A Conventional Affair

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F+/f+; collar; leash; public; chastity; rom; cons; X

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Part 5

It wasn’t nerves, not exactly, but as she rode the elevator down to the first floor sandwiched between her mistresses, Brianna Wilde found herself completely unable to decide what to do with her hands. As if possessed of a mind of their own her fingers alternated between playing with the hem of her skirt, rumpling the fabric idly before smoothing it out again, and tugging on the front of her shirt, distorting the rose pattern printed from shoulder to hip in amusing ways. Biting her lip, the blue-haired girl stole glances at the older women flanking her, as always taken in by their beauty.

As expected Roxanna was as composed as ever, a familiar serene look decorating the olive-skinned woman’s face while just the hint of a smile curled those elegant lips and a sundress of mottled black and brown sheathed her body perfectly, exposing both her shoulders and a generous amount of cleavage. By contrast Sofia was smiling much more openly, clearly excited by what was to come and dressed far more casually in a pair of faded and artfully torn jeans that clung to the curves of her hips and thighs like a second skin. Above that a white blouse left in deliberately artful disorder hung from her shoulders, the sleeves rolled up and most of the buttons left undone to expose the spaghetti-strap camisole underneath. It never ceased to amaze, but her mistresses had a talent for combining casual and sexy to devastating effect and one day she hoped to learn their secret.

Either feeling the eyes upon her, or perhaps just sensing the mood, Sofia tilted her head just enough to glance at the blue-haired girl, her smile growing warm as she reached out to capture her companion in a familiar half embrace. Despite her gasp at the sudden, though certainly not unwelcome, contact the athletic woman said nothing, letting her touch and the comforting warmth of her body speak for themselves as she tightened her grip. In truth, Brianna greatly appreciated the gesture, reveling in the silent assurance as she felt her body instinctively relax against the blonde’s taut frame and rested her head on a strong shoulder. Taking a deep breath of the woman’s scent, the floral patterns of her body wash and shampoo melding with the earthy undertones of her skin to create an odd but pleasant combination that somehow called to mind the wildness of her soul, the girl closed her eyes and allowed herself to lingered there in that warm and welcome embrace. Much as she had done on the patio earlier come to think of it, though sadly they had far less time to enjoy it now.

All too soon the elevator lurched to a halt, the sudden stop making her stomach flip as it always did, while a hidden bell rang to announce their arrival, the doors parting a heartbeat later to reveal the familiar hallways of the ground floor. Her own lips quirked into a smile as she glanced at the display her lovers were putting on, Roxanna reached out and ran her hand through Brianna’s long, loose hair before looping a finger through the ring set into the front of her collar. With a faint tug the olive-skinned woman silently proceeded to lead the girl from the lift, Sofia following along obediently and never once breaking contact as she did. Trapped between the blonde’s strong arms, and the gentle but insistent tug on her collar, the blue-haired girl had no choice but to obey, not that she really minded of course.

Stepping out into the hall and following along as the olive-skinned woman began to limp toward the lobby, Brianna allowed herself the small indulgence of admiring Roxanna’s form, hazel eyes roaming over that elegantly curved body, lingering especially on that narrow waist and the gentle sway of those hips as the woman moved. However, as they navigated the same twisting corridors she had walked herself the night before Brianna could not help but notice how much more crowded the place was. On reflection it wasn’t really a surprise, after all it only made sense that guests and attendees would stream in as the last few hours before the convention ticked down, but still the blue-haired girl found it fascinating. The way people moved to and fro like some great river of bodies, individuals and groups practically swimming through the halls like schools of fish as they made their way to wherever they were going.

More than that, it was an honestly novel experience to stroll casually down the hall with her lovers, Roxanna openly leading by her along while Sofia’s hands casually stroked her sides in an obviously affectionate manner, and having no one really notice. Oh, to be sure, there were a few incidental glances and curious looks, as well as the occasional friendly smile or nod, but little else of note. Almost as if their appearance and actions were completely and utterly mundane. Which she supposed it was when she actually considered it. While open displays of bondage and fetish wear were few and far between, even if some outfits came perilously close, there were subtle hints everywhere that this was nonetheless a kinky crowd. Collars of all shapes and sizes were on display, worn by men and women alike, while more than a few couples and some larger groups evinced that same sort of casual intimacy that Brianna herself was enjoying with her mistresses. Moreover, as she looked deeper, the blue-haired girl’s experienced eyes could pick out other signs. Very subtle restraints, suggestive articles of clothing and hints of the gear hidden away beneath. Signs that she was very much not in Kansas any longer.

A realization that very much made her smile and set her imagination flying as she wondered what they might find at the convention proper.

Lost in those pleasant thoughts and observations, both their surroundings and the crowds seemed to blur into a seamless mass to the point where Brianna ceased to pay any real attention as she obediently followed her mistresses along. Indeed, it was not until Roxanna stopped suddenly, and the blue-haired girl very nearly ran into her, that she realized they had arrived. Like the halls, the lobby was filled with people though not as many as she would have expected all things considered. While there were still long lines at the registration counters it seemed as if most guests were roaming about rather than checking in at the moment. However, it was not the crowd that caught her eye. Much like last night the grandiose architecture and eclectic decorations that filled the large, dome-shaped room were on full display but, in the light of day, they seemed more somehow. Carefully concealed windows at the apex of the vault-like ceilings let the sun stream in, painting a dazzling array of shapes across the floor and setting the intricately patterned and polished wood that decorated the dome ablaze. More than that the streams of light played off the large fountain in the very center of the room, a multitude of tiny rainbows dancing in the air where they intersected the sprays of water running over carved stone.

It was an absolutely stunning sight, but as breathtakingly beautiful as she found it, a sentiment that Sofia clearly shared as she pulled the blue-haired girl close with a smile, Roxanna seemed utterly stunned by the display and it was in that moment that Brianna realized that this was the first time the olive-skinned woman had actually laid eyes on it. Of course, while she’d had a feeling that her mistress would appreciate the scene, especially given her own quirky and yet well developed sense of aesthetics, the almost awestruck look on her face was a delightfully pleasant surprise regardless. Then again, the blue-haired girl had also been caught off guard by the dazzling beauty of the not so subtle play of light and shadow, once again silently marveling at whomever had designed such a thing.

Slowly overcoming her initial reaction, Roxanna eventually turned her attention away from the room and cast her deep brown gaze at Brianna, slowly releasing her grip on the girl’s collar and reaching out to gently stroke her face, “It is beautiful, korítsi.”

To that Brianna could only smile, voice little more than a purr as she reveled in the feeling of that warm, soft hand against her cheek, “It is, mistress.”

“I would have made the trip for this alone, had I known it was here.” the olive-skinned woman confessed before slowly turning her head to scan the scenery again, “Pity I did not think to join you last night.”

Smirking softly, Sofia took the opportunity to slip behind Brianna’s back and take both of her lovers into her arms, pulling their bodies against her own with the sort of effortless strength she often displayed before resting her head on Roxanna’s shoulder, “Now, now dorogoy. It is the architecture you regret missing? Or it is, perhaps, a certain late night swim?”

To the blue-haired girl’s shock a faint blush actually colored Roxanna’s cheeks, even if the soft pink was mostly swallowed by her darker skin tone, as a tiny, almost playful smile curled her lips, “Perhaps it is both, stríngla.”

Gently kissing the space just behind the olive-skinned woman’s ear, her smirk practically triumphant now, Sofia chuckled softly, the action making her chest rumble delightfully, “Time enough to enjoy the scenery later, my dears. We are very nearly late as it is.”

Despite that gentle admonition, Roxanna stayed rooted in place for a moment longer, as if reluctant to tear her gaze away from the glittering display, before finally nodding ever so faintly with that soft smile of hers. A smile she rarely showed anyone else. Her own grin positively radiant now, Sofia gave her lover another kiss just behind the ear before turning to grant Brianna the same privilege, prompting the blue-haired girl to bite her lower lip, a tiny shiver wracking her body at the feeling of those soft lips against sensitive skin. Tightening her grip ever so slightly, the blonde allowed her fingers to trail over Roxanna’s ribs, making the olive-skinned woman shiver as well, as she playfully nipped Brianna’s ear, teeth working the lobe gently and playing with the gauge pierced through it in a familiar and wonderfully pleasurable dance.

Her voice breathy and deep and little more than a whisper, Sofia finally asked, “Shall we, devushka?”

Shivering again at the feeling of that hot breath tickling her ear, Brianna managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good good.” Sofia whispered back with another kiss.

Still held in the blonde’s strong arms and pulled tight against her powerful body, Brianna said nothing as she allowed herself to be guided back into the flow of traffic alongside Roxanna as they crossed the lobby, finding themselves at the entrance of the hotel’s restaurant after perhaps a dozen steps. Their meeting place at last. Although the memory was somewhat dim now, the blue-haired girl could remember passing by the night before though, having been closed at the time, she’d paid the place little mind. However, much like the lobby itself, under the light of day numerous new details suddenly caught her eye. The theming was certainly… interesting with a faux canopy of thatch or palm leaves, or at least one made up to look that way, with strings of lights running in every direction in a tangled spray overhead as well as tables, counters and furniture of deliberately faded and weathered hardwood. Combined with the rather kitsch decorations the whole place had a tropical, almost stereotypical tiki feel to it. A curious aesthetic to say the least and one that did not fully fit the theme of the larger hotel itself, though given how eclectic the entire building was perhaps it was intentional. And yet the small, almost cramped space felt very cozy with a warm and inviting atmosphere that did call to mind lazy afternoons by the pool or laying on the beach by the ocean.

At nearly twelve o’clock, a lunch crowd had started to gather but thankfully it was still fairly thin at the moment, no more than a few servers darting around the tables to take orders. Not entirely certain what she was expecting Brianna began to scan the gathered faces, the familiar form of a certain redhead quickly coming into view sitting at a table near the back.

Claire looked much the same as she had the night before, fiery red hair combed into immaculate curls as they tumbled past her bare shoulders, freckles clearly visible on lightly tanned skin while a spaghetti-strap top in a creamy off-white struggled valiantly to contain her more than ample assets and drew the eye right to her impressive cleavage. Although the collar of black leather around that beautiful throat was new. The brunette sitting next to her, however, was a different story. Studying the young woman it occurred to Brianna that for all that they had talked, for all that they had shared, Claire had never actually described her mistress in any real detail, much less provided a picture, but seeing Elise for the first time was definitely a surprise.

The girl was not at all what she had imagined. First and foremost she looked young, almost shockingly so, and despite Claire’s confession that she was quite a bit older than her mistress Brianna was still taken off guard by how stark the contrast was. At a glance she would have guessed the brunette was her own age, perhaps even younger, though she knew that was probably more the result of the young woman’s baby face contrasted with Claire’s own stunningly ageless, but still obviously mature features. But it was more than just age that contrasted the pair. Elise’s hair was inky black, long and straight and parted on the side next to her slave’s fiery locks while her skin was pale, perhaps even paler than Brianna’s own and very nearly rivaling Murial’s porcelain complexion. A small, silver stud glinted from the edge of her left nostril while two more slightly pointed studs sat below her lower lip in a pattern the blue-haired girl thought was called a snakebite although, curiously enough, she had also a thin ring through that lip as well on the far right side. Most notable of all though, Elise was clearly a small woman. Shorter than her lover and, while perhaps not as thin as Claudia, distinctively slender and willowy in build although it was hard to tell for certain given the deep gray hoodie she was wearing unzipped over a black t-shirt with a logo of some sort emblazoned across the front. And yet, for all those contrasts the two were clearly overjoyed being in each other’s presence, clasped hands set casually on top of the table as they smiled at each other and spoke in low, hushed tones.

As she basked in the warmth of that scene, Claire suddenly looked up, a brilliant smile lighting her features as she saw Brianna standing in the distance with her mistresses. Waving with her free hand, the motion drew Elise’s attention and as the younger woman glanced their way the blue-haired girl felt her breath freeze in her throat. For all Claire's gray-blue eyes had reminded her of a cloudy sky, her mistress’s own gaze was deeper, darker, a gray that brought to mind roiling storm clouds just before lightning struck.

In that moment she understood that appearances were very much deceiving, that for all Elise’s apparent youth and slight build there was a core of steel in her spine. An iron will that demanded obedience, the mark of a dominatrix born and for the briefest of instants Brianna felt the urge to look away, to kneel down and offer a show of submission. Of course the moment passed in a heartbeat, those clouds parting as Elise offered a somewhat chagrined smirk, as if she knew exactly what effect she was having on the blue-haired girl, and waved the group over. Heart fluttering in her chest as a pleasant heat settled between her legs, Brianna felt herself blush ever so slightly both in embarrassment at her reaction and the still lingering thrill. A thrill that only intensified, much like her blush, as Sofia grinned impishly and offered a playful wink. Thankfully her mistress did not comment and neither did Roxanna as the olive-skinned woman waved back and gently disentangled herself from the group hug to begin limping across the room. Although clearly disappointed to see her go, especially given the way she reached out to allow her hand to linger on the other woman’s hip for as long as possible, Sofia did not try to stop her. Rather the blonde simply squeezed Brianna’s waist one last time and kissed the blue-haired girl on the cheek before following.

Unable to keep from smiling, even as the sudden cold of being separated from her lover’s bodies made goosebumps rise across pale skin, Brianna shook her head slightly and obediently trailed along behind. Thankfully it was a short walk and as they approached she could plainly see the excitement written on Claire’s face, a reaction that made her smile more than a little. However, despite the redhead’s obvious enthusiasm at their presence Elise’s reaction was more subdued. In no way unwelcoming, but restrained regardless though something did seem to flash in her stormy eyes for a brief moment.

Finally releasing her slave’s hand, Elise actually stood, revealing that she was actually a bit taller than she looked, roughly Brianna’s own height. And yet, even if her slight build made her seem small, there was something about her presence, about her stance that belied the reality underneath. Offering a slight but friendly smile, the brunette reached out to offer her hand, “Brianna Wilde, I presume?”

For a moment the blue-haired girl was actually surprised by the sound of the young woman’s voice. It was pleasant enough of course, even melodic in its own way, but also rather ordinary, almost plain even and Brianna could not help but be taken aback having expected something… something more after being subjected to that powerful gaze. Still, she managed a nod and did her best to return that smile even as she took the offered hand, “Yes, that’s me. And you must be Elise?”

“Elise Adler.” the other woman confirmed before motioning toward the redhead, “And I believe you know Claire rather well at this point.”

Brianna blushed a bit at the barely perceptible teasing note in that question but managed another nod, “I, ah… well, yes, I suppose so.”

Their eyes locked ever so briefly and Elise’s lips quirked into a tiny smirk at whatever she saw there, but rather than comment she immediately turned her attention to Sofia and Roxanna, “And who might these lovely ladies be?”

“These are my mistresses.” Brianna declared without hesitation, a much broader smile suddenly curling her lips and the affection in her voice unmistakable as she laid claim to her lovers, “Roxanna Kormou and Sofia Petrovna.”

Roxanna nodded ever so slightly at her name, but Sofia instead smiled, “It is very good to meet you both, and might I say that your picture does not do you justice, especially with clothes on.” she added while glancing at Claire.

Although a tiny blush colored the redhead’s cheeks at that statement, Claire’s smile never wavered and her eyes sparkled with amusement, clearly not in the least bit embarrassed, “Why thank you. And I must say that you have excellent taste in submissives.”

It was Brianna’s turn to blush but before she could think to say anything Elise chuckled and shook her head, “It’s a pleasure, and nice to finally have faces to put to names, but where are my manners?” she asked before gesturing toward the empty chairs, “Please have a seat.”

“The pleasure is all ours.” Roxanna assured as she tilted her head slightly in silent acceptance of the invitation before pulling out a chair and carefully lowing herself into the synthetic leather cushion, the slightest of winces appearing on her face as the motion jostled her hip but she hid it well, “Meeting new friends is always most pleasant, especially after the stories our Brianna had to share.”

“Indeed.” Sofia agreed as she gracefully slid in the chair next to her lover, casually snaking an arm around Brianna’s waist at the same time and pulling the blue-haired girl into her lap with an easy smile, “Though I must admit that while our girl has always been adventurous, this was quite unexpected.”

Blushing furiously now, both at the position she found herself in as well as the familiar pleasure of being claimed by her mistresses, Brianna still managed to smile ever so slightly as she settled against the blonde’s lush body, “Thank you, mistress.”

Kissing her on the cheek Sofia just grinned, “Anytime, devushka.”

Placing her elbows on the table, Elise rested her chin on her hands, still smiling faintly but a serious expression on her face regardless, “Perhaps that’s a good place to start. I feel I might owe you an apology.”

That caught everyone off guard and Brianna could not help but frown softly as her mistresses looked at each other, equally confused. Finally, after a moment of silence Roxanna voiced the thought that all of them were sharing, “I am not certain why such a thing would be necessary.”

Weighting her words carefully, Elise flicked her lip ring with the tip of her tongue, a nervous gesture and one that she did not appear aware of, before answering, “I love Claire with all my heart. I especially love how open and enthusiastic she is.”

“I owe that to you, mistress.” the redhead interjected, leaning into the younger woman’s body, “I was such a nervous wreck the first time we were together.”

“Like I was any better.” Elise returned with an amused smile as she uncoiled from her position and ran her fingers through the older woman’s hair, eliciting a tiny sigh of contentment, “The woman of my dreams walking right into my dungeon? I almost can’t believe that I kept it together for the whole session.”

“I would never have guessed, mistress.” Claire assured, though the faintly teasing note in her voice suggested otherwise, “It was an absolutely amazing evening.”

Although the naked affection in the way they spoke to each other, touched each other, made Brianna smile, quickly enough Elise shook her head and withdrew her hand, “I’m glad that our girls got along so well, but after I talked to Claire last night I was a little worried that she might have overstepped her bounds with someone she just met.”

Her smile fading, Claire actually looked down just a bit and realizing that the ball was now in her court, Brianna quickly shook her head, “No, no, it’s fine!” she insisted, “I mean it was unexpected, but I’m really glad I met Claire, and her offer was really exciting.” blushing, the blue-haired girl bit her lip, “Assuming you have no objections, of course.”

That prompted Claire to smile again, clearly relieved, and Elise followed suit, her piercings glinting in the light for a brief moment as a hint of something bloomed in her vivid gray eyes, “I’m very glad to hear that and no, I have no objections. In fact, adding an extra model to my plans does present some interesting opportunities.”

“Indeed.” Sofia agreed as she perched her chin on Brianna’s shoulder while allowing a hand to slip under the girl’s shirt and trace nonsense patterns on the pale skin beneath, “We do have some questions, however.”

Nodding at that Elise spread her hands just a bit to invite the blonde to continue, “Of course, as do I to be perfectly honest.”

“Please do not misunderstand.” Roxanna added, “Brianna is very dear to us and we wish to know a bit more about the woman we are entrusting her with.”

“I understand completely.” Elise assured with an approving nod, her tone and stance clear that she very much agreed with that sentiment as she reached out to wrap a possessive arm around Claire’s waist, “Trust is a very important part of what we do. In your place I’d feel exactly the same.”

“Wonderful.” Sofia announced as she nuzzled Brianna’s cheek affectionately, “I am glad that we are on the same page, as it were.”

Glancing at her mistress, as if asking for permission, Claire leaned her head down on Elise’s slender shoulder and offered an easy smile of her own, “Ask us anything you like.”

Despite that assurance silence reigned for a long moment against the soft drone of background conversation and even fainter music, broken only by Brianna’s own gasp as Sofia’s calloused fingers continued to explore her stomach, the blue-haired girl blushing fiercely at Elise’s tiny smirk and Claire’s knowing smile. Biting her lip to try and regain some control, struggling to both remain silent and stay still beneath her mistress’s teasing, she could do little but watch as Roxanna finally leaned forward, clasping and hands together and resting them on the table before nodding in Elise’s direction.

“I believe the heart of the matter is that things are a bit vague.” the olive-skinned woman began.

Sofia nodded along, as if on cue, “Your lover mentioned a demonstration of sorts but spoke in only the vaguest terms. We would like to know what it is you intend.”

“We intend to put on a show.” Claire practically crooned, the playful glint in her eyes along with her deliberately husky tone sending a shiver down Brianna’s spine.

“Behave.” Elise scolded as she playfully smacked the redhead on the ass, “Or are you trying to get punished again?”

Biting her lip with an exaggerated moan, Claire threw her arms around the smaller woman’s shoulders and rocked her hips invitingly, a teasing smile on her lips as she practically whispered into her lover’s ear, “Yes, mistress.”

Shaking her head, but conspicuously not removing her hand from her slave’s ass, Elise continued on, “Have any of you ever been to a convention like this before?”

“Sadly, no.” Sofia confessed before giving the girl in her lap a kiss on the cheek, “It was Brianna’s suggestion and I must say it has proven most intriguing thus far.”

Wetting her lips Brianna could not help but smile as she nodded, “Very much so, mistress.”

That seemed to make Elise smirk, “I see. Well then, I’ll do my best to make sure your first time is memorable.”

Sofia snorted as she suppressed a laugh at that obvious innuendo while Brianna could not keep the faintest of blushes from her place at the implication. Roxanna on the other hand just shook her head a bit, a familiar expression of fond exasperation on her face even as a twinkle of amusement shone in her deep brown eyes, “I shall take your word for it. But, to the matter at hand…”

“Of course, my apologies.” Elise offered though the expression on her face suggested that she wasn’t in the least bit sorry, “You have to understand that these sorts of events, especially smaller ones like this, are mostly social occasions. Chances to meet and talk with fellow enthusiasts, to let it all hang out. Some want to show off, some want to unwind, and some want to hook up.”

“And which category might you fall into?” Roxanna prompted with a slightly raised eyebrow, the note of curiosity in her voice unmistakable, a question that definitely piqued Brianna curiosity as well and prompted her to sit up in her mistress’s lap, the motion pressing the woman’s breasts even more firmly against her back.

“Oh, we’re definitely here to show off.” Claire answered without hesitation, her head still firmly planted on Elise’s shoulder and that easy smile still on her lips, “But a chance to unwind would be nice.”

Allowing her hand to drift upwards, Elise began to stroke the redhead’s side, strong but delicate fingers tracing the outlines of her ribs before drifting up to cup a generous breast. Practically purring at those sensations, Claire squirmed beneath her mistress’s ministrations only to gasp when the brunette squeezed, fondling her chest playfully. And yet, even as the older woman buried her face in her inky black hair, Elise continued on as if nothing was happening, “More or less true. You see, beyond the social there are also formally scheduled events. Vendors, artists, live shows, sometimes even autographs sessions. I doubt any big names will be at a small venue like this, but you never know.”

Despite the continued distraction of Sofia’s wandering hands, at that statement Brianna found herself thinking back to her encounter with the enchantingly tattooed and indigo haired beauty in the hallways last night. If what Claudia had told her about the woman was to be believed, perhaps Lucrezia was here to perform. Seeing more of her, such as it was, would certainly not be unpleasant and there was always the possibility that she would also be offering autographs at some point. If that was the case then maybe she could bring her girlfriend something far more interesting than just pictures and a few wild stories. Smiling at the idea, Brianna carefully tucked it away in the back of her mind, just in case. However her musing was cut short when Sofia, not to be outdone, tightened an arm around her waist to hold her in place before slipping a hand fully under the blue-haired girl’s shirt to cup a breast, pulling the material up enough to expose a wide swath of pale skin, and drawing forth a deep and shuddering moan. And yet, even as she teased her plaything mercilessly the blonde continued to speak in that warm, conversational tone of hers.

“The two of you do not strike me as vendors, and somehow I doubt you are offering autographs.”

“And, your declaration aside,” Roxanna added as she nodded in Claire’s direction, “I do not think you plan to put on a traditional show either.”

For a long moment Elise just watched as Sofia continued to play with the girl in her lap, gray eyes locked on Brianna’s flushed and panting face as she squirmed and moaned beneath her mistress’s touch, the back corner of the restaurant providing some privacy but not enough to block all attention. That alone was exciting enough, but Claire watched the display as well, an almost hungry expression on her own face as she continued to rock her hips unconsciously and bit her lip to suppress a moan as the brunette’s hand slipped into her back pocket. Eventually, however, Elise forcibly shifted her gaze to Roxanna and shrugged, making a so-so gesture with her free hand, “It’s more of a panel really. I’ll be demonstrating different types of restraints and toys, both how to use them and how they play into various philosophies of bondage. Something both educational and entertaining, or so I hope.”

Leaning back in her chair, a contemplative look on her face, Roxanna nodded, “I see. A most intriguing proposal.” Mulling over her words for a moment she eventually glanced as Brianna, smiling just a bit at the girl’s somewhat ragged state and more than a little impressed that she had not thought to use her safeword despite Sofia’s rather public displays of affection, “And what do you think, korítsi?”

Panting softly Brianna forced her eyes open, raw need painted visibly in those hazel orbs as she forced out between breaths, “I think that Mistress Sofia needs to get me off right now, or get her hand off my boob!”

Chuckling deep in her throat, Sofia nipped at the girl’s ear, eliciting a startled cry of delight, before whispering in a harsh and husky voice, “Later, devushka.”

Although she whimpered at that, Brianna did relax just a bit when Sofia, mercifully, withdrew her hand. Leaning back against the blonde’s soft and inviting breasts the girl let out a grateful but still disappointed sigh, “Thank you, mistress.”

Pressing a feather soft kiss behind the girl’s ear, Sofia smirked as she nuzzled against silky blue hair, “I am certain you can make it up to me, devushka.”

Smile never fading even as she shook her head, Roxanna turned her attention back to Elise, the younger woman’s smirk making her own thoughts on the matter painfully clear, “And this demonstration, it is public?”

It was a testament to Elise’s professionalism, or perhaps just her self control, that she answered without hesitation despite the distraction in front of her, a claim that Claire could not make as the redhead was openly staring and clearly turned on, “No, it’ll be in one of the side rooms with the doors closed once we start. Technically anyone can attend but the seating is limited, and no photography allowed.”

“Sensible.” Roxanna agreed with a nod.

“True, though I suspect that Claudia will be somewhat disappointed.” Sofia mused as she readjusted her grip on the girl in her lap.

Releasing a long breath now that the tension was starting to drain from her body, Brianna could only nod. It hadn’t been something she’d thought about much, but part of her had been hoping to share this experience with Claudia, “We’ll have to do something nice for her when we get back, mistress.”

“Claudia?” Elise suddenly asked, raising a dark brow in curiosity.

“Another young woman whose affections we are fortunate enough to have.” Roxanna offered by way of explanation, “Sadly she could not join us this weekend.”

“Sorry, mistress.” Claire offered, her expression just a touch chagrined, “Brianna mentioned her last night but it slipped my mind.”

“I see.” Elise said after a long moment, a slender smile suddenly curling her lips and again drawing attention to her piercings, “And here I thought my life was interesting.”

Sofia chuckled, “I would have to imagine that as a professional dominatrix you no doubt have many equally interesting stories.”

“A fair point.” Elise agreed, her grin turning just a touch wicked before she shook her head, “In any case, are there any more questions?”

Glancing back at Sofia, who shook her head ever so slightly, Brianna turned her attention to Roxanna, noting that the olive-skinned woman wore a deeply contemplative expression. However, when their eyes met the blue-haired girl saw her mistress smile gently before shaking her head as well. With that, she swallowed, realizing that her lovers had learned what they felt they needed to learn and were handing the final decision to her. Drawing a breath to steady herself, the excitement that had been swirling in her core all morning reaching an almost fevered pitch as it warred with the last traces of nervousness, Brianna finally nodded, more to herself than anything else, “No, no more questions.”

Claire’s smile was absolutely brilliant and even Elise looked pleased as she nodded, her smile growing almost wicked for an instant before she leaned forward, “Well then, I suppose there’s only one more thing to consider.”

Taken in by the underlying tone of command in that voice and feeling for a moment as if it would be impossible to deny anything the young woman asked, Brianna wet her lips, her own voice barely a whisper, “What’s that?”

“I know my other models very well.” Elise explained, a hint of amusement flashing in her stormy gray eyes at the obvious effect she was having on the blue-haired girl, “What they like, what they don’t like, what their limits are, that sort of thing. So, Brianna Wilde, I need to know exactly what you want me to do to you.”

It was not the question so much as the way it was asked that set Brianna’s face blazing. Elise was honestly such a mystery, but a fascinating one nonetheless. An appearance that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Goth girl at a punk rock concert coupled with the sort of cool professionalism that she’d always imagined a dominatrix would have to possess, to say nothing of a demeanor that seemed to switch from casual to serious to teasingly playful at the drop of a hat. And beneath it all hints of an iron will that showed through at the most interesting moments. The face of an angel with eyes like the devil, and that smile…

Whatever else could be said of the young woman the blue-haired girl had no trouble understanding exactly what Claire saw in her mistress and, as she mulled Elise’s question over in her mind, worrying her lower lip all the while, she could not help but admit to herself that the idea of being dominated by the brunette was an enticing one indeed. And yet, she actually found the question itself surprisingly hard to answer. Her tastes had grown and developed so much over the last year that looking back on her first, tentative explorations now felt almost painfully vanilla. Moreover, she was well aware that her greatest joys in submission had always been found in pushing her limits and pursuing new facets of bondage. She had her stock answers, of course, but it felt like such a waste to limit herself so and somehow Brianna knew that if there was ever a moment to be bold it was now.

And so, after what felt like an eternity, the blue-haired girl ventured a question of her own, “What… what sorts of things are you doing to the others?”

“Well, I hate to spoil the surprise, but…” Elise began, stretching out her answer as she flashed Claire a smile, “this little slut is going to be strapped up in leather. She’s got a new corset I’ve been dying to try along with a matching posture collar and a nice, tight set of ballet boots. After that I plan to slowly ratchet up the intensity, show the audience what a real masochist can do.” Hanging on her mistress’s every word, Claire practically buried her face in the younger woman’s inky black hair and let out a long, low moan. Clearly turned on if the blush on her cheeks, and the rock hard nipples proudly presenting themselves through her shirt, were any indication, the redhead bit her lip and closed her eyes, clearly lost in the fantasy of the moment. Taking the opportunity to fondle the woman’s ass as she lifted a hand to cup her chin, Elise’s voice dropped to a warm, husky whisper, “Oh, do you like that idea, slut?”

Moaning again Claire nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling softly as she offered her slave a surprisingly tender kiss, Elise glanced at her audience, “I’ve only ever met a few people who were bigger masochists than my Claire. She loves pain, needs it. Hell, it’s barely even sex if I don’t leave a mark or two, which makes her the perfect subject for exploring some of the more… extreme sides of bondage.”

Although that more or less mirrored some of the things Claire had already told her, Brianna still found herself rendered speechless by the display, as well as how clearly and deeply aroused the redhead was by the idea. It wasn’t something she’d ever want for herself, of course, but the blue-haired girl could not help but be moved by how strong of a bond the two women must have, how much trust had to exist between them for such a relationship to exist. To say nothing of the protective way Elise held her slave and the utter adoration in Claire’s eyes. Still, it fell to Roxanna to finally broach the topic, the olive-skinned woman clearly picking her words carefully, “I see, we have never been quite so… enthusiastic with our girls.”

If Elise was bothered by that it didn’t show, the brunette just shrugging softly before continuing on, “Of course, everyone’s different after all. That’s why communication like this is so important. So, let’s try something a bit simpler. How about I ask a few questions?”

Biting the corner of her lip, and fighting the urge to glance at her lovers, Brianna nodded her agreement, “Okay.”

“Okay.” Elise mirrored, an encouraging expression on her face, “First, how comfortable are you with nudity? Do you want to be covered up and, if so, how much?”

Between the woman’s almost matter of fact tone, and the feeling of Sofia’s arms tightening around her in a firm embrace, Brianna felt herself begin to relax just a bit. In truth that question, or something like it, had been something she’d been pondering ever since planning this little adventure, “I’m fine with being topless, but I don’t want to be completely naked.” a touch of her earlier blush returning, the blue-haired girl quickly added, “Though I’m fine with skimpy clothing too.”

Nodding at her answer Elise fished her phone from one of her pockets and began to type out some notes with her free hand, “No problem. How about orgasms?”

That made Brianna do a double take, fairly certain that she must have misunderstood, “Are you asking if I want to have sex?”

Biting her lip to stifle a giggle, a sound that seemed so incongruous from the young dominatrix, Elise shook her head, lips still twitching and amusement dancing in her eyes, “No, no nothing like that. However, I do use various toys as both punishment and rewards. So, I need to know if you’re fine being pushed over the edge or want me to hold you back.”

Although shockingly turned on by the idea, the blue-haired girl’s idly fantasy of cumming in front of an audience was cut short when Sofia interrupted before she could answer, “While we have no problem sharing Brianna, I am afraid that we have our own games planned. She will be wearing her chastity belt and so will be unable to… indulge.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna intoned, accepting the command without protest and honestly not in the least bit surprised. Nothing had been said, of course, but given the events of yesterday and a few oblique comments here and there she could have guessed that she and her belt were to be intimately acquainted over the weekend.

Elise, on the other hand, seemed positively excited, “I can work with that.” she answered, eyes practically flashing as she finally removed her hand from Claire’s body, an action which elicited a sharp pout from the redhead, “I suppose the only question left then is this. How far do you like to be pushed?”

Letting out a breath, Brianna leaned back against Sofia’s body, resting her head on the blonde’s shoulder and just letting the words flow from her, “I like to be tied up.”

Although her tone did not change, amusement was clearly written on Elise’s face, “Well, I had assumed.”

A touch of pink blooming on her cheeks Brianna shook her head, frowning softly as she struggled to give voice to her thoughts, “I mean when I’m tied up I want to know I’m tied up. I want it to be tight, restrictive. I want to feel helpless.”

“Ah.” Elise said slowly, understanding dawning in her eyes, “I think we can manage that. What about gags?”

Swallowing back her immediate response Brianna considered that question for a moment. She honestly loved being gagged. Just having her mouth stuffed made everything more intense and always left her feeling so incredibly sexy though, in truth, she’d yet to meet the woman that didn't look sexy when gagged. Still, while that thought made her smile the blue-haired girl was well aware of the fact that actually agreeing to be gagged was a significant gesture of trust, that such toys greatly complicated the use of safewords among other things. And yet she felt as if she could trust Elise, something about the woman’s demeanor putting her at ease despite everything else. Besides that she honestly did trust Claire and doubted that the redhead would lead her astray. And so, after a long moment, Brianna nodded, “I love being gagged. In fact, I hate being tied up without a gag if I can help it.”

“I see that great minds think alike,” Elise quipped with a positively wicked smile, eyes alight with possibilities as she jotted that detail down, “And, overall, how flexible would you say you are?”

“Pretty good.” Brianna allowed with a slight shrug, “I’m no contortionist but I can touch my elbows behind my back without too much trouble. I’ve also taken gags up to two and a half inches in diameter.” she blushed a bit, almost shyly at the admission, “I can take bigger but not for more than 15 or 20 minutes.”

Glancing up from her phone Elise looked honestly impressed, perhaps even a little surprised, “Really?”

A hint of teasing in her voice, though the warmth of her affection was obvious, Sofia answered, “While she may not be so flexible as Claudia, our Brianna has always been a very determined young woman.”

Blushing for very different reasons now Brianna could not help but smile as she twisted in the blonde’s grasp, “Thank you, mistress.”

“But of course, devushka.” she allowed as she favored the girl with a soft kiss, voice a low and husky rumble, “The pleasure is all mine.”

Setting her phone down on the table with a clatter, drawing all attention back to herself, Elise once again leaned to Claire’s body and snaked an arm around her slender waist, “One last question then. What’s your stance on punishment?”

It was actually a surprisingly complicated question and a difficult one to answer. Brianna’s relationship with pain had always been a complex one and she knew that. At her core the blue-haired girl was confident that she wasn’t a masochist and yet she also could not deny that she thrilled in the feeling of tight bondage biting into her skin and reveled in the sensation of pushing her limits, both mental and physical. Moreover, she had discovered that pain, in small doses, could be a remarkably potent spice when it came to enhancing pleasure and there was undoubtedly a certain thrill in being punished. Nodding, more to herself than anything else, Brianna bit her lip and eventually let out a breath before answering, “I prefer tight bondage and big gags, honestly, but a little punishment is fine. I don’t mind nipple clamps, if they’re not too tight, and I really like having my tits squeezed.”

“Breast play is remarkably popular.” Elise agreed, a roguish grin twisting her lips as she adjusted her grip and once again helped herself to a handful of the redhead at her side, “And given the pair I have to work with at home I’m quite well practiced.”

Without missing a beat, Claire moaned deep in her throat, thrusting out her chest and biting her lower lip in an expression that perfectly captured the woman’s devastating beauty, her gaze the very definition of bedroom eyes. A testament to just how horny the woman was after weeks of teasing in preparation for this day. Brianna said nothing, just watched the display intently and fought the urge to squirm in Sofia’s grasp as the blonde’s own hand began to wander, the athletic woman just as invested in the display as her plaything. Still, beyond the free show, the blue-haired girl was honestly a little surprised at how good it felt to share herself like this. It wasn’t the first time, and hardly the most significant compared to confessing to her mistresses, but it was still nice. Liberating even.

Eventually though, Elise stopped playing with her slave, much to the redhead’s displeasure, and asked one final question, “What about impacts?”

It took a moment for Brianna to understand just what the young dominatrix meant, but when she did the blue-haired girl turned to offer Roxanna a smile, “I liked it when you used the riding crop, mistress.”

“And I very much enjoyed training you, korítsi.” Roxanna answered with a tiny, almost teasing smile on her face as she reached out to envelop both the girl and Sofia in a loose embrace, “You make a lovely mare, when you behave yourself.”

Practically melting into that embrace, Brianna bit her lip and let out a sigh, but before she could even think of responding to her mistress Claire perked up, the redhead’s blue-gray eyes alight with curiosity and excitement, “You’re into pony play too?”

It was such an unexpected question that Brianna actually did a double take, blinking owlishly as she tried to formulate a response, “I, uh…”

“It is something we have been exploring of late.” Sofia interjected, coming to her slave’s rescue before glancing at Claire curiously, “An interest that you share, I trust?”

“For over a year now.” the redhead answered with an enthusiastic nod before letting out a contented sigh, “I just love the way it makes me feel, and the outfits are so sexy.”

“On that we very much agree.” Sofia returned with a soft chuckle before offering Brianna a teasing grin and kissing the girl on the cheek.

Leaning into that kiss with a smile of her own Brianna could not help but mirror that sentiment, “Absolutely, mistress.”

“Do you have your gear with you?” Claire asked.

It was Roxanna’s turn to offer the woman an almost mysterious half smile as she nodded once, “Perhaps.”

“Well then, maybe we can…” Claire started only to be cut short when Elise suddenly cupped the woman’s chin and turned her head to the side to silence her with a kiss.

A shudder seemed to pass through the redhead’s body as the kiss deepened, eyes sliding closed as she moaned deep in her throat. Throwing her arms around her mistress’s shoulders as if seeking support, Claire was left absolutely dazed as she parted her lips and allowed the brunette’s tongue to explore her mouth. Whimpering softly a moment later when Elise withdrew her lips, the older woman tilted her head in a familiar gesture, silently begging for another kiss. Smiling indulgently, her mistress obliged after a fashion, pressing a much softer kiss to the corner of Claire’s mouth before nipping at her lower lip, “I think that we’re getting just a bit ahead of ourselves, pet.”

Eyes still closed, Claire nodded, her voice strained with desire, “Yes, mistress.”

Patting the redhead on the cheek again, Elise flashing a tiny grin and hugged her close ever so briefly, “Good girl.”

Although she didn’t know exactly what the redhead was about to suggest Brianna had a pretty good idea and, to be perfectly honest, it excited her. Then again, despite knowing each other for such a short time everything about Claire had excited her so far. Not only was the woman beautiful, stunning even, but she was just so outgoing, so confident in herself and her desires that the blue-haired girl actually had trouble believing she had ever been a “nervous wreck” as she had confessed to her mistress. Perhaps that was what made the thought of sharing her kinks with the redhead so enticing.

Looking back, Brianna was sometimes amazed by the growth of her own confidence and while she owed much to her mistresses, and would be forever grateful both for their love and support, it had been the opportunity to meet other submissives that had truly inspired her to break out of her shell, even if it was still a work in progress. Almost in spite of herself Brianna smiled, thinking back on the first time she and Claudia met face to face, the tattooed girl clad in little more than a chastity belt and a straitjacket as they sat together in what was now her room and just talked. It had been a nice feeling, subtle and yet profound, the beginnings of a friendship, a relationship, that had grown to be one of the pillars of her life. And, even if her encounters and friendships with other submissives like Zoe and Lilly and even Murial were somehow less weighty they were still no less important to her journey. As such, the invitation, even if it hadn’t actually been said, of sharing her newest kink with someone who truly understood was so, so, very tempting.

Her mistresses seemed to agree as Sofia tightened her embrace ever so slightly and shot the blue-haired girl a soft grin while Roxanna leaned in close to kiss her on the cheek and whisper into her ear, that softly accented purr sending a familiar shiver down her spine, “We will talk about it later, korítsi.”

Breath hitching quietly in her throat, Brianna nodded ever so slightly, “Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.”

“No need for that.” the olive-skinned woman assured, another shiver racing down the blue-haired girl’s spine, “The pleasure will very much be ours. And perhaps yours as well, if you are a good girl.”

Having thoroughly tamed her own plaything by that point, the redhead curling up against her side obediently, Elise regarded her guests with a tiny smile of her own, “I think I have an idea, if everyone is amenable.”

Briefly glancing at Sofia, who nodded once, Roxanna regarded the young woman curiously, “And that might be?”

The brunette’s smile widened ever so slightly, “It’s been a long time since I dusted off my shibari skills so I’m thinking rope, lots of it. A full harness, maybe a hogtie and a nice big gag to go with it. From there we can branch out.” her gray eyes suddenly flickered to meet Brianna’s, “Have you ever been in a suspension before?”

Hanging off the woman’s every word, practically rooted in place by the intensity of that gaze, Brianna just shook her head. She’d seen pictures of women suspended in ropes of course, but had never really considered the possibility herself. However, like so many other things, now that the idea had been put into her head she found herself unable to think about anything else. Besides, it had been awhile since she’d felt the pleasant sting of rope against her skin.

“I think you’ll like it.” Elise offered after a moment, “When done right it’s surprisingly comfortable, and very… aesthetic.”

Her own arctic eyes flashing with interest, Sofia leaned forward and rested her chin on Brianna’s shoulder, “I must admit we have somewhat neglected rope work ourselves. What do you think, devushka?”

“I think…” Brianna began, pausing to lick her lips unconsciously, “I think that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.”

“Then it is decided.” the blonde announced.

Clearly pleased with that response, Elise reached down to pick up something sitting on the floor beside her chair. Pulling a well worn backpack into her lap, the brunette pulled the zipper open without a word and began to rummage through the contents. Sitting up in her mistress’s lap, Brianna tried to see what the other woman was doing but no matter how she craned her neck the angle was all wrong. Soon enough, however, Elise placed what looked like a trio of laminated cards down and slid them across the table. The blue-haired girl could only regard the objects curiously until Roxanna reached out and picked them up, almost effortlessly fanning them out between elegant fingers as if she were playing poker. As impressive as that was, Brianna found herself more interested in the cards themselves, the thick pieces of paper decorated with a somewhat cartoony but still cute image of a bound woman with the year stenciled below it and the word ‘guest’ stamped across the top.

“These should get all of you access to the convention without having to pay the entrance fee.” Elise explained, flashing a smile, “A fringe benefit of being my assistants.”

Roxanna nodded as she glanced at the younger woman, “My thanks.”

“No worries.” Elise assured as she pulled a folded sheet of paper from her pack and placed it on the table as well, “The show is in about two hours, give or take. I suggest you go through the hotel to avoid the main floor, but that’s up to you. I wrote down some directions on how to get to the prep room. Try and show up about 20 minutes early.”

As she watched Sofia take the paper, Brianna found herself asking, “What would you like me to wear?”

“Whatever you like.” Elise assured, “As much or as little as you like. Claire will be mostly naked, my other model will be completely covered, even her face, so really it’s whatever you’re comfortable with.” the brunette suddenly flashed a seductive smile, “Though I’d consider it a personal favor if you left those exquisite breasts bare.”

Although a fierce blush colored her face, Brianna could not help but smile. She’d certainly received her fair share of compliments in her life but the blue-haired girl could not remember anyone having called her breasts exquisite before, “I… I’ll think about it.”

Elise grinned at that, but said nothing. Instead, it was Claire who spoke, rousing herself enough to ask, “We were going to have a light lunch before getting ready. Would the three of you like to join us?”

“That is most kind of you.” Sofia acknowledged as she folded the instructions and tucked them into a shirt pocket, “However, we enjoyed a rather late breakfast and will regretfully have to decline for the moment.”

“A pity.” Elise responded before shrugging ever slightly and flashing another grin, “Until we meet again, then?”

“Until then.” Roxanna agreed with a nod, offering a slender and almost mysterious smile of her own in response.

As she watched the olive-skinned woman carefully climb to her feet, steadying herself against the table as she did, Brianna was struck by the urge to say something. It was hard to say why, exactly, but some part of her felt it odd to end the conversation like this, as if there was more just waiting on the tip of her tongue. And yet she could not really imagine what that might be. Everything that needed to be said had been said, or so it seemed, and now all she was left with was the steadily bubbling excitement in her stomach.

On reflection perhaps that was it, maybe it was just nerves getting the better of her now that she had finally taken this one last step. As such, when Sofia patted her gently on the hip a moment later the blue-haired girl just nodded and obediently slid out of the taller woman’s lap. Gasping softly when she felt Roxanna’s arms encircling her waist and pulling her close against the older woman’s elegantly curved body, Brianna practically purred beneath her mistress’s affections as Sofia joined them and trapped her in a much more affectionate embrace. Grinning at the lazy wave that Claire offered as she was led off, and unable to return the gesture with her arms pinned, the blue-haired girl simply allowed herself to be guided out of the small restaurant and back into the flow of traffic. Some part of her noted that the hotel was much more crowded than it had been earlier, and that left her wondering just how long their conversation had actually been. It had felt like no more than a few minutes, though some part of her recognized that given all that had been said it almost certainly had to have been longer. Besides, it seemed odd at best that so many more people could have arrived in such a short amount of time.

Whatever the case, her mistresses were strangely silent as they made their way back into the twisting, maze-like hallways and ducked through the crowd. Indeed that silence lingered, much to Brianna’s surprise, until they finally reached the elevator and the doors closed to provide some privacy at last. Stepping back, much to the blue-haired girl’s disappointment, Roxanna offered a slight but warm smile as she reached out to caress that silky soft hair, eliciting a tiny whimper as she allowed her fingernails to graze the sensitive scalp beneath. Never one to be outdone, Sofia shifted her stance to slip fully behind the girl in her arms, one hand dropping to her hip while the other cupped a breast. Biting her lip to stifle a moan, Brianna felt her heart begin to race, especially when Sofia began to tease her nipple through the thin material of her shirt, and for a moment she wondered if her mistresses were actually planning something more… intimate here and now. An idea that she found positively mortifying, and incredible arousing all at once.

However, even though Roxanna leaned in close, almost as if she were about to kiss the blue-haired girl, she instead ran a finger along her jaw and spoke quietly, “I am very proud of you, korítsi.”

Moaning again as she leaned into that silky soft touch, Brianna’s voice was little more than a whisper, “Mistress?”

“This trip was always about more than just the experience, devushka.” Sofia answered as she nuzzled the girl’s hair with the tip of her nose, “You wished to spread your wings, to finish stepping out of your shell.”

“And you have, korítsi. So much so.” Roxanna continued, “A year ago something like this would have been unthinkable. Even a few months ago I do not believe you would have been willing to step out on stage, no matter how bold you have grown in other ways.”

Wetting her lips, Brianna swallowed, feeling her throat construct slightly at the feelings welling up within herself, “I… Thank you, mistress. Both of you.”

Leaning in to plant a faint kiss on the blue-haired girl’s lips, Roxanna smiled again, “You are most welcome, but please, do not push yourself further than you wish to go, just because you are caught up in the moment.”

That sparked a frown of confusion as Brianna considered those words, “Do you… do you think I’m making a mistake, mistress?”

“Nothing like that, devushka.” Sofia insisted, rocking the girl gently as she did, “We simply wish to be certain that this is truly what you want. It is a big step, after all.”

“We will always support you, korítsi.” Roxanna added as she leaned in for another kiss and gently cupped Brianna’s cheek, “Yet, in the excitement of making new friends, and the thrill of fantasy, it is easy to overstep. If this is truly what you wish to do, we will help you make it a reality and cheer you along all the while. We simply do not wish you to regret.”

Brianna nodded at that, understanding exactly what her mistresses were getting at and honestly relieved by their concern, the familiar warmth of their care and affection making her smile, “I love you, mistress. Both of you. So, so much.”

“And we love you.” Sofia returned, her voice strangely quiet and yet thick with affection as she tightened her grip.

“Always.” Roxanna practically whispered, the emotion in her voice obvious as she embraced the blue-haired girl as well.

With an impeccable, or perhaps annoying, sense of timing the elevator chose that moment to stop, the doors sliding open to reveal a small crowd of people waiting to board. Most notably the couple Brianna remembered passing last night, the man still dressed sharply in a suit and tie but his girlfriend now clad in what almost looked like a bathrobe, prompting the blue-haired girl to wonder just what she was wearing underneath it. Although there were a few raised eyebrows at the obvious show of affection on display, no one actually commented, and no one dared to move. Brianna felt herself blush at the attention, but she also found herself smiling, fighting the urge to preen when the honey-haired woman grinned at her, much as she had the previous evening. Still, realizing that they were blocking the way, her mistresses reluctantly let her go and made their way into the hall.

With the tableaux broken the small crowd began to filter into the elevator and silence reigned once again, Brianna glancing back just long enough to confirm that the woman was indeed handcuffed before her vision was cut off by the closing doors. Turning away from that display, the blue-haired girl allowed herself to be led along again as her mistresses began to walk down the hall, turning the corner and making a beeline for their room. Fishing the key card from her pocket when they arrived a moment later, and practically throwing the door open in one smooth motion, Sofia stepped inside before reaching out to grab Brianna’s hand. Shrieking softly in surprise as she was suddenly pulled along after the blonde, the blue-haired girl stumbled, very nearly tripping over her own two feet and losing her balance only to be swept up in the blonde’s arms.

Their faces practically touching, Sofia grinned, “Falling for me again, devushka?”

Lips twitching in amusement, Brianna darted forward to kiss the taller woman, “Every day, mistress.”

With a smile as bright as the sun, Sofia took the blue-haired girl in a tight embrace and kissed her so fiercely that Brianna felt her whole body go limp, a moan echoing deep in her throat as her eyes slid closed and her mouth opened. Whimpering as she felt the athletic woman’s lips practically crush against her own while a talented tongue snaked deep, the blue-haired girl clung to her mistress almost desperately, breath short and skin on fire as a pulse of heat settled between her legs and her nipples hardened almost painfully. A reaction that was only amplified when a strong hand cupped her ass and squeezed while another trailed up her spine, teasing each and every one of her vertebrae as it passed. Reduced to a flushed and panting mess as only her mistresses could, Brianna whimpered again when the kiss broke, her legs actually shaking from the sheer intensity of the woman’s passion. Smirking at her reaction, Sofia nipped at the girl’s lower lip and kissed the cleft of her chin even as she continued to playfully fondle that shapely behind.

Closing the door behind them, Roxanna shook her head fondly and carefully limped over to the pair. Looping an arm around Brianna’s back to help support the still trembling girl, the olive-skinned woman spoke softly, “Why don’t you fix your makeup, korítsi, and decide what you would like to wear while Sofia and I get ready?”

Breath still short, Brianna swallowed and managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Not quite finished yet, however, Sofia let her hand drop to Brianna’s waist unfasten her skirt, tugging the garment down over her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Her shirt followed a moment later before she could even react and, taking the stunned and now very much naked girl into her arms, the taller woman drew her close and planted another kiss on her lips, “See you in a moment, devushka.”

Biting her lip at the familiar feeling of calloused hands on her skin, reveling in the way her mistress’s strong fingers seemed to massage her body, Brianna managed another nod, “Thank you, mistress.”

Still smirking ever so softly, Sofia allowed her hands to linger for a moment longer, fingers trailing across sensitive skin and eliciting a shudder, “Good girl.”

It was only thanks to Roxanna’s warm, comforting hand on her shoulder that Brianna managed to stay steady, knees weak both from those words of praise and the blonde’s affectionate attention. After a long moment of relishing their touch the women reluctantly withdrew and the blue-haired girl watched them go with lingering regret before finally forcing herself to look away. Crossing the room quietly, and kicking off her shoes as she went, Brianna eventually settled down at the table by the window and, after adjusting the small mirror sitting on top of it, reached for her makeup bag. Perusing the contents, it was a remarkably difficult choice as she pondered exactly how she wanted to look for the festivities ahead.

As tempting as it was to go a little wild, she had always had the best luck with subtle effects, much like Claudia actually, and usually left the bolder displays to those better suited for it. Almost unbidden Zoe’s painted face appeared in her mind’s eye and Brianna found herself smiling again. The voluptuous artist really was the perfect example, the heavy makeup she always adorned herself with looking somehow natural on her features to the point where it was honestly impossible to imagine the woman without something on her skin. Still, as much as the blue-haired girl appreciated the goth look and as much as she had played around with it once upon a time, it didn’t really suit the occasion. Eventually she settled on a light foundation, one of her favorites in fact, to take the shine off her skin with just a hint of blush to add some color. For a moment she debated putting on lipstick but decided against it just as quickly. After all, if she was going to be wearing a gag for any length of time, painted lips would smear something fierce and while smeared makeup, especially with tear tracks, went very well with bondage she didn’t feel like going to the trouble right now. Choosing a nice clear lip gloss instead, Brianna was just finishing up with a touch of eye shadow when her mistresses re-emerged.

Sofia was the first one out of the bathroom, the almost hypnotic sashay of the woman’s hips making the blue-haired girl’s mouth go dry. Her outfit was a familiar one, but no less striking for all that, a pair of leather pants that clung to her curves like a second skin with a vest of the same material pulled tight around her torso. With nothing underneath, and only a few buttons fastened, the outfit left plenty of cleavage on display and revealed a hint of the blonde’s toned stomach. Combined with a pair of fingerless gloves, in black like the rest of her clothing, and length of silver chain being used as a belt to say nothing of the strappy, high-heeled sandals on her feet the effect was absolutely stunning. Running one hand through her long, wild mane of hair and letting the other rest on her hip, Sofia smiled and for the second time Brianna felt her knees go weak even sitting down. Before she could even begin to recover from that display Roxanna joined her lover, the olive-skinned woman somehow incredibly graceful on stiletto heels despite her limp. Dressed just a bit more formally the woman wore a long pencil skirt just past knee length, yet slit up the side to the hip revealing silk stockings underneath and the garter belt holding them up. Above that a corset had been cinched about her slender waist, reinforcing the curves of her hips and bust whilst drawing the eye to her bare shoulders and arms, the pale scars adorning them standing out sharply against her olive skin and dark clothes. Last, but certainly not least, bracelets circled her wrists and a familiar choker of black lace adorned her neck, a cameo of carved alabaster hanging from it. The very same one she had worn on their date with Claudia some weeks ago.

Noting the way the blue-haired girl was staring almost unabashedly at their bodies, Sofia cocked a hip into a model’s pose, “Like what you see, devushka?”

Blood rushing to her face, Brianna managed a nod as she glanced back and forth between the two, “You look beautiful, mistress. Both of you.”

Smile blooming into something far warmer at that, a certain tension seemed to flee from Roxanna’s shoulders and in that moment the blue-haired girl realized that for all of her grace, all of her love and seemingly effortless beauty, her mistress still bore her scars heavily, still doubted herself on some level. It felt like such a small thing, a statement of the blindingly obvious, but if a simple assurance was enough to ease that burden then Brianna had no problem offering them as many times as it took.

Drifting over to the bed without a word, Roxanna reached down and plucked up the familiar form of the girl’s chastity belt, her voice leaving no doubt that there was only one correct answer, “What do you say, korítsi, ready?”

Nodding as she stood from the table, Brianna stepped forward and lifted her arms, “Yes, mistress.”

Without comment Roxanna quickly placed the belt around the blue-haired girl’s waist with practiced ease, adjusting the primary shield to seat the rear cable properly and making sure the waistband settled above her hips before locking it snugly in place with a tiny brass padlock. Brushing her fingers along the secondary shield and straightening the even smaller lock holding it in place, the olive-skinned woman smiled softly at the display, “There we are, korítsi. Does everything fit alright?”

Shivering at the familiar feeling of cold metal against heated skin, and biting her lip against the sensation of pressure as the belt’s smooth lining pressed on the lips of her labia, Brianna nodded, “Perfect, mistress.”

A pair of hands took her by the arms then, shocking the blue-haired girl out of her reverie and making her gasp as she looked up into Sofia’s smiling face. Clearly amused by that reaction, the blonde began to gently massage her shoulders, “My apologies for startling you, devushka. I was simply wondering if you had chosen an outfit yet?”

Moaning softly as those strong, calloused hands worked the knots from her shoulders, Brianna bit her lip again, hesitating for the briefest instant. In truth she had been pondering that particular question ever since Elise had laid out her plans, scores of different ideas flashing through her head as she considered the possibilities and the free hand she had been given. Even taking her chastity belt into account she could easily assemble a dozen different costumes from the various toys and outfits they had brought, each one more daring than the last, but it was only upon seeing just how bravely Roxanna was willing to bare her scars that the blue-haired girl decided to throw caution to the wind and be truly bold.

Looking up into the blonde’s brilliant blue eyes, Brianna nodded, her face set even as butterflies began to take flight in her stomach, “I have, mistress.”

“Please do not leave us in suspense then.” the taller woman teased even as she raised a hand to brush a few strands of azure hair behind the girl’s ear.

Taking a breath to steady herself, some part of her almost unable to believe what she was about to suggest, Brianna unconsciously brushed a hand against her chastity belt even as she kept her eyes locked on Sofia’s face, “Nothing, mistress. This is more than enough.”

Confusion seemed to bloom on the blonde’s face, but Roxanna instantly understood what the girl was suggesting, a look of concern painting her features as she asked, “Are you certain, korítsi?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, voice far firmer than she felt, “If I’m going to put on a show, I want to put on a show.”

Laughing out loud in delight Sofia scooped the smaller girl up in a hug and actually spun around, “Just when I think there are no surprises left you manage to prove me wrong, devushka. Whatever did we do to deserve you?”

A bit more solemnly, Roxanna gently placed a hand on the blue-haired girl’s shoulder once again, her voice soft but steady, “If you change your mind, or at any point grow uncomfortable, do not hesitate to tell us.”

“I will, mistress.” Brianna assured, smiling as she nodded.

With that, the olive-skinned woman offered a soft smile of her own and gently cuffed the girl’s hands behind her back. Biting her lip again at the familiar and oh so wonderful feeling of being restrained, Brianna was still smiling when Sofia clipped a leash to her collar and began to guide her toward the door. In truth this was probably the craziest thing she had ever done, but even though her heart was racing in her chest the blue-haired girl was also fairly certain that she had never been more excited in her entire life.


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