The Shoot

by Findar

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Storycodes: M/f; M/f+; bond; toys; gag; rope; strip; armbinder; collar; cuffs; shave; one-bar-prison; mast; cons; reluct; XX

Continues from

Part Four

 Don had ignored the chime of two incoming text messages. But the sound of the Stones singing “Under My Thumb” was impossible to ignore. Glancing in irritation at the caller ID he pressed the answer button. “I’m busy, Randy.”

“Yeah, well you’re going to be busier,” came Randy’s anxious voice on the line. “Jessica Walters is on her way over.”

“Jessica,” Don asked, uncertainly, “The birthday shoot girl?”

“Yup, came in here all fired up. She’s a wildcat! Demanded your address.”

“So of course you just gave it to her,” Don said sarcastically.

Randy’s voice had a desperate edge, “She asked me how many people would be getting family photos at a place that had a dungeon in the basement. Said she’d write one hell of a Yelp review.”

 Don sat on the edge of the bed. Dragging his hand through his hair he let out a sigh. “Yeah, okay. I’ll deal with her. But you owe me one big time,” he said tiredly. Breaking the connection he looked across the bed. “Unexpected company,” he said to his houseguest. “This could get interesting. Do you think you can be quiet while I deal with it?”

“Not if you leave that on high,” the woman gestured with bound hands towards the vibrator tied to her crotch. “But leave me on low and I’ll just simmer,” she purred.

 Don leaned over and put the magic wand on its lowest setting. He knew that would keep his captive guest on edge without giving her relief. From the bedside table he retrieved a red ball gag. “That should do, but better safe than sorry. Open wide,” he said as he pressed the ball to her lips.

He was answered with a pout. “You’re so mean, urk!” she said as the ball was pushed in, cutting off her complaint. But her eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Be good, and I might bring you a present,” Don told her.

He had just finished pulling on an old tee shirt when the doorbell rang. Grabbing a couple items from the bedside table he headed out into the apartment’s small living room. “Showtime,” he muttered darkly.

 As Don opened the door Jessica pushed past him. “Won’t you come in?” he said with an edge in his voice. He eyed the unwelcome guest. She was dressed in tight jeans, low heeled sandals and a white tee shirt just tight enough to show off her breasts.

Without preamble Jessica said, “I need your help.”

Don gestured to the couch before settling himself in a recliner. “You must, to threaten poor Randy like that,” he said disapprovingly. “Pissed off about the way we sent you home that night?”

Jessica blushed crimson. “No, although I was pretty steamed about being driven through town like that.” A slight smile crossed her lips. “But the sex when we got home was fantastic.”

“Okay, so you’re happy with the shoot and you’re happy with the sex,” Don summarized. “So what’s the problem?”

“Well, it’s just,” Jessica struggled to find the words. “He sucks at it, okay?”

Don raised an eyebrow, “Your husband sucks at sex? How is this my problem?”

 A sigh of frustration escaped the visitor. “Not the sex - the bondage,” she complained. “Jeff wants to tie me up but he fumbles the knots. It’s too tight and I tell him that and then he gets nervous and starts untying things to re-tie them and it turns into a mess.” She paused, twisting her hands nervously. “The bondage stuff isn’t really my thing. But I want to make Jeff happy. Can you teach him to be better at it?”

 Don stared at her, trying to assimilate what Jessica had told him. He had seen some of the couple’s doomed to failure behaviors during the photo shoot but had decided it wasn’t his problem. Now it had dropped into his living room to become his problem.

“I can try to help,” he finally said. “But you both have a problem. If I do step into your mess you have to do whatever I say, even if it doesn’t make sense.”

Jessica eyed him warily. She was hoping Don could just review some knots, maybe give Jeff a few pointers. She wasn’t sure what she needed to do to make her husband better at bondage.

Don frowned. “I’m not sure you want to work this out,” he said brusquely. Standing up he gestured to the door. “Maybe you two should just go in for some counseling.”

The dismissal galvanized Jessica into action. She popped up from the sofa, taking Don’s hands in hers. “No, please,” she said desperately. “I can’t talk about this with a councilor. I’ll do what you say, really!”

“Turn around and lift up your hair,” Don quietly commanded.

 “What?” she asked in confusion. Jessica saw the impassive stare from Don, realized that this was some sort of test to see if she would really do as he told her. With a sigh she turned her back on him before using both hands to raise her hair to the back of her head.

 There was the cool touch and the scent of leather as Don slipped the collar about her throat. “Uhh,” she said doubtfully as the twin buckles at the back of the collar were fastened. She raised a hand to her throat, wondering what she was supposed to do next. There was the unmistakable sound of padlocks being closed.

 Jessica stepped away from him. Turning, she slid her hands over the stiff leather. It wasn’t as restrictive as the neck corset that Sherrie had used on her. But it was wide enough that looking down pressed the edge into her jaw. She reached for the rear of the collar. Sure enough, there were two small locks attached to the buckles.

“I don’t think I like this,” Jessica said uneasily. “I want you to help Jeff, not play games with me.” This last statement had a hint of anger in it.

Don frowned, wondering why he didn’t just toss the woman out the door and get back to enjoying his morning. “I told you it takes two,” he explained simply. “You are half of Jeff’s problem.”

“Me?” Jessica asked in indignation. “I did that whole photo thing for him!”

“And you badgered him whenever he tried to do anything,” Don replied. “Have you ever heard the phrase ‘topping from the bottom’ before?”

Jessica looked at him in confusion. “Topping? No I don’t know what that means,” she admitted.

 “A top is a dominant,” Don explained. “A bottom is a submissive. You want to play the submissive but you won’t give up the control, so you interrupt and correct your husband until he flails about trying to get you to be happy. In the end you sabotage the scene and nobody’s happy.”

 “I don’t,” she began, then stopped. Was that what she was doing? Could Jeff’s ineptitude be her fault? No, it couldn’t be, she told herself. “I don’t think that’s the problem,” she said defiantly. “And that still doesn’t tell me why you locked this thing on me,” she said as she gestured at the collar.

“Because today you’re going to learn to be a sub,” Don told her. “You can refuse right now and I’ll unlock it. You walk out and don’t come back. Or you agree and I’m your master for the morning. You decide.”

 Jessica stared with wide eyes at the man. He was pretty much demanding control over her. The idea frightened her. It would be like cheating on Jeff. But she thought of how he struggled to get the things from their sex life that he seemed to need. If she could help him wouldn’t a morning with Don be a fair price to pay? She looked away before quietly answering, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

 “Let’s cover the basics, “Don said in a businesslike tone. You’re to address me as Master. You can say ‘yes sir’ or ‘no sir’. Other than that you will ask for permission to speak.” He paused to let the words sink in before continuing. “The only safe word you have today is ‘red’. If you use it you leave and never come back. Do you understand?”

 Jessica felt as if the temperature in the room had jumped ten degrees. This was so much more than Jeff had ever asked. And only one safe word? She was either in or out. Like a new swimmer going off the high dive she closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes sir.”

“Good girl,” Don said warmly. “Give me your purse.”

“My…?” she started to speak, then remembered her instructions. She picked up her bag and handed it to Don with a meek, “Yes sir.”

 Don fished inside. Pulling out Jessica’s phone he handed it to her. “Power it down,” he commanded. He continued examining the contents of the purse until he found car keys. Stepping to the window he pressed the fob. A blink of lights from the parking lot showed him the location of Jessica’s car. Satisfied, he drew the shades.

 Jessica disabled her phone with apprehension gnawing at her. As the shades dropped and the room descended into twilight she felt as if she were watching the jaws of a trap closing on her. Her hand trembled as she returned the now powerless phone to Don’s outstretched hand. ‘Powerless like me,’ Jessica mused.

Don pocketed the phone and car keys. “Take off your clothes,” he said quietly.

 Jessica’s jaw dropped. “My clothes?” she asked weakly. A warning look from Don stopped her. The trap was closing around her. He held her phone and car keys. She glanced apprehensively at the apartment door. It had a keyed deadbolt. Had he locked it when she came in? Was he holding the key? And if she bolted, where would she go without a car or phone? The practical Jessica was screaming ‘Say red! Say red and let’s get out of here!’

But even the safe word seemed iffy at that point. Jessica was alone with a man that could easily overpower her. He had shown no hesitation to tie and gag her before. What if she used her safe word and he laughed at her?

 “Do you intend to keep me waiting?” Don’s voice was icy calm. It startled Jessica into action. Trying not to think about what she was doing, she grasped the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up over her head. Its collar snagged at the buckles on her collar, one more reminder of just how deep she was into her current mess.

“Fold it neatly,” Don intoned. “Then go on to the jeans.”

 Jessica felt a chill that was only partly caused by air conditioning on her bare shoulders. She folded the shirt, laying it down on the arm of the sofa. With a nervous glance at her “Master” she kicked off her sandals. Trembling fingers worked the button on her jeans.

 Tight denim snaked over Jessica’s thighs, revealing the lacy white panties underneath. She said a silent prayer of thanks for not wearing anything too sexy. A thong would have sent a message she didn’t intend. But then, she couldn’t have imagined that she would be stripping for Don’s enjoyment when she barged in on him.

Don waited for her to fold the jeans before he spoke again. “Very pretty,” he said appraisingly. “Turn around- slowly. I want to see you from the back.”

 Jessica blushed furiously as she followed his commands. She felt an awkwardness as she moved, not sure what to do with her hands as she turned about. Should she try to be sexy, sway her hips a bit? Or keep rigidly straight, letting Don know that she didn’t enjoy this humiliating treatment?

 “Stop there,” came the command. Her back was to him. Jessica froze in place. There was a touch at her back that made her jump. Suddenly the tension of her bra released. Don had expertly released the clasp. His calloused hands eased the straps from her shoulders.

 “Pretty things, but not pretty enough to wear,” he said. Jessica gasped as Don’s thumbs hooked themselves into the waistband of her panties. Then he was dragging them down her bare legs with agonizing slowness. A whimper of distress escaped Jessica’s lips.

“Put them with the rest of your clothes,” Don gestured to the discarded lingerie. Jessica did as she was told, keeping her back to him.

“It’s a little late to be shy,” he told her. “Turn around and face me.”

 Jessica turned, her face burning. She crossed an arm over her breasts while her other hand attempted to cover the patch between her legs. This brought a snort of derision from Don. “I don’t think so,” he told her sharply. Get down on your knees. Back straight, hands behind your head.”

 Jessica sank to the floor with a groan. She uncovered herself, lacing her fingers behind her head. Even that didn’t satisfy the man who seemed determined to humiliate her. “Now toes together and knees apart. Head up but eyes down.”

Once Jessica’s legs were spread Don walked around her. He offered quiet instructions. “Elbows back, girl. I want to see your tits stand up,” and “Knees wider, there’s nothing for you to hide down there.”

Once he was satisfied with her position Don said, “Just stay there like that until I come back. I need a few things.” He then disappeared into the bedroom, leaving Jessica alone.

 ‘What the fuck am I doing,’ Jessica thought frantically. ‘I’m naked and alone with a guy I barely know.’ She blinked back tears of frustration at the sudden mess she had fallen into. She thought to wipe them away, but feared breaking the position Don had left her in. She still remembered the man’s skill with a riding crop.

 Don entered the bedroom. His first move was to check on the captive woman. She stopped her writhing on the bed and looked up at him imploringly. Sitting down next to her he removed her ball gag. After giving her a sip of water he asked, “Did you need something?”

“A chance to flex my jaw,” she answered. “And where’s my present?”

 “Patience Princess,” he said quietly. He pushed the ball back into her mouth. “I’ve got some work to do first.” Sitting beside her he pulled out his phone. He pulled up Randy’s number and sent the message, “About to declaw your wildcat. Here’s what I need from you…”

Jessica was shifting her weight from one knee to the other when Don returned. He placed a wooden box, the size of a footlocker before her. In his other hand was a white dress shirt. She stared at the box, puzzled.

“Put your clothes in there,” Don ordered.

 Jessica turned to reach for her clothes. She was still on her knees, uncertain if she was allowed to stand up or not. She carefully placed her folded clothing in the box. Don had gathered up her purse. Jessica watched as he tossed in the bag, followed by her cell phone and keys. She noticed her car fob was missing from the ring.

Don handed the kneeling woman a padlock. “Close it and lock it,” he told her. “Then return to your position.”

 Jessica accepted the lock like she was being given a tarantula. If she did as she was asked all her possessions would be locked away from her. She would be trapped there with a man that had no qualms about totally dominating her. Part of her wanted to grab her things and run for the door. The other part remembered the first time he had tied her up, and how her body had reacted. With a defeated sigh she closed the box. The padlock clicked loudly in her ears.

Kneeling before the locked box, Jessica watched as Don seated himself comfortably on the sofa. His next words caught her by surprise. “Tell me Jessica, do you still have your armbinder in the trunk of your car?”

 “How did you…” she began. The stern look on Don’s face stopped her. “I mean, yes sir,” she answered quietly. Jessica watched as Don got up and walked to the kitchen. There he ran the tap, letting the water saturate the white shirt. The question of what he was doing vied with the bigger question of how he knew about her armbinder. She hadn’t used it at the photo shoot.

Don turned off the tap. He wrung the shirt out over the sink, removing the excess water. Returning to Jessica he said, “Stand up.”

Jessica was relieved to get off her knees. She had half expected Don to use her mouth to satisfy him. She wondered if she would have done it?

Holding out the sodden shirt he told her, “Put this on.”

 Jessica took the shirt. It was cold from its recent dunking. She slipped her arms into the sleeves, feeling the chill invade her body. A little gasp escaped her as the cold fabric covered her breasts. Her nipples puckered at the sudden chill.

 Relief at the idea of being covered turned to dismay as Jessica looked down. The shirt was large enough to cover her intimate parts. But the thin cloth, saturated with water clung to her body. It clearly revealed what was beneath anywhere it touched. Her breasts stood out in stark relief.

“I want you to go get your armbinder for me,” Don said.

The words hit Jessica like a portent of doom. “Outside? Like this?” she quailed. “I-I can’t, please!” And suddenly remembering she added, “Please sir.”

 Don folded his arms. “Your options are limited,” he said seriously. “I can very easily toss you out the door.” He held up the car key, “Or you can leave. It’s that simple.” He smiled wickedly, “Of course I seem to have misplaced the key to the box, so you’ll have to come back later for your things.”

 Jessica stared at him, open mouthed. There it was. The trap was sprung. She could leave, driving across town in next to nothing, no ID, no phone, no house keys. Or she could walk across the lot and get the thing that would put her even more in Don’s power. It was a no win situation. And she was the fool who created it

“I’ll need the key to open the trunk,” she said quietly.

 “I’ll pop the trunk from here,” Don told her. He watched as she turned towards the door. “Oh, one more thing,” he said. He pulled a folding knife from his pocket and she froze in fear. Catching the front of the shirt he neatly sliced off the buttons, letting them fall to the floor.

 Jessica looked at the shirt in dismay. The buttons that gave at least some measure of modesty were now nothing but tufts of torn threads. She wasn’t given long to contemplate this new development. A stinging slap landed on her backside. It was amplified by the wet shirt tail that barely covered her. She yelped.

“Get a move on,” Don growled.

Reaching for the doorknob Jessica was surprised to find it unlocked. ‘I could have just left,’ she thought with chagrin. Suppressing a shiver, she pulled the shirt closed and headed for the apartment stairs.

 Don’s apartment was on the second floor. There was an elevator next to the open stairwell. Jessica briefly considered it. But the chance of someone else being in the car dissuaded her. She instead descended the stairs, hoping that she wasn’t flashing passersby with every step.

 At the base of the stairs Jessica surveyed the parking lot. There was traffic on the street, but no one in the lot. She flipped up the shirt collar, hoping to camouflage the leather band locked about her throat. Taking a deep breath she started towards her car.

 Jessica resisted the urge to run. It would be that much harder to maintain any hope of modesty that way. She instead kept her stride short and her arm across her waist. That kept her mostly covered, although there was nothing she could do about her breasts showing through the wet shirt.

A car went by, honking the horn. Jessica jumped at the sound. The driver slowed and for a terrifying moment she thought he would turn into the parking lot. But he kept going. Jessica resumed her journey.

 After what seemed an eternity she reached the car. Moving to the trunk Jessica pulled on it. The lid was still locked! She banged on it in frustration. Why hadn’t Don opened it? She turned and looked pleadingly at the window of Don’s apartment. She nearly cried with relief as the lid popped open.

 Jessica was so intent on getting the trunk open and watching for curious pedestrians that she missed Randy. The little photographer was sitting in his car, further down the lot. He slumped in his seat as he aimed a telephoto lens. As she leaned into the trunk he focused on her exposed hip. “Oh yeah, I love nature photography,” he chortled.

 As she moved things in the trunk Jessica had a moment of panic. She couldn’t find the armbinder! What if Jeff found it? What would happen if she went back to Don empty handed? She sifted frantically through the accumulated junk before seeing the flash of white tissue paper. Breathing a sigh of relief, she grabbed the restraint. Keeping it wrapped in its tissue paper Jessica slammed the trunk.

 The return trip was no less harrowing. Jessica tried not to look at the pickup with the laborers in the back. They hooted and called as the truck rolled past. Perhaps the worst was the elderly woman who came out from the elevator carrying a fur ball of a dog. She looked at Jessica with open contempt. Jessica was quite sure she heard the woman mutter, “Slut” as she walked away.

 The elevator was almost closed when Jessica took the plunge and jumped in. Her worst fears of meeting one of the residents had come true, so what did she have to lose? Thankfully when the door slid slowly open on the second floor the landing was empty. She nearly sprinted the last twenty feet to the door of the apartment.

Don was waiting for her in the living room. “Well done, Jessica. I’ll take that, and my shirt,” he said as he gestured towards the armbinder.

Jessica slipped out of the damp shirt. Her nipples were still erect from the cold water. She rubbed her arms to bring some warmth back to them. She didn’t think that she would be grateful to be naked in front of her captor, but it was better than being cold and damp.

Don informed her that she needed to do her stretches. She would be wearing the armbinder shortly and he didn’t want her cramping up. Jessica did as she was told. It was a strange feeling to go through the exercises while naked.

When she heard Don say, “Nice equipment” Jessica blushed at the compliment. Then she saw him fingering the armbinder’s seams. ‘Great,’ she thought, ‘I’m naked in front of him and he’s more interested in hardware.’

“Why haven’t you shared this with your husband?”

The question caught Jessica by surprise. She’d thought about doing just that. But every time she found an excuse not to. “I don’t know-sir,” she said, remembering the “sir” at the last moment. “I guess I’m waiting for a special occasion?”

“Or maybe you don’t want to give him that sort of control?” Don asked archly. “No matter, you’re going to give me that control. Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

Jessica felt her heart rate spike. She knew just how inescapable the armbinder was. Did she dare put herself at the mercy of this man? But glancing at the box that locked away her clothes Jessica realized that he was already in control. This was just one more step.

With her hands behind her back Jessica waited. Her skin tingled as Don worked the supple leather over her arms. Her shoulders were drawn back as the armbinder encased her. The buckles came next, crossing between her breasts. Jessica gave a shudder as Don’s arm brushed her exposed nipple.

“Now let’s get you laced up,” Don said. He pulled out the initial slack, drawing Jessica’s elbows towards one another. Satisfied, he went to work in earnest, making short pulls, starting at her wrists. Jessica felt her arms being drawn inexorably closer.

“Uh, sir?” Jessica protested as the strain increased. She remembered there was no “yellow” with this man. But she felt as if her arms would come out of their sockets if he kept going.

Don seemed to sense Jessica’s distress. Tying off the laces he said. “That will do for now. Walk around a bit. It’ll ease the strain. Oh, wait,” he said as a thought struck him. He moved to the end table and withdrew a pair of leg cuffs. As he knelt to snap them around Jessica’s ankles he said, “These will help put you in the mood.”

Jessica looked down at her shackled ankles. Don was already retreating to the bedroom once again. She thought she heard a moan as he opened the door, but how could that be? Stepping one foot in front of the other Jessica realized her gait had been reduced to about a foot. She felt the steel pinch her skin when she moved too far. “I have got to be out of my mind,” she muttered.

Several minutes later Don reappeared with his hands full. Jessica looked up from her measured pacing. She could see coils of the now familiar hemp rope in his hands along with a bulky towel. He set them on the kitchen table before calling her over.

The chain between her ankles clattered loudly as Jessica reached the kitchen linoleum. Don instructed her to put her back to the table. She let out a yelp of surprise as he caught her around the waist. Lifting her easily, Don plunked her backside on the table.

Jessica was wary of this new development. Was he going to take her on the table? For some reason that was a red line for her. Although she was naked and bound by this man, she could tell herself that she wasn’t really cheating on her husband. But if they had sex it would be hard to deny.

Don busied himself removing the leg irons from Jessica’s ankles. Unspooling the skeins of rope he tied each ankle to a leg of the table. He pulled the lines, forcing her legs apart until she was wide open.

Panic pushed Jessica to object. “Permission to speak sir?” she asked.

“Permission granted,” Don replied with amusement.

“I’m married, sir,” she said quietly.

Don looked at her in surprise. “Ah, and you’re afraid that I won’t leave your virtue intact, is that it?”

Jessica blushed, “Yes, sir.”

Don gave a hearty laugh. “Don’t worry little sub. If you cum today it won’t be with me inside you.” He pushed her back on the table, forcing her to lie on her arms. Passing a rope through the D ring on her collar he tied it off at the head of the table.

Although relieved by Don’s statement Jessica was confused. If he didn’t intend to have sex with her why was she tied in such an open and awkward position? She received her answer a moment later when the towel was unrolled. Shaving tools gleamed under the kitchen fluorescents.

“What are you doing?” she blurted out in panic.

Don gave her a hard look. “Right now I’m thinking about gagging a sub who can’t keep her mouth shut,” he said warningly. “But subs should always be clean shaven for their masters. And since your husband doesn’t know enough to enforce the rules I will.”

Jessica wanted to protest. But she imagined some massive gag being jammed into her mouth as punishment. As the electric trimmer buzzed to life she closed her eyes.

Don worked carefully, taking his time. The curly black hair fell away until there was only a closely cropped stubble. “Little cool here,” he warned as he applied the cream between her spread legs. The little gasp of dismay from Jessica brought a smile to his lips.

Lying atop her arms was putting them to sleep. Jessica tried to shift about. But the collar tugged at her throat when she did. And then there was the shock of the shaving gel being rubbed over her skin. She tried not to think about the hands spreading the cool goo so close to her labia, trying not to react with the excitement that touch was generating.

“You’ll want to stay very still for this,” came Don’s warning. Jessica knew what was coming. She tried to lock her body in place as the cold blade of the razor kissed her skin. With eyes clamped shut hand teeth hanging onto her lip she endured the little tugs on the short stubble left behind by the clippers.

Every pass of the razor left more of her bared to the cool air of the apartment. She was naked before this man, and yet he had found a way to make her feel even more exposed. “That should do,” she heard Don say. There was the touch of a fluffy towel, cleaning up errant bits of gel and freshly cut hair. After that Jessica felt the ropes around her ankles slacken.

Don moved his tools out of the way before untying Jessica’s collar from the table. He assisted Jessica to a sitting position, letting her rest there for a moment before bringing her to her feet. She let out a groan as the strain in her shoulders eased.

Taking one of the discarded ropes Don slipped it through the D ring on her collar. She looked down to see he’s effectively created a leash. From his pocket Don produces a blindfold. Jessica turned her body away with a plaintive, “Please sir.” But he caught her by the leash and pulls her back. “I can add a gag to it if you like,” he said by way of warning.

Realizing that his threat was genuine, Jessica faced forward. The blindfold looked to be leather. She closed her eyes as it landed on her face like some kind of terrifying bat. She tried not to panic as her sense of sight was robbed from her. The blindfold had an opening for her nose with a bit that slips down by her nostrils. It completely shut out the light.

There was a tug on her leash. Out of the darkness Don’s voice reached her. “Let’s take a little walk,” he said as he led Jessica across the kitchen. She felt carpet beneath her feet after that, and there was the sound of a door opening. Was it the bedroom? He had promised that he wouldn’t but if he changed his mind there wasn’t much she could do about it.

As they stepped into the bedroom Jessica heard Don say, “Shhh”. There was a sound as if someone was moving about the room. But Jessica was so unsettled with all that had happened that she couldn’t be certain. In any case he didn’t give her time to ponder. Another tug on the leash and they were moving again.

Once more Jessica felt tile beneath her feet. The slight echo in the room told her that she had been led to the bathroom. Don’s hands were at the back of her head as he worked the blindfold’s strap. The blindfold fell away, leaving her blinking in the sudden brightness.

Jessica’s eyes went wide. She was standing before a full length bathroom mirror. The restrictive collar she wore no longer prevented her from seeing all of her body. Standing straight on to the glass, it looked as if she had no arms at all. Her chin, forced up by the stiff collar gave her an almost haughty appearance. With her shoulders thrust back Jessica’s pert breasts presented themselves boldly. Perhaps most shocking of all to Jessica was the loss of that familiar patch of pubic hair. It had been replaced with pink, freshly shaved skin. She could hardly believe the woman in the mirror was indeed Jessica Walters.

“A bit more alluring than jeans and a tee shirt, don’t you think,” Don asked rhetorically. He gave a tug on the leash. “But enough of that. Come along, I have a surprise for you.”

Jessica was grateful that Don had neglected to blindfold her as they left the bathroom. The shades were drawn in the bedroom, but enough sunlight filtered in to show her the form of a naked woman on the bed. “What the…” she blurted out as Don led her to the far side of the bed.

After telling Jessica, “Don’t move,” Don dropped the leash. He went to the bed, easing the other woman to a sitting position. He worked the buckle on her gag, pulling the dripping ball from her mouth.

Jessica stared at the woman. Shock followed recognition as she saw the close cropped blonde hair and a familiar black punishment corset. “Sherrie?” she said. The woman flexed her jaw, smiled up at Jessica. “Nice of you to drop by,” Sherrie purred. “Although you really should call first.”

“You two can chat while I do a bit of work,” Don said as he unspooled another skein of rope. Sherrie was already bound hand and foot. The head of a large vibrator was roped securely between her legs. Jessica watched as Don slipped rope around Sherrie’s chest. He lifted each breast from where it lay on her chest, slipping the cords beneath them.

Don worked like some kind of spider, weaving a web of rope over Sherrie’s chest. Jessica watched in shocked fascination as the ropes were split, one for each breast. Don carefully wound the rope up each one, forcing them up until they stood away from Sherrie’s chest, bulging out from the top of their hemp cocoons.

Sherrie let out a whoosh of air as the cords were tied off. “Wow, that’s tight,” she gasped. I hope this isn’t the surprise you promised me.”

“No, this is what’s called a ‘cupcake harness’ my dear,” Don said. He lifted her legs, guiding her back down onto her side. “But it will put your tits in the perfect position for your surprise.” Getting up from the bed he moved to Jessica. He steered her to the bed, ordering her to sit.

Jessica couldn’t see Sherrie behind her. Don lifted her feet, guiding her shoulders down onto the bed. He said she had very pretty feet and asked what size shoe she wore. Jessica was so nervous about being on the bed that she answered mechanically.

Don looped rope about Jessica’s ankles, binding them together. Then he said, “Roll for me,” as he pushed her over.

Jessica was rolled onto her opposite side. She found herself inches away from Sherrie, face to face. A wave of panic surged through her as Sherrie’s bound breasts lightly brushed hers. Don was behind her, folding Jessica’s legs up towards her backside.

Don attached a line to Jessica’s ankles. He worked one end beneath her body before moving around to Sherrie. He finished by pulling in up to the small of Sherrie’s back. The other free end was easier, lying over Jessica’s hip and over Sherrie. He tied the two ends together, pulling the women together at the pelvis.

The process was repeated with Sherrie in reverse. Her ankles were roped across to the lower part of Jessica’s back. He finished by tying it around Jessica’s waist. Jessica could feel the low throb of the vibrator as she was pulled up against it.

Sherrie wore a leather collar to match her corset. It wasn’t as wide as Jessica’s, but it served the purpose. Don leaned over the two women. A short piece of rope was passed through the D rings of each collar. He pulled the line tight, drawing the women’s faces together until they were nose to nose.

“There,” Don said with an air of satisfaction. “I promised you a surprise and I’m a man of my word.” He slipped his hand between the two women. Locating the vibrator control he increased the setting. “I won’t go too high with this,” he said as gasps of surprise escaped the captives. “I want you to have to do a little bit of the work yourselves. Now if you’ll excuse me I have something to take care of.”

Jessica watched Don slip out of the room. She could feel Sherrie’s hot breath on her face and the pulsing rhythm of the vibrator suspended between them. When Sherrie leaned to brush Jessica’s lips with hers, Jessica pulled back. But the movement of her head arched her spine forward. She felt the bound orbs of Sherrie’s Breasts press against her own.

“Sherrie, I have to tell you that I’m not into women,” Jessica said uneasily.

“That’s okay honey,” Sherrie replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Nobody’s perfect.” She punctuated her statement by flexing her bound ankles away from her body. It increased the tension of the line that bound her to Jessica, forcing their hips together.

“Ahhh,” wailed Jessica. “What are you doing?” The vibrator was trapped between them, and Sherrie’s action had it pressed firmly into Jessica’s crotch. “Oh God,” she said as the vibe did its nasty work. “Please stop.”

Sherrie replied with a throaty giggle, “I might-for a kiss.” To emphasize her point she wiggled her hips, rubbing the toy between them.

“Gaah!” Jessica cried as the vibrator was rubbed against her. She was afraid that she’d climax while bound to Sherrie, and who knew where that could lead. She leaned forward to deliver a quick kiss on Sherrie’s lips. But Sherrie was waiting for her. She pressed herself hard over Jessica’s mouth, pushing her tongue between the woman’s lips.

Sherrie maintained her pressure on Jessica’s mouth, matching her move for move. She also began to grind her hips, twisting the vibrator between them. She gave a delighted purr that was counterpoint to Jessica’s whimper of distress.

Seeing that the two women were entertained Don took out his phone. He pulled up Randy’s name and began texting a wish list. Randy was at his studio, so it should be no problem to gather the items he requested. When Randy complained that he’d have to close the shop to deliver supplies, Don firmly reminded him that it was Randy who sent the woman to his place to begin with.

His business with Randy completed, Don returned to the bedroom to see how his guests were getting along. He arrived just in time to see Jessica climax, arching her back and pushing hard against her bedmate. He smiled, Sherrie was insatiable. If Jessica thought she was done she was in for a bit of a surprise.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. The girls had hit a lull, merely leaning against one another. Don went to the door to meet Randy. The little photographer handed off an armload of gear before asking if he could see what Don was up to. Don held him at the door, telling Randy it was a “private party.” Disappointed, the little man went away.

Jessica lay on the bed, exhausted and embarrassed. She had never been with a woman before, or ever been attracted to a woman. But Sherrie had done things to her that were hard to accept. Worse still, she had done it at the behest of Don, who was treating her as if she were just something to be played with. And the worst of it (although she was loath to admit it) was that she had enjoyed it.

Don set down the pile of gear. Quickly sorting through it he took some to the bathroom, where he deposited it on the vanity. He then returned to the bedroom and began untying the women. Sherrie gave out an, “Oh fuck!” as her breasts were released and normal blood flow resumed with its pins and needles. Don massaged them gently.

Jessica’s ankles were freed. But Don made no move to remove the armbinder. He instead took Sherrie aside, talking quietly with her. The quick glance Sherrie sent in Jessica’s direction gave her chills.

Don sat Jessica up, giving her sips of water. When she seemed to have recovered he stood her up. “Sherrie is going to help you get dressed. If you’re a good little sub for her I’ll take your armbinder off. If you’re a bad sub,” he looked at her meaningfully, “well, I think you know where that could lead.”

Sherrie stepped up, still completely naked. She hooked a finger into the D ring of Jessica’s collar. “Come along, Sweetie,” she crooned as she pulled Jessica toward the bathroom. Once inside Sherrie directed her to the toilet. “Better empty your bladder,” she warned. “You may not get another chance for a while.

“But Don said...” she protested as she squatted down. Doing her best to relax with a naked woman watching her, Jessica let her bladder go. She had the indignity of Sherrie cleaning her up, first with toilet tissue and then with a damp towel to remove the smeared secretions from their time on the bed.

Satisfied with her work, Sherrie guided Jessica to the edge of the bathtub. “Sit down here and we’ll get you ready,” she said. Picking up a latex stocking she asked, “Ever worn latex before?”

Jessica looked at the stocking in Sherrie’s hand. It looked like ink poured out of a bottle and made solid. “Before I met you I never wore anything wilder than leopard print panties,” she replied uneasily. “Do I have to wear that?”

“That’s what the boss says,” Sherrie replied. She began spraying the latex with a clear solution. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna love the way it feels.” She knelt at Jessica’s feet, rolling the stocking up into a compact mass. “Just point your toes and I’ll do the rest.”

Jessica watched in dread and fascination as the stocking slowly encased her leg in shiny black. It was cool going on, but quickly warmed to the heat of her body. By the time Sherri had finished rolling the stocking up Jessica’s thigh it felt like a second skin had been layered over her own.

The other stocking went on just as the first and when they were smoothed to Sherrie’s liking she picked up the patent leather high heels Don had left for them. Jessica noted with trepidation the five inch heel. More concerning was the wide ankle strap that Sherrie wrapped around her leg. It closed not with a buckle, but with a little silver padlock.

Sherrie had her stand up. Jessica wobbled a bit on the new heels. She was walked back and forth in the little space until she felt a bit more secure. The only sounds in the room were the click of her heels on the tile and the rattle of the little locks that told Jessica she would need to please her “Master” to get them removed.

Sherrie walked her back to the tub, guiding Jessica to sit once again. She pulled over a large tackle box. “What’s that?” Jessica asked nervously.

In response Sherrie flipped the lid. The box was filled with makeup. “I’m just going to tart you up a bit sweetie,” she told her. “Now sit still. You want to look like Marilyn Monroe, not Marilyn Manson.” She went to work on Jessica with foundation and blush, working it in to give her color. Jessica drew back when she saw the false eyelashes.

“Are those really necessary?” she protested.

“Master Don said you should look like a perfect little slut-so yes they are.” She brought the first one to Jessica’s eye. “Unless you want it glued to your eyeball you should shut up and keep still.”

The lashes went on. They made Jessica’s eyelids feel heavy. She blinked repeatedly, trying to get the feel of them. “Enough of that,” Sherrie chided her. I’ve got to do your eyeshadow.”

Sherrie applied heavy shadow and eyeliner. She knew the look she wanted, having helped out Randy with making up his models in the past. She finished with Jessica’s lips, outlining them in a dark color before applying blood red lipstick.

“There!” she exclaimed as she helped Jessica to her feet. “Come and take a look.”

Jessica stood and faced the mirror. The smoky eyed woman who looked back at her was a stranger. It was as if her real identity had been buried under a cheap façade. She felt like she should be turning tricks in the red light district. “Holy shit,” she whispered.

“You like?” Sherrie asked. Without waiting for an answer she pushed Jessica towards the door. “Let’s get an unbiased opinion.”

They entered the subdued light of the bedroom. Don knelt near the end of the bed, putting the finishing touches on some device Jessica didn’t recognize. The short metal shaft suggested it might be some kind of camera stand. But the gleaming steel head, looking like ball bearings stacked one atop the other, could never mount a camera. Jessica felt a chill of apprehension.

“Well,” Don said appreciatively as he eyed Jessica. “Don’t you look like the perfect little sub.”

Jessica blushed at the horrible compliment. Unsure how to respond, she cast her eyes down, saying nothing.

“I’ll bet you’re getting tired of that armbinder,” he said warmly. “Would you like me to take it off?”

Jessica jumped at the chance to free her overstressed arms. “Oh yes sir, please!” she replied.

“Consider it done,” Don said as he gestured to Sherrie. “Just step over here onto this platform.”

Sherrie’s hands landed on Jessica’s shoulders and she felt herself propelled towards the metal shaft. The platform looked like black boilerplate. The steel shaft was bolted to it. The top of the shaft gleamed wetly.

Jessica was steered until her feet were either side of the shaft. “Wh-what are you doing?” she stammered. Don had knelt before her. Inserting an allen wrench into the shaft he slid it upwards between her legs.

“Oh my God,” she cried in panic as the rounded end pressed itself against her sex. She tried to retreat, but Sherrie had a firm grip on her. “Stay still so it doesn’t hurt honey,” she hissed in Jessica’s ear.

Don carefully worked the metal head up inside of her. “This is called a one bar prison,” he said conversationally. “Be sure to tell me when the head bottoms out. I want to get the adjustment right for you.”

“Ahhh!” Jessica cried out as the steel penetrated deeper. Each one of the “ball bearings” on the top of the shaft was slightly larger than the last. She could feel herself being spread wider with every inch. Finally she cried out, “Oh God! Stop, stop!”

“That’s the sweet spot,” Don said as he eased back on the shaft. The allen wrench was turned and the shaft locked into position. “Now as I promised, we’ll get you out of that armbinder.”

Jessica’s inner voice was screaming at her. ‘You just let this nut shove a metal pole up our VJ. Scream red and get us the fuck out of here!’ But the other side was again undermining her common sense. ‘Look, he’s undoing our arms. It’s kinda weird, but not terrible, right?’

The buckles were released, the laces loosened. Jessica sighed with relief as her shoulders came forward. Her arms tingled with improved blood flow. She hugged herself, rubbing back the circulation. Sherrie stood by, more latex in hand. She took Jessica’s hand, working long black gloves over her fingers.

The gloves were followed by a pair of leather cuffs. They were buckled snugly on Jessica’s wrists and secured with little padlocks. Although her hands weren’t locked together the cuffs would make it impossible to remove the gloves.

While Sherrie dressed her arms, Don removed Jessica’s collar. “We’ll give you something a little less restrictive,” he told her. His “less restrictive” was a slightly narrower collar. It still locked about her neck and had a D ring in the front, but at least she could move her head about without the collar pinching her jaw.

The couple stepped back to admire their work. Jessica was neatly impaled on the steel post. Her arms and legs gleamed in black latex, her feet perched on the shiny black heels. “That should keep you until Miss Sherrie and I finish our session,” Don said approvingly. “Subs need to learn patience, but let me know if you get too bored.”

Jessica stared, dumbfounded as they turned away from her. They were just going to leave her there? In a matter of minutes she had been transformed from the center of attention to some kind of bizarre room décor.

Her first thought was one of escape. Jessica tried to lift one leg, hoping to slip off the shaft. But she quickly realized that in her heels she couldn’t get high enough to slip off. She bent at the waist, trying to grip the shaft. Not only could she not push it down, it moved uncomfortably inside of her. With a frustrated sigh Jessica realized she was stuck there until Don released her.

Don and Sherrie hadn’t given Jessica a second thought. They knew the one bar prison was inescapable while in high heels. Instead they had moved on to their own amusements.

Jessica looked up from her fruitless endeavors to see Sherrie wrapped in coils of rope. Don had tied a diamond pattern down the front of her body, leaving a strategically placed opening at Sherrie’s crotch. Jessica watched as Sherrie’s breasts were once again trapped in coils of rope.

Don finished his work by tying Sherrie spread eagle on the bed. Only then did he strip off his own clothes. Jessica watched the scene unfold, feeling like a voyeur. She tried to ignore the bulbous steel that her body warmed and lubricated as she watched Don toy with the captive Sherrie.

What followed was an eternity of sensual torture as Don played with the captive Sherrie. Jessica watched with a mix of horror and arousal as Sherrie was teased to the edge of orgasm, only to have the moment pass. She watched as Don stroked Sherrie’s trapped and swollen breasts, wincing as he then flicked her nipples.

The resulting shriek chilled Jessica. It also made her realize that during the whole scene she had slipped one latex gloved hand down between her legs. She raised her hand, staring at the glistening fingers with a guilty blush.

Though he was fully engaged with his tormenting of Sherrie, Don kept an eye on Jessica. He knew that she needed to be carefully monitored for signs of fatigue. But when he saw Jessica touching herself he raised himself up from the bed. “It looks as if our little pet wants to be part of the fun,” he said with a smirk.

“Uh,” Jessica stammered guiltily. “No, Sir, I’m just -a little uncomfortable,” she finished weakly.

Don climbed off the bed. “Well, we wouldn’t want you to be a little uncomfortable,” he said as he reached down beside the bed. He grabbed the large vibrator that he had used in Sherrie’s earlier bondage and a roll of duct tape. “We want you to be very uncomfortable,” he said ominously.

Jessica watched with growing dread as the vibrator was taped to the shaft. She could tell that it was going to be well out of her limited reach. She took some solace in the fact that the shaft impaling her was solid and heavy. The vibration surely wouldn’t be that bad.

The vibrator was one of the large plug in types. Don connected the power and clicked through the settings. Jessica quickly learned that although the shaft dissipated the vibrations the higher settings were more than adequate to reach deep inside of her. She mouthed a quiet “Oh my God!”

Satisfied with the result of his work, Don returned to the helpless Sherrie. Jessica tried to ignore the growing warmth in her body as she watched the other woman hang on the edge of orgasm, only to be denied release. For herself Jessica found the vibrations were enough to arouse without pushing her to climax.

Jessica slipped her hand down between her legs, absently stroking herself as she watched the bondage drama unfolding before her. Don must have spotted the motion as well. He growled at her, “No one invited you to play, Princess. Put your hands behind your head and keep them there or things will get unpleasant.”

Jessica, blushing like an adolescent caught masturbating did as she was ordered. She bit her lip as even that motion seemed to move the unforgiving shaft inside her. She felt herself on the edge of orgasm but needed more to push herself over. Easing her body down on the shaft was more painful than pleasant, as Don had implanted it deep within her.

Sherrie’s struggles grew more desperate by the minute. Don was truly a master at keeping a woman on the edge but denying her release. Her moans were driving Jessica crazy as well. She wished that both of them could cum. It would be a small measure of freedom.

“So you want to cum, little slave,” Don asked his quivering captive.

“Please Sir,” Sherrie replied desperately.

“There’s a price to be paid.”

“Yes Sir, I will Sir,” came the breathless response.

Don chuckled quietly as he dragged fingers over her swollen lips. “You don’t even know what it is.”

“Anything, please!”

“Done,” Don said as he plunged into her. Sherrie let out a shriek at the suddenness of it. Jessica closed her eyes but couldn’t block out the sounds as pain and pleasure mingled. She wished for the release that Don had given Sherrie. She wanted to touch herself but instead laced her fingers together, knowing that whatever punishment Don gave out it would not give her what she longed for.

It seemed an eternity to Jessica, standing there on the pole. She opened her eyes as the sounds from the bed abated. Sherrie was free from her restraints, wrapped in a blanket and sucking eagerly on a bottle of water. While Don waited for her to recover he turned his attention to Jessica.

“Are you enjoying yourself, little sub?” he asked archly.

Jessica was unsure how to answer. Part of her felt totally humiliated, being left to stand like some fetish sculpture. The other part of her felt an erotic excitement. In the end ‘practical Jessica’ spoke. “Not really, Sir.”

“Well then, I guess I should let you get dressed and send you home,” he said with an edge of frustration in his voice. He turned to Sherrie. “Get a towel and clean up our guest. I’ll get her clothes.”

A sense of relief tinged with disappointment washed over Jessica. She was relieved to be escaping the bizarre situation she had thrown herself into. But it felt as if she had failed in her mission to fix her problems with Jeff.

Jessica stood there as Sherrie knelt at her feet. She tried not to react as the soft towel wiped away the fluids that had run down her legs. Don, in the meantime, had picked up some new latex item. He held it up, shaking it out. It was a little black latex dress. “When you’re done Sherrie, help her into this,” he said.

“But what about my clothes,” Jessica blurted out. Don gave her a warning look. Her protest died under that glare. She was still impaled on that steel pole and locked in a collar. Now was not the time to be defiant.

Sherrie took the dress from Don. Moving to Jessica she instructed her to slip her hands through the thin spaghetti straps. The dress closed at the front with a silver zipper. Jessica felt the cool rubber conform to her body as Sherrie worked the zipper. When it was on she took a spray bottle and doused the garment. She rubbed her hands over Jessica’s body, giving the dress a lustrous shine.

Jessica looked down at the dress. It clung to her like a second skin but barely covered her. The bottom of the dress ended just below her crotch. And the top was cut so low that it showed almost half her breasts. She tugged fruitlessly at the latex, willing it to cover more of her body.

Don approached her. In one hand he held the allen wrench that would release Jessica. In the other was a small combination lock, the type one puts on luggage to keep it closed. On the shank of the lock were several keys. He slipped his hands beneath Jessica’s chin, affixing the lock to the D ring of her collar.

“What’s that for,” Jessica asked uneasily.

“That’s your homework assignment,” Don replied casually. “Now stand still while I get this out,” he said as he gripped the shaft of the one bar prison.

Jessica let out a little groan as the steel shaft slipped down. She wobbled unsteadily on her heels, but Sherrie was there to support her. She was still trying to process Don’s comment about homework when Don handed her car keys and a purse.

Staring at the purse in confusion Jessica asked, “Where are my clothes?”

Don caught Jessica by the elbow, propelling her towards the apartment door. “You’re wearing them,” he told her.

Jessica saw the front door looming before her. What had seemed like the path to freedom now looked like the portal of doom. She held back in panic. “Wait, wait, I can’t go out there like this,” she pleaded.

“You’re going to drive home just like that,” Don told her firmly. “You’ll find a pair of locks and a short chain in your bag. When you get home I want you to lock your cuffs behind your back. You have Sherrie’s number in your phone. Send her a selfie of your hands so I’ll know it’s done. Once you’ve done that I’ll text you the combination. That lock holds the keys to all your restraints.”

“Bu-but if my hands are chained, how can I open the lock?” Jessica wailed.

Don smiled wickedly. “You can’t. But if you’re a good little sub perhaps you can convince your husband to free you.” With that final statement he pushed Jessica out the door, closing it behind her with a final “thump”.


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