Gromet's Plaza
Adult Toy Store Adventures - Robbed & Bound
by StealthBinder | Forum Feedback
© Copyright 2010 - StealthBinder - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/ff; bond; cuffs; gag; corset; toys; oral; mast; reluct; X
Adult Toy Store Adventures - Robbed & Bound StealthBinder M/ff; bond; cuffs; gag; corset; toys; oral; mast; reluct; X

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Working at an adult toy store, you see all kinds.  The store remained open one hour past bar closing time, which resulted in a lot of men coming in to buy condoms at the last moment. 

Carmen was the shift manager, which meant she was in charge of closing up and solving customer complaints.  Carmen was a pretty brunette with an average figure, brown eyes and cute smile. Her best physical asset was her legs which one boyfriend said started at her neck and went on forever.  She worked at the store for a little over a year and often had unsolicited offers from the clients, especially those who had struck out at the bars or we’re dateless for the evening.  Most times, she’d smile and say she had a boyfriend.  In truth, she rarely did, finding most guys she dated hated the hours she worked, only wanted sex and no interest in long term relationships.  Not that a night of hot sex was a bad thing.  Carmen just wanted something to talk about before and after the sex too.

The owner cared about his employee’s safety more than store profits.  As a rule, one guy could work alone to close up the shop.  But when Carman was managing, she never worked alone and was always paired her with another employee for their protection and well being.  It also helped to have another pair of eyes watching over the store.  Tonight, Carmen was paired up with her favorite fellow employee.

Jackie was natural blond beauty and built like a porn star with big breasts, small waist and gorgeous ass.  Guys were always hitting on her and even a few women.  She loved walking the floor among the horny clients dressed in tight jeans and low cut tops, just to get a reaction from them.  She flirted with the clients, but never carried through on her teasing.  The owner though both women helped drive up sales, especially when they both were on without a male employee present.  Carmen wondered why Jackie didn’t find somewhere else to work her part time gig, but the pay was good and the work was easy, usually.

The biggest problem was the customers themselves.  They both got the same lame lines from desperate guys.  ‘My girlfriend is about your size, can you try this on for me?’   ‘Do you like giving oral sex like I do?’, ‘Ever done a girl-on-girl thing?’ or ‘Can you demonstrate how this thing is used?’ Just because they worked at a place geared for adults and sexual pleasures didn’t mean they were sluts.  Still with some of the clients, it could have been fun to participate in the games.  In fact, Carmen once pressed a vibrator against her denim covered crotch and faked an orgasm in front of the male clients.  She received a round of applause.

The store sold many items.  The usual large selection of adult videos, magazines and books, along with plenty of vibrators, cock rings, lubricants and other sexual enhancement toys where all good sellers.  An entire section of the store was devoted to adult gag gifts, games and novelties, which sold well as did body lotions and oils.  In additions, they sold adult costumes, sexy lingerie and women’s shoes.  Lingerie ranged from mild teddies and romantic nightgowns to tight corsets and exotic body stocking.  They also had a large selection of outlandish clothes that women would wear to trendy night clubs or items stripers might purchase made from spandex, PVC, leather and rubber. 

The store had an unusually layout.  It took up a couple modules of a strip mall and had a dog-legged area in the back.  This was the kinky area of the store including the hardcore bondage items in a locked display case while the amateur toys out on open display racks.  Employees were required to unlock the case when a customer wanted something out to look at or buy.  Several large items, including swings and other sex props were stocked back here, items too large or oddly shaped to be stuffed into a purse or down someone’s pants.  But the area did have a camera on it, for it was hard to see from the sales counter.

But tonight, sales were quite, strange for a Friday.  With only 15 minutes left before closing, the girls hoped that they would be out right on time for once.

“Ok, the last box is unpacked and stocked.” Jackie said as she came back to the counter, carrying a red shoe box.

“Cool.  Day shift will be happy to hear that tomorrow.’

“They usually are when the new stuff is already on the floor.  Did you make the drop?”

“Yep, all done and the draw is set for tomorrow.” Carmen said, referring to depositing the day’s cash, checks and receipts into the safe.  The owner would deposit the day’s revenue at the bank the next morning.  “Just finishing the paperwork.  All we need to do now is kill the lights and lock to door.  What have you got there?” she asked pointing to the box.

“The sexist killer shoes you’d ever seen.” She said as she opened the box.  “They just came in on this load and I wanted you to see them.”

The shoes were black pumps, with a 1 inch platform and 5 inch spiked heel, shiny paten leather with rounded toe, with the sides cut out and a buckled strap across the ankle.

“Oh, very hot.” Carmen said as she held it.  She appreciated a sexy pair of heels.

“They come in red, black and white.  I’m thinking of getting a pair for myself after payday.”

“Fun.  Must be hard to walk in though.”

”Who’d be walking in them?” Jackie said with a mischievous grin

“OK, seriously, do you always wear high heels in bed when screwing a guy?”

“I’ve been known to do it on occasion.  Ok, more often than not.  It realty depends on if I can get my cloths off without removing them.  How the guys love it.  One boyfriend said it gave him something to hold on to while screwing me.” She grinned.  “Tell me you’ve not done it.”

“I’ve admitted I have.” Carmen said.  “Usually paired with lingerie for an extra special occasion or guy.”

“See, there’s a little bit of hooker in all of us.  Do it when naked. The guys go crazy over it.  Walk into the living room in nothing but a pair of stilettos and see his reaction.  Makes them think they’re screwing a stripper.  Or do a striptease and be left standing only in your heels. They get real appreciative too, making sex last a lot longer and better.  With your legs, it would be dramatic.” Jackie said as the door bell sounded.  A lone man walked into the store.

“Figures someone comes in only a few moments before we lock up.”  Jackie said quietly.

“Hi.” Carmen said to the man.  “We’re closing up in a few moments.”

“No problem.” He said.  “I won’t be long.”  What the two women didn’t notice was he had locked the door after it had swung closed.

The man had been watching the store for at least 30 minutes, noting the cars on the lot, how many people entered and exited and what they were carrying.  With a few moments before the store closed, his timing was good.  Anyone pulling on the door would think they were now closed for the night.

The man walked to the back of the store and looked in the locked display case.  He also surveyed the store, seeing if there were any customers he didn’t account for, how many employees there were and verifying the number and location of the cameras.  He’d done a similar scouting mission earlier in the day.  He then reviewed the items he wanted to use from the case before he walked half way up to the front counter.

“Can I see something out of the case?” He called.

“I’ll help him.” Jackie said as she picked up the key ring.  Carmen had gone into the small office behind the counter to complete the day’s paperwork.

“What would like to see?”  Jackie asked the man as she walked up to him.

“A couple of items, if I may.” He politely replied looking in the case.  “I’ll start with those.”  He pointed to a pair of nickel plated handcuffs.  He was almost acting embarrassed.

“Sure” Jackie said as she opened the case and took the cuffs off the hook.  “These are the display pair.  You’ll buy a new boxed set.”

The man took hold of the cuffs a looked a little confused, like he didn’t know how to use them.  He tried to open them, but didn’t have any luck.

“You need the key to open them.” Jackie said a little annoyed.  If he wanted to play bondage master, he sure didn’t seem to have a clue on how to do it.  This guy was going to take a long time to buy anything.

“Oh, I see.”  He said.  “You need a key to put them on?  Never saw the cops do that.”

“No they just snap on.” She said politely.  She still wanted to make the sale.

“Have you used them before?” he asked.

“With the cops, no.” she said with a laugh.  “I’ve had them on me a few times before.”

”Can you show me how?” he replied, handing her the cuffs. “Sorry, I’m new at this.  My girlfriend wants to try all this and I have no idea what to do.”

“Sure.” She said as she took the silver bands from him.  “It’s simple.  Just push the one part through like this,” she said as she opened the cuff, “then flip it over until it clicks into place like this.” She said as she closed the cuff and it clicked once in place.  “Push it in to make it tighter.” Jackie clicked it once more.  The loop was still wide enough to slip her hand through.  “Just don’t make it too tight or you could cause damage or pain.”

“Oh, it’s that simple.” He said as he held her hand.  “Can you do the other?”

“You get the idea.” She said as she was about to slip the cuff off.  She didn’t get to.

The man took hold of her wrist and clicked the cuff tighter.  “I think you should do as I ask.” He said as he opened his coat to exhibit the butt of a pistol tucked in his waist.  “Keep quiet, do as I say, and you and your friend up front won’t get hurt.”

Jackie fraught back the impulse to scream.  She wanted Carmen to hear her and push the alarm panic button.  He’d run away at the sound.  If only Carmen would look up at the monitors.  She didn’t dare resist her assailant.

“Lock the other loop onto your free wrist, behind your back.” he said as he turned Jackie around.  Jackie did as she was told.  The man stood between her and the camera, attempting to hide what was going on.  When Jackie locked the cuff into place, the man tightened both rings so she couldn’t slip her wrists out of the loops.  With both loops now secure, her hands were useless.  He turned her around again to face him as he pulled another pair from the case.  He made Jackie stand with her feet almost together and he locked her ankles in the second set within seconds.  Now she was completely helpless, unable to run or fight.  She wondered if the camera would catch her wearing the silver cuffs on her ankles.

Jackie could not see what he took from the case next.  “The girl in the office up front, what’s her name?”


“Now, as calmly as you can, call Carmen over here, telling her you need her assistance and don’t try anything stupid.  I don’t want trouble, and neither do you.”

Jackie cleared her throat.  She was scared and it was showing.  Jackie almost screamed but though better when she felt the gun’s handle press against her.  She hoped he really didn’t want to use it, but she had no way to really know.  The man was so calm and efficient in getting her trussed up.  She assumed he wanted to get Carmen the same way and was going to use her to help do it. 

“Please don’t hurt us.” She said softly.

“Last thing I want to do is hurt a good-looking babe like you, but don’t push me.  As long as you cooperate, nothing bad will happen.” He said calmly.  “Now, call Carmen over here.”

“Carmen!” she yelled as best she could.

“Yeah!” she heard back.

“Can you help out over here for a moment?”

“Be right there!”

Carmen looked up at the black and white monitor.  The case was open, Jackie was standing there and the customer was holding something.  She guessed he had a question about something or wanted to special order an item.

Carmen finished her line on the paper and left the office.  With the angle of the store and all the display racks between them, she couldn’t see in to the back till she rounded the corner.  The site that greeted her made her freeze in shock.

The first thing she noticed was Jackie was sitting on the floor with her legs strait out and her back against the wall. Next, she saw the large glossy black ball that was planted between her teeth and strapped in place.  Silver handcuffs were locked on her ankles, peaking out from under her jeans and her arms were behind her back.  Her eyes were as big as saucers and looked scared.

Carmen let out a gasp.

The customer was standing next to her with a small grin in his face.

“What the hell is going on here?” Carmen demanded but it carried no authority.  Was something going on here or was it just this guy was getting way too friendly with the staff.

“Your friend got herself in a spot.” He said.  “Now do as I tell you and you both will be fine.” he pulled his coat back to display a gun tucked in his waist.  “

Carmen let out another gasp and stepped back.  “What do you want?”

“Just do as I say, Carmen, now, and nobody will get hurt.”

How did he know her name?  Carmen cautiously walked over to them.

“Face the wall, kneel down and put your hands behind you.” he ordered.

Carmen did as he told, slowly kneeling down and placing her forehead against the wall.  She felt something close around her wrist, realizing it was a leather cuff.  A second went around her other wrist.  Before she could move, a small padlock was connected to both cuffs and locked in place.  The cuffs were on very tight, so there was not way she could slip them off. 

Jackie watched as the man bucked leather cuffs onto Carmen’s ankles, a set with a short chain connecting them.  Lastly, he slipped a red stuffed leather gag into Carmen’s mouth and buckled it in place.  Carmen was now as helpless as she was as he helped her to sit on the floor next to the other restrained employee.

The man picked up keys for the case that Jackie had dropped and slipped the keys for the handcuffs and locks into his pocket.  He made sure he had the extra keys for the bondage before he slid the display case door closed and locked it.  Any chance for a quick escape had just vanished.  This guy knew what he was doing.

“Sit tight ladies and be quiet.  I’ll be right back.” He said after making a final check on their bondage.

He walked away.  A few moments later, the overhead lights went out so only the few security lights were left on.  They didn’t know it, but the “open” light was also turned off, making the store look closed and empty.  With no uncovered windows at eye level and a frosted glass door, no one on the outside could see in.  No cars were out front or any other sign to indicate what was going on inside.

While he was gone, both girls tired to slip out of their bondage.  Jackie felt foolish, thinking back about how he pretended he didn’t know how to work the cuffs.  He knew all right. He’d set her up and she stupidly walked right into it.  And in the process, got Carmen all bound up too without as much as a fight between them.  Nothing was budging as both girls grunted in their gags.  They heard him walk back and stopped their struggles.

“Go ahead girls, struggle”.  He said “I can’t blame you for trying to get free.  Besides, it’s a big turn on for me watching you two bound hotties thrash about.” He grinned in the dim light.  “In case you didn’t know, you two are locked in the good stuff, so I doubt you’ll be getting free without my help.”  He seemed to be enjoying himself while letting them know who’s in charge.

“Ok girls, here’s the deal.  I’m just here for the money.  Simple as that.  As long as I get it, I’m gone and you’re on your way home a little later than usual with a crazy story to tell your friends.  Now, which one of you is the manager?”  Jackie looked over at Carmen, who was nodding she was in charge.

“I thought so.”  First, he opened the display case and took something out.  Then he pulled a handcuff key from his pocket and freed Jackie’s ankles.  Jackie was helped her to her feet and cautioned not to move.  Next, Carmen was set on her feet, but her leg binding remained.  He took Jackie by the arm and pointed up front.

“Ok, Manager Carmen, let’s go look at the store’s safe.”

They slowly walked to the front of the store, Carmen hobbled by her bindings and Jackie held by the robber.  When they reached the front, Jackie was made to sit on the floor behind the counter. The cuffs were locked onto her angles again.  He added the item he brought from the case, a leather blindfold, to her bondage. Carmen was led into the office and set in a chair by the desk.  He stood next to Carmen, finding a spot where he still could keep an eye on Jackie.

He pulled the gag from Carmen.  “Ok, Carmen, how do you open the safe?”

“I can’t open it.” she replied.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s on a time lock.  Only the owner can open it in the mornings.  I don’t even know how to open it.  I just drop the money pouch into the slot before the end of the night.”

“I’m in no mood for heroics.  You telling me the truth?”

“I swear I am.  Look at it, you can tell.”

Indeed the safe was as Carmen described.  It even had a sticker confirming her story.

“The owner even said that if we ever try to open it, an alarm will sound.  I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what he’s told us.”

“You made the drop for tonight’s take?”

“Before you came in.” Carmen replied, figuring it’s best to be honest.

“You sure about that.” he said sternly.

“Cash, credit card receipts, checks, everything.  I swear I’m not lying.”

“Any money in the register?” he asked

“Some.  Only enough to make change in the morning, about 25 dollars.”

The man swore under his breath.  “So I did all this for 25 lousy bucks.”

“Sorry.”  Why Carmen apologized she didn’t know.

“Yeah, I’m sure you are.”  The man thought for a few moments.  “Where are your purses?”

“Back there.” Carmen pointed with her chin.  The reward for her honest answer was the stuffed leather gag placed back in her mouth.

With a quick look to make sure the squirming Jackie wasn’t up to mischief, the man looked inside their purses, hunting for anything worthwhile.  In Carmen’s he found about $45, an ATM card and one credit card.  Jackie’s had less that $10, an ATM card and two credit cards.

“Not even a $100 total.  This isn’t working out very well.” He grumbled. 

Yeah, he could take girls cash, get them to tell him their ATM codes and wipe out their accounts, use their credit cards for a day or so, even take their jewelry and pawn it.  But his plan was to rob the store, not the employees.  He intended to keep get them out of way while he got the money and made his getaway.  He didn’t want to make it personal against them and punish them for just working there.  This score had gone sour.

He looked over at Carmen, wiggling in her seat as he held her purse, wondering if her hard earned money and credit rating was about to disappear.  He checked on Jackie, still blind, muted and restrained, wiggling in her bonds as well.

That’s when it seemed the idea hit upon him.  While the store was devoid of hard cash, another hard item was telling him there was still a couple of treasure to be plundered.  A chance of a lifetime, some might even say.

Grabbing both purses, he made Carmen walk over to Jackie’s place behind the counter and sat them next to one another.  Jackie’s blindfold was removed and their pursed dropped at their feet in plain view.  Both women looked at one another in the dim light, checking to see if the other were alright.  Then they looked back at the thief as he knelt down in front of them.

“OK, ladies, here’s my problem.” He started.  “Due to my bad timing, this night has become a bust.  So, I’ve come up with a few of ideas to make up for it and you two will decide which one I do.  One is I grab what I can from the store and leave.  Considering what I’ve done already, burglary will be least of the charges brought against me if I’m caught.  Sadly, it’s a lousy return on my risk if you know what I mean, so we’ll just throw that option out.”

The girls nodded, hoping he was leaving soon, but knew otherwise.

“Another option is I can rip you two off.  Take whatever cash you two have, your credit cards, even get you to tell me your ATM access codes and clean out your bank accounts before the night is over.  Considering how you two can’t stop me at the moment, its easy enough to do.  At least I get something out of this caper.”

Both girls squealed and tried to beg him not to do that.  The gags made it impossible to communicate what they said, but the thief got the point they didn’t like that option.

“Ok, you don’t that idea, but that doesn’t solve my problem.  After all, I need some kind of reward for all my planning and hard work here tonight.  So, here’s my last option.”

Both girls were nervous about this, having an ominous tone to it.

“Like I said before, I dig watching you girls struggle.  Bondage is a real turn on for me.  Call me a bondage freak or kinky pervert, but there’s nothing that gets me turned on more than seeing a hot woman in tight, inescapable bondage rolling around in her restraints and enjoying it.  Having two, well, that would be even better.”

Both women looked at each other, then back at the man.  They had no idea where this was heading and were not sure if they liked it.

“So, here’s my proposal.  For a kinky bastard like me, this place is a paradise.  Tons of bondage gear, sex toys, fetish clothes, hot lingerie and foot wear.  So, in exchange for not ripping you off, you sexy babes give me a few hours to practice my bondage know-how on you both, dressing up in some kinky clothes, letting me use vibrators and such on you, and we’ll call it even.  I’ll even leave the store’s cash behind if I get a blowjob or two.” He said looking from one to the other.  “I won’t rape you or do anything like that.  It’ll all be consensual and I promise not to use any whips or the hardcore S&M stuff on you.  That’s not my style.  I like ‘em tied, not hurting.  When I’ve had my fun, I leave and you can call the cops or do whatever.  So, that’s my offer.  Say no, it’s bye-bye bank accounts.  Say yes and we all get what we want and make it a fun evening all around.  So, we got a deal?”

Both girls looked at the robber for a few seconds, then at each other.  Though they couldn’t speak, they were communicating with one another.  They both knew being tied for a couple of hours and sucking cock was a cheap price to pay for not being clean out financially, as weird as that sounded.  They seemed to agree then turned to the thief and both nodded their agreement to his very kinky proposal.

“Ah, thank you ladies.  I believe this will be a night for all of us to remember.  Hell, I’m already stiff as a board just thinking about it.”  He carried the purses back into the office and returned to the women.

“Now, where do I start?” He said looking at them both.  “First things first, your attire just won’t do.  So, let’s get you two dressed up proper.  Then we’ll get into some serious bondage fun.”

The thief decided that he would have each woman dress one at a time, starting with Jackie.  Carmen was moved back into the office, with the chain on her ankle bindings was looped around the chair base.  Her arms were pulled behind the chair and her wrists locked into place with the cuffs from Jackie’s ankles.  The leather blindfold was placed over her eyes.

“OK, Carmen, you wait here while I get little Miss Jackie ready.  I’ll be back for you in a bit.”

Carmen had no idea how long she sat there.  The smell of fresh leather filled her senses as she tied to once more slip out of the cuffs, but to no prevail.   At least the leather bindings were comfortable on her wrists and ankles.  The steal cuffs Jackie was wearing must be getting uncomfortable after all the time she was in them.  She could hear the sounds of hangers scraping on the display racks and the two of them talking, but nothing clear enough to know what they were saying.  Then a door closing and silence filled the store. Moments later, she head him say something, sounding like he was quite pleased.  Then more silence for an unknown amount of time.

Given the right conditions, Carmen reasoned that this could be erotic.  Knowing her hot friend was being dressed for lustful play, then bound and gagged by a stranger had some appealing aspects.  And knowing she was next made it even more lecherous.  Carmen found herself squirming in her chair, waiting for her turn and wondering what sexy outfit and kinky bondage was in store for her.  What would he dress her in?  There was a lot of bondage gear in that case he could use.  What would he tie her with?  And what erotic toys that lined the store were she and Jackie going to experience this night?

Carmen had been tied up only once before and enjoyed it.  Using several neck ties and a few scarves, she was lashed to a king size bed and was probed and fondled with for quite a while to the point where she was begging her man to make her come.  When he did, the orgasm was the most powerful one she ever experience.  When he slid his condom covered penis into her, she was in heaven and climaxed ferociously again.  The guy shot his load almost at the same time as she did.  When he screwed her again an impressive few minutes later, she didn’t climax but loved how long the humping lasted and how intense the feelings were.  They never repeated the play, but it was an exciting encounter she thought about from time to time and wished she could recreate with another lover.

Finally, Carmen heard his footsteps approach.  She was freed from the chair and the blindfold was removed last.

“Your turn Carmen.” He said as he helped her to her feet and walked her into the store.  She looked for Jackie but couldn’t see her.  She did notice the shoe box from the counter was gone. She also noticed that the thief had removed his jacket and the gun was no where to be seen.  Carmen surmised he felt he didn’t need it anymore.

“Don’t worry about little Miss Jackie, she’s fine.” He said as the stopped at a display rack.  “You’ll see her in a bit.  She’s being entertained right now.  I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you what she’s wearing, but she looks amazing.  I have the same expectations for you.”

The rack they were at contained several items of leather.  Apparently, the thief already knew what he had in mind for Carmen.

“I have an idea of what I want to see you in, so we just need to get the right sizes.  I’m going to take your gag out and you can answer me, but don’t say anything else or do something stupid like yell.”

She answered his questions and they waked around the store, looking through the racks till he found what he wanted in the right size.  He picked out a black leather corset, one that fit below the bust line and exposed her chest.  It had attached garter straps and came with a matching leather thong panty.  He selected black seemed stockings and pair of black leather stiletto heeled ankle boots, all in her sizes.  Surprisingly, he didn’t select the locking paten leather pumps.  The intruder led her to the changing room and removed her binging, cautioning her not to do any thing rash and to change quickly.

Inside the changing room, Carmen stripped off her cloths and started dressing in the outfit the robber had specifically picked out for her, even the boots.  She tried to reason with herself that she had voluntarily decided to do this, even though it was more blackmail that voluntary.  As long as they did what he wanted, it would all be fine.  She adjusted the ties and made the corset fit tight across her waist.  She slipped on the stockings and attached the garters, slid the panties on and finished the sexy boots, tying them on tight.

She looked at herself in the mirror.  Carmen never had worn an outfit like this.  Even to her own eye, she looked extraordinarily hot and sexy.  The corset made her waist smaller and pushed her boobs up, making them look fuller and bigger.  Turning to look at her back side, the thong exposed her round ass and showed its supple curves while the high heels and stockings made her legs looked astoundingly long and sexy.

There was a knock at the door.  “Hurry it up.” The thief commanded.

Carmen folded up her cloths and laid them next to Jackie’s.  With one last look, deciding she looked more like a dominatrix rather than bondage prey, she turned the knob and slowly opened the door.  She held one arm across her chest, knowing he would soon see her naked breasts, but not giving in to willingly.

The grin on the thief’s face was huge, almost as big as the bulge in his pants.

“Put your hands down.” He said.  Slowly Carmen complied, placing her hands at her side.  She was embarrassed and a little scared, still now knowing what was going to happen and why she and Jackie agreed to this crazy arrangement.

“Turn around.  Let me see all of you.” He ordered.  Carmen slowly turned on her feet, showing off her back side before returning back to face him again.

“Very nice.” He said.  “You’re boss should make you dress like this every day.  Sales would skyrocket.”

Carmen gave him a quick, heartless smile.

“Put this on.” he said as he handed her the red stuffed leather gag.  Carmen placed the pouch into her mouth and began to fasten the straps.  “Turn around.”  He said before she could finish.  He buckled the gag in place, pulling her brunette hair out, then tightened the gag further, making sure she would remain silent.

“Put your hands behind your back.” he said.  Carmen drew a deep breath and did as ordered, expecting the leather cuffs to be placed on her wrists again.

But instead of the cuffs, she felt something being slid over her hands and up her arms.  Before she could react, she knew he was placing a leather arm binder, or monoglove, on her. Customers told her how inescapable the thing was.  She almost tried to run away, but knowing she wouldn’t get far and wouldn’t leave Jackie behind, she fought the urge and stayed in place. He worked the zipper up, pulling the leather closed and her arms close together.  When it was at the top, he turned her around and buckled the straps across her shoulders, preventing the binder from slipping off.  Lastly, he slipped a leather collar around her neck and buckled it in place.

Satisfied Carmen was secure, the thief took half a step back and looked his newest captive over.  Either from the excitement or the cool air, her nipples were getting hard and erect.  She stared at him, right in the eye.  She was scared, but unbroken.

“Very nice.  Just one last thing for you to wear.” He said as he help up a small rubbery thing, a small clit vibrator that would be held in place by elastic straps.  He pulled her panties down, much to Carmen’s distress and snapped the elastic in place.  He adjusted the vibrator until he was reasonably sure it was over her clit before pulling her panties back up.  Carmen nodded to affirm when asked if it was in the right spot.  He slipped the small remote under the strap to temporally hold on to it. 

He reached up and cupped her chest with his hands.  Carmen gasped and flinched at his touch, but didn’t back away.

“Even been in bondage and have a guy make to come?” he asked as he fondled her breast.  Carmen nodded her head.

“Good. Then you already know we’re both in for a real treat tonight.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.”  He snapped a leather leash onto the collar.  “Let’s go find Jackie.”

He led Carmen by the leash to the back corner of the store.  If she tired to bolt for the door, all he had to do was give the leash a good tug and Carmen would crash to the floor.  This guy knew what he was doing and had all the equipment he needed to make it happen.

Jackie was sitting on the floor, bound in her handcuffs again with her hands behind, ankles together and the shiny black ball gag between her teeth.  A collar was around her neck as well, with her handcuffs attached to the back, pulling her hands up between her shoulder blades.  She wore a black vinyl halter style top that laced closed in the front and a matching short vinyl skirt that laced on the sides.  Both were very tight fitting and exposed more skin than covered.  In fact, the top only went under her large breast, exposing her nipples as if she wore nothing at all.  It seemed like her ample breasts had exploded out of a top that was 2 sizes to small for her.  On her legs were black stay up stockings with wide vinyl tops and the black shoes she had showed Carmen earlier that evening.  Jackie had a clit vibrator on too, for the remote was sitting next to her with the cord going up under her skirt. 

Even Carmen had to admit, the thief’s choice of outfits make Jackie look incredibly hot.  Any guy seeing her would instantly want to screw and keep screwing her all night.  Carmen was always a little jealous of her blond friends body, but never more so than now. 

As the robber made Carmen sit next to her on the floor, Jackie looked over at Carmen and felt just as jealous.  Her figure looked so sexy in the black leather corset, especially since the monoglove was making her boobs leap off her chest.  Carmen’s legs looked long and sexy, especially when he locked them together with wide leather straps at the knees and ankles.  She was wildly sexy, coming across like a hot dominatrix whose client had just turned on her.

The thief knelt down by them.  “You two are the damn sexiest things I ever seen.” He said.  “Just looking at you almost makes me cream my pants.  But you’ll both have toy change to help take care of that pleasant activity a little later.  But first, I want to see you two squirming around for while I play with you.”

With that, he turned on both of their vibrators.  At first, he kept the devices on low, stimulating their clits while he hovered over them, fondling their breasts.  He seemed very happy to get his hands on Jackie’s large mounds, really giving them a good squeezing and groping, making Jackie groan under his touch.  But Carmen’s nipples received plenty of attention too, making her groan deeply as well while both women wiggled in their restrictive bonds.

But to their mutual shock and surprise, the thief was getting them really turned on, and rather quickly too. As much as they didn’t like the idea of being bound and dressed, nearly naked before a stranger, their capture really knew what he was doing and was working some kind of magic on them.

Carmen found herself getting very excited, and rather warm and wet between her legs.  Jackie was well ahead of her, already starting to build up to an orgasm.  The vibrators got turned up higher, which made the two helpless women squirm even more intensely.  His groping and fondling continued to excite and arouse the women.

Both girls were soon squirming uncontrollably under his hands and to the merciless vibrators. They moaned through their gags as he stroked their legs and played with their breasts.  He kept moving back and forth between the two of them, slowing turning up the vibrators, making them get more and more excited and closer to coming.  As much as either hated to admit it, the bandit knew how to make them do his bidding.

“Time for us to play a little game.”  The thief said with a grin.  “The winner of this game will be the first one to come and gets to be the first to suck me off.  But don’t you worry, the looser will have her chance to blow me later, which will take a lot longer to do.”

The two girls dreamily looked at each other then back at the robber, but continued to wiggle and moan.  Both were already heading toward gratifying and much desired climaxes.  Both wanted to come, badly.  Even the thought of sucking his rod was a turn on at the moment.

He turned the vibrators up full before sitting back to watch the erotic show.  Both girls squealed at the intensified sensations and went wild.  They rolled on the floor, struggling against their restraints and withering to the sexual torments.  They missed his playing with their tied bodies and exposed breasts.  They pressed against one another, trying to get the extra stimulation needed to achieve the much desired climax.

Jackie stole a glace over at their male captor, who had his cock out and was slowly stroking it.  He must have been very aroused for his cock looked enormous.  He had a huge grin on his face as he watched his two lovely captives struggle against the fetters and their battery powered tormentors.

Carmen had admitted she’s been tied up before.  But she had never been tied up, gagged and vibrated to orgasm while a stranger watched.  She never even masturbated before a man, let alone all this.  Yet here she was, burning hot, dripping wet and uncontrollable horny by it all while watching a friend in the same state of excitement.  The vibrator was working on her and she could feel the early pangs of an orgasm building deep within her.

For Jackie’s part, she had been bound and climaxed by a man on several occasions and toughly enjoyed it each time.  There were times she asked for it and coached her man on how to tie and tease her.  But this was far more perverse and hotter than even she could fantasize about.  Sharing it with Carmen somehow make it even wilder, if that could be the case.  And her orgasm was building up quick too.

The game went of for nearly 15 minutes and both girls were getting very close to orgasm.  Jackie was breathing heavy and humping into the vibrator, wishing her pussy was stuffed with a vibrator too.  Carmen was rubbing her body against the floor, pressing the vibrator harder against her clit.

Finally both girls had the same thought and rolled until their bodies were face to face and pressing against one another.  Their hips involuntarily gyrated into one another’s and their breasts rubbed up against the others attempting to stimulate their erect nipples, trying to gain an edge to get the final push over the top and orgasm.

Jackie’s large breasts gave her the advantage and the first intense spasms of her climax began.  She grunted hard and fast into her gag as the orgasm boiled up and finally over.  She screamed and bit down onto the rubber ball while her body quivered as the orgasm exploded over her.  Every nerve of her vibrated as the climax crashed over her helpless body, flooding her every nerve.

Carmen hardly noticed her friend as he own orgasm finally reached a crescendo and she too blasted into coming seconds later.  From her toes to her fingers, every part of bound body convulsed in orgasmic euphoria as she moaned long and hard through her gag.

Then it was over, only the sound of the vibrators buzzing and hard breathing was heard as both bound employees, still pressed up against each other, tried to catch her breath around their gags and enjoying the afterglow of their kinky, mind-boggling nearly simultaneous climaxes.  They only noticed their sole audience member was near them when the vibrators were turned off.

“That was truly amazing ladies.”  He said.  His engorged cock was still protruding from his pants.  “You two nearly made me shot my wad when you both came.  But I promised to give it to the winner, so I held myself back.  Though nearly a photo finish, it’s Jackie that takes the grand prize.”  He said this as he waved his large cock in view for both women to see.

“But before I award the prize, I think we need to get you two set on your award podiums.  So let’s make a little change before the prize ceremony begins.”

Carmen was the first to be set in place.  To her relief, both the arm binder and gag were removed.  As she laid face down on the floor, he slid the leather off her arms and allowed her to stretch for a moment before he locked the leather cuffs onto her wrists again, only this time above her head.  Her legs were left strapped together.

She was then carried over to a near by round display rack made to hang garments.  Some of the clothing has been removed to create a gap on the rack and a leather skirt placed on the floor in the opening.  Here Carmen was made to kneel on the skirt “to prevent carpet burns”.  Her hands were pulled up over head and locked to the chrome bar above.  While not stretched, she could not sit down, keeping her in a kneeling position.

Jackie was freed from her gag and her wrists from the collar.  He pulled the ball gag from her mouth but left it hanging around her neck.  Her handcuffs were unlocked before she was rolled over and locked with her hands in front.  She was carried over to a neighboring rack and placed in the same position, kneeling on another leather garment.  Her cuffed wrists were secured to the rack above while her ankles remained locked in the cuffs she worn all through her captivity.

Without thought, both women squirmed in their bondage as they looked at her bound co-worker and back at their captor.  Positioned under a security light, he seemed quite pleased with the erotic site in front of him.  After several minutes of watching, he stepped over to Carmen and knelt down by her, holding the stuffed leather gag in his hand. 

Carmen though she knew what was coming and even parted her lips to receive the gag.  But she was shocked when he held her head from behind and placed his mouth over her mouth, locking them into a long, deep kiss.  Carmen didn’t fight it but actually gave in to his commanding position and found herself kissing him back even as he fondled one of her nipples, moaning at the fresh attention.  He parted a moment later.

“Why did you do that?” she asked quietly.

“Because I didn’t think you’d let me do it later.” He whispered into her ear as he placed the leather sack back into her mouth and strapped it in place, pulling her hair free of the straps.  He even spent a moment stroking her hair before moving down to her body to explore her fettered body again.

“While your friend over there is a little blond dynamo built for sex, don’t sell yourself short honey.  You are one hot and sexy woman.  Too bad I didn’t meet you under different circumstances.  I would love to do this to you night after night.”  He said.  Then he turned on her clit vibrator again before standing up.

“That will help keep you entertained while I give your friend her prize.”

He walked over to Jackie and knelt down.  He turned on her vibrator too and slowly stroked her breasts.  Jackie gave an immediate gasp as he tweaked her nipples, making her body begin to wither once more.  She too received a long deep kiss while he fondled her breasts and gripped her butt cheeks, making her moan deeply.  He then slid a finger into her mouth and Jackie began to suck it as he fondled her breast.

“Now that you’re properly primed, time to get your prize while I get my rocks off.” He said as he took the remote in hand, stood and opened his pants to free his member.  Without further comment, he stepped forward and Jackie took the head of his hard cock into her mouth.

The thief let out a long moan, finally getting the sexual attention he’d been wanting for hours.  He pushed his cock further into her mouth and Jackie sucked and pumped on it as much as her cuffed body would allow.  The jingling of her cuffs against the rack mixed with his moans and her groans filled the empty store.

Carmen watched in forced silence as her fellow captive willingly gave the robber his coveted blow job.  From the looks of it, Jackie was far from passive, her boobs bouncing as she withered and fidgeted in her restraints.  The vibrator was getting her excited again as was the man she was sucking off.   In fact, it seemed that Jackie was totally getting off with all this bondage and sexual attention.

Carmen was being affected too.  Between the vibrator assaulting her clit and watching the fantastic scene just a few feet from her, she felt her own juices flowing again and that little itch beginning to build.  She groaned as she chewed on her gag while the thief stroked Jackie’s hair and occasionally pushed her head down the entire length of his shaft and held it there, which was a very commanding cock to begin with.  Form all he’s seen and done that night, his rod had grown to an impressive length, but Jackie was handling it like a pro, for he was moaning and groaning as he made small thrusts with his hips, adding to his own pleasures, but still moving slow enough to extend the session.  Both girls were amazed at his display of determination and staying power, considering how horny he admitted he was.

Before long, Jackie felt another orgasm building deep inside her.  She moaned more often and longer around her fleshy gag and pumped her mouth around his rod faster.  The thief also moaned more, turning up her vibrator higher and higher, apparently getting closer to his own climax.  And Carmen was building up rapidly as well as she looked on in wonder and amazement, secretly wishing she’d get some attention.

As before, Jackie was the first to release her orgasm.  She groaned intensely and plunged her mouth deeply down his entire shaft as the orgasm rattled through her powerless body.  Her orgasm made him work his cock harder and faster, the thief taking hold of her head and pumping her full lips, grunting long and hard right before he blasted his overdue load into her hungry mouth.  Jackie swallowed as fast as she could, drinking down all he gave to her as he pumped more and more of his sperm into her.

Hearing all the moaning and groaning, Carmen also crashed into her orgasm, bucking her body as the leather restraints held her fast and shrieking into her leather gag.  The new orgasm rippled through her entire body as she pulled against the restraints that held her in place, felling just as good as the last just moments earlier.

When at last everyone had finished coming, the robber pulled his cock from Jackie’s mouth.  Both women were extremely surprised that he still was still quite ridged, even though having come just a moment before.  But to the thief’s mind, having two hot babes tied and dressed as they were would keep any man at stiff attention for hours, no matter how many times he blew his load off.

He had hardly finished putting himself away when he inserted the gag back into Jackie’s mouth.  “Thanks for the BJ, honey.” He said as he tightened the straps in place.  “Can’t remember when I’ve a more gorgeous babe give me a better one.  Sorry for the gag, but I can’t take the chance you might start yelling while I take a few moments to recover.  Amazing how we all came about the same time.  I need just a little time to get stiff again before I collect from our little games looser.  I’m sure you want a little time too, for maybe we can all do that again.” He said as he looked over at Carmen.

“Now you two just hang out for a while I get a few things ready for later.” He said fondling Jackie’s breast again.  “I got something real special planned for you two later, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” With that, he turned off both vibrators and left the girls alone for a while.

For the next 10 minutes, both girls tired to loosen their restraints, but neither had success.  With their legs and ankles bound, neither could find a way to stand up or even remove their gags.  They could hear him moving around the store and fumbling with stuff.  Both girls looked at each other, hoping the other would find a way, but in the end it was hopeless.  They were stuck and venerable to what ever he had planned.  Carmen noticed how sweet Jackie’s lips look wrapped around the polished black ball that filled her mouth.  Jackie though Carmen looked erotic in her back leathers, like a subdued dominant.

When he returned, he started with Jackie, turning on her vibrator again and playing with her nipples, which grew very hard from the fresh attention.  He even took her breasts into his mouth as he played with her exposed body, which made Jackie groaned around her gag and lustfully squirm in her restraints.   Satisfied that Jackie was suitably aroused, the thief adjusted her battery powered tormenter and turned his attention on to Carmen.

Carmen squirmed as he approached.  “Now it’s your turn.” He said as he knelt before her, turning on her vibrator once more.  Again he happily toyed with her tied body, sucking on her nipples, fondling her ass and groping her breasts.  As much as she didn’t want to, her body was responding to his actions and she felt herself getting hot all over again.

He stood and opened his pants.  His blood swollen cock sprang out, fully recovered and restored to a monstrous size, ready for action.  “What you two girls do to me.”  He said.  She stared strait at it while he stroked its entire length.  She’d never seen a cock like this or been so close to one as big as his, let alone service a tool of his size.  She was also impressed at his prick recovering so quickly.  Most guys needed at least an hour before they were this ready to go for round two.  Not this guy.  He was more than ready to go again.

“I hope you’re good at this.” He said to her as he took her gag off.  “Second time around always takes longer.  Course you two got me really stiff and horny, so we’ll see how long it does.” He stroked the entire length, from tip to base, priming himself for her.  Already, a drop of pre-cum was forming.

Carmen said nothing as he positioned his cock before her mouth.  Carmen parted her lips and he slid himself in.  He was huge, but he didn’t just shove himself down her throat.  He knew he had a substantial tool and had to control himself so his partners wouldn’t choke on it.

Carmen was both excited and engrossed.  On the one hand, she was hot and horny again, and the magic of the vibrator was working its spell on her.  In addition, she knew Jackie was watching and was already working towards a fresh orgasm as she helplessly spied on the two.  How strange it was they were both getting off watching the other orally service their kinky captor.

While Carman was no expert at giving head, she’d done it enough to know what men wanted and liked.  One boyfriend had been particularly instructive on technique and style. Long, deep thrust into her mouth, slow withdrawal while lightly sucking and absolutely no teeth scraping.  In this case, she knew she needed to give a great BJ.  In a bizarre way, she hoped she could outdo Jackie and prove she could handle this monster cock better than she did.

It seemed her captor liked how she was performing, for he was moaning deeply while she gave him head.  He played with her hair and slightly swayed his hips back and forth, simulating a fucking action as she made love to his rod.  Her personal clit teaser was making it hard to concentrate since it inched her closer and closer to another orgasm.

Jackie looked on and incessantly squirmed in her limiting bondage.  She’d never seen a person give head before.  She’d seen herself do it in a mirror, and watched a few porno flicks of oral sex, but never sat by watching as another woman went down on a man, let alone a helplessly bound woman.  Considering she couldn’t move or speak, she had a front row seat to the show and couldn’t take her eyes off it.  Carmen was handling his tool as well as she did and she got off on the sounds they were both making.  She wished she could join in and add to the fun, but wasn’t sure if she would be playing with the thief or the helpless Carmen.  Both ideas appealed to her while the little vibrator drove her closer and closer to another orgasm.

How long she had given him head she didn’t know, but Carmen knew the burglar was getting closer to his own orgasm as she did herself.  She moaned around her cock gag as the sensations on her clit grew more and more intense.  He had the control in his hand and was turning it up, even as his own climax built steadily and more pre-cum dribbled into her mouth.

Without warning, Carmen’s orgasm overwhelmed her and she exploded into another intense climax.  She came hard, crying around his meat as her body once again rocked to a fresh, unyielding orgasm.  It flooded her senses and made her body treble.  When she finally stated to come down, she noticed the vibrator had gone off.

“Nice, Carmen.” The robber said to his sucking captive.  “Now that you got yours, you need to focus and finish me off.”

Carmen went after his cock in earnest, pumping her mouth up and down his shaft as fast and deep as she could take in his giant rod.  It didn’t take long, for the robber was very horny from watching his bound captives squirm in their bonds and seeing them orgasm almost at will.

Jackie felt her own orgasm race through her body.  Watching her friend come as she gave the stranger head was wild enough, but hearing her orgasm while doing it was so erotic, the vibrator easily brought Jackie off.  She screamed into her ball gag as another powerful orgasm exploded, trembling though her body as she withered in her restraints and bit down onto the rubber ball again.  Jackie couldn’t help but be amazed at how many times she had come under his kinky control.

Hearing Jackie climax made his load built up to the breaking point.  He took Carmen by the head and began pumping her face, making loud grunts as his load swelled and at last exploded.  Carmen felt the first volley of his sperm slide down her throat and drank down the rest he pumped in.  Considering he had just come not more than 30 minutes earlier, he still shot quite a load into her, but Carmen kept up and took it all, even sucking away the last few drops of his come.

At last, he stopped spewing, but still held his softening cock between her lips.  Carmen could tell he didn’t want it to end.  But as last he unhappily withdrew and put himself away.

“Unbelievable.  Two amazing blow jobs in one hour, courtesy of a pair of hot ladies in bondage.  How luck can one guy get?”  The thief said as he knelt down and replaced Carmen’s gag once more.  “Sorry I need to keep you girls gagged, but we’re getting to the final stages of our playing and I want to make sure we have a spectacular finish to our evening together without any outside interruptions.”

He released Carmen from the display rack and made her lay on the floor, face down.  Next, he locked her wrists behind her back and pulled her feet to her wrists, locking her into a tight hogtie.  He repeated the process with Jackie, leaving both women lying next to one another in restrictive hogties and completely gagged. He then went off to get or do something.

Both women struggled in their new bondage positions.  Carmen had never been hogtied and could not believe how restrictive it was.  She tired to roll to her side, but found it hard to balance so she flopped back to her chest.  She knew getting to her knees would be impossible without help.  Even if she did, what would she do then? 

Carmen looked over at Jackie and thought about all the bondage videos the store sold and rented.  Dressed so kinky and with her large boobs hanging out, Jackie could easily be the star of one and envision her being tied just like she was in more than one scene.  The two of them would have made quite a video.

For Jackie, this hogtie wasn’t a first, but in prior cases she’d been on a bed or couch.  She knew full well the restrictiveness of the position and knew this was more for restraint rather than sex.  But she still felt obligated to try to get free of the fetters.  Besides, a hogtied looked and felt so wickedly sexy. Being hogtied with another woman was a first too, and a good one.  The site of Carmen, in her smoking hot lingerie and heeled boots, bound so tightly and squirming so hard, it was about as good as it could get.  

He returned several minutes later.   At first, all he did was watch the two store employee’s wiggle around and squirm in the bondage.  Even after two satisfying orgasms, his cock still responded to the scene and sprang to rigged attention.  He loved watching these hot chicks worm on the floor, unable to escape the leather and steal manacles, making all those cool grunt and groan sounds.  But time was running short and he needed to make his getaway well before dawn.  Too bad he couldn’t take one, if not both home with him and continue this game for days.  Too bad he didn’t have a video camera to capture it all.

“Now I need to keep you two from calling the cops too fast after I leave.  But I also want you both to have some fun in the mean time.  So here’s what I’ve come up with.”

“I’m just about out of here, so you only need to humor more a little while longer.  I’m going to change your bondage up a little, so that one of you will be able to escape after a brief waiting period.  But I’m going to make sure the wait is very, very enjoyable for you both.  So just trust me for a little longer and don’t screw this up ladies, and we’ll finish up in spectacular style.”

Both girls nodded.  With that, they were freed them from their hogties, but still well bound and gagged.  He then added blindfolds to both girls.  “I want this to be a surprise” he said.

First the thief removed the leather straps from Carmen’s legs.  She became horrified when he pulled her soaking wet leather thong off her body.  “Don’t worry, I promised I wasn’t going to rape you, and I’m not going to.” He said in her ear as he pulled the clit vibrator off as well.  “But I didn’t say anything about what you two will be doing to each other.”  He then reapplied the leather straps to only her ankles, binding her feet tightly once more.

He moved on to Jackie.  While Carmen couldn’t see what was happening, she could hear the cuffs being removed as well as clothing rustling along with several, squeaks, grunts and groans from Jackie as the thief made her ready.  The thief was whispering to Jackie and Carman could not hear what he said.  Suddenly, Jackie made a long squeal, followed by a series of gagged complaints.  “It’s a once in a lifetime chance to fuck the boss over and enjoy it too.”  The thief said in response.  Jackie seemed to calm down, but soon made a long, deep moan, followed by more movement as well as groans and other sounds.  She heard the click of handcuffs locking in place, but only one set this time.  As last, all that was heard was some soft moaning, like Jackie was enjoying something sexual.

“Oh yeah, that’s perfect.” She head the thief say.  “Now let’s add the boss.”

First, Carmen’s wrists were pulled up her back and locked to a short chain attached to her collar. Next, the strap was removed from her ankles.  Leather cuffs were added to each ankle, but here feet were not locked together before she was picked from the floor and set on her feet. The blindfold was removed.

There was Jackie, kneeling on the floor directly under one of the security lights.  The leather arm binder was on her arms, tightly holding her arms behind her back and making her large breasts thrust out from her chest.  Handcuffs were locked her ankles together.  Her PVC skirt was gone, but a couple leather straps were wrapped around her hips.  Jackie was looking over her shoulder at Carmen with her ball gag still in place, but her eyes were half closed as if she was in dreamy state.

As they walked around to face the kneeling blond, Carmen saw what was causing all the commotion.  Protruding from Jackie’s crotch was a large 8” long clear purple penis shaped dildo.  Carmen recognized the product and knew a matching thick, 8” long fake cock was buried deep inside Jackie’s pussy, held in place by the leather straps.  Additional leather straps dangled from the large duel headed strap on.  Carmen knew who was about receive the other end of the duel headed toy and tried to wiggle free.

“Don’t worry baby, I put a ton of lube on both ends of it before I strapped it on her.” He said as he positioned Carmen above the protruding toy.  “It will side in easy, as long as you cooperate.  When I saw this baby hanging on the display, I just knew we all had to see how well it works.”

He made Carmen drop to one knee then slowly lower her pussy onto the free end of the dueling dildo.  Between the lube and her own sex juices, it slipped in very easily and completely filled her pussy.  Carmen let out a long, deep moan as it fully settled into place.  Jackie echoed a moan, for the slicked up dildo was moving inside her pussy as well.  He immediately bucked the straps around Carmen’s body, locking it in place and joining the two women together.  The thief was quite pleased with the results.

“Oh yeah, this is even better than I thought.”   He said as he caressed the asses of both bound women, even as the two ladies tried not to move too.  Each time one did, they both felt the affect inside both their pussies.  “Too bad we don’t have a video camera.  This would make a great kinky porn flick.  We’d call it ‘Hot Babes in Bondage Fucking.’”  The thief continued to grope the helpless ladies for several moments, making them squirm which in turn made them slide the fake cock inside themselves and each other.

“I’m going to leave you to like this so I may take my leave of you here in a few moments, as I we all agreed to.  But before I go, I want you to put in a little demonstration, to show me how well my little scheme worked here.”  The thief said.  “So we’re going to play a little game I like to call, screw my coworker.”

Both girls squealed at the name of his game, which in turn made their bodies squirm, causing them both to make the dildo slid inside their pussies.  This produced soft moans from the helpless store staff.  Realizing the results, they then both froze, trying no to move again.

”See, you get the idea already.”  He said with a grin.  “But I think you both need a little extra stimulation to help, so there’s a small catch.  You both have to wear these.” He said as he held up two sets of nipple clamps.   The girls squealed when they saw the silver tweezers-style nipple clamps, knowing what they were used for.  

“You two will be linked together not only at the crotches but the tits as well, so if you pull on your friend’s chain, it will pull on yours too and get some great nipple-tugging action going on.  Ain’t that cool!”

The thief groped Jackie’s left nipple until it got good and hard, then slipped the tweezers-style clamp onto her nipple and tightened it.  Her right nipple received the same and soon she had the breast tormentors on.  Carmen’s left nipple received the treatment and the other nipple clamp was clamped on.  He looped the chains together in the middle before getting Carmen’s remaining free nipple hard and clamped.

“Yeah, it is cool.  Now, one more thing to make it all come together.” He said.  “He, that’s funny stuff, coming together. That is the idea I have here.”

Lastly, the thief took a large electrically powered vibrator and affixed it between the two bound women, resting on the connecting dildo.  The vibrator was turned on and the two helpless women were left to their new kinky torment while the burglar sat near by and watched.

They tried to remain motionless but couldn’t.  Each time one did, it stated a chain reaction and caused the other to respond, causing more reaction.  Each time one moved, it caused the clamps to tug against their breasts.  Nothing was painful, but caused additional sensations to their breasts.  Coupled with the large soft dildos buried inside their pussies, sliding around in unison each time either one of them moved, and the distress of the vibrator sending plenty of extra waves of stimulus deep into them, ever to their clit’s, both women were soon completely turned on and getting highly aroused.

Instead of being scared, Carmen could feel her herself getting hotter and the juices flowing out of her.   She was really turned on and horny, and the moans she made attested to it.  With her body pressed up against Jackie’s, their bodies linked by the chain and the dildo’s, she knew she would climax and soon.

Jackie was also very turned on and horny, letting out a lot of deep moans from around her ballgag as her body reacted to all the bondage, sex devices and the helpless woman she was bound against.  Whoever this thief was, he knew how to torment and stimulate a woman while keeping her powerless and unable to resist.  She knew that she would climax and it could be the first of many if he let it go on.

“Damn, I do nice work.” The robber said.

Jackie looked over at the thief, who was standing near by so we could see both of the women as they twisted and squirmed.  He had a huge grin on his face.  He had his pants open and rock hard rod out again, determinedly stroking it with his eyes transfixed on the two women as they fought and enjoyed their inescapable bondage and erotic torments.

It only took a few moments of the erotic torments for the girls to have their first orgasms.  The powerful vibrator sent plenty of powerful vibrations into the helpless women.  Indeed, they were screwing each other, for each time one moved, it pushed the dildo deeper into or around the others pussy, just like a real man-driven cock would do, causing the other to move and screw the first even more.  But unlike a real cock, it would not tire, go soft or quit.  It just kept fucking and fucking as long as either of the two captives moved.

Carman was first to climax.  After a series of thrust by Jackie, Carmen began to thrust her hips as the orgasm swelled with her.  She leaned back, making the chains tighten and tug on the women’s nipples.  She groaned harder and faster until the at last, with her pussy humping her own dildo, and fucking Jackie in the process, she yelled around her gag as the orgasm exploded over her.  She pulled even hard on her nipples, adding to the powerful climax.

Jackie was not to be out done.  She too bucked her hips, further screwing her boss and driving the dildo deeper into herself as her own orgasm burst forth, rampaging over her entire bound body and causing her to scream around her gag.

The orgasms went on and on, each of them making the others last longer and intensify the pleasures.  Even as they came, they heard additional moaning and felt something splash across their breasts.  The thief, at the sight of the two women climaxing, stepped forward and blew his cum all over the bound women, letting out a long groan of pleasure and satisfaction as her furiously masturbated himself over the helpless women, spewing his sperm across their linked chests.

When all three had finished their orgasms, the thief needed to take hold of a clothing rack to keep from collapsing.  His eyes never left the site of the two bound and joined women, still enjoying tingle of their mutual orgasms as his sperm trickled down their bodies.

“Ladies, that was amazing.” He said through pants when he last had the strength to move and put himself away.  “I only wish I could hang around and watch you two more.  I bet I could keep getting hard and whacking off past dawn just watching you both.”

He turned the vibrator off, but kept them bound, gagged and coupled.  He went to the front of the store, leaving the women to wonder if he left the building.  The two captives attempted to hold still, but trying to keep their balance on their knees made the dildo’s slid around.  He returned a moment later with a cup in his hand.

“OK, Carmen and Jackie, I want to thank you two both.” He said as he knelt next to them.  “Tonight was a truly an amazing experience and wish it didn’t have to come to an end.    Personally, I’d like to stay around a while and jack off again watching you.  But I’ve already more than pushed my luck way too far.  So, since you’ve both have held up your end of the bargain, it’s time for me to do the same.  But, I need a few moments head start, so I’m going to need to leave you two just as you are.”

Both women grumbled behind their gags and squirmed, which caused new waves of pleasure to ripple through them.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it.  And I have a few options on how you two will get free, only a couple of them may be a little embarrassing for you both.”

The girls looked at each other, the back at him.

“First, I can set the alarm system and leave the store unlocked while I slip out.  Once armed, you’re struggling should be enough to trip the motion detectors and sound the alarm.  The police will be here shortly and find you both.  Knowing the cops around here, you should have plenty of time to climax a few more times before they show.  Problem is, the cops will get quite a site when find you.  Who knows, they might even take pictures for evidence.”

The girls knew that last part wouldn’t happen, but it would be quite embarrassing to have strangers find them nearly naked, bound and maybe even coming.  Would they believe their story of how they got this way?

“The next option is to lock up and let your boss find you when he comes to open the store.  The good news is it would only be one person who sees you like this, not half the police force.  Bad news is it could be several hours and he might leave you as you are and enjoy the situation, especially if I hide the keys.”

The girls hoped the boss would free them, but then have plenty of explaining to do.  Then they would need to call the cops as well.  Of course, a guy who owns an adult toy store might like the site of his employees bound, gagged and coming with the aid of sex toys.  He just might join and add his sperm to their chests as well.  Worse, film it and sell it.

“The last option is this.  I took advantage of the mini-fridge in the office and froze one of the keys to your locks in this cup.  It’s not completely solid, but will take some time to thaw.  I can place it in Carmen’s hand and leave, locking the door behind me and hide the key under a bush.  I figure I have at least 10 to 15 minutes to scram, giving you two more time to enjoy yourselves and see how many time you can come before the ice melts.  With the key free of the ice, Carmen can unlock herself and then you, Jackie, if she so chooses.  Personally, I’d leave you for a while, just for fun.  One catch. If you drop the key, you then wait till someone comes open the store.”

Carmen nodded her head at this idea.

“I figured as much.”  He said.  “Ok, girls, I just want to say that while I leave here no richer, I leave with a great memory.  Maybe some day, I’ll come back and we’ll do it all again.  With all the cool stuff in here, I’m sure I can come up with a lot of things to do with you two.”

He turned on the vibrator again, placed the ice locked key into Carmen’s hand and stood.  “Personally I hope you do drop the key.  Shame to waste such good bondage on so short of a time.”  He grinned and walked to the front of the store.  They heard the door open and slam shut.  Jackie though she heard the lock click close over the sounds of their moans and groans.

It took more than 20 minutes for the ice to melt in Carmen’s hands, the cold water tricking down her arms and back.  This only added to her sensations.  Both women climaxed twice more at different times before the key was finally free.  It was tricky and required a lot of manipulation to get into the lock.  Her biggest fear was she’d be responsible for what happened next knowing if she did drop it.  She almost came again during the process, almost letting the wet key slip from her fingers.  At last, the lock popped open and Carmen was able to get her hands free of the collar.

But instead of releasing herself further, she took hold of Jackie’s hips and began to really thrust her hips, fucking her coworker and herself at the same time.  The orgasm swelled in both of them as they both pulled back on the connecting chains. They bit down on their gags, screaming as the fresh waves of orgasmic pleasure exploded through their bodies.  It was the best orgasm of the night.

At last, Carmen switched off the vibrator and began freeing herself form their imprisonment.  She yelped when she took the first clamp off from the blood rushing back into her nipple.  She was more delicate with the second and with Jackie’s as well.  She even rubbed Jackie’s nipples to help get over the sensation.  Next came her own leather gag and she worked her jaw to remove the stiffness. She then freed herself from the straps around her hips and pulled herself off the dildo, producing a soft moan from both women.  With her legs still bound, she rolled behind Jackie and help remove the dildo from her as well, making Jackie moan one last time and shiver when it slid out.

She then pulled the gag from Jackie’s mouth.  For a moment, she consider leaving her bound and gagged, just for punishment for getting them into the situation, but decided they both had enough bondage and sex for one night.  Plus, it would have been much better to have left nipple clamps on her breasts and the dildo strapped on, even stroking it to torment Jackie in the process. Carmen removed the arm binder, to which Jackie was quite grateful.  Her arms and shoulders were getting moderately strained from the bondage.  Lastly, they found the keys he left near them and unlocked the cuffs from their ankles.  At last, they were free.  It was finally over.

They both collapsed onto the floor, trying to gain their strength.  It had been quite a night.

“You as tired as I am?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah, I am.”  Jackie replied.  “But in a good way.  I’m tingling all over like after really, really good sex.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”  Carmen replied.  “Was it good sex?”

“I guess you can say that.” Jackie laughed.  “I mean, I don’t think I ever had that many orgasms in a month, let alone in just one night.”

“Yeah, me too.”  Carmen said.  “I hate to admit it, but it was an amazing experience.”

“Yeah, it was.” Jackie said.  “You know, I’m actually disappointed that it ended.”

“Me too.” Carmen echoed.  “I never though two women could have sex like that.”

“So, what do we do now?” Jackie asked a moment later.

“Well, when we gather the strength to move again, I guess we find our cloths and change.  It’s got to be getting close to dawn and I sure don’t want our boss finding us here like this. Then we decide what’s next.”

Both girls got up off the floor and found their clothes.  They removed their heels and stripped off the store’s attire and went to clean up in the small bathroom before they dressed.

“You know, maybe we shouldn’t wash off.” Jackie said.

“Why?  We’re all sticky from sex juices.”

“Evidence.” Jackie said.  “I mean, he left his DNA all over us, literally.  And in us.”

“Oh, yeah, I see what you mean.” Carmen replied as she leaned against the sink

“Are we going to call the cops?” Jackie asked.

“That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?”  Carmen replied.  “Do the cops even have a case?”

“What do you mean?” Jackie said as she leaned against the wall.

“Well, other than the initial bondage, which I guess he could be charged with false imprisonment over, what else did he do that was illegal?”

“Are you joking or are you serious?”  Jackie was already thinking it through.

“I’m serious, I think.” Carmen replied.  “First off, what did he steal?  He didn’t take any cash, from us or the store, and he left all the store property behind.  We might get him on attempted robbery, but I’m not sure even that would stick.”

“If we have evidence of that, it would” Jackie replied.

“The surveillance system would prove it.” Carman pondered.

“Any bets on if the tape is still in the system?” Jackie said.  “I’d bet not.”

“No, no bets.” Carmen replied with a sigh.  “I’m guessing you’re right about that, but we’ll check to make sure.  He might have slipped up and forget to grab the tape.”

“I doubt it.  He seemed to think of everything and them some.”  Jackie said.

“Ok, so we take robbery off the list of charges.  There’s still the little matter of us being sexually assaulted.”

“I hate to say this, but can we honestly say we really were assaulted against our will?”

“Now are you joking with me?”

“Actually, I’m serious.  I mean, we agreed to all this, didn’t we?”

“Coerced is more like it.”

“True, but how do we prove it.  I mean, it’s his word against ours.  He could argue he sweet talked us into it, or we even asked him to do it on us.  Working in an adult toy store gave us all these ideas.  Hell, we never even said stop or tired to resist.  He might even have a video tape to prove it.”

“Yeah, I see your points.  And other than sore nipples and tired muscles, there’s not a mark or bruise on either of us.  Without the tape one way or another, there’s not much of a case.”

“Yeah, that’s true as well.” Jackie echoed.

“Ok, let’s get cleaned up and see if the tape’s there or not.” Carmen replied.  “Then we can decide if it’s worth calling the police and what to do next.”

The girls cleaned up and dressed before they went to the front of the store.  Sure enough, the tape was gone, but everything else was left behind.

“So much for that.” Jackie said.  “Is it worth it?”

“First the cops, then the boss, then the press asking us questions.  No, I guess we tell no one what happened and avoid the ridicule.”

“What do we do about all the clothing?  I mean, we can’t sell it now after we’ve worn it and got all of our bodily fluids all over them, can we?”

“Not really.  Can’t get it cleaned with the tags on.  So we put back what we can and I guess we have new outfits.”

“Do we pay for them?” Jackie asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Well, since we can’t put in for overtime for tonight, I say we call it fair compensation.  As long as the boss doesn’t take an inventory in the next few days or miss the tape from the rotation, he’ll mark it up to shoplifting.  But we can clean up and put the bondage toys and such back.”

“Not really.  Maybe you’re gag, but mine has teeth marks all over it.  We can’t sell it.”

“Oh, didn’t think about that one.  Ok, guess we buy that one.  He wouldn’t believe it got lifted from a locked display case.  I’ll even split the cost with you, using our employee discount of course.”

“Only if you try it on for me sometime, since we’ll co-own it.” Jackie mischievous said.

The women put everything back they could and even reorganized the store back to where it should be.  They decided to claim the expensive double-headed dildo had a damaged package, but managed to clean it up enough to make the story stick.  The boss would get a refund or exchange from the supplier.

The sun was nearly up before they left the store.  Carmen found the door key under a bush as promised and locked up.  Jackie had the ballgag in her purse.  It would be a few hours before the boss came to open up.

“Call me childish if you want, but I don’t think we should go home alone.”  Jackie said.  “I mean, he could have looked at our IDs and be waiting for us.”

“I doubt it.”  Carmen said.  “But why don’t we go home together, just so we came get some rest and not worry.”

They went to Jackie’s apartment, since she lived alone and was close by.  Though the place was empty, they still jammed a chair under the handle, just as a precaution.  Jackie had a queen size bed and they both stripped naked and slept for several hours.  After what they’d been through, it didn’t feel strange sleeping naked in the same bed.

“You know, I was just thinking about something.” Jackie said after they had slept and showered.  Carman was only dressed in robe, Jackie in a short nightgown and panties.

“What’s that?”

“Maybe this isn’t what we think it is.”

“What do you mean?” Carmen replied.

“Well, like I said before, he thought of everything.  I mean what if he really didn’t come in to rob the store.”

“You mean like his real target was us and not money all along?” Carman replied.

“Makes sense doesn’t it?  I mean, if you’re going to rob a place, don’t you knock off a gas station or liquor store.  You ever hear of an adult toy store getting robbed?”

“No, can’t say that I have.” Carmen replied.

“It was too well planned, like he knew what he wanted to do.  And did it on a night were only two women were working too.  Either it was planned that way or dumb luck.”

“You may be right.”  Carmen said after pondering it for a while.  “He did admit he was a bondage freak and enjoyed seeing women tied up.  He seemed to know what he was doing and what he wanted to accomplish.   And he sure seemed to enjoy it very much and made it his intent for us to enjoy it too, didn’t he?”

“You can say that again.” Jackie joked then grew serious.  “Think he’ll come back?”

“He might.”  Carmen said after pondering that for a while too.  “Depends if he hung around to see how long it took us to get free and if the cops came or not.  That would tell him a lot.”  Carmen thought for a moment before adding.  “To be honest, would it be a bad thing if he did?”

Both girls laughed.

“No, call me a bondage freak too, but I almost hope he does, just not tonight.” Jackie said and they both laughed again.

“So what do we do if he does come back?” Carmen asked.  “Pick out kinky outfits, open the display case and tell him to have at us?”

“Sounds good to me, only this time we pick out the outfits for each others.”  The girls laughed again.  “But if he does come back, we should be ready for him.” Jackie said as she went back to the bedroom. 

She returned moments later carrying a cardboard box.  Carmen look inside and saw over a dozen bundles of rope of different lengths, leather and steel handcuffs and other bondage and sex equipment.

“What’s all this?” Carmen asked, already excited at the possibilities.

“Oh, just some stuff I have around, in case of an emergency.”  Jackie said.

“What emergency could there be for you to need all this?  Ok, I will call you a bondage freak.” Carmen said as she looked through the items.

“Actually, I do enjoy it, but it’s hard to find guy I trust enough to let tie me up.  That’s another story.  For now, we should practice escaping from tight bondage, so maybe we can turn the tables on our friend and see how he likes to be tied and teased for hours.”

“Not a bad idea. “ Carmen replied.  “It would be fun to tease his enormous prick for a few hours.  Maybe even put a few condoms on his rod and use him like a living dildo.”

“Yeah!  Ok, let’s get started.”  She said as she handed Carmen the new black ball gag.  “Since we’d agreed you try it on for me, you go first boss.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to that, but what the heck.  Just remember one thing, my friend, don’t get to crazy on me.  Payback can be a bitch.”  Carmen took the gag and pushed the ball into her mouth, buckling the straps behind her head.  Jackie had already laid out several bundles of rope and a large plastic vibrator.  Tying up another woman would be another first for Jackie.  And she suspect Carmen was serious about payback, so Jackie decided she would show her boss how much fun bondage could be.

Little did the girls know that the thief did not leave the scene of his perverted crime, but had in fact stayed near by to see what happened after he left the store.  He was quite happy when the police never showed, for many reasons.  After seeing his night’s victims emerge from the store and leave together, he went home, tape in hand to review his nights work and ponder a future return visit.

Before long, Jackie had the now naked Carmen tightly bound, struggling on the couch and well on her way to her first powerful orgasm of the afternoon before being hogtied and left to struggle with the vibrator planted inside her pussy.  Jackie would get hers a couple hours later, tied to a chair at the hands of a quick learning and surprisingly skilled Carmen, tied spread eagle on the coffee table.  Neither would escape the tight bondage work of her friend or the relentless attack of the vibrator as they traded tying and sexually tormenting the other all afternoon.

Nor did they want to as each fantasized about a return visit from the midnight bondage thief.


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