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Authors Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1. I’m introducing a new character, Maggie, and a new kink, puppy play. Except with my fascination with captivity, caging, etc. puppy play for me isn’t about dressing in latex, or wearing leather masks that look like snouts, or playing all cute while begging for a bone (all valid kinks, just not mine). My story is about… caging puppies.

Oh, and if you’re expecting to have animals involved in actual sex acts, no, not happening. Animals can’t consent.


Chapter 46: Puppy Maggie

Clair and Fred rarely disagreed and almost never argued. In fact, Clair couldn’t remember a time when she or Fred had raised their voices to each other. But they did have a respectful disagreement about pets. Clair wanted a dog; Fred would compromise on a goldfish.

“We can’t keep up with a pet while we’re in college. Besides, The Married Dorm is no place for a pet,” He would argue.

Clair didn’t like adulting, but she did have to agree. So, she did the next best thing to owning a pet, she volunteered at the local no-kill adoption shelter. The only problem was, they REALLY needed people on the night shift. Two volunteers came in about 5 PM when the regular staff and volunteers were leaving and stayed until 8am the next morning. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds because they had a small ‘dorm room’ where volunteers could sleep yet still hear the animals if there was a ruckus. So, Clair got to play with and pet all the animals she wanted from 5 to bedtime. She fed them, walked them, but mostly just loved on them. Fred agreed it was a good compromise, even if it did mean he had to sleep alone one night a week.

Clair’s usual companion on her volunteer night was Maggie Mae, who, to Clair’s amusement explained that her parents had been big Rod Stewart fans, but she asked to be called Maggie. Maggie was a slip of a girl who didn’t seem to have much personality at all. Oh, she was pleasant enough, and was great with the animals, she just didn’t interact much, rarely smiled, and had no sense of humor. Clair, being pretty much of a smart ass Clair discovered she had to tone it down around Maggie or it went right over her head. Add to this personality, or lack thereof, the fact that she was about five feet, 100 lbs with a very short haircut and you had a pretty bland package. But Clair did her best to be nice to Maggie.

The shelter consisted of an office area with a reception area & two offices, a kitchen/break-room and a small room off the kitchen with three cots. Off the middle of the offices was a long hallway with 8 enclosures on each side for a total of 16. At the end of the hallway was a food prep area. Each enclosure was about 10 ft. long and six feet wide, cement floor and a drain. There was a hose in the hallway that would reach all of the enclosures to wash them out. The enclosures were made entirely of galvanized chain link fence with a gap of about a foot between each enclosure to keep the dogs from biting each other. The first enclosure had 12 cages for cats, bunnies and other small animals stacked on shelves along one side of the enclosure.

On about their third night working together, Clair went back into the kennels about 10 PM to make one last check. She noticed Maggie was standing in front of one of the empty kennels, just staring in. At first, Clair assumed there was a dog in there that Maggie was watching but as she got closer, she noticed it was empty.

“Did you see a rat?” Clair asked? Maggie jumped, “huh? Oh, no, just zoned out I guess.” But Clair noticed she looked embarrassed and walked off quickly.

The same thing happened at random times over the next few nights they worked together. Clair would enter the kennel area and notice Maggie, standing motionless, staring into an empty cage, never a full one. Clair had a suspicion, knowing her Mom’s fetish for being locked in a cell, that she knew what was going on. But if Maggie didn’t want to talk about it, well, that was Maggie’s business.

There were several weeks where Clair and Maggie weren’t scheduled on the same night but then on a Wednesday evening their schedules hit together. Maggie was her usual non-talkative self and just went about caring for the animals until bedtime. About 2am, Clair got up to take a pee. She tried to quietly open the door to keep from waking Maggie, but then Clair realized Maggie wasn’t in her cot. Clair had an idea where to find her but first she had to stop by the restroom near the office to pee.

Without turning on any lights, Clair slowly and quietly made her way into the Kennel area. She knew that number 5 was the only enclosure empty so that’s where she headed. Sure enough, stacked just outside of number 5 was a pile of clothes. As Clair got closer, in the dim light she could see Maggie, sitting cross legged, facing away from the closed gate, naked.

Clair stood there for a while, breathing quietly, trying to decide how to handle this. It really wasn’t an appropriate use of Shelter facilities, even though Clair personally had no problem if Maggie wanted to be locked in a dog cage. Clair considered scolding Maggie. She considered just walking away and pretending it never happened. She even considered going back to the office and getting a padlock, to lock Maggie in for a few hours. Clair didn’t get a chance to do any of that. Maggie sensed her presence, knew the two of them were the only ones in the building and just said, “Oh shit!”

Maggie’s body stiffened but she didn’t turn around or say anything else so being her usual snarky self, Clair said, “Well actually, that’s why I’m up, not shit, but I had to pee.”

Maggie didn’t get Clair’s sense of humor, and just started crying.

The caregiver in Clair came out and she entered the enclosure, sat down next to Maggie on the dirty floor and put her arm around her. Neither woman said anything for several minutes just sitting in the dark, Maggie quietly crying. Finally, Maggie said “I’m such a freak, please don’t report me, I really do like helping with the animals. I just can’t stop thinking about being locked in here for days. I’m such a freak!”

Clair let Maggie go on for a while until she calmed down. Clair was a little surprised Maggie didn’t try to cover herself, she seemed to be completely comfortable naked, just not being a ‘freak’ as she put it.

“I’m not going to tell anybody about this,” Clair explained. “You can relax. We can be freaks together. You want to see my butt? My husband tied me over one of our kitchen chairs last night and made pretty patterns on my ass with different kitchen implements. The Red marks are still visible.”

“Did you call the police?” Maggie said with alarm, as she looked at Clair with concern.

“No, I suggested that if he was going to hit me that hard, he had better tie me to something stronger than a chair. I also suggested he carve his initials in my ass with the tip of a paring knife, but Fred has no interest in permanent markings.”

It took a while for the implications of Clair’s words to sink in. After a minute Maggie asked, “You like that stuff?”

“Oh yes,” Clair said enthusiastically, “I bet I’m as obsessed with bondage and pain as you are with being locked in a cage.”

Maggie looked at Clair with wide eyes, “I’m such a freak!”

“Well, freak, you want to try this for real?” Clair asked.

“What do you mean?” Maggie replied.

“Just what I said. You’re obviously trying to figure out what turns you on and why. So, I can let you have an experience. They keep a few padlocks back in the office for when they have valuable animals in the facility. I can lock you in until about 7 am.” Clair explained.

Maggie suddenly looked scared. Clair quickly added, “It’s OK, only if you want to experience being locked in here. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I’m not scared of being locked in here,” Maggie explained, “I’m afraid of what I’ll discover.”

“I get that, I do,” declared Clair, “I’ve been where you are. I had to come to terms with my love of bondage and pain. But I tell you from experience, you can’t deny who you are. And if you don’t embrace opportunities to experiment you may never know what you missed. Plus, you aren’t nearly the freak you think you are. There are a lot of us freaks out there, I can help you meet some.”

“I don’t know…” Maggie looked down.

“I’m going to ask you something personal, you don’t have to answer but I’m not asking to judge you, I hope you’ll trust me and answer truthfully.” Clair said carefully.

Maggie nodded.

“Have you masturbated in here, tonight? Did you cum?” Clair asked.

Maggie considered not answering, but she was pretty sure Clair already knew the answer. “Yes.”

“OK,” Clair said, “Here’s what I’m going to propose: Let’s call this a night and go back to our cots. You can think about what you really want. I’m going to email you some URL’s tomorrow that should help you realize you aren’t alone.”

“OK” Maggie said as she started to rise.

Clair continued as they walked out of the enclosure, “I’m on the schedule for next Wednesday, are you?”

“Yes,” Maggie confirmed.

“Good, then if you’re game, let's plan on you spending all night locked in here on Wednesday.”

“Oh god!” Maggie sounded like she was in pain. “I don’t know! I’m such a freak.”

“Stop saying that!” Clair laughed, “You have all week to think about it and you can tell me Wednesday. But know this, it’s a one-time offer. And if you decline, you have to agree not to do these little experiments by yourself again, another volunteer might not understand.”

“OK.” Maggie said and then went back to her silent self.

The next Wednesday, when the last of the day staff left about 6 PM, and they were alone, Clair got right to the point, “So, are we doing this!”

“One question,” Maggie asked, “why did you ask me if I had jilled off last week?”

Clair was ready for a range of questions she expected Maggie to ask. She was expecting, “how long will I be locked up?” “Will I be naked?” What if somebody else comes?”

“It’s simple, this is a sexual thing we’re about to do,” Clair explained and then continued when Maggie’s eyes went wide. “Oh, I won’t touch you, but masturbating is still sex. If you had already had your fun, so to speak, then locking you up last week wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun for you, or me. Wait until you see what I borrowed from my mom for the evening.”

Maggie’s mouth dropped open. That one word ‘Mom’ had caused her brain to freeze.

Clair looked at her, smiled, reached her hand out under Maggie’s chin and closed her mouth.

“Yes, Mom and Dad are freaks too!” Clair explained, “We don’t play together but they have an impressive collection of toys and let me borrow stuff from time to time.

Clair then pulled out Jill’s mitts, the ones her husband Bob or her keeper Helen make her wear when she is caught masturbating without permission. They are heavy leather mitts that lock around the wrist. They have a rough, sandpaper finish outside that makes ‘rubbing one off’ a painful and frustrating impossibility.

“If you’re up for tonight, you won’t be getting off until I say you can thanks to these beauties.” Clair explained.

Clair then went to the wall where pegs contained a wide range of types and sizes of dog collars and leashes. She selected one she figured would fit Maggie’s slim neck. As she turned around with the collar in her hand, Maggie’s eyes went wide, and her mouth dropped open again.

“I may have to tape that mouth closed if it’s going to keep dropping open like that!” Clair joked.

Maggie’s mouth snapped shut, but her eyes stayed wide.

“So, are we doing this?” Clair asked.

Maggie slowly nodded.

“Maggie, my husband, and our circle of kinky friends are big on consent. I need to hear you say it specifically. Say ‘Yes, please lock me in an animal enclosure all night, naked, wearing those mitts and a dog collar.” Clair instructed.

Maggie looked at Clair for a while then said “Clair, please lock me in an enclosure, till morning, naked, wearing those things.” Maggie said pointing at the mitts and collar.

“Close enough,” declared Clair, “come back to the sleeping area and strip!”

Maggie started peeling off her t-shirt as they walked down the hall. Clair was again struck by Maggie’s lack of modesty. “Maggie, for someone who’s so worried she’s a freak, you certainly don’t have a problem getting naked!”

“Oh, yea, I grew up with parents who took us to a nudist colony in Florida for weekends and vacations.” Maggie explained, “and we almost never wore clothes around the house in the summer. I can’t remember how many times my sisters and I got in trouble for taking our clothes off in Kindergarten.”

By the time they reached the sleeping room, Maggie was already naked and stacked her clothes and shoes on her cot. On their way back through the office, Clair picked up a padlock, made sure the key fit then stopped Maggie at the door to the kennels.

“Hold your hands out.” Clair instructed and she slipped the mitts over Maggie’s hands and locked them on with the built-in luggage type locks. Next, she wrapped the dog collar around Maggie’s neck and clipped on a leash. The collar didn’t lock on, but there was no way Maggie could undo the buckle to get it off while wearing the mitts. Just to put Maggie into ‘Dog space’, Clair ordered, “Down on all fours, now!”

Maggie hadn’t expected that, but dropped immediately to her knees and, as Clair started walking slowly down the aisle between the kennels, Maggie followed on all fours.

Of course, all the dogs in the kennels came to the gates to watch the humans pass by. They always did this, in case the humans had a treat, or planned to pet them, but this time Maggie was SURE they were all looking at her. Being paraded in front of her fellow animals, being led on a leash, crawling so slowly behind Clair who was all but ignoring her and talking to the dogs as they went; it all pushed Maggie farther into ‘dog space.”

When they reached the next to the last Kennel on the left, Clair opened the chain link gate and led Maggie inside. She momentarily unclipped the leash from Maggie’s collar, wrapped the loop at the end through the Chain link at the side of the kennel about knee high and pulled the end through the loop, fixing the end of the leash through the fence. She then clicked the leash back on Maggie’s collar. Again, there was no lock, but also no way Maggie could release the simple spring-loaded clip from the collar with her fingers and thumbs in the mitts. The leash was about six feet long, it wouldn’t stop Maggie from reaching most of the enclosure, but Clair clearly understood the symbolism of leaving Maggie on a leash.

Clair stepped into the aisle to get a stainless-steel dog bowl and fill it with water from the hydrant as Maggie sat back on her haunches and looked around.

“This water needs to last all night, so don’t spill it puppy!” Clair explained as she put the bowl within Maggie’s reach, “And Clair will be right back with Maggie’s kibble.”

As Clair left the enclosure, she didn’t bother locking the gate yet, she didn’t need to since Maggie was leashed to the fence.

Clair had thought about what Maggie could eat without her hands, and what would look like dog kibble. She settled on Tofu chunks mixed with finely chopped cauliflower and covered with a jar of turkey gravy. The gravy completely disguised the ingredients and since raw cauliflower is pretty tasteless, as is tofu, the only taste was the gravy. Clair had just randomly come up with this meal while grocery shopping the previous week and she was very proud of her creation. Clair dumped the ingredients into another stainless-steel bowl and mixed them up. She then prepared the evening kibble mixtures for each of the other dogs and put all the bowls on a rolling cart.

Clair worked her way down the aisle of the Kennels presenting bowls of Kibble to each of the excited animals. When she reached Maggie, the bowl she put next to her water bowl looked almost exactly like the kibble with gravy they fed the dogs each night.

“I can’t eat that!!!” thought Maggie, “Why didn’t I think to eat before I came tonight?” Then she vowed not to touch it, as her stomach grumbled at the thought of going without dinner.

Using the tone of voice she used when talking to the other dogs Clair, as she left the enclosure said, “and this volunteer has no intention of getting out of bed tonight so don’t bother barking if you need to pee – just do it near the drain.”

“Oh!”, Maggie thought, “I should have used the restroom before I let Clair lock me up, why didn’t I think of that earlier too.” But Clair had obviously thought of it, and intentionally didn’t mention it.

As Clair locked the padlock around the gate with a resounding ‘click,’ she said, “Have a good sleep puppy Maggie, don’t disturb Clair and perhaps I’ll bring you a treat for breakfast.”

Maggie’s brain, already deep in ‘puppy space’ never even considered saying “goodnight, Clair.”

As Clair exited the Kennel area, she turned off the lights and went to sit in the office where she could play with her cell phone while keeping an eye on Maggie on the monitors. The kennel cameras could work on Infrared, but there were also a few nightlights in the hall as the dogs preferred a little light, even at night.

Maggie tested the length of her leash. Even though she was enjoying the feelings of helplessness, she still tried to manipulate the clip on the end of the leash, pulled on the leash, pushed against the enclosure gate and generally explored her captivity. With each failed test she felt more and more helpless, and more and more turned on.

As Clair watched on the monitor, she understood exactly what Maggie was experiencing. Clair had done almost the same things when Fred had first locked her in the shed at her grandmother’s farm and many other times since. She even envied Maggie just a little, although she didn’t really have a fetish for kennels in particular.

Eventually, Maggie settled down and sat down leaning up to the side fence next to her bowls. Clair had made sure that the enclosure Maggie was in was completely surrounded by full enclosures. The dogs on either side of Maggie, a couple of Poodle mixed breeds on one side and a Labrador on the other, were looking at Maggie with anticipation. They had no concept of nudity vs. clothing or that Maggie was locked in like them. Maggie was a human, humans fed them and petted them and played with them, why was Maggie just sitting there. The Lab walked right up behind Maggie on his side of the enclosure fence and barked loudly. Maggie’s ass jumped an inch off the cement floor and her heart rate doubled. She wasn’t afraid of any of the animals in the shelter, but the Lab had completely surprised her.

When she turned around and saw the happy, wagging Lab looking at her expectantly, she explained, “I’m sorry boy, I can’t pet you, or play with you. We’re in here together.”

The cameras in the kennels had microphones. During the night, the usual first indication the volunteers had of a problem was barking. So, when Clair heard this exchange she thought, “Well that’s a problem I should have thought of. A noise activated shock collar would be helpful right now. Well perhaps Clair could handle it the way the volunteers always handled barking dogs.

Clair walked back into the kennels, uncoiled the hose from the wall and walked towards Maggie’s enclosure. “You puppies need to stop making a ruckus!” Clair announced.

Maggie immediately knew what was coming. All of the volunteers had used the water hose to stop dogs from barking at each other through the fences. She started to say, “Please don’t!” to Clair but before she could get it out Clair continued, “and puppies NEVER speak English!” and then she shot a short direct stream of cold water at Maggie. The water completely took Maggie’s breath away.

But Clair was careful to keep the water from hitting Maggie’s food bowl. She also didn’t hit Maggie with that much water. Clair didn’t really want to get Maggie’s hair wet or have to get her a towel to keep her from shivering. The effect of even a quick spray on Maggie was dramatic, she reacted exactly as the dogs did. She cowered, she backed into the corner of the enclosure, she balled up, and Clair could have sworn she whimpered.

Clair was almost 100% submissive, but, every once in a while, she could enjoy being dominant with her friend Regina. And now, she let her dominant streak loose. Plus, she was convinced that Maggie wouldn’t touch her dinner and Clair was so proud of her concoction that she wanted her to eat it!

“And Puppies,” Clair said forcefully, “need their nourishment! You WILL eat all of that kibble before I come back in about an hour. If that bowl isn’t licked clean, I will soak you with this hose until you do!” And Clair hung the hose up and stormed out, a huge grin on her face as soon as she turned away where Maggie couldn’t see.

While Clair went back to the office and ate the modest sandwich she had brought and started watching Maggie on the monitor again. At first Maggie just huddled in the back corner of the enclosure where she had retreated when Clair had sprayed her. But after a few minutes she crawled out to look at the bowls. Did Clair really expect her to eat this stuff? Was it even safe for humans? It didn’t smell so bad, and the dogs seemed to like it. Would Clair really soak her with the hose? That water was COLD. How could she even eat with her hands in mitts? And then Maggie started to cry.

Clair was watching from the corner of her eye while playing with her phone and didn’t notice that Maggie was crying at first. When she did notice it was because she heard Maggie sob and sniffle a bit on the camera’s microphone. Clair was almost out the door headed to end this and comfort Maggie when she saw Maggie bend over and smell the bowl. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked the gravy. Then she licked more. Clair laughed out loud when Maggie stuck her mouth in, picked up several chunks (tofu or cauliflower, Clair couldn’t tell which) and swallowed it, almost shuddering when she did so. Maggie’s lower face and chin were covered in gravy, she was already a mess.

Maggie had started to feel sorry for herself, sitting naked on the floor of a chain link kennel enclosure. The prospect of eating, what she believed to be actual dog food, had her thinking “I’m such a freak!” again. But then she smelled it, then forced herself to stick her tongue in it. It tasted just like turkey gravy. “I always wondered what this stuff tasted like,” Maggie thought. She stuck her face in it and tasted some. Still tasted like turkey but the texture made her shudder. Some of it was crunchy and some was mushy, gross. The biggest problem was she now had gravy all over her face and no way to wash it off!

Luckily, Maggie had a very short haircut, so keeping her hair out of the bowl wasn’t a problem. “Oh, well,” she thought, “I’m in it now!” and she just plunged in, sucking the mixture into her mouth, licking the bowl and, in just a few minutes, had managed to finish almost all of it. Then it occurred to her to press the bowl between her mitts and raise it to her mouth so she could lick it. After dropping the bowl several times, she finally managed to lick it reasonably clean. She then plunged her face in her water bowl and, shaking her head just like a dog, managed to rinse her face somewhat clean.

Clair watched all this with great amusement. After Maggie finished, Clair waited ten or fifteen minutes then went back into the kennels. She picked up the end of the hose as she walked towards Maggie’s kennel.

“Let’s see that bowl puppy, push it over here with your nose!” Clair instructed.

Maggie knew she could just slide it across the floor with her mitts, but she also knew that a real dog would not do that, they would push the bowl with their nose – so that’s what she did.

“Hmmm, not as clean as I would like.” Clair said sounding disappointed and fingering the spray nozzle on the hose. Maggie, meanwhile, was scooting across the floor to curl up in the back of the kennel, just sure Clair was about to soak her with cold water. “But” Clair continued, “good enough for a new pup,” and to Maggie’s relief, turned to put the hose away and walk back to the office.

Clair spent the night dozing in the office on the couch, not willing to be away from the monitors while Maggie was locked helpless. Maggie spent the night trying to find a position on the hard cement floor that would allow her some sleep. She drank water from her bowl, she wished she had real fur to give her something to sleep on, and she generally spent a restless night trying to get comfortable. She even envied her canine neighbors who quickly drifted off to sleep. The Lab even snored!

Maggie must have slept some because sometime during the night she realized she had to pee so badly that the pressure on her bladder had woken her up. She tried her best to squat right over the drain, but it was a small metal shower drain only about 4 inches in diameter. Her urine splashed everywhere including on her ankles. “Gross,” she thought.

Clair set an alarm on her Cell phone for 6am. The staff wasn’t supposed to arrive until 8am, but the director was known as an early bird and the last thing Clair wanted was to explain why one of her volunteers was locked in an enclosure naked. This was Chain Alabama, but this wasn’t exactly authorized use of a non-profit facility. Clair thought about playing some more games with Maggie this morning but decided against it. Besides, she wanted help feeding and exercising the dogs this morning – the real dogs.

When she turned on the kennel lights, most of the dogs, anticipating breakfast, started barking welcomes and bouncing around their enclosures. But when Clair got to Maggie’s gate, Maggie was moving rather slow, having a hard time working the kinks out of her sore muscles.

“Have a good night puppy!” Clair exclaimed cheerfully, “You don’t seem to be as happy as the other puppies to see me. No bark of good morning?”

Maggie really did appreciate all that Clair had done to make her fantasy a reality, so she tried to play along “Bark, Bark, yip, yip,” she said.

Clair laughed, “OK, Maggie, fantasy’s over, let’s get you out of there so we can get cleaned up before the director gets here.”

Clair removed the leash from the side of the Enclosure and, as they started walking towards the office Clair asked, “SO… how was it? Was it what you expected?”

Maggie thought for a minute then said, “Yes… and no. It was more uncomfortable than I expected, but also very hot! But thank you SO much for everything you did to make this happen. I never thought I’d get to experience this for real.”

“You’re welcome,” Clair replied. “Let me tell you what’s going to happen now, and sorry if this is ‘too much information’ but I can assure you from experience this is exactly what will happen. One, you’ll go home, replay at least parts of the last 12 hours, and masturbate furiously to several explosive orgasms.”

Maggie blushed deeply because she had already planned her morning. “Then,” Clair continued, “you’ll tell yourself it really wasn’t worth the discomfort, you don’t really want to do it again, and you may even call yourself a ‘freak’ again. But a week or two from now you’ll start fantasizing about the experience, and thinking about what you’d like to add to it, and how you’d like to make it longer. Those fantasies will get stronger and more frequent, stronger even than they were before.

“Sadly,” Clair said firmly, “this will be the last time you use the Shelter’s facility for these games. The risk is just too great, and it’s just not right.”

Maggie just looked at Clair with sad eyes.

“But,” Clair said. “I have an idea that I’m going to work on and hopefully, before you get too desperate, I can help you work something out. Just be patient. Now, let me take off those mitts so you can clean up that face, comb your hair and get dressed. We have real dogs to take care of and I’m not doing all the morning work myself!”


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