The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; collar; chastity; cuffs; majick; spreader; gag; toys; tease; climax; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 8

Freshly showered and now feeling both wonderfully clean and finally awake, if a bit more… frustrated than before, Brianna Wilde could not keep a smile from her face as Claudia led her from the bathroom and toward the kitchen. Even the insistent tug on her collar and the small, almost mincing steps that the shackles around her ankles forced her to take could not spoil her mood as they made their way down the hall. Perhaps it was just the steady pulse of arousal that seemed to buzz in the back of her mind but she had a feeling that today was going to be interesting. Truth be told Claudia’s aggression this morning had surprised her even if it was not exactly out of character for the tattooed girl and all things considered it was probably only fair considering how thoroughly she had been teased the day before. Besides, she certainly couldn’t say she didn’t like it, but at the same time it did lead her to wonder. Did their mistresses know what the slender girl had been up to? Was it simply a reward, part of a larger game, or had Claudia merely taken advantage of an opportunity presented to her? For the most part Brianna suspected it had been planned, after all her companion had been freed of her bonds and her chastity belt while her own were still locked firmly in place. And, despite not locking the bathroom door, no one had interrupted them even though they had spent quite some time in the shower, to say nothing of how... vocal Claudia had become. Still, mind wandering as they walked, Brianna could not help but wonder just what plans were in the works. The entire weekend was spread out before them and it was unlike their mistresses not to take advantage of an opportunity like this. Especially on those rare occasions when all four of them could be together for an extended period of time. A new wave of arousal seemed to bloom within her body as she considered the possibilities, a faint blush painting her cheekbones pink. Despite all that she had learned and everything she had experienced one thing remained absolutely true in Brianna’s mind. Whenever she and Roxanna and Sofia and Claudia came together, truly magical things happened.

Lost in those pleasant daydreams, the sudden shock of the kitchen’s cold tile floor on her bare feet shook the blue-haired girl out of her musings and back to reality. Shaking her head slightly, she looked up to see a familiar scene play out before her. Sofia, a sports bra struggling to contain her assets and a pair of tight shorts clinging to her hips in a ways that should have been illegal, leaned back against the counter casually, her skin flushed and hair disheveled from her morning run as she gestured absently with a half-eaten apple while chatting with her lover. That sight alone was enough to bring a smile to Brianna’s face, part of her regretting that she had not joined the blonde this morning despite the fact that it was normal for her to take a break on the weekends from their little bondage jogs. In contrast, smiling softly as she nodded along with Sofia’s words, Roxanna was sitting at the table still dressed in a short robe of creamy silk. The garment barely fell to mid thigh and was open enough to expose a generous amount of cleavage, while its nearly sheer texture and the back light from the patio doors put the outlines of her elegantly curved figure on clear display. Drinking in that sight as if she were dying of thirst, Brianna said nothing as she was led into the room, though the clink and rattle of her restraints quickly drew the attention of the two older women.

Sofia was the first to react, grinning widely as she turned to the pair, “Ah, girls, welcome back! I was beginning to fear that you had drowned.”

The playful words, and the glint in the blonde’s eye, was enough to make the light blush that had been coloring Brianna’s face turn bright scarlet and the blue-haired girl looked down, not trusting her voice to say anything.

Claudia, however, was not nearly so restrained and grinned right back, “I’m very sorry, mistress, but one should be very… thorough when washing.”

“Of course, kotenok,” Sofia agreed, her grin only widening, “One should be very thorough when washing. If only you had waited for me, I would have been more than happy to help.”

Taking a quick drink of tea to stifle a laugh, Roxanna raised a single brow, her voice almost shockingly deadpan despite that, “It has barely been half an hour. You truly are insatiable, stríngla.”

“But of course!” Sofia cheerfully agreed before taking another bite from her apple and tilting her head back to swallow in a way that was somehow, impossible sensual, voice dropping into an almost breathy purr, “Still, if you have any ideas on how to… wear me out? I would be most happy to hear them.”

“Of that I have no doubt.” Roxanna agreed with a tiny, almost sharp, grin before turning her attention back to the two mostly naked girls standing in the entryway, “But enough of that. Please, sit and enjoy, though given our plans for the day I only prepared a light breakfast.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Claudia returned with a smile of her own before walking toward the table, “It would be our pleasure.”

“Yes, thank you.” Brianna managed as she shuffled along behind the tattooed girl, biting her lip to stifle a whimper as she saw Sofia lean back against the counter again, the blonde arching her back intentionally to put her breasts on display and stretch the fabric of her bra even thinner in the process, hard nipples easily visible beneath the tight cloth.

However, just as Claudia began to pull out a chair for her, Roxanna interrupted again by pushing away from the table and placing a hand on her thigh, “Actually, korítsi, why don’t you join me instead?”

Despite her blush Brianna smiled at the invitation and nodded eagerly, “Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.”

With a playful wink and a smile of encouragement Claudia finally let go of her collar, taking the opportunity to caress the blue-haired girl’s face once final time. Relishing the touch, Brianna allowed herself a brief moment to lean against the slightly smaller girl’s fingers and shot her a brief, thankful grin before slipping around the other girl as best she could. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste however, Claudia took the opening presented to her to smack the bound girl playfully on her marvelously round ass as she passed. Gasping as she jumped slightly in surprise, blush deepening as Sofia chuckled in the background at her reaction, Brianna scowled at the tattooed girl only for her lips to twitch into a smile at the faux-innocent expression Claudia adopted as she took a seat. Shaking her head at the other girl’s antics, the blue-haired girl slowly circled the table and slowly lowered herself in Roxanna’s lap, careful to make sure her handcuffs did not dig into the olive-skinned woman’s stomach as she did. Of course, it seemed as if her mistress was far less concerned about that as she immediately wrapped an arm around Brianna’s waist and pulled the bound girl close. Moaning at the familiar warmth of the older woman’s body, and the delightful feeling of firm breasts that pressed against her back with each breath, the blue-haired girl was forced to bite her lip and clench her eyes shut when soft, elegant fingers began to caress the curve of her hip, especially the sensitive skin around the waistband of her chastity belt.

“Comfy, korítsi?” Roxanna asked, practically whispering into her ear.

Shivering uncontrollably as that silky soft voice washed over her, the older woman’s accent driving her wild, Brianna could only nod, voice weak, “Yes, mistress.”

“Very good.” the olive-skinned woman purred, adjusting her grip to elicit another shiver and pressing a soft kiss behind her slave’s ear, “Now, let us eat.”

Taking a deep breath to try and steady herself, Brianna just nodded and finally managed to open her eyes. Looking down at the table she could not help but notice that Roxanna certainly hadn’t been kidding when she called breakfast light. Besides a familiar cup of tea the only things in front of her were a glass of juice, its deep purple-red color almost reminding her of wine though she doubted that was the case, and a bowl of what looked like oatmeal sprinkled with nuts and raisins. And yet, Brianna could not help but frown curiously. Oatmeal was a common enough dish in this house, both of her mistresses were fond of it after all, but it looked different than usual this morning, thicker somehow and while she could not put her finger on it the blue-haired girl was certain it was cold.

Either unconcerned, or unaware, of the bound girl’s scrutiny however, Roxanna picked up the juice and offered it, “Thirsty, korítsi?”

Starting a little in surprise, blushing at both Claudia’s scrutiny and the grin that Sofia offered as the blonde finally took a seat, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

“I hope you will like it.” Roxanna mused as she lifted the glass to the bound girl’s lips, “It is a favorite of mine, though sadly quite pricey. But, one should indulge now and then, no?” 

Making a tiny nod of agreement as she took a sip Brianna, was at once surprised and delighted by the unfamiliar taste. It somehow reminded her of grape juice, but inexplicably different at the same time. Sharper and far less sweet than she would have expected, but without truly being sour either and fuller somehow in a way that she could not really describe. Licking her lips, savoring the taste, the bound girl could not help but glance back, Roxanna’s face barely visible out of the corner of her eye, “What is it?”

Smiling indulgently as she took a drink of her own, the olive-skinned woman set the glass down and picked up a spoon, “Pomegranate juice.”

Having not expected that, Brianna nodded ever so slightly and offered the only thing she could think to say, “It’s good.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna agreed with an almost impish smile, “And if anyone asks, the reason for my youthful looks.”

Although she could tell it was a joke, some part of Brianna could not help but wonder and she adopted a pensive expression, “Mistress? Did you do something to it?”

Offering nothing but a mysterious smile, Roxanna pointedly ignored that question and turned her attention to Sofia as she began to stir the oatmeal, “Have you any plans for the day, stríngla?”

If she was caught off guard by the question Sofia did not show it and simply shrugged, “Not at the moment, dorogoy. The garden is tended to, the laundry is clean and I should not need to trim the yard for at least another few days.” a grin curled her lips then, “Did you have something in mind?”

“Not as such.” the olive-skinned woman admitted with a tiny smile of her own, “I have a new lesson planned for Brianna that should last some time, but the rest of the day shall be free. I was thinking more about what we discussed last night...”

“Ah, I see.” Sofia said, eyes lighting up with understanding before she glanced at Claudia and Brianna in turn, “What do you think, girls? Would you like to go out this evening?”

Blinking in surprise, having honestly forgotten her suggestion from the night before that the four of them should go on a date sometime, Brianna could not help but smile as she nodded, “Yes, mistress. That sounds wonderful.”

“Where are we going, mistress?” Claudia asked the blonde in lieu of an answer, voice tinged with curiosity.

“Now that would be telling.” Roxanna interjected, “But rest assured, gatáki, it will be a night to remember. That I promise.”

Glancing back and forth between the older women, Claudia smiled suddenly and then nodded, “I understand, mistress. I would love to.”

“Now that things are settled, kotenok.” Sofia began, regarding Claudia with a slow and easy smile while a glint of something wicked reflected in her eyes, “Whatever shall we do with the rest of the morning?”

Before the tattooed girl could even think of an answer for that somewhat rhetorical question, Roxanna interjected again with an amused smile of her own, “I am certain you will find some way to entertain yourselves, stríngla.”

Sofia laughed and took another bite of her apple, conceding the point, and with that the conversation died down. Once it had, Roxanna finally stopped stirring the oatmeal and picked up a spoonful to take a small bite, as if testing the concoction, before offering the rest to Brianna. With just the faintest hint of hesitation she accepted the spoon, feeling both pleasantly warm and mildly aroused by the familiar act of being fed while so helpless bound, feelings only accentuated by the warm comfort of sitting on Roxanna’s lap. At her first taste the blue-haired girl was a little taken by surprise to find that her earlier observations had actually been correct. It was oatmeal, and it was cold, but it was not as unpleasant as she would have expected such a thing to be. In fact the odd fruity flavor and almost velvety texture, in sharp contrast to the nuts, was honestly delightful. Chewing, more as an excuse to extend that first taste than real necessity, Brianna smiled as she allowed the flavor to wash over her before swallowing and eagerly accepting the next mouthful.

In fact, the sheer enthusiasm with which she ate, pausing only to take sips of the tart juice in between bites, prompted another smile from her mistress as they shared the bowl, “I trust you approve, korítsi?”

“Yes, mistress. It’s very good.” Brianna answered honestly, before glancing over her shoulder again with a tiny grin, “Another old family recipe?”

“Alas, no.” Roxanna lamented playfully before taking another bite of her own, “It was something that I encountered on our travels. I think...” she trailed off for a moment, furrowing her brow slightly with a tiny frown, “Oh, where was it?”

“Bern.” Sofia supplied between sips of coffee.

“Thank you stríngla.” Roxanna said with a nod of acknowledgment to the blonde, “Lovely city, we should go back sometime.”

Sofia nodded with another sly smile, “I shall put it on the list, dorogoy.”

Roxanna conceded the point with a nod, but still sighed, “Fair, I do miss traveling though.”

As much as she wanted to press for more details of their world travels together Brianna instead bit her lip before glancing down at the bowl curiously, “What is it, mistress? I mean, it looks like oatmeal but it can’t be, can it?”

“After a fashion, korítsi.” Roxanna answered, thankful for the distraction, “Oatmeal made with cold yogurt and fruit juice rather than hot water or milk.” she smiled softly at the blue-haired girl, “The perfect thing to start a warm summer’s day, yes?”

To that Brianna could only nod with a smile of her own, “Yes, mistress.”

“I am glad you agree.” Roxanna noted, “Now finish up, korítsi. We have much to do today and I, for one, would like to get started.”

Brianna lowered her head in agreement, “Of course, mistress.”

The conversation seemed to fall into a lull then and, after that, breakfast was a quiet affair, punctuated only by a few playful comments and the clink of silverware. Not that Brianna’s heart was truly in it as she ate quietly. No, she was far too distracted as her mind wandered, mulling over the things she had just learned. Part of her was a bit surprised that Roxanna had a lesson planned. Honestly, given Claudia’s presence for the weekend she had expected such things to be placed on hold in favor of more... intimate activities. Maybe a bit of meditation, as had become habit by now, but no more than that. It seemed, however, that her mistress had other plans and it made her wonder. Did that mean that the lesson itself was so important it could not be delayed, or was it an excuse for something else? A kinky game perhaps? Then again, given that bondage often played a central role in her mystic education it could well be both. Whatever the case may be, her mind was alight with possibilities, anticipation building within her to the point that she feared she might well burst. Thankfully, if breakfast was a quiet meal this morning it was also a relatively quick one given the simplicity of the spread and before she knew it Brianna realized that between herself and Roxanna they’d finished the entire bowl. Looking up to see that Claudia had also finished eating, while Sofia had excused herself from the table to begin taking their dishes to the sink she was honestly taken by surprise. Had she really been that lost in thought?

As if sensing her confusion, Roxanna tightened her grip ever so slightly and rested her chin on Brianna’s shoulder with a reassuring smile. Smiling back gratefully the blue-haired girl let out a breath and closed her eyes for a moment as she allowed herself to snuggle against the older woman’s body. Sitting like that for a moment or two as Sofia finished clearing the table, Roxanna pulled the girl close and planted a kiss behind her ear.

“What do you say, korítsi, Ready?”

Biting the corner of her lip as she twisted ever so slightly in the olive-skinned woman’s grasp, Brianna managed a nod, “Yes, mistress.”

As she placed the last of the dishes in the sink, Sofia grinned at the pair before turning her gaze to Claudia, “And what about you, kotenok? If the others will be… occupied, care to join me for the day?”

The naked girl sat up in her chair, leaning forward and resting her elbows on the table to prop her chin up on one tattooed hand, an impish smile curling her thin lips, “And what did you have in mind, mistress?”

While a positively predatory smile curled her own lips, Sofia did not answer right away. Instead she practically stalked across the room in three long strides, her muscles almost rippling with each step. Reaching the table, the athletic blonde practically loomed over the smaller girl as she slowly bent down, placing even more stress on the bra already struggling to contain her breasts and putting her ample cleavage on clear display, her smile growing wicked as she did. Frozen in place and laser focused on the display, Claudia did not react as the statuesque woman reached out and cupped her chin with strong fingers. Starting at the sudden contact, and swallowing reflexively, the tattooed girl gasped but still offered no resistance as Sofia slowly tilted her head back until their eyes locked.

That moment seemed to last for an eternity before the blonde finally spoke, her voice low and rumbling like a purr, “Perhaps we can curl up on the couch together, kotenok. Read a book, watch a movie, maybe…” trailing off suggestively as a tiny, almost seductive smile curled her lips, Sofia’s voice dropped even lower as she leaned in even closer to whisper, “Well, I’m sure we can think of something.

A shiver washing over her body, the slender girl actually moaned before finally finding her voice, “Yes, mistress.”

With a gentle pat on the cheek, Sofia placed a kiss on the girl’s forehead before straightening up, “Very good, kotenok. But first, I think, I rather need a shower.”

Licking her lips and swallowing again, Claudia risked looking up at the woman, voice still weak but a confident smile on her face and her gaze the very definition of bedroom eyes, “Shall I join you, mistress?”

Sofia chuckled, a pensive look briefly crossing her face as she considered the silent offer before finally shaking her head, “No kotenok, I am afraid I shall have to decline. Please meet me in the den instead.”

Shoulders slumping ever so slightly, clearly disappointed by that response, Claudia nodded nevertheless, “Yes, mistress. Shall I get dressed?”

Favoring the girl with an absolutely smoldering look, Sofia let out a short, delighted laugh before offering a teasing smile, “Now why would you go and do a thing like that?”

With a smile of her own at that rhetorical question, Claudia nodded slowly, “Of course, mistress. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Sofia said nothing, but did chuckle slightly as she offered her hand and helped the tattooed girl out of her chair. Pulling her into a loose embrace, the blonde pressed a much deeper kiss to the shorter girl’s lips, relishing the way Claudia’s body seemed to melt against her own. Moaning into that kiss, the slender girl desperately threw her arms around Sofia’s neck to hold herself upright as her knees went weak, the older woman’s tongue probing her mouth insistently. Slowly sliding calloused hands down the smaller girl’s slender back to cup Claudia’s firm ass, Sofia eagerly squeezed as she broke the kiss, smirking at the way the girl practically squeaked and jumped in surprise. Grinning, but still not letting go, the athletic blonde glanced over to where Brianna and Roxanna were still sitting and winked before giving Claudia one final squeeze and leading her companion out of the room. Watching the tableaux with a blush on her face, squirming unconsciously at the show, Brianna was shaken out of her reverie when Roxanna suddenly reached up to cup one of her breasts, squeezing briefly before tweaking a nipple and idly playing with the stud pierced through it.

Nipping at the blue-haired girl’s ear playfully, and grinning at the shuddering gasp that escaped her, the older woman could not fully keep the amusement out of her voice, “Enjoying yourself, korítsi?”

Face heating up with embarrassment before gasping again as her mistress began to tease her other breast, Brianna practically whimpered, “Yes, mistress.”

“No need to be embarrassed, korítsi.” Roxanna assured even as she continued to explore the younger woman’s body, “It was quite the show. I just hope that they remember to put a sheet on the couch first.”

Blush darkening for very different reasons, Brianna thought about the rather cozy little den across from Roxanna’s office and the comfy old couch that resided there. Risking a sidelong glance at the older woman, she could not help but ask, “You think they’ll…?”

“I am sure we will know soon enough.” Roxanna answered, a tiny smile on her lips, “Sofia is certainly not quiet. And has rarely been one to restrain herself.”

Looking down briefly, Brianna bit her lip as she relished the feeling of Roxanna’s soft, skilled hands on her body before nodding, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling at her, Roxanna pressed a feather soft kiss to her cheek before asking, “But enough of that. Shall we get started, korítsi?”

A smile slowly spreading across her face, Brianna felt her previous sense of anticipation return as he nodded, much more firmly, “Yes, mistress.”

It was a bit awkward with the shackles still binding her legs, but with a bit of help from Roxanna the blue-haired girl eventually managed to climb back to her feet and practically stagger away to give her mistress room to stand. Gripping the chair firmly and pushing herself up with her arms, the olive-skinned woman managed to stagger to her feet as well, a task made more difficult by the fact that her legs had begun to go to sleep. Stretching a bit with a wince, she placed a hand on the small of her back and grimaced ever so slightly as she popped her hip. Despite that she smiled reassuringly at the look of concern that Brianna shot her and gently took the blue-haired girl by the shoulders. Guiding her back out into the hallway with slight pressure, the pair silently made their way out of the kitchen, past the stairs and deeper in the first floor. As they walked by the bathroom door, where the faint sounds of running water and Sofia singing could be heard, if just barely, Roxanna’s expression morphed into a fond grin, one that Brianna could not help but mirror but still neither one said anything. Just like her earlier trip down the hall, when Claudia had been leading her by the collar, the small steps her bonds forced her to take made the familiar trip seem to last forever but even so Brianna barely noticed. Too excited by the prospect of what was to come to really think about it. Eventually they reached their destination and stepped into Roxanna’s office, the gauzy curtains and overhead lights clearly illuminating the space. As the olive-skinned woman closed the door behind them, Brianna once again could not help but let her eyes wander over the almost cluttered space.

Part of her hoped that no matter how long she lived, or how many times she saw it, that she would never lose the sense of almost childlike wonder that this room managed to inspire within her. From the paintings on the wall to the well-polished bookshelves filled with everything from leather bound classics to cheap paperbacks while taxidermied animals and odd artifacts stood guard, all presided over by the ancient oaken desk itself cluttered with knickknacks of all types. It was, if she were being honest with herself, an eccentric mess but the whole thing somehow worked. A mixture of elegance and mystery, of wonder and beauty, with just a hint of warm welcome and a place with all kinds of secrets hidden just beneath the surface. A perfect metaphor for Roxanna herself actually, now that she thought about it, though she was uncertain if her mistress would appreciate the comparison or not.

Startled out of her reverie by a hand snaking behind her back to rest on her hip, Brianna glanced to her side to see Roxanna smiling faintly at her. Pulling the bound girl close, the olive-skinned woman guided her over to the desk but, instead of sitting down, she instead withdrew a key from one of her robe’s pockets and unlocked the cuffs one by one. Rubbing her wrists experimentally as her mistress stacked the restraints next to her typewriter neatly, Brianna simply watched as Roxanna spun the old wooden office chair around and finally lowered herself into it. Flashing the blue-haired girl an almost impish smile as she leaned back, the olive-skinned woman patted her lap in a silent invitation. Returning the smile with one of her own, Brianna nodded before doing as she was instructed, carefully climbing into Roxanna’s lap and instinctively throwing her arms around slender shoulders before cuddling up against the warm and elegantly curved body beneath hers. Looping her arms around the blue-haired girl’s waist, Roxanna returned the favor, gently stroking her back and tracing along the ridge of her spine in a way that she well knew would drive the smaller girl crazy before caressing her sides and teasing along the edges of her chastity belt.

“You are so beautiful, korítsi.” Roxanna whispered, voice soft and breathy, “How are we so fortunate as to have you?”

Brianna shivered, both at that softly accented voice that always did it for her and the hands gliding over her body, voice faltering as she practically whined deep in her throat, “Please don’t tease, mistress.”

“Oh, like this?” Roxanna asked with faux-innocence as she allowed one of her hands to glide downward, fingers following the curve of the blue-haired girl’s wonderfully round ass, “Or do you mean like this?” she whispered, voice growing almost husky as she let her other hand drift between the poor girl’s legs to tease the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and along the edges of her belt’s primary shield.

Trembling beneath the olive-skinned woman’s touch, Brianna clenched her eyes shut and practically whimpered as she tightened her grip but said nothing.

Cocking her head ever so slightly until her breath was practically tickling the blue-haired girl’s ear, Roxanna whispered, almost airily, “And how long have you been locked up, korítsi? Three weeks? Four?”

“Please, mistress.” Brianna practically begged, “Please! I feel like I’m going to burst, I can’t take it!”

Creasing her ministrations, Roxanna immediately pulled the poor girl into a much more gentle embrace, voice returning to normal as she quietly asked, “Do you need to stop?”

That simple question, that gentle reminder that at the end of the day it was all a game and that she could stop any time she wanted, that ultimately she was the one in charge had an almost immediate calming effect. Brianna slowly let out a breath and opened her eyes, but did not loosen her embrace in the slightest. Instead she rested her head on Roxanna’s shoulder and just lay there for a moment, gathering her thoughts as the tension seemed to flow from her body. As much as she really did want to cum, desperately so in fact, at the same time she realized that didn’t want to give up the game either. And so simply enjoying the warmth of Roxanna’s body and the steady rise and fall of her chest with each breath, Brianna spent several heartbeats just gathering her thoughts and luxuriating in the moment before finally shifting to bring her lips closer to her mistress’ ear.

“I love you.”

It was all the answer that Roxanna needed to the question still lingering in the air and, shifting her grip to gently rub the girl’s back with slow circular motions, the woman smiled faintly, “I know, korítsi. I know.”

Sighing softly beneath that wonderfully soothing touch Brianna asked, almost shyly, “Can we… Can we stay like this for a little while?”

Momentarily tightening her embrace Roxanna nodded slowly, “Whatever you need, korítsi. Whatever you need.”

Sinking into the quiet comfort of Roxanna’s arms, Brianna allowed her eyes to drift closed and just listened to the soft sounds of her mistress breathing. It was a familiar and welcoming sort of calm, one that the blue-haired girl had long come to revel in. It was strange, but in some small ways she had come to relish simply being in the presence of her lovers, basking in their care and feeling their affections more than the physical pleasures of their relationship. Not that she wanted to give those up, of course, but it was a nice feeling to know that something far deeper than simple lust bound them together. Smiling faintly at that thought, she almost drifted off right there in Roxanna’s embrace until her mistress spoke again, shattering the silence that had taken over the room.

“What do you say, korítsi? Still ready for that lesson?”

Forcing herself to sit up so that she was perched on her mistress’s lap rather than draped across her body Brianna managed a smile as she nodded, a spark of the earlier enthusiasm returning, “Yes, mistress.”

Roxanna returned her smile, her deep brown eyes alight with something, “Very good, korítsi. Very good, because I believe that you are ready for the next step.”

That made Brianna sit up a bit straighter as she tried, and mostly failed, to temper her excitement, “Really, mistress?”

“Really.” Roxanna confirmed with a tiny, but firm, nod, “You have conquered the basics most thoroughly. And I am quite impressed with the deftness with which you have grasped the telekinetic arts.”

Blushing faintly beneath the praise, fighting the urge to look down, Brianna practically fidgeted in the woman’s lap, “I don’t know, mistress. I still can’t manage it without using my hands and I don’t have a lot of fine control.”

“Nonsense, korítsi.” Roxanna interjected, “You have done very well. It usually takes months, sometimes years, to reach your level. And you may always need hand gestures, that could simply be a limitation of yours. As I have said, all sorcerers have them. Besides that the rest will come with practice.”

Smiling faintly, Brianna glanced into the other woman’s warm eyes, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You are most welcome.” Roxanna assured, “But before we can move on I fear there are a few more things we need to cover.” a sly, almost sardonic smile curled her lips, “If you can endure another lecture of mine, of course.”

Brianna fought down the urge to giggle, before answering honestly, “I could listen to your voice forever, mistress.”

Roxanna’s smile grew more genuine, but she did not comment, “We have already covered the basics of what sorcery is, of course. And we have spoken of its restrictions, but there is one final limit to keep in mind.”

Brianna nodded, “What is that, mistress?”

Roxanna’s expression grew slightly pensive, as if she were weighing her words, “Spells are powerful things, but living bodies resist the intrusion of foreign power.”

Brianna turned that over in her head for a moment before frowning ever so slightly, “I.. I’m not sure what you mean, mistress.”

“Forgive me, korítsi.” Roxanna offered, “I am perhaps trying to be too poetic. What I mean to say is that living creatures are extremely resistant to magical effects.”

Brianna pursed her lips in thought, “But mistress, that doesn't make any sense.” she lifted her right wrist for emphasis, “I was able to heal my arm when I got this tattoo and you said that was how you recovered from your injuries so well.”

“Ah, but I said foreign power, korítsi.” Roxanna clarified, “Your power is a part of you, as mine is a part of me. It is certainly not foreign to us.”

Realization dawning in her eyes, Brianna nodded slowly, “So you’re saying that you can’t use magic on other people.”

“To a point.” Roxanna added with a faint shrug, “Resistance does seem to vary with complexity, though. A flower or a tree has almost none while a simple animal like a frog has a little, but humans are virtually immune.”

“That’s kind of a relief, actually.” Brianna admitted after mulling it over for a moment, “To know that I can’t hurt anyone with my power.”

“Well I would not say it is impossible.” Roxanna cautioned, “A pebble accelerated to great speed is as dangerous as a pistol shot, and a conjured fire can still burn, but the curses of legend are just that. Legend.”

“So you’re saying that it has to be deliberate, planned?” Brianna wondered even as she absently nodded along.

“For the most part.” Roxanna agreed, favoring the blue-haired girl with a faint smile, “Accidents can still happen, of course, but it is difficult to harm another except in very specific, intentional ways. Of course, that also means that it is equally difficult to help others with our power.” she paused then, her smile growing almost sardonic, “There is a reason, beyond our small numbers, that sorcerers have not changed the world after all.”

Mulling that over in her head, Brianna found herself nodding ever so faintly. It was something she had wondered about, after all, “That makes sense.”

Reaching up to fondly brush a stray curl of blue hair behind the girl’s ear, Roxanna wet her lips with the tip of her tongue before speaking again, “Do you remember what I said about the mindset of magic, korítsi?”

Cocking her head slightly as she cast her thoughts back to those early lessons, Brianna frowned just a bit as she tried to remember, “I think you said that a person’s talent for magic, their affinity, could be shaped by their vision of what their power is?” she felt herself blush faintly in embarrassment, “But I don’t think we really went into details.”

“Very good, korítsi.” Roxanna assured with another faint smile, “And it is true that I did not go much into detail at the time. Until you had gained a better understanding of your own power, preconceived notions could have been quite dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” Brianna found herself asking, a note of worry in her voice.

“Dangerous to your progress, not to your person.” Roxanna clarified quickly, “Such understanding must, at some level, in some way, be instinctual. If I had tried to explain too much, you might have attempted to visualize your abilities according to what I had said, rather than what you feel.”

“I’m… I’m not sure I follow.” Brianna admitted, feeling a bit foolish and fighting the urge to look down, “I’m sorry, mistress.”

“No need to apologize.” Roxanna insisted while reaching out to cup the girl’s cheek comfortingly, “Consider this. Do you remember the first time you levitated an object? You told me it finally worked when you stopped thinking about it and just felt, just imagined what you wanted to happen and let go.”

“Instinct.” Brianna practically whispered, eyes widening just a bit as understanding dawned.

“Instinct.” Roxanna agreed, smiling brightly, “Learning to impose one’s will upon the world, to shape reality to one’s expectations, it requires thinking in a very abstract manner. To disregard accepted notions of how reality itself functions. It is not something that can be taught, one simply has the spark or does not. The freest of thinkers might fail, and the most rigid of minds might succeed. There is no predicting it.”

‘Like Claudia.’ Brianna suddenly thought. It certainly could not be denied that the tattooed girl was a free thinker who made her own way in the world with confidence, but she also apparently lacked the spark despite that. Glancing up again, meeting her mistress’s eyes, Brianna ventured, “So it’s subconscious?”

Roxanna shrugged ever so slightly and looped her arms around the blue-haired girl’s waist, “At its core, yes. But the effect must still be shaped by conscious desire. However, because it is difficult to wrap the mind around such things in totality, most use props to focus and shape their will. Think of it…” the olive-skinned woman paused then and pursed her lips as she searched for a proper metaphor, “Think of it like using a mnemonic device to remember complex information.”

“A shortcut.” Brianna summarized.

“Yes, a shortcut.” Roxanna agreed with a tiny, pleased grin, “Very good, korítsi.”

Blushing under the praise, Brianna looked down, “Thank you, mistress. But,” she looked up again questioningly, “what sort of props are we talking about?”

Leaning back ever so slightly and glancing up at the ceiling, Roxanna seemed to ponder her answer, “That varies from person to person. For some it is a physical thing like a wand, runestones or even crystals. For others it is purely mental, like chants and incantations, meditative techniques and riddles. And still others have even more esoteric methods, too many to name in truth. But always there seems to be some connection between the methods a sorcerer uses, and the nature of the magic they practice.”

“Why is that?” Brianna wondered, curiosity thick in her tone even as she hung on every one of her mistress’s words.

“Who can say?” Roxanna admitted with a soft sigh, “It is the chicken or the egg. Does one’s power determine their method, or is it the other way around? I am not sure that is a question that can ever be answered, but on some level the method must resonate with the sorcerer. There must be, for lack of a better term, some cultural weight to how they imagine their power functioning.”

It was an interesting idea now that she mulled it over in her head. Doing the impossible required believing it was possible, but it seemed like you almost had to trick yourself into it. Was the choice of method an extension of that? The ‘cultural weight’ that Roxanna had mentioned, something deeper that simply spoke to you? She couldn’t say for certain, and honestly didn’t even know where to begin in looking for an answer, but maybe that was the point. Reaching out to loop her arms around Roxanna’s neck, drawing the older woman’s attention back to her, Brianna put on a smile, “So where do we start?”

Returning her smile, Roxanna leaned forward and placed a feather soft kiss on the blue-haired girl’s lips, “First we must determine your natural talents.”

Brianna nodded, “How do we do that, mistress?”

For a brief moment the olive-skinned woman’s smile grew absolutely wicked, a spark of something smoldering in her normally soft brown eyes and Brianna felt herself shiver unconsciously at the expression, a trill of excitement running down her spine and settling between her legs. Noting that reaction, Roxanna’s grin seemed to sharpen and her voice dropped to a sensual purr, “Oh, I have a few ideas, korítsi.”

“Mistress?” Brianna asked, tentatively.

“Come now, korítsi.” Roxanna teased, “I know what motivates you best. Besides, who says that one should not mix business with pleasure?”

Shivering again, a flush of heat filling her body, Brianna bit her lip to suppress a moan and succeeded only partly, swallowing hard as she tried her best to answer the question, “I… I don’t know, mistress.”

Sitting up in her chair, that smile never leaving her face, Roxanna gently set her hands on the blue-haired girl’s hips, letting her fingers run over the sensitive skin just above the familiar blue lining of her chastity belt, eliciting another shiver and an even deeper moan. Leaning forward, she brushed her lips against Brianna’s cheek before whispering in her ear, voice soft but heated, tone somehow brooking no argument despite that, “Lay down.”

Blushing bright red, some part of her wondering if it was possible to have an orgasm through sheer excitement as her mistress’s voice caressed her with its velvety tones, Brianna found herself frozen in place by the look in the older woman’s eyes. Able to do nothing, nothing except obey. Carefully climbing down out of the chair, the blue-haired girl spared one last glance at her mistress, taken by the way Roxanna’s elegant frame was outlined by the light streaming in through the curtains behind her desk, before slowly lowering herself to the floor. As she stretched out on her back, the familiar softness of the rug beneath her a welcome distraction, the sudden creak of the chair drew her back as Roxanna slowly stood and knelt down to straddle the blue-haired girl’s prone body. Allowing her hazel eyes to roam over the other woman’s form, Brianna was struck by just how… savage her mistress looked with her hair falling down about her shoulders in wild waves and clad in nothing but a short, loosely tied robe. Indeed, she felt a new blush spread across her cheeks both at the position they found themselves in and the fact that her current posture had both opened the hem of Roxanna’s robe and caused it to ride up, baring her cleanly shaved and clearly damp sex to the world. Moaning softly, and feeling her own pussy clench in sympathy, Brianna just lay there, pinned in place by her mistress’s lusty gaze as the olive-skinned woman returned the favor and eagerly ran her own gaze over the prone girl’s mostly naked body, drinking in the sight with obvious relish.

Eventually, however, the moment broke and Roxanna reached up to grab the handcuffs off the desk, Brianna eyes widening ever so slightly as the motion shifted the woman’s robe even further and freed a breast from its limited confinement. Noting the reaction with a grin, Roxanna slowly settled into place again and leaned back a bit, rolling her shoulders almost sensually to work the garment down her arms, baring her chest its entirety. Captivated by the sight, Brianna did not notice when the olive-skinned woman reached down silently and took her by the wrists, forcing the prone girl’s arms above her head and looping the handcuffs around one of the desk’s legs as a makeshift anchor before locking her there. The blue-haired girl barely had time to test her restraints, tugging feebly against the chain, before soft fingers trailed down her arms and over her chest, tracing the edges of her breasts before gliding across the expanse of her stomach. Throwing her head back with a moan, trying and failing to shift her hips with the other woman’s weight pinning her down, Brianna was caught off guard for the second time when her mistress withdrew a small key from her robe’s pocket and proceeded to unlock her chastity belt. Quickly pulling the device from the blue-haired girl’s body and setting is aside, Roxanna spent a long moment tracing the faint red lines the belt had left behind, gently massaging away the marks across her waist and along the curves of her hips, working her way down bit by bit but stopping just short of her aching, hairless sex. Brianna moaned, almost pitiably, excited beyond measure to finally have the belt removed but knowing in her heart of hearts that her mistress was far from finished.

As if on cue, Roxanna allowed a finger to glide along the edges of the blue-haired girl’s labia, grinning sharply as another, far deeper and much more desperate moan escaped her, “It truly is remarkable, korítsi.”

“Mistress?” Brianna asked, moaned really, voice husky and rough with want.

“You’ve been wearing your belt for weeks,” Roxanna clarified, continuing her explorations but still refusing to touch where the poor girl most desperately wanted to be touched, “and yet it’s barely left a mark. It truly is remarkable how thoroughly you have… adapted.”

Biting her lip and clenching her eyes shut as another shiver shot up her spine, Brianna found that she honestly couldn’t disagree. After nearly a year of on and off practice, of months spent belted while away at college and weeks spent teased here and now she had gotten used to chastity. The challenges of it now almost second nature, the desperate want of being denied release, a feature she had come to crave rather than an obstacle to overcome. Though for all of that, at the moment at least, she really wished her mistress would just get on with it and fuck her already!

“So eager.” Roxanna mused with a soft, but fond, sigh, “But still, I suppose there is no point in wasting time.”

With that, the olive-skinned woman reached over Brianna’s prone body to retrieve a pair of black leather cuffs and a collapsible rod she had hidden under the desk. Prize in hand, she then crawled backwards on her knees until she was sitting at the blue-haired girl’s feet. Lifting her head to watch, Brianna felt her curiosity grow as her mistress proceeded to buckle the cuffs around her ankles, sealing them in place with small padlocks before attaching the bar and using it to force her legs wide apart. Testing these new bonds, and now splayed out helplessly before the older woman, Brianna felt her blush spread down her face and across her chest as she wondered exactly what sort of lesson Roxanna had planned. Not that she appeared inclined to answer those questions just yet. Dropping down on all fours with a satisfied smile, the olive-skinned woman practically stalked forwards, movements graceful despite the twitch of her hip, until she was basically looming over Brianna’s helpless form.

Reaching out with one hand to cup the blue-haired girl’s cheek, Roxanna spent a moment just stroking her face before finally asking in a soft voice, “Before we begin, would you like a gag, korítsi?”

Startled by the sudden question, and distracted by the pair of perfect breasts inches from her face, Brianna found herself nodding almost shyly, “Yes, please.”

“Then say, ‘ah,’ korítsi.” Roxanna instructed as she opened one of the desk drawers to retrieve a modestly large ball gag.

Doing as she was instructed, Brianna opened her mouth and offered no resistance as the ball was pressed between her lips and seated behind her teeth, the familiar taste of rubber welcome on her tongue. Blush darkening a bit at the exciting feeling of having her mouth stuffed and lips stretched into an ‘o’ of surprise, the blue-haired girl lifted her head obediently at her mistress’s prompting so the woman could fastened the web of black leather straps snugly in place, the feeling of the last of them being pulled tight under her chin, forcing her to bite down on the gag, eliciting a muffled a moan.

Idly tracing the shiny surface of the bright red rubber ball, spiraling slowly outward to tease the bound girl’s lips and smirking ever so slightly as she moaned again under her ministrations, Roxanna could not help but muse, “I do not know if I have ever told you this, korítsi. But there is just something about the sight of you wearing a gag that drives me absolutely wild.”

Shivering as she felt that feather soft touch glide over the cleft of her chin, Brianna could do nothing but moan again, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

Smiling down at her, Roxanna lowered herself just enough to kiss the gag protruding from Brianna's mouth, and pressing their breasts together in the process, “You are very welcome, korítsi. Very welcome indeed.”

Squirming beneath the other woman’s weight a soft, shuddering moan escaped her at the feeling of so much silky smooth skin against her own. Testing her bonds again and biting down on the gag, Brianna allowed herself a moment to simply bask in Roxanna’s warm and soothing presence, almost whimpering when the olive-skinned woman finally pushed herself upright and settled back to straddle her waist again.

“I believe I once mentioned that my own sorcerous talents lay in the alteration and enhancement of objects.” Roxanna mused while reaching down to caress the blue-haired girl’s face one last time, smiling softly at the way Brianna twisted her head to press against that touch like an overly affectionate cat.

Although it was hard to remember, caught in a haze of lust as she was, Brianna managed to nod, wondering at the sudden change of subject, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“If I were feeling philosophical I might even call myself an alchemist.” Roxanna added as she continued to explore the curve of the bound girl’s jaw and down her throat, marveling at the softness of that pale skin, “That is how I… bend a few rules you might say. My power might not be able to affect another, but if I enhance the existing properties of, say, a plant extract? Well, that is an entirely different matter, is it not?”

Despite the distracting presence of those soft, clever fingers gliding over her, Brianna did find herself pondering those words. They had talked a great deal about rules and finding clever ways to work around them. The essence of sorcery, Roxanna had called it. Lifting her head as best she could to look the other woman in the eye despite her own half-lidded gaze, Brianna nodded in agreement, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Smiling softly Roxanna withdrew her hand, despite the whimper of protest, “That hair removal cream that keeps your skin so silky smooth for months on end? A small example of the process. But, since that very first day I have been pondering your own abilities, korítsi. I have held my tongue until now, but you are ready.”

That, more than anything, drew Brianna’s full focus, “Rmnmmm?”

“Yes, really.” Roxanna assured, even as she leaned forward to rummage through the still open desk drawer once again, “As you mentioned earlier, even before you had fully grasped how to channel your power you were able to heal your arm.” glancing down, she lifted a brow curiously, “Do you have any idea how extraordinary that is, korítsi?”

Frozen in place, hanging on every word, Brianna could only shake her head.

Looking up, focusing her attention on the drawer once again, Roxanna continued, “I learned to mend my own wounds adequately, but no more than that. It was a difficult thing and it has never come naturally. But you? You were able to do it without really even trying. And that? That is remarkable.”

Finding herself blushing a little under the praise, Brianna almost instinctively looked down, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“No need to thank me, korítsi.” Roxanna insisted with a tiny, half smile, “It is simply truth. However, I do not think your abilities are so limited as that. There is more, much more, to discover. Of that I am certain.”

“Mnrr?” Brianna asked through her gag, curious and excited and still very horny underneath it all.

“Very much so.” Roxanna commented idly before smiling, almost triumphantly, as she found what she was looking for. Brandishing a double dildo in one hand, and a vibrator in the other, the olive-skinned woman leaned back and her smile morphed into something almost… carnal as her voice once more dropped into a lascivious purr, “But do not worry, korítsi. I will do the hard work this time.”

Brianna’s gaze rapidly shifted back and forth between the toys and her mistress’s face, a familiar heat blooming between her widely spread legs as excitement flushed her body and made her skin tingle. She easily recognized the dildo as the same one that she and Claudia had ridden on their first magical time together, wrapped up in a tight cocoon of rubber and lust, and one that had been used on her plenty of times both before and since. But the vibrator… that was new. A cylinder of bright white plastic with a large, rounded head that almost looked like a microphone. She had never seen one in person before, but she thought it was called a magic wand and part of her could not help but wonder if that was a coincidence or a deliberate irony on her mistress’s part. Not that it looked like she was going to have the opportunity to ask. Without wasting any more time, Roxanna set the vibrator aside and reached down to slide the dildo into Brianna’s eager body. Biting down on the gag, the blue-haired girl moaned deeply as she felt the intruder fill her, wet and greedy flesh swallowing the toy with barely any resistance, despite how tight she had become after weeks of being locked away. Not that Roxanna was anywhere close to finished. Lifting herself up onto her knees, the olive-skinned woman guided the other end of the dildo into her own body, eyes fluttering closed as she slowly impaled herself on its length. Moaning a little, deep in her throat, the woman bit the corner of her lip so hard that for a brief moment Brianna feared that she might draw blood. The moment passed, though, and Roxanna regained enough self control to open her eyes.

Glancing down at the bound girl beneath her with a hooded gaze, the olive-skinned woman smiled thinly in a way that made Brianna’s breath catch in her throat before slowly reaching down to pick up the vibrator again. Brandishing the toy like a weapon, she carefully placed it on the blue-haired girl’s stomach, positioning the head so it rested on her hard and aching clit. Shivering at the feeling of cool plastic on her heated skin, Brianna gasped quietly into her gag as Roxanna then hunched over, bracing herself with one hand on the floor, before shifting her hips to press her own sex against the head of the vibrator. Whimpering softly at the pressure on her most delicate flesh, Brianna found herself moaning, long and low, as her mistress began to rock her pelvis in a slow, vaguely circular motion, the hitch forced by her old injuries making the dildo practically dance and undulate inside of them both. Throwing her head back with an even deeper moan as her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around the intruder moving sinuously within her, Brianna allowed her eyes to slide closed, losing herself in sensation as she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm long denied slowly build within her. Pulling on her cuffs as she squirmed and tried to lift her hips to meet her mistress half way, the blue-haired girl began to pant, breathing harshly through her nose as heat spread throughout her body. She was close. She was so wondrously, painfully close.

In an instant all of that changed, however, when the magic wand roared to life with the flick of a switch. Eyes flying open, Brianna’s breath caught in her throat and her entire body went stiff as a board as the sudden flood of sensation surged through sensitive nerves, the vibrations echoing through her piercing to hammer her clit from all sides and explode through her body like thunder. A look of absolute bliss washing over her face, Roxanna let out a long, low moan as her own rigid posture went slack, eyes closed and mouth open ever so slightly as she accelerated her movements, grinding her hips with ever increasing force as she rode the toy with abandon, driving it even harder into Brianna’s eager flesh in the process. Even if she had wanted to hold back, even if she could have mustered the will to try, it would have been impossible. Crying out into her gag, relieved in that moment to have something to bite on, Brianna’s muscles seemed to spasm, her entire body jumping despite the weight pinning her down, fingers and toes curled into claws as she arched her back and screamed with desperate intensity as she came. But even as she luxuriated in the flood or pure, ecstatic bliss that seemed to fill her, reveling in the blessed relief that washed over her body after so long being denied, the sensations did not stop. If anything they only amplified as Roxanna continued to buck her hips, panting and cursing and muttering between breaths in a language that Brianna could not understand even if she had been paying attention. The wild movements only made the sinuous rhythm of the dildo even more intense and practically crushed the head of the vibrator against her already hyper-stimulated clit.

If the first orgasm had been intense, the second hot on its heels was almost shattering. Brianna howled, screaming so hard that her throat began to hurt, and arched her back in a way that would have been painful to a less limber girl as she pulled desperately against her cuffs, legs kicking madly. But she could do nothing to stop it as one climax after another erupted within her like waves crashing against the beach. All she could do was endure as those waves of pleasure washed over her, each one nearly painful in its intensity. Skin flushed, eyes clenched shut and tears streaming down her cheeks as her body seemed to convulse under the relentless assault, Brianna was certain that she couldn’t take much more of this. However, in that instant something happened that would again shatter her expectations. Roxanna, caught in the throws of her own string of orgasms, flicked another switch and the magic wand shifted into high gear, the steady buzzing sounds of its vibrations reaching an almost fever pitch. Brianna gasped, eyes flying wide as if she could not believe what was happening only to scream again, so loud that her gag barely muffled it, as she came so hard it actually hurt. Yet even as that sensation raced up her spine to explode within her brain, something else seemed to happen. A feeling, almost like heat enveloped her very being, as if she was being suddenly immersed in hot water intertwined with something she could not even begin to describe, almost electric in its intensity, as if every cell in her body tingled all at once. The orgasm she was riding, already threatening to swallow her whole, only seemed to grow stronger as it somehow merged with this new, alien sensation filling her, lifting her up and drowning her in its all consuming totality. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before, ecstasy and agony intertwined into a profoundly perfect whole that did not seem to stop. Every muscle in her body went as tense as spun steel for a splint second, almost as if she were being electrocuted in the eye of those vivid and violent sensations until she collapsed beneath her mistress like a puppet with its string cut, her eyes rolling back in her head until she knew no more.

Even in the familiar and comforting darkness of subspace, as she seemed to float in the endless sea of her unconscious mind, reveling in the warmth that seemed to embrace her, Brianna could tell that something was different. That sensation, that strange electric sensation had followed her somehow, suffusing her being even in this place. And yet it was different as well. A gentle pulse rather than an intense strike, a pleasant tingling that seemed to race along every fiber and cord of her body in an endless loop. It was also strangely familiar now. Somehow, someway, despite the almost alien caress encompassing her it reminded her of her mistress. A hint, a feeling like Roxanna’s gentle touch, and scent, and the warmth of her body while being held close. More than that, though, as she focused on that feeling and allowed it to fill her, a new awareness seemed to grow. An awareness of herself, of her mind and body, and in that instant she felt as if she could grasp everything. Every connection, every system, every process, the entirety of her very being laid out before her mind’s eye. A scope of knowledge that was almost too vast in its entirety. An epiphany so grand that it seemed utterly beyond her and yet was not. In that moment she could not help but wonder if this was what more spiritual types spoke of when they talked about enlightenment.

After what felt like hours, but could have just as easily been an instant or an eternity, of floating in that soft darkness, Brianna was drawn back to the waking world by the familiar sensation of the gag being drawn from her mouth. Gasping as she came awake, the blue-haired girl had to blink several times to clear the tears from her eyes before the world came back into focus. She was still laid out on the floor, wrists and ankles still bound, but the toys were now gone to her relief and disappointment. More importantly though, Roxanna was perched above her once again, the olive-skinned woman smiling softly and stroking her face with gentle fingers. Sighing as she relaxed, sore and sated and feeling absolutely wonderful, Brianna nuzzled against her mistress’s hand in silent thanks.

“Welcome back to the world, korítsi.” Roxanna practically whispered, as if afraid that too loud of a noise might shatter the girl.

Glancing up again into familiar brown eyes, Brianna swallowed, wincing slightly at just how raw her throat felt, and tried to speak, “Wha… what did you do?”

Roxanna hummed softly, “Let us call it a shortcut, korítsi.”

Brianna tried to laugh at that understatement, but it came out as a cough and she winced again, “Hell of a shortcut.”

For a moment the corner of Roxanna’s lips quirked up, as if the woman was fighting down the urge to giggle, before she mustered an answer, “Do you recall when we first discovered your ability to absorb energies during sex?”

Brianna nodded. It was something they hadn’t really spoken of much since then, but she would never forget that conversation, “You said you’d never seen anything like it before, mistress.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna confirmed, before adding, “And I still have not. It reminds one of stories of psychic vampirism, or the mythical abilities of a succubus, though I am hardly an expert on such things.”

The mention of demons, of all things, made Brianna frown in worry ever so slightly, voice slightly shaky as she asked, “Is that real? Succubus, I mean.”

“I have never heard of demons being real,” Roxanna assured her, “though we are both well aware that vampires exist.”

While that made Brianna feel a little bit better, it still left her original question unanswered, and so she ventured, “So, what did you do to me, mistress? It felt… I can’t even begin to explain how it felt.”

“I honestly do not know if your ability is the result of some quirk of your power, a hint of non-human ancestry or something else entirely.” Roxanna began, smiling as she cupped the blue-haired girl’s cheek once more, “As I said, I am hardly an expert on such things. But, I believed it was the key to unlocking your true potential. And so, at the height of orgasm, I channeled some of my power into you.”

Brianna’s eyes widened ever so slightly as understanding dawned, the familiar feeling she had experienced suddenly making sense, “Oh.”

“Did it work then, korítsi?” Roxanna asked, her smile morphing ever so slightly into a smirk, “It seemed to make you cum, but I did not wish to assume.”

Blushing fiercely, but unable to keep herself from smiling, Brianna nodded ever so slightly, “It worked, mistress.”

Lowering herself down until she was practically sprawled across the prone girl’s body, Roxanna gently embraced her lover and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before pillowing her head on the blue-haired girl’s shoulder, “Care to share, korítsi?”

Biting her lip, and letting out a soft moan at the wonderful feeling of Roxanna’s firm breasts pressed against her own, Brianna managed another small nod, “Yes, mistress. It’s… it’s hard to explain.”

“Take your time, korítsi.” Roxanna soothed with a soft, gentle whisper, “We have all the time in the world.”

For a long moment Brianna said nothing, trying and failing to put her thoughts into order. Everything had seemed so clear when she was just drifting there in the darkness but while she could still remember the epiphany she had experienced, right now, in the waking world, only fragments seemed to remain. And yet, beneath it all some part of her still understood and she supposed that made sense. Roxanna had told her that some key part of all of this was an unconscious, instinctive understanding. Wetting her lips, she tried to put it into words, “I was… I was aware of myself. My body I mean, something about my body. And it’s… it’s...” she trailed off, words failing her.

“It is alright, korítsi.” Roxanna interjected, kissing the side of her neck for emphasis, “Don’t force it.”

“I think… I think you were right.” Brianna ventured, closing her eyes and shivering at the feather light touch of the other woman’s lips.

“Oh?” Roxanna wondered, pulling back ever so slightly and lifting her head to look the blue-haired girl in the eye, “How so?”

Returning the olive-skinned woman’s gaze, Brianna wet her lips again, “That healing my arm was a clue. I think...” she paused, again trying to put it into words, “I think I can control my body to some degree.”

“That is interesting, korítsi.” Roxanna mused, “A rare talent, but not unknown. I have read about such things, though never met anyone capable of it.”

“Really?” Brianna asked, excitement coloring her tone, glad that her fractured recollections might be on to something.

“Indeed.” Roxanna affirmed with a smile before nuzzling against her cheek and whispering into her ear, “Such effects seem to be very temporary, so it is unlikely you will be able to make yourself into a superhuman. That said, sudden flashes of strength, bursts of speed, quick reactions or a momentary sharpness of senses are all certainly possible.”

Brianna lay there in stunned silence for a moment, more pieces suddenly clicking into place in the back of her mind. All of a sudden, still caught up in the heady swirl of discovery and lingering endorphins, as the full scope of what her mistress had just laid out struck her she burst out into laughter, giggling almost madly in honest amusement.

Korítsi?” her mistress asked, lifting her head again, a slight look of concern shadowing her features, “Is something the matter?”

Brianna managed to shake her head, but it took another moment or two before she could get her laughter under control, much less breath normally again. Still, she eventually managed to answer the older woman’s concern, “I’m sorry, mistress. It’s just… it’s just, something Claudia and I have been joking about for months now.”

“I see, korítsi.” Roxanna said in a tone that implied anything but, “Care to share?”

Another bout of laughter, much quieter this time, escaped her throat before she allowed her head to fall back down to the floor. Eyes closed and still smiling, Brianna shrugged as best she could in her bonds, “It’s just, Claudia keeps joking that I’m training to be a Jedi. And I always thought it was kind of funny, but between telekinesis and this? Maybe she was right.” letting out a long, low breath, more of a sigh really, she could not help but add, “Now I just need to learn precognition and I’m all set.”

A tiny smile curling her lips, Roxanna kissed the bound girl on the edge of her mouth, “In time you will learn to branch out beyond your natural talents. Never as easily, or as well, but it will happen. Still, be cautious,” her smile morphed into a tiny, amused smirk, “always in motion the future is.”

Brianna’s head whipped around to stare at the older woman, “Did you just...”

It was Roxanna’s turn to laugh now, light and amused, before she kissed the girl directly on the lips this time, “I believe I have told you that I am not so old, have I not?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered, unable to keep a smile from her face as she responded, “That you have.”

“Still, congratulations are in order, korítsi.” Roxanna said before easing herself back down, “It will take time and experimentation to truly grasp your potential, but there will be plenty of time for that. The hard part is now over.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna agreed before settling back down and closing her eyes, squirming a bit to find a more comfortable position and stretching as best she could, “I know it’s early, but I feel like I could sleep for a week after that.”

“Then rest, korítsi.” Roxanna practically purred as she shifted to the side, dropping to the floor to snuggle up against the blue-haired girl’s body, “You will need your energy for tonight.”

Shivering a little as she wondered what the night would hold, but too tired to really focus on that, Brianna could not keep herself from yawning, “Thank you, mistress.”

In response, Roxanna embraced her a little more tightly, “Do not worry, korítsi. I will be here when you wake. I promise.”

A moment of silence passed before Brianna spoke again, voice soft and tone almost tentative, “Mistress?”

“Yes, korítsi?” Roxanna answered, not moving from her spot.

A tiny blush covering her features again, Brianna could not keep a smile from her face as she added, “It was nice, having you inside of me.”

Roxanna laughed softly before tightening her arms in a brief hug, voice clearly amused but also brooking no argument, “Go to sleep, korítsi.”

Chagrined, but not sorry in the least, Brianna nodded and let out a breath, allowing her body to relax, “Yes, mistress.”


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