Be Careful What You Wish For 2

by Mr Smooth

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© Copyright 2015 - Mr Smooth - Used by permission

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Part 2

I was awakened by Mistress “Get up Maggot you have a party to attend and you’re required to be of service to us” she ordered. I reluctantly rose and checked the clock; I had been out for two hours. She was dressed as usual in erotic latex rubber; a very short skin tight black dress with transparent latex stockings having black latex seam details as nylons do and patent high heels. With her perfect make up she was sadistically stunning.

Her cruel eyes waited impatiently as I got my head together. “Come with me to my transformation room” she said and I was now taken from the cellar upstairs to a small side room where Stella was also waiting, The place smelled strongly of sweet rubber as there was a myriad of latex clothing in there, and a large mirror with a make-up area. Stella was very erotically dressed in an obscenely short rubber maid’s uniform. This was in totally transparent latex showing her nipples clearly and even her frilly knickers underneath the dress were made of the same transparent material; the sight of her dressed so made my cock swell in its steel cage.

Mistress spoke “I have invited a couple of my mistress friends as guests over for drinks shortly and to have some fun and games; you will serve us as we see fit with drinks and do whatever else we desire so you must be dressed accordingly as our rubber maid slave slut for our pleasure and for us to torment. Stella will see to it that you behave and do our bidding, I do not want the sort of behaviour from you that Dexter has shown earlier as he will regret; he is to be the star turn at this evening’s soirée, remove your dressing gown so that you will be prepared now”

My all latex maids outfit had been selected and soon I had been forced to put on long black rubber stockings, a suspender corset with many straps, an inflatable bra, a frilly maid dress, an open face hood with a maid cap and high heel shoes. Although I was terrified, my cock was bursting in its steel prison at all this attention by these rubber clad tormentors as I was now given the key to unlock it from its tube. I did this and my cock was throbbing wildly now.

Mistress remarked “look at the veins in that I don’t think he can contain himself” She closed into my face menacingly “you had better not lose control, I say whether and if you will take pleasure here, do you understand how much trouble you will be in if you cum without my say so?” I answered “yes mistress” in a croaking voice and groaned with fear and frustration as she now offered me a pair of crutchless frilly knickers to slip on. I did this and it only made matters worse as my cock now stood skywards through the open crutch.

Mistress ordered me to let go the short skirt I had been holding clear of myself and of course it fell onto my cock causing the skirt to stick out bizarrely. They both found this to be hilarious and pointed to my humiliation. I was fitted with a hobble chain between my ankles and forced to follow them on teetering heels; Stella leading me on a leash to Madams lounge area. The rubber skirt rubbed gently on my cock as I moved, increasing my frustration and making it even more difficult to control myself.

The room was quite large and expensively furnished with a couple of coffee tables, several leather chairs and a large leather settee. The bay window had floor length shiny vinyl or rubber curtains pulled to and set in the centre of the room was a leather covered bench with leather fixing straps and several wicked looking canes and whips lay on it. There was a heavy bondage chair set against the far wall and nearby a bizarre machine with attached tubes.

I was given orders to stand near to the table containing bottles of wine and spirits facing them and had to hold a silver tray horizontally out in front of me. Mistress now said looking into my eyes fiercely “You will stay here in this position, do not move until you are given an order for drinks and then you will deliver each one separately to the mistress who has ordered it; you will not speak unless you have been asked to, you will do anything that is required of you; and you will witness this evening how cruel I can be to my live in slaves during the proceedings tonight”

My cock was still throbbing as she now gripped it tightly through the rubber of my skirt. She now continued “One more thing, a reminder, if this cock of yours should spurt its filthy slime without permission then you can look out” she added “Stella here will keep you under control and make sure you do as required” Stella held my collar remote and she gave me a look that spelt trouble as mistress left us.

After ten minutes or so I heard voices and mistress entered with two more stunning ladies. As she had said they were also dominatrixes and were dressed accordingly in erotic fetish outfits. As they approached me Madam Sadistika quickly introduced them to me as her voluntary new slave. The tall blonde beauty first who had on a blouse tight top and mini skirt in black latex that showed her magnificent shapely body off as if it was more that naked was called Mistress Torment and her eyes smiled cruelly as she searched mine.

The second domme with raven hair was in a short black leather mini skirt, patent ankle boots and a tight top. She was introduced as Lady Sarah and she too gave me a cruel look as if to say she was in total charge of my mind and body. They sat and chatted as Mistress Sadistika now ordered a whisky and dry with ice. I made her a drink and hobbled over to her, my cock was still in torment and stuck out holding my skirt up. Comments were made about it and when I had placed her drink down she ordered me to lift up my skirt and turn to show off my cock which was dripping with excitement.

They all discussed me, laughing and pointing to my humiliation and Mistress S now gave orders for me to get more drinks. I had to bring over a glass of red wine for Mistress Torment and when I delivered it she made me hold the tray out in front of me with the glass still on it while she reached under my skirt and fumbled with my cock and balls. I shook with both pleasure and fear as she toyed with me and the glass began to shake too.

“Do not spill the wine or even think about cumming” hissed Mistress S and Mistress T stopped just short of this happening. I was in a dreadful state of frustration by now and ached for release. Lady Sarah meanwhile collected a thin whippy cane from a stand and returned to stand behind me. “Put the tray down, stay in a bent position and lift up the back of your skirt” she now ordered me.

She spoke to the others “this is what I do to slaves who show disrespect and allow their useless cocks to become hard without permission” and then I heard the cane whistle through the air. It landed across my buttocks and took my breath. I squealed, “shut up” she snarled and it landed again. Another four were to follow leaving me in some distress “Stand up and bring me a dry white wine and hurry up or you will get more of the same” she now said. Now in some pain from the whipping I quickly went back to make her a drink and Stella was grinning at my demise. I delivered her glass of wine and was waived away like a dog to return to my station.

They chatted in their own language for a while as my pain slowly subsided. Mistress S now stood “time for some entertainment” she said and left the room. Lady Sarah now approached me and with a sinister gaze she spoke looking deep into my eyes “I have taken a dislike to you Maggot and intend to make you suffer before this evening is done” She lifted my skirt and gave my aching cock a slap with the back of her fingers making me howl and double up. “Stand up” she shouted and pretended to do it again and I naturally squealed but she just laughed along with her friend as she continued to pretend hitting me several times before returning to her seat.

My cock did go down now from the blow as she sat staring at me thoughtfully with a cruel grin as if planning something while she drank her wine. Mistress S returned now and Dexter was in tow on her leash. He was naked this time and his hands were secured behind him. The nettle stings had gone down but were still prevalent as he shuffled in behind her. He looked very afraid and was white with fear as she paraded him in front of the others.

His massive cock was partly erect as he stood there for his humiliation and now Mistress S said “This is Dexter and he is this evening’s star turn and entertainment for us ladies. He has behaved very badly twice just lately so tonight he will be given lessons in how to conduct himself if he wishes to remain here as my slave. You do wish to continue here as my slave don’t you Dexter?”

She turned to him as she spoke and awaited his reply “Yes Mistress” he returned with a voice that spelt fear. She continued quietly with menace “very well then as you wish to remain here you will have to accept the punishment that will be meted out this evening Dexter.” “Yes Mistress” he replied again with a fearful voice. “Good” she now said smiling “we will start with you in the interrogation chair.” She sat him down in her bondage chair and set about securing him tightly in it with leather straps. The seat area was open at an angle allowing access to his genitals and rear.

Soon he was very heavily secured in it with wide strong leather straps and now she picked up a heavy rubber hood. He groaned in fear as she showed it to him, “You don’t like these much do you Dexter? They scare you; well you are just going to have to get used to this one.” She slipped it over his head and zipped it on tightly. It was all enveloping as a full head gas mask with glass lenses and the only intake aperture was at the mouth. He began to breathe hard with controlled panic and she now pushed an anaesthetic bladder into the mouth aperture so that it inflated as he breathed. His breathing was quick and erratic as he fought to control his panic more. “Calm down” she said sadistically, “I will release you in an hour or two when I'm finished with you.”

She now fixed some straps with cables to his cock and balls and inserted something into his anus with wires attached. She connected these cables to an electrical device and switched it on. She sat down with her two friends and held a remote control device. Dexter was panicking now and as she shouted, “shut up” she operated her remote.

Dexter stiffened and jerked as the voltage hit him. The straps creaked as he attempted to move but to no avail and he screamed out with pain and the bladder inflated to maximum as the breath left his body hard. She stopped and allowed him to calm down a little. But soon he was shrieking as she continued to “fry him” unmercifully. I had to deliver more drinks as they enjoyed themselves making him shriek in agony and now Mistress S handed the remote over to Mistress Torment; I was made to lie on my back as Mistress sat forward on my face where I was ordered to satisfy her with my tongue as Dexter’s torment was continued.

The more Dexter screamed the more Mistress S expected from me as his agony clearly turned her on. Of course with her sitting on my face this turned me on too and I was soon as hard as ever. Mistress was extremely wet with her excitement and forced herself down on me so that I could scarcely breathe but she continued to abuse me purely for her own pleasure.

When she had enough she climbed off me and I was now ordered to kneel in front of Lady Sarah who had unashamedly spread her legs and was rubbing her naked pussy with lust in her eyes. Now squealing with pleasure she squirted her warm piss onto my face several times. As I turned to avoid it Mistress S stood behind and held my head to take the full force of her waste. “Take it” she yelled as she forced me to accept the warm piss directly over me.

Lady Sarah finished with a final squirt and a loud guttural groan and now pushed me away with her boots. “Get up Maggot” ordered Mistress S “fetch a towel and clean up this mess and then back to your position over there” As I was doing her bid Mistress Torment now approached Dexter who was covered in his own sweat from his torment and panicking as he begged for the hood to be removed. “Very well” she said “but your punishment will be concluded later.” She took off his hood and he gasped with relief and was covered in sweat as he sucked in fresh air for the first time in nearly an hour.

They tidied themselves up as Dexter regained his senses. Mistress S released him and dragged him away ordering him to clean up. Adding “I will have you fresh and clean for your final tortures”. He left white faced with her as I finished cleaning up after Lady Sarah. She turned to me now and said “you go and clean up and wash your fucking hands in there” and she pointed to a side room. Stella came with me to watch me as I did this and upon returning I had to serve more drinks to the three of them as Mistress S had by now returned without Dexter.

My cock was still stiff and as I gave Lady Sarah her drink she lifted up my skirt and said fiercely “who gave you permission to get that up again?” I hesitated for a moment as she waited for my reply “no one mistress” “No one mistress” she mocked “then why is it throbbing hard like that then?” “I cannot help it mistress, I am excited by you three beautiful mistresses” I was trying to flatter them all. “Which one of us excites you the most?” said Mistress S now standing next to me.

They all stood now close to and surrounding me. “You are all equally exciting” I replied. “Yes but you must prefer one of us, and who is it?” now joined in Mistress Torment. I was shaking with adrenaline and fear now as they put me in an impossible position. Mistress S now said “maybe slave Stella is the one that turns you on; I noticed you get harder when you saw her in her sexy French maids outfit” I shook my head as she called to Stella to join us. “I think you make him excited and hard Stella” now said Mistress S “what do you think of that!”

All this she translated for me. This was a statement not a question and Stella gave me a fierce look and shook her head as Mistress S laughed. I now had four beautiful and erotically attired women surrounding me; it was taking its toll and I was dripping with pre-cum. “We should have him remove his dress for inspection” suggested Mistress S and soon my clothing was removed to leave me standing in rubber corset, stockings and crutchless knickers; my cock throbbing, dripping and facing heaven obscenely with excitement.

I was totally humiliated and attempted to cover myself. “Get your fucking hands on your head” now ordered Lady Sarah. Smooth hands now traced my body; my head was spinning and I was desperately attempting to control my shaking and desperately fearing that I may cum without permission. At this point I was taken to the low leather bench set in the centre of the room; the whips were removed from it and I was strapped forward across it, legs apart fearing a whipping myself.

How wrong could I be as Mistress S now said “Time for some fun I believe and you are about to entertain us now; we have a surprise for you don’t we Mistress Torment” Mistress T stood in front of me now; she had been the quietest of the three so far, but there’s an old saying that is often true “still waters run deep”

She removed her rubber skirt and handed it to Stella. When she turned back with just tight rubber briefs on there was a clear outline and a bulge of a vertical and hard cock showing through the latex. I gasped at this beautiful creature who had male genitals and who I will continue to refer as “She”. She slipped off her knickers and her cock stood hard and dripping just inches from my face. She was completely shaved of pubic hair and she said laughing at my shock “what do you think of my secret?” The others found it hilarious too.

I was horrified as she continued “I decided not to go the whole distance with the operations as I enjoy the best of both worlds and there is a really good market for this and you are to find out about it now” She held and pointed her cock and said “but first it needs to be lubed up a little. She approached my face but I turned away in disgust and horror. I knew it was futile and Lady Sarah now grabbed my balls and twisted “open up” she shouted and as I squealed Mistress S applied a steel dental gag in order to keep my mouth ajar. Mistress T now forced her cock into my mouth until I choked on it, humiliating me to the core. I was forced to endure this disgusting act for a little while and then my bench was moved on its casters to face a large mirror; the other two now settled down to watch the fun.

Mistress T said “now its time for my pleasure and your humiliation proper as I enjoy myself at your expense and give you a good fucking, after all you deserve it having ignored your Mistress and her rules” I could see through the mirror what was happening to me just to compound the torment and now she squirted something cold into my anus from a tube. She slipped on a condom and then she forced her hard cock into me: I resisted but I was warned to relax and allow it or I would be damaged.

She slid herself into me with a strange but erotic feeling and began to sodomise me urged on by the other two. Mistress T now began a steady rhythm to degrade me and she was clearly experiencing her pleasure as she gave me the fucking she promised. Although utterly horrified at what was being done to me as she leaned and moved into me, the warmth of her soft feminine rubber clad body against me kept me incredibly excited.

Now Lady S removed my gag and then pulled over a low table in front of me and proceeded to lie on it lifting her powerful legs around my neck “Get in there” she demanded as I was forced to bury my face into her musky pussy and felate her. She was very aggressive and difficult to please calling me all sorts of foul names as I did my very best to pleasure her as Mistress T continued her onslaught on my rear.

Lady S eventually exploded with pleasure several times and again squirted her warm piss onto my face cursing and holding me into her close so as to maximise my degradation and now finally Mistress T squealed with pleasure venting her lust as she too squirted her load of cum. I was dripping with piss and sweating profusely now from my torment and feeling utterly used, degraded and humiliated as these two bitches settled down and now I was to witness Mistress S who meanwhile had taken advantage for personal pleasure again, having Stella’s head between her thighs and using her.

Stella appeared however to love Mistress S forcing her to do this judging by the sounds that were coming from them both. This was an orgy of pleasure for everyone here concerned apart from myself who despite the degradation I still had a throbbing erection which was by now painful and causing me some distress now.

Mistress T now released me and I was taken by Stella to clean up although I was still wearing the rubber stockings, corset and open hood from my maids outfit. On return I was made to put back on the high heels and the crutchless knickers and so my cock continued to poke obscenely out of these and still aching for release. I was now directed to resume my position holding the tray.

Mistress S meanwhile had left and returned with Dexter who was white faced with fear and naked save for heavy leather ankle and wrist cuffs. She lead him in by a dog leash to the delight of the other two and who both had ordered more drinks from me as I now stood in my designated area to witness the events that followed.

Mistress S now spoke to Dexter for all to hear “You have disgraced yourself in front of me twice and once in front of Maggot. How am I to run my chambers with authority when you are not capable of controlling yourself or your actions in front of my paying clients, all be it I don’t suppose Maggot will be back here again once I have finished with him. So your punishment is to be concluded this evening, if I am pleased of course with your attitude; where you will now be tormented, tortured and beaten for our entertainment by each one of us and if you pass out you will be revived and the torture will be continued and you know I will not be fooled into thinking you are unconscious when you are not”

Dexter began to shake as Mistress S pointed to the bench I had been strapped to and demanded for him to “Stand there” He did this as she now lifted up two steel rings that were set flush into the wood floor about four feet apart either side of him. She clipped his ankle cuffs to these forcing his legs apart and now lowered a spreader bar from above with a hoist. His wrists now secured to this she lifted it up until his weight was taken up until he was now standing in a stretched X position.

Now he was helpless and secured as a vacuum operated Venus machine was brought in front of him. This was set up and now and Mistress S approached him with the contracting rubber lining inside a plastic flask. She greased it and slipped it over his massive hard cock. It was a tight fit and he took an intake of breath as it began sucking slowly on his manhood.

She fastened it onto him with a strap around his body to prevent it from slipping off and she spoke again to him “So you like to cum do you, well you can cum as many times as you wish now and when you do you will be whipped, caned and beaten as you empty your load; so hold out as long as you can, but eventually you will be beaten to remind you that forbidden orgasms will be very painful”

He struggled to control himself for a little while as Mistress S weilded a thin whippy cane bending it between her hands and waiting her chance. Finally and quickly unable to control it his head tipped back with pleasure as his orgasm approached. Mistress S took up her position and as he exploded into the flask she bought the cane across his buttocks with a vicious stroke and followed it quickly repeating it time and time again as he screamed, bucked and twisted with both pleasure and agony.

The other two mistresses urged her on with glee as this beating went on for a minute or two. The Venus continued to suck on his now very tender cock and this also added to his torment as he begged for it to stop. Finally it was switched off and he hung there dripping with sweat regaining his senses, tears running down his face. More drinks were ordered as the bitches from hell now waited for Dexter to rest and prepare himself for his next ordeal. Mistress T had was still naked from the waist down and she grinned at me as she sat there legs akimbo with her erection. I delivered their drinks and scurried back to my position next to Stella with my tray attempting to keep a low profile.

After half an hour or so Lady S now stood and approached Dexter; she stoked his face tenderly “never mind” she said condescendingly and then removed the flask from his cock. She shook out the slimy contents over his head where it ran dripping off him. Now she began to play with his cock as he groaned both with lust and fear as to what was to come.

He soon became erect as she now added more slippery gel to his cock before slipping the flask back on and fixing it in place. She switched it on to suck him and now picked up different whips and canes checking them out in front of him to add to his torment as he was pleasured with the Venus again. The machine was sucking him slowly as she now decided to select a two pronged Scottish tawse for his forthcoming beating and she made him lick the business end of it before slapping her hand with it in order to threaten him. She turned the speed up on the Venus sucking motion as he struggled to control himself and she positioned herself ready for the onslaught he was about to receive.

Once again his head kicked back and he began to tremble and shake as his orgasm started. She brought the tawse across his buttocks with a vicious blow and quickly repeated it at the top of his thighs and continued striking him as he squealed and shrieked with pain. There was no let up from her sadistic beating and she only stopped when she had enough. Her eyes were glazed as she left him hanging there sobbing where she now returned to her seat looking very flushed.

Meanwhile Mistress S now had her legs wrapped around Mistress T who was fucking her face to face and Lady S now joined in the fun by sitting on Mistress Sadistika's face and at the same time groping Mistress T’s body and breasts. Soon this trio in their orgy were all moaning and groaning and in the throes of ecstasy watched by myself and Stella. My cock was so hard and throbbing by now I thought it would burst at this incredibly erotic sight.

As the Mistresses’ attention was diverted I felt Stella’s hand slide across and begin to tease and play with my cock. I was desperate for release but pulled away several times knowing of the final consequences. At this she showed me the collar remote in a threatening manner. Her hand now slid to my knob which was dripping wet with pre-cum as this gorgeous rubber creature caressed me. Oh god I needed release and the sensation was incredible; I began to shake and tremble with my forbidden pleasure.

Stella made sure the others were otherwise occupied and not aware of what was happening and now I could also feel her soft warm rubber body now touch and caress my skin as she pressed herself onto me; which added to the incredible pleasure I was receiving as she continued to play with me. I soon began to climax; every single nerve ending in my body was alive, I trembled and shook all over as it started and I suddenly and involuntary squealed with lust and dropped the tray as a jet of boiling sperm left my cock and shot a good distance across the floor in front of me. At this she immediately ceased my masturbation and now out of total frustration; I desperately needed to finish myself whatever the outcome and so I quickly took hold of my cock and pumped it dry.

The orgy trio now having completed their pleasures looked across as the tray fell and Stella also alerted also the trio as she was now pointing to the wood floor and back to my cock and obviously explaining in her language that I had lost control and masturbated to completion. Mistress S appeared to be very angry as I was dreading.

In my surprise she grabbed Stella viciously by the hair and dragged her to where my sperm lay glistening on her wood floor. She then forced Stella to lick up my mess, and she also castigated her for allowing me to masturbate and cum as she retched at licking up my mess.

Stella was forced to stand up now with my cum still dripping from her mouth as she struggled to control herself from vomiting. Mistress S said something to her in Czech and Stella appeared to apologise and was crying. Mistress S now turned to me and said in a venomous way “I have just punished Stella for allowing you to take pleasure and as for you, you were warned not to cum; again showing total disregard for my rules which I have clearly laid down. You are now in very serious trouble; I will look forward to punishing you properly later on tomorrow. She ordered me to pick up the tray and resume my position.

I attempted to tell her what had happened and she grabbed my balls and twisted them “I haven’t given you permission to speak” she hissed and sent Stella to get her something, She held me in a vice grip bringing tears to my eyes as Stella returned with a some bondage items including a solid rubber ball on a strap affair. Mistress S now ordered me to open my mouth of which I had no choice. The ball was slipped behind my teeth and tightly strapped into place forcing my mouth open wide.

She seemed pleased and commented “that gag should have been fitted earlier” She now fitted me with a heavy rubber single arm glove forcing my hands and arms together behind me tightly as she expertly pulled in the laces making it quite tight and uncomfortable but strangely erotic at the same time. I was ordered not to move as she now presented a heavy leather strap affair device to me. Explaining now it was to fit over my now deflated cock and balls she showed me that inside of it were fixed a number of strategically placed short blunt metal spikes and it needed now explanation to what would happen as she strapped it onto me. “That should teach you a lesson if you get your cock hard now” she said again looking very pleased with her idea.

It was very uncomfortable with a deflated cock so I could only imagine what pain was to be had should and when I would get an erection. She said something to Stella who smiled and looked at me in a way that could only be interpreted as “you can look out”

Mistress S now returned to Dexter who had been secured in a very uncomfortable position for some time. She removed the flask from his cock and shook out the slimy contents over his bald head again. “Now Dexter” she said its time for your punishment to be completed. You have brought this upon yourself for defying my rules and so this is being done to remind you who you are and who I am to you. You know this has to be done to maintain my position and because of that you know I always punish misdemeanours don’t you Dexter?” “Yes Mistress” he groaned.

She continued “If you take it well and please me then you will be forgiven and you can have some special rubber clinic treatment to assist you to recuperate from your wounds, now that would be nice wouldn’t it” Dexter’s eyes lit up at this statement from her and replied “yes Mistress thank you Mistress” She smiled at him now “good that’s what I need to hear” she said “now get that cock working again and then Mistress Torment will complete your punishment”

He struggled now to get another erection and so she beckoned Stella over and ordered her this time to masturbate him. Stella hated this, so this was her punishment too. Soon she made him hard again as she stroked him correctly under Mistress Sadistika's orders. Mistress T unashamedly still naked from the waist down and with a partial erection now approached them both with a wicked looking long cane and tested it through the air with a scary sound.

Stella’s masturbation technique eventually brought Dexter to his orgasm as she upped her cock stroking speed. His head kicked back now as it always did when he climaxed. He fought for control but lost it and now Mistress T with her own full erection now at the excitement of the proceedings landed a vicious blow on his buttocks as he screamed with his lust. He shrieked and struggled as she hit him in quick succession again and again viciously with her wicked instrument of agony.

Finally it was all over for him and as he hung there sobbing Mistress T her eyes glazed now called on the other two who now held and forced Stella to be bent forward over the bench. They held her as her rubber knickers were now removed and Mistress T now entered and began to fuck her aggressively from behind as Stella protested and sobbed. To quieten Stella down her down her own rubber knickers were forced into her mouth to gag her.

All of this was having its toll on me and my erection had partially returned again causing the spikes to dig into my tender flesh making me hop about and moan in pain. Mistress T emptied her hot load into Stella with a squeal of pleasure and collapsed onto her sweating body. Both Mistress S and Lady Sarah now sat down with their drinks as Mistress T paid a visit to the bathroom to tidy up where she also took the sobbing Stella with her.

“Stand still” was the strict order from Mistress S as she spied me moving about. I tried to do this but it was virtually impossible as it was painfully uncomfortable and so I was attempting to move to a less painful position. She came over to me and forcibly made me stand upright. Smiling now she ran her delicious smooth fingers down my body and caressed my thighs and around the top of my legs. My cock was fully hard now and the spikes although blunt dug into my skin especially into my knob area “What’s the matter?” she said as I grimaced “aren’t you enjoying me touching your body?” “You do have a low pain threshold I must say and I haven’t even started on you yet”

She now left me in my pain to attend to and release Dexter who fell to the floor where she now said “your punishment is complete Dexter, you may thank me for allowing you to stay here as my slave and then you may go to have your wounds tended in the rubber surgery” He struggled to his feet his buttocks were severely bruised and the skin was split in places from his beating. He gratefully thanked her and hobbled out. Mistress T now returned with Stella in tow now both refreshed. Mistress S appeared to castigate Stella for not keeping control on me as she was supposed to.

Stella herself cried and begged forgiveness and now Mistress S now stroked her face tenderly seemingly as if to reinforce the fact that her punishment was also complete. She fell to her knees in gratitude hugging at her mistresses legs as a child does and she was now made her stand and return to my side with the collar remote. Mistress S certainly had complete control of her slaves and anyone else involved in her thrall.

It was after midnight and the party was over now as Mistress S said goodnight to her two sadistic friends and let them out returning shortly after to make arrangements for bedtime. She approached us both and stood as if she was contemplating what to do next. “She spoke to me “tomorrow you will be punished and taught a lesson you will never forget for your serious misdemeanours, I will take great pleasure in so you can sleep on those thoughts ” She now gave orders for Stella to bring me to my cell.

Here I was released of my bonds, allowed to clean my teeth and a drink of water as I was extremely hydrated. Meanwhile Stella fitted heavy white canvas straps to my bed over a full bed sized red rubber hospital sheet in order for me to lie on. After using the toilet I was made to fit my chastity tube and then ordered to lie on the rubber sheet which took my breath with its coldness. Here I was secured on my back, my arms either side of me and my legs slightly apart. I was comfortable but I couldn’t turn. Finally a heavy strap was fixed across my chest to prevent me sitting up.

A light duvet was now pulled over me and I shivered with the cold as well as fear of her new threats. Mistress S remarked her face close to mine “it will warm up in there and you will soon be sweating in your rubber bed tonight and thinking of tomorrow and its promises. You haven’t shown any respect for my wishes and rules since you arrived and so now I have decided that you will have to face the ultimate punishment.” My stomach churned over at her statement: what on Earth was the ultimate punishment? Soon they left me alone, the light went out and it became pitch black in here, it was eerily quiet with no sounds at all filtering in from the outside.

As she had said I warmed up and I soon began to sweat somewhat lying the thick rubber sheet. Eventually however I dropped off with exhaustion from the long and arduous day I had just experienced. I awoke several times but had no idea of the time and so I dropped off again.

My light was switched on and Dexter entered my cell; this time he was wearing tight black leather shorts that fitted and showed his muscular legs. His whipped and marked upper body was on display, the red wheal marks on his torso had been taken care of and he looked more than pleased to show off his wounds; he carried my collar.

After releasing me from my sweaty bed I was taken for a shower, my collar was re-fitted before returning to my cell wearing a dressing gown where I was made to refit my steel chastity device. Breakfast was now brought to me by Stella dressed in erotic rubber as usual who again ensured she contaminated it with her spittle in front of me; I was famished and they left me to eat it which I soon did. Half an hour or so later they returned and a hobble chain and handcuffs were fitted to me.

Dexter announced “Mistress Sadistika is waiting for you in the interrogation room” This set my stomach off churning again as I was led by these two from my cell to my awaiting fate. A few yards from where we set off in the cellar we approached a steel door and I was pushed inside the twelve feet square room. Mistress S was waiting for me in there.

She was dressed in her long glossy black rubber coat shiny boots and a rubber military cap. Her beautiful cruel eyes smiled as she saw me enter. ”Good morning Maggot” she greeted me as the other two flanked my sides. I froze and didn’t answer so she moved very quickly and gave me a hard slap across my face. Her face now in mine she spoke again “what’s the problem, did you not hear me greet you?” “Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress” I blurted out. She backed off and gave orders “remove his handcuffs and dressing gown”

Now naked she dragged me over to an upright steel tubed and leather padded frame that leaned backwards at a slight angle I was backed onto it my arms behind me were positioned over an adjustable cross bar just under my armpits and secured apart with leather cuffs to the frame. Now unable to escape she dismissed her slaves before returning to me and secured my ankles four feet apart to the frame. A heavy strap around my waist held me back to the frame. My head was now fixed with leather straps to the padded frame at head height.

She stood back to admire her work and removed her coat revealing more military style latex clothing including glossy black rubber jodhpurs. A tight laced black rubber corset pulled her trim waist in and a full cut severe black latex blouse that was stretched tightly across her ample breasts. Staring from under her cap she allowed me to view her erotic sinister appearance.

She now approached and eased off my cock prison which was already filled with blood. As it stood to attention she smiled triumphantly “very good” she said “just how I want you” She continued “I have already decided how to punish you as I promised but first I need your personal information and you can do it the hard way or the easy way. Either way you will give me what I want from you so it is your choice”

She allowed this information to sink in as she now wheeled a medical chromed trolley to me. Sitting on it were various steel and chrome metal devices, needles, syringes, a professional TENS stimulator box and cables. She now commented “we are all alone now, just you, me and my trolley of delights and we have all day to do this, I wonder how many of the items on here I will have to use on you and just how long it will take me to break you, so I ask you now what is your PIN for your credit cards, what is your home alarm code and where is your computer kept that you used to contact me?”

I looked in horror at her and replied “why do you want all of this from me, I don’t understand, I have no intention of giving you this. She gave a very broad grin and said “it will all become clear when I have the information, now are you sure you don’t wish to volunteer it?” I shook my head so she now pulled on a pair of rubber gloves, taking her time smoothing them out, torturing me mentally with her slow but determined presentation.

Now she toyed with my cock using her soft erotic warm rubber gloved hands for some time until I was close to orgasm where she ceased now leaving me wanting, throbbing and breathing heavily. “Your meat should be nice and tender now and ready for some of my special torture” she said as she returned to her trolley.

She now selected a conductive rubber tube and slipped it around the base of my hard balls pulling it tight. Now another length was fastened around my cock just behind my knob and she attached thin cables to these. The cables were plugged into the Tens machine; this she switched on and it glowed with a red light. “Your card PIN?” she asked me as she held the TENS box with a threatening manner. I shook my head and waited for the pain. It came as she pressed a button. I felt as if a million red hot needles were being stuck into me and screamed out as she held it on for five seconds. She stopped and allowed me a minute or so to return back to normality.

“That was only set at number five out of ten” she said and added “it goes up by one next time” and she let me see as she adjusted it up. “PIN” she asked again. I shook my head so she now placed a rubber wedge between my teeth and buckled it back to the frame. “We can’t have you biting your tongue off can we” she remarked and now she hit the button again. I bit down on the rubber in my mouth as I screamed out again for five seconds.

This time it was several minutes before I was ready again for her. “You can stop this, just nod if you have the information” she said; my wedge was still in place. I shook my head as much as I could in defiance and seconds later she added another notch on her machine and had me screaming like a man in the electric chair. Sweat was pouring out of me by now and tears of pain and spittle ran down my face but I was determined to not give in without a fight; how much more could I endure? My cock had gone down somewhat by now and she noted this.

“I don’t want you passing out yet” she said and now removed the devices from my cock and balls. She changed direction and showed me a three inch long needle remarking “how nice this will look stuck through your nipple and I have plenty more of them to try out on you” She wiped both of my nipple areas with an alcohol cleaner and now brandished her needle again. “PIN?” she asked. I refused her question and she now slowly and methodically forced her razor sharp instrument of pain through my left nipple. This was a different sort of pain as my nipples are very tender.

Again I screamed through my wedge as she slowly maximised the agony until it was completely in place. She flicked it too causing me more discomfort before she selected another one. She used just one word now “PIN?” before she continued her work on me until I had three painful needles piercing each nipple in different directions. She also appeared pleased that I was not handing over the information easily as she obviously enjoyed her work very much. She took a break now and opened a bottle of water for herself sipping at it “my mouth was dry from tortures and I envied her drinking.

“Would you like a drink before we continue?” She asked offering her bottle towards me. I nodded; my wedge was still in my mouth. “Oh I have my special liquid for you” she said now smiling as she unzipped the crotch on her jodhpurs and placing a glass beaker between her thighs to my horror she began to piss into it. Having around half a pint of her steaming waste in the beaker now, she wiped her fingers through her cleft and tasted herself.

“Hmmmm, delicious” she remarked and now held the beaker under my nose. I struggled in vain to avoid the pungent smell for a minute so she covered over my mouth with her spare hand forcing me to breathe in through my nose. Following this now she placed the beaker down and picked up a very large glass syringe and fitted a short length of quarter inch rubber tube to its outlet nozzle. She proceeded to fill the syringe with her warm piss and now brandished it in front of me.

“One fresh mistress drink for my slave” she said and poked the tube inside my mouth through a side gap by the wedge. She pressed the plunger and her warm piss shot into my mouth. I retched at her pungent waste and did my best to avoid swallowing but some found it way into my throat. I heaved but she just laughed at my distress as she made sure the syringe was fully emptied. Most of it ran out of my mouth and down my body so she tossed a towel onto the floor to catch the liquid.

“Did you not enjoy it?” she said as she mopped up her mess and now draped the wet towel over my head and around my face where she poured the remainder of the contents in the beaker over me. She removed this after a couple of minutes and wiped me dry with a clean towel now. Sipping her water again she casually stated “I am just topping up your next refreshment” adding “you can stop this anytime by handing over your PIN as I require and I will give you time to recover as I check it out before I ask you for the other information I need from you”

I shook my head again in defiance. “Very well then I will test you wearing my electric gloves” she said “it will be a very memorable experience for you” She now coaxed my cock back into life again by toying with her rubber gloved hands and try as I could nothing on Earth could stop me getting another throbbing erection. Having done this she now slipped on another pair of heavy rubber gloves with small metal inserts fitted on the inside of the fingers and attached the thin cables to them via her TENS machine and switched it on and revealed she had set it on nine.

She squeezed a conductive gel onto the gloves now and spread it around the fingers. Satisfied she approached me and smiling she placed her left hand on my shoulder. I flinched but nothing happened until she placed her other hand on my right shoulder and a burning sensation started. Now she held her left hand where it was, and slowly traced the other down my body including touching the needles stuck into my nipples. I bucked and strained at the pain as over the next few minutes she tested me in other areas always finding somewhere more sensitive.

I was covered in sweat now which made the electrical contact of her gloves even more positive on my skin. Smiling she reached under and placed a left finger on my anus and now traced a path down my chest to my lower belly. I screamed at this new level of agony but she was not finished yet as she held her left finger in place on my anus she gently enclosed two fingers of her other hand around the base of my cock and drew it along my shaft towards my knob. Shrieking in pain I bit down on the rubber bit and spittle dribbled down as she laughed at my agony and said as she slowly stroked me “how do you like my special masturbation method?”

I now begged her stop gurgling “I will tell you, I will tell you” She continued on however “I know you will tell me” she said “but I am having so much fun here” and she continued for another minute or so. Finally she stopped, the tears running down my face glassy eyed with her own lust from my agony she released my rubber gag. As I recovered from my ordeal she removed her torture gloves, picked up a powerful massager now and unashamedly holding it into her rubber covered crutch switched it on. Leaning very close into me she pleasured herself and cursed as she vented her lust.

“You make me so fucking horny screaming like that, I love your agony and terror” she grunted now between her teeth “Ooooooooooooohh fuck fuck fuck” she continued to curse at base level as she orgasmed several times. She was a true sadist who only really “got off” by torturing her victims and now it was my turn to be on the receiving end of her depraved pleasure.

Finally she was satiated and her eyes now focused back to me as she returned to normality and by this time I had another throbbing erection watching her antics. “Now your PIN” she reminded me and continued “and it had better be correct for your health sake; if you’ve fucked me about on this you will seriously regret it” I gave her numbers which she wrote down. “Now I will soon find out if you are telling me the truth” she said and now released me only to fasten me down securely in her interrogation chair.

She now said “meanwhile while I check this number out you can savour the wonderful aroma of my piss” Having said this she produced a gas mask with a large visor, she slipped this over my head pulling tight the rubber straps to create an air seal. After fitting a long hose to it she now continued by pissing in her beaker and then transferring this to a bubbler bottle which she screwed onto the free end of my hose. Now as I breathed in, my life giving air was filtered through her waste creating a bubbling sound, exciting her liquid to increase its smell and thus forcing me to inhale her aroma.

She removed the needles from my nipples and satisfied she left me alone now to check on my information. There was a clock on the wall and so far I had been secured in this room for two hours before she had extracted my information; I was totally dehydrated but had not dared ask for a drink.

One hour later she returned wearing her long leather coat over her erotic rubber wear. She waved a wad of money at me “thank you for the correct information” she said smiling triumphantly and continued “this is just a down payment” She removed my mask now and gave me a fresh drink of water and said “you may have a break from me now and stretch your legs a little so that I will continue later extracting the rest of the information I require” and adding “I look forward it”

Dexter was summoned and he fitted my collar to then release me for a trip back to my cell for re-fitting of my chastity tube where I made to exercise for a while and then given something light to eat and drink. I ate sparingly due to my thoughts of what lay ahead as I knew she would find out what she wished to know eventually, but why my personal stuff at home?

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