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The Abduction
by Russ | Forum Feedback
© Copyright 2002 - Russ - Used by permission
Storycodes: Alien/f; kidnap; held; mc; reluct; X
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The Abduction by Russ Alien/f; kidnap; held; mc; reluct; X

Shelly was bored and hot. The Georgia evening was hot and sultry, hotter than any she could remember in her 26 years. She had worked all day and was tired but could not find relief from the heat and humidity enough to get to sleep. She turned off the TV and decided to go for a walk in the park that was about ½ mile from her house. She did this many times to relax and collect her thoughts after hectic days at the office, even though her Mother and Father warned her of the dangers of such activities. She figured that in this rural Georgian town the odds of anything bad happening were probably about as much as her winning the lottery and that had not happened either.  Parents will be parents, but she was on her own and an adult.

She went into the bathroom and pulled her two foot long brown hair into a pony tail. Took a quick glance in the mirror and smiled. She was so happy with herself and her life. She had finished college, attained her current job as a legal secretary at a somewhat prestige’s law firm right in her home town. She loved the job even though it sometimes got hectic. Her body was trim and athletic, she loved walking and running, she did 10 miles every morning. She was not a model, but her looks with the long hair, brown eyes, 5’-10” frame and 34C breasts was a close second. She smiled again and flipped off the light and thought, not to damn bad girl! 

To top it all off, she had met Steve 4 months ago. They shared many interests in hobbies and activities. He was caring, sweet, and a hunk. They had even discussed and tried many interesting sexual experiences, and it seemed they both had similar desires there also. They had tried mild bondage scenes, some latex clothing, and mummification in plastic wrap. Neither was into any heavy dominant or submissive stuff. Just things to make them more aroused and to prove trust in one another. It was going great!

Shelly bounded out the door of here apartment and headed for the park. There was no breeze at all, just hot sticky air. The sun was just beginning to set and the promise of some cooling was there. She walked slowly down the sidewalk, she loved nature so much! She was drinking in the aromas and sights as she had done so many times. It was a beautiful evening! By the time she entered the park, the sun had set and twilight was approaching quickly. She made her way to her favorite bench next to the duck pond. She sat down and felt the cooling night air begin to envelope her. This was always so peaceful and calming.

She began to watch the sky for the first star. It is so funny how something silly from your childhood can stick in your brain. Starlight, star bright….. It was silly, but so what. The star appeared in the clear sky and she recited the whole rhyme, and made her wish. The lottery is up to 2.5 million, and it won’t hurt. 

She continued to watch as more stars appeared. It was cooling off to a tolerable level now; she was letting her mind drift and relaxing. She may have drifted off slightly when a noise behind her made her sit bold upright. The hairs on her neck were stiff and goose bumps formed all over her body followed by a chill even in the heat. She turned around and faced the noise.

“Boo!” the mans voice stated. And then his outline formed under the street light. It was her neighbor from upstairs. 

“Jesus Jim! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” 

Jim laughed in his somewhat childish way, “What’s the matter? Scared of the boogie man?”

“No, I am not! But sneaking up on anyone like that is not funny!” Shelly growled; her heart rate was still in the triple digits. 

“Whoa! Hold on girl! I did not sneak up on you! You were in some kind of trance or asleep. I just walked up the path, and was going to say 'hello'. Chill out!”

She hated it when she was defeated! He was right of course. Her heart rate and body functions were returning to normal, and her shock and anger were subsiding a bit. 

“OK, you are right, sorry! You did give me quite a start though.” Jim wisely controlled his snicker, “I am sorry too” 

“So anyway, are you OK? Why are you out in the park this late anyway?” 

“Probably the same reason as you. It was so hot, I could not sleep and I came out here to get some cooler air”

“Yep, me too. This heat has been nasty! I think everyone is on edge from it!” he let a small snicker escape.

“Ha, Ha! I agree though, my boss has been a real bitch this week.”

“Isn’t she always?” Jim stated.

That brought a small smile to Shelly’s mouth and she kind of snorted. “Yes, she is”.

“Well, you be careful out here Shelly, I mean it! I am heading back to the house.” 

“And staying there, right?” Shelly touted.

“Yes, and staying there”, Jim smiled, “Good night” and he turned and walked down the path.

Idiot! Was her first thought. But then she revamped her thinking. No he is not an idiot, it was you that was in a trance, and he is just a friend and a good neighbor. She turned back and relaxed on the bench again. Just let my imagination take over. Geez!

It was going on 11:00 now and Shelly’s eyes were beginning to droop again. She did not want to leave; it was so calm and peaceful. By now though the house would be cooler, her bed more comfortable. She sat for just a few more minutes looking at the stars. She had always been a gazer. Then something caught her eye. 

To the North and just above tree top level was a very distinct light that was sort of flickering. That is odd, she thought. The light was not really moving in respect to her, it just hung there and pulsed. She tried to orient herself with the constellations she knew. Ursa Major was prominent above her and the North Star also. She was not a seasoned astronomer by any means, but she had been interested long enough to have a good idea of what was “right” in the night sky.

That is sure strange, probably an airplane coming at me or going away. I think it is high time I head for home, my imagination is on overdrive. She lazily got up from the bench and headed down the path toward home. Something about the light would not let go of her though, and she turned around every 10 steps or so to look at it again. Is it getting larger? Oh, just stop it!

About half the distance home she stopped and turned again. The light was getting brighter! She was not imagining it. She could even make out what appeared now to be a steadily flashing purple light on top of the bright object. OK, airplanes have white strobes and green and red marker lights. Now you have talked yourself into seeing a UFO. She started walking back towards the park, never taking her eyes off of the growing object. She entered the park again and stood watching. This is too strange! Maybe I should go get Jim, and my camera. But, now she was afraid to take her eyes off of it, fearing it would vanish. 

Being interested in star gazing, she had also read books on supposed UFO’s and extraterrestrials. They kind of went hand in hand. She estimated that the object was maybe 2 – 3 miles to the north of her yet. It was hard to tell not knowing its size. OK, you have gone totally Looney toons now. UFO’s are not proven; you have never seen anything like this in years of watching the skies. You have been freaked out once tonight, and your imagination is just running away with you! So, knock it off and go home! The next thing you’ll be doing is flapping your arms and trying to get them to land! She turned and started walking home, smiling at her stupidity. God! That’s all Folks! This girl has lost it! “Hey! ET! I am right here! Come and get me!”

The instant that thought was processed; the light was directly over her! She fell to the ground, looking up at the largest thing in the air she had ever seen! She was too terrified to scream or move! The light was nearly blinding, there was no sound or wind at all. As she stared transfixed at the object, she noticed a purple conical circle of light forming below the object. It proceeded down at a steady rate towards her. Still paralyzed with fear, she could only watch as it enveloped her. As it did every hair on her body stood erect, and every nerve ending tingled. She had no other sensations, but noticed that the object was growing larger and filling her field of vision. She finally managed a scream! Then everything went black…………

* * * * *

Shelly awoke with a start. Man what a weird dream! Her head was pounding. She opened her eyes, it was darker than night. That’s odd; I wonder what time it is? How come there isn’t any light from my window? She attempted to roll over and look at her clock on the night table, and was filled with horror! She could not move an inch. She tried in vain to get anything to move, but it was like she was paralyzed all over! Panic was setting in rapidly! What in the Hell is going on? Am I still asleep? Is this one of those sleep paralysis things? Why can’t I move? Her mind was racing with questions and panic. She felt awake; if she could move an arm she would pinch herself to make sure. 

She could not tell how long she lay there immobile and in sheer terror. It may have been minutes or hours. She had no reference to anything; all she knew was she could not move and it was pitch black and silent. This changed abruptly in a flash of light. She was now staring at the brightest light she had ever seen. It looked similar to a surgical light and was mounted to the ceiling directly over her. The ceiling was a gray color that made her think of a Navy ship. She could not shift her stare at all, even though the light was blinding. More fear and panic filled her mind. OK, get a hold of yourself! You are dreaming this and are going to wake up any second in your bed.

She felt a sudden calmness come over her. The panic and fear was replaced by an overwhelming feeling of peace. She had never felt so relaxed. 

“You are not asleep. You were unconscious for a short time, but our sensors now show that you have returned to consciousness. This is an unfortunate event with many of our transported species. We apologies for this. Your mental fears are being controlled by me to quell them as best that we can. Your bodily movement is being subdued also. This will be beneficial to your comfort during your stay here.”

What is going on? Where am I? Who are you? Don’t hurt me! Please let me go!! The questions and thoughts raced into her head. Her calmness had been instantly replaced with anger, and then within seconds the calmness returned. 

“I am Santraln; that is as close to my name as I can come in your language. My race is from a star system near your terra sol system. We are a humanoid species and have been space explorers for, what would be to you in your time measure, over 1500 years. We collect and study all species encountered. You have been brought aboard our vessel for testing because you attempted to contact us mentally. You are currently in an examination cell on the third deck of our vessel. Let me assure you that our intentions are scientific only and nothing will be done to you mentally or physically that will produce any permanent damages. You will be released back into your existence as soon as we have completed our studies.”

It suddenly dawned on Shelly that she was “talking”, but not talking. How can I be communicating and not using my voice? I am not psychic! Her thoughts were answered.

“No you are not talking using your vocal capabilities. Those are paralyzed. We have developed our minds beyond the need for this slow and primitive method of communication. We use telepathic means now, and have found that nearly all sub-species have this ability also. For us to be able to communicate otherwise would require translators and much more time. You are not dreaming this is reality, we understand that this is very overwhelming to species such as yours. We are doing all possible to calm your apprehensions and to communicate all that we can. We will leave you now for a period of time to allow you to further calm and to understand all that has been communicated. We will not begin any testing until you yourself can control your fears and anger. This will take some time, but you will adjust. We will slowly release the control back to you as time goes on. The quicker that you adjust the sooner we can commence and complete or tasks.”

The light overhead went out and she was again left in silence and darkness.  This is all too nuts! What is going to happen? I have more questions…….Please answer! Only silence. Shelly felt tears begin to roll down the sides of her face. God! Please help me! Just let me wake up and it be over! She lay there in silence, crying. The momentary panic was again soothed. She still felt tears on her cheeks, but the only emotion she felt was calmness and relaxation. 

She did not know how, but she must have drifted off to sleep. She did not remember any dream, except this one which she had been told was not one. She again tried to move all parts of her body to no avail. It was the strangest feeling she had ever had. She could still feel everything and still see when the light was on, but could move nothing. Not even a twitch! If she was not laying on such a hard surface, it would even be a bit erotic! She, even now, had some tingling and butterfly feelings in her stomach. She had never been held so completely immobile, or been in such a helpless situation with no control before!

The light over her again came on. The feeling of calm she was experiencing dimmed somewhat and fear again crept into her. “You have been sleeping. We are releasing some of our control to see how you are adjusting. Please try to control your emotions as best you can. It will make things easier for all of us if you can. We will maintain control of your motor abilities for now”.

Shelly physically made herself take a deep breath and tried to relax. OK, just try to go with the flow. Calm down. It is obviously no use to try and fight whatever is controlling me. It has not injured or killed you yet, and it could if it wanted too. Oddly it was working, she felt herself calming down on her own and if not accepting the situation at least conforming to it.

“Very good! You are a very promising subject! You have deduced many aspects of your situation very quickly and correctly. We do have many powers that are available to us; however we do not use them unless all other attempts have failed. Like your species, we are curious and have technology to aid us in our searches. Unlike your species, we have learned that using this technology for attack or battle unthinkingly is not well advised. That is why we do not make contact on a global scale yet on terra sol. You are controlling your feelings excellently, please attempt to keep on doing so. You may ask us anything, at anytime and we will answer you to the best of our abilities.”

I still cannot believe this! Why have I been abducted? What is going to happen to me?

“As we have stated, this is reality, the amount of time you take to accept that is not in our control. You were picked up by us because you attempted to contact us, and we only wish to contact members of your species with these abilities. You will be tested psychologically and physically and the data we extract will be added to our computer banks.”

Hold on! I contacted you?

“Yes, we were on a standard scouting patrol and we picked up your thought for us to “come and get you”, we proceeded to your location and did so.”

Oh my God! I was only joking to myself in my mind because I saw the light in the sky! I had no intention of actually contacting it!

“We have heard of joking and humor and it is one area of curiosity in your species that eludes us. We do not have an equivalent experience.”

This was at least making sense to Shelly somewhat now. She could still not totally believe all of this, but really had no choice. It was obvious that she was in this now, no matter how it happened or why. She was continuing to control her emotions as much as she could. It was actually easier than she had thought it would be. The most upsetting thing was that she could not hide anything from whatever was communicating with her. Even these words would be picked up and analyzed. She decided to give something a try, Santraln, would you consider getting the light above me directly out of my eyes, it is very hard to cope with? Immediately, a somewhat cool and smooth feeling hand pulled her lower eyelid down on the left eye and another hand placed something in her eye. The process was repeated on the right. There was not any sensation of anything in her eyes, like her contact lenses she used, but the light level was reduced greatly. Not like sunglasses, there were no color changes, just a dimming affect.

“We apologize for not tending to that earlier. We require a much higher light level than your species. Is there anything else that would make you more at ease?”

Shelly assessed her situation. The back of my head and back of my body are sore from being in one spot so long on this surface. I do not feel hungry, thirsty or have the need to go to the bathroom, which is curious. Other than that I am fine.

“You have what you call an I.V. needle in your left leg which is nourishing your body and supplying fluids. Your internal digestive system has been cleansed and urinary wastes are being collected and neutralized by micro-biotic sentries placed inside of you.”

As Shelly heard this, the surface on which she lay also became less rigid, and she felt herself sink into it slightly and much more comfortably. It was like the table suddenly fit her every curve, a section even raised behind her neck and head forming a pillow.

“We apologize for not tending to these needs earlier, and also for not explaining how you are being sustained. Are you now satisfied?”

Yes, thank you. I am much more comfortable.

“Do you wish anything else?”

Just more details as to what is going to happen and who you are.

“We will give full details to you before any test or procedure to the best of our abilities. We cannot explain who we are any better than we have due to your species limited knowledge of the galaxy. We will again leave you now for a resting period, after which, if you continue to control your emotions as you are now, we will begin procedures.”

The light was again turned off and Shelly was left in darkness and silence. Thoughts and questions were still racing in her head. God this is so weird! We think we are so advanced, and we do not even know of these things! What is going to happen? How long will I be like this? She must have gone on thinking for hours until exhaustion took over her mind and again she slept……..

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