A Conventional Affair

by Darkwolf

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Continues from

Part 6

Despite all of her earlier bravado, some part of Brianna Wilde had wondered if she would come to regret her bold, and quite possibly foolish, decision to wear her chastity belt and literally nothing else as they headed to the convention floor. Had wondered if, as exciting as the prospect had seemed at the time, she’d freeze up as they grew closer and closer to the reality of being so utterly naked in front of a crowd. It wasn’t even the idea of being embarrassed that had bothered her, not really. She’d embarrassed herself plenty of times in the past after all. No, what had truly gotten under her skin was the thought of failing as strange as that sounded. She knew that her mistresses would not have offered a hint of protest, would have turned back instantly and without question if she’d asked, but giving up like that felt so wrong. Especially after she’d been so confident in the face of Roxanna’s gentle concern and Sofia’s bright enthusiasm. And so, despite the familiar swirl of butterflies in her stomach, and the almost thrilling tingle of nerves under her skin, the blue-haired had simply taken a deep breath and kept walking, the feeling of carpet beneath her bare feet an oddly grounding sensation.

They had taken the stairs to avoid the worst of the crowds, much as Elise had suggested, and woven their way even deeper into the tangled sprawl of hallways that seemed to make up the entirety of the hotel, guided by the frequent signs and plaques scattered about but nothing else. That in and of itself had been interesting, as more strange architectural flourishes and eclectic decorations had come to light, but that was little more than a pleasant distraction from their true mission. By some strange turn of fate they had barely encountered another soul at first, no more than the occasional passerby too engrossed in their own concerns to pay much attention to the trio, though to her delight the blue-haired girl had discovered that the occasional double take her appearance elicited was quite satisfying. Still it had felt odd to see so few other people, especially given the crowds they had walked through earlier, to the point where Brianna’s heart was actually racing in anticipation when they finally made their way down to the first floor. For all that she had dreamed of this moment, for all that she had wondered what it would feel like to be paraded about virtually nude and on display, nothing could have prepared her for the truth. It was hard to say if the throng was thinner or not away from the main halls, but it felt as densely packed as it had been, if not more so. There seemed to be people everywhere, a veritable sea of humanity that was virtually impossible to differentiate at a glance. Yet there was an odd order to it as well, lines of traffic that seemed to flow unconsciously in every direction, sweeping you along to your destination if you were smart enough to not fight the current that is. And there, amid the tides of colorful people and even more colorful outfits stood Brianna herself, being led on a leash, handcuffed and wearing little more than a band of polished steel around her loins. There had been moments like this in the past. Exercising topless with Sofia, swimming naked in the ocean, and especially that first taste of pony play in the park, but nothing came close to the sheer exhibitionist thrill that she felt in that moment. Her skin, her whole body was on fire, but not with embarrassment like she had feared. There was a touch of that, of course, but it was a pale and distant thing. No, what she felt in that moment was an excitement that fired her blood as her mistresses blazed a trail, pulling her along behind.

Not everyone was watching of course, that would have been impossible given the sheer size and density of the crowd, in fact quite a few people failed to notice them at all. And yet, despite that, Brianna felt as if every eye was on her, drinking in the curves of her body. Heads turned at their passage, eager gazes drawn first to Sofia’s bold and confident steps, the blonde cutting an imposing figure in her skintight leathers as she led her bound and collared slave on a leash. And yet, while the blonde may have drawn them in, Brianna could feel the crowd staring at her, excited whispers and even a few shocked gasps following in her wake. It was such an incredible feeling, to know that even amidst the lavish displays of bondage and fetish gear all around her she still stood out. Moreover, much to her delight, the blue-haired girl did not feel any of the fear she had worried about. Any lingering traces of concern seemed to fade like morning mist and a flush of pure exhilaration colored her pale skin. Glancing at Roxanna, drawing both comfort and confidence from the olive-skinned woman’s presence, the bound girl unconsciously straightened her posture, throwing her shoulders back and arching her spine to thrust out her chest and put her bare breasts even more fully on display. Piercings standing out proudly and nipples rock hard, Brianna felt her pussy clench in sympathy and in that moment she was absolutely certain that this was easily the most arousing thing that she had ever done. Practically preening beneath the attention, the blue-haired girl continued to stride forward with all the grace she could muster, struggling to keep her eyes fixed forward but unable to resist the urge to study the crowd.

It was such an interesting contrast to this morning, when the crowds had been thin and the clothing more normal. A time when even Sofia’s obvious affection and Roxanna’s subtle displays of dominance had hardly been noteworthy. Now it was like stepping into a whole other world. Even if she had yet to see anyone quite as daring as herself, more than a few people were willing to let it all hang out, both metaphorically and literally. Thongs were common as were stockings, corsets and high heels of all shapes and descriptions. More than a few women were topless, little more than tape or pasties protecting what remained of their modesty, while at least a quarter of the men were without shirts and it seemed as if every other person was bound in some fashion. For a brief instant Brianna wished that she had insisted upon a gag but that might have spoiled the fun later and in any case it was far too late to turn back now. Eventually though her observations came to an end when a tug at her leash prompted the blue-haired girl to follow her mistresses around a corner where the crowd thinned almost instantly. As she was led into a smaller side hall, one lined with doors and dimly lit with only a few padded benches to break up the décor, the heat and noise of so many bodies faded almost instantly. Heart speeding up as she realized that they must be nearing their destination, Brianna wet her lips and drew a breath to steady herself. The butterflies were back with a vengeance, but still she was not deterred, enthusiasm warring with nerves as every step brought her closer and closer to her fate. As such, the blue-haired girl was so caught up in her thoughts that she was completely taken off guard when Roxanna suddenly enveloped her in a hug, the clasps and patterned surfaces of the older woman’s corset cool against heated skin. Offering a slight but painfully genuine smile her mistress leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

“Last chance, korítsi,” the olive-skinned woman offered, her voice little more than a whisper, “We can still turn back, if you like.”

Moaning softly at her body’s own pleasant reaction to that kiss it took Brianna a moment to understand what her mistress was saying, but when she did the girl could not help but return that smile, a familiar warmth blooming in her chest. It was in moments like this that she was truly grateful to her mistresses and all they had done for her, the way they cared for her, and it was one of the many reasons she loved them so. Glancing at Sofia, who had paused, waiting for her to replay, the blue-haired girl shook her head ever so slightly, “No, mistress. I want to do this.”

That tone of voice brooking no argument, Roxanna just smiled, much more broadly this time, and pressed another kiss to the girl’s forehead before nodding. Flashing a smile of her own, Sofia resumed her pace and before she knew it the blue-haired girl found herself being led around yet another corner. This time, however, the hall was not completely empty. A handful of people milled about, most far too absorbed in consulting schedules or putting the finishing touches on their outfits to notice any new arrivals. However one person did stand out, the utterly mundane cut of his clothing seeming almost out of place. It was an older man, streaks of gray in his hair and beard, reclining on a chair and dressed in a simple pair of khakis and a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “STAFF” in bright letters. As if that wasn’t enough the radio at his belt gave clear indication of his purpose, but if anything the man seemed almost bored with his assignment as he sat guarding one of the many doors. Making a beeline for the man, Sofia strode up in three quick steps, dragging her lovers along behind, and silently presented their badges. The man did glance up at the three of them, making Brianna blush ever so slightly at the attention, but just as quickly turned his gaze back to the laminated cards. Without comment, and seemingly unfazed by their appearance, as if he had seen it all before, he just nodded and quietly waved them through. Flashing a smile, and tilting her own head in thanks, Sofia wasted no time in brushing past the guard and through the door, giving the blue-haired less than a heartbeat to process what had just happened.

Even compared to the dimly lit hallway the room beyond was dark, the space curtained off to form a rough backstage area with only a few lights set into the ceiling providing any illumination. Slowing her pace to let her eyes adjust, Brianna glanced around the room curiously feeling her breath catch in her throat as she caught sight of Claire standing on the far side of the room, the redhead’s fiery hair and lightly tanned skin practically glowing in the faint illumination. And yet it was her outfit that truly gave the blue-haired girl pause. The voluptuous woman was, as promised, nearly naked but to say that she wasn’t wearing anything would have been a gross exaggeration of facts. A small corset circled her waist, cinched almost brutally tight to transform her already shapely figure into a perfect hourglass that emphasized both the generous curves of her hips and ass while also drawing the eye to her glorious DD breasts. Her chastity belt had finally been removed, revealing her cleanly shaved sex and a complete lack of tan lines, the dampness of her glistening nether lips along with her rock hard nipples betraying just how horny she actually was. An issue that her mistress had clearly anticipated given that the woman’s hands were also bound behind her back, a set of black leather cuffs that matched the collar she had been wearing buckled firmly around her wrists. Last, but certainly not least, a set of finely polished thigh-high boots sheathed her legs, each laced nearly as tight as her corset and forcing her to stand in a rigid, en pointe position with their six inch heels.

It was certainly an enchanting sight, but as she drank it in, Brianna realized that the woman was not alone. A few paces away, practically blending into the shadows, was another woman clad head to foot in black latex. Sheathed in a catsuit that covered her entire body, even outlining her fingers and toes, with a hood that completely covered her head, the woman was a vision in her own right. Somewhat tall and slender, but with well defined hips and shapely breasts, the woman’s toned limbs were clearly visible given the skintight nature of her clothing but what truly surprised the blue-haired girl was just how tantalizingly alien the woman looked. In addition to everything else, a blindfold of that same black latex had been pulled over her eyes while a heavy panel gag had been strapped tightly over her mouth, completely sealing away every last inch of skin. She wore no collar and stood stock still, but the pierced nipples plainly visible through the thin material covering them and the rapid rise and fall of her chest, breath shakily hissing through her gag’s breathing tube, betrayed just how excited the woman was at her predicament.

Having been sheathed in rubber herself more than once Brianna understood the feeling well, but having the chance to see someone else so encased sent yet another pulse of arousal into her core.

Standing just behind the latex clad woman, a faint smile on her face as she buckled another set of cuffs around those slender wrists, was Elise herself. Compared to Claire, whom she had already seen mostly naked, the brunette’s transformation was somehow even more dramatic. A pair of skinny jeans, in a purple so deep they seemed black, sheathed the young woman’s legs and sat low on her hips, showing off the pale expanse of her stomach while a heavily studded belt held them up. Faux combat boots were laced onto her feet and a halter top seemingly made of black vinyl covered her chest and emphasized what little cleavage she had. However, what truly drew Brianna’s attention was the woman’s makeup for Elise had painted her lips a deep red while outlining her gray eyes with kohl along with swaths of blue and purple eyeshadow. More than that, she had somehow teased her long, black hair into a messy faux hawk. Combined with the spiky collar around her throat and the studded leather bracelets around her wrists the young woman looked like some kind of punk goddess come to life. It was certainly a unique look, striking and unexpected and yet somehow so very appropriate. When combined with her firm and utterly confident stance, every motion radiating control and self assurance, there could be no doubt in anyone’s mind that whatever else she was, Elise Adler was every inch the dominatrix she claimed to be.

Watching as her fellow model was bound, Claire suddenly glanced at the door, her eyes lighting up when she took in the three familiar forms standing there. Unable to wave, the redhead instead smiled broadly and called out, “You made it!”

Barely taking her eyes off of her work, Elise’s smile was more subdued, and far more mysterious, but no less welcoming, “Did you have any doubt, pet?”

“None whatsoever, mistress.” Claire affirmed with a shake of the head, her smile never waiving for an instant.

Smiling shyly, a slight blush on her face both at the enchanting vision before her and Claire’s admiring gaze on her body, Brianna was content to remain silent as Sofia, still holding her leash, swept her up in a hug. Roxanna, on the other hand, stepped around the blue-haired girl’s nearly naked form and limped closer to their host, “I hope we are not late?”

Adjusting the cuffs to make sure the latex clad woman’s wrists were thoroughly restrained, Elise shook her head carefully to avoid disturbing her rather precariously styled hair, “Not at all.”

“Wonderful.” Roxanna replied with a faint smile of her own, “And might I compliment you on a most striking outfit? It suits you.”

Smiling a bit more genuinely now, Elise gave the model she had been working on a swift smack to the ass before she responded, the sudden impact making her jump in surprise and cry out into her gag, “Why thank you. I like to keep people guessing. And might I say, Ms. Kormou, the three of you look amazing yourselves.”

“Roxanna, please.” the olive-skinned woman insisted, “And it is most appreciated.”

“Elise then.” the brunette returned as she began to idly stroke the slender model’s shapely, latex covered behind, “And Brianna? I know I asked you to go topless, but I have to admit I may have underestimated you.”

Although the blue-haired girl felt her blush darken fiercely, both at that reminder and at the way the young woman’s stormy eyes roamed over her nearly naked body, much like in the hallway Brianna straightened up and arched her back to put herself on display, reveling just a bit in the attention and putting on what she hoped was a seductive smile, “Well, I wanted my first time to be special.”

Elise actually grinned, the light catching her lip piercings as she did, but before the dominatrix could respond Claire cut in, “I told you so, mistress.”

“Behave, pet.” Elise commanded as she glanced back at her slave, a soft frown marring her features and an undercurrent of power rippling through her voice, “I have no problem gagging you before the show.”

Although she dropped her head in contrition, Claire’s tone suggested that she might prefer that outcome, “Sorry, mistress.”

Slowly the brunette frown faded, replaced by a faint but clearly fond smile as she shook her head and asked, rather rhetorically, “What am I going to do with you?”

For her part Claire seemed more than happy to provide an answer though, blue-gray eyes flashing with amusement as she glanced up at her lover through the curtain of fiery red hair that had fallen around her face, “If you take these cuffs off I’d more than happy to show you, mistress.”

Letting out an exaggerated sigh, Elise chose to ignore the suggestion as she turned away from her slave to face Roxanna again, “In any case, I’m very glad that three of you could make it. Allow me to introduce the third member of my party.” as if for emphasis she gently stroked the latex covered woman’s side, “Though she would like to remain anonymous for now. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

Moaning softly into her gag as the brunette’s fingers traced over the curves of of her hip, and down the lines of her pelvis to very nearly touch the zipper over her crotch, the slender woman managed a tiny nod and a soft, muffled reply, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Good girl.” Elise practically whispered as she perched up on her tiptoes to give the bound and gagged woman a kiss on her latex covered cheek, “Such a good girl.”

Moaning again, in pleasure this time, the woman let out a soft whine as she tried to press against her mistress, “Phhnnh mnn. Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

Elise continued to stroke the woman’s body but did not respond and in that instant Brianna found herself intensely curious as to who the woman actually was. Not her identity exactly, but rather who she was to Claire and Elise. Was she another client? A paid model? Or was she something more intimate altogether? The woman’s utterly submissive posture, Elise’s clearly affectionate touch, and Claire’s warm smile as she watched certainly seemed to suggest it though the blue-haired girl was well aware that her imagination might simply be getting away from her. Whatever the case she was given little time for speculation as Elise suddenly turned away from the latex-clad woman and speared Brianna with those intense gray eyes of hers, the force of that gaze practically freezing her in place.

“And what about you, my dear?” the brunette asked, “Ready?”

Compared to the somewhat plain, if pleasant, voice she had used in the restaurant earlier, Elise’s voice was almost shockingly different. Powerful, commanding, seemingly irresistible, as if she was giving an order rather than asking a question and a shiver seemed to travel down Brianna’s spine as that voice washed over her, “Ready.”

“Ready, mistress.” Elise corrected, her tone brooking no argument.

It was Brianna’s turn to moan now, biting her lip as another shiver wracked her frame, “Yes, mistress.”

Peeling away from the latex clad woman’s side, Elise slowly began to stride across the room, the sway of her hips and the thud of her boots infusing those steps with a sense of power that seemed to defy her short stature. Smiling thinly, the brunette nodded in Roxanna’s direction, “If you ladies wouldn’t mind removing those cuffs? I need to use my own before we can get started.”

Tightening her grip into a brief embrace, Sofia planted a kiss behind the blue-haired girl’s ear and smiled, “It would be our pleasure.”

Without further ceremony the cuffs that had been binding her arms fell away with an audible click and Brianna began to rub her wrists, though more out of habit than discomfort. Looking up she froze in place again to see that Elise was now standing right in front of her, the smaller woman smirking as she reached out and nearly touched the blue-haired girl’s cheek, her hand now so close that Brianna was almost certain she could feel heat on her skin. However, rather than move that last tiny fraction of an inch, she paused and met the slightly taller girl’s hazel eyes, “May I?”

Shaken out of her stupor by that question, and understanding in an instant how important it was that Elise had asked permission, Brianna smiled softly and nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Tentatively stroking the girl’s jaw with her fingers, Elise’s smile briefly shifted into something far more genuine before the icy mask she had been wearing slipped back into place. Gently cupping Brianna’s chin, the brunette glanced at Sofia and Roxanna in turn, “You can stay and watch, if you like.”

Roxanna briefly met her lover’s gaze and a silent conversation of the type they so often seemed to share passed between them before Sofia shrugged with a grin. Nodding ever so slightly the olive-skinned woman turned back to Elise, “The invitation is appreciated, but we would not wish to spoil the surprise.”

“Do have fun, devushka.” Sofia offered as she placed a comforting hand on the blue-haired girl’s back, “We will be waiting for you.”

Moaning softly between the girl hand holding her chin, and the calloused one stroking the small of her back, Brianna let out a shuddering reply, “Thank you, mistress.”

Pressing a kiss to the girl’s shoulder, Sofia practically whispered into her ear, “No, devushka, thank you.”

Unable to turn her head, Brianna watched out of the corner of her eye as Sofia broke away and scooped Roxanna up in a familiar half embrace. The two women kissed softly, momentarily losing themselves in each other before breaking away with a smile and slowly making their way back out of the room, the olive-skinned woman curled up against her blonde lover’s side. Following the pair as they ducked under the curtain beyond the stage, the blue-haired girl felt a warmth well up in her chest and a smile curled her lips. It was hard to explain but witnessing her mistresses' casual affections with each other, the loving way they touched and kissed always did something for her, transported her back to those heady days when she had admired them from afar. And those even headier days when she had first experienced those passions for herself. It was honestly hard to put it into words, to name the emotions that welled up in her heart, but Brianna knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she loved them all the more for it. Still, while Elise was willing to indulge her to a point, the young dominatrix eventually tightened her grip and forced the girl to meet her eyes again.

Now that she had the young submissive’s attention, Elise withdrew her hand and placed it on her hip, “Time is short and there’s a few things we need to get through before we can get started.”

“I understand, mistress.” Brianna replied with a nod.

With that Elise suddenly looped a finger through the ring in the blue-haired girl’s collar, a gesture that unknowingly mirrored one her mistresses often repeated, and led over her to where Claire and the latex-clad woman were standing. Finding herself grinning at the redhead’s enthusiastic smile, the older woman practically vibrating with excitement, Brianna took the opportunity to study her up close, taking in the details of her outfit now that she had a chance. The subtle patterns worked into her corset, the way the leather clung to her hourglass figure, and the way her matching neck corset forced her to look nearly straight ahead. Most of all, though, the blue-haired girl noticed how tall Claire actually was in those towering heels of hers, to say nothing of the impossible grace with which she balanced herself on them. Truth be told she found herself more than a little jealous, not only of the older woman’s poise but also of the way the fetish gear she was wearing transformed her already gorgeous looks into something stunning. Clearly aware of the girl’s not so subtle inspection, Claire adopted a much more deliberately seductive smile and threw her arms back to emphasize her chest while cocking her hips. Blushing fiercely, and fighting the urge to look away, a sharp tug at her collar drew Brianna’s attention out of the moment and back to Elise.

Leading the girl over to a cart set up behind the other models, Elise gestured with her free hand at the various tools of her trade laid out upon it. In particular to several coils of rope in various diameters, a selection of gags and a pair of nipple clamps. Releasing the blue-haired girl’s collar, Elise reached down and picked up the clamps, turning the highly polished metal over in her hands before speaking, “First things first. What’s your safeword?”

Staring at the clamps, nipples growing hard as she anticipated being forced to wear them, especially in front of a crowd, Brianna was startled by the sudden question. Still, she managed to answer almost instantly, “Emerald, mistress.”

“Emerald.” Elise repeated, as if tasting the word, “And can you make yourself understood through a gag?”

“I can, mistress.” Brianna confirmed with a firm nod.

“Good.” Elise mused, “Very good. Still, I’d like a little more insurance than that since we’ve never worked together before. Don’t hesitate to use your safeword, but at the same time I want you to curl the fingers of both hands like this if things get too intense.”

Watching as the young dominatrix demonstrated, twisting the fingers of her free hand into a decidedly unnatural looking gesture, one that would almost certainly have to be deliberate, Brianna nodded again and mirrored the pose as best she could, “I understand, mistress.”

Smiling briefly at that, Elise then held up the clamps for inspection, “And these won’t be too harsh, I trust?”

Part of Brianna was deeply tempted to take the devices, to study them intently, perhaps even try them out, but she held herself back. The truth was that she trusted Elise, the young woman’s cool and professional demeanor, mixed with the brief flashes of warmth she showed her lover, set the blue-haired girl at ease. Besides that, as her mistresses had said she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. After all, not knowing what was about to happen, anticipation and loss of control blending together beautifully, was half the fun of bondage. Therefore she just shook her head and looked up, tentatively meeting the brunette’s eyes, “I’m sure it will be fine, mistress. I trust you.”

For the briefest instant Elise looked almost stunned, but definitely pleased by that response. Still, she mastered her reaction almost instantly, nodding in acknowledgment and putting the clamps down again before gently stroking Brianna’s face with a feather soft touch that betrayed not a hint of the strength underneath, “There’s one last thing. A game I like to play with new clients. While I suppose that’s not exactly what you are, considering the circumstances it feels… fitting.”

Shivering beneath that touch, a soft gasp catching in her throat as those fingers traced the outlines of her jaw, Brianna very nearly whimpered, “Thank you, mistress.”

Letting her well trimmed, and black painted, nails trail over the blue-haired girl’s sensitive skin for a moment longer before withdrawing her hand, Elise gestured at the cart again, particularly at a set of four ball gags sitting next to each other, “Pick one you like and gag yourself.” a tiny smirk suddenly curled her lips, “You said you liked them big, so impress me with your resolve.”

Eyes sweeping down that pale, shapely arm Brianna bit her lip as she took in each of the four gags on display. They were nearly identical at a glance, simple balls of bright red rubber, each with a single strap of black leather ensuring that they would not obscure too much of her face when worn. An important consideration if she was going to be performing in front of an audience, after all. Where they differed was in size, with even the smallest of them being easily two inches in diameter while the largest was very nearly as big as her fist. Not quite as enormous as the gag Claudia had been forced to wear during her first foray in a bitchsuit, but still rivaling some of the largest Brianna had ever used. It was certainly an interesting dominance game and one she could definitely appreciate. The choice alone would tell you a lot about a potential submissive. How long they hesitated, which gag they chose and just how far they were willing to push themselves. Even how tightly they fastened the toy would tell you a lot about their tolerances. Perhaps doubly so in Brianna’s case given her professed love of gags and the claims she had made about her endurance. Of course, the blue-haired girl had gagged herself before, but never at the command of one of her lovers and, as she tentatively reached out, the thrill was almost overwhelming.

Perhaps it was pride, perhaps it was stubbornness, or perhaps it was just pure foolish impulse but, spurred on by the tiny smirk decorating Elise’s face, Brianna plucked up the largest gag on offer and shoved it into her mouth. Groaning as it forced her jaws wide open, seating behind her teeth with an audible pop, the blue-haired girl tightened it down as hard as she could, pushing the ball even deeper into her mouth until the straps dimpled her cheeks, something in her posture almost defiant as she met the other woman’s stormy gray eyes with her own unwavering hazel gaze.

“Impressive.” Elise admitted, though the smirk never fully left her face, as she reached out and brushed her thumb against the large rubber ball now stretching Brianna’s lips, “Most people don’t tighten it that tight on the first try. Though perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, you’re hardly new to this. I just hope you don’t come to regret your choice.”

Moaning softly as that thumb traced her lower lip, Brianna was not certain how she would have responded even if she could talk, part of her wondering if there was some deeper meaning to that statement she was missing while the rest of her considered that she may indeed have made a mistake. It was only now, feeling the pressure on her jaw, that the blue-haired girl realized just how big the gag actually was. Not the biggest she had ever worn, some of Claudia’s were truly massive, but still pushing the very edges of her experience. And beyond that she had no idea just how long she’d have to wear the thing. Then again that really only made it better and so she chose to remain silent, offering no comment and no resistance as Elise took her by the arms and finally cuffed her wrists behind her back, the padded leather delightfully snug against her skin. Allowing her own hands to linger there for just a moment longer, and brushing along the curves of Brianna’s pale hips, Elise eventually stepped back and scooped up one last toy from the table, carefully concealing it in the palm of her hand as she practically stalked towards Claire. Eyes glued to the young dominatrix’s slender frame, especially the way her jeans clung to her surprisingly curvy ass, the blue-haired girl was only then struck by just how much taller than her lover Claire actually was. A fact that was certainly exaggerated by the towering heels on the redhead’s ballet boots, but still a striking image and one that she found strangely arousing. After all she was used to being dominated by taller women, of looking up at her mistresses as she was bound, their height reinforcing their dominance in a way that seemed only natural. Even at those times when she had submitted to Claudia the tattooed girl was only slightly shorter than herself. To see those roles reversed, to see a taller woman eagerly submitting to one over a head shorter (her wildly tall hair notwithstanding) was honestly fascinating to watch.

Smiling as she watched her lover approach, Claire’s blue-gray eyes practically sparked with anticipation, “Do you have a present for me, mistress?”

In a swift and honestly impressive move given their height difference, Elise shoved a large spider-ring gag into the redhead’s mouth, forcing her mouth wide open and her lips into an ‘O’ of surprise before buckling it down as the woman playfully fought, “I do indeed, pet. I call it the gift of silence.”

The latex encased woman made a sound through her own rather harsh gag that might have been laughter and even Brianna chuckled softly as Claire’s expression grew cheerfully indignant and a muffled squawk of surprise escaped her as she put on a show of struggling against her cuffs as a pale pink tongue tried and failed to dislodge the gag. In the midst of that Elise silently gathered up all three of her now helpless models and began to guide them toward the stage curtain. Feeling her heart flutter with every step, Brianna had to fight to keep her breathing steady as blood pounded in her ears. This was it, this really was it, the absolute last chance to turn back. And yet, despite the butterflies still fluttering in her stomach and the twinge of nerves in her chest, the blue-haired girl found herself more excited than anything else, a familiar exhibitionist thrill tingling across her skin. So she closed her eyes and kept walking, guided by the hand resting on the small of her back.

If stepping out into the halls had been like crossing into another world, stepping through the velvety black curtain, gasping in pleasure through her gag at the feeling of the soft material brushing against her skin, was almost like traveling to another universe. In stark contrast to the near silence of the prep room a wave of noise slammed into her almost instantly, a thousand whispered conversations overlapping into an incomprehensible cacophony. It was also dark, almost shockingly so. Faint lights set along the edge of the stage provided just enough illumination to navigate by, but otherwise cast the rest of the cavernous room into shadows, the outlines of row after row of chairs and the crowd of people sitting on them just barely visible but little else. And what a crowd it was. It was impossible to count, of course, but Brianna could practically feel hundreds of eyes upon her as she stepped out fully into view. It was intimidating, almost overpowering on some level, and definitely more intense than walking through the crowds outside, but more than that it was thrilling, a positively electrifying sensation assaulting her body and overshadowing everything else. All teasing about her exhibitionist tendencies aside, it had been something she’d long wondered about. If her excitement at playing along the edges of that particular fetish represented some genuine want on her part or if it was the simple thrill of the forbidden that called to her. And yet, ever since Murial’s invitation to perform at Delirium, whether genuine or in jest the blue-haired girl had never had the courage to ask, she’d wanted, needed to know. And now she did, for as she was led to the center of the stage, Claire standing proudly to her left and the latex clad woman lingering obediently on her right, the lights suddenly went went up and in that instant Brianna felt an almost unbelievably intense flush of arousal suffuse her entire body, pussy clenching tightly and already rock hard nipples throbbing in sympathy. There was no disguising it now. She was standing bound, gagged, collared and chaste on stage almost completely naked for all the world to see and she absolutely loved it.

Basking in the at feeling, the blue-haired girl scanned the room to try and spot her mistresses amid the shadows but it was a difficult task, made nearly impossible a moment later when Elise brushed past her to take the center stage for herself. Pale skin practically glowing under the lights, the brunette placed a hand on her hip and surveyed the room with all the imperious grace of a monarch, her stance radiating confidence and control, forming an almost bizarre juxtaposition with her wild, punk inspired outfit. After a moment of almost stunned silence applause thundered through the room and Elise drank it in with a smirk even as Claire practically preened, adjusting her stance and straightening her posture to show off. Eventually, though, the young dominatrix raised her hands to indicate silence and a hush fell over the crowd as she spoke into a discrete microphone clipped to her top.

“Most of you, I suspect, came here for one of two reasons.” the brunette began, her amplified voice carrying the same undercurrent of defiant power as her stance, “Either you’re here to listen to a discussion on the techniques and philosophies of bondage, or you wanted to see some pretty girls get tied up.” She paused briefly, flashing a thin smile at the new round of applause that broke out before continuing in a somewhat lighter tone, “If you came here to see something else, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong room.”

That elicited some scattered a laughter and, as the sound seemed to echo through the hall, Elise began to pace back and forth along the edge of the stage, “Of course, before we begin it’s important to establish that no matter what you’re about to see, no matter how extreme it might seem, the lovely ladies behind me consented to all of it. That’s the most important rule of any bondage or dominance game. Communication and consent, especially if you do this sort of thing professionally like I do. A dominant has to trust a submissive to share their fantasies and their limits. Conversely, a submissive has to trust that their domme will listen and respect those limits.” she paused then, as if for dramatic effect, and turned to address the crowd directly, “If anyone disagrees, the door is behind you, you may use it.”

There were soft murmurs of agreement and hushed whispers of conversation in response to that declaration, but while it was impossible to understand most of it, no one left. Seemingly satisfied, Elise nodded before smiling again, “But you didn’t come here for a lecture. You came here for a show.”

Given the wild change in tone it took a moment for that to sink in, but when it did another roar of approval sounded as Elise began to practically strut across the stage, the echo of her boots audible even over the cheers. Moving with deliberate slowness, the pale woman wove her way around the three bound models on display, drawing a hand along the curves of Claire’s underboob as she passed and tracing the waistband of Brianna’s chastity belt as she slipped behind the girl. However, the young dominatrix did not stop at either one of them, instead making a beeline directly for the slender, latex-clad woman standing obediently off to the side. Placing her hands on those slick hips, Elise circled the woman several times, allowing her fingers to glide over the tight rubber covering every inch of that skin, teasing the edges of her ribs and cupping her breasts before pinching hard and obviously pierced nipples. Even through the heavy gag she was wearing the woman’s moans were clearly audible, partly thanks to the microphone her mistress was wearing and partly thanks to the sheer volume of her cries as she writhed beneath that touch and fought against her bonds, every facet of her movement betraying just how much she was enjoying those attentions. Eventually the brunette stopped, letting a hand glide down the woman’s smooth stomach, the passage of her fingers drawing attention to a navel piercings before she took hold of the catsuit’s crotch zipper. Playing with slider for a moment, Brianna wondered if Elise would actually open it and expose the squirming woman’s pussy to the crowd but instead she stepped away, clearly pleased with the reactions she had elicited from her plaything, and turned to face the audience again.

“There are as many ways to practice bondage as there are practitioners.” the brunette announced without preamble, “As long as you keep things in the realm of safe, sane and consensual there’s not really a wrong way to do it. However, every domme and every sub wants something different out of the experience. Take this lovely little toy for example.” As if to emphasize her point, Elise practically molded herself against the latex encased woman’s side and snaked an arm up her chest to grab her chin and force her to look forward, “Say ‘hello’ to all the nice people, won’t you?”

Moaning loudly at the feeling of her mistress’s body pressed against her own, and the pressure on her jaw, the woman struggled briefly as she let out a faint cry, “Hmmmn!”

“Very good.” Elise practically cooed as she pulled back and began to circle the taller woman again with slow, measured steps, like a lion sizing up its kill, addressing the crowd even as she continued to explore those latex covered curves, “You see, for rubber slut here, bondage is almost an art. As much about how it makes her look as how it makes her feel. She wants to be controlled, forced to do all the things she dares not admit to truly wanting. Then she wants to be displayed, her helpless body an object of desire for all who view it. And as all of you can clearly see, it's quite the body.”

That last part was said with an almost playful lilt and whether it was her mistress’s words or her touch, or some combination of both, the latex clad woman moaned loudly in response and redoubled her efforts to free her hands. Brianna didn’t know about the crowd, but the display was definitely working for her and the blue-haired girl had to fight the urge to squirm herself, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together as she did. Moreover, listening to Elise’s sonorous and commanding tone she could easily envision exactly what the brunette was saying, understanding on an almost instinctive level the appeal of being controlled and displayed and transformed into a sex object. Rather like what was about to happen to all three of them, come to think of it. In the midst of those musings, Elise finally ceased her inspection, much to the latex clad woman’s frustration, and stepped back to reveal a cart holding the various toys she had prepared for the coming demonstration, the same cart she had shown Brianna earlier in fact. Perusing the selection with a critical eye, the pale woman eventually selected a sharply curved dildo with a small bulge in the base, all made of mottled blue and black rubber. Holding up her prize for all to see, Elise grinned almost savagely for the briefest instant and stalked back toward her prey.

Cupping the latex -clad woman’s ass and squeezing playfully, eliciting a muffled cry and making her jump in surprise, the brunette continued, “Personally, I find bondage just a bit boring without something else to spice it up. Thankfully there are a wide variety of toys available for just that purpose.”

This time there was no mistaking the pale brunette’s intentions as she carefully molded herself against the latex covered woman’s side again and reached up with her free hand to cup a breast, squeezing hard and tweaking a nipple for good measure. The woman moaned softly into her gag and thrust her chest out, her rubber encased form practically quivering as her mistress’s hand then began to roam down her front, tickling her ribs and tracing the lines of her stomach before brushing over a well turned thigh and squeezing again. Eyes drawn to the contrast of pale fingers pressing into black latex, Brianna watched as Elise’s hand began to drift upwards, eliciting another moan and a shudder of pleasure as her nails grazed delicate skin and brushed over the bound woman’s captive pussy.

It was only then that the brunette finally took hold of the suit’s zipper and slowly began to open it, inch by agonizing inch. Biting down on her own gag, the blue-haired girl found herself moaning in sympathy as the other model’s glistening sex was exposed to the world, the silvery ring of a piercing clearly visible in her hard and eager clit while a number of smaller rings studded the lips of her labia. Without comment Elise pulled the latex aside just enough to fully expose the woman and began to gently stroke her curves and folds while finely trimmed nails flicked her piercings playfully. Practically whimpering now as she strained against her cuffs, the bound woman rocked her hips as best she could, crying out into her gag as she begged her mistress for more. It was at that moment that the brunette struck, shoving the length of the dildo into the woman’s quivering sex in one swift motion, slipping the edges of the base plate under her catsuit and making sure the small bulge built into the toy was pressed firmly against her clit. Closing the zipper again to lock the device in place, Elise playfully patted the woman’s ass while perching up on tiptoes to place a kiss on her cheek. And yet, despite parting her lips as if she were about to whisper something to the woman, the brunette remained silent.

Seemingly satisfied the young dominatrix walked away from her plaything and further toward the far end of the stage. Pausing at a seemingly random place, Elise dropped down to one knee and picked up a large object that had been hiding there amid the gloom, tilting it just enough to be seen by the audience. At first Brianna wasn't certain what the thing was. It was large, easily as tall as a person and perhaps a quarter of that wide, and seemed to be nothing more than a rectangular frame of white plastic pipe with what looked like a sheet of shimmering black latex pulled between it. A curiosity to be certain and the blue-haired girl found herself wondering just what it was for.

Scanning the crowd carefully, Elise raised a brow and almost smirked, “Anyone out there know what this is?”

The reaction was surprising, a mixture of laughter, as if it were an obvious question, along with scattered applause and even some murmurs of confusion. Whether she had expected that response or not, Elise continued without pause, “For those of you who don’t, most people would call this a vacbed, or a vacuum bed. A simple device really, two sheets of rubber mounted in a frame. You place someone between the layers and use a vacuum pump, or even a vacuum cleaner if you can stand the noise of it running all the time, to pull out all the air. Assuming you’ve sealed it properly, and smoothed out all the wrinkles, and lined up the breathing hole,” the almost sardonic delivery of that last part elicited a brief laugh, “then everything is pulled skin tight and your subject is totally immobilized.”

Not for the first time Brianna found herself hanging on Elise’s every word, her mind painting a vivid picture of the things the other woman was describing. She had long enjoyed the feeling of tight latex on her body, of being encased in a catsuit and sealed in a hood, or wrapped up snugly like a mummy, but it surprised her just a bit to realize that she had never seen or even heard of a device like this one. It sounded… fascinating and while part of her wished that she could experience it for herself, the blue-haired girl found herself squirming again, a familiar flare of heat blooming between her legs as she shifted her hips and the smooth metal of her chastity belt rubbed against her throbbing sex.

Setting the device down again and unlocking the frame to pull the outer layer of rubber aside, Elise stood to her full height and drifted back toward the latex encased woman as she twisted and squirmed and rubbed her thighs together, clearing enjoying the sensation of the dildo that now filled her. In a somewhat unexpected move the dominatrix unfastened the woman’s cuffs, freeing her arms and tossing the restraints aside before leading the still gagged and blindfolded woman by the hand over to where the vacbed was waiting. At the brunette’s direction the woman lowered herself down onto the bed, shifting her body carefully until she was laying in the exact center. Dropping back down to one knee herself, Elise grabbed the woman by the wrists and roughly forced her arms up over her head, pressing her down hard when she arched her back and tried to struggle. Once the woman had finally submitted, letting out a quiet moan of acquiescence and obediently leaving her arms in place, Elise moved on. With considerably more care the brunette took one of the woman’s ankles and carefully folded her leg until thigh and calf were touching, repeating the process with the other leg until she was left splayed out in a faux frog-tie. It was only then, with her subject displayed properly, that the young dominatrix finally pulled the second sheet of latex back down, tucking it into the frame and smoothing it into place.

Without pause the brunette reached back, flipping a hidden switch in the floor and activating a vacuum pump that had been concealed beneath the stage, the bed instantly sealed tight, pinning the splayed woman in place as the rubber conformed to her body in its inescapable grasp. Of course, unlike Brianna, who had been treated to a front row seat for the show (such as it was), the rest of the audience wasn’t exactly certain what was happening. They had seen the model lay down, and could clearly see Elise manhandle her, but from beyond that it was mostly a matter of imagination. Clearly anticipating that problem, however, once her slave was secure, the dominatrix rose back to her feet one last time and reached up to grab a rope that was dangling from the ceiling. As she pulled on that rope, each tug revealing a muscle definition to her arms that the blue-haired girl had not realized the young woman possessed, the vacbed began to rise, slowly pulled upwards by a pair of chains attached to the top of its frame. A second pair of much shorter chains affixed to the bottom kept the device from being lifted too far, and kept it from spinning as the woman trapped within struggled. Soon enough, though, the vacbed was completely vertical, hanging there like some kind of bizarre and erotic painting, stage lights glinting off the shiny rubber as it was illuminated. There was a brief instant of almost stunned silence before a roar of approval filled the air as Elise secured the rope and almost sauntered to the front of the stage again. With a deliberately soft and painfully slow touch the brunette ran her hands over the encased woman’s helpless body, smoothing out even the tiniest of wrinkles while taking the time to tease all of her most sensitive places, eliciting a seemingly never ending stream of moans and cries as breath hissed through the tiny tube protruding from the rubber. The only visible sign that the figure within was a real, living woman and not simply a statue of some type.

“What do you think, am I an artist?” Elise quipped as she glanced back over her shoulder with an almost sardonic smile.

A heady mix of laughter and applause followed, the crowd clearly appreciating both the sight and the woman’s humor, but Brianna wasn’t really paying attention to that. No, she was much more interested in studying every line and curve of the thoroughly immobilized and helplessly displayed woman’s body. Eyes drawn to the play of light and shadow across skintight latex as she struggled, chest rising and falling rapidly as her breath quickened in excitement and limbs twitched as she tried and failed to move within her confinement. Most of all, though, the blue-haired girl found herself nearly breathless at the way the woman’s splayed out position thrust her breasts and pussy to the fore while displaying her impressive flexibility. However, as the applause began to die down it was clear that Elise was not quite finished with the woman yet, the young dominatrix running a hand over one of the model’s well-turned thighs, moving in slow and almost lazy patterns as she teased sensitive skin. Completely unable to defend herself, the encased woman cried out into her gag, moaning and whimpering as those fingers drew ever closer to her aching pussy. After what seemed like an eternity of that slow torture, even from Brianna’s perspective, the brunette finally began to stoke that delicate mound, or at least the base plate of the vibrator covering it.

“Before I leave her to your viewing pleasure,” Elise finally announced after several more long moments of teasing the poor woman, “I have a little something to make sure that rubber slut here doesn’t get bored. As some of you probably guessed, the dildo she’s wearing is a vibrator. What you don’t know, but might suspect, is that it’s also a very special, very devious vibrator.”

As if to emphasize her point, the brunette suddenly poked the base of the device sharply with two fingers, eliciting a cry of protest and activating a switch. Almost instantly the bound woman jerked as best she could in her encasement, moaning loudly into her gag as the muscles of her stomach and thighs quivered beneath the sudden onslaught of sensation, unable to do anything else but endure. At the same time, Elise reached up and cupped the woman’s face, gently stroking her cheek even as an almost cruel smile decorated her features, still addressing the audience in that almost conversational tone of hers.

“You see, this particular toy is actually two in one. The dildo itself vibrates and there’s a built in bullet vibe right over her clit. A particularly intense sensation when one also has a piercing there. However, the real trick is that both are controlled by a very effective randomizer. Sometimes one is on, sometimes both. More than that, the strength can vary from whisper quiet to toe curling intensity at the drop of a hat and the duration can be anywhere from a few seconds to minutes at a time.” pausing ever so briefly, Elise turned back toward the crowd and flashed a much more playful smile, “It’s impossible to predict, impossible to get used to and very effective at taking someone to the edge.” Shrugging as if unconcerned, the pale woman then gave her plaything one last pat on the cheek before leaving the woman to hang there helplessly, “Whether she cums or not is something I guess we’ll all have to find out.”

Making a long and lazy arc around the vacbed as she walked away, chains rattling softly as the woman within struggled against the mercilessly tight rubber confining her and the equally merciless vibrator filling her, Elise took hold of the cart carrying the rest of her toys and began to drag it across the stage. Watching the woman approach, Brianna felt her heart begin to speed up in excited anticipation, certain that the dominatrix would be working down the line and that she’d be next. It was thus to her great surprise, and equally great disappointment, when the pale woman almost casually passed her by, leaving the cart sitting next to the blue-haired girl’s side as she approached Claire instead. Gracefully striding up to the bound and gagged redhead, Elise smacked her ass playfully, smiling at the way the woman jumped in surprise, even in her precariously high heels, and moaned in delight as her mistress began to knead and squeeze those firm cheeks.

“Quite the vision, isn’t she?” Elise asked, somewhat rhetorically, though the audience certainly seemed to agree, “A killer ass, tits to die for and that mouth… Stick your tongue out for me, won’t you pet?”

“Yeh, nhihghuehh.” Claire practically moaned as she obediently snaked her tongue out through the ring gag she was wearing, curling it suggestively as she did so.

“Do try to contain your jealousy.” Elise teased as she leaned around the redhead’s body and helped herself to a handful of those marvelously shapely breasts, “This one’s all mine.”

Brianna didn’t know about the audience, but she certainly felt a pang of jealousy at the sight. She remembered practically worshiping that body with her eyes, being held in those arms and feeling those breasts press against her back as she sat perched on the woman’s lap. While it was true that their little adventure in the pool had been more playful than sexual it would have also been a lie to claim that it hadn’t turned her on. And now, watching the redhead’s deliberately provocative pose and listening to her deeply sensual moans as her mistress fondled her… Well, not for the first time the blue-haired girl was actually grateful for her chastity belt. Otherwise, even with her hands bound and an audience of hundreds watching she might have been tempted to do something… unfortunate.

Breaking away from Claire’s side, Elise casually walked back over to the cart and began to carefully unfold a small bundle of black leather, “For my lovely pet here bondage is about sensation. Not just the feeling of being restrained or punished, but extremes of sensation. As a true masochist she wants to explore the intermix of pleasure and pain. To feel them overlap and combine, blending together in a melange greater than the sum of its parts until she finally breaks through to the other side. It’s the sort of thing you have to be very careful about, and you definitely have to know what you’re doing, but the rewards? Well, I think I’ll let the results speak for themselves.”

Holding up the bundle to reveal a rather slim armbinder, Elise tossed the device over her shoulder and slipped behind Claire’s back to begin removing her cuffs. Slinging the old restraints aside with an almost negligent toss, she then pulled the redhead’s arms taut, wrists together, and began to slide the slick leather of the monoglove over them. Bending over slightly to grant her mistress better access, Claire moaned softly as her arms were encased and the various straps were threaded over her shoulders and across her chest with a practiced hand. An even louder moan escaped her a moment later when the material began to tighten as Elise closed the zipper and began to adjust the straps, slowly drawing the older woman’s elbows together until she finally forced them to touch with one last, brutal tug. Eyes fluttering closed, Claire moaned deep in her throat this time and bent over even more sharply at the sensation of being bound so tightly, instinctively shaking her shoulders to test her range of motion and setting her breasts to jiggle invitingly. Or at least Brianna found the vision inviting, staring with unabashed appreciation as the redhead put on a show. At the same time, Elise took the opportunity to retrieve a shiny metal bar from the cart and almost casually kicked her slave’s legs apart, forcing the woman to spread her ankles further and further until Claire was perched even more precariously on her toes. Dropping down to her knees, the brunette quickly fastened the bar to a pair of D-rings built into the older woman’s boots, locking her in that position before climbing up one of those shapely legs like an impromptu stripper pole. Taking the redhead by the waist, Elise practically rocked her hips against Claire’s equally shapely ass before allowing her hands to roam over that perfect body, cupping a breast hard while allowing fingers to trail between the woman’s legs, stroking her eager pussy in a move so blatantly sexual that Brianna almost couldn’t believe it.

Practically fingering her slave for several long heartbeats, Elise abruptly released her captive’s breast and reached up high to grab a rope dangling above her head, its dark color virtually disappearing in the shadows. Clipping the rope to the ring at the base of Claire’s armbinder, the brunette suddenly and without warning wrenched the bound woman into a strappado, pulling tighter and tighter until the redhead was nearly bent over double and her arms were almost vertical. Having been in similar positions herself Brianna could not help but wince in sympathy, scarcely able to imagine the strain on the poor woman’s shoulders. And yet, Claire did not seem to mind if the deep and clearly aroused moan that escaped her fiercely gagged mouth was any indication.

“Sorry about that.” Elsie apologized, though her clearly pleased tone betrayed her true feelings, as did her rather self satisfied smirk, “She needs to be tied tight to get the full experience, but also tends to get rather loud when she’s excited. Let’s see if we can do something about that.”

Picking up yet another toy from her cart, a rather modest looking plug of black rubber with a squeeze bulb attached by a thin tube, Elise slipped the device through Claire’s ring gag and deep into her mouth with surprisingly gentleness. Two quick pumps was enough to lock the plug in place before the brunette began to play with it in earnest, deftly inflating and deflating the thing with one hand as she slowly tested the redhead’s limits. However, after a moment or two of that playful exploration Elise seemed to change her mind, quickly pumping the gag up until the redhead’s cheeks began to bulge, eliciting a deeper and yet much quieter groan in response. Seemingly satisfied for now, the young dominatrix dropped the bulb almost casually, allowing it to dangle from Claire’s mouth like a pendulum as she finally turned her stormy gaze on Brianna.

Swallowing hard, the blue-haired girl had to fight the sudden urge to step back, very nearly overwhelmed by the intensity of that gaze and the rush of excitement that followed. Up until this moment she had been little more than an observer, forced to watch and rendered completely unable to participate while her own bound and gagged body was on display. That juxtaposition alone had been thrilling enough, a strange mix of voyeurism and exhibitionism that had proven to be shockingly and delightfully intense. Not quite like anything she had ever experienced before and all the more thrilling because of it. But now? Now she was about to become the main event and as much as she wanted that, needed it almost, Brianna was also achingly aware for perhaps the first time of just how many people were watching, the realization eliciting a sense of nervousness that not even being nearly naked in front of that same crowd had been able to impart.

Easily reading the change in the blue-haired girl’s mood, Elise flashed a smile that was somehow both soothing and commanding as she approached, reaching out to cup Brianna’s face and placing a soft kiss on her cheek before continuing, “Last, but certainly not least, we have Blue here. She’s an interesting case, you see. While she enjoys the sensation of being bound, and craves the helpless thrill of being dominated, what she really wants is the pleasure of bondage itself. She wants to test her limits, to be challenged, to be pushed further and further to the very edges of her experience.” Pausing ever so briefly, the brunette stared the bound girl right in the eye, “Well, my dear, challenge accepted.”

There was a smattering of laughter from the audience, and even a few cheers of encouragement, but all Brianna could really focus on was those eyes that seemed to look straight through her and the sudden flush of heat that turned every inch of her pale skin bright red. Embarrassed and excited in equal measure, both at that description of her kinks and the nickname she had been saddled with. For perhaps the first time the blue-haired girl was actually glad that Claudia could not be here with them, otherwise she’d never have heard the end of it. Elise withdrew her hand then, eliciting a tiny whimper of disappointment at the loss of contact. While it was not the first time that the dominatrix had touched her, part of Brianna felt as if this moment was more significant somehow. Still, all she could do was watch as the young woman stepped back and picked up a bundle of sturdy hemp rope and began to uncoil it. Just as had happened with the other two models, the blue-haired girl felt the cuffs that had been binding her wrists fall away but she dared not move as a thin, shapely body molded itself against her back just and that rope was draped over her shoulders.

“A lot of people think that rope is boring. The most basic, old fashioned type of bondage there is.” Elise mused, almost casually as she pulled both ends of the rope taut around Brianna’s neck and centered the length of both ends between her breasts, tying them together in knots every few inches or so before looping around the primary shield of her chastity belt and pulling them between her legs, “I suppose there’s some truth to that. People were tying each other up with rope before just about anything else. However, what most don’t realize is that rope is actually one of the most challenging types of bondage to perform. Too tight and you risk cutting off circulation or pinching nerves. Too loose and the whole arrangement might fall apart, or at least move enough that rope burns become a real danger.”

Pulling the rope snugly up between the cheeks of Brianna’s ass, Elise tied one final knot at the small of her back before coiling the ends over and around her hips and threading them through the ropes now running vertically down the front of her body, forming a neat diamond pattern when they were pulled firm. Satisfied with that, the dominatrix pulled the strands behind her back again, twisting them around each other over her spine, before repeating the process again and again until that same diamond pattern decorated the entirety of the blue-haired girl’s torso in an intricate web, passing under and over her breasts before circling slender shoulders to tie off behind her neck once more. Inspecting her work carefully, the brunette spent a long heartbeat adjusting the ropes here and there, position knots just so and centering the formation before she finally nodded her approval.

Glancing at the crowd again, Elise flashed an almost cocky smile as she grabbed another coil of rope, “Beyond the challenge, of course, rope also allows for some truly intricate designs with a bit of luck, a lot of skill and some patience. Besides, I’ve never met anyone who could deny that proper shibari is a high art, especially when used on a pretty girl.”

Blush deepening at the murmurs of approval she could hear from the audience, Brianna gasped in surprise when the last bits of loose rope dangling from the back of her neck were wrapped around her chest and used to cinch her breasts in a tight harness as a final act, the cords squeezing her tits delightfully as well as lifting and separating the delicate mounds more effectively than any bra. Not giving the girl even a chance to recover from that sensation, Elise quickly took the second, much shorter, length of rope she was holding and pulled the taller girl’s arms behind her back, folding her elbows sharply before binding them. Tossing her head back and moaning into her gag as she felt those new ropes tighten, Brianna allowed her eyes to flutter closed as she felt her limbs pulled into a firm box tie that slowly morphed into something more like a reverse prayer position as her elbows were drawn closer and closer together. Moving with deliberate slowness now, both to prolong the show as well as to carefully monitor her subject, Elise continued to tighten the ropes until she felt the blue-haired girl’s muscles begin to tremble with the strain, clearly pushed to her limits. At that sight the brunette instantly backed off, letting just a bit of slack into the bonds before finally tying the ends down securely, trapping Brianna in that wonderfully sexy and delightfully helpless pose.

“Good girl.” Elise whispered, so softly that her microphone could not pick it up, as she leaned in and pressed a kiss behind the blue-haired girl’s ear, “Such a good girl.”

Practically whimpering at those surprisingly tender words, Brianna managed to turn her head just enough to glance at the young woman out of the corner of her eye, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

Elise flashed a brief smile but almost as quickly her dominatrix persona reasserted itself, that smile shifting into another haughty smirk as she wrapped her arms around the blue-haired girl’s body and lifted herself up enough to rest her chin on a pale shoulder, “Now that we have the present properly wrapped, I think it’s high time we put her to the test.”

With those mildly ominous and yet oh so exciting words hanging in the air, Brianna felt a pressure on her hips slowly guide her down onto her knees. A hand then gripped the cluster of knots between her shoulder blades, much more firmly, and practically pushed her onto the floor until she was left sprawled on her stomach. Turning her head to try and find a more comfortable position, the blue-haired girl strained to watch as Elise slowly circled her prone body, the reverberating echoes of her steps sounding like a drum beat. Eventually the brunette paused and took yet another coil of rope from the cart and bent down to begin binding Brianna’s legs, cinching them snugly above and below the knees as well as around the ankles until the girl was well and truly helpless. By no means finished, however, the young dominatrix then made good on her earlier promise, folding her newest plaything into a strict hogtie by threading the rope binding her ankles through the web of ropes restraining her arms and pulling tight. Crying out into her gag in a heady mix of pleasure and pain as her back was forced into a sharp arch, for a moment Brianna was certain that she would be able to touch the soles of her feet before the cords were tied off, adding to the mass of knots decorating her body and locking her in that utterly submissive pose.

Patting the girl’s ass playfully, and clearly pleased with the sight before her, Elise was still not quite finished yet. As a final act she gently gathered up Brianna’s long, blue hair and pulled it into a rough ponytail, stroking the silky locks for a moment before gripping them tightly and forcing the bound girl’s head back until she was looking straight ahead, eliciting yet another cry, this one in shock as much as anything else. Still holding that mass of hair in one hand, Elise took the last bit of rope trailing from the girl’s ankles and quickly wrapped it around those gathered curls, trapping Brianna’s head in place and at last completing her bondage. Letting her hands roam over that captive body for a long moment, ostensibly to check all of the restraints one last time, the brunette smiled at the girl’s muffled giggles as she squirmed playfully beneath probing fingers. After a moment or two of that delightfully sensual torture, Elise eventually levered herself upright as she took up her narration again.

“As you can see, Blue here is very flexible. Maybe not quite as flexible as the redheaded pain slut over there,” to emphasize her point Elise gestured at Claire, the older woman still swaying in her strappado, “but decidedly impressive still. Most people can’t manage a hogtie this extreme and definitely not for any length of time.” there was another short pause, the tiniest of smiles curling the brunette’s lips, “In other words, don’t try this at home. We’re what you’d call professionals.”

Despite the serious nature of the warning, Elise’s somewhat irreverent delivery still prompted another round of laughter as the woman turned her back on the crowd and waved lazily into the air. At that silent signal a winch mounted to the ceiling activated and a chain with a large steel ring attached to the end began to descend out of the darkness until it was resting just above Brianna’s prone form. Taking one final length of rope from the cart, the dominatrix swiftly and carefully looped it through the ring and around the cluster of knots binding the blue-haired girl’s wrists and ankles together before anchoring the ends to the parts of the harness that circled her shoulders and hips. Once that was done the brunette spent what seemed like an eternity checking and rechecking those ropes, adjusting their length and position with a precision that seemed almost mechanical. It was only then, when she was finally satisfied that everything was perfect, that the pale woman made another sharp gesture with her hand and the winch began to reverse itself. All assurances aside, some part of Brianna’s had feared that being suspended would hurt, that the strain on her limbs would be unbearable as her entire weight was lifted, but to her shock and very pleasant surprise that was not the case. Certainly there was pressure on her arms and legs, but as her body sagged into the rope harness the knots and loops actually shifted to adjust to her form, keeping everything taut without being overly tight. Moreover, thanks to the way she was tied, the ropes affixed to her hips and shoulders actually took most of the burden, distributing the tension across her bound form remarkably well. Once again Elise had been proven correct. Suspension really could be both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably comfortable when done properly.

Pausing when the hogtied girl was at about eye level, Elise gently stroked her side for a brief moment before giving her a push, setting Brianna’s helpless body spinning slowly to make certain the audience could get a good look at her from all sides. It was an interesting, almost disorienting perspective as the blue-haired girl’s field of view shifted, first from the shadowy mass of figures watching her, to the mystery model quivering in her latex tomb, and finally to Claire’s fiercely bound body before at last resting on the woman who had put them all there. Grabbing hold of the harness to halt her movement, ensuring that Brianna was looking back out at the audience, again Elise flashed a brief smile and winked, prompting the edges of the blue-haired girl’s lips to quirk into a smile of her own around her gag. Moving to the front of the stage again, and snatching up a finely polished riding crop made of rich brown leather, the brunette smiled and took a few experimental swings in the air before bringing the crop down hard across the palm of her hand, the sharp crack of leather against flesh halting all conversation in the room as she took her place.

“For some people bondage itself is the goal,” Elise announced without preamble, “and if that’s what you’re into don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But for me, bondage is more like foreplay. Something to set the mood, to build anticipation for the main event.”

Drifting along the edge of the stage as she spoke, teasing the crowd with the suggestion of things to come, the young dominatrix continued to strike the slender rod against the palm of her hand rhythmically as she wandered over to the vacbed once again. Without warning, without even looking back, Elise suddenly swung the crop and brought it down firmly on the encased woman’s breasts with an audible thwack. Crying out in a combination of surprise and pain, the helplessly splayed woman shuddered within her confinement, the shock of that impact enough to push her body, already on the ragged edge, past the brink and into the welcome embrace of the orgasm she had been silently begging for. The muscles of her stomach and legs tightening, the woman’s cry morphed into an almost shockingly loud moan as she came, her hips bucking madly against the tight rubber holding her as she tried to amplify the sensation. Watching the sight as she swayed helplessly in her harness, Brianna felt herself blush deeply, squirming a bit in her own bondage as she tried in vain to stimulate her aching sex. Smirking ever so slightly at that rather extreme reaction, Elise did not comment, but rather struck the latex-covered woman again, almost gently tapping her left breast and then her right before placing similarly soft blows on her thighs and across her stomach. Whether it was the familiar sensation of those soft strokes, or the vibrator calming down once again, the woman almost seemed to sag within her confinement as her muscles went slack, though in truth the taut rubber of the vacbed kept her perfectly still regardless.

Seemingly satisfied, the brunette shifted away again and continued to move across the stage with slow, measured steps, pausing just long enough to run the tip of her crop across Brianna’s bound legs, eliciting a tiny shiver as the blue-haired girl anticipated it striking her next. However, despite that expectation, Elise just continued on past the girl to instead move behind Claire’s stretched out body as the redhead all but dangled in her bonds. Pendulous breasts swaying with every breath, her shoulders and the muscles of her thighs trembling beneath the strain of the rather extreme position she was held in as tiny sounds escaped the large inflatable gag silencing her, the older woman’s breath quickened when she felt her mistress’s hand suddenly caress her shapely ass. As fingers slowly moved across tanned skin, brushing along the curves of her hips and teasing the sensitive skin of her thighs, the redhead moaned quietly into her gag, clearly appreciating the attention, but at the same time there was a certain tension in her stance. As if she knew something was about to happen and was trying to brace herself for it.

The tightly bound woman was proven correct a heartbeat later when Elise withdrew her hand without warning and brought the crop down hard against the redhead’s ass with surprising strength, enough to make the woman’s cheeks jiggle from the sheer force of the blow. Claire cried out into her gag, but the dominatrix was not willing to give her a chance to recover, bringing the crop down again, this time on the left, and then almost immediately on the right in quick succession. The process repeated itself perhaps three or four more times, left then right then left again, the redhead shrieking into her gag with each strike, her entire body shuddering as she desperately strained against her armbinder. And yet, the flush across every inch of that tanned skin and the deep, throaty undertones of her cries betrayed her true feelings. Whatever else might be happening, Claire was very clearly enjoying the experience and, if the way she stuck out her hips was any indication, she wanted more.

“So loud.” Elise mused with what could only be described as a fondly put upon tone as she paused to reach around the redhead’s body and grip the squeeze bulb dangling from her gag, “What say we turn down the volume?”

Deliberately holding up the bulb up where Claire could see, the brunette squeezed slowly, again and again, the inflatable plug filling the bound woman’s mouth expanding until she squealed, her cheeks bulging almost comically and although it was probably just her imagination Brianna was certain she could hear the leather strap holding that gag in place creak under the strain. Showing just a touch of mercy, Elise did deflate the plug ever so slightly, reducing its size from ludicrous to merely enormous, but seemed more than satisfied at the tiny, mewling whimpers now escaping Claire’s tightly packed mouth. Releasing the bulb, letting it dangle once again as the bound woman continued to writhe in her bonds, the pale brunette held up her crop once again, as if ready to resume caning her plaything, but she did not. Rather, the young dominatrix reached out with her free hand and began to again caress the shapely redhead’s equally shapely ass, soothing her hurts and massaging the now prominent red marks on her skin. Even through her gag, Claire’s tiny moan of relief was obvious as the woman began to rock her hips back and forth, reveling in her mistress’s soft touch.

“Lots of people think that pleasure and pain are polar opposites,” Elise said suddenly even as she continued to caress her slave gently, “but it might be more accurate to say that they’re two sides of the coin we call sensation. The interplay between them is rich and complex and varies from person to person. For some,” emphasizing her point, and leaving no doubt as to who she was talking about, the brunette brought the crop down hard against Claire’s already tender backside, making the woman shriek into her gag as her entire body seemed to jerk in its bonds, “pain is almost a type of pleasure on its own. The sudden sting, the surge of adrenaline and the rush of endorphins is a nearly sexual experience in its own right.” Wandering away from the now fiercely blushing redhead, Elise favored Brianna with a thin smile, those stormy gray eyes flashing with mischief even as she reached out to run the tip of the crop against the blue-haired girl’s side with an almost ghostly soft touch, “For others pain is more like a spice. A means to enhance their pleasure, and a little goes a long way.”

Knowing what was about to happen Brianna tried to brace herself, something that became nearly impossible as the crop began to glide over her ribs, somehow finding all of her most ticklish spots and sending her into an uncontrollable fit of giggles as she squirmed within the confines of the ropes suspending her. That made it all the more shocking when Elise finally struck. To be fair the blow was not particularly harsh, as promised, certainly not enough to leave a mark, but as the crop struck her left hip and then her right breast in quick succession before impacting across her stomach just above the waistband of her chastity belt the blue-haired girl found it impossible to contain a wail of shock. Before she could even begin to adapt, however, Elise shifted her stance and the crop lashed out against the bound girl’s left breast, striking her nipple with unerring aim and jostling her piercing enough to make Brianna practically screech into her gag as she bucked hard against the ropes, making her body swing like a pendulum. She had never felt anything quite like that before and it was honestly surprising just how intense the sensation had been. And how strangely pleasant.

Reaching out and grabbing a rope to steady the girl, Elise ran a comforting hand down Brianna’s side, the tiniest of smiles curling her lips as she took the opportunity to cop a feel, a smile that only widened when the blue-haired girl wiggled her butt playfully in response, signaling that she was more than happy to continue. Eventually, and with obvious reluctance, the brunette withdrew her hand and put the crop back in the cart, palming something as she took up her lecture again, “It’s also important to consider variety. While the classics may never go out of style, you want to keep things… interesting.”

Unable to contain a slightly ominous feeling at the woman’s sudden change in tone, Brianna watched as the dominatrix meandered up to Claire’s helplessly stretched out body and ran a pale hand up the curves of her back before tracing the upper lip of her corset with a finger. Cupping a breast and squeezing, Elise leaned in a bit closer to the redhead’s ear, “Take my lovely slave here, for example. Not only are her tits amazing, they’re very, very sensitive. She loves having them played with, and punished.”

Reaching into her pocket, the dominatrix produced a long, thin strip of leather and wrapped it around the base of Claire’s breasts, weaving the cord into a figure eight pattern until the entire length was pulled taut enough to make those generous mounds bulge under the pressure. Tying off the ends as the redhead moaned into her gag, working her shoulders to thrust her chest out, Elise suddenly pinched both of those rock hard nipples, rolling the sensitive nubs between thumb and forefingers. However, while the bound woman practically mewled beneath her mistress’s touch, her brilliantly blue-gray eyes went wide a moment later when the brunette suddenly gripped one of her boobs firmly and held up a rather vicious looking pair of nipple clamps. Brianna felt her own eyes widen as she took in the ornate metal rings connected by a short chain, each one set with four blunt screws in an X pattern. A design nearly identical to the pair that Claudia had found not so long ago, devices that the blue-haired girl could not have imagined anyone actually wearing much less enjoying. And yet, that was exactly what was about to happen right in front of her. As she watched, Elise placed each clamp with almost delicate precision, centering the rings perfectly on Claire’s breasts before snugging the screws down just enough to secure them in place. It was only then that she began to tighten them in earnest, squeezing the delicate flesh beneath to the point where Brianna felt her own nipples ache in sympathy as the pale young woman turned the screws tighter and tighter and tighter until the redhead clenched her eyes shut, tears leaving faint trails of makeup down her cheeks as she screamed into her gag, her cries almost deafening despite the huge plug filling her mouth and entire body trembling against the ache.

At first the blue-haired girl could not believe what she was seeing, but once her initial reaction passed she realized something. Despite the older woman’s tears, despite her wails and harsh panting and especially despite the way she shook her breasts as if desperate to dislodge the clamps, Claire was actually enjoying herself. The signs were subtle, but unmistakable. The excited flush of her skin, the eager and almost playful rhythm to her struggles, and the deeply erotic tenor of her moans all spoke of a woman not in pain, but in ecstasy as impossible as that seemed. No, all appearances aside it was clear that the redhead was deeply turned on by the experience, especially once Brianna spotted the slick of arousal on the older woman’s thighs, and almost despite herself the bound girl felt a flush darken her own skin. She’d heard stories, of course, of people who enjoyed pain like this but some part of her had never really believed it despite her own experiments with the sensation.

Noting her rather blatant inspection of Claire’s rather voluptuous body, Elise smirked ever so slightly and crossed over to where the blue-haired girl dangled helplessly, reaching out to cup her chin as she allowed the pad of her thumb to trace the edges of those widely stretched lips, “Don’t worry, Blue. It’ll be your turn soon enough.”

Unable to help herself, Brianna moaned into her gag, both at that touch and those words, “Pmmnphm.”

That muffled plea prompted the brunette to offer a positively wicked grin in response, “Well, if you’re that eager…”

Taking hold of the girl’s breast harness to hold her in place, Elise began to eagerly fondle her chest, squeezing and massaging those slight but sensitive mounds, made all the more sensitive by the ropes binding them. Moaning even more eagerly now as those strong yet delicate fingers teased her, Brianna let her eyes slide closed as she tried to throw her head back and thrust out her chest, but the harness circling her body and the ropes binding her hair left her able to do little but squirm and wriggle within her confinement. Gasping loudly when the pale young woman began to play with her nipples and tug on her piercings, the bound girl very nearly lost herself in those pleasant sensations as a pair of, thankfully much more gentle, clamps bit down on her delicate flesh, the small but heavy lead weights dangling from them tugging insistently on her breasts with every breath. Much as Claire had tried earlier, much as she was still trying now, Brianna attempted to shake the clamps off, rocking her shoulders within her restraints, but all she succeeded in doing was making the weights hanging from them sway even more wildly, the vaguely circular motions twisting her nipples painfully, though not agonizingly so. In fact, the blue-haired girl found herself moaning more than a little at the sensation, a pulse of heat flaring in her imprisoned sex with each and every tug. A reality that made her blush down to the roots of her hair.

Batting at the weighs like a cat playing with a toy, prompting the suspended girl to shriek in surprise and struggle even more, Elise’s lips twitched into a faint grin as she stepped around Brianna’s dangling form and snatched up one last toy before making a beeline straight for the vacbed and the woman encased within, “Of course, if pain is only one side of the coin we must also give pleasure its due.”

Concealing whatever it was she was holding behind her body, the pale brunette reached out with her free hand and pressed it against the helpless woman’s stomach. Twitching at the sudden contact, the woman moaned as Elise began to stroke her latex covered skin, exploring the ridges of her ribs and teasing the edges of her breasts before dipping down to caress sensitive inner thighs. If anything, the longer her mistress played with her, the more desperate the woman seemed to become, her body writhing within its rubber prison as she tried to move, her chest heaving with each breath as she practically panted through the narrow breathing tube and moaned pleadingly into her gag. Elise, it seemed, was not moved but after a long, long moment spent tormenting the poor woman and playing with hard, eager and very clearly pierced nipples the dominatrix finally reached up and cupped her plaything’s face to stroke a latex covered cheek with surprising delicacy. Muscles slackening just a bit as she relaxed into that touch, the woman let out a much quieter moan as she tilted her head as best she could and leaned into her mistress’s palm.

An almost fond smile seemed to curl the pale woman’s lips then as she spoke, “When it comes to sensation, rubber slut here is in an interesting place. Blind, gagged and utterly immobile she’s absolutely starving for stimulation. And yet, between the vibrator and having every inch of her body encased in rubber, she’s drowning in it as well.” letting a finger trail down the woman’s jawline, Elise’s voice dropped into a much huskier tone, “It’s a fascinating juxtaposition actually. Maddening in its way, but so very intense at the same time. Every fiber of her being so tightly wound that the tiniest jolt will send her over the edge. As all of you saw, when I smacked her tits earlier.”

There was a brief rumble of laughter from the crowd, but the woman moaned loudly, desperately, in response, her entire body straining in its splayed out position as she tried to arch her back, “Hrmrhm! Hrmrhm, mnhhrmhh!”

“Shh, it’s alright sweetheart, it’s alright.” Elise soothed as she stroked the woman’s forehead and glanced back at the audience out of the corner of her eye, “What do you think? Does our lovely rubber portrait here deserve a reward?”

Perhaps predictably there were a few shouts of no, though whether that was simply to be contrary or out of an honest desire to see the poor woman denied even longer was hard to say, but overwhelmingly the crowd roared its approval. Caught up in the moment even Brianna shouted into her gag, though she blushed just as quickly in embarrassment when Elise caught her eye and smiled knowingly. Still, the people had spoken and with that affirmation the brunette finally revealed the toy she had been hiding, a magic wand vibrator that she twirled between her fingers like a baton in a display of incredible dexterity. At the same time, she let her free hand trail down the latex covered woman’s body, skirting the edges of her gag and following the lines of her throat down her chest and between her breasts before finally trailing across her stomach to press against the vibrator already filling the encased woman’s quivering sex. Nestling the magic wand between her outstretched legs, Elise switched the device on with a flick of her thumb and pressed it hard against that eager flesh.

Lifting herself up on her tiptoes despite the rather precarious position she found herself in, Elise licked her lips, the tip of her tongue flicking her piercing once again, and practically breathed, “Now, cum for me.”

With a sound that was audible despite all the other noise in the room, the vibrator roared into high gear and the latex encased woman shrieked with delight. With a sudden surge of strength her entire body seemed to spasm, the muscles of her limbs going taut as spun steel as she tried to buck and writhe within the confines of her imprisonment and yet, even then, the rubber barely gave more than a fraction of an inch. Still, the woman did manage to tilt her head back ever so slightly, her breath coming faster and faster and faster as Elise continued to grind the head of the vibrator against her aching pussy. The tableaux seemed to stretch on for an eternity, to the point where Brianna actually found herself holding her own breath as the chains holding the vacbed in place rattled under the sheer intensity of the encased woman’s struggles. Of course, the truth was that in her helplessly worked up state the splayed out woman could not have held herself back even if she had wanted to. Within seconds she did exactly as Elise had ordered her to do and came, screaming her ecstasy into her gag as the muscles in her stomach quivered in time with her heart, the sheer, blessed relief in her voice obvious, even muffled as it was. Her mistress was not finished with her yet, however. Even as her body continued to tremble beneath the aftershocks of her orgasm, Elise just set the magic wand to an even higher setting, the sound of the vibration practically setting Brianna’s teeth on edge, and began to rub her palm against the woman’s hard and eager clit, pressing the bullet vibe already in place tight against that aching nub. Letting out a practically strangled cry, and actually succeeding in arching her back this time, the encased woman howled like a banshee as she came again, hard, the orgasm practically tearing its way out of her as she nearly convulsed within the confines of her encasement.

Mercifully, or perhaps cruelly, Elise withdrew her hand at that moment and turned both vibrators off. In response the woman almost seemed to slump, panting and mewling into her gag as she shivered beneath the last lingering sparks of her climax and sank into the pleasant afterglow. Smiling more earnestly now, Elise pressed a soft kiss to the woman’s throat, “Sweet dreams, my dear. Sweet dreams.”

The sheer, naked affection in the brunette’s tone as she laid another kiss on that latex covered throat, right over the woman’s pulse, gave Brianna pause. Once again she could not help but wonder just who the mystery woman was to Elise. The teasing, the pet names, the intimate touches, that could be dismissed as just part of the game they were all playing, but that kiss, those words? There was a tenderness to them, a warmth that reminded the blue-haired girl very much of her own lovers and the sweet nothings they often whispered into her own ears. There almost had to be more to the story, and yet while she could not claim to know them well, not yet anyways, Elise and Claire both seemed so uninhibited, so openly affectionate with each other and so unashamed of their lifestyle that it felt strange for them to be coy about having a potential third person involved in their relationship. After all, as shy as she had been, in some ways still was, Brianna herself was fairly open about her own unconventional love life. And yet great care had been taken to conceal both the latex covered woman’s identity and whatever her connection to the others might be. As much as she knew it was not really any of her business, and certainly not her place to ask, Brianna could not help but wrack her brain and try to put the pieces together, very much at a loss.

Not that she had much time to ponder the mystery as Elise suddenly turned to face her, the young dominatrix still twirling that vibrator between her fingers as she left the encased woman’s side and practically sauntered across the stage. Never once taking her stormy eyes off the blue-haired girl, the corners of her mouth twitching into a faint smile, the brunette began speaking again, “If pain has many facets, then pleasure is equally complex. In some ways even more so. Many use it as a reward, and it certainly serves that purpose well, but in the hands of a true artist it can be so much more.”

Reaching up, Elise ran a delicate finger up and down the curve of Brianna’s calf, eliciting a giggle as she traced the outlines of taut muscles. That giggle became a moan as that same finger then traveled up her thigh with a feather-soft touch before neatly trimmed nails grazed the sensitive skin of her stomach along the edges of her chastity belt, the woman paying special attention to the blue roses tattooed there. Squirming almost madly in her harness as she shivered and moaned beneath that touch, the blue-haired girl could not help but gasp when that hand finally cupped a breast. Careful to avoid jostling her clamps, Elise almost lovingly massaged the delicate mound for several long moments before switching to the other breast and lavishing it with equal attention. Moaning deep in her throat this time, Brianna practically mewled into her gag as she struggled to keep from fidgeting and reveled in the other woman’s touch, the sensation somehow made even more intense by the insistent pinch of the clamps squeezing her nipples. Her chest had always been sensitive, a fact that her lovers often exploited ruthlessly when she was under their control, and even if she had never actually been able to get off like that, even after months of chastity, it still drove her absolutely wild and right now it made the heat in her loins almost unbearable.

Clearly aware of the effects her touch was having, Elise stepped up her game, adjusting her stance and placing a series of kisses along Brianna’s sensitive ribs before jamming the head of the magic wand between her tightly bound legs and practically whispering into her ear “Pleasure promised can be as intense as pleasure provided, under the right circumstances. And pleasure denied can be a far keener punishment than any whip.”

As if to emphasize her point, the brunette set the magic wand to one of its lower settings and the sudden surge of vibration radiating into her thighs made Brianna moan as she tried to rub her legs together in what little slack the ropes binding them had given her. Shifting the vibrator ever so slightly in response, Elise pressed its soft silicone head against the secondary shield of the girl’s chastity belt, making the highly polished stainless steel buzz softly, and began to rock the toy back and forth. Practically whimpering now, Brianna swore she could feel the faintest tremor through the metal but she knew it was just her imagination. Long and painful experience had taught her that even the most powerful of vibrators could not penetrate the seemingly impervious shield. And right now, after everything else she had seen, everything else she had done, everything that had been done to her, the blue-haired girl was so overwhelmingly horny that she could barely think straight. Combined with the knowledge that relief was so close to her throbbing pussy and yet might as well have been a million miles away was absolutely maddening. Not that she had any choice but to endure, which was probably the point after all.

Tightening her grip on the girl’s breast and switching the vibrator to an even higher setting, prompting Brianna to let out a strangled cry of frustration and rock her hips desperately, Elise smiled again, “As you can probably guess from her accessories, Blue here loves to be teased. Hell, she practically gets off on being edged, ironically enough. Which is a good thing since she hasn’t quite earned an orgasm just yet.”

Withdrawing the vibrator as the crowd murmured its approval, and turning it off in one smooth motion, the dominatrix stepped aside and Brianna was left to writhe within her ropes and whine almost petulantly into her gag. Not that she achieved much. Of course she had known that she wasn’t going to be allowed to cum, her mistresses had made that point quite clear, and even if Elise had been inclined to disregard their wishes the other woman didn’t have the key to her chastity belt in any case. Logic, however, was very much not at the forefront of the blue-haired girl’s mind, especially right now when her entire body was throbbing with need and her pussy ached from within the confines of its steel prison. Sadly, all her struggles really managed to do was once again make her nipple clamps shake wildly, the weights still dangling from them setting her breasts to sway just as wildly.

“Any now, for what you’ve all been waiting for.” Elise announced as she crossed in front of the blue-haired girl’s dangling form and made a broad gesture with her hand, drawing every eye in the room back to Claire, “The main event.”

Hair disheveled from her struggles and flushed skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat, the woman was an absolute vision, every inch of her posture practically radiating sex as she strained against the tight strappado binding her arms. Breathing heavily through her nose and against her tight corset, Claire’s breasts rose and fell invitingly, the harsh clamps pinching her nipples in their unyielding mechanical grip glinting in the light while her sharply bent over position and widely spread legs put her positively dripping sex on full display. And yet, even as she trembled in her bondage and whimpered into the heavy gag bulging her cheeks the redhead’s eyes shone with raw, unfiltered lust. Her back to the crowd and thus hidden from view, Elise smiled at the sight. A real, genuine smile that cut through her facade like a knife and, for just a moment, peeled away the mask she had put on to reveal the young woman underneath. A young woman so clearly in love that Brianna felt a warmth settle in her own heart. It only lasted a moment, though, before the brunette quickly folded the expression back into the contours of her face as she ran a hand down Claire’s spine and onto her hips.

Groaning quietly at that soothing touch on her still tingling skin, an almost pleading note seemed to enter the older woman’s voice as she tried and failed to lift her head and look her mistress in the face, the restriction of her neck corset locking her chin in place, “Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph! N nmmn phn cnm phn hnn!”

“I know, pet, I know.” Elise soothed as she continued to massage the bound woman’s backside and leaned down to kiss the top of her head, “Just a little bit longer.”

Tucking the magic wand under one arm to free both of her hands, Elise suddenly and unexpectedly un-clipped the rope fastened to the base of Claire’s armbinder, freeing the woman from her strappado. Practically squealing in surprise at the sudden loss of pressure on her shoulders, and very nearly losing her balance without the support of her restraints to hold her up, the redhead almost toppled over before her mistress reached out and grabbed her around the waist to steady her. Jerking the woman upright, eliciting another cry as the sharp motion once again jostled her nipple clamps, Elise gripped her slave’s impressive bust with both hands and squeezed, fondling Claire’s breasts roughly and with obvious relish. A look of ecstasy overtaking her face, the redhead closed her eyes and moaned, thrusting her chest out in a familiar gesture as she began to grind her ass against her mistress’s hips.

Still teasing and massaging those impressive mounds while occasional tugging on a clamp to keep things interesting, the quiet whimpers and muffled moans of her plaything making her smile, Elise practically molded herself against Claire’s side as she finally decided to elaborate on what she had planned, “The final lesson for the day is something that I’m sure you’ve all heard, but I doubt many of you have considered in the context of BDSM. The idea of having too much of a good thing.” Reluctantly removing one of her hands from the redheads tits as the crowd murmured, quietly mulling over that statement, Elise unceremonious pressed the head of the magic wand had against Claire’s very exposed and very eager pussy, “Just as pain can be pleasant under the right circumstances, pleasure can become painful. It’s an interesting paradox and the perfect torment for a pain slut like this one.”

A shiver seemed to overtake the bound woman’s body, her shoulders rolling as she strained against her armbinder and whimpered into her gag, though whether she was begging for mercy or begging to be punished was hard to say. Whatever the case may be, Elise squeezed the breast she was fondling one last time before taking hold of the thin chain connecting Claire’s nipple clamps together, using the devices like some strange set of reins to control the woman’s movements. Pulling on that chain bit by bit, stretching the woman’s tits and eliciting a wince and a deep, throaty moan even as an obvious flush of arousal darkened her tanned skin, the dominatrix smiled almost cruelly, her stormy eyes flashing like a cats.

“To wit, I’m going to make this slut cum until it hurts, and then force her to keep cumming. The more she cums, the more it’ll hurt. The more it hurts, the harder and faster she’ll cum.” Lifting herself up on her toes, Elise managed to nip at the bound woman’s ear, her voice a harsh and teasing whisper thick with promise, “A vicious, never ending cycle that will continue either until we run out of time, or my lovely toy passes out from the sheer sensory overload. Whichever comes first.”

True to her word the brunette activated the vibrator before she had even finished speaking, its harsh mechanical buzz practically filling the room until it was drowned out by Claire’s deep and desperate moans, a look of pure relief briefly crossing her face as she was finally granted the stimulation she had craved for so long. Not in the mood to play games, not this time anyway, Elise immediately set the toy to its maximum setting and pressed it even tighter against the eager flesh beneath her, tilting the toy just enough to practically crush the redhead’s throbbing clit between the device and her own trembling body. Between weeks of enforced chastity and the blissful torments that her mistress had been subjecting her to, Claire had already been riding the ragged edge for some time. Once the magic wand’s intense oscillations began to hammer into her most sensitive places, the sensation racing across raw nerves like fire, the woman lost herself completely. Despite the metal ring wrenching her jaws wide open, despite the plug filling her mouth to near capacity, and despite the neck corset constricting her throat the redhead positively howled in delight, throwing her head back as far as she could and screaming into the sky as she began to grind her aching pussy against the rapidly buzzing toy trapped against her. As such it could not have been more than a heartbeat, perhaps two, before the woman seemed to burst, her eyes snapping open and her chest swelling as she sucked in a deep breath. She held that position for a moment more, her entire body trembling as her muscles went tight until the sharp arch of her back tugged on the clamps so cruelly pinching her nipples. That sudden jolt of pain first made her gasp and then shattered the last of her barriers, the look of utter bliss painting her face instantly giving way to one of utter, rapturous ecstasy as she came. Screaming into her gag as the sheer force of her orgasm washed over her after being denied for so long, the woman practically spasmed and very nearly broke free from her mistress’s grasp until the brunette managed to adjust her grip and shoved the magic wand back into place between her legs.

Still riding the flux of her first orgasm, the muscles of Claire’s thighs, just visible over the top of her ballet boots, trembled and her breath came in increasingly ragged gasps as she tried to regain some semblance of control, but the rush of sensation against her now hypersensitive body was too much. Face now flushed as red as her hair, but her arousal nowhere near spent, the bound woman twisted and fought in Elise’s grasp, writhing madly as she rode the vibrator with almost manic intensity, body nearly doubled over as she began to pant and clenched her eyes shut. Therefore, it was no surprise when a second orgasm quickly followed on the heels of the first, the redhead screaming even louder this time as her body quaked from the sheer intensity of the release, her face a mask of pleasure as she once again tilted it to the sky and howled like some sort of kinky werewolf. And yet, despite all appearances, tiny traces of tears revealed themselves in the corners of the woman’s eyes as her flush only deepened, her breath growing more and more ragged as her strength was slowly spent. More than that, Elise did not let up. Tilting the vibrator even more sharply, the woman pulled the toy up so hard that Claire’s hips actually jumped slightly before tugging on the clamps harshly enough to stretch out the shaking woman’s nipples for a brief instant. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the redhead let out a deep and throaty moan at the sudden rush of pleasure and pain as it pushed her over the edge for a third time, her breath catching in her throat in a strangled cry as her whole body seemed to shake and the woman very nearly lost her balance. Clearly feeling the strain by now, her pussy aching from the sheer force of her orgasms, the bound woman began to fight her restraints, arms tensing as she struggled within the confined of her skintight armbinder, elbows rubbing together as she twisted this was and that, all the while mewling into her gag as she begged for mercy. Mercy that Elise did not seem included to grant as she continued to drag orgasm after orgasm out of her plaything until she was cumming so hard and so fast that it was impossible to distinguish one climax from the next.

Hair positively a mess now, fiery strands clinging to her brow as tears practically poured down her cheeks, Claire whimpered softly into her gag, but little more than a muffled whisper escaped her tightly packed mouth, the woman having already screamed herself hoarse under the relentless assault of painful pleasure. It still did not end and, before long, the redhead was shaking, every one of her muscles pulled taut as she tried to hold back the rising tide of the monstrous orgasm building in her core, shaking her head back and forth wildly as she practically begged her mistress to relent. And yet, watching the older woman scream and struggle and cum again and again, turned on beyond all measure by the sight, Brianna could not help but note that through it all Claire did not once use her safeword. That, despite all appearances to the contrary, the woman did not want this to end. Twisting her shoulders within the confines of her monoglove, throwing her arms back to deliberately pull on her nipple clamps while practically grinding on the magic wand tormenting her, the redhead slowly pushed herself to the edge again. Having been on the receiving end of forced orgasms more than once, hell having administered torment like this to Claudia a time or two, the blue-haired girl liked to think she had decent understanding of this particular game. She did not have Claire’s endurance, of course, some part of her doubted anyone did, but she well knew that overwhelming rush of pleasure, that slow build of pain as your body was pushed beyond its limits, and the sheer bliss that came from riding that ragged edge. No, the redhead might be reaching her limit but she wasn’t finished just yet.

Still, even Claire’s impressive stamina was not endless and as it wore thinner and thinner the strain began to show on the woman’s body. Having long since lost count of the number of times she’d cum, her struggles grew desperate, almost wild as she fought her bonds, her body swaying and her legs very nearly reduced to jelly. The air itself felt almost tense, as if the entire room was holding its breath, waiting on the edge of their seats as the moments grew almost fragile. Without warning it broke, the bound woman jerking hard in her mistress’s grasp as her eyes went wide, a look of shock crossing her face for a brief instant before she screamed, howling like a banshee despite her raw throat as her whole body shook from the sheer intensity of her orgasm. Almost as if something had broken within her, Claire began to practically thrash within Elise’s arms, the motion very nearly tearing the clamps from her throbbing nipples and making her scream even louder as the lance of pain sent another, agonizingly intense orgasm shooting through her. Her limits well and truly shattered by now, the redhead let out another, somehow even louder, scream before her eyes actually rolled back into her head and her entire body went limp like a puppet with its strings cut.

Dropping the magic wand instantly, the toy landing on the floor with a loud clatter, still buzzing away as it rolled across the stage, Elise embraced the now limp form of her lover, easing the woman down onto her knees and holding her tight as her body continued to tremble from aftershocks. Gently stroking her brow and carding fingers through tangled red hair, the brunette kissed her softly and whispered soothing words into her ear, “It’s alright, pet. It’s alright. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

It was hard to say if Claire even heard those words, much less understood them in her current state, but the redhead did seem to relax, letting out a shaky breath and molding herself against her mistress’s body with a faint sigh as she leaned her head on the younger woman’s shoulder. It was honestly one of the most intimate things Brianna had ever seen, the care on display underlining the harsh game she had just watched the pair play. The obvious love in those touches and gentle gestures revealing the true core of who they were and what they meant to each other. It honestly reminded the blue-haired girl of her own relationships and, almost despite herself, she could not help but smile around her gag, feeling almost privileged to be allowed to witness such a thing. Eventually, though still breathing heavily through her nose, chest heaving with each and every breath, Claire recovered enough to sit up on her own and Elise offered her lover a soft smile of encouragement and a kiss on the cheek. Mewling happily into her own gag, the bound woman nuzzled her mistress playfully and gave a tiny nod to the unasked question hanging in the air between them. Seemingly satisfied, the young dominatrix gave her slave another kiss and nipped at her lower lip before pushing herself back to her feet, scooping up the magic wand in one smooth motion as she did.

Practically pacing about the stage, Elise deposited the vibrator back into the cart before brushing her fingers along the edges of Brianna’s ribs one last time, again making the tightly bound girl giggle before virtually draping herself around the splayed out figure encased within the still suspended vacbed. Surveying the audience with a grin, the pale woman was silent for a long moment, idly drawing patterns across the latex covered woman’s skin, making the slender figure moan before finally speaking, “And thus endeth the lesson. Normally this is where I would ask for questions, but I like to think my work speaks for itself. Besides, my playthings could use a little aftercare. So, my lovely audience, go forth and have some fun! Just remember two things. Stay safe, and stay horny.”

There was a surge of laughter followed by a wave of applause, the audience roaring its approval as Elise smiled, much more broadly this time, and took an overly dramatic bow before a second set of curtains began to close. As her view of the outside world was once again cut off, the roar of the crowd muted by the cloth as it drifted into place, the enormity of what she had just done began to truly dawn on Brianna. A new blush lighting up her face even as a wave of intense heat settled between her legs, making pussy throb with pure need, the blue-haired girl was torn between an intense desire to hide her face, and an equally intense desire to do it all again. She had no idea what the rest of the day would bring but, as she squirmed within her ropes, stealing glances at Claire’s panting body as the redhead slowly recovered from that orgasmic frenzy and watching as Elise carefully lowered the vacbed back down onto the stage, she did know one thing with complete certainty. That she absolutely could not wait to see what happened next.


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