always a quiet, confident man. But as he aged, he became even more direct and blunt in his conversations. When you get old enough, you stop worrying about what people will think and just speak your mind. So, when Stuart came over with a truckload of feed for Gran’s horse Henry, Gran offered to fix him a sandwich for lunch. Stuart never passed up free food and as they all shared lunch on the porch, Leon just said, “Our granddaughter Clair knows a girl she thinks you should meet.”

“Clair says she’s very nice, attractive, about your age and single. They volunteer together at the Animal Shelter in Chain.” Gran added, trying to be a little less blunt.

“She’s also apparently kinky,” Leon added, “wants to be locked up in one of my kennels naked and treated like a dog.”

“LEON!!!” Gran protested, “too much too fast! Let him get to know the girl before you scare him to death.”

“Well,” Leon argued, “he needs to know what he’s getting into.”

Stuart was just a little shocked. More by Leon’s blunt description than by the fact a friend of Clair’s was interested in some form of BDSM. He just smiled. “This would certainly be interesting,” he thought.

Staying somewhat formal, Stewart defused the daggers Gran was shooting at Leon by saying, “I would be pleased to meet any friend of your family’s Lou!”

“Oh great, I’ll see when she can come for dinner!” Gran replied with a smile.

“Um, Lou,” Stuart interjected, “that might put a bit too much pressure on the situation. Our generation tends to meet for a first date for coffee at a public place like Starbucks. It’s short, so if it’s obviously not a match you don’t have to make excuses, it’s public so it’s safe, and it’s cheap so both can pay their own way. Why don’t I call Clair and get her number.”

And so it was that, after a short conversation with Stuart including assurances that he would enjoy meeting Maggie, even if nothing came of it, Stuart called Maggie and they did meet for coffee. And then they met for dinner, and then dinner and a movie, and then one Friday night, dinner and… well, let’s just say they went back to the place Stewart rented from Leon and the next morning he made her breakfast.

“So, how are the eggs?” Stewart asked.

“Nice and soft, just the way I like them. Of course, I do like some things hard.” Maggie said as she noticed Stewart was starting to tent his pajama bottoms. Stewart had been looking at the outline of Maggie’s breast pushing out the t-shirt he had loaned her to wear. “Is that a breakfast sausage I see or do you like women in t-shirts.”

Stewart grinned and sat down to eat with Maggie, “I like you in a tight t-shirt. Want to take a shower later?” Now it was Maggie’s turn to grin.

It had only been a couple of weeks, but Stewart had decided he really liked Maggie. Perhaps it was time he popped the big question. “So, Maggie, Leon told me that you want to be locked up in his dog kennel?”

Although Stewart said this in the most non-judgmental tone of voice he could muster, Maggie kept staring at her plate. Was she ready to discuss this with Stewart? She really liked him, kink or not. She really didn’t want to mess this budding relationship up. While she was forming an answer Stewart was getting nervous with the silence.

“Hea,” he said quickly, “we don’t have to talk about it. But consider this, Leon told me a week before I first met you and I’m still here, aren’t I? I like you Maggie, and I just want to understand and to be what you need me to be.”

“I’m such a freak!” Maggie said, finally looking up at Stewart.

“Cutest freak I’ve ever met!” Stewart said sincerely.

“You’re sweet,” Maggie replied, “but you don’t think it’s weird?”

“Naw, I’ve lived in Chain Alabama my whole life and I keep discovering more and more people who are into various types of BDSM. In my construction business I’ve had people hire me to build all kinds of things. Just last month I had a client ask me to put a tile floor, with drain, in his hall closet, then change the door to a steel door instead of the hollow core wood door that was there. He said it was because he wanted to keep wine in there.” And Stewart laughed. “I asked him if I should also bolt some large eye bolts into the walls, to help hold up the shelves.

And I don’t want to speak out of turn, it’s their business, but you must know that your friend Clair’s whole family are, as you put it, ‘freaks.’”

“Yea, I gathered as much,” Maggie agreed, “Clair helped me understand that being tied up, locked up, whatever, is just another form of surrendering control to someone you trust. It probably stems from our insecurities about relationships and sex, if I’m tied up, I can’t screw up, I’m not at fault. I just know I get really wet when I imagined myself totally controlled like a dumb animal in a cage.” As she was saying this Maggie’s voice dropped to near a whisper and she looked back down at her plate.

“Well,” Stewart replied, “I know one woman who didn’t seem insecure when she was riding my cock cowgirl style last night!”

“So, I know we’ve only dated a few times, and only slept together once, but could you trust me enough to try something this morning?” Stewart asked.

“Sure,” Maggie grinned, “what do you have in mind?”

The old kennels where Leon had kept Buster before he built the new Kennels over at Gran’s farm had been torn down. They were falling down anyway and had been made of lumber and chicken wire, not metal poles and chain link fence like the new ones. Plus, Stewart had no idea, when he tore them down, that he would one day wish he hadn’t. But Leon’s yard did still have the remains of a pig sty. It was about a 20 X 20-foot area, mostly dirt that turned to mud when it rained. It was surrounded by a wood plank fence mounted on 4-inch fence poles. It wouldn’t keep a human in, but he had an idea.

“I’ll be right back! You enjoy your breakfast.” Stewart said as he ducked into the bedroom to get dressed.

“Finished with breakfast?” Stewart asked when he returned a few minutes later. When Maggie nodded, he continued, “Then follow me.”

First, he led Maggie, wearing just his t-shirt and barefoot, through the back door of the kitchen, across the back yard and into the barn. He knew there was an old logging chain coiled up in a corner and that the toolbox contained a drawer with half a dozen various sizes of padlocks with the keys inserted in them. The chain had been laying in the damp dirt probably for years and was covered with rust. The padlocks weren’t much better, but Stewart made sure they actually worked before pocketing the keys on two of them.

When Maggie saw the chain, her eyes went wide. But her pussy also gushed. She wondered if Stewart could smell her, she was so wet.

“OK, this is completely uncharted territory for me,” Stewart explained, “I did talk to Leon for a little while about this stuff. But I don’t really know what you expect, or what turns you on. And I don’t want to hurt you! So, you have to promise me that you will let me know if I’m screwing up! Promise!”

“No.” Maggie said simply, while looking directly into Stewart’s face.

“OK, if you don’t want to do this, that’s cool, I can take you home in a minute.” Stewart said, a little scared that he might have blown it with Maggie and trying not to show his disappointment at not getting to spend more time with her.

“NO silly, I definitely want to do ‘this’, whatever you have in mind, I’m just never going to tell you you’re doing it wrong, because if you decide to do it to me, it’s not wrong.”

Stewart had to think about that for a minute and Maggie could see the confusion in his expression.

“Look,” she continued, “Clair helped me understand that it’s not really about a kennel, or a chain, it’s about my surrendering control, complete control, to someone I trust. In this case you!”

“Yea,” Stewart said, “you explained that. Although I don’t know how you can trust me this much after three dates.”

“Kinda surprised me too,” Maggie said quietly, then looking up in his face she added, “but I do!”

“I just don’t want to hurt you, or scare you or, well, lose you.” Steward said.

“And what if I decide I want to be hurt, and scared, and the quickest way to ‘lose me’ is to treat me like a China doll?” Maggie said, with a twinkle in her eye. Then, pointing at the chain she said, “Chain me up or lose me forever!”

“Top Gun!” Stewart laughed as he picked up the chain, “OK, off with that t-shirt!”

Stewart wrapped the chain loosely around Maggie’s waist and locked it on with the padlock. Maggie may have refused to give verbal feedback, but she had a very expressive face. She slid the chain up and down to see if she could get it over her hips and it was so loose she almost could. Her expression said “lame!” Stewart got the message and without saying anything, undid the lock and pulled the chain so tight it made indentations in Maggie’s waste. “Mmmm” she purred. OK, she was acting, just a little, but she did want to encourage Stewart. It was also delicious how the rust from the chain was rubbing off all over her waist and hands. She was already turning a filthy brown.

Stewart wrapped the end of the chain around his fist and started walking out of the barn. That surprised Maggie a little as she had figured he was going to chain her to something in the barn. Stewart walked to the pig sty, leading a naked Maggie behind, opened the gate and walked to the middle. Leon had rigged up a framework of metal pipes so he could put a tarp over the pig sty in the summer. All that was left was one four-inch galvanized pole set in the ground right in the middle of the area. Stewart didn’t know how far in the ground it was or if it was set in Cement, but he had tried to take it out once and couldn’t budge it. He wrapped the free end of Maggie’s chain around the post and locked it.

“Have fun.” He said as he walked out of the Sty, closing the gate behind him.

Stewart went back in the house and fixed another cup of coffee, then sat by the window where he could watch Maggie through the blinds. What she was doing surprised and worried him a little. But honestly, he didn’t know what to expect and he really didn’t have a plan beyond chaining her up. Time to call his mentor Leon.

Leon: Hello?

Stewart: “Hi Leon, it’s Stuart. Ummm, I need some advice.”


STEWART: “Maggie and I spent the night here last night and now she’s chained in the old pig sty and,”

Leon cut him off.

LEON: “Look son, I was happy to introduce you to the girl, and I was happy to give you some general tips on being a dom, but I’m not comfortable giving you ‘blow by blow’ advice if you know what I mean. That’s my Granddaughter’s friend.”


LEON: But you are right son, you do need a mentor. Why don’t you call Fred or Clair?”

STEWART: “OK, Thanks.”

“Well,” Stewart thought, “a man of few words.” So, he called Fred.

Stewart: “Fred, it’s Stewart, you busy?”

Fred: “Not very, what’s up.” Stewart could hear a rhythmic thud, thud, thud going on and it sounded like he was on speaker phone.

STEWART: “It sounds like you’re busy, I can call another time.”

FRED: “It’s OK, I’m just giving Clair’s bottom a sound flogging for being a brat this morning, I’m about out of wind anyway, what do you need.”

Stewart could hear Clair from the background, “Hi Stewart.”

THUD, “Ow,”

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Fred said off mike.

FRED: “OK, I’m sitting down taking a break, what did you need?”

STEWART: “Um, well Maggie and I had our third date last night and she spent the night and now she’s chained up in the back yard.”

Clair: “Way to go Stewart!” THUD, “OW!”

FRED: “So that doesn’t sound like a problem to me?” Fred said laughing.

STEWART: “Fred, I don’t know what I’m doing! I really like this girl, Fred.” Stewart sounded distressed.

FRED: “Just be yourself Stewart. When Clair and I first started playing bondage games I was terrified. The first time we seriously played I dragged her through mud then whipped her butt with my belt so hard it made angry red welts. I was horrified that I could even do such a thing. Do you know what she said to me?”

STEWART: “What?”

FRED: “She said: ‘Thank you sir for correcting me.’”

They were both quiet for a while, then Fred continued,

FRED: “Understand, I don’t think Maggie is into pain like Clair is, but I’m betting you haven’t done anything yet that would make her run. In fact, most relationships that include BDSM break up for other really stupid reasons like one is into video games and the other isn’t.”

STEWART: “But she’s out there chained to a pole and she spent a long time pulling on her chain, pulling on the lock, she even tried pulling the pole out of the ground. Then she went to the full extent of her chain and tried to reach the fence all around. She looks like she wants out.”

FRED: “Chained her in the old Pig sty I take it?”


FRED: “Great idea! I may want to borrow that location someday.”

Clair: “Yes please!” THUD, “OW!”

FRED: “I may need a minute here to go get a gag Stewart, but you’re right, she’s testing. When I restrain Clair she usually tests her bondage. Do you want to explain why to Stewart dear?”

Clair: “Oh, now I have permission to talk?” THUD, “OW! Stewart, the submissive side of my brain needs to KNOW that I’m helpless and completely in Fred’s control. It’s not enough that the logical side says, ‘that chain is unbreakable,’ or ‘that lock is solid,’ I have to KNOW it. When I’m tied up, I squirm and try as hard as I can to slip out or reach the knots until I prove to my subbie self that I can’t. Then and only then can I slip into sub-space, that quiet, calm, horny place where I can just enjoy.”

FRED: “Well said Clair, now shut up.” THUD, “OW!” “What did I do this time?” THUD, “OW!”

FRED: “Stewart, there’s not still a tarp over that pen is there?”

STEWART: “No, why?”

FRED: “Sunburn. It’s an example of what we call ‘bad pain,’ or damage. Not erotic or fun for anyone.

STEWART: “Shit, I knew I called you for a reason. I don’t think I have any sunscreen around here. I’ll run to the 7-11.”


STEWART: “What?”

FRED: “Don’t EVER leave a sub alone when they are that helpless. Once you place her in ANY type of bondage, you are 100% responsible for her health, safety and well-being. Think, ever seen wild dogs around the place? Snakes? Ever have a UPS driver come in unannounced?”

STEWART: “Ouch. Of course, you’re right, I’ll go release her right now.”

FRED: “That’s not what I’m saying Stewart.”

STEWART: “But I don’t have any sunscreen, and I can’t leave to get any? I’ll just unchain her, we’ll go get some sunscreen, then come back and start over.”

FRED: “That’ll kill the mood! Look, think man, what do pigs do to protect themselves from horse flies.”

STEWART: “Shit! Horse flies, I didn’t even think about those!”

FRED: “Focus Stewart, what do pigs do?”

STEWART: “They cover themselves in mud. OH!”

FRED: “There is a hose out there isn’t there? And Stewart, don’t go out there all apologetic. You are in charge, you planned this from the beginning, go out there and TELL her what you’re going to do. You don’t have to be all mean and stuff, you can just be yourself, but be in charge, be dominant.”

Clair: “And don’t worry, I won’t ever reveal your secrets!” THUD, “OW!”

STEWART: “Gotta go. Thanks Fred… and Clair.”

Stewart confidently strode to the standpipe next to the barn, uncoiled the hose and walked to the pig sty. “Been bothered by Horse Flies yet little piggie?” He asked.

“No Sir?” Maggie said. It just felt right to call him Sir, she really didn’t even think about it.

“Well, they will find you soon, and those little udders of yours haven’t seen much sun, wouldn’t want to get those sunburned!” Stewart said.

Maggie had been watching that hose nozzle the whole time, she remembered all too well when Clair had sprayed a naughty puppy in the kennel! At first, she couldn’t figure out what that hose, flies and the sun had to do with each other. But then Stewart started wetting down the dirt all over the pen. Mostly he concentrated around the pole Maggie was leaning up against and would occasionally flick the water across her. He stood there for a long time, silently, just playing a steady stream of water on the ground.

Finally, when there were standing puddles of water all around the pole Maggie was chained to and the rest of the dirt in the pen was wet, Stewart said, “OK little piggie, now when those flies start to bite or when the sun starts to burn those tender udders, or your rump (Stewart was proud of himself for using the term for a pig’s ass) you can cover yourself in mud like a good little piggie. But be sure to get it ALL over you, those horse flies can find even the smallest unprotected places and they really like wet, warm places.

Maggie had been bitten by horse flies more than once over the years and she shuddered at the thought of being bitten in a ‘warm wet’ place.

Stewart really enjoyed the show as Maggie started vigorously scooting across the mud, squishing it up between her legs, then laid down face first and started to roll in it, first with her arms at her side, then with her arms over her head. The chain wound up around her waist, so she had to roll the other way to unwind it.

“Worst bite I ever had,” Stewart said conversationally, “was on my ear. Or maybe it was the one in may scalp.”

Maggie got the message and started rubbing her head, face, neck, and hair in the deepest of the puddles.

Stewart was getting an erection. “Damn, this is fun to watch,” he thought. “Mean but fun. And Maggie seems to be enjoying herself. When she realized what I was going to make her do she had a big smile on her face and looked at me with what looked like adoration. This might not be so hard after all.“

Stewart wet down the pen one more time, being careful not to wash any of the mud off Maggie. She was a mess. Muddy water was running off her hair, her face looked like she just had a mud facial, and the mud on her body was already starting to dry and cake. She had never looked prettier to him. He took out his phone and took several photos… was she posing?

Stewart went back to the house to get a bottle of water. Fred’s admonitions were still ringing in his ears. He was getting thirsty out in the sun, and it didn’t take a bondage master to figure out Maggie probably was too. He was responsible for her, she needed water. But when he came back out of the kitchen door with a plastic bottle in his hand, he stopped. Maggie was masturbating. The fingers of her left hand had spread her labia, and the index finger of her right hand were slowly squishing the mud around her clit.

Stewart dashed back inside and called Fred. Fred answered on speaker phone again and Stewart could hear another rhythmic sound, but this was more of a squishy sound than a thud.

Stewart: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, sounds like you’re getting head? Call me back when you get time.”

Clair: “It’s not my mouth he’s in Stewart, it’s a much tighter and more painful hole he’s in at the moment.” SMACK, “OW!”

Fred: “Sorry Stewart, she’s being unusually bratty this morning, I think she’s in for a long day of re-training.”

Clair: “Promises, promises.” SMACK, “OW!”

Fred: “I’ve got quite a while before I’m cumming, how did the mud go?”

Stewart: “Great I think, it must have been great because now she’s masturbating?”

Stewart could hear Clair chuckle between grunts.

Fred: “And you don’t know what to do about that?”

Stewart: “Should I do anything? What will she expect? Should I allow it?”

Fred: “What she will expect is for you to be in charge. You can A) let her enjoy her orgasm, knowing that she won’t enjoy as much sexual tension the rest of the day. B) take a chair out there, make her face you and jill off while you make comments about what a piggie slut she is. Then make her tell you when she’s cumming. In other words, humiliate her. Or C) threaten her with the hose if she doesn’t stop and make her wait. Cold water can be a real turn off.”

Stewart: “Thanks Fred, gotta go again.”

As he headed out the door with one of the kitchen chairs, Stewart knew exactly what he was going to do, B) and C).

Stewart set the chair down right outside the fence, sat down and picked the garden hose up, placing the nozzle in his lap. He didn’t say anything at first, just watched.

Maggie thought about stopping, but she was so turned on. Having Stewart watch was making her even hotter.

When Stewart saw her fingers picking up the pace, he started his verbal abuse.

“Is my piggie having fun?” He asked.

Maggie didn’t realize he really expected an answer.

“I asked if my piggie is having fun? Does the piggie need the cold-water hose?”

“No Sir,” Maggie answered quickly. “This feels so good sir.”

“That doesn’t sound like a piggie to me? Grunt for me little piggie!” Stewart said.

Maggie made an “Uhhh” sound as much from her cunt and the sensations she was feeling as from deep in her throat.

“Is my piggie a slut?” he asked. “Uhhh” she grunted, another grunt flowing up from her cunt.

“Does my piggie slut want an orgasm?” He asked. “Tell me how much you want it, ‘oink’ for me.”

Maggie started making a series of the most pitiful ‘oink’ sounds Stewart could imagine as the pace of her fingers got faster and faster.

“STOP” Stewart shouted and he hit Maggie right in the cunt with a narrow stream of cold water.

The shock of the shouted command, the water and being told to stop almost brought Maggie to tears.

“My Piggie WILL NOT cum without permission. I intend to breed my piggie right here in this mud pit later and I want her wet and ready for me! Do not touch yourself again without permission. Recover that cunt with mud. Do you understand!”

“Yes Sir,” Maggie stammered, shaking from the sudden shift from almost cumming to being yelled at.

“Does my SOW understand?” Stewart asked forcefully.

“Oink. Oink” Maggie said, beginning to get her smile back.

As Stewart walked away Maggie thought, “Did he say ‘breed?’ I told him last night I was on birth control so he’s just messing with me. Still, the thought of being bred like a farm animal in a pen is hot!” and Maggie realized her fingers were drifting towards forbidden territory again and stopped herself. She realized she wasn’t really afraid of the cold water; she didn’t want to disobey or disappoint Steward. “Hmm,” she thought, “that was interesting.”

The rest of the day went slowly. Yes, Stewart left her chained in the pen, naked, covered in mud till late afternoon. He went out about every hour to make her drink water and made her thank him by oinking. He also added water to the mud from time to time. She spent most of the time sitting in the mud, spinning fantasy after fantasy about her and Stewart and concentrating on NOT letting her fingers stray. It was hard!

Stewart, meanwhile, was having just as hard a time not jerking off as he watched her out the window. The one thing that helped was that Fred forwarded a big list of website links that Clair’s father had sent him when they first started playing. Some of them were about BDSM terminology, but the important ones were about Consent, the difference between Safe, Sane, Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink, and general safety. There was also stuff about the best types of rope, links to equipment and toy suppliers, etc. By the end of the day, Stewart was feeling much more confident about this BDSM stuff. At least he knew what he didn’t know. And he was ready to have a LONG and Deep conversation with Maggie.

And yes, he did breed his sow shortly before dinner time. Stewart had her on her hands and knees of course, which meant that he had to get down on his knees in the mud, but it was worth it. He stripped naked too and hung his clothes over the pen fence. Maggie watched him with an intensity that was electric. Stewart’s penis shot out of his shorts to perfect attention. Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off it. She appreciated that he used the dreaded hose to make sure her cunt was free of dirt and grit, inside and out, before he entered her. He wondered, just for a minute, if he should have brought the lube out, but despite being hosed out just moments before, Maggie was creaming profusely.

“Oink for me every time I thrust.” He demanded, and she did, enthusiastically. And as the pace of the Oinking increased, he knew he would come before her, so he ordered her to put her snout in the mud and her fingers on her piggy clit. He still came before her, but not by much as she was rubbing furiously as she let out one long OIIIINNNNKKKK, as she felt him unload in her.

They both collapsed in the mud panting. Then Maggie broke character, “And I thought I wanted to be a puppy?”


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