Wanted - Male Slave

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2018 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bond; collar; leash; gag; cuffs; chastity; electro; blindfold; trick; cons; X

My apartment building has a bulletin board where people post notices. I always glance at it as I head for the elevator. Today there was a new piece. It read:


Magnesium Added Lemon Extract

Small Large And Value Extra

A phone number was below this. I read it twice without understanding what they wanted. I used my ID card to access the elevator and I entered the waiting car. As the elevators doors clanked shut I could see what the capital letters read:




I slammed my hand into the "Open" button, but it was too late, I was headed up. I had to ride all the way to my floor before I could exit the lift and redirect it to the lobby.

Damned "Secure" building

The sign was still there.

I carefully removed the thumbtacks, not wanting to simply rip it free. I read it a dozen times. Could it be true? Could it be this easy to find a Mistress?

My hands shook as I entered her number in my phone. She answered on the first ring.

"Yes?" She purred.

"Hi," I stammered, "I saw your notice on the board and I…"

"Do you have my Extract?" She interrupted.

"What? Er…No," Shit! Was she actually looking for Lemon Extract? What should…

"What do you have to offer then?" She said, interrupting my thoughts again.

"Devotion." I blurted honestly.

"My, how…Proper." She breathed. "If you will open your door to me, I will open you to all of your fantasies."

Oh god yes! "I…Yes…of course…how?" I heard a tapping at the front door. A lady stood there, wearing a red trench coat and a wide-brimmed hat. My first thought was that I had found Carmen San Diego. She tapped on the door again as the voice on my phone hardened.

"Open The Door!"

She hadn't been speaking metaphorically. I flew to the door and threw it open. "I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you…"

"Eyes down!" She ordered. "Show me to your apartment before I decide I am wasting my time with you!

"Yes…Mistress?" I offered. Was I allowed to call her that?

I kept my eyes lowered as the elevator took us to my floor. She was pulling a small suitcase, red of course, and her heels were higher than anything I had ever seen in real life.

I opened the door to my apartment, blessing my stern mother who had forced me to always keep everything clean and put away.

"Slave, you have earned your first reward. On your knees!"

A lifetime of porn had prepared me for this. "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." Because I was staring at the floor, I didn't see where the blindfold came from. She then added a collar, which was just short of being too tight. I fought to contain a moan of pleasure as she snapped the leash to my collar.

"I assume this is your living room and your kitchen is over here."

"Yes Mistress, I…"

"DOWN!" She pulled me down the second I had stated to get to my feet. "I did NOT give you permission to walk. Your Mistress walks, worms crawl! What is the next room?"

"Mistress, that is my…den." My heart sank as I heard the door open. Her laughter was not unexpected.

"It's filled with comic books!" She said with delight. "You're not a worn, you're a bookworm, a comic bookworm!"

I fought the urge to tell her what some of those books were worth. My slabbed X-Men #1 alone was worth as much as a house. But I knew better than to contradict a Mistress. I kept silent as she derided my other passion.

"And this must be your bathroom," she said as she continued to lead me around my apartment. "And this is your bedroom! Oh a waterbed! What fun!"

My leash was pulled up, telling me to stop.

Where do you hide all your naughty toys? If you lie and tell me there are none I will leave."

"They are in the suitcase in the closet." I admitted softly. My head was painfully pulled up.

"I can't hear you, worm!"

"In the closet, Mistress, On a shelf in the closet!."

"There, good puppy…er…worm. You take off all your clothes, and I will see what I can find to play with."

Not daring to stand, I stripped on my knees, placing my clothes on a chair. "What are all these O Bolts for?" She wondered. "Unless…" I heard her lift the padded rails to reveal where I had drilled holes in the bed frame. "Nice,"

She moved around the bed, screwing in the bolts: Three on each side and another three at the bottom. "Now, what other treasures?….Oh I like this." I heard her stand behind me. "I want you to suck this in slowly." I felt my penis gag held to my lips. I opened my mouth but the gag didn't move. I was going to have to gag myself.

I leaned forward and closed my lips around the rubber gag. I sucked it in slowly as she teased me by puling it out and letting it slide in again. Despite the humiliation, or maybe because of it, I felt myself harden.

Next she removed her collar and quickly replaced it with my tallest posture collar. With my gag forcing me to keep my mouth open, the collar made it impossible for me to look down. Had I not been blindfolded, I would have been staring at the ceiling.

"Hands in front." She said softly. Wide leather cuffs were buckled on and locked into place. "Bed, on back." Was she getting excited as well? I hurriedly climbed into position, the waterbed rocking beneath me.

Wordlessly she pulled my legs apart, added cuffs and tied them to the side and bottom rings.

I felt her pulling at the D rings on my collar. She must have threaded a rope through them and secured them to the upper O Bolts. My hands were pulled to the upper corners and ropes secured them to the O bolts.

Unlike all my other times, I knew I could not free myself. I was totally helpless.

I don't think I had ever been this hard. I was sure I was dripping.

"Ew. You need training."

Oh yes, please I thought.

"Now what shall I train first?" She said softly.

I felt her fingernail tracing the curve of my erection. The tip of her nail poked at the opening of my penis. "Naughty slave doesn't have any sounding toys."

What the hell are those?

"Your loss." She said as she walked away.

She was gone a while. I could hear her opening drawers and the occasional clash of plates. Finally I heard her heels click back to my bed.

A soft bag landed on my cock. Before that shock had worn off I realized it was cold.

DAMN cold.

She must have found my chastity.

It didn't matter how cold that bag was, the thought of having my cock locked away made me even harder.

"Was your father a penguin?" She asked as she wrapped the icy vegetable bag around me. "Shrink dammit!"

Passion is no match for the Green Giant's mixed veggies.

I shrank.

I could feel her adjusting my balls as she fitted the first ring to me. I had shaved this morning so it should be an easy fit.

The small arc slid into place, completing the anchor ring. I appreciated that she took the time to make sure the plastic wasn't pinching me. Her continued fussing must mean she was sliding the anti-escape piece on.

Even with my cock numbed, I could feel the cock sheath being pushed over me. She must have lubed it because I easily slipped into it.

"This is my favorite part." She said. "Until now you had a chance, but once I line up the pins with your cage, we both know it must end with me snapping the lock closed."

Her fingers danced as she pulled my skin free from the closing plastic. All the while my prison steadily got smaller.


I could feel her pressing and pulling at the chastity, "All dressed up and nowhere to grow." she said, "Now, one more tiny detail and we can have some fun!"

She wasn't gone as long as the last time. I was learning to crave the sound of her heels returning. "When I count to three I want you to cum."

How was I supposed to do that?


All of my muscles exploded into movement. My back arched as I tried to pull my arms and legs free of their restraints. My body seemed to be at war with itself.

She was using a TASER! She kept it on as I felt myself spiral into darkness with her laughter following my descent.

I hurt.

My throat was raw, I might have dislocated a shoulder and one ass cheek felt like it had been barbecued.

Besides, it was getting dark and I…

I could see the ceiling. My blindfold was gone.

Somehow I knew my apartment was empty, but I still tried to call for my mistress.

After a few minutes, I gave up. I was alone.

Until I heard my apartment door squeak open. Had she returned or…?

"Police! Call out!"

Maybe they won't find me…but then I'll die.

I called as best I could.

I heard someone enter my room. "Yep, she caught another one." A man said.

A woman's head entered my field of vision. "You okay honey?" She asked.

I'm naked except for a chastity device locked on my cock, bound and gagged on my bed and a cute cop wants to know how I feel….

I'm fucking peachy.

I grunted I was fine as she began to untie me.

I was kinda glad I was wearing the chastity, a cute cop, bondage…another fantasy was being answered.

"Bring him here when you free him." The other cop called. Oh yeah, we weren't alone…never mind.

In a few minutes I shrugged into a robe. I still wore the cuffs and chastity, but she had removed the collar and gag. My heart sank as we walked to my comic room. Tell me she hadn't….

She had.

Every 'slabbed' comic I owned was gone. All my early FFs. My Batman 26, even my Logan's Run #6. They were gone, all gone.

The male had a notebook out. The questions were brief and he obviously already knew the answers.

"Did I let her in? Was I a willing bondage subject? Was it all my equipment that had been used?"

Then the questions got harder. "What did she look like?" I never really saw her face. "Height?" Um…she wore high heels. "What car did she drive?"

Damn I was a fool!

It turns out I was far from her first victim. She would choose an apartment building that did not have a guard, trap a sucker and rob him blind. After stealing from a few of us, she would move on to her next city.

Her large hat prevented the cameras from getting a usable image.

And the best part, because I had welcomed her in, my insurance company might not cover my loss.

"You finish up in here, I'll write it up downstairs," The man said.

What was left?

"How did you know I needed help?" I asked when we were alone.

"She called us. It's the one nice thing she does. Of course, if she didn't, she'd be facing multiple homicides."

She took a deep breath. "There is one last thing… That."

She pointed to my crotch….okay.

"It's glued on."

My mouth hung open.

"It will take at least two months until you can safely remove it."

"Two months? Can't I just use something to…"

"No, you'll have to wait until you shed enough skin cells to free yourself. Three months is safer."

She moved closer and her voice dropped to a whisper. "You seem like a nice guy. You have to be careful about who you let tie you up. You got off lucky this time. I've seen worse, a lot worse."

She pulled out her card. "Call me when you're free…and don't want to be."


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