Trixie or the WG

by T.A.Friedet

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© Copyright 2016 - T.A.Friedet - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 3

Chapter 16 Natalie

The next day brought new challenges. When she saw the breakfast set up in front of them, she couldn't help but be amazed. Trixie made an effort to try everything at least once. The sausages and stewed tomatoes tasted very good to her, but when she was offered tippers, she went on strike.

"Today I have to spend most of my time talking to my asset managers about some things," Antje explained. "I've asked Frank to drive you around London a bit and show you the main sights. I can't say exactly how long that will take me, but when I'm done, I'll call Frank and you can pick me up."

Trixie was delighted with this opening. There were so many things she wanted to look at, and she knew there was no way she could do it. From the boarding house, they first took Antje to the meeting with her asset managers, then Frank began his sightseeing tour for Trixie. It turned out that Frank was an excellent tour guide. Somehow he always managed to park the car near the sights, too. They would then always get out and Frank would explain to her what she was going to see in detail. The huge Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens especially made a great impression on Trixie. Only Speakers Corner was a disappointment to her because there was nothing going on there during the week. Frank explained to her that it was only worth visiting there on Saturday mornings. At noon he took them to a pub where they ate turkey sandwiches.

Later, when she returned to the car after visiting Westminster Abbey, Frank's cell phone rang. Antje was calling, asking to be picked up.

"Well, how was it," Antje inquired of Trixie.

"London is really breathtaking," Trixie gushed. The many impressions she had gotten made her love the city. "Actually, we still wanted to go to St Paul Cathedral," she explained.

Antje looked at her watch, then said, "Why not? I haven't been there in a long time. We have plenty of time, but tonight we are invited to dinner at the home of one of my money managers. I hope you don't mind."

After touring this beautiful church, they drove back to the boarding house and got dressed up for the evening. Trixie put on her pantsuit, while Antje dressed in a fancy suit. Frank took them to the home of Antje's money manager in Kensington.

They were greeted at the door by a butler who then led them into the drawing room of the house. Antje's wealth advisor was a man in his mid-40s, whom Antje introduced as Mortimer. Shortly thereafter, his wife and daughter also entered the salon. Trixie had to look up at the young woman, whom she estimated to be at least 5 feet 85. She wore her black hair cut very short and close to her head. The daughter made a somewhat bored impression at first, but when she saw Trixie's neck corset, her eyes started to light up.

"That's totally awesome," she exclaimed softly. "You and Antje are ..."

"Mainly we're friends," Antje explained. "We live together in a WG with three other girlfriends. But here on this trip, Trixie is my slave and I am her mistress."

"See," Mortimer said, "I told you dinner would be interesting for you, too. You ought to listen to your old master once in a while, after all. I suppose you want to ask Trixie a hole in the belly now. Why don't you two go to the library sometime, you can talk to each other without being disturbed."

Natalie grabbed Trixie's hand and pulled her along. Trixie looked over at Antje, who just nodded at her. They then went into an adjacent room, which Natalie described as a library. The room really did fit the stereotype with bookshelves from floor to ceiling. There was a leather sofa in the middle of the room, and the two sat down on it.

"What's it like to be a woman's slave?" was the first thing Natalie wanted to know.

"Actually, I'm not her slave," Trixie replied. "As Antje said earlier, there are five of us and we take turns being mistress and slave. I've only moved into this WG quite recently, but I think I've found the right environment for me. At the moment I am just one of the slaves and here on this trip Antje is my mistress. But this is only an exception. Actually, another one of my friends, Karin, is my mistress this week. And she's also Antje's mistress, although, professionally, she's Antje's employee."

"And how does that express itself?" Natalie probed.

"Well, when we're at home, we're usually all naked, except for the mistress. I actually always wear a slave collar, even when I go out of the house. The mistress role is changed every week. But because I just joined, I am only a slave for the first three months. The mistress then always decides what I have to do or what I have to wear. Here in London, Antje decides what I have to wear."

"And what did you do before you moved into this WG? And what do you work at?"

"I was in prison for three years." 

"In prison? What did you do?"

"I embezzled money from my employer for my boyfriend. Nice and stupid. I don't know how I could have been so stupid. When I was found out, he disappeared and I had to pay for everything alone. In prison, I met the sister of one of the WG."

"And that's how you ended up with them?"

"When I got out of there, the others took me in. They also helped me get a job, which I'll start next Monday. Actually, the others spoil me more than I deserve. Sometimes they play nasty tricks on me, but that's part of it. And I'm not the only target of these pranks either, it goes around." Then Trixie told Natalie about her experience at the airport.

"You showed up there with no underwear," Natalie asked in amazement.

"Yes, of course. I've gotten completely out of the habit of wearing underwear or stockings. Yesterday I had a piercing here at one of Antje's suppliers, and for once I wore panties afterwards. That was really unusual for me. But that was just yesterday, now everything is back to normal."

"You had yourself pierced? Where? And you're back to no underwear now too? I'll have to see that."

"You can't do that," Trixie protested. "I can't just take my clothes off, though!"

"Why not? We're alone here, aren't we? Dad and Mom already won't come here to the library. Besides, they both know me."

"And your butler?"

"James is a real butler. Part of his training is that he doesn't see anything he's not supposed to. He would never let anything he witnesses here get out. That being said, he's seen me naked more than once." With that, she began unbuttoning Trixie's blouse.

Trixie didn't feel comfortable doing that, but she could already see that Natalie wasn't giving her a choice. She undressed and then, spreading her legs slightly, stood in front of Natalie. Natalie ran her hand down her locks. Trixie twitched slightly at the touch because she was still very sensitive after all. But Natalie didn't let that stop her and stroked Trixie's pubic area. "You're pretty wet down there," Natalie commented. Trixie blushed once again, but said nothing in response.

"Well you see," Natalie said, "there's nothing wrong with taking your clothes off here. Do you think you might feel better if I took my clothes off too?"

Trixie nodded and Natalie literally tore off her clothes. She was wearing underwear and pantyhose, of course, but everything landed on the floor in a flash.

"Listen," Natalie then explained, "we have to show this to Dad and Mom right away. I want to get a piercing like that, too. Can you tell me the address where you got it done? I'm sure Mom especially would agree, knowing it's done properly and that I'm not going to some bungler in town." Natalie ran her index finger through the ring on Trixie's neck corset and pulled her along behind her. Trixie reluctantly followed her, but she didn't have many options.

"Dad, Mom," Natalie called out as they entered the salon, "look at that awesome piercing Trixie has. I want one of those, too. Don't you guys think that's awesome? Trixie also gave me the address where she got it done."

Mortimer and his wife stared at the two naked people, while Antje had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. She could vividly imagine what was going through Mortimer's and his wife's minds now. Only James didn't make a face. Instead, he filled two glasses and brought them to Trixie and Natalie.

Finally, Mortimer composed himself, "Listen, missy, you must be out of your mind. You may have just turned 21, and you can decide that for yourself. But I'm going to do what I can to prevent something like this from happening."

"Oh, Dad, calm down. After all, I'm still asking you and Mom. And if you both don't want it, I'll abide by it too. Even if I don't have to. But this has advantages for you, too!"

"It has advantages for us?" Mortimer's wife asked in amazement. "You'll have to explain that to us!"

"It's simple. You get the keys. And then when I go to the disco on weekends, you won't have to worry about much happening there."

Mortimer and his wife's jaws dropped. Antje couldn't keep it together and she laughed out loud. Even James couldn't help grinning.

"So, uhh," Mortimer began. "I… oh well. It's not like we have to decide that right here and now. I mean, you guys go back to the library and get dressed. And then we can have dinner."

It turned out to be a nice evening. Mortimer told about his travels and Antje also contributed her part. Only Natalie looked almost all the time at Trixie. She noticed that and she understood that Natalie would have liked to disappear with her in her bedroom. But she held back. It had been turbulent enough already. But she slipped Natalie a note with her phone number and address.

At breakfast the next morning, Antje gave Trixie back the keys and also the keys for the neck corset. Trixie had asked for a quiet return flight, which Antje understood. They drove from the guesthouse to Antje's second supplier, where Antje also placed a nice order. On the way to the airport, Antje had Frank stop at a fish & chips stand, because Trixie had heard a lot about this combination and wanted to try it. 

By early afternoon, they were back at the WG. Antje went straight to her store, while Trixie lay down on her bed in her room and thought about the trip.

Chapter 17 Relaxing for a Change

The following Friday evening, they all met as usual in the kitchen for their weekly meeting. Trixie had given Karin, who was the mistress that week, the keys to their new locks. 

"Well, dear slave girls," Karin then began, "the weekend is coming up. I've been thinking about it, of course, but I guess I'm the jerk this time. Somehow there are hardly any opportunities to do anything major."

"Why," Antje asked.

"Well, Beate is on duty in the afternoon and evening, so she's out. We'll both be at the store on Saturday, but after that we'll have a little more time."

"I'll be at the store, too," Trixie interjected.

"You, my dear, be very quiet," Karin replied. "I've been talking to Beate. I'm a little afraid for you, and Beate agrees with me."

"Why are you afraid for me?" Trixie wanted to know.

"Since you've been here, you've been moving in the fast lane. That doesn't go well in the long run. I know you're going to say, 'I can do this,' because that's become your motto here. And that's why we all love you so much. But still, you need some time off. Just remember that you have to be at Dieter's on Monday. He expects a rested new employee. And not an exhausted slave."

"Karin has a point," Siggi interjected. "We've been doing all this here for years, but not around the clock. Each of us takes a break, be it for a weekend or even three weeks. And you come here and you're from zero to a hundred in three seconds."

Beate hugged Trixie. "This isn't going against you. We still want so much from you. And there has to be time to rest. Besides, I think you've lost some weight. When was the last time you were on the scale? Two or three kilos more would do you good."

"Am I supposed to spend the weekend in bed?" Trixie now grumbled.

"No," Karin replied. "You shouldn't. "Tomorrow morning it's cleaning time. After that, you and Siggi will go to Roermond and buy groceries. Maybe you'll cook for us again sometime. If you want, you can also go to the outlet center again. Take your time."

Now Siggi spoke up. "Listen, I have another idea. The store in Roermond is also open on Sunday, it's not in Germany. How about Trixie and I go to the North Sea. Somewhere in a nice hotel for the two days. And Sunday we'll stop by Roermond on the way back and do some shopping then."

"And what are we doing in Holland?" Trixie asked doubtfully.

"Walks, chilling, cuddling," Beate replied with a grin. "Presumably Siggi will take some toys with her?"

"Could be. The main thing is that it goes quiet and relaxed. And don't do any fancy stuff. Maybe a hotel with a spa and massages. There was something like that about the height of Alkmaar, but by the sea."

"Yeah, I remember that. That was quite nice. But what it was called, I don't know." explained Antje.

"Well, agreed," Karin asked.

Trixie was a little disappointed, but she realized that her friends all wanted the best for her. "If that's what it's going to be," she mewed, still not enthusiastic.

"Well, that's settled then," Karin then said "what do you say we check in with the dungeon again?"

"What's the dungeon," asked Trixie.

"Siggi can explain it to you this weekend," replied Beate. "But I think in about three or four weeks, the dungeon would be a good idea. Agreed?" Everyone nodded.

The next morning, as they sat at breakfast and Karin was to announce the divisions for cleaning duty, she said, "Siggi and Trixie, you'd best leave right away. Antje and Beate can take over your cleaning areas." Antje and Beate nodded without any hesitation. Trixie still found this amazing when she thought about the numbers she had seen on Antje's cell phone and now she was cleaning for two without any grumbling.

Siggi and Trixie quickly packed their bags. Siggi had two bags with her, one of which was apparently a bit heavier. They rode the elevator to the garage and packed everything into the Mini. Trixie got behind the wheel and Siggi assured her she would show her the way. 

Most of the way was on the Autobahn, but Siggi slowed Trixie down a bit and explained to her that speed limits were much stricter in Holland than in Germany. Beyond Amsterdam, the route took a very well-maintained country road to Alkmaar, then took smaller roads over to the coast. Siggi searched the areas off the roads with her eyes, then at some point she suddenly called "stop" and had Trixie turn around. They drove back a short distance and Siggi directed Trixie into a hotel driveway.

The hotel was large and modern and it was perfectly easy to get a very nice room with a view all the way to the sea. Siggi immediately approached the lady at the front desk and was able to book them both appointments for a massage. The hotel had several masseurs, so both appointments were at the same time. Siggi and Trixie first went to their room, but then they went to the hotel bar again, where they enjoyed a non-alcoholic cocktail. But then it was already time for the massage.

When Trixie came to their shared room after the massage, Siggi was already in bed. She flipped back the covers and Trixie quickly took off the bathrobe she had borrowed from the hotel and slipped under the covers with her. She snuggled a little closer to her friend and was asleep in a few minutes. Siggi pulled her friend even closer and caressed the thin body. She wondered where Trixie got all that energy.

Trixie slept for over two hours, and only woke up when she wanted to roll over a bit, but couldn't. She opened her eyes very lightly, and then she started to move. She opened her eyes very slightly and saw Siggi's smiling face in front of her. She yawned, but when she wanted to close her mouth again, Siggi shoved a gag into her mouth in a flash. Now Trixie really woke up. She tried to grab her mouth but her hands were tied behind her back. Now she tried to stretch out her legs, but they were also tied and tightly bent. When she tried to move her legs with the as she felt a jerk on her wrists. Siggi had given her a hogtie in her sleep without her noticing.

"Well, sleep well?" asked the grinning Siggi. Trixie couldn't answer because of the gag. She felt that it was not a ball gag like she had worn many times at home. This gag reached far into her mouth and she saw that it obviously also had a part leading forward that resembled a penis.

"Well, my little hostage," Siggi grinned. "If you want to get out of being a hostage downstairs, you're going to have to do something about it." Trixie looked at Siggi questioningly. She piled some pillows at the head of the bed and pushed herself into a half-sitting position. The comforter landed on the floor and Siggi sat there with her legs spread. "The first thing you're going to do is give me a real treat," Siggi commanded.

In her bound position, Trixie had to roll around on the bed like a beached whale until she had Siggi's pussy in front of her with her penis gag. When she was finally able to penetrate her friend with it, she took pains to do so carefully and sensitively. She tossed her head back and forth and really strained. Siggi crossed her arms behind her head, closed her eyes and tried to stay as calm as possible and keep her arousal at a low level to delay the whole thing as long as possible. But Trixie was tireless as always and then gave her friend a slow and prolonged orgasm.

Siggi let her friend lie in her hogtie for a bit afterwards while she took a shower herself. After that she got dressed and went downstairs to the reception and from there to the restaurant, because she wanted to look around there first. She also met a waitress there and spoke briefly with her. In the process, a few bills changed hands. Then she went back to her room. She had already thought of something at home, which she now wanted to do.

First she loosened the handcuffs that connected Trixie's legs to the handcuffs on her wrists, and Trixie was glad to finally be able to stretch her legs out again. Siggi then replaced the leg cuffs on Trixie's legs with other leg cuffs that had a chain about 30 inches long between the legs. Now she put a chain around Trixie's slender waist, locked it in front and then guided the chain between Trixie's legs to the back, pulled it tight and also made it tight with a lock in the back. Only now she took off Trixie's handcuffs, which she had put on her above the elbows, and used this pair to fasten Trixie's left hand to the waist chain with this handcuff. Only then she released the handcuffs that connected the two wrists and pulled the right arm to the other side, where she also fastened the hand cell to the hip chain. Trixie now had to stand up and Siggi dug out a long sleeveless T-shirt from the bag where she had her toys, the seams of which were cut at the side between the sleeve hole and the hem. She pulled it over Trixie's head. Above and below the waist chain, she connected the front and back parts of the T-shirt with staples to keep the shape halfway.

Siggi now looked at her friend and realized that she had made a good guess. The T-shirt very barely covered Trixie's pubic area and bottom. Finally she took Trixie's gag out of her mouth and took a dog leash out of her bag. She hooked it into Trixie's slave collar. So she pulled her friend behind her towards the door.

"We can't leave the room like this," Trixie protested. But Siggi didn't let that irritate her. She pulled Trixie behind her to the elevator. They then rode it down into the hotel lobby and Siggi pulled Trixie behind her to the restaurant. Fortunately, there were very few guests, but those who were there watched the spectacle in amazement. At the restaurant, the waitress Siggi had spoken to earlier immediately approached them and led them to an alcove in the back of the restaurant. Immediately after, the waitress also brought them the menus.

"What would you like to eat?" Siggi asked. She had the menu open in front of Trixie and was slowly running her finger along the menu from top to bottom.

"Are you crazy?" Trixie asked in exasperation. "What are the other guests saying? Can't we go back to the room? Please please!"

"No, first of all, hardly anyone sees us back here, and second of all, I'm hungry. We haven't eaten since breakfast. You better take a look at the menu. I think the sole is right up my alley. And for you? How about the eel in cream sauce? And I'm thinking a nice rosé to go with it. Agreed?"

Trixie closed her eyes and tried to breathe calmly. Then she nodded. She could already imagine how Antje and Beate would laugh when she told them about it. The waitress came back to their table and Siggi placed the order. For the first time, Trixie looked the waitress in the eye and noticed that she was obviously enjoying herself. Even when the food was then on the table, Siggi did not free her friend from the handcuffs. She had to sit there with her hands cuffed to her waist chain. Instead, Siggi fed her friend and in between also gave her the glass to her lips so that she could drink some of the rosé. But Trixie then had to admit that at least the eel tasted excellent.

When they had finished eating, the waitress quickly brought the bill at Siggi's request before the table was cleared. Siggi paid everything and again gave the waitress a good tip. While clearing the table, the waitress dropped a fork from her plate onto the floor. She quickly put everything back on the table, then knelt down and suddenly disappeared. Before Trixie could react, she suddenly felt a hand on her thigh. The hand moved on to her naked pussy and penetrated it once very briefly then withdrew again and Trixie heard a soft "Mmmmmmm!" from under the table. Then the waitress reappeared with her head above the table and stood up. She smiled at them both, licking a hand as she did so.

Up in the room, Siggi finally freed Trixie from all her bonds. Trixie actually didn't know if she should be mad at her friend right now, or if she should just be embarrassed about her performance at the restaurant.

"Actually, I should spank you for that," Trixie scolded.

"Help yourself," Siggi replied with a laugh. She held out the bag of toys to Trixie, then set the bag on the floor and threw herself belly-down on the bed. Trixie hesitated for a moment, but then reached into the bag. She found Paddle, took one, and knelt on the bed next to Siggi. She smacked Siggi's bottom pretty hard with the paddle, but she just laughed. Siggi was still laughing even after Trixie had given her two dozen swats on the butt and leaned back, exhausted. Then, as Siggi rolled onto her back, she did moan briefly as her bottom made contact with the bed, but Trixie saw that her friend's juices were already running out of her pussy.

They slept closely that night. Then in the morning they took a shower together before heading to the restaurant where the breakfast buffet was set up.

"What are we going to do now," Trixie asked.

"How about a long walk on the beach? I was going to tell you about the dungeon, too."

At the beach, they took off their sandals and then walked slowly along the beach barefoot. Siggi explained, "So the dungeon. You've noticed by now that we all have our maso sides. Every now and then it does us quite good to be touched really very hard. Actually, we should whip each other hard from time to time or do other things to each other. But because we are girlfriends now, we feel too much pity for each other. Some time ago we discovered the dungeon. We go there and let ourselves be sold as slaves to other people for one night. Mostly these are men, but sometimes there are also women or couples. They often use us quite extensively. Some of it hurts quite a bit at the moment, but afterwards, when it's over, we feel somehow relieved. From time to time even a real cock has its advantages. There are a few rules in this dungeon to avoid serious injuries. Among other things, a so-called guard always monitors what the buyers do to us. If things get too rough, these guards step in."

"What kind of people are these guards?" inquired Trixie now.

"The guards are people like us. They are especially not just any people, but they are usually the ones who have been the slave girls the week before. So if we let ourselves be sold as slaves there in three weeks, we'll be back in the dungeon the following week, and then we'll act as guards. If you also want to participate, you are only a novice at first. That means that you can't be treated as harshly as we are. Only when you have been there three times as a novice will you be threatened with very harsh treatment. Of course, I don't know if you want to go along with it at all. You needn't have any qualms about telling us that it's out of the question for you."

"That sounds pretty severe, of course," Trixie replied. "I suppose the men are fucking us though?"

Siggi nodded. "Not only that. Some of them piss on us, too, or demand that we drink their piss. But it is actually nowhere near as bad as it sounds. In addition to very tight bondage, we are sometimes paraded and some actions take place in front of an audience, so to speak."

"And how long does that last?" asked Trixie. "And you said we're sold? Who gets the money then or is it not about money at all?"

"Well we have to be on site at 3:00 on Saturday then. But that's not a problem, from the store it's twenty minutes by car at most. From three until shortly before four we are then visited. You can imagine for yourself that we are naked and in shackles. At four the auction takes place and afterwards we belong to the highest bidders until the next morning at eleven. There is real money at the auction, but it is donated to a good cause. Each slave can decide for herself where the money goes. You wouldn't believe what these guys will put on the table to get their hands on us for once. My highest bid is 8000 euros and Karin has even taken 9500 euros once. The buyers know how resilient she is. But the minimum bid is already 2000 Euro. In addition, most buyers still give us a good tip, but that is really for us, unlike the purchase price."

"So I can say, for example, that the money should be for the mercy yard?"

"Whatever you want. The mercy yard is ok, the Red Cross or SOS Children's Village. It doesn't matter. But trust me, it's hard earned money."

"Well, that's just your typical hammer. But I'm definitely going to participate. At least the first time. Whether I'll still join in after that, I can always decide then."

Siggi pulled Trixie close to him and hugged her tightly. "I didn't expect anything different from you. And knowing you, you'll have fun with it too. Maybe not right now, so when it's currently happening, but then when you think about it afterwards, you'll be glad you went along." Then she looked around, briefly glanced at her watch and said, "So, slowly we have to turn back. I said we'd check out around two. That will give us plenty of time to do our shopping in Roermond."

Chapter 18 New Beginning

On Sunday night, Trixie slept fitfully. She was nervous and wondered what the first day at her new employer would bring. She got up way too early and took a long shower first. She put on a pristine white t-shirt and jeans to go with it, as well as some comfortable sneakers. She also put on her slave collar and locked it with a padlock. She put the key in her purse. At 7 o'clock she went to the kitchen to have breakfast.

When Trixie opened the kitchen door, her friends were already waiting for her. "What are you guys doing here," Trixie asked.

"We figured you'd be up really early and all nervous," said Beate. "We at least want to make sure you have a sensible breakfast and then we all want to wish you the best for the day."

With that Beate led her to her seat, Karin came off the stove and served her some scrambled eggs while Antje poured her coffee. Trixie sat in front of her plate, choking back a tear. She ate quickly and finished the coffee as well, then stood up, hugged all her friends in turn, and left the kitchen for the elevator. As she reached the apartment door, she heard Siggi calling her, "Trixie!"

Trixie went back to the kitchen and asked, "what is it?"

"You forgot your briefcase," Siggi said, pointing to a leather briefcase sitting next to the icebox.

"You, sorry, that's not mine."

"It's got your name on it, though," Siggi replied.

Trixie picked up the briefcase and sure enough, "Trixie Hansen" was engraved above the handle. She turned to her friends, and saw their amused faces. She walked over to the breakfast table with the suitcase and placed it on top. She opened it and was completely surprised. In the left half of the suitcase was a leather-bound notebook with her name on it. Lifting it up she saw a folder underneath that said "Documents" and in the bottom corner was her name again. Next to it she saw a clear plastic box with business cards. Emblazoned in the middle was her name, but at the top it said "I can do this!". Trixie laughed and saw that below her name was her address, plus her email address and a cell phone number. "What kind of number is that," she asked. At that moment, the doorbell rang from the suitcase. Trixie looked and found a brand new iPhone in a compartment of the suitcase. Karin put her own cell phone on the side, which she had used to call Trixie's new phone.

"You guys are out of your minds," Trixie exclaimed through tears. Then she hugged her friends and gave them each a kiss.

"Did you at least bring money?" Beate inquired.

Trixie took her purse out of her small handbag and looked inside briefly. "About 15 euros," she said.

Beate went to the kitchen cabinet where the money was kept, took out some bills and handed them to Trixie. "There's no way this is enough. Here's 100 euros for now, and when they're gone, you'll take some more. You know where the money is. You can give it back to us next month or the month after when your salary is in the account."

Trixie then headed for the elevator, happily swinging her suitcase back and forth on the way. In the garage, she took the Mini as previously arranged and drove to her new job. When she got there, it was just before eight and she reported to the receptionist.

"Good morning, Mrs. Hansen," she greeted the receptionist. "Mr. Bergmann usually arrives around five past eight. He has already announced it and asks you to wait for him here."

Sure enough, Mr. Bergmann arrived barely three minutes later. He smiled at Trixie as he greeted her. He also had a briefcase with him, but he gave it to the receptionist and asked her to have it brought to his office.

"Hello Trixie," he greeted her, "come on, I'll show you her office." Together they rode the elevator to the third floor, where Mr. Bergmann then let her enter a room at the end of a corridor. "Actually, this used to be a meeting room, but we rarely need it, so I thought we could use it more wisely than your office. At first I had intended to assign you an office on the executive floor, but I don't want you to feel like you're being monitored."

Trixie looked around the room. On one side, two desks with corresponding swivel chairs stood head to head. On the other side was a single computer desk with a swivel chair, and next to it was a conference table with six chairs. Trixie looked out the window briefly and could see across the factory floors. "Who else is sitting in this room," she asked.

"No one at the moment. But I imagine we'll be hiring another programmer to assist you soon. But you will be his supervisor. I've already said that you're supposed to be the brains of the whole thing, first and foremost. During the development phase, I thought it would be best for you to set up a smaller server here. Hence the single computer desk. Once you know roughly what you need, contact Purchasing and they'll get the appropriate equipment for you." He then pointed to a single sheet of paper lying on one of the desks. "This is just for today, there's a lot of legwork and paperwork to do." He pointed to the first line on the sheet and said, "First on the list, of course, is Human Resources. That's one floor below us, but you'll find everything listed here. I'll be off then. But I'll see you at the department head meeting on Friday at the latest."

Trixie put her suitcase next to the table and sat down on the swivel chair. She took the slip of paper and read through it. Sure enough, Human Resources was listed as the first item. There was also a room listing on the slip, so she got up, took the elevator down one floor, and went to the Human Resources Department.

She was greeted very kindly in the HR department as well. In the next hour, she had to sign various documents, including her employment contract, a non-disclosure agreement and various other things. They took a picture of her which was immediately printed on a plastic card that would serve as her access card and also as an account card for the canteen from now on. In addition, there was a parking pass and various information brochures. Trixie had brought the slip from her office and showed it to the employee. "It says IT at 10:00. But there's no room listed. That's followed by Works Council at 11:30, also without a room, and then Company Physician at 2:00. Can you help me with that?"

"That's quite simple. If it doesn't say a room, it will take place in your office. Someone from the IT department will come there at 10 and bring your computer and help you connect to our system. As far as the works council is concerned, two or three works council members come and inform you about what you need to do. They will also go with you to the canteen for lunch. There is an initial amount of €20 on the account card, which is what all new employees get here as a small welcome gift. You can then top up further money at a machine in the canteen. The company doctor is not really a company doctor. You simply walk down the street for about 300 meters and you will come to a medical center. There is the practice of Dr. Müritz, who conducts an examination. But the company only finds out if you are able to work here at all. But if you don't have your head under your arms, that's no problem. Then you also go to our ophthalmologist, who is on the second floor in this medical center. After all, you'll be doing mostly computer screen work, and he'll take a quick look at your eyes. If further examinations are necessary, they will be performed today at short notice. But you really don't need to be afraid. Mr. Bergmann has agreed with the works council that all employees will have a thorough medical examination every three years. However, all results remain confidential between the doctors and the employees. Only if there is anything special to be considered for the future at work are we told. But that usually only concerns older employees, so they don't have to try too hard. But you're still young."

After everything was done in the HR department, Trixie went back to her office where a short time later an employee from the IT department came. He brought her a laptop and a printer. The laptop also included two large monitors with high resolution, which were easier on the eyes. On a separate sheet were passwords and access information for the company's own network. Trixie was more than pleased with the computer equipment. "Director Bergmann wanted me to tell you that if you need any other software, just let the IT department know and we'll get it for you. But there is also a collection of programs, you might want to take a look at them first."

Then, punctually at 11:30 a.m., two members of the works council, a man and a woman, showed up for a meeting. They, too, brought some information material with them, especially on retirement benefits but also on other topics. "Director Bergmann sent us some information about them in advance. Both he and the works council have no problems with your past or with your lifestyle. However, if anyone, whoever, should ever feel the need to call you stupid because of this, it is a strict instruction to you to report this immediately to Mr. Bergmann or the works council, or both. Here in this company, everyone gets their chances, and if they make a mistake, they should learn from it and become better. Only those who don't learn have no business here."

Then they invited Trixie to accompany them to the cafeteria for a welcome lunch. On the way to the elevator, the female store steward quickly showed Trixie the coffee kitchen and explained how to operate the coffee machine; she also pointed out the restrooms and escape routes. This was not part of her job description, but she was eager to help her new colleague. The food in the cafeteria was very tasty but a bit too rich for Trixie. Afterwards, Trixie went back to her office, sat down at her desk and closed her eyes for a moment. She thought about what she had heard and was happy.

But the feeling of happiness only lasted until the visit to the company doctor. She had not expected anything like this and, as was her habit, had not put on any underwear. When the company doctor then asked her to strip down to her underwear, she had to swallow. She confessed to the doctor that she never actually wore underwear. He then asked her to undress anyway. Of course, he had long since noticed her slave girl collar. Therefore, he was not overly surprised when Trixie made this confession to him. Trixie was then thoroughly examined, also measured and weighed. Even though it was a doctor in front of whom she was now standing naked, she was still a bit embarrassed. 

The doctor took another blood sample, then she was allowed to get dressed again and sit on a chair. The doctor was supposed to fill out a form and handed it to her. "Here is the certificate from me that you are healthy enough to start your work. You'll get the results of the blood test in the mail in the next few days, but I don't expect anything special to show up there. After all, you are going upstairs to the eye doctor in a few minutes and I would also like you to stop by our orthopedic surgeon briefly. You will be sitting a lot and the wrong sitting position is often a problem. My office hours help announce you to the orthopedist right away."

The visit to the ophthalmologist went without major problems, then she went on to the orthopedist. There, too, after only a very short wait, it was her turn and the orthopedist wanted to have an X-ray taken of her. He therefore sent her to his employee who directed Trixie to a changing room and asked her once again to undress down to her underwear and to take off all metal objects such as watches. Trixie was glad she had put the key for her slave collar in her purse. Still, of course, she had a problem: "Uhh. Hello, I'm afraid I don't have any underwear on," she explained to the clerk. She raised her eyebrows, shook her head, and then went to a shelf where she pulled out a patient shirt and handed it to Trixie. With her head up and her backside bare, Trixie then let her take the shots.

By the time Trixie got out of the doctor's office, it was just before 5:00 in the afternoon. She went back to the company where her car was parked and drove home.

Chapter 19 Sulky

Over the next few days, Trixie began a routine at the office. She had been given a lot of leeway by her boss as far as her office hours were concerned, but especially now at the beginning, she wanted to do her normal office hours like any other employee. It also made her feel a little more like she was leaving prison behind and getting back to a normal life, even if what was happening in the WG couldn't be called normal.

On the second day of her employment, she went to the head of the IT department and asked him if one of his employees could explain to her the system that had been in place so far and the network that was connected to it. The head of the department did not mind and put one of his employees at her disposal. Over the next three days, she surfed through the entire system asking a myriad of questions. At one point, when she looked in one area and asked her new colleague what it was about, he explained that it was older projects. She tried to open one of the files in the appropriate folder, but was unsuccessful. Her colleague then explained to her that these files were from times when a different operating system had been used. After a system change, the files had been kept, but the necessary programs no longer ran on the new operating system. Trixie made a quick note and then turned her attention to the next area.

In the afternoon, she looked at her notes again. She frowned, then flipped through a computer magazine she had borrowed and found an emulator for the old operating system. She wrote a short e-mail with the request to get this emulator to the EDP department. There was another query, but just two days later she was able to download the appropriate software from the manufacturer's download page. She installed the software, followed by the programs for editing the files that she found on the company network. Lastly, she called up one of the files and tried to understand how the project was structured. She quickly realized, however, that she still lacked a lot of detailed knowledge about it. She looked at a second project with the same result. She resolved to look at the files again at a later date and immersed herself again in her studies of the entire system.

On Thursday afternoon, Director Bergmann came to see her briefly to ask how she was getting on and if she had any pressing requests. Trixie explained to him that she had begun to look at the system so far. Director Bergmann was very pleased with her approach. "Good, I'll see you tomorrow at the department head meeting."

"Do you really want me to come there," Trixie asked doubtfully. "After all, I'm brand new and don't really have a department, I'm just starting out. I don't want the other department heads to think I'm a megalomaniac."

Director Bergmann calmed her down, however, and told her not to worry about it. He would have explained to the other department heads what he was planning to do with Trixie, and they agreed with him that she belonged in that group.

So it came to pass that she joined this group the following day. Each department head briefly explained what the status of the work in progress was in his department. Questions were asked and Director Bergmann made some decisions. Trixie was the last to take her turn. She explained that she was learning the system and that she would like to visit each department in the near future to learn about the work practices and programs.

"Then they'd best start with the project department," Director Bergmann decided. "I guess they'll have to spend at least the next week in that department to understand how we do things there. Also, I'd like you to set up a smaller server for development in your office as soon as possible. Let Purchasing know what they need and that will be sourced."

In the evening of the same day, as every week, the meeting in the WG for the next weekend took place. After all, Trixie had two more weekends to help out in Antje's store. Antje asked Trixie to put on her new pony dress that Saturday and show it off in the store.

"Do you have a sulky in the store?" Trixie asked later, when they finished meeting and gathered in the living room.

"I'm afraid I can't help with that," Antje explained. "That would also take up too much space in the store."

Siggi took Trixie to her side. "You're up to something again," she whispered to Trixie. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking again of a campaign to benefit the Gnadenhof."

"The Gnadenhof seems to have grown on her," Siggi judged.

"Yes," Trixie confessed. "I think it's really great what's being done there. I like animals, especially dogs. They are planning a kind of retirement home there for dogs whose owners have to give up their dogs for health reasons. But they still lack the initial capital. They can't get enough donations. I've talked to some of the staff and almost all of them are working for free. But why do you ask?"

"There's a lightweight sulky in my workshop. You can take the wheels off with a few handles and then I can transport it with my bus."

"Can you do that? But please don't tell Antje about it yet, I want it to be a surprise."

"All right, but please promise me you won't do anything stupid."

On Saturday morning, Siggi hurried with her cleaning work and then disappeared under a pretext. She went to her workshop where she loaded the sulky and took it to Antje's store. She arrived there almost at the same time as Antje, Karin and Trixie. Antje made a silly face when she saw what Siggi was unloading.

Trixie had previously given Siggi a plastic bag, from which she now took out a cardboard sign: "Donate to the Gnadenhof," it said in big letters. Underneath it said, "for every donation over 20 euros, you get to ride around the block on the sulky."

Karin had to laugh out loud, while Antje shook her head with a grin. Siggi whispered to Trixie, "I told you not to do anything stupid. Do you think this is going to work out?"

"I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please."

Karin and Siggi harnessed Trixie into the reassembled sulky. Antje brought a table from the store and put one of the collection tins on it. Next to it she placed Trixie's sign and next to the table came another umbrella stand, in which Antje placed three light, long whips. Trixie looked questioningly at Antje. "If you're going to be dragging donors around for the mercy yard, they've got to be able to drive you. I can't wait to see what your butt will look like this afternoon." Trixie had to swallow.

Barely 10 minutes later, the first 50 Euro bill went into the collection box and a young woman got into the sulky, grabbed another of the whips and shouted "Go!". A small line quickly formed with Antje's customers, all eager to take advantage of the offer. Trixie ran the sulky to the next intersection, then turned left onto the cross street, then through a one-way street, and finally back to the store, where the next sulky driver was already waiting.

After a good half hour, a patrol car suddenly appeared. Two policemen got out and looked at the sign. They also read the text on the collection box, then quietly conferred before the one policeman came over to Antje. "It's all right about the collecting," the policeman explained. "But did you register this whole action here?"

Antje was a little embarrassed now. "Honestly, no. It was a spontaneous action by my acquaintances. Do we have to call it off?"

The policeman frowned, then went to his colleague. They talked again, then one of them went to the patrol car and spoke into the radio. After a short time, two more patrol cars appeared and four policemen got out.

"Oh damn, this looks like trouble," Siggi whispered to Karin.

The policeman who had been talking to Antje earlier came back to her. "So normally we'd have to call the whole thing off here. But so far no one has complained here and they are lucky that there is little going on today. However, it can't go on like this. If their colleague runs through the area with the sulky, it must be secured, otherwise another accident will happen. I will take turns with my colleagues and direct the traffic at the intersections for a few hours. But that's just an exception. The next time you plan to do something like this, please announce it properly. I can't say how long we can do it today either. If we have a mission, we have to leave and they have to promise me that they will then cancel the event."

Antje was quite taken aback and she hurried to assure the policeman that everything would be done the way he wanted it. She thanked him for his kind help. Two of the policemen stayed by the table in front of Antje's store while the others spread out to the intersections and started stopping traffic accordingly every time Trixie passed there.

After two hours Trixie was pretty exhausted and her butt was a single orgy of welts. Karin had put on her pony dress in the meantime and offered Trixie to relieve her for a while. In the meantime, Beate was also in the store, having been called by Siggi. She looked at the spectacle but could only watch in amazement. Around half past twelve, Antje even had to exchange the collection box for another one, because by no stretch of the imagination could anything fit into the first collection box.

Around two o'clock, they called it a day. They thanked the policemen for their help and had another cup of coffee with them in the store. One of the policemen looked at Trixie's bottom. "Whew," he commented, "I hope the result of their collecting was worth it. You're going to have trouble sitting down for the next few days."

Trixie felt her bottom. In fact, it really hurt and she thought that the policeman was probably right in his remark.

Together they then counted the money from the collection tins. This time, almost 3,000 euros had been collected. Trixie explained to Antje what had prompted her action. When she heard this, she took out her checkbook from her desk and wrote out a check for the same amount. "There, that makes it worthwhile twice over," she declared. 

Trixie was delighted, but in her eagerness she had forgotten that Antje was the mistress that weekend and, as such, naturally wanted to have her fun. She hoped that Antje had nothing planned for her bottom. Antje locked up the store and the girlfriends drove back to the WG. When they got to their parking space in the underground garage, a dark van with black tinted windows blocked the entrance. A driver was nowhere in sight.

"What idiot has to park here of all places," Beate grumbled. Everyone got out and looked at the obstacle. But then Antje reached into her purse and pulled out a car key.

"This, dear fellow sufferers, is our new van. After our last debacle, where we had to borrow a bus, I've been thinking and I think we also need a way to be able to transport all of us in a single car and, if possible, have some luggage or other stuff with us. I also thought of some additional equipment that I would like to show you in a moment. And since I'm the mistress at the moment, if we try some of it out right away." Antje got into the van and drove it a bit away from the garage door, then they opened the door and they drove all the vans into their separate area. Antje parked the van so they could inspect it from all sides.

"For the inspection of our new van and our first test, you don't really need any clothes," Antje explained. The others looked at each other briefly, then quickly undressed. All the clothes ended up in a big pile.

Antje showed them the driver's seat first, and they immediately saw that the bus was obviously very well equipped. Not only was there a good radio system with all the trimmings, but they noticed above all that there was both air conditioning and a parking heater. Next to the driver's seat there was a bench for one or two passengers, and Antje showed them that you could raise a dark tinted window behind the front seats. Through this window, everything that happened in the back of the van would then be hidden from public view.

In the rear compartment there was seating for six passengers, there were drawers under the seats and there was also room for lots of luggage behind the seats. The girlfriends sat down on the seats and found them very pleasant and comfortable.

"Don't get too comfortable," Antje said. She then showed them that the seat cushions and backrests could be removed in a few easy steps. They placed the removed seat cushions in the luggage compartment. Underneath there were wooden boards that could be turned over. This is where Antje's imagination immediately kicked in. The turned-over wooden plates were studded with knobs, each no thicker than a little finger and maybe two centimeters long. These knobs would make sitting very uncomfortable. There were restraining straps attached to the backrests, and there were also eyelets everywhere so that restraints could be tied to them. Now the girlfriends had to sit down on the seats and Antje took out handcuffs and other restraints from the drawers under the seats. Within a few minutes the four "slave girls" were condemned to immobility.

Antje got behind the wheel of the bus, opened the garage door with the remote control and in a few moments they were on the street. "I can tell you what you're in for today," she called to the back. "One of my clients, Herbert - Karin, you know him - has been given a real stately residence by his father. So I would call this residence a castle. It was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. They're particularly proud of their water features there. And tomorrow night there will be a concert there, with these water features to be performed in the background. Now there is a catch: these water games are fed from a reservoir that is a few hundred meters away from this castle and which is unfortunately empty at the moment. Our task will be to fill the reservoir. But you need not fear now to run to the reservoir with buckets full of water from a small stream that flows by nearby. After all, we live in the century of technology and the builders of the castle have built a pumping station for the water. These are three large scoop wheels, each over 8 meters high. The lowest wheel scoops the water from the small stream into a trough a good 7 meters higher, then the second scoop wheel scoops the water from this trough into the next higher trough, and finally the last scoop wheel into the reservoir. And these scoop wheels are powered by someone running around in them like a hamster wheel. And that's us."

"So we're supposed to run around like hamsters in a wheel," Siggi asked. "And how long is that supposed to last?"

"Yes, that's what it boils down to," Antje explained. "How long it will take, I can't say exactly yet. But I've agreed with Herbert that we'll finish by 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow at the latest. But there will be a few smaller points then, so that we also get our money's worth."

"So tomorrow at two is closing time," said Beate. "And when do we start? At 8:00 tomorrow morning or at ten? Why are we going there already? And what are the smaller points so we can get our money's worth?"

"Well, I guess we'll start at four o'clock today. Otherwise it's no fun. We should be there and prepared by then. Well-the smaller points are actually not that bad. Well, first of all, you don't have to run alone in the council, but of course I'll join in as well. We are naked, of course, and we get some shackles on. They make it harder to walk, but they also add some weight and that helps us turn the wheels again. We will set up some sort of shift work, always three of us are in the wheels and two are resting. After an hour, one of us will be relieved in the wheel and can then rest for two hours. And to make sure we don't get bored, Herbert has asked his wife to cheer us up with a whip and some other shenanigans the whole time."

"Oh, shit," Karin commented. Siggi just groaned loudly.

"Are you serious," Beate asked.

"You guys need to see this as an opportunity. Next week we'll be in the dungeon, and we could really use some training beforehand. Herbert's wife won't be pinned down like that, that's what I agreed with her. I know right now it seems pretty intense to you guys, and if one of you wants to get out, I understand. But of course that would mean that the others would have to push all the harder." Antje knew, of course, that none of the others would get out and leave her friends hanging. Nevertheless, it got very quiet in the car for a while.

As they approached their destination, it was just before 4:00 in the afternoon. They drove into the courtyard of the castle, which everyone could only gaze at in amazement. In the courtyard, Herbert and his wife were already waiting by their car. Herbert came briefly to Antje at the driver's window and asked her to follow him and his car. The last part of the way led them through a forest until they stopped at a building made of wood.

Antje stopped and opened the side door of the VW bus. She freed her friends from the shackles, with Herbert's wife, who called herself Rosi, helping her. Herbert first showed them the chains they were to wear for the next few hours. In the meantime, Antje had also undressed and was standing naked next to her friends. The necklace sets consisted of a neck ring that was secured at the back with a padlock. At the front, a chain hung down to about the hips, where a larger ring was embedded that ran around their tallies and to which handcuffs were attached at the sides. These handcuffs were also put on them and secured with locks. From there, the chain went even further to the feet, where it divided and ended in ankle cuffs. Each set weighed about four kilograms. They would only be able to take small steps that were not much longer than their feet. Trixie also had a heavy chain placed twice around her waist. When she asked what this was for, Herbert explained that she weighed much less than her friends and that the additional weight of the chains would be very helpful for the work.

Thus bound, the five entered the building and looked at the construction. Everything in the building looked quite old but still in good shape and sturdy. The three scoop wheels were huge, but Herbert showed them that they could still be turned relatively easily. Karin was sent to the first scoop wheel, Trixie came to the middle and Antje climbed the top scoop wheel without any grumbling. Siggi and Beate were temporarily chained to the wall at the bottom next to the first scoop wheel as a relief. However, these chains were relatively long and they could reach a table on which drinks, sandwiches and fruit were arranged.

Rosi then ordered Karin to get started. Karin took a few steps and sure enough, the wheel began to spin. After she had made a few rounds, there was also enough water in the first trough for Trixie to start her work and finally Antje could also get started in the top scooping wheel.

It was tedious but boring work and the chains hindered their walking. It took them a few minutes to get the hang of it and stop tripping over the chains. Rosi walked tirelessly from one floor to the other, cheering the slave girls on. They all got a few light blows on their backs, but they weren't very hard and didn't leave any welts. Nevertheless, the slave girls knew that even these light blows would hurt quite a bit after a while.

Rosi had looked at the clock when they started their work and after 1 hour she came with Siggi to Karin so that she could relieve her. Siggi was already wet with sweat when she joined Beate in the rest area. Beate looked at her friend briefly, then told her to drink as much of the water as possible and also to eat something because there was still a very long time waiting for her. Hour after hour passed and the slave girls noticed how it was getting darker outside. But even in the night there was no rest. Incessantly the scoop wheels turned and brought more and more water into the reservoir. 

Rosi had also come up with a few additional jokes, which she gradually applied to all the slave girls. Tixie got some smaller weights hung on the holes in her labia at the beginning of her second shift. With each step the weights jerked a little and pulled the labia long. At the start of her third shift, Rosi slid a vibro-egg into her pussy for a change and locked the labia with small padlocks. The vibro-egg excited Trixie and soon her pussy juice was running down her thighs. She even got a slight orgasm that made her stumble. Fortunately Rosi was just with her and still caught her. 

When the sun rose again, the slaves knew that they had served half of the agreed time. But they also noticed that they were getting slower and slower and more and more just dragging along. Rosi started not to come to the slaves with the whip, but to bring them something to drink and to give them a few pieces of glucose, so that they had more strength. She also shortened the times that the slave girls had to walk and now changed the slave girls every 40 minutes. Of course, this also shortened the rest times somewhat. Gradually, everyone lost their sense of time.

Suddenly a loud voice shouted "stop, end off". It was Herbert's voice and he looked at his watch. It was 2:00 in the afternoon. Antje, Karin and Beate, who had just been in the bikes, sank to the floor exhausted. Herbert untied Trixie and Siggi from their chains that bound them to the wall and took the other chains from them as well. Trixie had chafed a bit on the chains she wore around her waist, and she groaned. But then she pulled herself together and helped Herbert, along with Siggi and Rosi, get the others out of the scoop wheels and free them from the chains. They all went outside and sat down on a small patch of grass next to the building. Herbert went into the building once more and they heard what seemed to be a rather powerful electric motor suddenly start working.

When Herbert came out he smiled at them and said, "the reservoir is almost three quarters full already. My pump will do the rest in half an hour. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you want, we can do it again. Then you can also have a look at the water games, but I don't think you're in the right condition for that today." 

Chapter 20 Auctioned

Everyone was happy when they arrived back home. As Antje drove into the underground garage, she had to wake the others. Still exhausted, they took the elevator upstairs and went to their rooms. Trixie showered again together with Siggi and afterwards they spent some time together in Siggi's bed.

Later they met again in the living room, but that evening neither of them felt the need for any more shenanigans. Antje guessed that there was no point in wanting to continue, so she handed the mistress role over to Beate.

On Monday morning, Trixie went to the project department, where she approached the department head, Mr. Hoffmeister. He was already expecting her and smiled at her when she joined him at his desk in the open-plan office. "Good morning Ms. Hansen," he greeted her.

"Please do call me Trixie," Trixie replied. "I always feel a little uncomfortable when I'm addressed so formally. Of course, that goes for her co-workers, too."

Mr. Hoffmeister was pleasantly surprised. He knew Trixie had a chip on her shoulder with his boss, but she was polite and obviously had no intention of emphasizing her status as department head in any way. "I thought it best to give you the same briefing we give our apprentices when they spend time with us in the department. It would be easiest for us that way, and of course you can always ask questions or ask for additional explanations. Initially, Mr. Nolan will supervise you for a day or two, and after that you should watch other colleagues for a while. Probably some things will seem like Bohemian villages to you at first, but we all feel that way when we get into a new area. You'll quickly find that my staff actually appreciates it when you ask more questions because it also gives them feedback, which in turn helps them brief you."

Mr. Nolan was a short, somewhat chubby 40-year-old man with a half bald head. He, too, greeted Trixie in a very friendly manner and offered her a chair. Over the next few hours, he gave her an initial general overview of the department's activities. Trixie had expected the work in this department to be very complex, but she had not anticipated this level of complexity.

Mr. Nolan selected a file from several folders that pertained to what he said was a smaller project.

"You call that a small project," Trixie said in amazement when she saw how many details this project included. "Then what does a big project look like?"

"If you want to see a big project, then you can be helped." Mr. Nolan selected another file and Trixie saw that this project was many times larger than the one Mr. Nolan had initially selected.

"I'll pull both projects onto a USB stick for you just in case. Then you can work with them later without having to access our data here. Of course, you have to promise me to keep everything strictly confidential. The smaller project, which we will start with anyway, I also have on another USB stick. There we can mess around and make changes without running the risk of any change happening to the original data."

Over the next few hours, he explained to her how the individual components in this project belonged together. Trixie, of course, had plenty of questions, which he answered patiently. Still, she had the impression of standing by a giant mountain. When told this, Mr. Nolan just laughed. "It's obvious. If you had to explain your project to me, I'd be standing in front of a mountain just like you are now. You're the expert in your field, and we here are just the experts in ours."

In the early afternoon, Trixie said goodbye to Mr. Nolan for the day and promised to be back the next morning with new questions. She took the USB stick with the two projects to her office, where she transferred the data to her computer and then tried to follow up on what she had heard.

It continued like that for the next few days, but gradually Trixie began to understand, at least roughly, the systematics of the bids and the projects. All the employees in the project department were always friendly and she felt really welcome. Even the fact that she wore her necklace with SKLAVIN on it was not addressed by anyone in any way. She spoke to all the staff during this time, only once when she came to a younger staff member, Mr. Hoffmeister called her over.

"Trixie, I told you that you could talk to all the staff here. That includes Mr. Vossen, of course, but to be perfectly honest, Mr. Vossen is not exactly a shining light. He started with us as an apprentice and barely made it through the apprenticeship. Mr. Bergmann gave him a temporary contract anyway, but it will expire in a few months. Mr. Vossen has been in several departments, but he has not excelled in any one area. I suspect that his contract will not be renewed either. While you're welcome to speak with him, it may be a bit of a waste of time."

Trixie thanked him for the advice. She walked past Mr. Vossen's desk and gave him a friendly nod, but then turned to one of his colleagues sitting at the next table. She promised herself, however, that she would talk to Mr. Vossen when the opportunity arose. This colleague also helped her and showed Trixie what she was busy with. When she left Trixie alone for a few minutes to do something, Mr. Vossen came to Trixie with some sheets of paper and asked her if she could perhaps give him some advice. Trixie looked at the sheets and was amazed to see that it was a function written in SQL, meant to query and compare different tables. She read through the whole function several times and although she herself worked in this computer language, it took her some time to understand the design. Then she asked Mr. Vossen what he intended and what the problem was. He explained it to her and when she looked through his design again, she could not find any mistake. But he explained that his computer worked extremely slowly when he called this function. Trixie asked him if she could take the sheets so she could analyze the problem and promised to bring him a possible solution in the next few days.

The staff member she had talked to earlier came back and continued her explanations. Trixie didn't get around to looking at the problem again until the evening. She jotted down a few suggestions for structuring the query differently and gave the sheets to Mr. Vossen the next day, who was pleased to thank her. After that, she continued to devote herself to studying the individual projects.

The week went by far too quickly, and when Trixie thanked Mr. Hoffmeister on Friday for his kind help, she told him she would probably get back to him. But she was also a bit inattentive that day, thinking about what awaited her and her friends on the upcoming weekend: the dungeon.

On Saturday morning, Trixie drove to the store with Antje and Karin. Once there, the two put Trixie in a skin-tight black latex costume. They had agreed that Trixie would do her last job in the store in this form, without any action, because in the afternoon the dungeon would be waiting for all members of the WG.

Beate and Siggi arrived at the store with the van shortly before 2:00 in the afternoon. Antje closed the store on time and the three also boarded the van. After a little over half an hour, they reached a water castle where, as Beate explained to Trixie, the dungeon would take place. They parked the van and walked across a bridge into the moated castle. Purposefully, Beate headed for an entrance and Trixie followed her along with the others. Beate knocked once on the door and immediately it was opened for her and a woman of about 35 years greeted her: "Hello, greetings. It's nice that you are here again. If you are here, it's almost a guarantee for a successful weekend. And this is your new girlfriend?"

"That's right, this is Trixie," Beate explained. "Trixie is, of course, with us for the first time today and I hope we have good keepers today. Is there anyone with us who has a little more experience with novices?"

"Yes, it would be best if Helga took care of Trixie. I'm sure she's done it six or eight times. Come along with me, you know the whole thing. Just go into the dressing room and get undressed already. I'll come with Helga to put you in chains. We still have a good 20 minutes before the tour begins."

Beate and Antje went ahead and soon they came into a relatively small room where there was a large dresser and where there were some clothes hooks on the wall. Everyone immediately started undressing and hanging their clothes on the hooks. Trixie followed the example of the others and in barely two minutes everyone was naked. "By the way Trixie, that was Simone just now," Antje explained. "She mainly has to do with the organization. In a pinch she also fills in as a guard, but mostly she manages to organize enough guards. Next week, the four of us will be here as guards in any case, you can spend a quiet weekend then, because you don't have enough experience for the job yet."

At that moment Simone and another woman, whom Simone introduced as Helga, came into the room. They opened the dresser and Trixie saw for the first time what she would be equipped with for the next few hours. The outfit was very reminiscent of the things they had also worn the previous weekend, only they were much heavier. First, each of them got a very heavy neck iron with lock put on. Heavy handcuffs dangled from short chains at the back of their necks. The two guards then guided the girlfriends' arms behind their backs and placed the heavy handcuffs around their wrists so that they were in a "reverse prayer" position. Lastly, the girlfriends were put on heavy leg irons, which were also equipped with locks.

Thus dressed, the two guards took the five to a small room where two similarly equipped slave girls were already waiting. In addition, six other women were already gathered in this room. The now seven slave women lined up and Simone came with a small bucket from which she pulled a ball for each of the slave women in turn. On these balls were numbers and they had to line up in that order. Only with Trixie an exception was made, she came to the end of the row.

The slave girls now had to stand on a pedestal. When they had taken their places the guards came and put a spreader bar between the leg irons on each of their feet, making them stand with their legs wide apart. This gave them a view of their pubic regions. Simone then clapped her hands once and called out, "The viewing can begin! Let the bidders come in!"

A door opened and a group consisting of men and women entered the room. They were the bidders, nine single men, three single women, and three couples. Trixie recognized some of the bidders because she had seen them before in Antje's store. All of them now began to walk back and forth between the slave girls, looking at them extensively. Meanwhile, the attendants were going around between the bidders with trays that had drinks and snacks on them. The slave girls had to turn back and forth, which was not easy with the spreader bars, they had to bend over and the bidders also grabbed their breasts or between their legs more than once. Each slave was commented on extensively. Trixie was not the only one of the slave girls who became quite wet already during the inspection.

After the bidders had had enough time to look at the slave girls, Simone said aloud, "then we can start the auction. As you know, the minimum bid is 2000 euros. We have a novice with us today who will be the last to be auctioned. Please note that, as always, there are restrictions on this novice in terms of use. We will start with number 1, our slave Siggi, whom some of you will surely remember fondly. Please make your bids!"

The bids came in quick succession, stopping only when the highest bid was 5500 euros. "Is there another bid?" Simone asked. When no further bid was made, she said, "Sold for 5500 euros! Siggi, where may I transfer the purchase price?"

Siggi grinned, because she and the other WG residents except Trixie had agreed: "The money goes to the Gnadenhof." Siggi's buyer, a man of about 40, came up to Simone and handed her his credit card. The transaction was completed swiftly while Trixie stood open-mouthed at the end of the line, looking over at Siggi.

The next slave to be auctioned was one of the other two who had arrived in the dungeon earlier. She was auctioned off for 4500 Euros, with the proceeds to be transferred to benefit the cancer charity. Then it was Karin's turn, who the bidders knew was very resilient. Therefore, no one was surprised that almost 8000 euros were bid on her. She also asked to transfer the money to the Gnadenhof. Beate was auctioned off for 6000 Euros, then it was the turn of the second slave who did not belong to the WG and who only achieved a relatively meager 4000 Euros. Finally it was the turn of Antje, who was sold for almost as much as Beate and who was knocked down for 5900 Euros. Both Beate and Antje had the sales proceeds transferred to the Gnadenhof as agreed. For all of them, the transactions were handled just as swiftly as the first one.

"Now we come to the auction of our novice," Simone announced. "I repeat again the notice that there are restrictions on her use. What are her bids?"

Trixie watched as the bids placed for her rolled over. They quickly rose to 4000, then to 6000 euros. Suddenly a voice from far in the back of the room said, "10,000 euros."

Immediately there was silence in the room. Simone said, "would you repeat that please?"

"I said 10,000 euros," said the man of a younger couple. At that, he came forward with the woman accompanying them, while the other bidders made room for him.

"Any more bids?" Simone asked. "No. Then sold for 10,000 euros. I may note, this is the highest bid we have achieved this year at the auction. And never before has a novice been auctioned for such an amount. Congratulations, Trixie!"

After the transaction ended, the bidders who didn't get to bid left the room and went to their cars disappointed. The winners of the auctions then picked up the slave girls they had bought at auction. The spreader bars between the leg irons were replaced with short chains and the neck irons were connected with lead ropes. Then the buyers took their slave girls to different rooms prepared for the following games. The guards followed the slave girls into these rooms.

When Trixie entered the room, she knew to look around first. In the room there was a big bed, a table with several chairs and several cupboards. Whips hung on the wall and various other implements stood on shelves or leaned against the wall. In one corner of the room was an armchair where Helga took a seat.

"I am Dieter, this is my wife and slave Doris. And you are Trixie, as we have heard. But you will address us as 'master' and 'mistress' and we will address you as 'slave' or 'bitch' or something like that. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," Trixie replied with presence of mind. She hesitated for a moment, then got down on her knees before the master and bowed her head.

"I am impressed," the Lord announced. He walked to the wall and stripped down to his underpants. His wife followed his example, though she wore no underwear. The gentleman pulled his penis out of his underpants and returned to Trixie. "Are you looking forward to this," he asked.

Trixie could well imagine what her role was. She opened her mouth as far as it would go and stuck out her tongue. It wasn't the first time she had had a penis in her mouth, one of her friends had liked it. The gentleman put his penis, which was still half flaccid, in her mouth and Trixie immediately began to suck on it violently and press it with her tongue. It also did not take long until the now stiff member emptied into her. But the gentleman did not withdraw the penis, but waited, then he smiled and a warm liquid flowed into Trixie's throat. She realized that the man was pissing in her mouth. She found it disgusting, but she felt it could have been worse. Besides, she had already talked to Beate about this topic when she had just joined the WG and knew that such a thing was not uncommon in these circles and meant no danger.

Chapter 21 In the Dungeon

Then the mistress came to Trixie and led her to the bed. There Trixie had to lie down on her back, all fours stretched far from her. The master and mistress got ropes from one of the closets and tied Trixie in this position on the bed. The mistress put another pillow under Trixie's head and climbed onto the bed herself. She knelt over Trixie so that her pubic area was right in front of Trixie's mouth and Trixie could start to pleasure her with her tongue.

Then Trixie felt that the gentleman was getting to work on her as well. He first dealt with Trixie's left foot, which he licked and massaged and squeezed at the same time. He took her toes in his mouth and sucked them. He licked the soles of her feet, which tickled immensely. Finally, he switched to her right foot, where he repeated the treatment. The feeling was completely new to Trixie, no one had ever dealt with her feet like this before. It was erotic and she noticed she was getting wet in the crotch. 

The gentleman worked his way up Trixie's right leg, licking it and feeling every inch. Finally, he approached Trixie's crotch, but before he reached it, he switched back to Trixie's left foot, this time beginning the ascent from there. 

At the same time, Trixie worked her mistress' pussy. She found an incredibly wet cavity for her tongue to penetrate. She played with the labia, playfully biting them and sucking them down. The mistress cheered her on, demanding more and more as she herself played with Trixie's tiny breasts, pinching her nipples and massaging the slender torso. Finally, Trixie managed to give the mistress an orgasm. She felt the mistress stiffen and then slowly relax with a grunt of pleasure.

Both master and mistress let go of Trixie, the mistress got off the bed and the master went to talk to Helga. Helga made a short phone call, then they all waited a few minutes. Trixie was still tied up. She asked for something to drink and the mistress came with a champagne goblet and gave Trixie some of the champagne to drink. Actually, Trixie would have preferred pure water, but the champagne didn't taste bad either.

Then two young women dressed as maids entered the room. They brought several trays with them, which they first placed on the bed next to Trixie. Now they began to decorate Trixie's body with the food. They created a work of art of sausage and fish, salads, cream and ketchup. Trixie could only see it to a limited extent, because she couldn't lift her head high enough without destroying the whole thing. But Helga came with a hand mirror and showed Trixie the work of art. When it was finished, the mistress lay down on the bed to Trixie's right and the master on the other side. Between Trixie's legs was a small basket of bread and the two began their dinner directly from Trixie's body. Every now and then they also fed Trixie, who found this situation bizarre but not unpleasant. 

Also during the meal, the mistresses palpated Trixie's body, which appeared even more slender than it already was due to being tied in the wide-spread position. The ribcage and hip bones protruded and each rib was clearly visible. The master let his fingers slide over the ribs again and again. For this, the mistress turned especially to the only slightly hairy mons veneris. She let her hand slide over it and then her fingers penetrated Trixie. However, they did not allow Trixie to come. Trixie's lust very slowly built up more and more. The maids had placed a portion of chicken salad directly on Trixie's navel and when it was eaten, the master licked Trixie's belly clean.

After dinner, the master and mistress disappeared and when Trixie, still tied up on the bed, inquired, Helga said that they must have been in the bathroom. Trixie would have liked to accompany them because she felt greasy. But Helga explained that the gentlemen wanted Trixie just the same.

Finally they came back and released Trixie from the situation. Trixie asked to be allowed to use the restroom, which she was granted. But to her horror, the master accompanied her. She was not allowed to sit on the toilet either, but had to stand over it with her legs wide apart, put her arms on the back of her neck and was supposed to empty herself that way. It was incredibly embarrassing for Trixie to be watched like this and it took her a while to relax and empty her bladder. However, the gentleman just laughed as he watched Trixie's embarrassment.

Then it was back to the room where the mistress had made other preparations in the meantime. Two ropes hung down from the ceiling, with leather handcuffs hanging from the ends. The mistress put the leather cuffs on Trixie, then the master pulled Trixie up with the ropes until she lost her grip under her feet. In addition, Trixie also got a spreader bar with leather cuffs between her legs. The mistress got small weights and hooks from a cupboard, which she attached to the holes of the piercings in Trixie's labia. Trixie's body was tense, every bone was clearly visible and she soon started to sweat as well.

The mistress retrieved a whip from one of the cupboards and showed it to Trixie. Trixie recognized a cat o' nine tails, like the one she had used in the WG before. Finally the mistress stepped behind Trixie and a few moments later the first blow landed on Trixie's skinny back. Trixie cried out and the blow went through her whole body, which it threw forward. The small weights tugged at her labia. The pain was severe, but after the third blow Trixie perceived something else besides the pain. It was a feeling she could not have described at first, a mixture of electric shock, but soothing and spreading pleasure like a massage. Trixie noticed that she was getting wetter and wetter, that her pubis was answering every stroke with a spasm.

Then Helga intervened. "That's fifteen strokes now. Trixie is a novice, that's enough."

But Trixie hadn't had enough yet. "Don't stop!" she clenched between her teeth, "I need more! Please!"

Helge hesitated, but finally nodded to the mistress. She continued to strike firmly, but took more time between each stroke. After the 23rd stroke, Trixie yanked wildly on the ropes, screamed loudly, and an orgasm like she had never experienced before drove through her. After that, she hung in the ropes exhausted, wet with sweat and happy. 

Together the gentlemen took Trixie down and the gentleman carried her in his arms to bed. They both lay down with Trixie, who lay there as if in a sandwich. The mistress stroked the welts she had caused while the master again let his hands glide over Trixie's body. It didn't take long and all three had fallen asleep. Helga also leaned back in her chair and fell asleep.

When they woke up the next morning, Helga led them to another room one floor below where there was a hot tub that they got into together. They enjoyed the hot water and Trixie especially found it pleasant to be really clean again. Afterwards, they had breakfast together, with Helga participating this time. 

Helga also brought a cream, which the mistress massaged into Trixie's back. The master watched the two of them do this while half lying in an armchair. When the mistress clapped her hands on Trixie's shoulders with a "Done!" She stood up and walked over to the master. She knelt in front of him and he spread his legs. Trixie slid between his legs and reached for his member, which was not yet fully erect. She took it in her mouth and in no time it was hard as iron. Trixie gave her best, sucked and massaged the member until the gentleman discharged into her.

Finally, the three lay down on the bed again and cuddled together until Helga announced that the time was soon over. The gentlemen got dressed and then said goodbye to Trixie. They emphasized how pleased they were with this night and Trixie replied that she had enjoyed it too and thanked them for the new experience.

Helga took Trixie to the changing room where Karin was already waiting. She asked Trixie how it was and was pleased that she had enjoyed it.

"And how was it for you," Trixie inquired.

"Also very, very satisfying. But Beate is going to scold again," Karin commented.

"Why," asked Trixie.

Karin turned around and showed Trixie her back. Trixie was startled. Karin's back was covered with welts from her neck to her butt, some of them had popped open too. "Beate always gets way too excited. All right, she'll stitch up a few spots, but it's how I feel that counts. And I'm happy all around. Every now and then I just need that."

Little by little, the others arrived. As Karin had already suspected, Beate scolded, then she fetched some bandages from her handbag, because she had already reckoned that she would need them for Karin. Trixie learned that the others were also satisfied with the night, although none told what exactly had happened. Everyone got dressed and when they said goodbye, Simone gave Antje five envelopes. 

When they were back in the car, Antje handed out the envelopes with their names on them. "What's this," Trixie inquired.

"That's our tip," Siggi explained. "The proceeds from the auction go directly to the places we indicated. So the Gnadenhof gets over 34 thousand euros these days, always noting how much from whom. But the tip is for us, each of us treats herself to something nice from it." She opened her envelope and took out 500 euros. "Hmmm. That should be enough for my new boots." 

Karin even found 750 euros in her envelope,which she planned to put into a Tens machine. Beate explained to Trixie that she wanted to add your 500 euros to a fund that was meant for Gaby when she got out of prison. Beate opened Antje's envelope because she was driving and pulled out 600 euros.

"With this I will invite my friends to the musical. To the..."

"Starlight Express, Starlight Express," rang out a four-part chorus. Everyone laughed, only Trixie wondered.

"Doesn't ring a bell," she opined.

"A musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, has been running in Bochum for a thousand years. Totally crazy. All the actors on roller skates, great music. We must have been there five or six times. You'll love it."

Trixie held her envelope in her hands. Then she gave it to Beate and asked her to open it for her. She herself closed her eyes and put her hands in front of her face. She heard Beate tear open the envelope, then there was a strange silence in the car. Then Siggi just said, "Wow!"

Trixie peered through her fingers. "That's two thousand euros," Beate whispered. She counted through again, then confirmed, "Two thousand. No one has ever collected that much from us before."

She handed the money to Trixie, who stared at it in amazement. "Congratulations," Karin commented. "What are you going to do with it?"

Trixie had to swallow. She thought, then a grin crossed her face. "I'm going to be honest with this. My lawyer will still get just under 1,900 euros, and with the rest I'll invite my best friends over for a giant ice cream!"


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