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Adult Toy Store Adventures - Girlfriend in Leather
by StealthBinder | Forum Feedback
© Copyright 2009 - StealthBinder - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; leather; bond; cuffs; gag; mast; oral; sex; cons; X
Adult Toy Store Adventures - Girlfriend in Leather StealthBinder M/f; leather; bond; cuffs; gag; mast; oral; sex; cons; X
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Working at an adult toy store, you see all kinds.  The store remained open one hour past bar closing time, which resulted in a lot of men coming in to buy condoms at the last moment. 

The store sold many items.  The usual large selection of adult videos, magazines and books, along with plenty of vibrators, cock rings, lubricants and other sexual enhancement toys where all good sellers.  An entire section of the store was devoted to adult gag gifts, games and novelties, which sold well as did body lotions and oils.  In additions, they sold adult costumes, sexy lingerie and women’s shoes.  Lingerie ranged from mild teddies and romantic nightgowns to tight corsets and exotic body stocking.  They also had a large selection of outlandish clothes that women would wear to trendy night clubs or items stripers might purchase made from spandex, PVC, leather and rubber.

The owner cared about his employee’s safety more than store profits.  As a rule, one guy could work alone to close up the shop.  But was a woman on as manager, she never worked alone and was always paired her with another employee for their protection and well being.

Tonight, Eric was on alone and business was extremely slow.  No one was coming out on a mid-week night for their adult toy needs, like they did on the weekends.  So he was very pleased when the door opened and girlfriend Kim walked in.

Kim and Eric had been dating for over 6 months.  In fact, things were getting more and more serious as the weeks went by.  Eric decided he could be very happy spending his life with Kim, and she expressed the same feelings for him.  The “L” word had already been spoken and meant.

Her parents were from China and she was the first one in her family to go to college, where she and Eric meet over a year ago.  At first, they were just friends, but when the summer break came, the both found they missed each other more than friends normally do. They spoke and emailed often during the summer months.  When the fall classes resumed, Eric immediately asked her out on a formal date and things progressed quickly from there.

Kim was a small girl, hardly more than 5 feet tall.  She often wore some kind of shoes or boots with a heel just to give her some added height.  She wasn’t considered skinny, more slender like, but still had enough curves to please the eye and draw a guy’s attention.  Eric loved her ass, especially when she wore her tightest jeans, or better yet when she was butt naked.  Her chest was small, but Eric didn’t complain and her legs and the rest of her body were very nice to hold and touch.  Her small size and limber frame allowed her to be wild in bed, crawling all over her lover when they made passionate love.

Kim’s face was very pretty, with smooth skin, dark eyes, a small nose and mouth but with pleasant sized lips that felt great to kiss or be kissed anywhere with.  Her hair was long, dark and naturally straight, but she often put curls in it to add body.  Eric jokingly but affectionately referred to her as his little China doll.  Kim took no offense to it, since he really meant she was his Chinese made doll.

“Hey!” he said at her surprise visit.  “Thought you had a paper to complete.”

“Finished it.” She replied as he came around the counter to greet her properly with a kiss.  “So I thought I’d come by and keep you company.”

“Glad you did.  Things are so slow, I’d fall asleep without someone to keep me company.”

Eric wasn’t allowed to have friends behind the counter, so Kim would have to stay on the store side.  They talked for a while, but she moved about the shop when customers came in.  After one customer left, Eric came back from behind the counter to join her as she browsed about the racks and display cases.

“So people really use this stuff? She said looking at the locked bondage display case.

“Actually, it sells pretty well.”  He replied.  Eric was interested in bondage and has some experience with it, but never had the chance to discuss or practice it with Kim, at least not yet.  He planned to talk with her soon, hoping to involve her in his kinky games.  “It does have a very tempting side to it.”

“Maybe.  Some of it looks scary.” She said.

“Can be, but some is quite tame.  Depends on what you like.  But before you judge it, maybe you should give it a try and find out for yourself.”  He said with a grin.

“Have experience in this?” she asked, looking up at him.

“A little.” he lied.  He had more than a little.  “Be happy to show you some time.”

“Maybe we could raid the store after closing.” she teased back, giving him something to think about.  Kim liked to tease her boyfriend.  “Then you can show me.”

“Now that’s an idea I could get in to.” He said as he caressed her ass.  “I’ve wondered how you’d look all tied up.”

“Like a bound China doll.  Why do I suspect you’d like it a lot?” She replied, using his pet name for her.  “But there are other things I’d rather try on.”

“Such as?”

She led him over to the clothing area and selected a pair of black leather jeans.  “What do you think?” she asked as she held them up against her body.  “Think I’d look good in these?”

“Oh yeah, I’d say so.” He replied.  He had a passion for leather.  Her leather miniskirt looked great on her, especially when she paired it with heels or boots.

“Not too sleazy?”

“Nah, I don’t think so.  Depends on what you match it with.” He said.  “With a soft sweater or plain blouse, no.  Now if you want smoking hot sexy, you wear this.” He said as he pulled a lace up leather top off the rack than exposed the midriff of the wearer.

“You’d like to see me dressed in this?” she asked looking at it.

“Going to our parents, no, but going to a club and matched with those jeans, yeah I would.  Guys would be fighting over you.  It’d give me a real stiff one all night.”

“You’re always stiff.  And if we would pair it with the bondage stuff, you’d blow your load in your jeans.” She teased back.

“Now there’s an idea!” he replied grabbing her ass once more.  “Leather and bondage, think of all the possibilities.  But it’s you that makes me stiff, not the cloths.”

“You are such a horn dog.  Can I try these on?”

“Sure, as long as you do the top too.”

“Ok, I’ll wear your little fantasy outfit, just for you.”  She decided to give him what he wanted.

Eric already had the keys so they went over to the changing room.  On the way they stopped and grabbed a pair of black 5” stiletto heeled pumps to complete the outfit.  These were much higher than Kim normally wore, but she did see the appeal they could provide.  Besides, she’d get close to Eric’s height for once.

Eric opened the locked changing room door and let Kim in.  No one could get into the room without a key, but could let themselves out.  It was the only one in the store and was kept locked so the customers couldn’t stuff items down their pants or into purses and coats out of sight of the security cameras and employees.

“I’ll only be a few moments.” She said as she closed the door.

But Eric didn’t wait for her to come out or for the store to close.  She had put a pile of erotic thoughts into his head and he was going to act on them.  She hinted she could be receptive to his kinky tactics, so now seemed like the perfect time to act on them.  She liked to tease him, so maybe this time he’d get the upper hand and the tease would have to make good on her comments.

He went to the locked case containing all the bondage products.  Having decided to continue on the leather based theme, so he pulled out a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  He grabbed a leather blindfold too and was back at the changing room door before Kim had completed her task.

Kim looked totally amazing when she came out.  The leather jeans fit tightly against her slender body, accenting her curvaceous ass perfectly.  They fit so perfectly, he doubted there was enough room to slip a hand inside.  With the tall heels, her legs seemed to have double in length.  The top wrapped around her neck, then in an inverted V traveled down her chest, ending a few inches below her breasts.  The back was open, showing off lots of her soft skin, and laced closed in front, which had some great advantages.

“Damn!” Eric said.

“You like?” She asked as she strutted around, twirling on her toes and doing her best impression of an erotic dancer who was just staring her routine.

“I love. You’re smokin’!” He replied.  “I could get use to this.”

“Well, I might buy the pants, but I’m still not sure about the top.”

“I am. You need to get it and the heels too.  Hell, I’ll even help pay.”

“Where would I wear it?”

“For me, if nothing else.” He said as he grabbed her, loving how his girl felt in the hot leather outfit.  “I’d dig seeing you like this every day. Or if we go to ‘Uptown’.”  Uptown was the hot dance club where the girls loved to show off both their bodies and their dance moves.  Guys just sat around with stiff dicks watching and choosing which they wanted to hook up with.

She grinned as she looked in the full length mirror on the door.  “Yeah, how long would I wear it before you got too horny and attacked me?  Or till some other guy came along and try to steal me away.  Besides, these shoes are killers.  I love how they look on me and aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, but I don’t know how long I could wear or dance in before they began torturing my feet.”

“Call it sweet torture.  But I know how we could find out.  Don’t change for a while.”

“Right, just walk around like a hooker till closing.  That should drive up business.  Or maybe there’s a brass pole around here I can dance on.”

“I got a pole for you to dance on, just not a brass one.” he grinned.

“I bet you do, horn dog.”  She giggled.  She liked getting a reaction from him, especially a sexual one.  It always led to great sex later.  “But you’re still on the clock so save it for later.  I better change before I get to like this too much.”

“I like it too much.  Don’t change yet.”

“You like me dressed like this that much?”

“Yeah, I do, but I have a few accessories to add to your outfit.”

“Oh, really?  And those would be?” she said with her hands on her hips.

“Well, we can start with these.” He said holding up the leather wrist cuffs.  “Then move on to more interesting things.”

“You want to put those on me?”

“Why not?”  He said with a big grin.  “You wanted to try stuff on, so if we’re going to raid the store, let’s go all out and do it big, just starting a little early.”

Kim looked at the leather cuffs.  She’d never been tied up before, let alone wear something like those.  The idea of being bound never entered her mind before, but Eric alluded to an interest in it and he really seemed to want her to try it too.  And she was the one who put the thoughts into his head, so was it was put up or shut up time?

“Besides, you look way too hot to let you change yet, so if I have to make you my leather wrapped bondage China doll to prevent it, I will.”

“What if someone comes into the store?”

“I planned on keeping you in the changing room.  If someone comes, I’ll just close the door.”

“What if someone sees me?” she asked.

“It’s an adult toy store.  People will just go with it and not suspect anything.”

“Think we could get into any kind of trouble?”

“Nah, boss never comes in this time of night.  We’re safe, trust me.”

Kim could see he really wanted it.  Eric never asked for much, so he must want to do this badly if we was asking and taking this kind of risk.  Besides, she trusted him and knew him well enough to discern what kind of guy he was.  She felt totally safe with him.

“Guess I’m going to find out if I like being a bondage China doll.” She sighed in a teasing way.  “Ok, just for you, and just for a little while, but make sure no one sees us.”

Eric promised and told Kim to turn around and place her hands behind her back.  A moment later the leather cuffs were locked onto her wrists.  With her feet together, he added the ankles cuffs, immobilizing his girlfriend and locking her up to prevent her from changing. 

Eric let Kim test her restraints for a while inside the changing room.  Eric stood just outside, holding the door open, watching her struggle.  He was stiff as a board, especially when she turned around and showed off her leather covered ass below her leather tied wrists.

“Comfy?” He asked, with a grin as big as his cock was hard.

“Not totally, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.” She answered.  She squirmed for a moment more.  “So, do I fulfill your leather China doll in bondage fantasy?”

“More than.” He said.  “But something’s missing.”  He said as he held up the blindfold.

“Well, OK, I’ll give it a try.” She said. So far, this bondage thing wasn’t bad. She once had a sexy adventure while blindfolded during sex, so it wasn’t a completely new experience.  Eric slipped the blindfold over her eyes, rendering her blind.  Eric was in awe of the amazing girl standing before her, dressed in tight leather and locked up tightly.  Of course he began to grope her body, which made Kim squirm even more.

The doorbell interrupted his fun.  “Be right back.  Keep quiet, if you can.” He said as he helped her to the bench.  He slipped out the door, leaving Kim helpless and in the dark.

Kim sat alone, bound and blind in the locked room, gently squirming against her restraints.   She started to wonder what Eric would do to her if he really had the chance.  It might be fun if he did take advantage of her a little, as long as he didn’t just get his load off and did nothing for her.  The more she wondered, the more she wished for his touch on her.  Maybe he was on to something with all this.

The customers browsed around the store for several minutes.  Eric stayed close to the changing room, but kept an eye on the people.  He could hear Kim moving about, even grunting a few times and making more noise than she should.  Looking at his watch, he still had 15 minutes before the store closed.  Knowing all this drove him nuts.  He also was making his horny plans for what he wanted to do to Kim once the store was closed, and wanted to keep her tied till then.

At last, the customers made their purchase and left.  Eric decided he needed to make a small change to Kim’s bondage and had the perfect idea what would do the trick.  He opened the display case and pulled out a leather collar with attached wrist restraints.  He figured that Kim was limber enough to handle it.  He selected a leather belt and grabbed a black ball gag with a leather strap as well.  He’d use his employee discount and buy it later, always wanting to own one anyway.

He went back to the changing room.  Kim was still sitting on the bench, but squirming erotically in all her leathers.

“About time.” She said she heard the door open.

“Not my fault.” He said.

“You going to unlock me?” she asked.

“Unlock my bondage China doll, no way, but change yes.”

“What does that mean?

He stood Kim up facing away from him.  “You were told not to make any noise.  Even the customers heard you bumping around in here.”  He said, removing the cuffs from her wrists.  “So that proves two things.”

“And those are?”

“One, I didn’t tie you up tight enough and two, you don’t listen to me.  So I’m going to rectify the first while chastising you for the second.”

Kim didn’t move, even after Eric had helped her to stand tall on tall heels. “What are you going to do to me?”

Eric wrapped the collar around her neck, with the attached strap running down her back.  “Make your bondage more stringent.” He said as he bucked it on. Kim shivered when she realized what he was doing, but it was an exciting feeling.

Once the collar was fitted, he pulled her hands up and buckled her wrists to the attached cuffs on short strap, locking her hands in place between her shoulder blades.  Kim said nothing and offered no resistance.  She knew couldn’t really resist him, but didn’t try at all.  She was sure that if she asked, he would release her, but she really didn’t want to anyway.  His tone had changed, more commanding than before.  He wasn’t asking any longer, he was just doing.  This was an interesting and exciting development in their relationship.

He added the leather belt around her legs, just above her knees.  Now even standing became more difficult and made her even that more helpless.  Already, her arms and hands were useless, now her legs were as well.  Kim gasped as her bondage got tighter and more restrictive, but didn’t protest even after was finished.

“Much better.” He said as he reviewed his work, looking at her in the mirror too.  Her arms were locked away and her hands even more useless, her fingers fluttering as she tested the new restraints. The collar matched the rest of her leather outfit perfectly.  Her body twisted in all the restraints, looking sexier than ever.

“Now, one more thing to add.” He whispered into her ear as he stood behind her.

He touched the black ball to her lips.  Kim gasped again, knowing he wanted to gag her but couldn’t see what he wanted to use.  She turned away from the gag.

“Take it off if I freak out?”

“I promise.” He said as he presented it to her again.  Kim nodded and parted her lips but grunted her surprise when the felt the size of the ball he pushed into her mouth.  But it was too late and Eric had planted the ball well inside her mouth, only a small part of it showing between her lips.  He gently pushed her head down and feed the straps under her hair.  He buckled the leather strap and lifted her chin again, letting her long black hair cover the strap.

Now it was perfect.  Leather clad, bound, gagged and blindfolded, Kim was totally helpless and incredibly sexy.  He stood behind her and pulled her body against his.  Kim moaned as he began to run his hands over her curves.  When he reached her breasts, she moaned deeper and her body responded by slowly withering.  She loved when he played with her, especially her chest.  The bondage added a new level of excitement.  Being unable to respond was quite unusual, in a raunchy, sexy way.

His groping was both playful and purposeful, for he slowly unlaced the top and exposed her breast.  Kim squealed and squirmed in his grip, but it was more from fear of being seen by someone, not what he was doing.  She returned to moaning and withering when he returned to fondling her now exposed chest.  It all felt realty good and her breasts swelled in reply.

“Almost closing time.” He said into her ear.  “After I lock up, I’ll show you some of my ideas on bondage and how fun it can be for both of us.”

He set her back onto the bench.  “I’ll be back for you in a few moments.  Nothing will interrupt us for the rest of the night.”

She heard him leave the room and shut the door, knowing it was locked so no one could enter without his permission and she would need his to leave as well.  She was trapped, tied, gagged, blind and half naked.  Even if she could see the door knob and get to it, there was no chance of turning it.  She was his prisoner for as long as he wanted.  No one was going to find her or rescue her.

But Kim didn’t want rescue.  She was starting to like this game. She felt sexy and vulnerable.  He got her like this and from the hard cock he pressed into her leather covered ass he really liked it too. She wondered what he would do to her when he returned.  How hot of a time was she in for and how long would it last? He never disappointed her in bed before, so why would he fail now.  Not knowing for sure got her more excited, making her squirm in excitement and get warm between her thighs. She marveled at how wildly erotic this evening had become.

How long she sat in the dark she didn’t know.  She struggled against her restraints, everything felt great against her body, though the large ball in her mouth would get tiresome soon.  His approaching footsteps told she was about to find out what plans he had for her and she squirmed hard in response.

He opened the door and found her right where he left her.  But she wasn’t fighting against the bonds but seemed to be enjoying them.  Wanting to see the look on her eyes and get a read on her thoughts, he removed the blindfold.  She could see most of the lights in the store were out.  The store was closed and they were completely alone.

“You look absolutely fantastic.” He said, looking down at her. He just looked at her, devouring her with his eyes.  This made Kim squirm even more.  She knew this was turning him on and in turn it was making her hotter too.

He picked her up and carried her out of the changing room, setting her in front of the full length mirror.  She looked at herself, tied, gagged and clad in tight leather but with her boobs exposed.  The sight was erotic, sexy and wickedly hot.  He stood behind her, his hands running over her bound figure, over her leather covered hips and thighs, up her naked tummy and to her excited breasts, gently fondling her boobs and toying with her erect nipples. Kim moaned deeply and squirming against him, but never took her eyes off her own reflection.  She was his leather clad bondage China doll all right, and not even Barbie could look so hot.

“Now that we’re alone, I’d like to introduce you to more of my bondage games.”  He softly spoke into her ear. “I have plenty I want to show you and I think you’ll dig it, but I’ll only do it if you allow me to.  Have you’ve had enough or are willing to go further?  If you want out, tell me now.”

Kim thought for only a second.  She had gotten quite horny, so she didn’t want to stop.  She could ask to be untied and they could still have sex, but some of the excitement would get lost if they did that.  She wanted to see what he had in mind for the horny woman wrapped leather and bondage she saw standing in mirror.  She shook her head no.

“So you want more?  Last time I’m asking.” he asked to confirm.  Kim nodded.

“OK, game on.”  There were no windows low enough for someone to look into the store and the glass door was frosted over as well.  The shop looked closed, so they were out of the public eye and wouldn’t draw attention.  She was his till morning, for as long as he wanted.

Eric resumed his groping of her body.  She teetered on her 5” heels, squirmed in the leather fetters and cloths as he played with her.  His hand went between her legs, finding her already warm.  She moaned in response and rubbed back against his hands.

“By the way, you own these jeans. I bought ‘em for you.”  He said as he manhandled her.  Kim figured her attire was having a dramatic affect on him and guessed this wouldn’t be the last time she find herself tied up in her new leather pants, which made her even more aroused at the thought.  Looking at her reflection, she got an idea why this was so exciting for him.  She never looked more erotic or excited in her life.

She felt him lean over.  Before she could see what he did, she felt him press something hard against her crotch.  The thing hummed and began to vibrate against her.  Looking in the mirror she saw it was one of the large electrically powered vibrators the store sold.  Kim never used a vibrator before, but now appreciated it’s usefulness as it sent wild sensations into her, passing through the leather jeans.  Her body was trapped between his and the vibrator, while his other hand groped her naked breasts.  She closed her eyes and let him do his will on her.

Amazingly, she soon felt an orgasm begin to build in her.  She never came with her pants on, now she was about to come while at least partly dressed but wrapped in tight leather and bondage.  Between the bondage, his groping and the vibrator all working against her, the climax came on strong and fast.  She watched herself in the mirror as the orgasm quickly exploded over her, making her groan deeply around the gag as her body shook and quivered while the climax grew stronger, flooding her senses.  Eric never let up, so the orgasm lasted longer than any she ever had before.

At last he pulled the vibrator away and turned it off.  He held her limp body against his.  Her heart was pounding and her breathing fast, hampered by the ball gag stuffed in her mouth.  But her entire body was tingling with wonderful post-orgasmic sensations.  It had been a truly amazing climax, one of the best of her life, and she got to watch it happen right before her.

Before she knew it, they were sitting on the floor, or rather he was on the floor and she was on his lap.  With the last tingles of the orgasm still flickering within her, Eric was at it again, fondling, groping and vibrating her once more.  In moments, a new orgasm was starting, quickly swelling within her bound body as he pressed the head of the tormenter against her harder and his hands worked her exposed chest.  She looked on, watching what he did to her in the mirror and how her body responded, which made the excitement grow higher. She squirmed and moaned as he worked her helpless figure once more.

Uncontrolled lust overwhelmed her and she climaxed again, making her moan deeply around the gag as she her body shuttered, her leather covered ass grinding into his lap, wishing his cock was buried deep inside her.  Though not as powerful or long as the one a few moments earlier, it was still a great climax and better than the norm.

With the coming over, she body went limp only supported by Eric.  Never had she had two orgasms so close together and both so awesomely strong.  Both knew she needed time to recover before they could do anything more.  Eric found it a humorous twist on the sex replay roles, she needing a rest and he ready to go.

After a few moments, Eric got them both to their feet then picked her up and carried up to the front of the store where a chair was sitting up against the counter.  He set her kneeling in the chair, resting her naked chest against the cool glass case.  She had no idea why he was doing this or what was coming next. To her jaws relief, he removed the gag from her mouth.

“Maybe we’ll use it again later.” He said.  “Right now, I want to hear you make some noise.”

Eric then caressed her backside.  “I’ve never seen your butt look better.” He said.  This continued on a few moment until he reached around and opened the button on her jeans and worked the zipped down.  In a slow and sexy manner, he pulled her jeans down, exposing her well formed ass to him.  Now she was getting the idea of what was coming next. Eric.

With her legs still strapped together, her ass was perfectly round and totally inviting.  She wiggled her backside as he caressed and fondled her bare skin.  She moaned deeply when he slowly worked first one then two fingers into her wet love tunnel, slowly sliding back and forth in simulated sex, which made her squirm harder and wishing he’d replace it with something better.

“Please, don’t tease me Eric.” She said.  “I need you, badly.”

“You’ll have me soon.” He said as he stopped.  She heard him unzip his fly, but when he didn’t slide himself into her, she grew confused.  More sounds followed.  She looked back and saw he had applied a condom to his erect cock and was squeezing something from a small bottle onto him inflated manhood.

“You don’t need that.” She said, continuing to entice him with her naked backside.  Kim was on the pill and was not even close to the time she could get pregnant. Rarely did they use rubbers, much preferring the feel of his naked prick buried inside her hot pussy.  Both lovers were clean, so there was no worry about exchanging anything either.  And Kim was more than wet, so there was surely no need for a lube.

“I know, but I have my reasons.” He said as he finished slicking his cock up and straddled her bound legs.  “Besides, I think you’ll like this.”

At last, she felt his stiff prick enter her.  She never liked the feel of rubbers, for it robbed them both of some sensations.  The cheap ones also dried her out and rubbed her wrong.  But she felt he had used a better grade of condom, for this was thinner than the cheap commercial brands and must be the kind with little ridges on them to add some extra sensations as he buried his dick completely in her.

But it was the lube took her by surprise.  As he slowly slid back and forth within her while she clamped down on him, the slick oil got warm, adding to the already exciting sensations she was feeling.  Now she understood his reasons and yes she did like it.

While Eric had started slow, he soon was thrusting into her hard, holding her by the waist and slamming his hips against her naked backside as he plunged deeply into her over and over.  She rocked back into him, but both the bondage and Eric held her down, only allowing her limited movement.  Kim gasped and groaned with each deep thrust.  Eric was in control and for the moment was using her for his own needs, but she was still getting a good hard screwing on the process. He moaned and groaned, the warm jell and her tight hot tunnel driving him wild with lust.  The condom and lube gave her plenty of extras along the way, so both were getting good heaping doses of pleasures.

Eric humped with all his might.  This was better than he imagined it.  While working in the store, he often wondered how some of the female clients would look draped in the erotic clothing and wrapped up in the bondage apparatuses they purchased.  More than once, he fantasized about asking some hot gal if she needed his help with a fitting, but never dared.  Often he’d ponder how Kim would look and respond in it, hoping some day to ask her to try.  Now it was reality, for he had her just as he dreamed of and was screwing her like he loved.

To Kim’s disbelief, she felt another orgasm building in her.  While coming during sex wasn’t rare for her during long intense sessions, this one was coming on faster than ever.  She groaned and moaned loudly as the climax swelled, trying to thrust her leather tethered body back against him to drive him in deeper and harder.  Before long, the orgasm reached peak and erupted.  She screamed, her yell echoing in the empty store and mingling with Eric’s as he too climaxed powerfully, blasting his overdue load of come into her, the condom catching the massive load he kept pumping on and on.

At last, the coming was done.  For both, the orgasms were fantastic and coming together was a great bonus, and neither wanted it to end.  Eric was slow to withdrawal from her, but did so in fear of loosing the rubber or leaking.  Just to prove how horny she made him, He showed her how bloated the condom had become, more than either ever saw. Kim rested her tingling body on the cool counter while Eric disposed to the rubber and dressed again.

“Why did you use that?” she asked, still squirming slightly in her leather restraints.

“For three reasons.  First, I wanted to be a little different, do something I thought we’d both like.  Second, I didn’t want to get you all messy so I could play with you further.  And third, if I didn’t, I would have come way too quickly and robbed us of it.  Not knowing if I’d ever get the chance again, I wanted it to last and make it fun for us both.”

Kim thought this over and understood as Eric helped her upright.  She wondered if things were over for the night, but now knew she was wrong.  Eric resumed groping her, enjoying the sight of her squirm in her restrictive bondage.  He slipped his fingers back into her, this time in front as he rubbed her clit and sucked on her breasts for the first time tonight.  Kim moaned again.  With relentless drive, he kept playing her helpless figure and brought Kim to another small but still enjoyable orgasm several moments later.  She had come an unbelievable 4 times and didn’t see signs those were the last.

After a few minutes of enjoying the afterglow, Eric helped Kim back to her feet.  In another surprise move, he pulled her leather jeans back up and closed them off, sealing her back in.

“Does is mean you’re not planning to screw your leather dressed bondage China doll again?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“That’s for you to decide.” He replied with a sly grin as he cupped her breasts in his hands, making her gasp once more and squirm again.  “I think it’s time for a little payback.  I want to feel your mouth around my cock and watch you go down on me.  I’ll leave it up to you where I come or not.  If I don’t, then I’ll come up with something else.  I’ll be happy either way.”

“Sounds fair enough.” She said as she was lowered down to her knees facing the chair.  Eric dropped his drawers, exposing his fully restored cock and sat down before her.  Kim was impressed, for he was more than ready for another go.  Kim took her cue and began to kiss and lick his entire erect shaft.  A small drop of pre cum was soon bubbling up on the tip, so Kim took him fully into her mouth and gave him a long, oral fucking.

It was amazing to look at his hot girlfriend give him head.  She looked so amazing in her sexy leather clothes and tight bondage, even better than he imagined.  Both the sight and the feeling were fantastic, a new climax was already building even though he had come once not long ago.  Soon Kim went to full speed, pumping her lips up and down his shaft, only slowing to lick and suck the tip from time to time.

Kim heard his grunts and knew she had to make a decision.  She would have like for him kneel behind her and plunge his cock into her again to give her a good long bareback screwing.  She fantasized about straddling his lap with his cock buried deep inside her, while his hands played with her breasts and her hands still pinned behind her.  She started to understand the maddening affect of bondage, wanting something you couldn’t have while your lover did as he pleased.  She was his and she felt content being this way.  He was right, she was digging it.

But Eric was so enjoying his blowjob she felt guilt if she didn’t finish him off.  He thought he was living out a fantasy, he’d been so attentive to her needs she wanted to repay his loving generosity.  Besides, there was plenty of time to still have some fun later, if they both played their cards right.  She could still get that good screwing, just having to wait a while for it.

Eric felt the orgasm begin to boil over.  Kim knew he was coming and switched back to licking his shaft just seconds before it happened.  Unable to hold back, he groaned hard and shot off his first volley of come off, spraying his sperm all over Kim’s face.  As more and more pumped out, he coated her chin, lips and cheeks, but Kim kept right on licking, encouraging the orgasm to continue.  As the volume slacked, Kim took him back into her mouth, pumping and sucking the last of his load out and further extending his enjoyment till at last he was done with his orgasm and began to finally go soft.

“Hope that covers my payback.” She said, looking up at him with a smile.

“Oh yeah, it does for sure.”

Now that he was relieved, it was time for their little game to end, or so Eric thought.  He helped Kim up off her knees and cleaned her off using some paper towels.  He then released her from all her bondage, starting from the bottom up. She went off to the bathroom to finish cleaning up while Eric put all the bondage equipment back into the case, with the exception of the gag.  He like how her teeth had already marked it, making it theirs.

When Kim returned, she was still dressed in the high heels and her newly purchased leather pants, but remained topless.  She seemed very comfortable being so.

“Who would have thought you’d enjoy playing with a China doll all night?” she said with a grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“When she’s dressed in leather and I can tie her up, who wouldn’t enjoy it.” He said before they kissed for the first time since she came in.  The heels helped her reach his lips better.

“So, are we done for tonight or do you want to carry this on somewhere else?” She asked.

“I’m up for more if you are.” He said as he caressed her ass once more.

She rubbed her body up against his.  “Not quite yet, but I think I know how to get you that way.” She said with a smile.  “Any ideas on what we can do?”

“Plenty.  Let’s go to my place.” He replied, taking hold if his half naked girlfriend, knowing she was digging his kinky game. “I’m better equipped there to help you find out what kind or pervert I really am, if you’re willing.”

“I’m willing, but am I dressed properly?” she said with a grin.

“Perfectly.” He said.  He’d come in and pay for her heels tomorrow.  No sense wasting something this good over a little money.  Looking this hot, she was worth it.

They left the store and drove to his apartment.  Once there, she discovered what a hogtie and a spread eagle was, with bright white ropes wrapped around her trim body, contrasting her black leather pants and naked skin.  She enjoyed both, even when the ball gag was firmly planted between her teeth, but more so when his hands and mouth were on her or she was using her mouth on him.

She came twice more under his constant attentions and enjoyed the long, slow intercourse they shared before collapsing in exhausted and totally spent.  Though more satisfied than she ever had been, she was a bit disappointed when the ropes and leathers came off.  But she excitedly knew that many more nights were ahead for them as she went deeper into this new found erotic game, dressing for him as he liked, helplessly squirming in his restraints and subject to his undivided attention.  Kim was fully hooked on Eric’s kinkiness and looked forward to visiting him at the Adult Toy store any change she could get and bring more of their bondage fantasies to life.


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