The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2022 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; fpov; bond; toys; gag; leash; collar; mast; tribbing; majick; tease; rope; chastity; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 4

It was shaping up to be an absolutely beautiful day. The sky was clear and bright, painted in brilliant shades of blue and gold as the sun slowly began to crest the horizon and peak above the treetops. The canopy of purest emerald overhead rustled and shook as a faint breeze set the trees swaying this way and that, casting dappled patterns of shadow and glistening shafts of light over the earth in shifting, nonsense patterns while the last lingering remnants of dew glittered like a thousand diamonds. It was the sort of glorious sight that only the most dedicated early riser could truly enjoy. However, feeling the damp earth give ever so slightly beneath the soles of her shoes, her lungs burning as she sucked in ragged breath after ragged breath, skin almost clammy from the cool air washing over sweat covered skin, Brianna Wilde was not in the best position to appreciate that beauty. Rather, as she jogged along the little wooded path, the muscles of her legs protesting each step and the faint chirp of birdsong drowned out by her racing heart and harsh breathing, the only thing the blue-haired girl was really aware of was the gloriously toned form of Sofia Petrovna jogging along a handful of paces in front of her. Though covered with a sheen of sweat as well, the blonde did not seem at all phased by the effort, her form perfect as she set a quick but manageable pace, the muscles of her strong thighs and pert ass almost rippling beneath wonderfully tanned skin, while each step set her ample breasts bouncing tantalizingly despite the tight sports bra she was wearing. It was an intoxicating sight, and one that almost made up for having to wake up so early in the morning. Almost. Still, despite the burn she could feel in every fiber of her being, and the creeping exhaustion from trying to keep pace with her mistress, Brianna could not help but be a little proud of herself as well. While she certainly lacked the discipline, or desire, to pursue the kind of fitness regime that Sofia had dedicated herself to for decades, these early morning jogs were getting easier. Every day it seemed as if her muscles protested a little less, her breathing came a little easier, and her stamina grew just a bit more. And besides that, while she had never said anything it was clear that fitness was an important part of Sofia’s life and it felt… nice to be able to share this with her, especially when Roxanna could not.

Over the last few weeks, as she had settled into the new routines of living with her mistresses, part of her still not quite able to believe how lucky she was to wake up every morning in their bed and in their arms, these jogs had simply become another part of that routine. One that she was growing quite fond of as time went by. Not just because of the new closeness it allowed with Sofia, but also because, as most things in this house were, it had become an excuse to indulge their kinky sides much like that first morning run all those many months ago. It might have started as something of a joke, or at least a playful game, but as was quickly becoming a habit Brianna was quite thoroughly and inescapable bound this morning. Other than her collar, and a set of comfortable running shoes, she wore nothing but a skintight pair of yoga pants that she thought showed off her butt rather nicely, and clung to every curve of her thighs as if painted on. Beyond that the only thing covering her half naked body was the black leather monoglove that pulled her arms sharply behind her back, the straps fastened so tight that her elbows kissed within their confinement, an achievement that she was also quite proud of truth be told. As well, with her long blue hair tied up in a messy bun to keep it out of her face there was also nothing to block the sight of the gag filling her mouth, what almost looked like a plain white wiffle ball stretching her lips wide and held deeply in place with harsh leather strap, the holes punched through it both allowing her to breath easily as well as making it almost impossible to keep herself from drooling. A fact that made a slight blush color her already flushed skin, a blush that deepened as she once again took note of the cool air running over her bare skin, her nipples almost achingly hard and her modest bust jiggling with each, increasingly heavy, step. Brianna knew it was extremely unlikely to encounter anyone else this early in the morning, especially hidden as they were by the tight cluster of hickory trees the path wound through, but even the thought of being seen in her current state, bound and gagged helplessly while half naked and being led on a leash, was such an incredible turn on.

Or maybe that was just the vibrating egg nestled deep within her body, humming away with a low and constant buzz as it shook and shifted with each step, her vaginal muscles gripping the intruder tightly as it teased sensitive nerves. That too was something of a tradition, as it was in so many of their games, teasing and edging her to the point in which she feared she might burst, her entire being burning with need and craving blessed release. Brianna was quite used to that as well and, though she might not ever admit it in so many words, she had come to thrill in the sensation and crave it almost as much as she craved the intensity of the orgasms that followed. For a brief instant she almost smiled around the edges of her gag only to lose her train of thought as the vibrator shifted again, almost making her stumble as she moaned deep in her throat, a moan that transformed into a soft whine as the wonderfully pleasurable sensations once again failed to take her over the edge. Groaning in frustration, and shoulders hunched ever so slightly, she could do nothing but keep jogging, one foot in front of the other. As much as she had come to adore these early morning bondage runs there was an element missing today, and it was something that both frustrated and concerned her in equal measures. While it was routine for Sofia to tease her as they trudged along, varying the intensity of the vibrator as reward or punishment, or “encouragement” as she liked to call it, most of the time they would take a short break when they reached a small clearing alongside a stream deep in the woods. In addition to a chance to catch their breath, even if that was more for Brianna’s sake, her mistress would usually take the opportunity to play with her. A reward for all of her hard work. Even thinking about it made Brianna moan again, remembering all the times she had spent, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, perched in the blonde’s lap as those strong, calloused hands roamed over her bare stomach and breasts while kisses branded her neck and teeth nibbled at her ear. A prelude before those fingers, or on days in which she was very lucky those lips, brought her over the peak and made her scream into the early morning sky.

Today, however, was different and Brianna was both immensely frustrated and a little worried. While the pair had stopped, briefly, to rest Sofia had said nothing, only offered a sly and teasing smile after a long moment before tugging on the leash and pulling her back onto the path. That alone had made the blue-haired girl wonder. Was this some sort of new game, a break from routine, or was it something else? Now, with the sun slowly banishing the last traces of the morning mists, and nearly back home, she could not help but wonder even more. She did not think she was being punished, her mistress would have said something if that were the case, or at least made things clear, but it was still strange. The only other time she could remember being denied an orgasm on their jog had been a morning which, admittedly, she was being a bit of a brat in hopes of eliciting such a reaction, having simply been in the mood to be punished that day. Of course, there had also been no doubt then as to what was happening. She’d made that run wearing a pair of nipple clamps in addition to her normal gear and had been teased even more relentlessly than normal. A tiny smile curled the edges of her lips at that memory, remembering how Sofia had even stretched out her punishment for most of that morning with Roxanna’s help until she had quite literally begged for mercy after lunch. That in turn had led her to spending a good chunk of the afternoon bent over the kitchen table and a wonderfully mind-blowing string of climaxes that had made the whole thing worthwhile. Before she could become too deeply lost in thought, yet another shift in the vibrator’s intensity drew the blue-haired girl out of those pleasant daydreams and back to reality, almost making her stumble as her whole body seemed to shudder. With another helpless groan she struggled to regain her balance, part of her grateful for the way Sofia slowed down ever so slightly in response, the blonde glancing over her shoulder with a slightly worried look.

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Brianna just shook her head as she struggled to focus on keeping her steps even, silently reassuring her mistress as her mind continued to wander, turning over the situation in hopes of distracting herself from the throbbing need between her legs. No, whatever else was going on she did not think she was being punished. Rather, she was fairly certain that her mistresses were planning something, but honestly had no idea as to what that might be. Nothing unusual had been said, or even hinted at, in the past weeks and, honestly, knowing them and all the wondrous things they had managed to surprise her with in the past she could not even begin to guess at what might be about to happen. And yet, as the trees began to thin, giving way to shrubs and vines and brush, and the weathered wooden fence that encased 137 North Hickory Lane’s backyard came into sight at the end of the path, the blue-haired girl could not help but feel the thrill of anticipation almost as keenly as the raw pulse of arousal within her. Sofia’s pace began to slow with each step as the blonde turned the last leg of their journey into an impromptu cool down and by the time they had broken through the last of the forest and out into the sun they were practically walking. As Sofia moved to open the gate Brianna, flushed and sweaty with her entire body warring between exhaustion and arousal, could not help but glance about with a trace of nervousness, wondering if anyone could see them. Though she tried not to think about it too much, in her current state she almost wished someone could. A final tug at her collar forced her attention back to her mistress and the blonde offered a smile as she guided the bound girl into the backyard, closing the gate behind them. Weaving their way past the well-tended flower beds, each one alive with an explosion of colors as the blooms opened proudly to drink in the light, and around the inviting waters the pool Brianna felt a new wave of relief wash over her as they stepped onto the patio and under the shade of the canopy.

Pausing then to remove her leash, Sofia flashed another smile before darting in to plant a kiss on the bound girl’s cheek and wrap an arm around her shoulders in a gentle, comforting embrace. Smiling back around her gag, Brianna leaned into that gloriously toned body and allowed herself to be led up to the house and through the large sliding glass doors into the kitchen. The first thing she noted was the sharp aroma of fresh coffee, undercut by the scent of cinnamon but all of that paled in comparison to that first glorious feeling of cool, conditioned air washing over her. Moaning in relief at the sensation, closing her eyes as she spared a moment to simply enjoy the feeling even as her skin began to feel clammy, Brianna did not bother to watch as Sofia guided her to the kitchen table and gently sat in a chair. Sighing in relief as she was finally allowed to rest her legs, and biting down on her gag as the vibrator shifted inside of her in a way that was wonderfully pleasant if equally frustrating, it was only then that the device ceased. Sighing in a mix of relief and irritation, a soft whine deep in her throat, the blue-haired girl finally opened her eyes again and blinked once in surprise to find Roxanna sitting next to her, having not noticed the woman’s presence earlier. With a steaming teacup, and an equally steaming bowl of oatmeal, in front of her Roxanna still looked a bit flushed from her morning shower, hair a bit damp and pulled back into a rough ponytail while a well worn robe with nothing underneath it covered her body, but even so she managed to look absolutely radiant despite all that. Smiling softly, amusement dancing in those deep brown eyes, the olive-skinned woman said nothing as she reached out and caressed Brianna’s cheek before carefully pulling the gag from her mouth and leaving it to dangle at the base of her throat like some sort of bizarre necklace.

Instinctively working her jaw, and licking her lips, Brianna managed to find her voice even if her throat was a bit rough, “Thank you, mistress.”

“It is no trouble, korítsi.” Roxanna assured with a slightly wider smile before reaching over to pick up a small glass, “Juice?”

Nodding gratefully Brianna managed a smile of her own, “Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

With her arms still tightly bound she could do nothing but wait until the glass was lifted to her lips and the first taste of the delightfully cool and wonderfully tart orange juice touched her tongue. Although she tried to take measured sips it was a losing battle and Brianna could not stop herself from drinking greedily, the soothing liquid feeling absolutely wonderful on her raw throat to say nothing of the cool sensation spreading throughout her heated chest. Pulling the glass away after a moment or two, eliciting a pout that the olive-skinned woman found utterly adorable, Roxanna fought down a smirk as she reached out to slide the bowl to her side. Idly taking a spoon and stirring the contents for a moment to two she turned her attention back to Brianna’s bound form.

“Careful, korítsi. You will make yourself sick.”

The blue-haired girl had the wherewithal to look somewhat abashed as she offered a tiny, apologetic grin, “Sorry, mistress.”

With a soft smile Roxanna just shook her head and lifted the spoon, “No need to apologize, korítsi. But tell me, did you have a good run?”

Leaning forward to take the offered bite, savoring the honeyed sweetness of the oatmeal that contrasted nicely with what she thought were crushed walnuts, Brianna momentarily glanced to Sofia as the blonde took a seat across from them, cup of coffee in hand, before shrugging as best she could in the armbinder, “Yes, mistress. It was fine.”

Sofia cut in, clearly fighting down a smirk as she did, “Is something amiss, devushka? You seem a bit… on edge.”

Brianna actually blinked at that question, almost taken aback by the pun and resisting the urge to roll her eyes, “Really mistress?”

Sofia laughed out loud, honestly delighted by that response, “You make things far too easy for me, devushka. How can I resist?”

Almost despite herself Brianna felt her lips twitch into a grin and she decided to cut to the chase, shifting a bit in her seat, “May I please cum, mistress? Please?”

With an almost sly smile Sofia paused long enough to take a long drink of her coffee, a brief expression of pure pleasure written on her face, before answering, “Not just yet, my dear. As much as I love to hear your pretty voice we were a bit pressed for time this morning. Something… special is in the works.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna added, “These last weeks have been very pleasant as you settled in, but it is high past time I keep my promise.”

It took Brianna a moment to process those words but when it finally clicked in her brain what her mistress was talking about, another type of excitement rose in her chest and a broad, eager smile curled her lips, “Really?”

Smiling warmly at that enthusiasm, Roxanna nodded, “You are ready, korítsi.” she offered before stealing a bite of oatmeal for herself and playfully gesturing at the bound girl with the spoon, “But, I believe you need to be in the right… mindset to properly appreciate your lessons. Anticipation can be the highest form of foreplay and,” the woman’s voice dropped to a husky whisper as she reached out to place a finger under Brianna’s chin and gently force the blue-haired girl to meet her gaze, “in your case? An excellent teaching tool.”

Shivering at that touch, and that husky tone, Brianna managed a tiny nod, voice little more than a whisper, “Yes, mistress.”

The olive-skinned woman smiled, “Good girl.”

A different kind of excitement filling her now, the rest of breakfast seemed to pass in a blur even if Roxanna seemed to be intent on taking her sweet time, feeding her companion slowly one spoon at a time, a tiny smile on her face as the bound girl fidgeted in her seat. A smile matched by Sofia as the blonde finished her coffee and puttered about the kitchen, looking for something to eat herself before settling on a simple bowl of cereal. In fact, Brianna had to force herself to remain still, clamping down on her muscles despite the overwhelming urge to bounce her leg in frustration. Still, despite her best efforts she was certain some trace of impatience must have shown on her face given the way Sofia’s smile seemed to turn teasing at one point. Eventually, however, the meal finished and Roxanna stood stiffly from her chair, sparing a moment to put her dishes in the sink before returning to stand behind her slave. Licking her lips and fighting the urge to turn and look Brianna almost shivered in anticipation as she felt those soft hands fall upon her bare shoulders and gently massage aching muscles for several long moments. Sighing a bit at that touch, and closing her eyes as she relaxed just a little under her mistress’s ministrations, Brianna’s breath caught in her throat as those fingers suddenly trailed down her bound arms and began to loosen the straps holding her one at a time. As the tension on her arms released itself bit by bit and the straps criss-crossing her chest fell away, allowing the restraining garment to be slowly slid from her body, the blue-haired girl let out a small moan.

As soon as her arms were free, however, Roxanna was suddenly at her side, leaning over sharply in a way that made her robe fall open, granting Brianna a clear view of the olive-skinned woman’s shapely breasts. Eyes locked on that lovely sight she was not immediately aware of the hand cupping her chin until she was forced to look up and meet the older woman’s deep brown gaze. She opened her mouth to say something, anything but could not even manage a single word before a pair of soft, familiar lips met her own, silencing her with a gentle but deep kiss. Feeling her whole body go slack, Brianna surrendered herself to the sensation, moaning deep in her throat as Roxanna’s tongue explored her and the woman’s free hand roamed down her chest to cup a breast. A bit dazed by the time the kiss ended, she could only look up, blinking owlishly at her mistress’s smiling face.

“Go and take a quick shower, korítsi.” the woman suggested, ordered really, “And meet me in my office when you are finished.”

Summoning the wherewithal to nod, Brianna managed a brief reply in a soft and whispered voice, “Yes, mistress.”

Almost smirking at the girl’s reaction, Roxanna leaned in close to whisper one final instruction into her slave’s ear, “And no need to wear clothes.”

Fearing that she might lose it then and there, Brianna moaned again much more softly, but still managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress.”

With one final pat on the cheek, Roxanna stepped away and Brianna shakily climbed to her feet, the muscles in her legs still burning from her earlier exertions, before slowly making her way out of the kitchen, pausing only long enough to glance back over her shoulder one last time. Roxanna had returned to the sink, back turned as she cleaned the dishes, but Sofia winked at her playfully with a wide, knowing smile. Blushing a little and offered a small smile of her own, Brianna turned back and stepped into the hall. From there it was no more than a dozen steps down a well worn path to the master bathroom. Quickly closing the door behind her Brianna barely spared enough time to kick off her running shoes before stripping off the rest of the clothing and putting it in the hamper. Naked now, the tile of the floor cool on her feet, she stepped up to the sink and looked in the mirror. Her skin still looked a bit flushed, though whether or not that was from exertion or arousal she could not say, and her hair hung limply, ever so slightly matted with sweat. Reaching up to pull off her hair tie, Brianna ran a hand over her scalp and carded through her long, blue locks with her fingers to try and work out any tangles. Finally, she bit her lip and reached down to slip her fingers inside of herself to remove the vibrating egg, wincing a bit and then suppressing a moan as the toy came free with a wet pop. Giving herself a moment to calm down with how worked up she already was, Brianna rinsed the toy off and quickly set it on the counter before making her way to the shower and climbing in. Closing the shower door as she turned on the water, giving it a moment or two to heat up before ducking under the shower head, a contented sigh escaped her lips as the warm spray enveloped her, washing away the clammy and unpleasant sensation of dried sweat as well as easing the tension in tired muscles. For a long moment she just stood there like that, eyes closed and face up as she let the water flow over her in a torrent, taking deep breaths of the steam that lazily swirled up toward the vent.

At some point, she could not say when, her hands reached out for the familiar bottle of body wash almost on autopilot and began to scrub her skin with the light, lavender smelling soap. But even then her mind was a million miles away, curiosity and excitement burning within her as she wondered just what was about to happen. Truth be told, with all the… excitement in her life, her mystical studies had not been much of a priority. Oh, she had continued her meditative exercises and self-bondage experiments but little beyond that. Indeed, even Roxanna had not given her much real instruction since those first few heady weeks. Her mistress had insisted, gently, that she was not quite ready for the next step and, besides that, with everything else she had planned the older woman thought it best to take things slowly. Brianna had not exactly been happy to hear that, of course, but as the stresses of the end of the school year built and her own plans to finally open up to her parents had taken shape she had come to appreciate the sentiment. But now? Now it seemed as if the wait was finally over and the blue-haired girl could barely contain herself, anticipation and arousal swirling within her in a heady cocktail as she dreamed of all the things she might learn and, perhaps better, all the games that Mistress Roxanna might incorporate into those lessons. By the time she at last began to wash her hair, unconsciously moaning as her nails massaged her scalp in a way that was delightfully pleasant, Brianna found she simply couldn’t wait. However, by luck, or happenstance, as she rinsed herself off one last time her hand happened to brush over her aching sex. Biting her lip as her whole body seemed to shiver at the contact, a harsh breath filling the air, she spared a moment to try and calm herself but her body was wound so tightly from the run and Sofia’s relentless teasing that it was an impossible task. As if they had a mind of their own the tips of her fingers began to trace the edges of her labia up toward her aching clit. A trill of pleasure filled her gut and, as the heat between her legs seemed to pulse in response, she bit her lip even harder and slipped a finger inside her damp and eager pussy. After all, while there had been some implications, she had not been forbidden from touching herself either…

Just as she added a second finger to join the first, thrusting into herself slowly in order to reach her deepest, most sensitive places, the sudden and surprising sound of the shower door opening made her jump in surprise. Eyes snapping open, the shock of discovery and the rush of cool air extinguishing her ardor rather effectively, Brianna looked up, torn between embarrassment and just a bit of guilt for being caught masturbating, only to see Sofia’s smirking face as the blonde joined her in the shower without a word.

“Mistress?” Brianna asked, carefully, almost afraid to move.

Sofia said nothing at first, rather she just speared Brianna with a sultry gaze and closed the door behind her as she stepped closer. Reaching out she wrapped her arms around the blue-haired girl’s waist and pulled her into an embrace. Brianna gasped at the sudden contact, but instantly relaxed into those arms with a moan as her mistress’s lips practically branded her own with a kiss. Closing her eyes as she returned that embrace, reveling in the feel of soft skin on her own as she parted her lips ever so slightly. Lost in the sensation as the blonde’s tongue explored her, Brianna almost whimpered a moment later as Sofia broke the kiss and leaned in close to whisper in her ear.

“Are you being naughty, devushka?”

Blushing fiercely, and breath caught in her throat, Brianna struggled to find some sort of reply, “Mistress, I…”

Sofia did not give her a chance to reply, instead pushing the blue-haired girl against the cool tiled wall and thrusting a knee between her legs before once again pressing their bodies together, “I will not tell if you won’t.”

Head spinning, Brianna moaned softly as Sofia began to press kisses against her neck, nipping at her pulse playfully, “I don’t…”

Silencing her with another kiss, Sofia smiled down at the smaller girl in her arms, “I have no problem sharing you, devushka. But today? Today you belong to Roxanna, so I will take any opportunity I can get.”

Biting her lip, Brianna tightened her grip, “Mistress… please…”

Silencing her with another kiss Sofia smiled softly, voice little more than a sultry purr, “Shhh, devushka. I know what you need.”

As if possessed by the sudden flood of arousal that seemed to fill every fiber of her being all at once, Brianna’s hands found Sofia’s shoulders and gripped tight, her fingernails grazing the blonde’s skin so sharply they left marks as she pressed forward and captured her mistress’s mouth in a hard kiss. Closing her eyes, heart pounding in her chest with excitement as Sofia yielded to her ever so briefly, the blue-haired girl thrust her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Savoring these brief few moments, Brianna explored her mistress, running her tongue along the edge of the blonde’s teeth before twining their tongues together in a sensuous and almost frenzied dance. Twisting her hips almost unconsciously to grind against Sofia’s leg, Brianna moaned deep in her throat at the feel of that silky skin running against her aching pussy. As much as she relished that moment, however, she relished it even more when Sofia took control back, wrenching dominion of the kiss away from the girl in her arms and thrusting her tongue deep into Brianna’s mouth in turn. At the same time, the blonde’s strong, calloused hands ran down the girl’s sides to cup her ass, squeezing playfully and firmly before literally lifting her up and almost slamming her against the shower wall. Brianna gasped and then moaned as she was forced to straddle Sofia’s thigh, the weight of her body only enhancing the already wonderful sensations. The older woman’s tongue practically down her throat at that point, Brianna could only hold on for dear life, tightening her grip and clinging to the blonde’s shoulders for all she was worth as Sofia practically crushed their bodies together. Whimpering into the kiss at the sensation of large, firm breasts pressed against her own modest bust she could only writhe and moan helplessly as Sofia began to grind against her.

The feeling of water rushing over them as she was rhythmically slammed against the cool tiles again and again, while miles of silky smooth skin glided against her own, reminded Brianna of their first time together. Of that afternoon in the pool, clutching onto Sofia helplessly as the blonde made all of her dreams come true. A day that forever marked the beginning of something truly wonderful. Unlike that indescribably amazing day, however, this time Brianna had the wherewithal and the experience to respond in kind. To kiss back even as her mouth was thoroughly ravished by the athletic blonde holding her tight, and to squirm wildly in that grip as she tried to give her mistress as much pleasure as she could in return. However, again like that wondrous day, neither one of them were in the mood to wait. Wound as tightly as she was from the run and her failed attempt at self-pleasure, it couldn’t have been more than a minute before Brianna felt her muscles tense and her entire body stiffen before exploding. Screaming her pleasure into that kiss, the blue-haired girl bucked like a wildcat in Sofia’s grip and ran her nails down the woman’s back fiercely, leaving long red scratches in her wake as she did, her pussy practically spasming as she came and shards of pure ecstasy shot straight into her brain. Deepening the kiss to silence her lover, Sofia continued to thrust against the younger girl’s body, perhaps three or four more times, though neither was counting, until her own muscles seemed to go tight as spun steel for the briefest instant and she came in turn, sandwiching Brianna between her own quaking body and the hard, unforgiving wall as they both rode the ecstatic trill of sensations to their very end.

Brianna practically gasped for breath as the kiss finally came to an end, a soft and shuddering moan escaping her throat as the hands that were practically kneading her ass finally let her go and she slowly slid down to her feet. Rung out and sated, and yet with a huge smile on her face, she could do nothing but lean against the wall and let the shower wash her clean again, the rush of water somehow both a relief and unbearably hot against her flushed skin. After what felt like an eternity Brianna finally opened her eyes to see Sofia standing there in front of her, the athletic blonde looking almost radiant amid the soft light and swirling steam. Smiling at the woman, she did the only thing she could think to do and pushed her tired and yet invigorated body away from the wall to offer a soft kiss of pure gratitude.

“Thank you, mistress.” she whispered.

“You are most welcome, devushka.” Sofia returned with a soft smile of her own as she caressed the girl’s sides, “But perhaps you should get moving, no?”

Shivering just a bit in pleasure Brianna just nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Slowly and deliberately, legs still shaking just a bit, Brianna slipped past her mistress to open the shower door. However, as she stepped out into the cooler air of the bathroom she paused for a moment, turning ever so slightly to glance sidelong at the blonde. Seemingly oblivious, Sofia simply stood under the shower, eyes closed and head tilted back as she allowed the water to rush over her body, a contented smile on her face. The sight of faint red lines running down the woman’s back in parallel rows, the results of Brianna’s almost frenzied scratching earlier, brought a blush and a smile to the blue-haired girl’s face. The ghost of sensation, the memory of that wonderfully soft skin pressing against her own as those arms held her tight washed over Brianna, making her shiver in pleasure. It was strange in a way. For all of the times she’d had sex with both of her mistresses, for all of the ways in which they had shared themselves, rarely was their lovemaking so… animalistic, but she could not say she didn’t like it. Biting her lip, Briana forced herself to look away and closed the door softly before walking over toward the counter and wrapping herself up in a towel from the nearby rack. Sparing a moment to dry herself off, Brianna started slightly when she heard the soft and melodious sound of Sofia’s voice fill the air, the dulcet and exotic tone of her native Russian wafting from the shower as the woman sang to herself while she washed. Brianna didn't know the tune, and couldn’t understand the words in any case, but it caressed her ear with its beautifully silky timbre. She had heard Sofia sing before, but it was a rare occurrence and something the blonde only seemed to do when completely relaxed. She didn’t know if that was just an aftereffect of the passion they had shared, but it made Brianna feel happy all the same. As if it were another sign of just how much her mistress trusted her.

Wiping the steam from the bathroom mirror and smirking at her reflection, Brianna shook her head slightly. Sex always put her in a strange mood and she was probably reading far too much into things. Still, she enjoyed the unexpected serenade as she dried and brushed her hair until those silky blue locks fell smoothly down her back like an azure waterfall. Debating for a moment if she should tie her hair back, Brianna eventually decided to leave it loose and glanced back at the shower one last time to gaze upon the silhouette of Sofia’s body, obscured though it was by the distortion of steam and the hammered glass enclosure. Smiling as she offered one last silent nod of thanks, the blue-haired girl squared her shoulders and padded back out into the hallway. Pausing a moment to let her eyes adjust to the faint light, the cool air of the rest of the house feeling good on her bare skin, nervous anticipation once again built within her as she pondered what was about to happen. Just what secrets were going to be revealed? Her entire body practically on pins and needles as a different but no less heady excitement rose within her chest, she eventually forced herself to begin walking down the darkened hall, one step at a time. Even though it could not have been more than a few seconds, a dozen steps at most, it somehow still seemed as if hours had passed before she reached the doorway to Roxanna’s den, the door to the room yawning wide open and much brighter, if still subdued, light streaming through.

Wondering if she should knock, or otherwise announce herself, Brianna stepped up to the entryway and peered inside to see Roxanna waiting for her. The olive-skinned woman was still dressed in her robe, the thin material clinging to her curves, sitting in the old wooden chair that she favored and surrounded as always by rows and rows of books as well as the eclectic collection of knick-knacks that had always lent this room its exotic air. Her back turned to the door, the woman was idly playing with a collection of what looked like polished stones, a radiometer spinning madly on the corner of her desk while the rhythmic clacking of a Newton’s cradle broke the silence, the typewriter that normally dominated the space nowhere to be found. Smiling at the scene, Brianna spared a moment to simply watch, taken in both by the way the soft light filtered through the curtains played over the olive-skinned woman’s graceful form and fascinated at the way she seemed to spin the stones between her fingers in an almost shocking display of dexterity. Her smile faded into a blush that was equal parts arousal and embarrassment as her mind, almost unbidden, recalled all the things those talented and clever fingers had done to her.

Clearing her throat to announce herself, Brianna knocked on the door frame softly and called out, “Mistress?”

Pausing instantly, Roxanna turned her chair slightly, the wood creaking ever so faintly, to glance at the door out of the corner of her eye, a smile instantly blooming on her face, “Ah, korítsi. Come in, please.”

Nodding in response, Brianna eased herself into the room and took a step, mouth opening to reply before she suddenly froze in place with a slight frown. It struck her just then that she was honestly not certain what to say.

As if sensing her confusion, Roxanna smiled faintly and gestured at the large, shaggy rug in the center of the room, “Would you like a seat?”

Nodding again, grateful for the instructions, Brianna slowly lowered herself onto the rug to sit cross-legged, “Thank you, mistress.”

There was a brief pause, as if Roxanna was considering her next words carefully before turned her chair to face the blue-haired girl fully, idly crossing her legs as she did and making the hem of her robe ride up dangerous high, drawing further attention to the fact that she was not wearing anything under it, “There is much to be done today, korítsi. Much indeed, but before we begin there is something that I must say. Right now I am not just your mistress, I am your teacher. Do not be afraid to speak your mind, to ask questions or voice confusion. There is no shame in it.” she offered a much softer smile, “That is how we learn, after all.”

Eyes momentarily locked on the olive-skinned woman’s thighs, Brianna forced herself to meet Roxanna’s gaze, a faint blush on her face at the knowing smile she received. Still, she nodded, “I understand, mistress.”

Roxanna chuckled softly and leaned back ever so slightly, “Beginnings are a very delicate thing. I know that you have been… frustrated at the slow pace of my teachings.”

Brianna tried to shake her head in denial, even if that was true, “No, mistress, I’m not, I mean…”

“It is alright, korítsi.” Roxanna interrupted, gently, “To be young is to be impatient and I am not so old that I do not understand. But please believe me when I say I have not proceeded slowly because of you, but rather because so much has been happening in both of our lives. But now? Now we have all the time in the world.”

Whetting her lips ever so slightly Brianna managed a nod, grasping well enough what her mistress was saying. With the shocking revelations of the spring, the stress of the end of the school year to say nothing of, well, everything that had happened with her family it made a certain sort of sense. Even if, Brianna admitted to herself, she had found it annoying. That was all coming to an end, though. As her mistress had said, they had all the time in the world now. Straightening up a little she nodded with a smile of her own, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice “Yes, mistress.”

“Thus far we have concentrated on your focus,” Roxanna began, “and you have learned well how to feel the energy within yourself, but that is merely the first step. The next is, well, the next is quite complicated.” she pursed her lips suddenly as if in thought, “You are familiar with the phrase ‘mind over matter,’ yes?”

“Of course.” Brianna answered almost immediately.

Roxanna nodded, almost absently, “Sorcery in some way operates on the same principle.”

“You said something like that before.” Brianna interjected, “Something about imposing your will upon the world?” she paused a moment, waiting for a nod of agreement before continuing, “But what does that actually mean?”

“And so we reach the difficulty of trying to explain an abstract.” Roxanna opined, her smile a touch sardonic, “Perchance have you ever heard of Platonic Dualism?”

That brought Brianna up short and she could not help but frown as she wracked her brain. The phrase meant nothing to her in truth, but she could have sworn she’d heard it somewhere before, “I… don’t think so? You mean, like, Plato the philosopher?”

“Indeed,” Roxanna answered before shaking her head slightly, “but do not worry too much about the specifics. You see, korítsi, one of the thoughts expressed in dualism is that, in some ways, ideas are more real than reality.”

Worrying the edge of her lip, a bit lost, Brianna looked up at her mistress’s face and, clearly sensing that the other woman was waiting for a response of some sort, could only agree tentatively, “I guess?”

Roxanna chuckled, “My apologies, korítsi. I am, perhaps, over complicating things. Let us simplify. The theorem is thus. Before something can exist, the idea of that thing must first be born. To create, you must be capable of envisioning the creation. And so, from a certain point of view, the idea is the first cause and therefore the most important one.”

For a long moment Brianna turned that thought over in her mind. When explained that way it made a certain sort of sense. She could see the logic and how it flowed from point to point in a manner that seemed reasonable even if she wasn’t necessarily certain she agreed with the conclusion. Still, understanding that there was some important clue hidden amongst the philosophy and after mulling it over for what felt like a very long time, she nodded, “I think I understand.”

“The truth of the concept on a broader scale is debatable.” Roxanna conceded, reaching back to pick something up from the desk as she did, “But in a very real sense that is sorcery. You must envision the change you wish to create, fix the ideal in your mind and then impose it upon reality. Since the idea is, conceptually, more real, reality bends to reflect your thoughts.”

In that moment something clicked in Brianna’s mind, a connection that suddenly made sense, and it was mind blowing. In the wake of that she could only whisper, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”

Whether or not she got the reference Roxanna grinned, “Exactly. The power of imagination writ large.”

Brianna could only stare at her mistress, rocked to her core by the revelation, “Sorcery is that powerful?”

“Yes,” Roxanna said, simply, grinning just a bit wider at the blue-haired girl’s incredulous expression, letting that comment hang heavily in the air for just a moment or two before clarifying, “and no.”

At that Brianna could only close her eyes and look down, groaning in frustration, very much hoping for a straight answer. Of course, one of the things she had learned very early on was that straight answers were in short supply when dealing with the mystic. Letting that frustration filter into her voice, she asked, bluntly, “Which is it then?”

Leaning forward and reaching out to brush a stray lock of hair behind Brianna’s ear, the tension building in the girl’s shoulders seeming to melt away beneath her touch, Roxanna elaborated, “There are limits of course. First, without innate power and the ability to focus it into a bridge between ideal and reality a spell may as well be a daydream. Second, the world may be malleable but it resists being changed.”

Tilting her head slightly to lean into that touch, Brianna bit her lip as she enjoyed the warmth of Roxanna’s hand on her skin before opening her eyes, “How so?”

“Think of it like a piece of rubber, korítsi.” Roxanna offered, “You can stretch it, but only to the limits of your strength. And when you cease to apply force, it will snap back into its original shape.”

Nodding to herself Brianna suddenly looked up, a spark of understanding in her eyes, “Like building a sandcastle on the beach! The waves will wash it away once you’re not there to keep them back.”

“Very good, korítsi.” Roxanna congratulated with a smile, “An apt metaphor.”

Blushing just a bit at that praise, Brianna smiled softly, “Thank you, mistress.”

Bending down low, and making the front of her robe fall open to present a gloriously clear view of her bare breasts, Roxanna placed a kiss on the blue-haired girl’s forehead, “Perhaps a practical demonstration is in order?”

Fighting down the thread of lust building within her, Brianna nodded again, a new type of excitement growing at the thought of seeing her mistress perform real magic. Something she had never actually seen as far as she knew, “Yes, mistress. Please.”

Sitting upright again, and not bothering to fix her robe, seemingly unconcerned to have her chest on display, Roxanna offered a tiny smile and held out her hand to reveal a rough piece of crystal, “Do you know what this is, korítsi?”

Mustering every bit of her will to not stare at the other woman’s boobs, and definitely not noting the way her nipples hardened in the morning air, Brianna nodded, “Some kind of crystal. Quartz?”

“Indeed.” Roxanna confirmed with a nod, “A simple arrangement of silica in a particular pattern. The hows and whys of its shape and color can be understood, even predicted, but it will always be a crystal. I could shatter it with a hammer, but each fragment is still quartz. I could soak it in dye, but its color would remain unchanged. However, if I were to focus just so…”

As she trailed off, Roxanna clenched her hand into a fist, enclosing the shard within her fingers. There was no obvious sign that anything was happening, no flash of light and not even the whisper of sound but on some level, just beyond her normal senses, Brianna knew that something important was happening. Leaning closer to get a better look she felt her eyes go wide in a combination of wonder and excitement when Roxanna suddenly opened her hand again to reveal that the crystal had transformed into a cluster of jagged edges, blooming like a flower transformed into glass, a faint pink hue woven throughout its once clear structure. For a brief second Brianna just stared, transfixed by the display before glancing up to meet her mistress’s eyes.

“It’s beautiful.” she whispered, hesitating for a brief second, “But, how does that, well, how does that explain anything?”

Roxanna did not answer at first, instead she ran the tips of her fingers over the crystalline flower and, as if it were made of clay, the shape flowed back into itself until it returned to its original form, a display that was somehow even more remarkable, “Crystals naturally come in many shapes and forms depending upon the conditions in which they were created, korítsi.” Roxanna said, suddenly, making the girl jump slightly in surprise, so focused on the wondrous transformation she had been, “Therefore altering its shape into something else is fairly easy as, for lack of a better term, it is something the object already ‘knows’ how to do. Alternatively, trying to alter its fundamental properties, changing mass or making the surface porous, would have been extremely difficult.”

Still lost in just a bit of wonder at the display it took Brianna a moment to digest all of that. “In other words, the more… realistic I guess, the change you want to make, the easier it is?” she ventured.

Roxanna smiled warmly, pride clear in her eyes as she nodded, “Just so, korítsi. Making iron rust is easy, turning lead into gold is fantasy.”

Despite the lingering marvel of what she had just seen Brianna could not help but feel somehow… disappointed at that explanation, at that limitation. As if the innate wonder of magic itself, which had seemed so boundless in her imagination, had been dimmed somehow, “I’m sorry mistress, that was amazing, but it seems so limited.”

“I have said that magic is a subtle thing, korítsi.” Roxanna warned with a soft, but indulgent smile, “But do not fret, there are few rules that cannot be… bent at the very least and as one’s skill and power grow it is possible to create loopholes.”

Brianna perked up a little at that, “How so?”

Taking the crystal in her hand between thumb and forefinger and holding it up again, Roxanna explained, “Altering the nature of this crystal to make it float on water, for example, would be… not impossible perhaps, but certainly challenging. However, if I were to change its shape to trap air inside, like pumice, the effect would be much the same, no?”

Nodding slowly, Brianna wet her lips with the tip of her tongue, “So what you’re saying, mistress, is that I need to learn how to think outside the box?”

“Just so, korítsi, just so.” Roxanna confirmed with a nod, “Forget about the things you have seen in film, or in your video games. A pebble may not seem like much, but thrown just right it can create avalanches. A spell is not so different. Learning the rules and how to break them, feeling how to work with the world rather than against it, chaining subtle effects together like a line of ethereal dominoes that fall one by one in the pattern you wish. That is what it means to be a sorcerer.”

Staring out at the vista that had just been painted in her mind’s eye, of the goal laid out before her, Brianna felt a trace of doubt. It all sounded so impossibly complicated and, in some ways, she had already known that. Her mistress had told her such things before, if not so viscerally, or in so many words, but some part of her could not help but fear that it might be beyond her. Voice barely a whisper, and unable to keep a note of trepidation out of her tone, Brianna looked down at her lap, “That sounds… daunting.”

A moment of almost terrible silence followed, her heart in her throat the whole time, before the soft creak of antique metal filled the air and drew Brianna out of her thoughts in time to feel a hand cup her chin softly. As that gentle grip forced her to meet the soft gaze of her mistress, understanding clear in those beautiful brown orbs, Brianna felt some of her doubt fall away. Roxanna smiled reassuringly at her, “I will not lie to you, korítsi. The first step is hard, the second is harder, but after that you begin to get used to it until, one day it is second nature.” a tiny smirk curled the woman’s lips, “Much like jogging perhaps?”

Blushing slightly at that soft, teasing tone Brianna nonetheless felt herself smile in turn, “Thank you, mistress.”

“I have every confidence in you, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, though her tone then took on a cautionary note, “But everyone is different and your sorcery will reflect that. Your mindset, your vision, your natural affinities. All will play a role, so do not grow discouraged. I can show you the path, but you must walk it.” As if to emphasize her point, the olive-skinned woman tapped her gently between the eyes.

Biting her lip, unable to stop herself from giggling, Brianna nodded, a new determination filling her, “I won’t let you down, mistress. I promise.”

“You could never do that, my dear. Never in a thousand years.” Roxanna said, her tone leaving absolutely no doubt, “But that is enough theory I think. Shall we move onto something more hands-on?”

Although still sitting on the floor, Brianna drew herself up as best she could with another firm nod, “Yes, mistress!”

With one foot, Roxanna pushed her chair back against the desk and reached back to exchange the crystal she was holding for a different stone, one as clear as glass and polished into a perfect sphere, a tiny smile twisting her lips as she chuckled under her breath, “Such enthusiasm, korítsi. I approve. Now, close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

Nodding once to signal her understanding, Brianna carefully cupped her hands together and held them out while closing her eyes. Time slipped away in the darkness, nothing but the sound of her own heartbeat in her ears to measure the passage of time while a trace of nervousness still swirled within her. She was almost convinced she’d misheard her instructions when a weight suddenly dropped into her palms without warning. Even blind she could tell it was a sphere, perhaps the size of a golf ball, that felt smooth and hard to the touch, but cool as well. Curiosity aroused, she tried to focus on the object, but from what little she could tell it seemed utterly mundane, its purpose currently eluding her.

“You feel that, yes korítsi?” Roxanna asked quietly, her voice breaking the silence with the force of a hammer.

Brianna almost jumped at the sudden sound, but managed a nod regardless, “Yes, mistress. What is it?”

“Just a stone, but do not worry about that yet.” the woman assured, voice still soft and silkily calm, “For now try and focus on it.”

Nodding again, Brianna did as she was told and focused on the weight pressing against her skin, feeling it warm slowly from contact with her body but still unsure as to what it all meant, “What am I looking for, mistress?”

“Patience, my dear, patience.” Roxanna admonished, gently, “Once you have the stone fixed firmly in your mind, focus on the power within yourself, just as we practiced.”

Wetting her lips Brianna turned her mind’s eye inward, toward the pool of energy that slept deep within her breast. Thankfully she no longer needed to meditate to become aware of the potential within herself, but at the same time holding onto that power was still something her conscious mind seemed to rebel against. A thing that everything she had ever been taught told her was impossible. A task made all the more difficult by trying to, essentially, do two things at once. Still, after what felt like ages of trying, probing into the ethereal recesses of her being, a strange sensation like the warmth of drinking fresh tea combined with the faintest kiss of static electricity bloomed in her chest. Grabbing onto that feeling as hard as she could, Brianna shifted slightly in place, “I feel it, mistress. What do I do?”

“Your power is a catalyst, korítsi.” Roxanna explained, softly, “It is a part of you, and yet separate as well. It flows through your body like blood, but it obeys your commands. Try and guide the flow into your hands and will it to extend out through your palms.”

Brianna tried, she really did, but no matter how hard she focused the mysterious energy would not move. It was strange, almost paradoxical. She could tell, feel somehow, that her power wanted to move, wanted to flow freely and yet it also seemed to squirm away from her mental prodding. Almost as if she were trying to pick up gelatin with a string. Something of her frustration must have shown on her face because, in the midst of it, she felt a set of fingers card through her hair and a hand gently caress her temple.

“Do not fret, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, her quiet and accented voice a balm to the blue-haired girl, “You are trying to do something you have never done before. It is as if you are learning to move a new limb for the first time. Just relax, and let instinct guide you.”

Sighing unconsciously, Brianna felt the tiny frown that had begun to curl her lips fade away as she relaxed into that touch, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You are very welcome.” Roxanna returned, “Do not grow discouraged.”

Taking a breath, and squaring her shoulders, Brianna nodded ever so slightly, more to herself than anything else, then tried again. While it was still difficult, letting Roxanna’s advice wash over her something seemed to click. Rather than force her power to obey she tried guiding it instead, imagining what she wanted and letting instinct guide her as if she were trying to walk or pick up a pencil. It could have been moments, or hours, or even mere seconds. Time seemed to lose all meaning there in the darkness behind her eyelids but, slowly, she felt a tingling sensation seem to crawl along her arms and pool in her hands. For another heartbeat everything stopped until she could feel that indefinable power radiate out from her palms, like heat shimmering above pavement. A new awareness flashed in her mind in that instant, a sense she had no name for and yet was all too real to simply be her imagination. A strange impression of the stone in her hands, a realization of its presence that went well beyond anything else she had ever experienced before. Gasping at the truly alien sensation flooding her mind she very nearly opened her eyes before Roxanna’s voice centered her again, as if the olive-skinned woman could sense what was happening. Perhaps she could.

“Keep your eyes closed, korítsi.” Roxanna cautioned as she withdrew her hand, “You are doing well, very well, but I need you to do something else. Can you try?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna whispered, holding her focus on these new sensations as best she could, fascinated by what she was perceiving, “It’s so strange though, this feeling. I can’t… I can’t describe it.”

“It is different for everyone.” Roxanna mused, “Your power is an extension of you, your mind, your senses, your very body. It expands what you are in ethereal, indefinable ways. For some it is frightening, for others enlightening, but it is always jarring at first.”

To that Brianna could only agree, “Will it get easier?”

“Oh yes, korítsi.” Roxanna promised, voice conveying an almost iron-bound certainty, “Have no fear of that. For now simply try to guide it further. Envelop the stone you hold within that aura. Caress its surface with your mind, try to penetrate into its core and feel the very essence of its being.”

It should have been nonsense, words that she understood but told her nothing, and yet somehow they resonated nonetheless. As if they slotted cleanly into everything that Brianna had learned about herself in all the hours of meditation she had conducted and endured over the last months. Almost as if eager now, her power seemed to flow easily, somehow expanding and contracting at the same time, wrapping around the perfectly spherical stone in her hands like a blanket. For a split second that was as far as it got, the spectral senses of her mind’s eye caressing the smooth crystal surface like a set of intangible fingers. And then, like a sponge absorbing water, tendrils of her power seemed to seep into the stone, flowing through invisible paths without resistance like rain following channels carved into the earth. It did not stop there though, her power weaved deeper still until it formed a shape that was not a shape, a fractal of wondrous complexity that seemed to fill the entirety of the crystal. Everything else practically fell away in that instant, wonder clearly painted on her face as she tried to take in the entirety of everything she was seeing and feeling.

“Open your eyes, korítsi.” Roxanna’s voice seemed to whisper in her ear, as if from a great distance.

Brianna instinctively obeyed, her eyes opening and then widening in wonder at the sight of the crystal in her hands glowing with a sparkling, internal light. It was breathtaking, absolutely beautiful, but even that sight paled in comparison to the knowledge that she had somehow done this herself. Unfortunately, the swirling light lasted only a fraction of a second before winking out, her supernatural awareness of the crystal fading like the last wisps of a half-remembered dream. A lingering impression that did not seem real somehow.

Roxanna had to stifle a laugh at the somewhat adorable sight of Brianna glaring at the crystal, as if demanding answers from it before reaching out to stroke the girl’s hair, “No need for all that, korítsi. You did very well, few enough could have succeeded on their first try.”

Mollified, and a bit embarrassed, Brianna glanced up at the older woman almost sheepishly, “Thank you, mistress but…” she trailed off for a moment as something suddenly occurred to her, “how did I do that?”

“A bit of cheating, I must confess.” Roxanna admitted, “I prepared the stone ahead of time by cutting ‘paths’ into its structure for lack of a better term. Once your own power flowed into them it already knew what to do.”

“Like an enchantment?” Brianna wondered, honestly curious.

“Of a sort.” Roxanna agreed, “Objects can become… accustomed, I suppose you might say, to magical energies over time.”

Glancing back at the crystal still sitting on her palms Brianna nodded, almost to herself, “Is that something you can teach me?”

Roxanna shrugged ever so slightly, “Perhaps. The alteration and enhancement of objects is where my sorcerous talents lie. Your own may be similar, or perhaps very different. We shall just have to see. For now, however, consider that a teaching tool. Something to help you understand what a spell feels like.”

“It was strange, mistress.” Brianna admitted, looking back down on the crystal again, “I felt something, but can’t really put it into words.”

Roxanna smiled at her, “I am not sure there are words, korítsi. It is different for everyone. Why not try again, yes? But keep your eyes open this time.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna murmured, nodding in acknowledgment as she tried to focus on the stone, trying to summon up that feeling again.

Reaching into herself Brianna grasped at her power again, tried to make it flow as she wished and was both delighted and concerned to discover that it was both easier and harder than it had been before. Easier now that she knew what it felt like, even if she did not think she would ever be able to describe it, but harder without the centering darkness of closed eyes. Even so, she managed it. Felt the strangely electric warmth crawl down her arms and through her fingers, pulsing like blood in her veins to once more envelop the polished crystal sitting in her cupped hands. Felt the otherworldly awareness of the object, unlike anything else she had ever felt before, fill her mind. And in response to all of that, the crystal began to glow, faintly like a dim light bulb, but glow nonetheless. She could not help but smile broadly, an honest sense of excitement filling her as she tried to make it glow more brightly, only to look up in surprise at the sound of rustling cloth just beyond her view. As soon as she did Brianna felt herself blush fiercely at the sight of Roxanna's now naked body, her robe pooled around her hips. Eyes drawn to those wondrously elegant curves, and tracing the scars etched into that soft olive skin, Brianna’s concentration shattered and the light in her hands flickered out.

“Mistress?” she asked, tentatively.

For a moment Roxanna said nothing, just slowly pushed herself up out of the chair, a tiny tinge of pain on her features as she forced herself onto her feet, allowing the robe to flutter to the floor, leaving her completely nude. Hazel eyes followed her as, still silent, the olive-skinned woman slipped behind Brianna’s seated form and carefully lowered herself down to the floor before pressing herself against the blue-haired girl’s back.

Gasping at the sensation of that perfect body molding itself against her spine and biting her lip to stifle a moan as those soft, clever hands wrapped around her body, one cupping a breast and the other trailing down her stomach, Brianna forced herself to ask in a strained voice, “Mistress, what…?”

“You grasp the basics well, korítsi.” Roxanna murmured into her ear, “But we need to work on your focus. You must be able to concentrate, regardless of the… distraction.” As if to emphasize her point the olive-skinned woman gave the captive breast in her left hand a squeeze even as she allowed the fingers of her right to trail between the girl’s legs before leaning closer to kiss her ear, “Again.”

There was a moment, a brief moment, in which Brianna was not certain she understood, unable to focus on anything but the fingers teasing and caressing her flesh. Moaning deep in her throat when one of Roxanna’s fingers brushed against her clit to flick her piercing, almost making her drop the crystal, she gasped then at the sensation of teeth nipping at her ear.

“Again.” Roxanna commanded, voice a touch harder than before though still, somehow, whisper quiet.

Forcing her eyes open Brianna tried to focus on her shaking hands, holding them as still as she could but it seemed impossible, especially when she felt one of her nipple studs being tugged playfully, “Mistress, please. I can’t…”

“You can, korítsi.” Roxanna whispered back, her tone gentle again even as her hands continued to tease the poor girl, “I believe in you.”

Unable to do anything else, Brianna nodded shakily, buoyed by that encouragement even as she felt her body melt into that wonderful, terrible touch, her skin practically on fire as her mistress teased her most sensitive spots, driving her mad with want. Mustering up all of her will, and clamping down on the growing ache between her legs, she tried to focus but it all seemed so impossible, as if her mind refused to comprehend anything but the body pressed against her back and the hands driving her absolutely wild with desire. Not that Roxanna let up in the slightest as she continued to explore the flushed and pale skin beneath her hands, branding the blue-haired girl’s neck and shoulders with kisses while fondling her breasts and caressing her aching pussy with a feather light touch. In spite of it all, Brianna was determined if nothing else, and though she squirmed and moaned and quivered within her mistress’s grasp she gritted her teeth and tried her best all the same. Even so, long moments passed, each second ticking by with almost torturous cruelty, her body begging for release and her mind overwhelmed by sensation. And yet, somehow, by sheer force of will, after what felt like an eternity, she managed it. For a brief instant, through the haze of pleasure drowning her thoughts, the image of what she wanted crystallized within her mind and her power responded, the stone in her grasp glowing with a sudden, madly flickering light, as if it too felt the desperate need within her. Almost stunned by her own success, Brianna stared at the stone, turning her head as best she could to try and look her mistress in the eye.

Roxanna smiled at her, encouragingly, and bent down to kiss her on her cheek but, strangely enough, said nothing. Instead she allowed the fingers that had been gently tracing the poor girl’s labia to slip inside of her. Brianna gasped in surprise at the sudden sensation, only to moan desperately when she felt those fingers probe deep, slowly sliding into the silken heat of her aching sex to brush against her most sensitive places in all the ways she liked. Even as her body clenched around the intrusion the rest of her went slack, the magic slipping from her grasp as all thought fled her mind and she practically melted against her mistress’s slender, sturdy form, those arms holding her up and imprisoning her all at once. Not that she really cared, barely aware of anything but the pleasure coursing through her body and hardly even noticing when her arms went slack and the crystal tumbled from her hands to roll across the floor, only stopping when it hit the edge of the desk. Roxanna was not quite finished with her yet, however, curling her fingers ever so slightly to make the poor girl in her arms practically jump in place as she gasped and moaned in pure need.

“Impressive, korítsi.” the olive-skinned woman murmured even as she planted a kiss along the curl of Brianna’s ear, “The fact that you managed even a brief moment of focus despite my… ministrations is most splendid.”

“Mistress…” Brianna moaned, helplessly, “please, I need…”

“Shhh, korítsi, it is all right. I know.” Roxanna soothed, “Normally this would be the point in which I would reward your hard work. Normally, that is.”

Even through the haze of pleasure Brianna felt her stomach drop, recognizing that teasing, ever so slightly cruel tone, “Mistress?”

“I am not unaware of what you and Sofia got up to in the bath.” Roxanna explained, simply, allowing the implication to hang in the air for a moment.

Brianna felt her eyes go wide ever so slightly, “I…”

Roxanna continued, cutting off Brianna’s explanation as if she had not heard, “I suppose I did not forbid you from indulging yourself, but perhaps I need to have words with Sofia when we are finished here.”

Biting her lip, throat constricting involuntarily as she swallowed, a sort of excited tension building within her body, Brianna could only wait, aroused and terrified as she wondered what her mistress would do next.

“As for yourself, korítsi.” Roxanna said, softly and with just a hint of playful menace as she withdrew her fingers slowly, eliciting a shuddering moan of disappointment, “Perhaps we can combine punishment and lesson into one.”

Before she could even think to respond to that, Brianna felt her mistress shift even so slightly before standing, uncoiling her frame with surprising grace. Carried by the arms still circling her, the blue-haired girl scrambled to follow, struggling to get her now shaky legs under her as she was forced upright. Although caught by surprise Brianna could not help but sigh in relief a little as she was finally able to stretch. Roxanna paid that no mind, however, dropping her hands down to the girl’s waist and gently caressing her hip before breaking contact and stepping over to the desk. Glancing over her shoulder with a sultry smile, one that made Brianna’s legs even weaker, the olive-skinned woman opened one of the drawers to pull out a coil of rope. Swallowing again at the sight, fairly certain of what was about to happen and not sure if that was a good thing or not, Brianna stood stock still and waited, looking down ever so slightly in a silent show of submission and wordless agreement all at once. Smile widening ever so slightly, Roxanna returned that nod and slowly prowled, there could be no other word for it, around the blue-haired girl’s naked and obedient form.

Shivering in anticipation, keenly aware of the taller woman standing just behind her, almost imagining that she could feel the heat of Roxanna’s skin on her back, Brianna gasped ever so slightly as she felt that rope drape over her shoulders. Closing her eyes and biting her lip to remain silent as it was woven around her chest, securing her breasts in a snug harness, she allowed herself to go limp when she felt her mistress take her wrists in hand. Brianna did not protest in the slightest as her arms were drawn up and bent into a loose, but secure, reverse-prayer position before her wrists were cinched together and secured to the rope harness at the base of her neck. More ropes circled her elbows then and were pulled snug, forcing her to straighten her posture and throw her shoulders back as everything was secured tight enough to ensure that she could not escape, but not so extreme that she couldn’t endure it. As the tail ends of the ropes were tied to her breast harness again, to ensure that she could not reach the knots, Brianna felt those warm, familiar hands settle onto her hips once more and she could not help but sigh in contentment.

Leaning close, Roxanna placed another kiss behind the blue-haired girl’s ear, “Close your eyes, korítsi. I have another surprise planned.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna practically whispered even as she closed her eyes obediently.

Blind once more, and fighting down the temptation to look, Brianna could hear the sounds of her mistress moving about, and another drawer on the desk open, but no matter how hard she strained it was impossible to tell what was happening. That was why, a moment later, she gasped in shock when something cold and hard, but glassy smooth, was pressed against her heated sex. That gasp became a moan as the object, which felt for all the world like an egg, slid into her wet and eager pussy without resistance, her muscle instinctively clenching around the intruder as it settled within her. Biting her lip as another moan escaped her, the object within her settling against a sensitive spot in a way that felt incredible, Brianna reveled in that sensation for a moment before her eyes snapped open at the sudden, but familiar, feeling of her chastity belt being secured around her waist and slipped between her legs.

Looking down as Roxanna secured the stainless steel thong in place and locked the waistband tight, Brianna glanced up tentatively, “Mistress?”

Looking up from her work with a slight smile, Roxanna said nothing. Rather she leaned forward and placed a soft, almost chaste kiss to those surprised lips. Caught off guard, Brianna opened her mouth ever so slightly into that kiss only to be caught off guard again when a large ball gag was shoved between her lips. Squawking in surprise at the sudden intrusion, Brianna nonetheless accepted the gag, instinctively opening her mouth wider to allow the ball to settle into place behind her teeth, stretching her lips wide as her mistress tightened the strap down firmly. Biting down ever so slightly to test the size of the gag, finding it large but not extremely so, Brianna could do nothing but shoot her mistress a curious look. Stroking her face gently, Roxanna smiled again and allowed her thumb to trace the smaller girl’s captive lips, eliciting a muffled moan before she took Brianna by the arms and eased her captive down into the old office chair. Squirming a little as she settled into place, the object within her shifting with even the tiniest of movements, Brianna looked up tentatively, a blush forming on her features as Roxanna produced a second coil of rope and began to bind her to the chair.

Quickly finishing her task, the olive-skinned woman stood to her full height and placed a hand on her hip before leaning over so they were both at eye level, “Consider this a final challenge for the day, korítsi. That is no ordinary toy I placed within you, but another crystal. I trust it feels good?”

Face still heated in a fierce blush, Brianna answered as best she could, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Never breaking eye contact Roxanna allowed one of her hands to tangle in the girl’s hair while the other dropped between her legs to gently tease the lips of her labia where they protruded through the slit in the chastity belt’s primary shield, “I prepared it as well, but with a slightly different effect.”

Moaning around her gag at the riot of sensations filling her, Brianna could barely manage a response, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph!”

Ignoring that plea, Roxanna continued, withdrawing her fingers to secure the belt’s secondary shield in place, fully locking the blue-haired girl’s aching pussy away, “You cannot stimulate yourself in this belt, as well you know. However, the stone within you can vibrate if properly energized.”

Brianna’s eyes went slightly wide, hazel eyes looking up with hope, “Rmnmmm?”

Roxanna smiled at her, “Yes, really. However, this is a more complex effect and it will require both more energy and more concentration.” a tiny smirk decorated the olive-skinned woman’s features, “So korítsi, if you wish to cum you will need to focus.”

Brianna could only moan, deflating a little as the full implications hit her. Just trying to focus while Roxanna had been teasing her had been nearly impossible, but this? She was so horny she could barely think straight as it was, but combined with the arousal of being bound and the strain of being edged? She had to hand it to her mistress, this was definitely a creative combination of reward, lesson and punishment all in one. Looking up into the taller woman’s deep brown eyes, silently imploring her for mercy but finding none in that gaze, Brianna finally just nodded with a defeated moan, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Roxanna smiled at that response, expression warming just a little as she leaned forward to press a soft kiss to gag protruding from the bound girl’s mouth, “You really have made marvelous progress today. I will fetch us some tea to celebrate.”

Brianna could do nothing, nothing but moan, her eyes fluttering shut as Roxanna caressed her cheek one last time before pulling away. Disappointed by the loss of contact, she squirmed a bit in her bonds to test them, the chair beneath her creaking slightly but otherwise holding fast. Letting out a tiny sigh, she simply watched as Roxanna slipped her robe back over her shoulders and tied it loosely around her waist, the hem of the garment stopping well above her knees and open enough to leave an impressive amount of cleavage on display. Lost in that enticing vision, Brianna blushed a bit more at the knowing smile her mistress offered before limping toward the door, a sashay to her steps that only served to make her captive audience blush even more. Slumping in the chair with a groan as Roxanna disappeared into the hallway, Brianna winced just a bit as the polished stone shifted within her again, brushing against frazzled nerves and sending a bolt of pleasure straight into her brain. Shivering a bit and shifting her hips experimentally, only to moan again in pure need as the crystal toy teased her in a way that felt almost unnaturally intense, Brianna almost whimpered.

And yet, despite all of that, she could not help but smile ever so faintly around her gag as she shifted her hips again, grin widening as another trill of pleasure raced up her spine. She could not say with any certainty what she had expected when waking up this morning, she rarely could in the seemingly unending adventure her life had become, but it certainly wasn’t this. Not that she was disappointed of course. It had been one hell of a morning so far, and the day had barely begun. Perhaps there was a lesson in that as well, in being careful what you wished for but, as a blush darkened her cheeks and she tested her bonds one final time to try and find a more comfortable position, once more making the crystal shift maddeningly within her as she tried and failed to focus, she had to admit, to herself if nothing else, that she wouldn’t have it any other way.


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