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The Abduction
by Russ | Forum Feedback
© Copyright 2002 - Russ - Used by permission
Storycodes: Alien/f; kidnap; held; mc; reluct; X
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The Abduction 2 by Russ Alien/f; kidnap; held; mc; reluct; X


continued from part one

Part Two

Shelly awoke again in complete darkness, immobility and silence. Was it just her, or was she getting used to this? She lay there in the darkness assessing what she had learned so far. She had been taken aboard an actual alien spacecraft, held against her will by some mental control they were using to completely immobilize her. She was being given fluids and nutrients from an I.V. in her leg, and any body waste was being taken care of by micro-biotic creatures that had been implanted in her body. It was very odd that she had adjusted to these things now almost as if they were normal. Maybe they controlled her in that way also, making it all seems normal.

She did not really remember how many times now she had awoken to the light. She did wonder how long she had been here, not that it mattered. Was the light coming on even similar to what she knew as mornings? She doubted it. It could have come on 2 hours apart or 2 days. And what was up with this tingly, butterfly feeling she had several times? Was she actually turned on in some way by this? It was all she could explain. It felt the same as mild sexual excitement anyway.

What was going on back at home? If she had in fact been gone more than even a day, people would begin to wonder and worry. Was Jim wondering where she had gone? Had he contacted her parents? Were they now also worried? Was everyone searching for her, including the police? These thoughts haunted her; she must ask Santraln for answers!

No testing of any kind had been done yet. She was glad of that in a way. She was very scared as to what it would entail, but also curious and somewhat anxious to get it started. As she thought of this, she again felt the twinges inside her begin. “God it is a sexual turn on to me! The thought of being immobile and helpless while these things do their bidding to me just turned me on!”

The light again came on, and Shelly noticed immediately that something was up. There was a rush of activity around her that had not happened before. She still did not see her captor(s); she never had been allowed to actually see any being(s). Strange looking devices were being assembled above and near her. Some type of machine was coming out of an opening in the ceiling near the bank of lights. It was a very medical looking device with several robotic type arms on it. The use of this device she could not fathom, nor did she really want too!

Santraln communicated, “We are now going to begin our testing and analysis of your body. Your mind and mental abilities have already been examined and logged. We will inform you of all test procedures before they begin. Some of the tests will be uncomfortable and may be slightly painful; all will be done to minimize any discomforts.” 

“Santraln, how long have I been here now?” Shelly thought. 

“In terms of time here, it has now been seven of your Earth days.” 

“What about the people I left behind that will be looking for me and worrying?”

“They will, and are in fact looking for you and concerned. However, when we have completed our procedures, and you are returned, we will induce memories in every ones minds to explain the absence.”

“What are the purposes of these procedures?”

“We can not divulge all of the reasons at this time. We can tell you that they are mental and physical records of your body. They are stored and relayed to our planet for further analysis. We are conducting these on many species on your Earth and many other planets. More details than that can not be given at this time.”

“Why am I not allowed to see you or others here?”

“We have not allowed our features to be seen by you or others because even though we are what you understand as humanoid, our features have proven in the past to cause great mental anxiety and fear. Especially with humans.”

“Why do you always refer to yourself in our communications as if there are several of you? It is always “we” and “us”.

“In our race, we do not have any equivalent to what you know as “I” or “me”, referring to singular beings. We are telepathic and all is known by all. We work as a collective in all things.”

As these thoughts were being exchanged, a small device on another robot arm, from the side of Shelly’s table had begun to work its way from her head down her body. It looked similar to a small flashlight and emitted a green light. Not like a laser, but a “beam” about half an inch in diameter. As the light passed over her it produced a very warm sensation that lingered for several minutes. This continued over every inch of her body from top of head to toes. It always stayed parallel to her body, meaning that it turned as it passed from side to front to side again. 

The device moved back to the top of her head. And then with no means from anything Shelly could sense, her body was elevated above the table. She was now floating in mid-air! She felt the sensation from the device again continue its scan down the back of her body, leaving the momentary warmth as it progressed. 

“This is very odd!”

“This is some of the discomfort that we mentioned. We understand that your species is not accustomed to non gravity situations. We hope that it is not too uncomfortable.”

“No, I am fine! It is actually interesting once the initial shock of floating from nothing is over.”

A moment after the device had completed its scan down her backside; she lowered back onto the table. She felt her weight increase back to normal as the table again conformed to her curves.  Another device moved in over her head, again with a robot arm. This time she saw a shiny chrome looking sphere about an inch in diameter at the arms end. It moved again above her head and came in contact with her skin about mid forehead. When it touched her a sensation of electricity was induced. Not enough to shock, but it did make muscles twitch. The same scanning procedure with this device was completed as by the one before. Including another floating session. Shelly noticed at the end of this scan that she was seriously wet in her sex. Then, remembering that she was not alone, she blushed and became embarrassed by this situation!

“Do not be upset by the presence of your sexual stimulation body fluids and thoughts. We have logged these in all human subjects we have studied, and many others that engage in what you know as stimulation and intercourse. We have also noted that it causes embarrassment in humans, but it does not in our species. We do not engage in sexual activities as you know them, and understand that it is a natural reaction in humans, so no embarrassment is necessary. It is not our intentions to cause these reactions at this time.”

The thoughts from Santraln actually momentarily embarrassed Shelly more! It was very hard to adjust to this telepathic thing. Having every thought and feeling read by another. She was glad humans did not have this ability, or if they did it was not refined.

Several more scans with various devices were completed. All similar to the first two with small variances. It seemed to go on for hours, and probably did. Finally, all devices except the one mounted to the ceiling had disappeared from her limited sight. Shelly assumed that this phase of the testing was nearing its end.

Without seeing anyone again, Shelly felt cool, smooth hands this time on her legs. They were lifting and moving them. Then her arms were also lifted and moved about. It felt so strange to have them move after being immobile this long and being moved without her will.  And, being able to feel everything, and yet not have any response from her muscles was also strange and scary.  How do people with muscle damage, or worse yet paralysis get used to this and live with it as thought it is normal? Maybe they did not!

“As you know, we have not been controlling your emotions for many days now. We have kept you immobile for your safety. However, our scans and exam are revealing that your muscles are atrophying from being unused. We do not wish to damage your body as we have stated. We will begin now releasing different parts of your body for you to move and exercise. We will not release enough for you to get up and walk, so please do not attempt to do so! Any attempt at this would cause you to fall and injure yourself.

With that thought the lights again went out, and Shelly was left in silence and darkness again. She wondered if they had released anything, and upon experimenting found that she could now move her head, left arm and leg. This was very, very strange!! What she could move felt like it weighed twice what it did, and her muscles were stiff and ached severely! She slowly lifted, rolled and moved what she could. She could now touch and feel her body and other limbs. She picked up her right arm with her left and held it aloft. She let go and the right arm came down on her belly with a slap! She experimented in many ways, moving, lifting whatever she could. After time, the aches and stiffness were going away.

“God, this is so weird! And the tingling was coming back and the wetness. Did she dare try what she was thinking? Why not?

She slowly moved her left hand toward her sex. As soon as her finger touched her clit a rush of excitement and chills went through her entire being. She slowly began rubbing and quickly felt the growing wetness and sexual pleasure build. But, this was more than she could ever remember. Her torso and back wanted to twist and arch, but it would not, her still immobile arm and leg kind of flopped and slid around with no control and all of these things made the intensity of her sensations greater than ever before! She came with a gush of pent up emotions and desires like never before. Her orgasm seemed to go in forever, only ending when her mind and body could take no more! She relaxed into the table again, breathing in short raspy gasps. She drifted off, the last thought she remembered was that she was smiling to herself……….

* * * * *

Various types of tests were conducted for several more sessions. Some required tissue samples, mental testing, threshold testing and many others. Most were no more than uncomfortable; some were very erotic and stimulating. She could not count the number of massive orgasms she had had since being here. The total immobilization and lack of any control was more intense than any saran wrap or bondage she had ever been subject too. She did not, in the past, consider herself into total BSDM in anyway, but her mind was changing.

Santraln entered after one long mental test and announced that they were now complete with their analyses and that soon she would be sent back to her life as she had left it. The suddenness of this both pleased and shocked Shelly. 

“Will I ever here from you again?”

“That is guaranteed. You have been an excellent test subject and you will be of great value to our race of beings. We find few who meet the criteria even half as much as you.”

“Criteria? What criteria? I thought this was just test procedures to log our species on your planet?”

“This all has been that in fact. However, we do not do these tests and evaluations for data only. In our world, as in yours, such undertakings are expensive and dangerous. Even though we are greatly advanced, we need reasons for such expenditures.”

“What are those reasons?”

“They will become apparent to you in due time. All I can divulge at this time is that it is a matter of life and death for our species. You will not be harmed permanently in any way.”

“Does that mean I could be harmed in some way?”

“Harm is such a negative and misunderstood term, the proper term in this case would be discomfort, and you may experience discomfort from time to time.”

“But, I would like det…….”

“We have no more time for questions. We must depart now or miss our opportunity for safe passage back to our home world. All will become clear to you soon enough.”

Shelly awoke on the bench beside the duck pond. It was very pleasant and cool. She let her eyes focus, and the first thing she noticed were the stars. “Stars, spaceship, Jesus what the Hell just happened? Was this a dream or what? I remember it all so clearly, the ship,  Santraln, the tests, the loss of control and movement. Was it real?”  She looked at her watch, it was the same date and only 30 minutes from when she left her house for a walk! “Unbelievable!” was her only thought.

She slowly got up and started back to the house, her mind spinning in circles, thoughts jamming on top of each other faster than she could sort them out. She entered her apartment as she had done hundreds of times. Turned on the lights, all was in place and normal. Nothing had changed. “It must have been a dream. Had to be! God, what an imagination you have girl! And all of that immobilization and orgasms! Talk about a wet dream!”

She walked to her bedroom and took off her clothes, put on her nighty, almost giggling out loud to herself. She lay down on the bed and just watched the ceiling fan spin. Still trying to convince herself she had had a wild dream. 

She awoke in the morning after sleeping so soundly she remembered nothing at all, not even dreaming. “Dreaming, the dream! Geez it was so real! Wait till I tell Jim about this one, he will die laughing!”

She got up and went to the bathroom for a shower. She got out of the nighty and started the water. Cool was the only option in this weather. She stepped in and let the water refresh and sooth her. She washed her hair and began washing her body. Her hands rubbed over her breasts and she stopped with a gasp! “Oh my God NO!” She exited the shower on a run, almost slipping and falling. She ran, but stopped. Where could she run? What could she do? Nobody would believe this, she hardly could, but now she new her “dream” was real!!

She went back to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet, looking down at her breasts and limp nipples. She began to cry and sob. “So is this the bastards’ idea of a joke or what? Why would they make my nipples numb and unfeeling?” Then a wave of panic ran down her spine! “Oh please God NO!” She slowly moved her hand toward her sex. She had to know, but was scared to even imagine what she would find. She closed her eyes, and bit her bottom lip. Her hand moved to her clit and beyond. She slumped forward and sobbed more until she was spent of all energy. Her entire sex was numb!! Her finger had felt her clit and sex, but  there was no sensation in return.  “Those sadistic bastards! Why? Why? Why?” 

She was again on her bed, she was beyond tears now. She could not figure any of this out! Why would they do this? Had a test gone wrong? Why? Would she ever know?

Monday she called in sick to work and made an appointment with her Doctor. He did a complete physical on her. As she knew she was healthier than a teenager. Her Doctor asked many questions and did many tests, it was not a physical problem. “If I mention the alien part, I will get a one way ticket from here to a crazy ward!”

He gave her the card of a neurologist and also suggested psychiatric evaluation. She thanked him and left the office. “They would have a field day with this one….”

Days passed and life resumed to as much of a normal one as possible in her new condition. She had gone over this again and again in her head. Still nothing stood out in her mind that would explain the aliens leaving her in this condition. They had not seemed interested at all in anything specific about her. Especially sexually. The tests were all generic, and although more sophisticated, not that much different than anything on earth. She had resigned herself now to just wait. If she did not go crazy before their return she would get answers then. She just hoped it would be soon!!

After six weeks had passed without sex or even self satisfaction she was beginning to lose hope. Nothing was happening other than work and life. She missed the feelings so much. It was like being empty or lost. She had tried to stimulate herself in many ways only to end in utter defeat and hopelessness. Without feeling it was just impossible. She arose again from bed, showered, got dressed and got the paper. She got a bowl of cereal ready and sat down ate the table reading and eating. She suddenly had a wave of nausea hit her. She jumped to the sink and hurled. 

“Oh great, that’s all I need! The flu. But she didn’t ever get sick! Not even in flu season! And this was mid summer!! “What on earth caused this now?” She smelled the milk, it smelled fine. “If I didn’t know better I would swear this was morning sick…….. Oh GOD NO!! Those dirty rotten sons of bitchin’ BASTARDS...”


Santraln kept his word. As a matter of fact Shelly had been revisited every 2 months since the first abduction. How could she have ever imagined that her abduction on that hot summer night 14 years ago would have led her to a life as breeding stock for an alien race?

She had never gotten used to the loss of feelings in her breasts and sex areas, who could? The only relief she had was on each visit to the alien ship, she was allowed to regain her senses. Each time she was kept immobile enough to prevent movement, except for an arm so that she could satisfy her needs alone in the dark until they again impregnated her and returned her to her “normal” life to incubate their offspring for them.

Santraln had explained it all many years ago. Their races females had become infertile because of chemical and biological accidents on their planet. Their only course to continued life was to search the universe and find suitable species that could be fertilized and carry their embryo’s to a state of maturity far enough developed that they could be removed and finish developing in simulated settings on the planet. Complete laboratory development was not possible due to their biological make up. It was this course or extinction of their race.

The removal of the embryos was somewhat painful and slight discomfort was felt. She never saw the embryos or the procedure. She was immobilized during it, and even if she would have not been she would not have wanted to see anything. If they looked normal it would be bad enough, but what if they were hideous looking? Better not to know.

So she had done this now for 14 years, 6 times each year a trip to the ship, 84 times impregnated, and embryo’s removed. She was now aboard ship again, but things were different this time. The embryo had been removed, and she had her “night of sex”, but this time the lights had come on and no equipment for the testing / impregnation was in sight.

After several minutes, Santraln entered and began to “speak”;

“This will be the last visit from us. You are now 40 of your Earth years in age, and the risks of being impregnated are to great now for you and the embryo’s. We have returned all nerve pathways to their normal condition; you will experience no adverse affects from the time you have served us. We, not being emotional beings as humans, do not have any sense of needing to further explain or justify our actions. We have, with our greater knowledge of science, kept you at peak health for the last 14 of your years, and will continue to do so for as long as your bodies’ organs can keep functioning. You have been given protection from all of Earth’s major diseases’; however we do not have prevention for natural aging and deterioration of the human being. You will now be returned to your home……………..”

“So that is it? It is all over now. What do I do with what is left of my life now? This has been the worst nightmare anyone could ever have or imagine!”

Shelly lay on her bed. Her thoughts were raging and spinning. “What a mess this has all been. How many other’s have gone through this, or are going through it now? I’ll never know. The ones of us that do try to tell of abductions are scoffed at and thought crazy. Maybe we are crazy? Or maybe those who don’t believe us are?????”

The End

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