The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2022 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f+; fpov; bond; straps; collar; gag; straitjacket; tape; chastity; rope; tease; denial; oral; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 6

The wooden blinds on the large bay window that made up a good chunk of the living room’s front wall had been closed to block some of the heat of the day and despite the warm afternoon sunlight that still managed to shine through the slats the room seemed dark, almost subdued in some strange way. Partly it was an effect of the darkly polished hardwood floor and the richly woven rugs that covered it, the combined effect drinking in the light like pools of shadow. Partly it was how the fireplace, normally warm and welcoming, sat empty and cold in the depths of summer. But mostly it was the odd silence that seemed to hang in the air and fill the entire house, a silence only truly broken by the occasional soft moan and the distant ticking of a grandfather clock. And yet, Brianna Wilde found that she wasn’t really paying much attention to any of that, all of her focus instead fixed upon the rickety looking easel set up in front of her and the large sketch pad balanced there, the bold lines of pencil strokes marring its creamy white surface almost mocking her. One arm crossed over her stomach, the elbow of her free arm resting in her palm as she absently worried the end of the pencil she was holding with her teeth, she could not help but frown. Art was a new passion she had been exploring of late, buoyed by the encouragement of her lovers, but it was strange in a way. Some days inspiration flowed freely, carrying her away to the sort of relaxed detachment she normally only experienced when bound helplessly, her body almost moving of its own accord as she created. But other days, like today? On those days that almost zen-like trance refused to come, leaving nothing but irritation in its wake as she tried and tried to force herself. Part of her knew it was natural to have those moments, and that trying to force it would do no good, but even so it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Especially on a day like today when inspiration was so close at hand.

Almost unconsciously she glanced across the room, hazel eyes eagerly drinking in the sight before her. Roxanna sat perched on the far end of the couch, naked save for the black lace corset cinched around her waist just below her breasts; the sheer, intricately patterned material standing in stark contrast to the ivory splashes of her scars across olive skin and the long mahogany hair flowing about her shoulders in waves, glistening ever so faintly in the subdued light. Her face set in a placid, utterly relaxed expression as she sat with the confident, regal grace of a queen on her throne. Sofia, completely nude in contrast, sat next to her, blonde hair woven into a thick braid and tossed casually over her left shoulder as she leaned against her lover’s body, head resting on Roxanna’s shoulder with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her azure eyes. But, as glorious a sight as that was, Brianna’s eyes could not help but be drawn down to the supine form laying across their legs. Claudia looked absolutely gorgeous in her restraints, a web of straps circling her head and holding her messy brown hair back even as they locked a blindfold of black leather over her eyes and a truly enormous gag in her mouth, the bright red ball forcing her thin lips wide open. The silvery collar about her neck glinted in the half light and drew attention to her bare chest, slight breasts highlighted and put on display by what Brianna liked to think of as her straitjacket (even if it truly belonged to their mistresses), the dark garment locking the slender girl’s arms in a helpless self embrace. Her flat stomach, the faint ridges of her muscles visible as she squirmed and strained unconsciously in her bondage, and shaved sex were equally on display, while layers of shiny black tape bound her legs together from thighs to ankles in its inescapable grip, rending the poor girl completely helpless. Not that it ceased her struggling in the slightest.

While it was true that Brianna had long harbored the desire to draw each of her lovers, the sight of all three of them together like this was almost a dream come true, the pose they were in igniting a familiar and desperate heat between the blue-haired girl’s legs. Sprawled across the older women as she was, Claudia’s head rested softly in Roxanna’s lap while the olive-skinned woman wove her fingers into messy brown hair, idly stroking the bound girl’s brow as if to soothe her in her confinement. In contrast Sofia had an arm thrown across the helpless girl’s thighs, as if to pin her in place, one hand resting on the curve of a bony hip while the other idly traced down her stomach and between her legs in uneven circles. With each pass, as those calloused fingers teased the edges of the poor girl’s quivering sex but stopped just short of her aching clit, Claudia could not help but moan into her gag and squirm, clearly begging for more. A reaction that only made Sofia’s smile morph into a tiny smirk each time while Roxanna continued to stroke their captive’s hair. As beautiful as the sight was part of Brianna was a little annoyed that her subjects refused to stay still while she worked, but in truth the whole scene was just too exquisitely wonderful to inspire anything other than a familiar feeling of arousal, and a faint streak of longing to be in Claudia’s position.

Which only made it more frustrating that things just did not seem to want to flow smoothly. Although, at the same time, Brianna could not keep a tiny smile from curling her lips around the pencil as she reached down to brush her fingers against the waistband of her chastity belt. Frustration somehow felt fairly appropriate all things considered. Standing besides the fireplace in her bare feet, dressed only in the belt and a dark blue apron, an affectation she had picked up from Roxanna’s habit of cooking in nothing but an apron when the mood struck her, a habit the blue-haired girl could admit she found incredibly arousing, Brianna imagined she was quite the sight herself. It definitely wasn’t how she had imagined spending her afternoon but, smile broadening just a little as she forced her eyes back to the sketch she was working on and reached out to darken the shading on the figures taking shape there, she certainly wasn’t complaining.

It had been nearly two weeks since her little misadventure by the pool, the memory of which still brought a faint blush to her cheeks. Of being taken by Roxanna as she lay bound on the bed, of Sofia watching helplessly as she sat cuffed to a nearby chair. An almost incongruous and yet incredibly arousing scene given how dominant the blonde usually was and a moment that was indelibly carved into Brianna’s mind. But, while Sofia’s ‘punishment’ had eventually ended when Roxanna relented and ordered the blue-haired girl to crawl between her legs and pleasure her once more, the olive-skinned woman had not been quite finished yet. As a final part of her own punishment for that little training lapse Brianna had been locked in chastity ever since. Not that she considered it much of a punishment, per se. In truth she had honestly come to enjoy wearing her chastity belt, as much for the frustration of not being able to touch herself as for the fact that she loved this unmistakable symbol of her mistresses’ control over her body. To say nothing of the fact that she thought she looked pretty good in the stainless steel thong. Besides, two weeks in chastity was hardly even a challenge now. Or at least she hadn’t thought it was. After all, she had spent months in her belt before, even if she had never quite managed to actually beat Claudia’s record, though to be fair those long stretches had usually been when she was away from home and the knowledge that she was carrying some of her bondage with her had been part of the appeal. It was just a bit trickier now, spending nearly every night in bound bliss and worshiping the goddesses she had given herself over too with her mouth, fully aware that the clawing need within her would find no release. But, given how much pleasure her mistresses seemed to draw from teasing and controlling her she could hardly find it in herself to object, though it did make her wonder from time to time just how long they intended to keep her aching pussy locked away. But, given the sudden and unexpected events of earlier today, perhaps her release (in more ways than one) was at hand.

She could only hope.

It was kind of funny in a way. By and large Fridays were actually fairly quiet days here at 137 N. Hickory Lane. More a time to finish up the housework that had been building up over the week than anything else. Indeed, after her morning run and a bit of meditating, a ritual that had simply become part of her day, volunteering to help Sofia weed the gardens before offering Roxanna a hand with the laundry. Not exactly exciting tasks, but necessary ones, and it made her feel good to contribute to the household in what small ways she could. And of course any time spent with her mistresses was time well spent as far as she was concerned. Besides, there was something almost nostalgic about doing housework in collar, cuffs and a chastity belt. So much so that after a light lunch Brianna had seriously considered changing into her maid outfit before cleaning the living room. In the end she hadn’t, but the thought had kept her more than a bit warm (or perhaps it was more than a bit wet) moving into the afternoon. What she hadn’t expected was a loud and insistent knocking on the front door as she stood perched on a step stool, dusting the bookshelves.

Being the closest at hand she’d answered, dressed in nothing but a baggy tank top and a pair of shorts, wondering if one of the neighbors needed something or if it was her parents coming over for a visit as they had done on occasion. Although they usually called first. Of course, those thoughts had only fueled her surprise and delight to find Claudia standing there on the porch, the slender girl grinning at her in the way she often did, clad in a pair of jeans and one of the halter tops she favored when the weather turned warm. Brianna knew she must have been gaping like a fish at the sight, surprise and delight warring within her, but she hadn’t even been able to muster a reply before Claudia had struck, the tattooed girl dropping her bag and practically jumping into the blue-haired girl’s arms. It had certainly been a shock, and even now Brianna could remember the feeling of deceptively strong legs wrapping around her waist and arms circling her neck, her entire body stumbling back as she struggled to maintain her balance, instinctively throwing her arms around Claudia’s slender body and holding her tight as lips crashed into her own and an obscenely skilled and pierced tongue invaded her mouth. Whatever else, it was certainly among the more pleasant greetings she had ever received. She’d kissed back of course, and shifted her grip to cup her girlfriend’s ass, which only seemed to spur Claudia on and after what felt like a small eternity of making out there in the front door the tattooed girl, flushed and a bit breathless, finally broke their kiss with a grin.

It was only then, still clinging to her like a limpet, that Claudia had finally greeted her, lips still twisted into an amused grin and voice somehow shockingly casual, “Hey.”

Brianna couldn’t help it, she’d laughed out loud at the sheer incongruity of it all even as she reluctantly peeled the tattooed girl from her body and enveloped her in another, more conventional, embrace. Of course, the commotion had drawn the attention of their mistresses and even now Brianna could eagerly remember the flurry of hugs and kisses that had followed before they finally managed to gather the wherewithal to get Claudia’s things from the porch and close the door. It was only then that the tattooed girl had somewhat slyly mentioned that she had finally managed to get some free time and would it be alright if she stayed for a few days? While the question honestly seemed to surprise Sofia and Roxanna, convincing Brianna that this was not another of their mistresses’ plans, the answer was of course yes, as if it would ever be a no, especially given that Claudia had been unable to visit since the beginning of summer and while no one had said anything it was obvious her presence had been missed.

A soft sound, somewhere between a heavily gagged whimper and an almost desperate whine, drew her out of that pleasant reminiscence and Brianna’s eyes instantly snapped back toward the couch to see Claudia arching her back desperately as she strained against the straitjacket, her body pinned down by Sofia’s arm and hips rocking back and forth as she squirmed and begged in her confinement. Seemingly more amused by the bound girl’s reaction than anything else, Sofia’s lips twitched ever so slightly as she continued to tease Claudia’s glistened sex with the tips of her fingers, eliciting more and more desperate moans as she did. For her part Roxanna did not seem to react at first, but perhaps taking some pity on their captive, eventually bent down ever so slightly to whisper something into the squirming girl’s ear in a soft and soothing tone. Whatever was said it did not seem to help as the tattooed girl’s struggles continued unabated. Even as she felt another rush of heat color her cheeks and settle between her legs at the sight, Brianna could not help but wonder if Claudia regretted her decision. After all, this had been her idea. Mostly.

That brought another tiny smirk to the blue-haired girl’s lips. Since the guest room was now her room, she’d offered to share with Claudia after their enthusiastic reunion earlier, not fully realizing just how suggestive that sounded until the slender, tattooed girl had smirked and accepted her offer in a deliberately… breathy tone. Blushing fiercely, and with Sofia’s answering chuckle ringing in her ears, Brianna had helped the other girl carry her things upstairs. It was whilst unpacking that Claudia had happened upon some sketches that Brianna had left scattered on her desk, the most prominent of which had been a rough drawing of Sofia wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses and stretched out in a languid pose on a patio chair. Despite the fact that she wasn’t fully satisfied with the results herself, Claudia had been quite taken by the drawing and, under her questioning gaze, Brianna admitted that she hoped to one day draw each and every one of their lovers. A clearly amused smile had twisted the tattooed girl’s thin lips at that and, bending over the desk chair in a clearly suggestive way and with a tone that made Brianna wonder if the other girl somehow knew she’d spent an extended time in chastity and was feeling rather pent up, she’d gladly offered to pose if Brianna wanted. Of course, Brianna had accepted the offer, she’d have been a fool not too, and, well… Sofia had overheard the conversation as she was coming to check up on the pair and been quite enthusiastic herself. She wasn’t quite sure how exactly Roxanna had gotten roped into it, but one thing had led to another and here they were. She somehow doubted that this was exactly what Claudia had in mind when making the offer but, smiling a little wider as the tattooed girl continued to strain against the straitjacket binding her and another deep and desperate moan escaped her throat, Brianna could admit that she wasn’t disappointed.

Moaning again as Sofia’s fingers slipped between her bound legs once more Claudia somehow managed to force herself to speak around the gag filling her mouth, crying out in desperation, “Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph! Pmmnphm uegh nhe cunh!”

Somewhat reluctantly tearing her gaze away from the scene even as a tiny, almost cruel half smile twisted Sofia’s lips, Brianna glanced back at the paper she was working on only to start in surprise at the sight before her. What had once been nothing more than a series of rough lines had somehow been transformed into a mostly complete sketch. So lost in introspection as she had been Brianna honestly had no memory of finishing it, but she could not help but be drawn in, fascinated by what she had created. The background was indistinct, more a mass of dark splashes and faint lines than anything else, more the hint of substance than anything else, as was the outline of the couch itself, but that only stood in stark contrast to the figures in the foreground displayed in such stark detail. The bold lines of Claudia’s taut form, the twist and arch of her frame making her struggles painfully obvious even as gradients in the shading reflected the light glinting off the shiny leather of her bondage and the large rubber ball between her lips. Beneath that bound figure, strangely passive in compassion, were the softer figures of their mistresses. The athletic lines of Sofia’s body, deceptively calm even as the tiny smile on her face betrayed her true intentions, next to Roxanna’s elegant curves as the olive-skinned woman, the pale splashes of her scars clearly visible across her frame, gently held Claudia’s head and wove fingers into her messy hair. Brianna’s hand twitched ever so slightly, part of her wanting to reach out and touch the paper, as it to confirm to herself that it was real. Had she actually done this?

Something of her surprise must have shown on her face because Roxanna called out from the couch, her tone soft, but with a faint hint of curiosity and perhaps a touch of worry, “Korítsi? Is something the matter?”

Tearing her eyes away from the paper again Brianna quickly shook her head, “No, mistress. I’m just… I’m just surprised that I got so much done.”

Roxanna smiled at her softly, seemingly accepting that reason easily enough, “Might we see then, korítsi? I find myself curious, and I have grown a bit stiff sitting here for so long.”

“Of course, mistress.” she agreed, quickly, “Sorry to keep you so long.”

“It is no trouble.” the olive-skinned woman assured before a tiny grin curled the edges of her lips and she glanced down to brush a few errant locks of hair from Claudia’s brow, “Though I suspect someone might disagree.”

The bound girl simply moaned again in response only to squeal in surprise as Sofia suddenly climbed to her feet, almost effortlessly lifting Claudia’s helpless frame into a bridal carry as she did so. Still smiling, Roxanna followed a moment later, rising stiffly and pausing just long enough to stretch and pop her hip before limping slowly across the room. Despite the lovely sight approaching, Brianna still felt her gaze drawn back to the sketch once more. She supposed there was just a touch of irony in the fact that inspiration had managed to strike just as she stopped looking for it, and as pleased as she was with the final results, taken by the scene she had managed to capture, there was still something missing. She knew from long and painful experience that she was her own worst critic, but there was something she just couldn’t quite put her finger on that refused to let her be. Maybe a change of medium? As well as the bold pencil strokes had captured the striking image her lovers had cast as they sat together it felt… off somehow. Maybe watercolors, she mused. She had always liked the hazy, almost ethereal touch those produced and some part of her could not help but think it appropriate, all things considered. Those musings were cut short, however, when a pair of arms circled her waist and drew her close, the familiar curves of Roxanna’s body pressing softly against her back, the sensation forcing the blue-haired girl to bite her lip, hard, to suppress a moan.

“Thinking deep thoughts, korítsi?” the older woman whispered into her ear, the faintly accented words sending a trill of familiar pleasure down her spine.

Reaching down to place her hands over the ones now tracing the edges of her chastity belt, Brianna felt herself smile, “No, mistress. Nothing serious.”

Sofia, who had been mostly silent until now, suddenly commented, “It is lovely, devushka. You are very talented.”

Blushing a little under the praise, Brianna glanced to her left where the taller blonde stood admiring her work, Claudia still perched in her arms, the bound girl’s blindfold having been removed though the gag remained firmly wedged between her teeth, “That’s very kind of you, mistress. But it’s just a sketch.”

“Nonsense, devushka.” Sofia insisted, “I know these things.” almost as an afterthought she glanced down at the girl cradled in her arms, “Don’t you agree, kotenok?”

“Mmph, mnphphrmphph!” Claudia answered with a nod.

“She is right, you know.” Roxanna added, leaning forward to rest her chin on the blue-haired girl’s shoulder, “Do not sell yourself short.”

Touched by the sentiment Brianna bit the corner of her lip and once more looked down at the hands clasped around her waist, “Thank you for agreeing to this.”

Tilting her head to place a kiss behind Brianna’s ear Roxanna grinned, “It is no trouble, korítsi. But, if you wish to thank us...”

Brianna felt herself shiver unconscionably at that familiar, suggestive tone, but could not keep a smile off her own face as she gave an equally familiar response, “Anything you like, mistress. Anything at all.”

Roxanna hummed deep in her throat but otherwise did not comment with words. Instead she gently disentangled her hands from Brianna’s own and took the blue-haired girl’s wrists in a firm grip. Closing her eyes, Brianna bit her lip again to enjoy the sensation, offering no resistance as her arms were slowly pulled behind her back. In a somewhat unexpected move, Roxanna then took the trailing ends of her apron strings and snugly cinched them around her wrists, firmly binding her hands at the small of her back. It was a fairly basic tie compared to some of the truly elaborate knot work she had both seen and experienced and, gently tugging against them to test her bonds, Brianna was fairly certain she could work her way free without too much trouble but she also knew that wasn’t the point. Even if the binding was more symbolic than anything else, especially compared to the virtually inescapable bondage Claudia was still confined in, it still brought a familiar trill of submissive pleasure and a trace of welcome arousal. Moreover, there was something strangely erotic about being bound with the single piece of clothing she was still wearing.

Taking her by the shoulders and spinning her around, Roxanna smiled at the faint blush on the blue-haired girl’s cheeks and leaned in to press a soft kiss to her lips. A kiss that slowly grew deeper the longer it lasted, Brianna obediently parting her lips to allow the older woman’s tongue entry and moaning deep in her throat as she was claimed. Still a bit overcome by the sheer intensity of her mistress’s kiss, and grinning just a bit as the older woman pulled away, Brianna again offered no resistance as she was led across the room and made to kneel down at the end of the coffee table. Head bowed slightly, and now keenly curious, she could only watch as Sofia joined them before gently laying Claudia’s still mostly mummified body down on the table. Sparing a moment to brush her fingers against the tattooed girl’s cheek, the blonde then crossed over to sit down on the couch once more before beckoning Roxanna to join her. Briefly glancing at Claudia’s supine form as the bound girl lifted her head slightly to return the gaze, Brianna watched as Roxanna joined her lover on the couch, practically climbing into Sofia’s lap as the blonde looped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.

As the pair snuggled closer, Sofia tightened her embrace ever so slightly and rested her chin on Roxanna’s shoulder, “Are you ready to pay your debt, devushka?”

Looking down almost shyly, allowing a few strands of hair to fall about her face, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

“Then we would like a show, korítsi.” Roxanna announced after what felt like a long moment, languidly gesturing at Claudia’s prone form as she did, an almost wicked smirk twisting her lips, “I would advise you to use your imagination.”

Grinning at them both Sofia added, “The one rule is this. Whatever you do, Claudia is not allowed to cum.”

Feeling a smirk of her own twist her lips, Brianna briefly allowed her gaze to slide over to her bound companion, smile widening ever so slightly as Claudia groaned in frustration around her gag and allowed her head to drop back down on the table with an audible thud. Nodding, almost to herself, Brianna glanced back at her mistresses and lowered her head again, “Yes, mistress. I understand.”

When no further instructions were forthcoming, Brianna drew herself up ever so slightly and turned her full attention to the table, or rather to the bound girl laid out upon it. For a long moment she just allowed herself to admire Claudia’s slender frame, hazel eyes roaming greedily over the expanses of naked skin on display, particularly the way the poor girl’s nipples stood out proudly atop slight breasts and the way her muscles trembled in a desperate mix of frustration and arousal as she squirmed. Practically licking her lips in anticipation, Brianna could not help but allow her mind to wander. There were so many delightful… possibilities in her instructions, though with her hands bound she was almost certainly going to have to use her mouth. Not that she minded, of course, it had been far too long since the last time she had been able to taste Claudia’s delectably taut body or feel that pale flesh tremble beneath each kiss. Slowly edging around the table on her knees, and shifting her head sharply to toss a few stray strands of long, blue hair over her shoulders, Brianna leaned down slowly until she was practically looming over Claudia’s prone form. After a brief moment of indecision she finally pressed her lips to the girl’s side, just below her bound arms, and allowed her tongue to trace along the edges of Claudia’s ribs, clearly visible on her slender frame. As she worked her way down, kissing each and every word of the poem tattooed there in neat letters, Brianna found herself repeating the lines in her head, ‘In the silken grasp, Of the veil of night, I lay down my limbs for you.’  Claudia insisted there was no special meaning to it, just something that she thought sounded nice and a touch mysterious, but at times like this the blue-haired girl was convinced there was more to the story than that. Not that there was time to ponder that at the moment of course, when there were far more... pressing matters at hand.

Claudia squirmed even more intensely with each and every kiss, her body twisting back and forth as she fought the straitjacket trapping her arms and the tape binding her legs. At times her breath caught in her throat with a moan when Brianna kissed a sensitive spot, while at others she could not help but giggle through her gag as a soft and eager tongue tickled her skin relentlessly. Eventually, when she finished exploring the bound girl’s tattoo, Brianna began to work her way back up again, teasing each and every rib with her tongue and enjoying the squealing laughter and fierce struggles her attention elicited, before pulling away slightly. Tossing her hair back again with another shake of the head, she finally dared to look Claudia in the face, smiling gently with perhaps a trace of amusement as she took in the slender girl’s tousled hair and flushed skin. Blinking away the beginning of tears from laughing, and trying to get her breathing back under control, Claudia returned that look, soft brown meeting brilliant hazel and for an instant Brianna felt her own breath freeze at the pure burning desire and desperate want on display in the smaller girl’s gaze.

Swallowing past the lump that suddenly appeared in her own throat, the blue-haired girl hesitated for just a brief instant, momentarily unsure of what to do before a strange sense of boldness overcame her. Despite the fact that she was collared and belted, despite the fact that her hands were bound behind her back, as she looked down at Claudia's heavily restrained form Brianna realized that in this instant she was in charge and the feeling was… shockingly intense. Feeling her posture shift, almost unconsciously, she smiled down at the other girl, certain that some degree of the same lust was visible in her own eyes as she bent down ever so slowly and pressed her lips gently to the rubber ball protruding from Claudia’s mouth. A pleasant tingle raced down her spine as she felt more than heard the girl moan, amused and aroused in equal measure when Claudia craned her neck to try and maintain contact as she pulled back. Nipping at the bound girl’s lower lip playfully, and grinning down at the trembling form trapped between the table and her own nearly naked body, Brianna spared a moment to marvel at the size of the gag Claudia was wearing, only now realizing just how big it actually was. But then, Claudia had always possessed a remarkable degree of flexibility and determined endurance, almost at odds with her slender, nearly skinny, frame even if the well-toned muscles beneath her skin betrayed some true degree of her toughness. A study in contrasts, just like all of them really when Brianna stopped to think about it. Pressing another kiss to that gag she quickly began to work her way down the girl’s trembling jaw and throat, practically feeling the strain beneath her lips before at last finding Claudia’s pulse, just above her collar.

Teasing the sensitive skin with her teeth, and eliciting a sharp intake of breath in the process, Brianna momentarily toyed with the idea of leaving a hickey behind, but ultimately decided against it. Rather, she continued to work her way downward, tracing the stark edges of Claudia’s collarbone with her tongue before pressing a string of kisses from the base of her throat to the bottom of her sternum. Moaning almost desperately with each kiss, Claudia threw her shoulders back to present her chest eagerly, the bound girl’s heart hammering in her chest. After one last kiss, right over that racing heart, Brianna smiled to herself before striking her true target, shifting ever so slightly to the left and taking a hard and eager nipple between her teeth. Claudia gasped at the sudden contact, only to arch her back even more and moan deeply as a soft and relentless tongue began to tease and explore that sensitive nub. For her part, Brianna took her time to tantalize the other girl, thoroughly tasting her skin before closing her mouth and sucking softly, practically able to take the entire breast into her mouth if she tried. It was interesting in a way. Even compared to Brianna’s own modest bust Claudia would be considered flat chested, especially side by side with Roxanna’s elegant curves or Sofia’s impressive bosom, but despite all of that something about that tattooed girl’s slight curves fit her perfectly. That taut, slender physique that looked almost bony when stretched out in bondage and yet was so undeniable feminine all the same. Perhaps it was just how open and almost shameless the other girl could be, perhaps it was admiration for her honest passions, or maybe the fantasy of that first sight of Claudia bound up in rubber and leather had never truly faded, but whatever the case Brianna thought she was so incredibly beautiful. Especially now, utterly helpless and desperately turned on and unable to do anything about it.

If she were being honest with herself Brianna would say that she was definitely a breast woman, after all who didn’t love a nice pair of boobs to play with? But as much as she enjoyed burying herself in their mistresses’ cleavage, reveling in the softness of their ample assets, there was something equally delightful about enjoying Claudia’s more… humble bosom. As such Brianna spent a long time worshiping the bound girl’s chest, peppering sensitive skin with kisses and running her tongue along firm curves in between playing with her nipples and sucking on her breasts with all the skill and eagerness that only long familiarity could bring, guided all the while by muffled gasps and eager moans. By the time she finally abandoned her ministrations some moments later, eliciting a groan of pure frustration as Claudia twisted her upper body as if begging for more, Brianna finally dared to glance over at the couch once again. Although still perched in Sofia’s lap, Roxanna had contorted herself in a way that looked almost painful in order to practically straddle the blonde, her arms wrapped around strong shoulders and elegant fingers woven into thick, golden hair as she kissed the athletic woman with ever growing passion. Eyes half lidded as she returned those kisses with equal ardor, Sofia’s strong arms were wrapped around Roxanna’s waist, her hands gently gliding up the olive-skinned woman’s back to lovingly trace the scars etched into her skin as the pair slowly grew lost in each other.

Feeling a new wave of heat wash over her body Brianna could not help but smile just a little. It was not exactly an unfamiliar sight of course, she had been blessed to witness her mistresses’ passion for each other more than once and, as always, it awakened something almost primal within her. Her eyes glued to every touch, every kiss, the voyeuristic part of her reveled in the display while the rest of her desperately wished she could join them and be in the midst of such ardor, remembering keenly the feel of warm skin, soft curves and softer lips on her own body. And yet a part of her could not help but be annoyed as she looked back down at Claudia, the bound girl panting and looking up at her with the very definition of bedroom eyes. Was the little show she was putting on so boring that her mistresses had lost interest? Pushing that aside she grinned suddenly, the slightly smaller girl trapped beneath her shivering at the expression. If that was the case then she was just going to have to step up her game, wasn’t she? Without wasting any more time, Brianna tilted her head down again to place a kiss at the base of Claudia’s rib cage, right over her diaphragm and just under her bound arms. Giggling slightly at the unexpected contact, the tattooed girl began to moan again as Brianna worked her way down, planting a series of hot, hard kisses across the smooth expanse of her stomach and around her navel, teasing the faint outlines abdominal muscles with her tongue every step of the way. Leaning over the table more and more as she worked, Brianna angled her assault and let her lips linger on one of Claudia’s slightly bony hips, teasing that sensitive skin with her tongue for a heartbeat or two before following the tattooed vines that v-ed down Claudia’s pelvis like a road map to the pair of white, six-petaled flowers that sat just above her aching sex.

“Pmmnphm.” that tattooed girl managed to force out around her gag, voice little more than a muffled whimper, as she threw her head back and arched her spine, “Pmmnphm!”

Momentarily ignoring that plea as she explored those tattooed flowers as thoroughly as she had explored the verse tattooed onto the girl’s side, Brianna almost smiled again at the way Claudia bucked her hips and fought her bonds with renewed vigor, heat spiking between her own legs as those moans became increasingly desperate. Eventually, though, after what felt like a small eternity of worshiping the tattooed rainflowers with her lips and tongue, themselves the inspiration for the blue roses that she bore in almost the exact same spot, Brianna finally showed some degree of mercy. Or perhaps it was cruelty in another guise. Tilting her head ever so slightly, she ran the tip of her tongue down flushed and delicate flesh to lap at the bound girl’s hard and eager clit. Claudia gasped at the sudden contact, hips bucking sharply as a deep moan escaped her throat but Brianna used her weight to hold the other girl down as she continued her relentless assault. Although the tape tightly binding Claudia’s legs from ankles to thighs made things a bit more difficult, she continued to tease the other girl, swirling her tongue around that delicate nub and even managing to dip lower once or twice to trace the lips of her labia but always pulling back just at the cusp. As she worked, her own aching sex practically throbbing in sympathy as the other girl continued to moan helplessly, Brianna again pondered having her tongue pierced. From personal experience she knew just how amazing that could feel, remembering well all the wonderful, terrible things that Claudia’s own twin tongue studs had done to her, but as much as a part of her was curious about adding another tool to her arsenal, at the same time even though she’d already had some fairly… delicate places pierced the thought of having a hole punched in her tongue made her shiver in a way that had nothing to do with excitement.

In the midst of pondering those thoughts, the sweet sounds of Claudia’s moans filling her ears, Brianna did not immediately notice the fingers weaving through her hair until they tightened into a fist and a short, sharp tug forced her upright. Tilting her head back almost painfully to relieve the pressure until she was practically looking at the ceiling, the blue-haired girl barely had time to react before a pair of lips crashed into her own. Parting her lips ever so slightly in response, Briana’s eyes closed and she felt her entire body go slack as she surrendered to that kiss, a moan escaping her as a tongue began to delicately but insistently explore her mouth and a familiar hand stroked her face. By the time the kiss ended, accompanied by a tiny whine of disappointment as she craned her neck ever so slightly as if begging for more, she knew that she was grinning like a fool but she also didn’t care as she allowed her eyes to open once again to reveal Roxanna’s gently smiling face.

Feeling relaxed, bold, and still more than a little horny, Brianna wet her lips as she found her voice, “Enjoy the show, mistress?”

Although she tried to hide it, the olive-skinned woman smiled ever so slightly, “So bold, korítsi. So very bold.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna returned, unable to keep a smirk from her face.

Roxanna chuckled softly and loosened her grip on the girl’s long, blue hair before brushing a few stray strands behind her ear, “Still, a most… alluring performance.” she turned her head ever so slightly, “Wouldn’t you agree, stríngla?”

Pausing as she helped Claudia sit upright on the table, Sofia offered a smirk of her own, “Very much so, dorogoy. But on to the main event, yes?”

With a tiny nod, Roxanna turned her attention back to the bound girl kneeling before her and bent down to press a delicate kiss to the tip of her nose, “Indeed. Having gotten us so worked up, are you ready to pay what you owe?”

“Yes, mistress!” Brianna answered with a firm nod.

Smiling back at her, Roxanna allowed her fingers to card through the girl’s silken soft hair one last time, “Marvelous.”

Without further comment the olive-skinned woman took Brianna by the arm and urged her over to the couch. Somewhat awkwardly crawling around the table on her knees, the blue-haired girl half sat and half collapsed onto the floor, folding her legs beneath her as her mistress eased herself back down onto the sofa somewhat stiffly. Spreading her knees ever so slightly, Roxanna then reached out to cradle Brianna’s head between her thighs but took no further actions save to cup her neck softly in the palm of her hand. Sighing softly as she leaned against her mistress’s warm touch, Brianna could not help but smile just a bit as she watched Sofia carefully lift Claudia up from the coffee table, as always fascinating to watch the blonde’s impressive and effortless strength on display. However, rather than carry the bound girl over to the couch as she expected, Sofia instead set the girl carefully on her feet and held her hips for a moment to steady her. And, if she allowed her hands to roam just a bit, strong fingers caressing pale skin and tracing those tattoos that Brianna herself had just finished kissing, then no one, least of all Claudia herself, had cause to complain. That did not remain the case for long, however, as Sofia withdrew her hands a moment later and retrieved the tattooed girl’s chastity belt from where it was hidden under the table.

The task of locking the belt in place was somewhat complicated by how tightly Claudia’s legs were bound, to say nothing of the way the girl herself squirmed and twisted, fighting against her straitjacket again as she made her displeasure known around her gag. Even so, Sofia knew her work well and pressed her tanned and toned body against the bound girl’s back before wrapping an arm around her waist to pin her in place. Despite the squirming bundle in her arms the blonde then managed to slip the belt’s primary shield between Claudia’s thighs and expertly seated it in place before locking it tightly about her hips. The bound girl seemed to almost sag in response, letting out a noise that was somewhere between a groan and whimper at the click of the padlock, and Brianna could not help but wince slightly, feeling perhaps a touch guilty at how… vigorously she had teased the other girl earlier.

Her own expression morphing into one of sympathy, Sofia carefully spun the bound girl around and embraced her loosely before pressing a soft kiss to her lower lip, “There, there kotenok. Patience. You know how these games are played.”

Groaning again, Claudia just nodded and answered as best she could around her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Offering a smile, Sofia gave her companion another kiss, on the cheek this time, and let her hands roam downward in order to cup her ass, “Good girl.”

Jumping a bit as those hands then gave her a good squeeze, Claudia let out an appreciative moan and offered no further resistance as she was guided down onto her knees. Finished with that task, Sofia ruffled the girl’s hair playfully before joining her lover on the couch and leaning over to press a kiss to Roxanna’s cheek. Nuzzling the blonde appreciatively, but otherwise saying nothing, Roxanna reached out to coax Brianna into turning, the hint of desire burning in her deep brown eyes all the guidance the blue-haired girl needed as to what was about to happen. For her part Sofia just spread her legs and reached out to tangle her fingers in Claudia’s messy brown hair before removing her gag. The tattooed girl stretched her jaws as soon as the ball was pulled free, working out the cramps that had begun to form after what felt like hours of having her mouth forced open, but had no time to enjoy her newfound freedom before Sofia pulled her close and pressed the girl’s thin lip to her cleanly shaven sex. Needing no further instructions, Claudia began to worship the athletic blonde she was kneeling in front of vigorously. Letting out a deep moan as she leaned back, Sofia wrapped her legs around the tattooed girl’s back to hold her in place, clearly relishing the attention of her captive’s pierced tongue. Blushing faintly at the scene Brianna started slightly in surprise when she felt Roxanna’s delicate fingers caress her cheeks, drawing her attention back to the olive-skinned woman. Looking up at her mistress, and the tiny smirk on her face, she nodded in silent understanding and leaned forward to capture the woman’s nether lips in a kiss.

It was familiar territory for the blue-haired girl, and Brianna allowed her eyes to flutter closed as she took a deep breath through her nose. Roxanna’s familiar scent surrounded her, the sharp tang of arousal igniting a familiar spike of lust as she carefully lapped at the olive-skinned woman’s most delicate flesh. Tracing the lips of her labia with her tongue, working back and forth to tease all of her most sensitive spots before stroking the velvety heat within, Brianna reveled in the sharp taste of the other woman, a taste that as always seemed to remind her ever so faintly of tea, and had to fight down the urge to grin as elegant fingers wove into her hair and pulled tight to urge her on even as a long, low moan sounded from above her. Spurred on by that touch, Brianna continued to tease the older woman, probing her sensitive spots in a familiar pattern and drawing out her pleasure bit by bit. Slowly, as Roxanna’s breath began to hitch and her body grew tense under the pleasurable assault she was enduring, the blue-haired girl increased her pace and began to snake her tongue into the warm, wet confines of the woman’s throbbing pussy. Letting out a shuddering gasp as that skilled tongue began to explore her tender flesh, Roxanna tightened her fingers and clamped her thighs firmly against Brianna’s head, trapping her in place as a deeper moan of pure need escaped her throat. Shifting her weight ever so slightly to find a more comfortable position, the kneeling girl risked opening her eyes, tilting her head as best she could to gaze across the gorgeous expanse of her mistress’s naked body, past her heaving breasts to see the look of sheer pleasure painted on that lovely face. Practically smirking at the sight, amused and aroused and feeling a new pulse of heat bloom between her own legs, she paused only long enough to glance to the side and observe Sofia in a similar state. Indeed, the athletic woman’s back was arched in a way that looked almost painful and, with her head thrown back and eyes clenched shut, the blonde moaned and squirmed in delight as she trembled beneath Claudia’s clever tongue, biting the corner of her lip hard to try and contain herself as she practically crushed the tattooed girl against her with strong hands and toned legs.

Even more aroused by the sight, and feeling the familiar competitive streak awaken, that seemed to blossom within her whenever she was with Claudia, Brianna redoubled her efforts, determined to make Roxanna cum first. Eyes closed and working by touch alone, she probed ever deeper and thrust her tongue as far as she could to lap at the woman’s silken inner walls, teasing all of the places that she knew would drive her mistress wild. A deeper, desperate and almost primal moan seemed to tear itself free from the olive-skinned woman as her entire body went tense, her pussy tightening around the tongue filling it. That, along with the sudden clenching of the fingers woven into her hair, was all the signal Brianna needed to pounce. Withdrawing her tongue quickly, dragging the tip once more against frazzled nerves and eliciting a trembling moan in the process, she pulled back as much as she could and planted a kiss on Roxanna’s hard and aching clit. The woman gasped at the touch and Brianna wasted no time, teasing that delicate nub with her lips as she sucked and licked with ever growing intensity. It was an old lesson, and one that Brianna had learned long ago, that as much as her mistresses enjoyed teasing and edging their subs, that Roxanna in particular also liked to have her pleasure drawn out. It was honestly something that she liked to think she was pretty good at but there was a time for teasing and a time to get down to business and as she felt the olive-skinned woman tense up beneath her ministrations, muscles and sinews tightening as she rapidly approached the edge, Brianna knew that time was now. Once more momentarily lamenting that she had never bothered to have it pierced, the blue-haired girl parted her lips ever so slightly and pressed down as hard as she could with her tongue, swirling the tip around Roxanna’s clit back and forth and back again with deadly precision, feeling the woman’s body tremble as her heart pounded within her chest.

Brianna’s enthusiasm, combined with experience and a well-practiced technique, was simply too much and Roxanna quickly came undone beneath that passionate onslaught. Throwing her head back, the olive-skinned woman’s hips bucked involuntarily as a toe-curling orgasm washed over her and a shriek of pure, rapturous pleasure escaped her mouth as she screamed to the sky, or at least to the living room ceiling. For a moment every muscle seemed to pull taut, her entire body stretched out and lost in sensation, but only for an instant. Almost as quickly Roxanna went completely limp, practically sinking into the couch like a puppet with its strings cut as she panted and whimpered, aftershocks assaulting her frame like tiny electric sparks. Grinning to herself as she broke off her assault, leaning back just a bit to give her mistress time to come down, Brianna spared a moment to glance to her right and felt her grin morph into a smirk. Hunched over slightly, legs straining as she held Claudia’s kneeling form against her own, Sofia panted and moaned, eyes clenched shut and lost in the throes of pleasure but not quite over the peak just yet. Settling in to enjoy the show, and resting her weight against the couch, Brianna began to gently kiss the sensitive skin of Roxanna’s inner thigh, following the line of one of her more prominent scars all the while reveling in the sound of the older woman’s heavy breathing as she slowly came back to herself. But even so, she never took her eyes off Sofia’s moaning and trembling form, focused on the ecstatic expression painted on the blonde’s face as the anticipation of the moment grew thinner and thinner until it snapped like a thread of glass a few heartbeats. In that instant Sofia’s entire body seemed to jerk back, as if caught in the throes of a spasm, before the blonde threw back her head and howled in ecstasy, her tense and athletic frame shuddering with primal, almost animalistic intensity as she came and came, Claudia all the while still lapping at her trembling core. Eventually though, even Sofia’s incredible stamina gave out and the woman also went limp, the tension fading from her muscles in an instant. In the almost deafening silence that followed Roxanna reached out to take her lover’s hand, prompting a small smile to curl the blonde’s lip, but no one dared to say a word for several long moments.

Finally, after what felt like a small eternity, Sofia gathered herself enough to reach out to ruffle Claudia’s hair with a soft chuckle, “I have missed you, kotenok.”

Closing her eyes with a satisfied smile, and practically purring as she leaned into that touch, Claudia offered a simple, “Thank you, mistress.”

“Indeed,” Roxanna agreed as she too reached out to brush a stray curl of hair behind Brianna’s ear, “but now we have the both of you all to ourselves. The perfect end to a perfect afternoon, yes?”

Feeling herself smile in response, Brianna could not help but agree, “Yes, mistress.”

Roxanna just smiled back at her fondly and continued to play with her hair as the same comfortable silence from earlier descended once more. Shifting ever so slightly to make herself more comfortable and resting against the olive-skinned woman’s leg, Brianna just sat there for a long moment, listening to the sounds of her lovers’ breathing and the faint creak of leather as Claudia fought to turn herself around and lean back against the couch. Closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of fingers massaging her scalp for several long moments, an idle thought suddenly flitted through the blue-haired girl’s mind.

“We should go on a date.”

“Hmm?” Roxanna murmured, “What was that, korítsi?”

Heat rushing to her face as she realized she’d said that out loud, Brianna stumbled for some kind of reply, “I mean, I was just thinking, mistress. We haven’t… we haven’t really done much of that, have we?”

“No need to be embarrassed, devushka.” Sofia assured as she forced herself to sit up and reached out to lift Claudia into her lap, “And what do you think, kotenok?”

“It might be fun.” Claudia allowed as she settled against the blond’s generously curved body before biting her lip with a moan and tilting her head to the side as Sofia wrapped her arms around the tattooed girl’s narrow waist and planted a series of kisses along her shoulder.

Straightening up with a wince, Roxanna smiled down at Brianna’s kneeling form and idly carded her fingers through silken soft hair, “What did you have in mind then, korítsi?”

Blushing even more fiercely, it was at that moment that it occurred to Brianna that she hadn’t actually gone on that many dates in her life and, given the way her relationship with these wonderful women had started, her ideas of romance were fairly… atypical all things considered. Still, she pondered the question for a moment, thinking back on her own limited experience, “I… I’m not sure. Go out somewhere. Maybe have dinner, see a movie? Something like that.”

Although she felt a bit silly for such… basic suggestions Brianna was glad to note that no one teased her about it. Indeed, her mistresses seemed to be taking her ideas seriously, prompting Sofia to shift in her seat and whisper in Claudia’s ear, “What do you think, kotenok? Any movies you’ve been wanting to see?”

The bound girl shook her head slightly, then grinned suddenly, “Sorry, mistress, not really. But we could always visit Murial’s club again. It’s been awhile.”

Brianna felt herself blush even as she nodded in agreement. It had been a while since she’d really even thought about the redheaded vampire (despite everything that still felt so strange to say, even in her head) and she had been wanting to visit Delirium again after that first incredible night, but at the same time it just didn’t feel appropriate somehow.

Roxanna, it seemed, agreed, “A fine suggestion. But I dare say that is more an event than a date.” a soft, half smile bloomed on the olive-skinned woman’s face as she reached out to cup Brianna’s cheek again, “I think you had something a bit more… romantic in mind, yes?”

Although her blush darkened, Brianna nodded, looking down ever so slightly, “Yes, mistress.”

“A new restaurant just opened up near my apartment,” Claudia suddenly interjected, “a pizzeria. I’ve never been, but it’s supposed to be pretty good.”

Sofia laughed at that, her tone joyous and yet a touch nostalgic, “Ah, dorogoy, that brings me back! When was the last time we had pizza?”

“Many years ago. New York, I think.” Roxanna answered, smiling again as she glanced back down, “What do you think, korítsi? Perhaps we can make a day of it. Visit the parks, a bit of shopping, a nice quiet dinner and then,” her smile suddenly turned a touch lascivious, “well, I do not wish to spoil the surprise.”

Brianna felt a shiver race down her spine at that smile but found herself unable to do anything but nod in agreement, “That sounds wonderful.”

“Then it has been decided.” Roxanna said as she caressed the blue-haired girl’s jawline, eliciting a shudder, before leaning down to kiss her softly, “It has been a long day. Why don’t you take Claudia upstairs and get her settled in?”

Although grinning at that kiss, Brianna could not help but frown ever so briefly at that request. Glancing over to where Claudia sat perched on Sofia’s lap, still bound quite thoroughly, she honestly wondered how in the world she was going to manage that. Even so, she nodded slowly in understanding, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling at her one last time, Roxanna offered a silent gesture and Brianna climbed to her feet with another nod. Grimacing at the sensation of pins and needles that shot through her legs, muscles protesting the return of blood flow after sitting on them for so long, it took a moment to find her balance. Once her legs had steadied she twisted ever so slightly at Roxanna’s prompting to allow her mistress to unbind her hands. Rubbing her wrists, more out of habit than any real need, Brianna smiled at the olive-skinned woman, who returned the gesture warmly, before sparing a moment to again consider the task in front of her. Cautiously looking Claudia up and down, noting the amused smile on the tattooed girl’s face, Brianna felt her resolve harden in response and set her shoulders before carefully stepping over to the other side of the couch. Bending down to take the bound girl by the arms, Brianna tried to pull her upright but even despite Claudia’s rather light frame the position was just too awkward to gain enough leverage, especially with the bound girl herself not cooperating. Thankfully, her mistress took pity on her and, with a soft smile of encouragement, Sofia slipped her hands under Claudia’s arms and helped to push the tattooed girl upright with one, mostly smooth motion. Once her companion was out of Sofia’s lap, Brianna dropped her hands to the girl’s waist to steady her and momentarily had to fight the urge to caress the smooth, pale skin beneath her fingers. It was a fight she lost and a sharp intake of breath, followed by a low moan, escaped Claudia’s lips as soft hands explored the edges of her chastity belt and glided over hypersensitive skin. It was Brianna’s turn to grin teasingly and a tiny blush colored Claudia’s cheeks in response, though the spark in her eyes suggested that she didn’t much mind.

After a few heartbeats spent teasing the poor girl, Brianna carefully slipped behind her back and wrapped her arms around that wonderfully slender form, her grin widening at the way the slightly smaller girl moaned again at her touch. Shaking her head to focus, and glancing back over her shoulder to make sure the way was clear, Brianna braced herself before tightening her grip and pulling sharply. Claudia let out a sudden shriek of surprise at the unexpected movement, as the arms around her waist suddenly tilted her whole body back, forcing her to pivot on her heels until she thought, for a brief moment, that she was about to fall over. After those brief moments of fear, however, she relaxed just as quickly as the arms holding her supported her and her body came to rest against Brianna’s own, the blue-haired girl’s breasts pressing into her back quite pleasantly. 

It was only then, in that somewhat ridiculous pose and being held like an oversized sack of potatoes, that Brianna began to walk backwards, quite literally dragging her companion behind her, Claudia’s bare feet easily sliding across the polished hardwood floor as they slowly crossed the room. Clearly amused at the display, Sofia stiffed a laugh while Roxanna offered an enigmatic smile and a small wave goodbye. Unaware of that, though feeling Claudia’s body shake slightly from suppressed chuckles, forcing her to readjust her grip, Brianna just kept moving. Thankfully from that point it was the work of only a few moments before the pair reached the hallway, moving just out of sight of their mistresses as they approached the foot of the stairs. Adjusting her grip again to ease the strain on her arms, the act of dragging even Claudia’s relatively light frame harder work than she’d expected, Brianna climbed up onto the first step and braced herself to drag her companion up with her before thinking better of that plan. Instead, she lifted Claudia back into a fully upright position and, freed of the other girl’s weight, glanced up the stairs, frowning almost instinctively as she noted just how may steps there actually were. Contemplating this new obstacle she was thus caught completely by surprise when Claudia decided to break the silence.

“What?” the bound girl asked in a deliberately playful tone, a smile on her thin lips as she looked back up at Brianna over her shoulder, “Don’t want to carry me?”

“Not if I can help it.” Brianna shot back, half playfully and half seriously, before she placed a hand on her hip, “I don’t suppose you have any ideas?”

To be fair, although still smiling Claudia did seem to sincerely ponder the question for a moment before shrugging as best she could in the straitjacket, “I could try and hop?”

Even though she was sure the suggestion was at least partially made in jest, Brianna still found herself seriously considering it, mostly for the funny mental image of Claudia trying to jump up the stairs one step at a time like some sort of demented rabbit while bound so thoroughly. At that moment an idea suddenly struck. It had honestly slipped her mind given everything else that had happened over the course of the day, but it occurred to her then that she had means beyond mere muscle power to move something. But as amusing and honestly attractive as the idea of levitating Claudia up the stairs was, indeed the mental image brought a tiny smile to her face as she imagined the other girl’s reaction, she dismissed it just as quickly. For one, even though Claudia was a fairly small girl she had never tried to lift anything even remotely that heavy before and this did not seem like the time for practice. And for another, as a rank novice who had barely even begun to explore the mysteries of sorcery she had no idea if it was even safe to try. No, better to stick to more traditional methods, even if a part of her was disappointed. After all, Claudia had asked for a demonstration of her magical prowess once upon a time and that would have been one hell of a way to show off.

Shaking her head at her own flights of fancy, though still smiling faintly, Brianna instead bent down to place her hands on the bound girl’s hips, “I’ll pull, you hop.”

Glancing over her shoulder again, their faces practically touching, Claudia offered a half smile and a wink, “Yes, ma’am.”

Rolling her eyes, but unable to keep herself from returning that smile, Brianna braced herself and, in a display that she was certain looked even more ridiculous than dragging her companion across the living room, tightened her hold on the other girl’s waist and pulled. At that silent signal Claudia pushed upward with her toes as hard as she could, awkwardly jumping upwards. It was a near thing, with Brianna coming perilously close to losing her grip, but in the end she managed to pull the bound girl up to join her until the pair were crowded together on the step, their bodies pressed close together, swaying slightly as the blue-haired girl struggled to adjust her footing.

Squirming playfully at the feeling of Brianna’s curves pressed firmly against her back, Claudia let out a low, appreciative hum and smiled mischievously, “Is that a pencil in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Snorting unintentionally as she tried to stifle a laugh, Brianna rested her chin on the tattooed girl’s shoulder until she could regain control of herself. Letting out a fond sigh, she pressed a kiss behind the slightly smaller girl’s ear, “What am I going to do with you?”

Twisting her upper body ever so slightly to playfully fight against her straitjacket as well as emphasize her slight breasts, Claudia’s grin grew wicked and her voice dropped to a husky whisper, “I can think of a few ideas.”

Choosing to ignore that comment despite the faint blush on her cheeks, Brianna went back to work and, slowly and carefully, one step at a time, the pair began to climb the stairs. Finally, after what felt like hours, honestly making Brianna wonder how she’d never noticed just how tall the staircase actually was, the pair reached the upstairs landing. Sighing softly in relief, the blue-haired girl wrapped her bound companion up in an embrace. Claudia instantly relaxed into her arms, legs trembling ever so slightly from the exertions of her climb, and let out a breath that Brianna hadn’t even realized she’d been holding. Offering another grateful smile, the bound girl just snuggled a little closer into the blue-haired girl’s grasp and obediently went limp to allow her companion to drag her the last leg of their journey. Thankfully, compared to everything else, it was a relatively short trip down the hall and with those few final moments of efforts Brianna at last reached her room, almost visible sagging in relief when her feet stepped onto familiar carpet and the light pouring in through the ethereally thin curtains banished the familiar darkness of the hallway. Marshaling her strength, the blue-haired girl crossed the last few feet over to her bed and carefully laid her companion down upon it before finally straightening up and placing her hands on her hips to pop her spine.

Sighing contentedly as she squirmed into a more comfortable position, Claudia rolled her shoulders as best she could and grinned, “Thanks.”

Returning that smile, though with perhaps less enthusiasm, Brianna crossed over to her desk even as she began to untie her apron strings, “You’re welcome.”

Practically dissolving into a puddle as she allowed herself to sink into the mattress, Claudia moaned a little, “This feels so good. I’m jealous I never got to try out your bed before.” her smile suddenly turned teasing, “You broken it in yet?”

Glancing back as she slipped off her apron, Brianna found herself returning that smile as a trill of excitement ran up her spine at the way the bound girl’s eyes roamed over her nearly naked body, “You asking if I’ve been bound on it, or if I’ve had sex on it?”

“Is there a difference?” Claudia asked.

Smiling morphing into a smirk, Brianna crawled onto the bed on all fours until she was practically looming over Claudia’s supine form, “Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have sex without bondage.”

A playful, mocking pout twisted Claudia’s lips, “Bo-ring.”

Grinning, but saying nothing, Brianna bent down to capture Claudia’s mouth in a deep and hungry kiss. Relishing the feeling of those thin lips working against her own as their passions slowly deepened, mouths parting to allow tongues to duel in a familiar dance, Brianna gave herself over to instinct as she fought for control. For a small eternity the whole world was reduced to nothing but the girl laid out beneath her and that kiss, the heat of Claudia’s body intoxicating on her skin as the bound girl helplessly squirmed and writhed and moaned against her. Slowly lowering herself down to pin Claudia in place, desperate for more of her touch and taste, Brianna was only finally forced to break that kiss out of a need to breathe, pulling back ever so slightly with a tiny frown.

A faint blush on her own cheeks, and eyes almost glazed over with want, Claudia glanced up, “Are you going to leave me like this?”

“Yep.” Brianna answered simply, emphasizing the ‘p’ for good measure, with a tiny smile as she brushed some of the other girl’s hair out of her eyes.

Claudia returned that smile before craning her neck up just enough to press a soft kiss to Brianna’s lower lip, “Good.”

Slowly sitting up to straddle the slender, tattooed girl beneath her, Brianna reached out to cup Claudia’s cheek with one hand even as she allowed the other to run down her side, “I’m really glad you’re here.”

“Me too.” Claudia admitted, her smile turning almost shy before she shifted her hips with a slight wince, “Although I could do without this belt.”

Almost coyly Brianna ran a finger along the edges of the other girl’s chastity belt, relishing the contrast of cold steel and sensitive skin, her tone almost playful, “Oh? Is someone feeling a bit… pent up?”

Moaning at that touch, Claudia closed her eyes and tried to wriggle her hips again, “I was really looking forward to this, to seeing all of you.” a faint blush coloring her features, “I… I haven’t masturbated all week.”

“Really?” Brianna wondered, a bit surprised by that confession and more than a little impressed as well, not at all certain if she could have managed such a feat of self control. Withdrawing her hand, Brianna then bent down to press a soft, comforting kiss to her companion's forehead, “Well, now I feel a little guilty for teasing you so much.”

“Does that mean you’ll put in a good word for me with our mistresses?” Claudia wondered as she opened her eyes again, her tone light, almost playful, and yet with an undercurrent of longing despite that.

“Hmm,” Brianna murmured, pursing her lips as she pondered that request for a moment before a teasing smile curled her lips, “no, I think not.”

Claudia blinked, as if surprised by that reply, “Wha...”

Before the other girl could fully react, though, Brianna interrupted her, leaning down and pressing another kiss to her brow before whispering softly into her ear, “I’ve been locked up for weeks now, and I think I like you better this way. In fact, maybe I should ask our mistresses to keep you locked up all weekend. And then maybe we can send you home like this, dripping and aching and throbbing with need.” she paused long enough to nip the bound girl’s ear playfully, “That would be so hot.”

Claudia practically whimpered in response, but could not stop herself from moaning as a sudden flush heated her skin, her struggles betraying just how turned on she truly was at the idea. Swallowing hard, the tattooed girl finally found her voice, shaky though it was, “You’ve gotten good at this.”

“Thanks.” Brianna said, softly, before placing a much more gentle kiss on Claudia’s lips, “I just can’t help myself when I see you like this.”

“Flatterer.” Claudia shot back with a tiny smile, “But you know, I’m going to pay you back for all this teasing when the tables turn, right?”

Sitting up to straddle the bound girl’s waist once again, Brianna returned that smile, “You’d better.”

For a moment or two neither of them said anything, simply enjoying the silence and the warmth of the other's presence before Brianna finally lost control and, unable to help herself, burst out giggling. Although she tried valiantly to keep her own expression impassive, a heartbeat later Claudia joined in and for another long moment the two just laughed, taken in by the absurdity of their situation and the kinky flirting that had come to define their relationship with each other. When she finally began to settle again, her laughter mostly under control despite a few stray giggles bubbling up in her throat, Brianna let out a contented sigh and leaned back before absently glancing to her left. It was then that something caught her eye, one of her gags sitting casually on the nightstand. It was a simple thing, a black leather panel with a single strap and a modest plug, one of several in fact that she wore when sleeping, on those rare occasions when she slept alone. Its presence surprised her a bit, she usually didn’t leave her toys just laying around, but at the same time the sight gave her an idea.

A mischievous grin twisting her lips she quickly glanced back down at Claudia, “Hey, would you like to see a trick?”

Curiosity painting her features, the bound girl cocked a brow slightly with an almost sardonic grin, “Somehow this feels like a trap.”

Brianna could not help but laugh a little even as she shook her head, “No, no, nothing like that. What I mean is, would you like to see a magic trick?”

Excitement blossomed in Claudia’s eyes at that, well understanding exactly what the blue-haired girl meant, “Really?”

“Really.” Brianna confirmed with a nod, “Although,” she cautioned, feeling suddenly chagrined in the face of that enthusiasm, “I’m sure it’s nothing impressive compared to some of the things you’ve seen.”

“Hey,” Claudia assured, voice softer, almost gentle, “don’t be so hard on yourself. This is important to you, and I want to see what you can do.”

Brianna found herself smiling softly in return, grateful for the encouragement and feeling just a bit more confident, “Thanks.”

“Anytime.” Claudia assured before her tone shifted again, growing more playful, almost impish, “Now quit stalling.”

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, but still smiling, Brianna reached out with a hand and pushed. Her power flowed freely, the process almost second nature by now after so much practice, although she had also discovered the technique almost impossible without using at least one hand as a guide. Still, while that meant she wasn’t going to be untying herself anytime soon, something that she was secretly grateful for as bondage would have lost much of its appeal if she could escape so easily, something like this was almost child’s play now. At her silent command the gag practically leaped off the table and shot into her palm with a soft thud. Instinctively wrapping her fingers around the cool leather, she glanced back down at Claudia with a grin and was almost taken aback by the sheer wonder reflected in the other girl’s gaze. For a moment Brianna wasn’t certain what to make of that. Roxanna had assured her that telekinesis was a simple trick, something any sorcerer could use to some degree or another, and given the company she kept Claudia must have certainly seen far more wondrous things. But it occurred to her then that to a once hopeful student of the mystic, to someone who had sadly been unable to learn even the most basic of those arts, watching someone that she loved, whom she had so enthusiastically supported, demonstrate even a simple trick like this might indeed be wondrous to behold.

Smile softening, Brianna held up the gag, “Ta da.”

For a moment Claudia said nothing before looking up to meet Brianna’s gaze and a broad smile split her thin lips. All of a sudden she burst out laughing, honest joy tinged with amusement filling her voice, “What did I say? Jedi training.”

Giving in to the sudden impulse, Brianna shoved the plug into Claudia’s mouth, the bound girl shaking her head and playfully struggling as she strapped the gag firmly in place, “Keeping pretty girls tied up in my bed? Guess I’ve fallen to the dark side.”

Still struggling, though with amusement clearly written in her soft brown eyes, Claudia strained against her straitjacket again as she played along, begging through the gag as best she could, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm, mmph mm ghn!”

Softly brushing that messy brown hair away from her face, Brianna cupped the girl’s cheeks in both hands and leaned in close, “Now why would I ever let you go?”

Claudia moaned deeply and practically melted into that touch, reveling at the feeling of soft palms caressing her skin, but otherwise she lay perfectly still and simply enjoyed both her predicament and the blue-haired girl’s presence. Deciding that was enough for now, Brianna gave her companion a soft kiss on the tip of her nose, amused at the way Claudia went cross-eyed watching her, and smiled.

“I should go help our mistresses clean up.” she announced all of a sudden, “I’ll bring you something to eat later. Don’t go anywhere.”

Claudia groaned at that joke, even as she resumed her struggles while Brianna climbed to her feet. Reaching up over her head to stretch, twisting her hips and arching her back as provocatively as she could, the blue-haired girl was amused at the way Claudia’s gaze followed her so intensely. Cupping her breasts, and running her hands along her sides as she lowered her arms, Brianna offered nothing more than a wink and a lascivious smile as she slowly turned and made her way from the room, feeling the bound girl’s eyes on her back as she allowed her hips to rock back and forth with each step. It had certainly been an eventful day full of surprises and she couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend held.


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