Be Careful What You Wish For 3

by Mr Smooth

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© Copyright 2015 - Mr Smooth - Used by permission

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Part 3

It was mid afternoon or so when Dexter returned to collect me and he carried with him a transparent latex catsuit. “Mistress orders you to wear this” he said as he offered it to me. I reluctantly put on the fairly loose fitting one piece rubber outfit with built in feet and gloves and zipped it up. Now handcuffed and with a hobble chain fitted I was to taken to my rubber clad tormentor back in the dungeon area.

This time she had on a black latex catsuit on her that was so well fitting and tight that it made her seem to be more than naked. Even her head was covered this time with a full tight hood with cut-outs for her eyes and mouth. I felt the blood rush to my cock as she closed in on me smiling. “I do hope you are rested and ready to cooperate” she stated as she placed a hand on my cock rubbing it gently through my rubber clothing. “Your cock seems to be ready for it” she added as she squeezed it gently making me gasp with pleasure.

She enjoyed working me up and leaving me frustrated and she was very good at it. “I need the rest of your information” She continued “I have to know of your home alarm if you have one and how to disable it and also the whereabouts of your computer. I shook my head “Im sorry mistress you have no right asking me this and so I cannot volunteer this” Her attitude changed for daring to tell her she had no rights and a resounding slap on my face was to follow

“I am so glad you are taking this attitude, I will extract the information from you and I will now take great personal pleasure in doing it” she added with venom and continued “You know I love my work and now you have refused to tell me what I wish to know so you will now be tortured with no mercy shown” My stomach twisted inside at her threats as she now prepared to do her worst. She grasped my cock and balls tightly through the rubber and made me follow her to a wood and tubular metal frame.

My hands and feet were released by Dexter and I was directed to lie face down on the short leather padded wood board containing a suitable cutaway area that the three inch diameter tubes were fixed to. Now my arms were fastened to a long tube running across my back so that they were outstretched either side of me and a strong leather strap was wound under my armpits and back over this tube pulling me in a slightly bend position both backwards and upwards against the metal tubing. My legs were now strapped along and fixed open at ninety degrees following the two tubes set at this angle so that I was now in an open bent position.

This position that I was now in left me face forward, totally open, vulnerable and uncomfortable, but not unbearable but she was not yet finished by a long way and now produced a heavy leather cage gag affair for me to wear. This cage was fitted onto my head and buckled tightly; an open mouth leather fixture was tightly fastened to this distending my face somewhat. Now using this gag affair my whole head was pulled backwards and held there by straps now fixed to the frame behind me. I could only grunt now and spittle was already dripping from my mouth.

“I do like to see my victims in a stress position to soften them up for their forthcoming tortures” she said happily surveying her work. The whole frame with me in it was adjusted to a suitable height for her. “Something interesting for you balls now” she said as she selected a thick, heavy stainless ring and I felt her unzip my catsuit at the crutch releasing my tackle. With her amazing hands on my now naked balls she pulled them away from my body and I felt the heavy cold steel ring encircle my scrotum where she now secured it tightly leaving me with a strange but erotic feeling.

The aperture in the wood board allowed my cock and balls to hang down and clear. Retiring from this she commented “That will keep you interested as I am now about to fuck you like a helpless dog with my rubber cock and make you squirm with humiliation and degrade you” Dexter was made to slide over a gyno chair with stirrups which he left in front of me followed by a long large Mirror on a stand next to the chair for me to be able to witness my own torture, He was now dismissed.

Mistress S now selected a black strapon dildo and buckled it tightly around her waist and under her crotch. Satisfied she approached my face waving the glistening rubber cock in torment and allowing my spittle to contaminate it for a moment or two where she now returned to my rear. I could clearly see her in the mirror as she applied a liberal coating of clear lubrication gel to her cock until it dripped.

She leaned forward over me and eased the dildo into my anus. It hurt somewhat but she finally had the whole length into me. Now she began to move slowly at first thrusting and causing me to moan with humiliation and pain. As she continued her onslaught on me I looked away “Get your eyes open and watch me fuck you; you’re my fucking bitch now” she said as she slammed into me.

Soon I was sweating in my rubber suit and she also began to sweat too with her increasing violent movements as she fucked and cursed me. Oh how she enjoyed herself at my expense as she thrust into me and made me squeal with both pain and humiliation.

Finally and thankfully she was done and as she stepped away she quickly removed the dildo tossing it along with its straps onto the floor as she made her way to the chair in front of me and straddled it settling her legs wide open in the stirrups. She unzipped the crotch of her catsuit and began to toy with her beautiful naked and dripping wet pussy just inches away from me. Although just having been so abused so, the sight of this so close and clear took its toll and my cock was soon filled with blood.

She was in ecstasy now and employed a massager vigorously to herself as she moaned and vented her lust directly in front of me. Over the next few minutes she orgasmed and each time squirted her warm piss directly onto my face several times calling me names and making terrible threats as to what she would do to me later. I believed her too and dreaded what else she had in store for me but the erotic sight I had and the sounds emanating from her made my cock so hard it hurt me.

Having satiated herself she lay for a while breathing heavily. As she did this her eyes settled on me and her mouth now turned into a cruel smile which read that she was plotting something terrible. She stood and approached me leaning down her face inches away from my face which was still dripping with her warm piss, my body covered in sweat. She wiped some away gently and as she did this she spoke firmly and with real menace. “While you are in this vulnerable position and with your ass so readily open and well lubricated I offer you a choice now. Either you give me the final information I require or I will call in Dexter and let him loose on you. He will fuck you with his huge cock and I will instruct him to finish by emptying his creamy load into your mouth which will be forced and held open with a dental gag: all of this I shall enjoy watching” She continued “you will now give me what I want now, there is no second chance, no other offer, so what is it to be?”

With this threat now layed in front of me I gladly gave her the information she asked for and she then said she had someone in the UK who she would phone and they would check it out in the next few hours. She made it clear that if it was incorrect then I could look out. I gave her a promise that it was correct and she made a note of the information I was forced to hand over.

To my horror she now summoned Dexter who soon appeared. I was terrified and fearing the worst I begged her not to go ahead. She just laughed and let me squirm for a minute before to my relief where she now instructed Dexter to release me and take me to shower and clean up.

After my clean up she brought me in a fresh drink; I gladly consumed it and she now gave Dexter orders to follow her and bring me along.

We were taken into a side room where in the centre was a platform of similar size to a single bed. This was no bed however as it was covered in hospital red rubber. On top of this was a long heavy rubber bag with a strong zipper and attached to this were a myriad of heavy strong leather straps running back to the framework. I guessed this was for containing me and I began to panic.

She spoke “while I am waiting for conformation of the information you so gladly volunteered you will take a rest in my special bondage bag and an all enclosing rubber hood. She continued “you have not been tested on your fears so far and I still owe you a special punishment for not obeying my wishes, so for now you will spend some time in here at my pleasure”

“Oh god Mistress” I cried please don’t do this, I cannot take this I am claustrophobic and I will go out of my mind” “Shut up you pathetic fuck” she answered “I will see to it that you do not go out of your mind” she added and laughed “you will come close to it though, now put him in the bag Dexter”

My dressing gown was removed and he now attempted to force me into her bag but I struggled and even he was not capable of getting me in there. She screamed at me for not obeying her orders but I was not going to give up. “Hold him face down while I go for something” she now said and Dexter forced me face down onto the bed and sat on me with my arms locked.

She soon returned and now showed me a hypodermic syringe. She filled it with something or other and now ordered Dexter to keep me still. I felt the needle enter my left forearm and she emptied the contents in my bloodstream. I tried to struggle but within a minute or so a blanket of darkness descended on me.

I slowly came around some minutes later and soon realised that I was now indeed fastened firmly into the body bag. She was alone with me and she was still adjusting the straps that held me tightly to the framework. I was zippered up to my chin, my arms inside were in separate compartments within the bag so that I could not move them or touch my own body.

“Please Mistress” I begged her again “let me go I will do anything you want but don’t leave me in here” “Oh you are awake” she said and added “I am a sadistic bitch and nothing pleases me more than a man screaming with fear, and you will soon be screaming and I will love it, that is all that interests me”

She now opened a flap at my crotch and released my cock and balls from their sweaty tomb announcing “these will be on display for torture too” With that she toyed with me until I was hard and throbbing. She now returned with her professional TENS machine and soon a conductive strap was fastened tightly around my balls and another around my cock just behind my now dripping knob.

She set the machine and tested it out. I stiffened as a large voltage hit me first in my balls and then mote painfully on my cock. I grunted and stiffened as she adjusted it until I was in pain. “that will help take your mind off the hood” she said now as she showed me her shiny black rubber torture device; she now switched off the machine

I screamed and bucked that much to stop her as she tried to fit it over my head that she gave up momentarily and so now wheeled a trolley to my side containing gas bottles and anaesthetic equipment. She picked up a face mask and turned on some gas testing it with her own breath until satisfied. “This will quieten you down” she said and forced the mask over my mouth and nose. No matter how much I tried to avoid it she just followed my head movements easily.

The Nitrous gas was sweet smelling and soon after a minute or so my head began to spin and a red mist descended; I became semi-conscious as she continued to force hold the mask on my face no matter how much I tried to dislodge it. “You must be brave for me now” she said, her face close to mine and she now picked up the hood again.

“Oh god no” I mumbled as she slipped the cold dark latex over my head and adjusted it to fit me. I tried to resist but was helpless as she zippered the back of it down to my neck. The hood had suitable apertures at my mouth, eyes and nose and it had two added loose flaps at the front that could be brought together across my face to zip up to form an almost airtight seal. This she left open for the moment as now continued to torment me with the gas and fastened the anaesthetic mask to my face with clips fixed to the hood itself.

“In a moment I will seal the hood onto your face and you have to try not to panic too much” she now said and added “There is enough air for you to survive and you must control your fears, I will leave you in a semi-conscious state with my gas to help you through this but you have no choice and have to see it through; I owe you this punishment for disobeying my orders”

She now closed the rubber flaps firmly with independent zips, one from the top and one from the bottom so that the mask was held in place on my nose. Practically all light was extinguished to me; my head was still spinning as the sweet gas continued to invade my lungs; my panic was close.

She leaned into me and spoke softly but firmly through the rubber “When you arrived without following my instructions I saw to it that your house keys were sent by fast courier to a trusted acquaintance in your home city and now he has your address you will stay like this until I have your volunteered information confirmed by him in the next few hours or so. If it is correct then you will be released” She paused then continued “if it is incorrect then you stay in here until you do give up the correct information and I have had it checked out again and then you will spend a further twelve hours in here, without the relaxing gas, just for fucking me about”

I suddenly felt a jolt as a surge of electricity hit my cock and balls, She had reactivated the TENS machine. The pain was sporadic but not unbearable and it was now set on a random program; fortunately it gave me something to focus on waiting for the next surge and thankfully this did help me to stay just this side of sanity as I continued to struggle in my hot and sweaty scary and all enclosing rubber cocoon.

I don’t know how long I had been trapped in there; it must have been several hours when suddenly and thankfully mistress unzipped my face mask and removed the anaesthetic mask. I took in fresh air with gulps and thanked her and god. She smiled “well you have been cooperative” she said “your information checked out”

She removed the TENS machine from my cock and balls and announced that I would be released to freshen up and then she said that she had something very important to tell me later and left Dexter to release me from my bonds. I was released and after a wonderful shower I was made to refit my chastity device, given a dressing gown to wear and then ate a much needed meal.

When I had finished and rested a little I was taken to my cell by Dexter where I was forced to lie naked on my bed. He loosely fixed my wrists and ankles to the framework with straps. He now left me alone lying naked save my chastity device stating that mistress would be along later to see me. I lay there for some time fixed on by back shivering with both cold and fear as to what next she was going to do.

A sound of footsteps preceded her arrival and she entered my cell standing for a while and looked at my helplessness for a few moments. She had her skin tight latex catsuit on and with her red hair cascading onto her shoulders she was stunningly beautiful as she allowed me to take in her appearance for a minute or so saying nothing. She now kneeled and straddled my legs just below my nether regions and sat back onto my thighs. I felt the blood begin to run into my cock with the warmth of her touching my naked body.

She spoke “so I have something very important to tell you so listen up. She now showed my some internal photographs of my home on her phone. She spoke again “as you can see my acquaintance has been to your house and he has removed the items I ordered him to. I was angry and horrified and attempted to speak so she grabbed my balls and twisted; I howled with surprise and pain.

“You will keep quiet while I speak” she demanded as she continued to hold my balls. “Yes mistress” I cried out. She released me after a few seconds and leaned in to my face, her warm rubbered body squeaking a little as the tortured latex strained at being stretched so.

She now continued her statement “Now listen to this, tomorrow at midday precisely, your two days of hell with me are finally over. I remind that you did not show me the respect I demanded from you from the moment you arrived. You blatantly ignored my letter and took it upon yourself to show up here without adhering to my rules. You also pleasured yourself without my permission at the party and you did so after I forbade it in my letter to you and so a final procedure for all of this will be meted out when your paid time with me is finished here|” She went on “because of your flippant attitude and non respect and so for my pleasure only I have decided to hand out to you the ultimate punishment”

She now continued with her terrible news to me. “I have arranged to take everything I want from you. I have your personal ID your computer has been seized, your phone too and I have access to your money which will be gradually removed from various ATM,s in the UK; once one of my slaves has returned in your guise that is. So then you will be recorded as returned to the UK on your booked flight and everyone will believe that you have disappeared there.

I attempted to resist but she clamped a rubber covered hand over my mouth. “I haven’t finished with the details yet|” she hissed and held onto me for a few more seconds. Releasing me she now continued, her face close to mine “I have a very special private chamber which is dedicated for those slaves who wish to experience shall we say the ultimate surrender to me, and several already have. You are mine to dispose of now and there are a number of methods for a slave to be put out of his or her misery in my chamber of no return and tomorrow I shall choose one that’s most suited to you and myself of course”

She let this terrible information sink in for a few more seconds and due to my fear at what she said she was clearly turned on by relaying it to me as her eyes had become somewhat glassy.

“There is however one good thing for you though before you are dispatched” she continued “as a final gesture which I allow my condemned, I shall be kind enough to for you to be released of that pent up slime in those balls of yours just before your time is over. Your orgasm will be so intense it may be the best you’ve ever had and it certainly will be your last one. When your climax is completed and you have screamed in ecstasy then for my greatest pleasure I will begin your demise.

At this she let her right hand slip under her crutch and she unzipped it exposing her naked dripping wet pussy. She stroked herself now and although I had just been given the very worst news my cock was bursting to be freed from its metal prison. It wasn’t long before she squealed and grunted her lust in a low guttural groan as she shook and brought herself off then collapsing her soft warm rubber body onto mine. She reached up and wiped her wet fingers on my mouth and as she lay there in ecstasy driving me to the point of insanity with every emotion in my body at full stretch.

I felt sick and angry with her and myself for being so stupid for getting myself into this predicament which by all accounts was going to cost me my very life. She rose now and left me there alone adding with a smile “see you tomorrow” Dexter returned shortly and re-fastened my wrists hands loosely but away from my sides. He pulled a duvet cover over me over me adding cruelly “we mustn’t have you catch your death with cold and then left me now with my thoughts and as he closed the door said “see you tomorrow, get good nights sleep, don’t go away will you”

As I lay there in the dark my mind was in turmoil. I thought to myself this cannot be happening but then everything fitted that she had explained. No one knew I was here and she had possession of any proof that I was here. She had all of my documents locked away and she was the most sadistic person I had ever met. My only way out of this I thought would be to bluff her in that I had left information with someone should this sort of thing happen to me.

As to be expected I slept very little that night and the hours seemed to drag as my mind raced with what lay ahead later. I finally dozed, exhausted when suddenly I found Stella beside me. She muttered something or other to me in her native tongue and it didn’t need a translation as Dexter and another well built male were there to release me. All of them were dressed in various tight rubber outfits and the two men fitted handcuffs and a hobble chain to my ankles. Naked and shivering I was forcibly marched and dragged by the two following Stella until we arrived at the punishment washout room.

Being positioned as before with my hands fastened either side of the toilet Stella administered my enema by first inserting the double balloon into my rear. As she was preparing me Dexter said “you have to take this, mistress does not wish to have your mess everywhere when you are taken to her execution chamber” My stomach churned at these words and I was then forced to accept a two litre enema by sadistic Stella who now opened the in-line valve, laughing as the liquid purged me. Twenty minutes or so later I was thankfully released and left to empty my bowels.

I was now made to take a shower and at that point Stella removed my chastity tube. I stayed under the hot water in the shower as long as I was allowed to and this helped to warm me. As I made the most of it as Stella watched me like a hawk with the two men standing nearby just in case I decided to pleasure myself in there. I was however in no mood to do that at this time. I dried off and was handed a dressing gown to wear before being offered a meal and drink. I was shaking now with fear; I felt sick with worry and so could only manage the drink.

Later I was taken to a dungeon room nearby where Dexter showed me a very heavy large black leather bag. This turned out to be a full body straight jacket. I was ordered to allow them to fit my body into it but I resisted. Dexter now explained that if I didn’t cooperate then Stella would give me a full strength zap with the prod she was brandishing and now held against my stomach.

I cringed and allowed myself to be strapped into the body bag lying down. Many heavy leather straps were pulled tightly until from my neck down I was totally encased and helpless in a very strong and creaking leather cocoon. There were heavy steel D rings fitted at the shoulders and other places along the sides of the bag. I was lifted to my feet and two hanging chains on a spreader bar were now lowered and clipped to my shoulder rings to keep me upright and standing free of help. Dexter now approached me and said “you are prepared for mistress, she will be here to see later to explain your fate” at this they left me alone closing the door behind them strapped and helpless in there.

There was a clock on the wall opposite and it read at a quarter to nine. I waited for an age my thoughts running wild at my predicament which I still couldn’t believe was happening. At exactly ten o clock the door opened and Mistress herself entered and although she was clad from head to toe in gleaming latex, I could still recognise her by the way she moved towards me.

She wore a full head covering tight black hood with cut-outs for her eyes and mouth which were well made up, and over her body an ankle length gleaming rubber cape with a hood pulled onto her latex covered head, all in all her appearance was very sinister.

As usual she allowed me to take in her appearance before closing in on me searching my eyes for a minute. She finally spoke in her velvet and smooth accent “I do hope your mind is set and ready for your final day maggot” I interrupted her to my folly “You are making a mistake here mistress, I have left information with someone as to where I am” “Silence” she spat “you are a liar and will say anything to get out of this” She then produced a ball gag and forced it into my mouth strapping it tightly into place to make my protestations inaudible.

Now as I dribbled through my gag she continued. “It is now ten o clock and from here you will shortly be taken to my chamber of no return. There I will show you what I will do to dispatch you and I am already getting very horny just talking about it. This will be the ultimate experience for both of us and it will begin at precisely midday. I intend to drag it out and make your demise as slow and scary for you as possible, because I can and also because I wish to enjoy your fear to enhance my pleasure. I also promised you the most glorious orgasm of your miserable life and this; your final pleasure will begin at 11.00.

I tried to beg through my gag but she ignored me and summoned Dexter and his friend to transport me. She then slipped a loose fitting semi-transparent rubber bag hood over my head. I could make out light but no details through it and soon I was bodily lifted onto a trolley and lying flat I was transported to outside somewhere and into another building.

I was now in a large room with an echo as I could hear the general sounds with that hollow tone that you get in such a place. I was lifted again and stood up. “Strip him naked” was her orders and I felt my body bag being removed. Standing there naked in just my head bag I felt something being fitted around my waist; this turned out to be a heavy leather corset. She gave orders now for her helpers to help her strap me to a frame of sorts lying at a backwards angle. I was held by the two powerful men and found myself being lifted on and strapped to a framework my arms out sideways my legs fixed open at forty five degrees into metal trays.

Once I was unable to escape mistress dismissed her helpers to continue her bondage of me. She now leaned in close to my head and she spoke severely to me. “In a moment I will remove your hood and you will then be able to savour my final solution chamber and its secrets. This is the last place you will visit in this life so make the most of your time”

I belched with both hunger and fear as she now removed my rubber hood and I found myself in a fairly large and high brick vaulted room. There was an overhead bright light illuminating the framework I was fastened to and she now continued to add many more heavy and pliable straps to further secure me until I could scarcely move. I could make out the rest of the room was dimly lit and the bright light shining into my eyes made it more difficult to see.

She stepped back to admire her work, I was still gagged and drooling and with more fear than I had ever had in my life. A final strap was added now around my forehead holding it tightly to the frame. The framework resembling a chair in reclining position I was to find out could be lowered or raised, angled to suit and turned in any direction and wheeled along and she now showed me more of her chamber by revolving me and switching on more lights.

I was roughly in the centre and along one wall was a medical setup of anaesthetic gas bottles and its relative scary looking paraphernalia. She now took great delight in pointing out her many methods of dispatch. This included a noose set high up and the victim would be raised up with a winch in a body bag then placed on a platform jutting out and dropped through a trap door.

Another area had a very strong wood and leather chair which could be used to garrotte or to slowly electrocute the sitter. There was also a large glass aquarium sized tank of water with a board on top where the victim could be strapped and then revolved into the contents and many other terrifying devices too in there. The walls were festooned with ropes, chains and heavy straps and all in all it was extremely intimidating.

Her execution list was seemingly endless and she was clearly very sexually excited by all the information she was conveying to me; which was to my total horror, and she was yet to tell me of how I was to be despatched. She now came to it and so she said “I want this to be very special for me and you too so I have decided it will be the hangman’s noose; I wish to savour your fear as you drop into the abyss.

I lost my composure all together and began to weep with fear begging her through my gag as I was now convinced for certain that this gorgeous sadistic bitch was about to go through with her threats. She wiped my tears adding “be brave for me and remember you will be also taking your final pleasure shortly” I was in no mood for any sex at all and my cock was as soft and small as it ever could be at this point.

She tested my straps and pulled some of them up one more notch to her satisfaction then added “now you may feast your eyes on this” She turned away from me and slipped out of her rubber cape tossing it away. She turned back and approached between my legs; she took my breath with her rubber attire. She was clad in a skin tight semi-transparent corset with her firm solid breasts displayed free of clothing. Long matching rubber stockings were attached to eight suspenders stretched down her stunning legs. She wore a buckled at the front G string and her hands and arms were covered in matching long clear rubber gloves. Now she removed her hood and her red hair cascaded onto her naked shoulders.

This was the most erotic sight I had ever encountered and she now placed her warm hands on my thighs near to my cock. She leaned in close to my face now her rubbered body pressed against mine and now my blood began to flow. She felt this and smiled “good” she said “I thought that would do the trick; I knew you would appreciate my body in this attire” She stepped back now and returned with a couple of things. She sprayed something cold onto my cock which made me flinch. She explained “this is something to slow you down, an anaesthetic, I don’t want you cumming until I decide” The other device was a powerful massager.

She toyed with me now for a while testing my control. There was limited feeling due to the spray but the very sight of her standing there and playing with me made my cock throb and its veins stand out like a road map. She also ordered me not to avert my eyes away from her.

Now the frame work was lowered and made more horizontal and she removed my gag. Standing legs apart over me facing my feet she unbuckled her G string and tossed it away revealing her dripping wet and beautiful naked pussy only inches from my face. “Get to work” she said and now lowered her body onto my face. I soon found her most tender moist spot inside of her and she responded immediately with a “Fuck oh Fuck” from her. My fellating her continued for a while and then she dropped her weight forward onto my body. I could feel her solid warm breasts on my belly as she reached out and now applied the massager to my cock. I stiffened with pleasure from this and gave a muffled groan.

After a minute or so she lifted herself from me and now stood between my legs applying the massager again up and down my cock. I drooled with pleasure and I knew now the end was near. She sensed this and selfishly applied the massager to herself leaving me in mid-air. I closed my eyes in frustration and she shouted “get your fucking eyes back on me” and giving me a back handed slap on my tender cock”

I shouted in pain and surprise and responded to her wish quickly and she now pressed herself against me so that we both felt the vibrations of her massager at the same time. This was too much to bear and I begged her for release as each time she squealed and climaxed she pulled away from me preventing me from cumming. This went on time after time causing me tears of frustration and left my cock fit to bursting point, throbbing and pulsating with blood.

She now spoke softly “its time for your release now” With that she erotically poured some oil onto her rubbery fingers and to my cock; took hold of my throbbing member gently with one hand and inserted a slippery finger into my anus. I swooned with pleasure as she now very gently stroked the length of my shaft and probed inside of me at the same time. My time was not to be long and still sliding and gradually and gripping harder now my orgasm was close as this beautiful fetish clad bitch who was soon to be my executioner fucked my brains out slowly with her sweet sweet rubbered hands and fingers and right at this point I didn’t care what she was to do to me afterwards.

It began; my body tingled from the tips of my fingers and toes. It quickly enveloped my whole body as I came alive and the ultimate pleasure she had promised took over my whole being. My body stiffened, my balls shrunk and I screamed at the top of my voice with lust and relief as my cock now shot its hot steaming load like an exploding cannon. She squealed too with her own delight as my boiling cream squirted high into the air and she aimed it to land onto her magnificent breasts. I thought it would never stop as she continued to massage and squeeze every last drop from my hard swollen cock and balls.

My cream was dripping off her nipples and she tasted it now as if it was nectar before wiping some onto my lips. I retched but she forced it into my mouth just the same. She had as promised just given me the orgasm of my life, my heart was still pounding and she leaned her warm body into me searching my eyes, smiling as if to enforce who was the superior being here.

For just a few minutes the fear of what was to happen to me had been forgotten but with my heart still pounding the fear now returned as my mind wandered back to reality.

She reached for paper tissues and wiped my sperm from her breasts and myself ensuring that it was done erotically in front of me. Satisfied we were properly clean she spoke “now you have had your pleasure as I promised you it is nearly time for you to pay for it with the ultimate sacrifice to please your mistress.

She summoned her two male slaves and moments later and much to my horror they entered carrying a coffin sized wooden box. She had them put it down on the floor and then they waited for more instructions. “Something for you a little later” she said turning to me now an injection so that I can have you prepared”

She now filled a hypodermic syringe with a liquid and after testing it injected its contents into my arm. Again a blanket of darkness descended on me and I became semi-conscious. My head spinning the two slaves released me from my framework, I was helpless to resist as they stood me up and held me, Mistress approached with a pair of heavy rubber bloomers and with the slaves help she fitted them to me before whispering in my ear “when a victim is hanged they usually defecate so this is contain your mess”

Now the two slaves forced my body into the heavy leather body bag again and mistress made sure I was well and truly strapped in tightly. One of the slaves now climbed the ladder leading to the platform above us and once there released the trapdoor with a frightening thud. He then lowered the hoist chain through the opening on a spreader bar and on my shoulders the fitted D rings were clipped to this.

I had started to come around a little now and mistress gave me another injection in my neck “to bring me around” as she put it. Following this she sent her two slaves away and now put on her hood with a snik snak sound and then her cape with a swishing sound. Facing me as I began to weep and beg she said “now be brave for me and it will all be over soon”

Making sure I could see all of this she ascended the ladder and now stood looking down. A heard a whirr and I began to rise through the trap door aperture until my feet were above the staging .She now retrieved the trap door with a long hook and secured it closed before lowering my weight onto it.

There was a clock in front on the wall and through my sobbing eyes it read five minutes to twelve. She showed me a black rubber bag and said with her own voice shaking with excitement “I will put this on you now and then the noose. At one minute to twelve the clock will ring” I will then count the time down to you and then at exactly twelve you will hurl into oblivion and you have only yourself to blame”

She slipped the loose bag over my head. I was shaking with fright, weeping and begging her not to do it as I felt the noose being fitted around my neck. I then heard the whirr of the hoist and felt her hands on my shoulders; she must be unhooking the hoist chains I thought. “Oh god please I beg of you don’t do this I will do anything. I wailed. She was quiet and did not answer as she held me from toppling over in my distress.

Ding went the clock as she had predicted “sixty seconds” she said and then began the countdown. “Fifty seconds, then Forty seconds, then Thirty seconds, then Twenty seconds” I was wailing like a baby “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one”

She laughed and then pulled the lever. For a split second the floor gave way and I screamed as I fell. Then suddenly my shoulders took my weight as the hooks were still fastened to me. I had only dropped a foot and the hoist took my weight.

My head bag was removed and she began to double up laughing at my surprise and relief as I cried with the emotions of being still here and alive. “Your face, you should see it for yourself” she said still laughing cruelly at my fear and now total relief as I shook all over.

I was now lowered back down to the ground floor still shaking, sobbing with relief and totally shattered mentally where the two slaves came in and released me from my body bag. I had been to hell and back

A dressing gown was given to me and now she led me back to the main house across a courtyard. I had been in a converted barn of sorts.

I was now made to follow her upstairs and into a large furnished room with a large bed and normal furniture. “Now in a moment take a shower and freshen up” she said pointing to the bathroom. “Here you will stay and get your head together until its time to leave One of my girls will be with you later to attend to your mind and body. She will see to it that you will now be treated well and nurse you back to reality as you need it. She will attend to your health and needs until you leave here. I have first class aftercare for my paying clients and I do hope that they may come back for more torments and torture here at Sadistika Towers. When you do leave I will return the money that was taken from your account along with your passport that I have locked up and your house keys will be left in a safe place for you to pick up; your laptop is still at your address. I am leaving now so do you have anything to say to me as I must go now and see to my needs as you have made me very horny indeed and my slaves are waiting to serve me”

“I really thought you were going through with it in your execution chamber” I said still shaking badly and so glad to be alive. She smiled her cruel smile and replied “oh I can do that if you really wish me to, remember to be careful what you may wish for, it may come true, so maybe next time?” With that she left and I heard the door lock.

As good as her word when Id had a shower a lovely leggy blonde girl in a white mini tunic brought me a much needed meal. Later I fell asleep exhausted by my ordeal. I awoke to find her naked in my bed. During those two days before my flight back I had the most wonderful time with her and I certainly regained my sanity. Mistress suggested I leave the slave girl a decent tip which I did and now of course Mistress has also made it very tempting to re-visit her again at Sadistika Towers.

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