When I Learn the Error of My Ways

by Imperator Gaius

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© Copyright 2023 - Imperator Gaius - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bond; chastity; straitjacket; gag; hood; clamps; collar; crop; reluct; XX

This is the story of an unnamed sub and his mistress, Domina. I have a good many more written and would be glad to share on request. Email at the end.

I cannot recall exactly what happened that pushed me over the edge when I lost my temper with Domina. It could have been a bad day at work or any number of other issues. Regardless, I did not expect the outcome to be what it was.

What is even stranger is how much I want this to occur again.

I had come home and slammed the door. Domina was in the kitchen cooking the evening meal. She asked me about my day, and without thinking, I just replied, “It was fucking wonderful. Yay!”

I stormed off to the bathroom for a shower.

I finished my shower and returned to eat. The entire time Domina sat in silence as did I. I ate like an animal, completely forgetting any manners or couth. I was in that foul a mood.

Normally, I stick around and help with the dishes. Tonight, I just stormed off into the bedroom and lay down. I was out before I even realized it.

I woke up the next morning, a bit groggy, but I made my way to the bathroom for my morning routine before work. It was then I noticed it.

Domina had locked me into a chastity cage.

Somewhat annoyed, I made my way back to the bedroom. I wanted to know why she had done this. I woke her up.

“What the hell,” I asked in obvious annoyance.

“Hmmm,” came the reply. Domina was half asleep and all coy. She knew what I was angry about.

“Dammit. I have to go to work. I cannot wear this thing at work! Take it off.” I figured my voice and annoyance would suffice to get the point across.

At that, Domina sat up in bed. She grabbed around the base of the metal ring and yanked hard. It almost threw me off balance.

“Last night you were less than pleasant. This morning you were equally so. You are going to remember who is in charge here. I strongly recommend you go about your morning, get off to work and worry more about if than when you will come out of that,” said Domina. The look in her eye and tone of her voice was serious.

I was still too annoyed to really care, so I stormed off back to the bathroom to complete getting ready for work.

Work that day seemed to crawl. I had to go to the bathroom a few times to pee. Each time I had to sit on the toilet like a woman because I could not stand to do my business. The entire day I was hopeful no one would notice. It seemed to go well.

That evening I arrived home. The evening meal was on the table, so I sat down to eat. Domina joined thereafter.

We finished, and I got up to clean the table and help with dishes. 

Domina stopped me. “I got it. You go and do your thing,” she said, sweetly. This caught me off guard after what transpired previously. Perhaps I would be coming out of this damn device.

I approached her for a hug and kiss. She quickly turned her back, ignoring me.

“Ooookay,” I said, feeling a bit out of place. I chalked it up to her being upset with what happened. I figured a day or two, and all would be well.

A few days pass. I tried a few times to initiate with Domina, but I got rebuked each time. The cage was past annoying.

About a week later, the need was driving me absolutely insane. Over the last few days, I went through every possible stage of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I figured the best thing to do was just let it go. Domina was clearly in charge and always has been. I did not know if and when I would get out.

That night I crawled into bed and lay down next to her. I tried to snuggle up next to her, and surprisingly, she accepted. She reached behind herself and started to massage my testicles. My caged member squeezed against the cage.

She stopped as abruptly as she started. A second or two later, I could hear her deep breathing. Domina had fallen asleep.

Resigned, I gave her a snug and rolled over. It was a hope the cage would come off soon.

A week or so passes. At this point, I have moved through a few stages of grief and am now at the one that would be my downfall – anger.

It was Saturday. Domina was doing something around the house. I walked up to her, tapped her shoulder and when she turned, spoke thusly:

“Okay. This was cute and funny for the first few days. Now, it is annoying having to deal with this damn cage. You need to take it off. I am serious about that. If you don’t, I will.”

Domina smiled sweetly and responded, “Okay. Take a quick shower, and meet me in the bedroom. I will be waiting with your straitjacket.”

I quickly took a shower and dried off completely. I went into the bedroom where Domina, my straitjacket and full bondage hood was waiting. Domina was standing there waiting patiently.

It seemed like an eternity. Domina took time buckling me in and lacing up the hood. She kissed me warmly before slapping the gag into my mouth with a bit of unnecessary force. She pushed me backwards onto the bed.

I scooted my way into the center and lay in wait.

And waited.

And waited.

It seemed like an eternity before I felt Domina climb onto the bed. She began massaging my nipples until they sprung up. I yelped into the gag as she attached a set of clamps.

We had played with clamps previously, but this time they were tighter than normal. I took a few deep breaths, awaiting the endorphin rush to take the pain away.

Next, I felt something wrapped around each ankle before pulling my legs apart, leaving me wide open. I actually became excited at the forthcoming prospects. I began to moan and wiggle happily.

Domina lifted my head and attached a posture collar. New, but enjoyable.

She left again. I was left to my own devices.

Domina returned again after an unknown amount of time. I felt her climb up on the bed, straddling me. I was confused at this point. I still had the cage on.

I whimpered, thrusting my hips up to show Domina what I was waiting for, and had been waiting for, now for some considerable time.

“Your attitude needed a bit of correcting,” she said, “and we are almost done.”

I agreed, lifting my hips again.

It happened before I knew it.

I felt the sting of a riding crop crash down on the inside of my thigh. I could barely catch my breath before it happened again.

I tried to move and get out of the way of the crop. It was futile. Domina had made certain I was going nowhere during this time.

“You needed some correction. Obviously you have forgotten who is in control. I thought you would get it when I put you in the cage. You did not. This is a reminder,” said Domina.

She continued dropping blows. Some were quite forceful, and some were not so. The only thing I could not do was anticipate when each blow would fall.

I tried my code word.

She ignored it. This bothered me greatly.

I tried again a bit louder. This time she responded, “Yes, dear?”

The blows continued. Pleasure swiftly turned to pain.

With one last ditch effort, I screamed into the gag before breaking down, blubbering into the gag and struggling to catch my breath.

The blows stopped. Domina stepped off the bed.

I felt her unbuckle my legs and the two sides of the collar. She spoke at last.

“I am going to take your hood off. Do not open your eyes under any circumstances. If you do, well, I will let you decide,” she said, rather sternly.

I heard her step away and water running.

I nodded. The hood came off. I was still blubbering and crying from the pain. Domina wiped my face down gently with a washcloth. A blindfold went over my head. She placed a straw at my mouth. I drank some much appreciated water.

Domina helped me sit up. She climbed onto the bed and pulled me over to her. She cradled my head with one arm. The other she gently guided my head forward. I felt her erect nipple pressing on my lips. I knew what to do.

I stayed that way for some time, gently nursing while Domina stroked my hair. She hummed to me, much like a mother would a child.



Author note: The decision to stop here was one that I struggled with doing. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the decision as appropriate. Will there be a part two? Let me know if you are interested: [email protected].

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